Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 30
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»*'' -, I: OHM 11 NOON · curroN win !' iii CMM^T Hit ' ' "Bily«d«ri Rlnp , tilt Btll" and Cartoons * nil nuziii OUvii, r*Ml RM«MU, LA ILMQNT ONN 11 NOON 'Davy CrockaH *a4 «ae ; Rivar Plrafas* «ml CARTOONS Pag* B4-INDEPENDENT ' -' *· «·"»· «»- "»- «*» »· '»·' THE LYONS DEN NoSquawkonPinza'sGargles « _ - : . , .1,.,-.,^,,,,^,^:,,,-^ ; ,,,-, . ,. ,O,, , ; By LEONARD LYONS One morning Peggy Hophlni Joyce telephoned the deik clerk at the Delmonlco and com plained about the tenant In the lulte above hen: "He . gargtei and ilngs every morning, and t'i annoying," laid Mlu Joyce. The clerk told her that the tenant upitalr* wa* Ezlo Pints. 'Oh, really?" «ald Mlu Joyce. WUTCOAIT FOX "In that cue, I withdraw m. complaint." ,., . . All the oblti deicribud hi ai the mott romantic leadln man-In yean; yet when Pin fint tried Hollywood. 17 yea ago, he wai rejected ai too o to play romantic leadi. , ' It waa Mary Martin wh aaldl "Whenever I'm aiked to king 'Horwi Enchanted Evening,* I alway* ilng *ome- ttilnif cl«J. It'* Iraponlble fi me to »lng It properly unleu I *lng It to Plnza. 1ST COAST ' HI 64t09 tS'.Z'H'' NOW · OPIN NOON 1 CONTINUOUS *# NOW BOTH'f 1 THEATRES I MPERIAL HI H9«7i :x~z CONTINUOUS FROM NOON CIRCLI STARTS AT DUSK I man IT iij,t monttir ky litUt! "It'i like when they wk m to ling 'My Heart Belong* Daddy;' I can't do right by upleu I itrtp." ,,, Plnza mined leveral perform ancc* of "South Pacific" be cauie of a cold. I wrote a plec explaining that he caught theu coldi from hli children--tha hli alternative wai not to ice them, and he preferred famll, life. "Thanki." he wrote me, acknowledgment, I wanted ·end flowera to your wire, bu [ hear ihe'* In Europe. I auum therefore that you have the burden of taking care of your soni Plcaie let me ihare that burde :h!i Saturday afternoon"--an he enclosed front-row leati \ 'South Pacific." M A T T E R OF ' INFLU. ENCRl Lait year Stanley Mortimer'* fcuto llnnte-platB wai numbered "1 SSI." Thli year he loit the low lleen*e number. In flIUng out the application for renewal he had to write *Tfei" In re*pon*e to P K E L U O O D IATMDAT MATINII ONIT OPIN H AJt--CONTINUOUI ' ' LIHIl "· Kid! »C Bit Klit iOe ItilUtf Tiitiliilir I It I Itf III It! Our-'Thi Tiarllnc' Color - Cirtooni the qneatk», "Hare yon ever taen Mretted tor apeedlnc or rookie** drlvtatt" . . . Mortt- mer I* the aon-ln-law of GOT. Averell Harrlman. Ha waa picked up for ipeedlng while driving hit wife to Hie hospital--whore ihe WM delivered of B ion, named Averell Harrlman Mortimer. It WM for thin ride Hint Mortimer lost hi* low llcenie number, * * * * j? M