Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 47
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 47

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 47
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I i-t_ Vi\«T_ fc j f^Mm^* 1 9.4 A i ' · ftW^t TTHm* l^V^VH«J m^£% ['-'·ACCOUNnNS CLERK Growth company has Irnmedati *r~r*. Cs!| M!«4 Csrvsr, £I?-£tt8, ior appointment. AIDE/RECEPTIONIST-- Part \\rnt, 30 hr. *V. Over 40. Slat* Ivp'ng, bkkpo. exper. Brief Mrs. nllSorv. End. plx. BOX B-- 3732 tnd, P-T, . · ASSISTANT i - : - WANTED WHITTIER OFFICE j'.v" OF LARGE CORP. i . Hei underoone exlenjjvt ilaff f ,,., changes. Job* now o«n In orcer crocewJriB retail order (kD»rJ- [ V ment. AoDtlcant mvil be under i- 30 and available Immediately. ; ; r SALARY $389 MO. "· ^ 691-2287 | -'- * · » A.M. TO 2 P.M. ' lAUTO cashier. exDerfeocco:. Bob ) ij" Sween" CatfJIac. Downey." , BABY siller, cart of 2 gfrls age 1 2tt *\ SVx. 11:30 to 5:45 tton.-Frl. TransD, reo,. Rossmoor area. 5Vfr- 5171 alter 6 PM. BABYSlTTER-Housekceoer, live In, --molherlcss home, 8109 7Wh SI., ._ Paramount, aoptv aMer 6 DJII.- . -BABYSITTER, lull time, mv home. "·BABY Utter wanted,. In my home. " BAYBAYS1T In mv home 24 Jus. 1 · \ · Ml -1074 -·BABY-SITTER wanted 5 days. Old- '·'cr woman w/own transp. 633-3595 .. BABYSITTER, working molher .; Vheedl help f o r ^ S children. Live -BABYSITTER -- Woman 24 lo 10. - Care for 3 children, all under school aae, Trv my home tves, . -,-W E. 51st SI. Apply between BAR Girls -- semi 00-50, no dancing, ··itoll lor awl. 431-7222 or M7-7135 : ask for Ray. BAR rViald, artractlver oood waaes. '-"·- 227 W. Ocean BARMAIDS · Costume. Attractive. Youno. Plush - *. new bar. 1WJO So. Pioneer, Nor"\walk. ," BARMAIDS, Costume-dance salary V o r salary 4\ comm. No exper. nee. r . 422-361 S - -4 percentage. ' ' 437-0763 % '· $ BAR MAIDS * Earn S16-2S day all shffls avail. : - . . · PLAYMATE LOUNGE · ^ - 7953 E. Anaheim SI. L.B. -_- Applv before 6 p.m. low E. Ddwv -RAR-Malrf. Ejroer. not necessary. BARMAID-Atlrac. exoer. for coj- ;· tume bar In L.B. 437*3352 BAR MAIDS DANCERS '.'tlSD Vflc. op. 5M-325S afl. J p.m. -BAR MAIDS. SI.75 HR. EXPER. ·-LAMPLIGHTER 254] E. Csrion -«t Alameda. 130-9333 · ; :V. $ TOPICS * , . Bar maldi In coilutn*, Dancers \ -topless -- Top dollar. ' · - · - . (213) 547-2467 *B7 ^ 'ft sP UHG ' ATTR ^*7 T «« BAR MAIDS · ' S2M par week GUARANTEED i - '-Immediate work/no 1 21-29 attractlvc/cosfume · -il_(7l4) U6-7780 12tt? Ha/tar. G. Gr. 1 _HUNDRED PIPERS TAVERN *.: 4*W L.B. fl LVD., L.B. · · BARMAID ~for new Beer 'Bar In Paramount 1 . " Opening · next week. Costumes. *AR MAIDS. Part fufl lime. BARMAID/ 21.30, attracilve. Nircs. -.:-Z .. THE HOLEE COW .569 Ei WJLLOW 4?7 -MM BARMAID, Voting allracllv*. Nefch- -'borhood bar. Aoclv between 3 BEAUTY OPERATOR EXPER- - * GE 9 «?l BEAUTY operator ntnats, exoer. BEAUTY OPERATOR -- Lloyd ..Joseoh. 439-iem or 433-94S4 BEAUTY Operator, full lime. Prefer following. 424K3. fllxby · Knollt area. · ?x BEAUTY OPERATOR ·WLARINELLO-- COWER. GRAQ. MR. KIP. 476-44 59 BEAUTY operator, part 11me. Los 'Alamltos area. 430-1714. ' BEAUTY OPERATOR WANTED- GOOD LOCATION, L.B. GA 4-39U BEELU1E FASHIONS WorW's lew) ;*r, tn home style shows, win Ira .·you i for extremely or oil lib* -career aj.a faihTon jtvffsh. K ' exper. neccsarv. Also oi^enlngs Jor qualified mniHDer. Mon. thru ' Frf. IfW. (7MJ 5M-299 . BOOKKEEPER General olffce. Call for aopl. or Boolclraeper-Accr's Payable Minimum 2 yean exper. Thru- trial Balance. Setf Staffer. CALL FOR APPOINT. ««110 BOOKKEEPER -.''.- ' TRAINEE Experienced In 19 key adding machine. Must be fast and accurate. ~~~ - APPLY *'· 11313 Long Beach Blvd. CANVASSER S, phone solicitor to 1 wcrfc Lono Beach. Remodeling- contraclor. Sal, + conim. Phone collect 451-5860. CLERICAL 100% ..-.. FREE. Immediate Openings 10 SECRETARIES · 6 STENOS. ·" 8 TYPISTS 12 CLERICAL ' 4 KEY PUNCH BROWN Temporary Personnel For Ihe Office Nearest You: 6615 Florence at LVwd., Dowrvev . 8315 WMttler-^ir. Rosemead In Pico Rivera -A * {10 lo 4 t-m. Mon., Tu«.r Wed. at the Pico Rivera cffke.1 OX MI97-- WA 307I7--LU 3 3?4 CLERICAL - n KIDNAP ', -; ' -ths best jobs at Western . FILL YOUR POCXETBOOK - " by doing temporary OFFICE WORKI If you BTD an excxrlcncMl BOOKKEEPER SECRETARY W, tavo JOBS for voul good hourly rates -WESTERN GIRL, INC. 130 PINE, IfflZ., L.B. · OFFICES OH 3 CONTINENTS An Ecual ODCOflun fv Employer CLERK TYPIST Mvst be accurate and tvoe 6 ·wpm on IBM electric. Apply--- Lockheed Electronics -tim E. RarxJoloh St. L.A ,Nr. Florence and L. B. Freeway An Equal Opportunity Errolover for 3 small chiWren. Garcfrn ^-Grv. Mrs. Hart, S34-3991: 89MW1 CHI^O care-mature womAn fo as .'COCKTAIL WAITRESS Experienced-- apply In person afte/ 6 p.m. GeorWs Rotmcfrp. ?310 W PaclHc Coast HIgJiwav. COCKTAIL V/AITRESS-- "GO GO' DANCER. A»IY 6 P.W.. *i Cirri- bean Room, 2129 Long Beach Blvd COCKTAIL WAITRESS COCKTAIL YMItresl, atlrartlve vno. TM PrSyrocm, W E. Ocean COCKTAIL glr[« wantea. MWy jii .E. Broadwav. L.O. semi Invalid elderlv lady. Live r. S»lary + room I board. 92i Lorna VlstJ Dr. L.B. Mrllanl wanted lor leading OepT ilort In Ukewood. Lie. iwt req Gal. + eomm. alter 1 wkj. Uti 'tratnlno. Mull M sltracllve, de- ·txodable have own tramp H**WM4. (*·«.), 24A 'Hp'w^fn-T^"' 1 '* COSMETOLOOIST. Ml/Dart 1 me. :OUNTER GIRL lor sracK bar; prefer mature woman. 