The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 26, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 26, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY FRF.R PRESS THE DAILY FREE PRESS: ALL ALIEN REDS MOST GET OUT »<-O«lly 1903 Established Weekfy .1877 Press Publishing Co. WR8. JOHN T. GALBRAITH Editor and Manager Telephone 218 .^--" TERMS <BQt>8cription 15 cents a week. . AdTertlaine bills due weekly. , Jot VorK siricuy caatt. .' .ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION f7.80. Bntered at the postofflce at Carbon- 4*le, Illimola, aa second class matter. In the Free-. Preai Building, Main Street Jan. 26. 1920. REDS CAPTURE YANMPARTY Seven;' : Engineers and Red Cross Aids Are Impris- .;;...*>,'. one.dV' • ." ARMY CORPS SEIZED Ruling by Secretary of Labor Is Death Blow to Communists. Force; Composed of Former — v Prisoners, Taken at Kliuchihskaya, . According to Report. 'of '-an ~ •. American Consul. -Bast - Siberia, Jan. 26.— Cpl- • ? ! a«et Blunt and seven Bother-, American . ^8««lneers, Miss Ford, Captain Char-atte and several other members of the ; American Ued Cross, arid an entire -' -^Polish "army corps, composed of for • • uiep prisoners, have beeV captured by • the bolshevik! at Kliuchinskaya, ac• cording to a garbled telegram received :'.£roru Joseph H. Ray, 'former Aiueri- •caa consul at Irkutsk. Resume of Happenings. The following is a resume of hap- .••penings in the Irkutsk region, just be. fore and after the overthrow of the Kolchak government.. ^During removal of a pontoon bridge •on December. 21, preparatory to the - freezing of the Irkutsk river, several rpontoons were lost. The station was •cut off on the 23d and a social Vevo- ' luMonary government was announced. • Govrament forces threatened to liom- .'tjard the station, but the allied reprc- •••sentatlvies arranged a neutral zone at the station. On December 20 Uie Czechs assumed -•-control of railroads at Krasnoyarsk and . Mossovaya. American Red Cross nurses and all foreigners left tiie re. gio'n on December' 2S. In two days 4 fighting Admiral Kol- -el»ak's forces drove the revolutionaries •across the arm of the .river. Ueneral Semenoff's troops, who ar- -rtved by armored train on the -30th, were repulsed with heavy loss. On •December 31 fighting was renewed in •the city. Kolchak Given Guards. On January 1 200 Japanese troops - arrived to guard foreigners and Japa•= aese and to assist in the evacuation. ' The allied representatives charged tiie v'Oaechs with responsibility for guard•inc Admiral Kolcliak and furnishing "Mm with safe conduct. On December 24 Consul General -•Harris arranged for the evacuation of -the women. They arrived at Verkhni- Ocllnak on January 5. All Americans -left January 11. 'The Czechs and General Semenoff's 'troops clashed-at Messovaya, the for- -inec capturing an armored train and •1,000 men of Samenoffs command. On January 12 American forces . -clashed with -SemenofTs troops at "Verkhni-Udinsk, three Americans be- -.•Ijjgvliilled. The Americans captured "armored train. The city, is -now '•quiet. Consul General Harris .and the American women have arrived safelv -at^Chita. Japan Explains Crisis. - Tokyo, Jan. 20. — 'Lite .dispatch of -Japanese re-enforcements to Siberia was unavoidably nwessiiry to assist ••(.ho Czechs and guard the extensive rnilv.-nys Premier I-iara declared in re- filyins to imerpellations in the lower '.SKIUSP or the diet. It was also necessary as a means of nKsiiriiig'the safety of the Japanese garrison. There was no reason 'to withdraw Ihe -Japanese troops, the preniici -added, siiupiy because the American!were being wiihdi-avni,- [he position of Japan and .China in the far Kast'bein; far different from that: of the Uniiof " Stales or Great iVitiiiii. AVar •Minister Tannkii told the lions;\ thousand Japanese lives had hce- sac-rififetl iji i::aintainin.i; nnler in S" bei-ia. - . " "TO MERGE SUM AND -HERALD - '-Great New York Dailies Mow Owned by Frank A. Munsey, to Be Consolidated. . New York, Jan. 2G.—Frank A Mm,. •-sey, otfner of tiie Neu- Yoi-Ic Sim .•,„<! the Evening Sun, wlio recently boiijflii tiie -Nevv York. Hernlcl anU :-EvcnIiiK •'Telegrfeitf. from the- estat^tif Jaiues ••Gordon Bennett, announced .that .-the '-Sun and Herald would ; tio--me.rgeui February 1 • ilnele:-' the nnmc of tliei —Sua -ind. No«\ York Hoi-w:i|. ! ARE ENEMIES OF THE U, S, Manifesto and Constitution of Organ!- zation Shows It Seeks to Overthrow Government by ' Force •^—--or Violence in Open Combat. Washington, Jan/ '26.