A R C E L 'PAONOL, 'the French playwright and author of "Fanny," llitened to tpecu- latlor. about the age of a noted actreu. Pagnol laid: "She'i actually between agei--that li tomewhere between the age »he claims and the age people attribute to her." The bopiter craned 52nd St. and Broadway agalnit the .Ighti, and wai hit by a bui. It toned him 20 feet, directly under the marquee of Blrdland, whose doori were open. The momentum carried hit body down the italrt where It rolled onto rlngilde. Two other bop- ten watched thli tableau, and one tald: "Man, I thought he'd never get here." · Lou Holta* venlon I* of the two bookie* looking at the Central Park *tatue of Gen. U. 8, Grant on a hone. One bookie aaked, "Who 1 * thatT" The aeoond horaeplayer told him! That'* General Grant" ... "Of eotine," the flnt honeplayer wld, "And who'* the nunT" · Dee Ubbey came to New fork to become a tongwriter. ·ho moved Into Brandon Houic, perated by the Volunteen ofl America, and wrote 49 KM- clanlcal aongi on the available piano. All were rejected by muilc publlihen. Col. John F, McMahon, of Volunteen of America, penuaded her to try Mmethlng different .·«·.. Her 90th long wai "Mango." It'i the new tint-act finale of the Zlegfeld Folllci. Rosemary Clooney recorded It and Ford li buying It for a TV commercial . Mlu Ubbey now li writing her Slit long, "Eiience of Dii. traction.".,. . ' CHAMP) Rocky Marelano flew from Miami to Washington, to MilMtltute for Barney ROM at the premiere of ROM' new film biography, ROM wasn't there beoauw hi* wife wa* 111. Marelano *ald that even If he were offend 1800,000 he'd never fight again. "If* a challenge, to tee If I can atlck to my deter- minatlon," he *ald. "1 weigh 218, and could get Into condition quickly, 'becauM I have all the habit*. But I'll never fight again." .. ...... Canada Wan on Bugs VANCOUVER, B.C. W -An Inject spraying project In Brltlih Columbia next month will'cover two million acre*. Chief target !· the budworm which I* deitroylng ipruce and hemlock. · Polio Cases Declina ',; OTTAWA W» -- Polio case* In Canada declined nearly SO . per cent lait year. Then wen . 1,020 reported In 195S and only ' 600 In 1956. Canada'* polio year wai , 1953, there were 8,878 cam. wont when STATE Optm JL LOS ALTOS ·+ TOWNE Opm of Neo« n Starts at Duik . * at 6 p. m. Llv* rk» LIU tl Rlliy it Mil . HUNTINQTON HOTEL * H or A BLOCK loxa i H' 1290 L OCEAN BLVD. LONO BUCK Thli hotfl nini throuth from (hi b»ul.,.rd to IIM ow.n.'Twi townTM All raovi hmvm prlvtl* tatha, will, lo-will urixllni. · rllln« dtik. l.l«. WKIM IM iHir mild Mrvlci. L«rM dlnlnR room ftr«t th* octan. Room M mull 111.CIO WMlt Meh Mrion. Cho4e« .Ualu. prim. Mb. of t*tt. rout