The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 28, 1957 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 5
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and 8fwsoUft County, ftta&bf, MAJ> SB, 19819 f A6*8 U Banquet Decor mf^f Theme cliffla* «f Ltfc* Jfclfc, High ScfiWsl feanquet, held daf *l8fct In th* school lyfttntftium wta th* «hnoun«- fcetrt tft« Harriet (Sttbbs and fern ffdrtoe* '•#»** tft* Afnert- gtti fjsglotf Award winner*. palms, banana tree*. , . fcttok sUhttuettes of singers and daficetfc t«ct brightly painted figure* oft the ttag£ turtain, htft afid «« eUt « ft» ftW, «ro w*re jelecMd by the Indent*. Other than Miss bibbs and orties, the afrard winners, Mary Simeon and J«w*s Little had also been nominated by back. Shffcd a «•> eaiypio ffoufid for the event. 1 Around Sod Students, , and visitors were served,at the long banquet fables, decorated with trailing vine* and greener* with white lighted can- ctle* let «t interval*. The place tafds were gaily colored sslls 6tt sailboat* made of glided oyster shills, and the programs featured a cover decorated with a gilt laced calypso drum The white costs of the freshman boys and the pastel col- bred, bouffant formal* worn by the girls, added to the color ot the scene. • Representative Sam Bass the Kuest speaker, was Intro duced by Paul J. Todd, assis tant principal. he faculty. Another high spot on .... evening's entertainment was- ho reading ot the class pto- The remarks ot Bass chiefly eaneerned hi* experience in this Session ot the state legislature, and he told the gathering how different was the actuality compared to hi* con. Ceptlon of how it would be, explaining that Instead_ of be- ' taken" up for By BfuW Breeding. The prophecy was obtained by &ut- ;lng a piece of paper, contain- ng certain information about the students. In a time machine and pulling cut a tape telling 1 of events irt the future, More hilarious than serious, it appeared from the prophecy that the future of none of the students,was any too bright. Diftne* nxulse was provided by Ann Israel) Darleen Hat* rell, Mary Rascoe, Becky Meame, Dorthy Caiien, Bar* bara Shepard, Betty White, Jean Stuart, and Pat Perry on the piano. Other entertainment was ill •larinet solo by Mildred Rehmc; a vocal selection ' by Anna Sue Robinson; a duet in which Miss Robinson teamed with Evelyn Burrls; a sax» opsone sole by Carolyn Ahl- abTe '4htlr* for .sit en nice four hours a Ms time was .- - r many hours a day In committee meetings, hearings and studying bills. Bass stated that he had seen evidence that student* are becoming more and more interested in government, and that he felt that this was a trend toward securing better govern- O. B. Rasco, principal of the school made a short talk before announcing the American Legion Award winners, explaining that four students, two -boys and two girls, were chosen and nominated br the faculty on the basis ot cttUen- rich, and a cornet solo by Mar shall Bethel, The invocation was given by Jerry Kays, Terry Forbes made the welcome address and B. K. Forbes gave the benediction. AfcgieW» ffigt* ItiWel i Chift ffai bsaa t&& m the maaey wWSl m iff tfic tfasur* aftef ' ssoesai * o> rftdW f or We I&eal Old ytar's "Aflgtt* J«5*f b*6fc t If ee » Ittfctti sBmetirtrt bttwttti • till a*d August is, aee W Id atmouftamem f roffl Mother son *•» to flUMam. -rt«tKer is • *htt art Mr. an* Mff. Sr. At ABgWWn. fe aftL AumtAftY at»st»i with * leapt** wu. »**«*<» $* «>ro»»«oa c^imeai** u A* tit a Baptist 6tn»eh «J AflBUtsfl, trtthflf. Shaw* abort, from Utt, at* Barbara H»«U, fcddu Rtt* Mills, $a«if Th&ftpw*, aftd l«T*» »**b«»f. thi« ii 111* tteofid hiflh**! raftk tit* ffWlt t»n iehilv. In ih* wot*. M. fwo Antfeton High School' •trt* have b*«n "elected t» »lay, in th« ^forth-South All-Star ' ' ' game at the Sara fir MASfit SHAFFBft News Baptist Coronation K Al 1T 1 VJU.1 1 •it The reason the little red schoolhouse of bygone days was always painted red was that color paint was the cheapest Sorority Life To Be Explained will leant about sororities at a Penhellenic orientation tea Monday afternoon at the Dow -Hamilton. •utomatlo BAtfCE BH£EDlN(i, msmbn of ih* outgelnB Freshman cuss of Laki Jaekvon Junior High School, is standing b»- for* lh« awnom* lirn« machln* which forsitlls ih* fuiur*, i«adlaa U>* class ptophesf. This was e»* si »h* enisttaln. m»nt f*ilur*s of th* .nd-of-schOol banquet held by ih* class Friday night in th* school gym* Shelby Sills; Mrs. « ovmnasium in nunwi *„,.