6 nrs. per day. Deal wllh handkapped people. GOODWILL INDUSTRIES GO) VI. PKlllc Cot 11 llwv. ' "4M-$rit "° °" A FINANCE CO., NAT'L · Has ooenlng for 2. Mint have collection exo., KM W to X. Salary commtrau rate with «xp. c*!l 4Z7-1W5 1:30 *.m. to 10 a.m. GIRL, atlradlvi about 5'1" to teach social dancJn?. M hour. Call HE 44917. GIRL, attractive, for concession HAIR STYLIST MUST KNOW HJGH STYLING Salary -t- ciwnm. 432-S923 13M E. 7th SI. ^1-«23S HAIR Stylists (3). ouir. lalarv. HIGH STYLtST, EASTSIDE AREA. [OTEiL ;AAID. Middle aged ladv. Thorough, references. HE 40206 OUSEKFEPER. DabyslUcr. 1 chlltl, Wife recovering from [Kress. P/el. live-In. HA f-9004; GE 1-37M SKPR. Lady lo Veep nouse caro For 2 chlid/on. FA 1-43:9 OJSEKEEPER. Live-In. Full chrg, 3 adult. 1 Teen. Lkwd. HA 1-1171 HOUSEKEEPER, lite a. caro, live Mi, references. GA J-27W. OUSEKEEPER-- Llvc^Sr care o 1 chili 5. 5W days. S12Q mo. OUSEKEEPER. Live-In. Care for lady in wheel chair. 6J06-187 {OUSEKEEPER, Mve In, for one lady. Park Eslalei act. No smoke or drink. Afternoons oil. Box P-3478, Indeo., Press Tele. HOUSEKEEPER. Llve-lflj for school leacher, widower wilh ore 5clKxl child, Lovely home. Roismoor. R«h. req. GE 1-3351; GE 0-9103 Loc refs. S)0 day. 556-0540 afl. 5 SKPR. Live In. Semi-Invalid mother Become on* of Ihe Family. Room board + salary. 427-4647 ess home. Call belwsen 9 3 P.m. 436-044*. Gen. nswk., Ironfno fV some cock- r\a, patlenl sv/chlfdren, own car. Refer. 4754411. HOUSEKEEPER, SKW Mr mo,, Live n, 3 adufls. HA 5-7236. rfall °$\Tn r . r " 0re ' *"* fdniPl desired by doctor's family. Live n. Must sneak English. Rioril salary for right person. 41 1-il 26. HOUSEKEEPER/ live in, lor one lady. Park Estates an). No smoke or drink. AElcrnoons o1f. Box P-H73, Indefl., Press Tele. HSKPR. wanled. Live In. Adult 2 children. L1le c'ullei. Pleawnl surroundings. 596-2700 afl. 5 p.m. ·ID U SE KEE HE R-- Compa'nlo'ri" lo' e Id- erly lady. Live In. Sal. 574^529 HOUSEKEEPER-LIvo In. 2 girl* HOUSEKEEPER LIVE IN-4 CHILDREN, WIL- MINGTOM AREA, 2 DAY WK. OFF. SALARY OPEN. Ph WH733 man. LIVE IN. Retereflces. 427-4103 or GE 84153 HOUSEKEEPER-- Won. thru Frl.. live out, 1 children 68. Ref. req. 3150 mo. 3W-42W days. 630-51 4 HOUSEKEEPER-- Pflv. rm., board 1 good wages. No! aver 50 yrs. lo~ aislst manager. Care of dder- \f ladles. Beaut, home In the Fool Hills-- GLEN- HAVEN MANOR 304 N. Canyon Blvd., Monrovia 357-8597 - 357-3581 HOUSEKEEPER; mature, 3 hrs. a day. Must live In vicinity of 315 E. Blh St. S100 mrxilh. 435-7007 HOUSEKEEPER, exper., live CHJ . 2 adults: Mini be capable of fu 1 charge. Goad rcf.'reo. 9 1o 4:30, 1 hr. Sot. Salary 5200 mo. Call {OUSEKEEPER live In, Car. for 8 vr. old. 631 -MAS art. 3:30. HOUSEWORK, refined lady. Mon. Frl. morn. Wrlnley «st. HE 7-51 55 JEWELRY. SARAH COVENTRY NEEDS YOU. Add sparkle lo your life, xln.1. pay. Part or firtl time. Must rjrlve. Ph. 477-1912. KEY PUNCH OPERATOR Htoti School graduate wflh 1 yea Aktia NL-mertc exoerlence. Apply In Person *-3 P.M. GENERAL TELEPHONE DIRECTORY CO. . An Equal Opporf mi 1 ly Employer LADY lo live In wllh some nursing exp. to assist wllh skk ftujbant Musi have rets. Non-smoker. GA LADY. Llve-Tn, care for 2 sma children Hie hcuiekeeplng. Lake wood area. 421-1129 After 6 p.m {tf no answer call 633-2547) show lovely coitume [ewelery b Emirvons. Call afier 4:oO p.m 63I-3M3 E62-337 PART TIME WORK For mature ladles In our loca olFlce. Call manacer, GA 4-594 LADIES-- You can aver. S3 con mission for 3 hours roule sales Pleasant conditions. 427-B330, 9-1 LADIES YOUNG Single 18-25, free k travel New Orleans, East Coasl w/chaoeronet croup. Guaranleed 5?^0 lo star Advance expenses, Iran sport a Me furnished. See Mrs. Raybcurn, C 1 Center Motel, 10 lo 2 p.m. Wed Thurs. only. LIQUOR CLERK-- EXP., woman only. 5 days. Lnxewocd. 415-9M? L-V-N or RN MACHINE OPERATORS No exper. nee., swing shift, oood wagei benefit*. 17i2 W. Siauson 295-^71 MAHACURIST wanted. Genie Cof- ficrcs. J4-374I MED. asslsl. Exoer. P.M, Har|-lime M^in., Tues. A Wed-, S lo B, Frl. 5-9, Sal., 9 lo 2. Lakewsod Art«1; area. GA 4-93?3 Medical Radiological transcriber, Exoer, 1 to 7 pm : days a week. Top salary. Call fo 2 only. HA 1-9333 MEDICAL leceptlonlsl, exoer, or Dr.'s office In Tor ranee area 775-1871 MEDICAL SECRETARY for OMhoMdle office. Experience* Shorthand necessary. CALL WEEK DAYS-- 5?1 -4444 MEDICAL ASSISTANT Orthopedic Experienced Preferred MEDICAL Office-- Do jv-wy area. Ex perietxed medical assistant or LVN. 40 hr, wk. Sat. 9 lo 13 Call 7:20 to 8:30 p.m. 424-9950 NURSES REGISTERED 11 TO 7 MEDICAL - SURGICAL INTERESTING SALARY AND FRINGE BENEFITS WILMINGTON COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 73421 5. MAIN WILMINGTON, CALIF. CONTACT DIRECTOR OF NURSES OR ADMINISTRATOR NEAR ALL FREEWAYS NURSES AIDES Expcr. Cor.vnl«cent riosplla . 7309 N. Santa Fe, Conw.on NURSES-- MEOICINE " AopJv In person $lg-ial Hill Con valeicent Home, 2J75 California NURSES REGISTERED 7-3 Operalioy rm. RM, 3-1] Pedi atrlcs, medical surgical RfJs full time. Inrereillng salary J many benefits. Call Mrs. Ausman D-recfcr of Nursei for appl. Lakewood General Hosp 5300 Clark Ave. TO 6-971 NURSE License registered. $ efaj *rk. also reo. nvrie for rellel weekendi. 