lurktr. bk«d Vlrilnla him A ·vcrythlnR Rood to Mt. No bclUr food tnywlMr*. PhoM HR A^e^Aa. oup dlnlnv room alw eiun lo lh« oulrid* publli. Club braikful Ifei ruulir dlnrun |].1B. OHA*. A, BARNCTT · Own»r CDN MMMCO.MY Mant Voodoo ENGLISH .CONWAY-CONNORS AtkratMd r»« of nikid TEKIORI REST BOT ON A DOJJPHIN , 4»t ATUNTIC ONI OA 4.1619 FREE PARKINB mow a D U I ITAHTI O Fl Hll I · -f^ HENRY FONDA "12 PLUS 2ND HIT ·· ANGRY MEN" rtsffi^ A WONOI1FUI WOILD OP MUIIC AND IOMANCII 1LE 1W1 -X . MDGERSi' ' HAMMERSTQN'S CAROUSEL torn IN tUMONT HI iii.Qi "tat 1 OPIN Jl P.M. ^'··'N !*·*· ,W m 'mm NWNtCT L flKEUJOOD CA 5-25.10 i;oi i EARti QPIN All! -- Pftll MIKINO rwi OIMT firriirrAiNMfNT IVINT FHAr Will IHI UMW* «,}o mat IO|3O- 2nd Top Hit QajUOf PARKER IK*»» tiOOPJ*. ^ tuomimo uAiar »r OAT , i HUM ir NIOHTI HEY, KIDS! 2 BIG FEATURES at the TOWNE Theatre SATURDAY Doors Open Noon All CMIIMIN , NTAMED ; YOUTH Bttfll LORINELSOU KIpS TURNED ROCK-N-ROLL WILD AND THE HOUSE OF CORRECTION THAT MAKES 'EM WILDER! lUrrlni th« pliflnuin powirlMwil MAMIE VAN DOREN AND ON THE SAME PROGRAM mat uwuttt Stephen McNAllYl Pea* CASTLE [ Robtitj lYAUGHN p DRIVE-IN '«Theatres * .^i ».% *'«? *! % CARTOON CARNIVAL WITH REGULAR PROGRAM SHOWS Start Tonlte ot Duik! PLUS ARABIAN NI6HTS ADVENTURE I. TWO GREAT PICTURES IN COLOR SHOWING COIM IT CINECOLOR Mfttal PATIICIA MIOINA . JOHN SANDS . i PAMCU DUNCAN RICHAltD · GARLAND AlllSON HAYES CEDIII I Plfl · ptlll HI MTU Jill (HAlDLIH--JMHI Clllll l"The Tattered Dress" (lllMUlllpl) NIMUKk--iTrt UIMtTII RAINMAKER" "THE NIW ItlAND POLICY--All IIATI «%r XH W Holliiyt Ot ^* -« OM»rlrP»l«*j LE AT -- -Ml Mi-il OPIN l.4» JOHN WATNI "WINDS of EAGLES" , , JUDT NOUIDAT . "FULL of LIFE" ^- ^=13. ._i2I ISHOWlTAimAPPtOX.IP,M. HURWN.Mvtki HTM ;-. ' · KlWlflM HlplHl'llrt UlllllH I 'BATTLE: HYMN' i 'THE RAINMAKER'' ( * Cofer) * (VliMVtilM A C«lwj LONG BEACH DRIVE IN T H E A T R E COMMUM1TY PLAYHOUSE Mil IMT ANAMIM PHONI Htalltok «-0»II "ANNIVERSARY WALTZ" MO Fit I Sat, II JO-fllU PMKin | ml** i ,»ljo I · · _ nut -JIM AUTIOI · JMl LIMII _ ·YOU tMT RUN AWAY f MM IT" · ARE ON THE POLICE BLOTTER DESIGNING WOMAN"! in CINfMASCOPt and MeiKOCOlO* II1Q Atliirtlc, NU,-6A I-tl6l -- CIHEMASCOPE ---, · RAY MILLAND · ANTHONY 9UINH . · DURA MftlT "THE RIVER'S EDGE" COLOR ---^^ PLUS CO-HIT ---- JIFP CHANDLIR · JIANNI CRAIN ·· : "Thi Tatfered Dross" --^CINEMASCOPE -- irS OUR BIRTHDAY -- FREE -- FREE -- Himdradi .f Dalian W«rtk *f Pn* M(f*kaa4l* elm Away Tonlahf Oitlyl : 8:30 P. M. OPENS NOON S RICHARD TODD °* THE THEATRE TM COMPANION PIATUII IN CINIMAICOM AND COLOII IHiV WLR! I'fOPll Of THE ISRIH LUSH. V I O L F N l P R I M I I I V E 1 PIER ANGtLI MEL FERRER JOHN KERR MICHELE MORGAN THE VINTAGE · { ^.' ^ FOR THI MOST PUN IN THI lA/^H I f\|; VISIT THI NUTHOUSE : - . V."