„. j._ M .^. t «.. -aramrla I ^ r - * nd Mr!! ' Ll Guidry and « July 20. Ch^eli fot th* K "'"I^ mgh * the Br * zort ,: family, accompanied by Miss mn - Wfte .loyce Vah 8!cW6 6a»d laoosters Club compU- M ary Ku ih Brigance; afid Mr.: The attinia i nirls* ,T*vw£s£me. Yvonne was me nted members of the eie-;and Mrs c F Abendroth "^ J^TS ih7 Jtat Baotist sleeted for aU^tste honors,mefltary school band with a;sons, fcilly Karl and Carroll^oronauon of the First Baptist the third year, and .foyce Banauet at the school gym. :Dean, and nephew of Bay City, Church of Angleton was rwld sived honorable mention pins were awarded to charier and Miss Elisabeth Strlcklin recently at the church, with "the all-state award in 195*. members of the band by F. C.;and Miss Ann Carman of An- four Artglettm girls receiving' ^'^ ^£ ^ . ,. - 'Raynor, band director, and gleton, attended the finaire- , the second highest rank possi- , or Chir / t ... Music wa* j»e> fh« Ilrst Baotlst S»iUrCh membership pins *ere Issued view of cadets at Texas A&M We in the organlzaUon. • sente d by Mrs. Alton C. Arnold 1 plan* to hold a Spring Music to all member* of the band. Saturday. \ Thefour Queens with Seep- at the org j n MA jjj^ & ^ I festival on Wednesday eve- the menu was Panned t« Thompson, Eddie Haye Caldwel , lsnlst fnlftg, May 29, at « pm. The sround huge bowls ot Davys Sundav frorn i : io until 6 » MUl! ' and B4rbara Harris, = —-i public has been invited to at-croekeU beans. ' • HazelwoOd, Wanda fiasley, Car* olyn Adams, Carolyn—" ' "bson, Shirley Donna Sims, for tend. Prospective college freshmen "So many glrb who go off .UfcC*» _ ^_ The tea, to be held from 2:30 to 4 p.m of the uates to college are interested hi sororities, but feel they don't know much about them," said Mrs. H, S. Newman, president. hope this tea will be ' ice-breaker — give parents, a Texas. The program will in* lude iel P d "We ,,..... in the dining room hotel, is for recent grad-ijL^ir —- — ••»*»•» "•* •** ^ . i tncin« ^«*» „.—. f~- . uates and their mothers. It is \ tiaiaM to i ea rn something being given by the Brazosport b t rororl t y Hf e so they can Panhellsnlc. organized last fall!^ de whet f, er or tto t they and composed of sorority alum- ^^^ u^e to Jota, and if nae in this area. isTReed Feted Miss Glaryc* A -aeed, who js planning a June-swedding, was honored with a briday rhower recenUy In the home of Mrs. J. P. Jamison. Milk glass was used as a decorative medium throughput the house, and On the dining table which was' covered with pink taffeta overlaid with tulle. Attending the party were 55 j guests, and hostesses were Mrs. Jamison, Mrs. Thomas Arrington, Mrs. Fred Ootner and Mrs. Raymond Bddy. ority activities. ^ Mrs. WiUiam A. flarnwell Js chairman tor the tea. ««£»- mtttec Includes Mrs. Newman, scime*ldeo~of what'rush is all about", Eight Texas schools now have national sororities. They are the University of Texas, SMu Southwestern- Unlver«Hy,»TCU North Texas State, the University of Houston, Texas Tech and Lamar Tech. A discussion of sorority alms and activities wut b» given by Mr*. R?'R. '*waj*ei> folldwec by a college panel telling about rush at the various schools The college representatives are Miss Patsy »•— "—"- ' ern. Miss Lav.