1035 Oitve Ave.r L.B Fountain Grova ConvTI Hoip:ta 41S1 Fountain Ave. r L.B. 434-749 NURSE (Crirlsilan Sclfnce) for e derly lflJy. Must drive. Mcunfal resort. Give exper« age «· salao expected. Write Box A 3444, inde pcnderit, Press-Tefefltam. NURSES-'RESTSlERED Clwcx rtvtit lor small Hoiplla A:IO full or psrl tlm«, all jftfts Call !«-97I. OFFICE PERMANENT POSITION Hi oh school grad. Muil be tnoc tydil, general office dufltv . day work week, oood ilarifnt "'bTXL RNANCe CO. 1230 E. Comotod Blvrf., ComplOfi rMpWntd.(W*M.I 24A OFFICE RN LDi=R p«non wMf*d. Ctrt of 2 ^ndinb fll K * under- Alaniiros eve.- Hef. orcterrM. Operators v SINGLE NEEDLE AND OVERLOOK . Work in Modern Factory Steady Work B 9 nefils v ' ' Grenell ' Manufacturinq 21801 So, Western Ave. v «t Carson 5 MIN. FROM LB. · 3204200 Locallon: Two mJles Irom. San Dfcoo Frwv.. Harbor Frwy.. Pa- clllc Coail Hwy,, Arlcsla Blvd. OPERATORS Single needle opri. Exp'd only. Laolei swim wear. 1378 W. I6lh. ART lime counter girl. Must itw, Fayelte Cleaner^. 245? PacMIc Ave. EXPER. P.M. SHIFT Woodruff CommunUy Hospital MOO WOODRUFF AVE., L.B. PBX-TYPIST Large Board Must be experienced Guy Moothart, Inc. (CHRYSLER DEALER] 1112 NO. LONG BEACH BLVD. COMPTON PHONE WORK/ easy, 1 pleasant, part-time from our L. 8. office. 11.50 hr, ouaranlee + borvus. Earn S2. hr, or belter. 591-WW REAL ESTATE SALES Choice officer Long Bch., Liikewd. area. Opening for 3 people. Nationwide adverlls'r.g. Top comm. MARIE U KALE'Rltv. Co. ME 4-S770 RECEPTIONIST On* Girl Ofilce-- jver 21-- dulles Irxrl typing lite bookkeeping. Own transportation. Hcurs 8 lo 5. RECEPTIONIST, local, meel grecl, Nke" aocearance pcrion- ARO EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Receptionist-- PBX Opr. For Hospital varied dulles. SI. 30 hr. Mature preferred. S20 W. Complon Blvd.. Complon. Receptionist-Stenographer who Is personable and Qualified to take dictation lype for a number of people. Offers, perma- rveni work, pleasant environment good company bcneflls. BUTOM'S DEPT. STORE Pine at Broadway Long Beach INDUSTRIAL PLANT · RN w/Callf. lie. pleasanl personality. Good typing ability to set up olspcnsary nee. Position Includes secretarial receptionist dulles. B.F, GOODRICH CHEMICAL CO. 2104 E. ??3rd St. TE 5*354 An Equal Opportunity Employer RETAIL store asslslanl -- Genera office plus '3 a lei. Ma fur* Lakewood resident preferred. Perma- nent-Slart « fir. Wrlle Box A- 311? c/o Ind., P resv-Tetec ra m. desired. Nursing supervisor. 3 to 11 or 11 to 7. TOD raled acrediled convalescent hospital/ tusl newly enlarged. Lvncreit Convalescent Hosplta 3599 Century Blvd.. Lvnwood RN OR LBN POSITION OPEH-1HOU1RE IN PERSON. SANTA FE COV RNVLVN's AIDS FULL OR PART TIME For CoTwalescenl Hospllal . 1775 CHESTNUT · RN'S »P.M. charge ·positron * relief. St Christopher Convalescent Hospfta Call between 9 a.m. e, 4 P.m GE 3-CM39 RN *ncJ LVN For relief. HHIcreil Convalescen Hospltdl, 3401 Cedar. GA 4-444 SALES VIVACIOUS SALES GIRLS EXPERIENCED ONLY AGE 25 TO 55 · with real selling abilih needed in our high vol ume speciality shop. - DO HOT APPLY IF NOT EXPERIENCED Good Basic Salary Plus Commission Exceptional Benefits. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT GE 3-4979 . GRETA'S SALES GIRLS SHORT HOURS fcr afternoons cvenktgs aopfv Personnel Ofilce bdween 1 4 P.M. J. C. PENNY CO. 2124 Bellflcwer Blvd., L.B. Eaual OoDortL-nllv Emolover SALESLADY PART TIME EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Robert Hall Clothes 4300 E. Paclllc C!t. Hwv. SALES NEED MONEY FOR EASTER EXPENSES' Start earning subttantfal Incom Im media leiy. Avon Cosrr^llcs ha vacancies for capab'e women Call GA 7-OJ7I, Ext. B. SALES-- Set ycur hcurj Incom «oal In excillno career rii i SALES-LADY'S DEPT, Must be expeflcnced. Will tral to be asilslanl ID meager, BOHDS CLOTHES LAKEWOOD SHOPPING CENTEI SALESLADY, full or Parl llrr.e Over 21. Apply «3 Pine. L.B. SALESLADY for rwusewarei giftj. Experl ertced preferred. HORACE GREEN f. SONS 4J?0 Atlantic Ave., L.B. SALESWOMAN EXP. Trv Menswear. Steady poslllon Reorv Box C 34Z7, Ind., Press Te SEAMSTRESS R-auTrei oasl experience on sin o'e nc«dle In a ma n uf actu rfrt shop. Apply In person, morn ntr VIRTUE BROS MFG. CO W#)r S. Sanla Fe (No. L.B. Area SECRETARY, conilrucllon Ol Ice Mi/si have affiliated exoerlerce Salary ooen. 6431 Cherry Ave 438-2913 SECRETARY-- Shorthand i typln reo. 1 lo S dauy. Salarv open 427-79^9 TACOS Telephone Receptionists ParMlmt to work. *1 yri. o ortr. start it Sl.» »n hr.. wll Advancemenl uo fo S?00 mo. Ap p'kallom being laker. b«f^. 3^t m} Alomlra Blvd., Btllllower TYPIST $450 L. B. are*, xlrtt polenllal w/orovu liC company. TYPIST Minimum 6 moi, experience Ivo'rn dlllo ma 5 IMS on IBM electric moir be fait and accurate. Kr»w edge of Kardex and oVplIcallm macWnei fivfpful. Aw XJJO. An equal oooo lly em PI over, H«tpWnH.(WoM.)24A 1 TY ^ T?*.* fts.* ^5,^: Corfl eeacn AirborL · VAITRESS, txpcrltnced, m 2J lo X. ElllclEnl. AlUrnoo.-.! and VH. Good 11 DI. Apply alter 2 p.m. Marrl'i Plzzt, «? E. Broadwav. II Dfrson. 5147 Gaoe Ave,. BeLI. WAITRESS EXPERIENCED RANCHO DINER 132 V/. ANAHEIM VAITRESS, cocklsll, voww, lltr. Apolv 313 E. BroaoVav. VAIJRESSES-Iout of town) Very pood [obi op*n now. Room paarg + excel, tlw + $2W mo UD. · N'gSfgfH- feei 1ST. ol 1:1 mo. , GWINN'S Bmplovment Aoencv 316 Elm, Lonu Beach HE 7-3M5 rVOMAN under 55, care for elderly jenl. SttC mo., live In. Call bt»n 6-1 p.m. o.nlv. SeHlflower area. TOMEN WILL TRAIN Woman 30 to 45 "lo wrl and classify second hand- clothing In Vels slore. Steady work, Insurance, vacation bonus, f vou have no small children aootv In person 'only, at 218 Locust. 