*···· · - ' . . . IN WILMINGTON f MILES WEST OF LONG BEACH 1 ; , I BLOCKS FROM THE CATALINA TERMINAL BEST NIBHTS FBI. ft SUN. OPEN 6 P.M. ISUflOWH MMMOUNT IUIIL, Hill tallllinr Tl M4II '·Unit HILt" "U AIIIIT Mil" HOKWALK AVIIUI TO Mill UI, Dl*HT~4ll ··TNI uin or two i\m "I»HIIT IIN" ·IUl». l«w»f Tl M1M "IIIIL WITHCtrr I MUII" "HIT IP Hll" ' * ' ··IWA1K, amiai Tl Mill "MIIL WITHOUT t MUM" "KIT Of iOtl" IAN MD«O WILHIH9TOH DtlKIUO, In Mil T| MMI "10* 01 « »ll»HI«" . ; ··TNI IUIIT IUI" ^ IMUI«, Wll«l«|l» Tl 4-IDT "HINT 0 IT. IOU|I" . "ITHH DIOII" DRIVE IN THEATRES aAllOI, III" I. VMM* Tl 4-MII "HUM HAT" "TOP IIIIIT «PP«II" U MIIADA, Allltn t III lit Mill "KIAVII »OWI Ml. ALLIIII" "TNI UIIT aUI" UIIOLI, |H» Nrt · a Mill "NIT TNIIII IN UN All PHI" "HAW IDII" aOAIIUM, lltll I. fill*. Ml MMI "TNI III UNO" "tOU lAI'T IIIK AWAT PIIM IT" IUIOOWN, iiiit i, WHI. muniw "NIAVIII KIOWI Ml. ALLIION" "IIIIITI OP LIPI" TWII VUI. Plnim II III *A 4.1111 "NI1LIATI OP TNI NAfT" "TNI TALL T " «·- Nm IIHI II -M, 30C Til I P.M. in. lit * OPIN ALL NI«HT Pill MIKINO Afnr * P.M. D.IIT AII e lltll POK»--J»M WNITMOM -"UNDERCOVER MAN". TIHII IIIHIO--Jit* IMIAM ; Fm.ll TVKIN-TIIHIIIOLII ; "HURRICANE SMITH" i Nk lAMIIOI-ll IOLOI ,-' "WAOONS WEST" ' A CHUCK KEELEY TRIO INK III* 11*11 * IHI, ITIWIII ' SPECIAL TUBKEY DINNER .SERVED DAILY. 5 · 10 P.M. Dtlldoua Spar«rLbt-- ' .; · , ; M^rty Sandwich** . BarbQ MMI* by th» Lb. to go, Longhorn BarbQ W. Com** Pacific ft WOllow lABANDON SHIP! OPENS 6 P.M. 2Mb UNUSUAL PICTURII .VWIHTRE ARM flir AMOILI Jehu KIRK Cinemascope MetroColor he VINTAGE" I GIANT I NEW i THRILL SHOW! FIRST LONG' .BEACH SHOWING CREEPING TERROR...strlkrng fronv the depths of hen 'Wbinan |j ENGLISH -CONWAY-CONNORS TERROR...THAT *CREAM* FROM THE QRAVKt TH£ UND£AD · . l ^ I I i n K F'arncla R i c h a r d A l l i s o n DUNCAN . GARLAND . HAYCS OUI VAOKANTTOUTH KM NELSON ·jmarr CO-AHRACTIONI , HELL'S CROSSROADS JTHnMIWUUI.rlWCWTU ALAN LADD . SOPHIA LOREN j CLIFTON WEBB 2NP TOP* WKTIRHI ?%p CMMT · f^ L /A V* C Rnfl W PINI AVI.-.PHONI Hl*-441f 40* Till S p. ·. -- Kldi 21* I ttt mtoWIIKEND t HOLIDAY | Always 3 Features i BUDDY QUARTETTE CAUTION . "MeOONNELTsTDRY" J«lM CAaiADINI "REVENBE · tki ZOMIIES" | Arthur PRANZ u N*w Orlfiit I ' C O C K T A I H -- D . I I N SUNDAY AFTERNOON DANCE JAM SESSION S li nm · All MlilB» addle M'OPUR ROIINSON HOTIL 114 L OIMB HI 14m COMMUNITY SINGING £CARL ZELLER ' PUTINO THI ACCORDION TOP SIRLOIN *J CA STEAK DINNER I .OU Sino4 imt I P. M. t* I P. M. A, ROBINSON HOTEL I IB. I. ll KIM. I Ml. I. ·! AMOWI HlMlMk 7-MI7

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