__ _._—. — r -. ie Newcomb, and Miss Mary Ann Bass, th* University ot Mayo, Southwest vlni*.Brock, Soph Shanks and Friendliest; Y- IcOlaun and Cur- ost Athletic; Btr- , -,.. and Bobo TayWr,' Wittlesit; Marie Sharpe and Art Simon. Most Likely to Succeed; [ MosVBeautlful, Joyce Van Sic- : uture Bride Is : eted By Faculty Mrs. J. M. Wilson Jr., and Mrs. Grant SctogBias. _';; iviiss Naikie .Sandel • Wed In laplist Rites/ In a simok ceremony at- •'ikle; Most Handsome, Thomas LostracCo; Favorites, Vvonn* Stone MeGlaun, Jeanne Shanks, , Randolph Taylor and Gene Wyehe; Who's Who, Marie Sharp* and Robert Earl Whit man: .Homecoming Queen. Jan ice Bacon, King Twerp, Roger BunkeL tended families. the immediate Sandel and- Clar«nM._£c*52r recited their vows of marriage, Thursday, May 23, at the Velasco First Baptist Church, with Rev. Gordon Johnson officiating. , were the three cars car- i Maidens in the Coronation .,„.. the Brazoria third grade ceremony were Kay Harris, : Brownie Troop out of sight of i Kay Newberry, Cathy Oil- The teachers of the Bert* each other yet they were kept!crease, Patricia Greener, Judy Barclay Elementary School spaced that Another carj — j -_ . -j£ nme (3 ercmon y Mrs. Shirley Jean Webb *nd i ymSCfmJ JUColOlMU/ a****^*** **•. ^» »f*wv.vw •»««.» H> mv*»«-» »•• Swetny recently complimented:could have passed any one of, Mli» Joann McKlrroey with a the Brazoria cars without hav-. pre-nuptial party. Like Jackson, and th* groom's parents ar« Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Coufal of North Freeport. The bride, who is a member ot this year's graduating class of Brazosport High School, will remain with her parents in Lak* Jackson until the groom, who begins Us servic* in the jonnson oiiici«un». wuw "gM*"."" ."""-T-- „ brldi Is the daughter of army Tfcursdty, Is permilwnUy Mr. and Mrs. K»ul S»nd«l of stauooed. Mr. ing a delay of more seconds. tha ...wer Linda Jane Harris, Betty J0 ' Jane Stevens, Linda Townsend, Bettye Ann Bagwell, Donna Newman, Mary Frances Berry- 'Mewman, Mary i ranees oerry- At no time during the drive;hill, Donna Carroll, and Sandra to and from Hermann Park Zoo 1 Looper. to pass all three. Rub^ HeknWsid (nwSve "Old 982," of th* briie of Ralph '*«, seeing train, visit-) caged inhabitants according to * e , on Jun* «, was presented an'Mrs. R. C. Rost, provided in- electric skffl«t for h«r prospec-;temt«nd •musement to tive horn* .concession keepers of the park. rw »r««»day. rMa. Host wlU decorated for th* occasion with [leave for Camp Martha Foster .'.... - r . * . ___ j^i_ _^ .%«_.JA.L«> K* /^A««AA IK •>&••»* mm th* group. . hS- was The; couple are making home In Lake Jackson. O" •• Introducing Nancy ;. Mr. and Mrs. Richard -Paul [Miller of Glute chose the name [4C*VC AV* V*"**J* ^l*«l MIOT «**••••• 1 *»«*»»v» .»*» •«»•»*.« »-.—_— ,— -. dt7'UUM r *aiid* a ^variety of iMadeley at Conroe to serve as'Nancy Colleen for their new spring iSwer*. ««mp counselor for the first ''.laughter who was bora inJDow A refreshment course of *I»CKJr AUl ' illV HIP* 'i*»M^»»*«» »»••** ITWW „„-». ... __.. period of th* season. Hospital May VI. She "rived A refreshment coura* 01 campjnj; pmoo UL ui> KUUU. .juov-.o. »»-j ... ~.-- —-cheese sprrtds. Cokes, coffee. She will also b* on call lor the weighing four pounds and and swert rolls wer* sarved. third. 15 ounces. D. E. GttANDSTAFF-"* 1 Yonr Vote and Snpport Aft predated ™" • Alrtarty Sentaf • Alrudy Bonded • N« Static from Banks: (they must Satisfied) -— • QnmllflM by aperimee SJRJ Edaes>U*n. VOTE FOB D. E. GRANDSTAPF Tressam • Protemp** Far the anezplred term g; COUNTY TREAStUtEH- Brasorist Cmmty '-~~. Special Kltcllon Jane ln- Fald Pal Adv. „ lot you do ADV wastilna Job lit •oeon*f«l ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT!= •et thermoeUticaUy controlled water temperature. Touch! dJSEt' ^ * fully automatic | wath-rinae-apuidry I cycle, -Hamilton. with wond*Hul Oaly «.«a Per W«ek fe Ptwi !• A«4 laslaltottoa ' WARD'S Conoco And ApplUnce Bt*tio» Main Awl older homes move to the front in Modern Electrical Living with PULL HOU&EPOWI5R Bt tur* th* n*w demit yeu'rt t>«nill«f tft ttty 9t If "i»T»MW)f Wfrfir, 99 y«« «M» Most older hornet h* v « plwty of room for improvement Jn their electrical wiring ... but every one of them can b« electrically up-to-date — and stay modern for a long time to come - with Full HORSEPOWER, full HOUSEPOWER it simply » plan, with specification,*, for the right kind of wiring for modern living. Any qualified electrical contractor can do the job quickly wwj «)«aomieaUy with standard materials. Remodel electrically for FwR HQVS& POWER — and you'll Live Better... Electrically! HOUSTON HOHTINO POWBIt COWPAHY 'L^':£^A/&i^&i^^'

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