'Rerfy" Bo"? K34M 0 1 iH' V^H-Tete: Women-PBX Exp I 4 '^.^^^-^^- call TE S-744?, tiet. 10 fc, 4 p.m. WOMEN~The Fuller Brvsh Co. now has cportunltlcj (or women to scmce our customers in your nelghbcrhood. Call GA 3-0984. OrlhoMdfc office. . GA 40471. YARDAGE sales-- experienced only. · Apply In pcrsort, 635 Soiith SI. Help Wanted (Men) 24B MRLINES F ght Crews Trans World Airlines Currer.1 and Fulure classes. Must have commercial license. Reaulre Inslryment reaifino ond flrsl class F.A.A. physical wlthool wavers prior 1o class. Minimum aoe K). hslglil 5' 7" lo 6' 4", vision 20-30, correctable 20-20. INTERVIEWS 9 A.M. TO 3 P.M. Saturday, March 12 TWA Employment Office Los Angeles International Airport Bring logs, licenses , computer, military sepnrallon papers .and college transcript. An eoual oooortunllv employer ACCOUNTANTS-- Full cr wrl tlrr.c. Incorr.e tax preparation. % + bonus, Hlon volume, loc. L.B. 8, Norwalfc area. HO 6-7/6?. ACCOUNTANT-- ,Xtnt career opportunil/ for a VOUTI accounlant in Mulll-irnlt oroanlzatlcn, with main office located In Temple-City. Duties will liKlude General leUaer, Journdh, Financial Statcmenls Account Reconciliation Analysis. 2 to 3 year college accovnUng required. Age to 35. Send resume salary rHWIremenls to Box A-3405, |nd- ACT NOW!!! Southern California's newest and most modern Plymoulh Asencv has lust Increased Ms Advertising budget. Due to the Iremendous response In sales/ we are form- Ing a new Sales Crew, this Is lo consist of FIVE MEN. No experience necessary, we have on the [ob training,. You must have ambition and wiU- Inoness lo work and are able to follow Instruction*. / TOP COMMISSION / TOP DEMO PLAN / TOP HOSP1TALIZATION · Utt u» show you how 1o maVe a minimum of a VQQQ 1he Irsl nrranlh. Interviews Tues.-Wed.-Thursday 9 A.M. to 1 RM, See Bud Gordon al JIM PIANO PLYMOUTH 12405 Rosecrarvs Blvd. Norwafc AD II KTHP - Casually -- Torranco, Redorrfo Beach area. Experienced. Salary + car. See Mr. Kfrnmell. Hartford Claims 50 Atlantic, L B. Rad.o, newspaper. TV, phor.e tot*, direct, specialty, etc. Hew pedia. Big money. Front and bomrt. MW| be free lo Iravel. 1f SlSf^vof^/aVi APPLICANTS For General Labercrs -- Apply 6-33 a.m. Men. Ihru Frl MANPOWER INC. 454 W. Willow St. L.B. (Rear of b-jfldlng) or deot. store man'for poslllon as assistant mgr. GK«J cpportL-n ly for advanceirenl, good working cordltlsns, malor medical plan, Pajd vacation. Acoly In person, 159/7 Paramounl Blvd., Param Assoc. Representative Learn selling while earning Xlnt MR. AJEMAN ' 436-9091 ATTENDANT, SERVICE STATION mechanic. Apply In person. 4?5 South Slreel, L.B. AUTO SALESMAN Combination New awl Used. Ex uerienced, excellenl commJss'oJi t Demo Plari, paid vacatlcn i group Insurance. Apply lo Sales Man aecr. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE RAY FLADEBOE, INC. MERCURY COMET 17617 5. BelLMower Blvd., Bcllfhvr AUTO SALESMEN Only top salesmen r.eed a aery Shculd nvi^e 515,000 lo $70.000 PC year. 330 ft. Long Beach B vd I c o / r . e r . Over )15 choice cars, W. F. McPHEETERS AUTO SALESMEN Sell America's hollesl car, th MUSTANG) ICO In slock, Oppor for promotion, will train if no exord. Full company benefits ( dmio. Dlan. Apply LOS Attcs Ford 7302 Bellflowcr Blvd., L.B. AUTO SALESMEN for a 100 car a month +· tisalec ship. ExceMenl lloor traffic. Frr« demo. + closing f:e!p. Prefet right man. If you IUc« m^ney contacl In person Jed Lo Bosco Sales Manager. Louis Fraham Pontrac 7aW E. FIRESTONE BLVD. DOWNEY AUTO SEAT COVERS convertible IOP» Tnilaller. Ex perlenced only. SURE FIT SM LONG BEACH BLVD., L.B i 9 1 Sporfs Car Salesman StU the HOTTEST In Im ported cars; new ined WG Austln-Healey, Scrlie A Mldaet, all olher Imported 1 cars. Great op wrtunity for riohl person on 4 man slafl; earn from SSOO fo ilJO Sunday. Sec Lou Mlrablle ev«, k 9 only. · Jamestown Authtorlzed tf.Gi Ak»lln-H«a'ev Dk V Auto Salesmen . 1. Combo men needjd now 2. Free demo-- Insurance. n 3. Frlrat beneflti. Bonujei, tic 5. Flneit \vorlclri9 cOiXf. · CONTACT ROY OE (ioRSEY 0 FRANK SOOTHE SOUTH flAY'S LEADING RAMBLER DEALER · AL ORTALE RAMBLER W7IO lai.ihorn« Blvd. 5 TORRANCE fROlU ~ AUTO TRIW/ER-Slexly work, e. Mr. 151) N.L.B. Blvd., Compton '. BAKERY ROUTE Established route wllh aro 7 bakery. XJnt \ra\n\ne prooram fo man anxious o opefale a buslnei 636-8038 or 426-5328 fMp Wort** (HM 241 ! BANK VAULT TELLER EXPERIENCE rbrmanenT Poiition Excellent Opportunity Employee Benefits GITY NATIONAL BANK 349 Long Beach Blvd. LONG BEACH 435-5301 JOURNEYMAN ..INDUSTRIAL BOILERMAKER · . thorovffhly experlerxed In pe roleurn refining ma'Jile- nance. "Hlph school oraduale. Permanent position. Excellent, benefit?. UNION'OIL co. Los Angeles Refinery I660,W. Anaheim Wilmington An Equal Opportunity Employer . BOOKKEEPER BOYS-- HIGH SCHOOL ' ? boys part lime now, full time summer. Must have rwal apcear- artce and be caccr to leorn. Carn «0-S10o per mo. lo start. Aoo!y Thurs., B p.m. 2750 Bellllower Blvd., Suite 210-B, L.B. - o.n v. * Flect-AIre Camper Co., CAMPER TRAVEL trailer builders with foreman afclllly. Good fu ure, ton pay. FA 7-W04 CAR WASH men. i.akewacf. South. Car Wash, cor. Lhwd. Soulh St. Also POLISH MAN NEEDED. CAR WASHER 50c per car/- exper. HE 5-2747 f^LJCC. CVD'n D 0 /^ Steady lob. Man or woman. Refs. reaulrcd. Call 9-32 neon ^XW«76 COLLECTION ASSISTANT LOCAL FINANCE CO. Needs collection assistant. Some experience pr el erred r married man 1n need of permanent TXsl1ton. Go 3d firluro with a growing company, avto allowance. 5 day week, os a insurance hosn^taHiatron. APPLY BETWEEN 3 5 P.M. Prudential Acceptance Corp. 2390 Pacific Suite 3 GA 66474 CONSTRUCTION PLAN AHEAD Salesmen needed for consta-cHon sales, we wfll IraUi vcu. Commls- . YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST MANAGER IN CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE DEPARTMENT OF LARGE FIRM. APPLICANTS MUST PRESENT A GOOD APPrARAMCE AND HAVE HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION. SALARY $130 PER WK For' araolnliTMrit call 435-2823 COOK Young Man Wanted FOR Italian Dinner House Must have some cooking exc«r - f TKC, will · teach Ihe rest. 910 E. Vfillow Full of part t1m«. NLtes. BURGERMASTER DRIVE-IN MI paramounrt Blvd. Ucwd. College Boys PART TIME -- FACTORY WORK O8-237! COUNTERMAN-- 1 full time, eves weekends. No DTKKM call. Mm be over IB. McDon aid's, corner Florence Lakewood. Sea Mgr. DAMAGE CONTROL Aft, ex-Navy man with kr.owleifofl of damage control systems or experience as i Inking draftsman. Contact Mr, Brian at TE 2-3661. Equal opportunity emn!over. DESIGN DRAFTSMAN Minimum 5 yrs. rfraftina exper - ence, fu/nace, irxJostrlal hcalina equipment or related fields. Pacific Scientific Co. Permanent, full lime. 6260 Chalet Drive SP 3-?0?0 CITY OF COMMERCE DESIGN DRAFTSMAN. Oil field eau lament exncrknce preferred 2W5 Palm Dr. Signal H Design Engineers Design tools, jigs, mill and welding fixtures, die forms and assembly fools. Apply Personnel Office 500 Orangethorp« Ave. Anaheim, Calif. NORTHROP NORTRONICS A Dlv. of North/Do* Corp. An ecuaJ opportunity employer DESIGNERS PlDlflg 8. Plastic mould des ga I/nmecfiale Local out of town Xlnl, rares. Consolldaled Dcs/on Service P.O. BOX 2023S «S-(K7 DISPATCHER for security wwX Draft exempt. Between 30 8r 3 vr!. Mile work only. Typing eiper neceurv. Aocly al 5015 E. Corn, St., N.L.B. between 11 a.m. l P.m. Mon. thru FrL DRAFTSMAN ELECTRICAL, Circuit deslcn, con Irol wlrlr-g experience desirable -- Permaneflt Full Tbne -PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC COMPANY 63» Chalet Drive. SP 3-2020 Cify of Commerce An Equal Ojwcrtnyltv Employer DRIVERS EARN UP TO 31% Pull/osrr time openings. Goo* Hu.-nor Co. 1601 V/. 15(h. DRY CLEANER-- for self aervk ELECTRICIAN JORUNEYMAN : INDUSTRIAL ' ELECTRICIAN ' Tnorouphlv experienced rn In' dusl/laf Plant Malnfcnance. * H-gn School graduate. Permanent position. ExcellcRi bene- APPLY UNION OIL CO. 1660 W. Anaheim, Wilmington An Equal Opportunity Employer Previous experience rn producHoi scheduling erpedlllng for irrrall manulacluriTO comply. Pacific Scientific Co. 1 346 S. State College Rd ; Anaheim (714) PR 4-521 EXPER. Hair styiiit Excel. Ooooi funJtv. Belmont Hgli area. SaTar e + Comm. 433-7589. · Factory Worker VOUNS MEN ' 630-117 4tlp Wonted (Me*) 241 t . FACTORY (MALE! PLASTICS IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Grove. Good hand dexterity. MIL* ITARY SERVICE CO. 1 , 1 ,?. U.!. cIlicnshlD. Appllcanli wllli Pf- vlout lac. prod. exp. win be given prelcrence -- Slartlno rale 'FULL' COMPANY BENEFITS Swedlow Inc. 1M42 Weslem Ave. Garden Grove An equal opportunity cm wove r. T Finance Co. -- Nat'l Ma) openVvos for wor«i1v» men, ages 22 lo ». Apullcant must have completed 2 years of col- cge have manaoemenl potcn- ia1. Salary commensurate wMri cxo. Call 427-1905 1:^9 a.m. lo 10 a.m. 3:30 p.m.- lo 5 p.m. Finance Manager Trainee EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. H1 SCHOOL GRADUATE. AGE 21 TO 32. LIBERAL COMPETITIVE BENEFITS. XLNT RETIREMENT. SALARY OPEN, FUTURE UNLIMITED. PROGRAMMED PRO- / GRESSION .TRAINING. APPLY IN PERSON ' 2244 Long Beach Blvd. FURNITURE SALESMAN Highly qualified-- medium lo be1- Icr furniture. Carpeting draper cs. Inlcrlor design backorocnd. Top money for too producers.' SIRIS FURNITURE 235 Long Beach Blvd. GEAR HOBBER OPER. Musi have some experience on metal cutting machines basic Knowledge of gears. Have basic hand loots such as micro meters, scales, calipers, clc. STERLING ELECTRIC MOTORS INC 5431 TELEGRAPH RD. GENERAL OFFICE Good tvojst. Aoe -to 1o 50, hours 3 p.m. la n p.m., must have car. Mint be Long a each resident. GENERAL office wwk. CalhnJk: In- st lulkjn needs man 21 to 35. Re- pry P.O. Box 312. Htnl. Beach. GLAZIER-- Learn a trade. Muit be neat mechanically Inclined, over ^V GUARDS MEN .NEEDED AS SECURITY GUARDS.- Experience u n n e c- fitarv. Uniforms eaulo-Ticnl urnishcd. Vacancies exisl In Los Angeles L Orange Counllei. Fringe heneflls Include pad vocations. Car nhcne r.eccssary. Write Dox A-3701 (, Press-Tele. Guards-Security We need men from 35 to 5? vrs. ol ase lor Security Gua^d posl- 1 ons. Experience not required. Vacancies exisl In Long Beach a r e a . Fringe benefits Include paid vacations. Medical Hosp. Insurance-- Musi have c a r pncnc. App y Mon. Ihru FrL 9 a.m.-2 p.m. 2485-C Long Beach Blvd. Guards Wanted Ace 30-55, Full time LA. Area Call [7141 i?M74J HAIR STYLIST-- Mate. Expcr. Full time. Prestige shoo. Gocd location. 439-6405; d24-lA£5. HANDYMAN. Single. S10Q mo. 3145. 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 2-4519 days Soulh Gate area 636-3123. · HELP WANTED Fufl Time Days. McDonald Drive- in Restaurant, 3309 Tweedy B ., Scuthgate. HONE OPERATOR Clark Wheeler Engrg. 16455 MINNESOTA- PARAMOUNT HOTEL Cleric. Middle aced, near. 4 day wk. References. HE 6-1236 HOTEL CLERK. "RETIRED Call aflcr 1 P.m., 437-8255 HSKPR., tf river, cook, etc. 35-50. To care for Invalid mar, Pvl. room. Salarv. Non-dr1nVer. Wri e Box A 3453, Inrf., Press-Teleg. Hydraulic Profile Opr, Milling Machinist 2 vrs. lob-slxjo exper. 50 hr. wVr, 17309 S. Woodruff Downey Colleo« deofae-pref. AAA-1 Corp. Salary, bonus, ccmm. Car furn All bcneflls Including profit shar- Tnj. Call 723-6511 for apot. INSPECTOR experience reaulrcd. Musi have own tools. 636-0692. cal Isl article selup. Appty In DC r son HAVEG INDUSTRIES 12827 E. mrxvlal Hwv. INSPECTOR 10931 S. Garfiefd Pi., South Gate JANITORS (2) Hospital exDer. DreEerred. SI Ht'en's Koipttal. S54! H. Arltsla Bellllower. See Mr. Hall. LAB TECHNICIAN H.5. graduate v/lih sood jjrarfes In Physics Chemistry. Some co Icoe preferred. Excellent bend Is Phone for Interview. 636-0351, Ex tension -47. An Equal Opportunity Employer LATHE MILLING MACHINE operators. "A B CLASS" for lit 2nd Shifts. Musi have own toofs. Aoply 7530 E. JACKSON ST., PARAMOUNT. LATHE Operator, lob shco exoer PJu: ^37-5119 MAGAZINE, pSone i crew oroan Irallon. Ton deal. 19 Pir.e, Rm. 71 Machine Operators LATHES MILLS DRILL PRESS Immediate Openings 6 months experience will ouallf you for on OEKwrl unity to crtrri with an aovrcssrve/ mvcrsJflot commwdal and deferise company We musr exoand our Wes Coast operation need cuall(Te Good pay^ rnerU Fr^reasn, ex eel lent fringe benefits. CALCjDR APPLY · Commercial Filters Corp 18744 Rcves, Ccrr.pljn NE 9-»( MACHINE PARTS INSPECTOR EXPERIENCED reo*rir*d 1n n- soecMon of precision machfne Paris. Mutt be capable of ustoa mkrometer AM olher close cl- eranct mtaiurTng devices. Apply or Contact Personnel Office (714 774-9141 Ca comp California Computer Products Jnc. 305 N. Mulfer Anaheim An Mi/a I oppor tun it/ cmp oye MACHINE Tool Aiitmfcler- MS, MACHINE SHOP G. PALMER ASSOC 1 OTJ-JH! Gavlord St., L.B. Phone 405-7413 MILLING Machine Opr HYDROTEL OPERATO LATHE OPERATORS 3-D PROFILER OPER. BURR SPECIALISTS Day swln? shift GROUP INSURANCE FRINGE BENEFITS MACHINISTS-MMr renew. n ADD!*/ rr. Prwn a HAV£G INDUSTRIES 12877 E. Imperil! H«v. Safila Ff Sprrngs . MACHINIST ' General Machinis Chemical pfanl maintenance. D sftlll. Steady work. Close foieranc v work. Engine Falhe. mJIITng m clilne, grinder. Minimum exper 8 AM lo' 5:S)M 1 Monday thru Friday I«H Wanted (Htn) 241 V M A C H I N I S T ^ HOLLOW SPINDLE OPERATORS U.U PER HOUR TOP BErjEFITS LONG BEACH AREA GA 4-8561 MACHINIST JS4S PALM DR.. SIGNAL HILL MACHINISTS Fully qualified with minimum of 5 years in job shops. Tool and . die experience desirable, but not required. A CALL 328-1851 " FOR PARTICULARS REYNOLDS " METALS CO. - · 231 B Doming uei St. Torrance California MCHINIST · AUTOMATIC ' TURRET SET-UP Must be ab!e to set up W S, I-AB and T-AC automatic. MILLING MACHINE , SPECIALIST MUST be able to sel UD ar.d operate verlkal horizontal lyfwi f mills, Minimum 5 vrs. recent ex- cerknce required. ENGINE LATHE SPECIALIST Nights Musi he able lo se] up and oocr- reconl cxoerlcnce required. MACHINE OPR "B" NlgMs Must be able to setup and ooer- alc drill presses and be able to opcr. various orher production machines. Prevlovi A/C exper - ence required. Pacific Scientific Co. 1 346 S. State College Rd. Anaheim [714} PR 4-52 17 An equal opportunity employer *MACHIN*STS Needed Immediately TURRET LATHE ENGINE LATHE ve«ir mln. machine ex p. re- culrcct. -Tcp pay, merit Increases, excellent fringe benefits, advance- mint oppcrlunlly. 3 cnnanent lobs tor qualified men. Join a diversified commercial Sr defense co/iipanv wilh expanding we^it Coast operation. CALL OR APPLY Commercial Filters Corp. 1*744 Reyes, Com p [on, NE ?-5«0 MACHINIST Small eno?neerlno firm En WhiHIcr area needs machinist under 4Q years of ace. Good on mill and Engineering lathe, capable of making owii set up ar.d loollno for small parts. Call between 1:33 and 5. Ph. «fi-778S. An Equal opportunity Employer MACHINIST-GENERAL Musi have all around machinist experience. Have own tools. D« able |o cut threads on lathe basic knowledge ot hand tools. STERLING ELECTRIC MOTORS JNC SfOl TELEGRAPH RD. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA PHONE 7?3«11 AINTENANCE - REPAIRMAN General matnr. work In chemical mfg. plant. Exper., desirable. Shut work may be Involved. RachelEe Laboratories TOO Henrv Ford Ave. HE 2-3956 Art Equal Ooooff unity Empfoycr MAN FOR POOL SERVICE ROUTE We are expanding and are In reed of 1 more pool service man. Must be experienced, steady, work year round. - T o o wages, vacation w/pav, etc. Call for fcv MANAGER TRAINEE For position wilh consumer ff- nanca co. Rapid advancement for those who Qualify; Promotion based uoon Individual merit. Aces 23-29. Must be hlgl] school crad-j- ate, mefer some cotlow. Automobile Is necessary. Call Mr. Pennlngton belween 9:30 A.M. 4:00 P.NV. GA 6-1775 MANAGERS Sharo working sales managers. 1 have Ihe opportimlty of your life 1Imel S3. 000 to Si, 000 p«r mcnlh, every monlh. For tie a Is MANAGERS ASSISTANT MGRS. MANAGER TRAINEES APPLY IN PERSON ONLY 3 A.M. TO 11 AM. FIDDLERS THREE 4000 ATLANTIC MAN (11, SALES SERVICE OpmnunHv to earn $95 oer week while learning our bus/ness." MarvKjefnenI position when Qualify ELECTKOLUX CORP. 533-W47 AAN f o - 4 - n Hosp. Medica Ins. TCP deal, leads. Mr. Jcnes HE M A M Truck driver laclorv work. Me- chajilcally Inclined, Older man preferred. $1.75 per hour. Call n A.M. Mr. Bond, Spruce 4-1500. MAN, young, for v/arehouse delivery v/ork. Apoiy between 8:X MATERIAL HANDLERS No ex cor. nee., day t, swing jn1» openings. 1732 V/. Slauscn, MECHANIC oe.Teral, Steady position for a reliable non drlr.ker. 2X0 Orange. Weekdays GA 4-401? MECH AN 1 C: Tractor, Qualified. Light Indus frlal, gas dlesel. Musi have Tools For appls. 324-19J9. Mr, Georg* An equal opportunity employer. MECHANIC-- Auto. Sober. Steady work. GA 2-03M Mechanics -- Motorcycle Weed 4 m«n. Ten wagei. Paid vacations. Kosoltdlizalion life insurance olsfl, APPLY IN PERSON" LONG BEACH HONDA 5105 ATLANTIC MECHANICS Sheet Metal Mechanics MUST DO own lavoul se ups i onerafe all shco eauloment. WELDER CERTIFIED HELIARC Previous Union affiliation no required. MEVA CORPORATION A SUBSIDIARY OF HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO. / W. B. ST. WILMINGTON, CAtIF, Pfl. MR. GREENWOOD 630-H1 MEN Der Wienerjchnihel RAPIDLY EXPANDING We ncerf harrf wortlno men cap able of managing 1 d/1ve hr resfauranf. Ages 1? to 31, w provide extensive (raining wit oood sfarling lafary. Mid vata ton olher benefits a challcng for man looking for a future InlervTewi Mofl.-Fri. 9 fo l" a m 1WS E. PACIFIC CST. HWY., L.B MEN AERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT Co. Inc HAS LIMITED OPENINGS .IN THE "AIR RfDE FLEET" FOR EXP. bR INEXP. MEN CAN YOU QUALIFY? Have i 1941 Iraclor or b« able to scautrt one. Be clmfcally nt. · Age }( to S5. Willing' to Iravel. PaTd Professional TraTnT/ia. Graduates receive Accredited Movers DlDloma. FOR INTERVIEWS y a.m. to 1 p.m. or 2p.m. loep.n 692-0531 ^l I T N £Ll2Ul T rTS, 1 te % 1% P «9* V " 1 ' tlpW«Mttd(MM) 241 h " FROM , NEBRASKA s A felEow Cornhu$lt«r who has "made it good" in Cal lornia may have an opportunity for you. Call $/ Don 6A 6-5940 before noon. General production lor camper coach construction. Exper, ore- f erred. 6%0 Dale St.. Bixna Par* EN-- Full Time Sultan Car Wash. Jm per Isl HWY. at Lakewood. *dvert.iInB accovnls In L.B. A surrounding areas. 2 or 3 davi PCf wk. Steady work, 1W-5W ^EN-- The Car Radio Sound Center in Long Beach' Soum Gale nfeoVcar ra«t i sound ivilim 2537 L.B. Blvd.' 5 GA 6-4248 \EN-- Hal'l Co. oflcn builnesi oo- ptv lo responsible nFiroVorkfrs. Branches opetVngi need serv. men mprs. No Invest. Resume P.O. Box A «?8, lnrtccerd*nt, P-T. Men, (2) Young, Married to work OD vacuum appliance repair trucks. No experience nec- eiiary. £325 month salary lo si art. Rapid advancement for rlghl man. Must rtave neal appearance." Ask for TROY, 1411 CHERRY. AEN 4 + Sofc. future, wHI Ira in, earn S7000 1st vr. 438-0316 MEN FULL PART TIME. \ Fufler Brush Co, 831-9/54 AEN-- Disgusted w/Job? Can earn Sl?5 wk. 218? Pacific 9 AM. lime. Averaoe S3 ior hour. Rcule sales. Apptv 1095 E. WardTow 912 only. · rfe .very. Hourly wage + mlleaoc. 519 W. 15!h SI., L.B. WEN-- Young, single. 18-23. fr« o travel Invned. New Orleans, East Coast. Advanced expenses, (rans. furnished; above average earrings. See Mrs. Raybourn, City Ccnrer Mold, 10 lo 2 Wed., Tnvrs. MILLING MACHINE OPERATORS ' CLASS A 374? Calallna St. Los Atainltos MILLING MACHINIST ENGINE LATHE Muil be fop man for crofo-tvpe work. Top wages tor those wtia qualMy. Plenty of overtime. HOLLYDALE MACHINE CO. 10931 S. GarfleW PI., South Gafe MOLDMAKER Experienced 1n Injection, transfer camoresslort bv established cui- tcm plastics firm in Paramount. NAILERS-- machine and Hand. Also sawmen. Experienced only. HUNTER WOODWORKS 1235 E. H3rd SI. Torrance NORTHROP NORTRONICS in Anaheim New programs have created immediate positions for: SR. TOOL DIE MAKERS Fabricate details and assemble tools such as lathe, mill and inspection fixtures and mill jigs. GENERAL MACHINISTS Operate mills, lathes and normal tool room equipment. . SR. MILLING . MACHINE OPRS. Scf up and operate horz. verl. mills, LATHE · MACHINISTS Must operate both engine turret lathes. Apply Personnel Office 500 E. Orangethorpa Anaheim, Calif. . NORTHROP NORTRONICS A Division of Norlhrop Corp. An equal CDporlunllv cmp aver Male or Female may apply excel, o»or. w/leadlna nursery. P.O. Box «, Monterey Park, Calif OUTSIDE collector wanted. Exocr- lence nee. Avajort Jew«ters. T4540 PETROLEUM , ENGINEER 1 years cr more experlenca In deverop. or prod, engl- nfi^rir.o work In LA. Bai^n. Salarv open. Write tfetalllno education and txperltnce. E. B. HALL CO. 420 Henry Ford Ave. Wilmmgfon or call HE 2-4921, extension 13 Mon. thru Frl. 9 a.m. lo 4 p.m Yacht work e?l S. Fries. Wllm opportu'iltv for l;ard working mai over ?j. Perm, tisltlon. P1PEFIVTEP. JOURNEYMAN INDUSTRIAL PIPEFITTER thoroughly experienced Ir petroteum refinfng maintenance. H^Ti school aradua!e. Permanent p«1fkn. Excel- UNlOfToiL CO Los Angeles Refinery 1640 W. Anaheim ; Wilmington * An Equal Opportunity ; EMPLOYER PLASTIC MIXER Nioiirs Previous expcrkncc In mlxFn and pouring plasllc malcrlalt operdtHOg a Irdniftr moldin press reoulred. Pacific Scientific Co. 1 346 S. State College Re · Anaheim (714) PR 4-521 An eoual oooortunltv emolove REAL ESTATE SALESMEt CHECK MY PRCX5RAM-- Ho floor time (we uie a Recpt No money In the offk* Name riders used (you oef fl call from your own listings!) Sales meeting* weefcl/. "Keep abreast ol Ihe laiest-- In your profession," Commissions (Ah, yes! They 1 negotiable). Non- Licensees. Diet my schooling program lo «l vo» license. OTHER WORDS "1 WANT YOU Call Phil Vrooman PHIL VROOMAN, REALTY REALTOR NOTARY 15559 Be III lower Blvd., Be II flow 925-1731 or TO (-57 ROUTE SALESMEN (2 CTO Iw. Must t* marrttd, hs 1. ules exp. Strvfc* Fudcr Dru oatomgg ~J^ HA ^^ ·lpW«rt«d(MMl 2fP ,. ROUTE SALESMAN I 1 Leca Co. Oooorfunlly fw.i* ranc«ment. Too Pay. Amwlan Lfnen SuoolV Co. GE HIM. . . ates -- Career Opportunity $800 PER MONTH . Married, 51 Ic «, residence 2 vrl.. aUlllv lo meet 'raiK w/uuvi^^' Iraitrl. For aplHude le». 1M reiuntt t, tele. 9 lo Box A-77, Independent-Press Telesram. . . LESMAK-- xperlefKed only, bulltf- kio materials for cluln of h^n« tmprovement centers. Som* [uM- t«r exoertence reQulred. Contacl Mn. Adamf it 714-- 43*4830 lor appointment , SALESMAN i CONSISTENT EARNINGS · : $200 to $444 PER WEEK Unlimited qualirfed appolntmenm · THE INDEPENDENT, . ORDER OF FORESTERS s tooktns (or hi* c«IIbtr. iron o contact new members or owf world wfcfe oroanlzatlon. TO-IOT MR. CROHAN W to J SALESMAN . M-n's fu/nlstKnas «. sporttwwr. Permanent. Good onwirlunllY. Benefits. BOMD5, LAKEWOOO · SALESMAN Exper. Srwlno /AachUw Salesman ' pecdfa'. OuaHHed leads, no. can- vasslnp, 4 to 5 leads pervdav. , Commission 75%. OooorfunllV to advance to martacement posHIwi . for right man. Co. bor.elMs Incl. Medical proorani, rellremenJ plan vacation plan. Call for Appt. blwru 9:30 and .1 a.m. AsV for SALESMAN ; JorJ trie faslest orowfr.fl salM orce In Calif. Four Yi hour pre*- enallons-pcr dav will rnake yoy ALES-WAN over 25 with car, free to travel. Train fcr sales manawr. ' 5a es experience deslrabw but not neceis. (7U) 5IM493 SALESMAN To rep. SUNSET DESIGNERS BUILDERS. Sell bTocL wall fence, patios swlmmlna pools. APPLY Lena Beach. SALESMAN WANTED Ou side sales for wholesale phoJo- flnlshlr.o. Excellent opoortunity. SALESMAN . WHOLESALE National Manufacturer of appliances has opening or one man. Excellent future. Established accounts turned over. Complete training period. Prefer young man who will grow · with us. An outstanding opportunity. THE HOOVER CO. 1209 PINE AVE., JND FLOOR INTERVIEWS SAT. M PM. HE 5-5441 SALES OPPORTUNITY Sa emen need (or construction sales, we wfll train vou. Cofnmfs- sign In excess ol $900 per mo, Call Mr. Warren HE 7C967 SALES-- Interesting Reid For salesmen, Vrho wanl to del ahead. We are Irxrreailno our sJatf In Ihe cons 1 ruction Industry. We will train vou 10 earn In excess of VTOQ cer mo. CALL MR. 5ABOL HE 7-MS7 SALES REPRESENTATIVES . ALLSTATE " ! - INSURANCE CO. '. t Offers ihese advantaaes: -· . ' UD to $600 MONTH · ft COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING Income polenllal In excesi of £12.000 annually A Packaoed Fringe Benefits · · including Profit-Sharing pfaci ·it PAID VACATIONS. -fi Mar.acemenl Polenllal. We are INTER VIEW! KG for AGENTS In th* LONG BEACH AREA. Men hired will have a success- ul background tn public contact work; D refer ap« 25 thru -40; high ichoot education; Strong desire for financial success backed up with wllllncKMss fo work. Call RICK JOHNSON at 429-2411 FOR APPT. Sales Managfer GENERAL MOTORS DEALER Please anplv only If vou are ex.' oerier-ced with a successful back- grcLHio of sales managemEni. This 1i a hoh Irtccme lob, 10 pfeasc oo not apply unless vcu are Qualified. Writ* Indenendent. Press-Tefeoram Box A-34H. Long Beach. SALESMEN EARN 1500 WK. MR. ASALOS UN 3-9743 SALESMEN -- 517X00 FOR RIGHT MAN over 40 In the Long Beach area. Free irlo to Ron-.e as bonus fcr oroducere. Take ihort auto rips lo contact customers. Air mall L. K. Duke, Mgr., Texas Refinery Corp., Box 711, Fort Worlh 1, Texas. SALESMEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS INSURANCE, BOOK. BLDG. CONSULTANT 4 DIRECT SALESMEN 1 want 1 Inlclllgent, aguressfve, v/( II -dressed men, who need at leasl 11200 per mo. No experience necessary. 1 offer an excellent TRAINING PROGRAM. Call for aooolntmenl , 9 A.AV lo 9 P.M, Tom Marshall NE 9-l??3 SALESMEN TOP CLOSERS No canvassing. We spend 170,COO fo keen our men svramMrf wllh finest Itadi. Top nrwn can earn IJOOQ a mo. up. Estab., 17 vr. firm. Draws avail. Call Mr. Rob'rson, Mon. thru Frl. 531-7510 Salismen ATTENTION SALES OPPORTUNITY 1 want 4 irUelirgenl, aogresstfvt, Wfll cressEd men-WHO NEEO i · at least $1200 Per Month HO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 1 oflw excellent IrafnJno, Pro- Qrm arid Finance amtlance. /Auil t« rcdciv ID beg'n al once. Call far aDDOlnlment 9 la 6 Salei Maiuoer-- Phone: TO 6-97*2 Help Wan ted (Men) 24B iminimmimiiiiiiiimiiHiiiiLi 1 Special 1 l ratroimen | · = To polict ill liarlur In-' = 9 = slallitiins. Musi fcave = E ear t telephone, Must £ = bi Jbli It furnltt ml- = ,' = lorns, S t e a d y work, s E I*c4 pair, fiintt bcni- S - = litS) Illd ViCltlMI. S S Q.»IHicjtions: 5' 10" w i s| = «»*fi mininam wilrtt = = IM Ibs., i|i 22 t* K, S ) = wllHnt t» work, no p«- a «· = lie* record, 5 J 1 NEWTON 1 1 SECURiTY 1 :; I PATROL 1 £ | 512 H«irtw«ll lli(. |

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