—Membership in the Communist Party'of America Is sufficient to make an alien liable to deportation whether or not he may have taken any positive' steps to further the execution of the-'avowed object of.Hhe organization to overthrow the government of the United States. I This was the decision announced by Secretary of Labor-Wilson In the case of Englebret Pries, whose deportation to Austria is approved as recommended. Secretary Wilson's decision estab- lisfies the precedent which will govern cases of all other members of the Communist-party against whom deportation proceedings have been or will be Degun and : wlli affect equally with Pries the three other men whose cases ivere argued by Attorneys Benjamin Bachrach and Isaac B. Ferguson of Chicago, the latter having been Indicted by the Cook county grand jury srith 85 others charged with advocating overthrow of the government. Statement by Wilson. In a carefully prepared statement, Secretary WHson recited the facts in the c»se of Pries,: quoted the law of October 1C, 1918, under which his deportation was recommended, established by quotations from its manifesto and /constitution that the Communist Party of America "is not merely a political party seeking the control of affairs of state, but a'revolutionary party seeking to conquer and destroy the state in «pen combat," and arrived at -the conclusion that it came within the meaning of the act as an "organization that entertains a belief in, teaches, or advocates the overthrow by force or violence of the government of the United States." "It dobs not devolve upon the secretary of labor," Mr. Wilson said, "to determine whether congress was wise in creating the law. or the Communist party wise in creating the facts. It is his duty to apply the law to the facts as he finds them. It is mandatory upon him to take into custody aliens who are members of this organization and deport them in the manner provided for in the immigration act of February 3, 1917." Pries is a native of Austria who entered the United States at Port Huron, Mich., November 13, 1915, having arrived in Quebec by toe S. S. Scoten June 14, 1015. "It is alleged," Secretary Wilsou states, "that the ulie'u is a member of the Communist, party of America, which is afliliated \vith the Communist International. The alien'' admits membership- in the Communist party of America, and that it is 'affiliated with the Communist International. The RABBI MEYER BERLIN 1 Kabbi . .Meyer .Berlini ? uf.-':-Ne.w . Vnrk u'as. elected' president, of (.file- international i conference nf Nizr'uclii s'nclet'ies. which is .in.cimyonrion In Amsterdam. Holland, discussing and arranging for the return of Jews to Vaie'stlne. The organization has aO.OOO '> members In America. . . sole question^ tlierpfore,' to Tie'; derer" mined by the secretary of'labor is;.Is the' Communist parry of Amerk-ii such an organization as is described in: the net of October 10, 1918, .membership in which makes nn alien liable to deportation? . ( U. S. Law Is Cited. "The language, of the act "'applicable to this particular case i.s as follows: "' Section l. . . . aliens who are im.-mliers of or affiliated with any • c>'r- jriinixiition that 'enrerta'ins belief in. teaches or n<l\v>'eure.s the overthrow b\- I'orceV'r violence of the government of the United-States. .-... ,- -. "'Section 2 shall.'upnn the warrant of the secretary of labor, J>e taken into custody and deported in ihe : manner provided in tho immigration net of Vein-nary ;". i!)17.'" -• ' • "It will, he observed-that belief in, teaching or advocating Hie ovi-rrthrow of the government or the L'uit.eil Stsites not alone sutlU'ieni" to bi-in^- any organization within the scopo of tin; n't. Them must in addition he,a belief in, teaching or advncacy of t'orre v'f violence- ro accomplish the purpose. "An L'xaminatiim of the dnc:tim;n;s .limit ted clearly demonstrates the fact that it is the pm'pcse of the Cum- mtmlst party to overthrow the government <if the United States. "There are 'ninny stateim-nts that might be (incited showing that pill-pose. The following are typical. On page 9 '• of the manifesto and program the statement • is made : i , "'Communism does not propose'to "capture" the.-bourgeoise parliamentary state, but to conquer and destroy" At.'" ; > f Chicago Foot Expert Tomorrow He is a member of the Staff of Dr. Wm. M. Scholl, the noted foot authority, and he'tomes to bring comfort to those feet of yours. Examination and Advice Free . ' Come in arid let the specialist 1 tell you how; tp have ieet that are always perfectly comfortable. No more hurts, pains, cramps or .tenderness; no move weak arches, c6rns, bunions, callouses or other foot troubles. Immediate relief. The expert will be here only until . Wednesday, January 28th Dont put it off ahd miss this chance.. Come today if you can. ' msa MSch&Il Without'wearlng'extra sized;'or%daiy shaped shoes, these little appliances will give you comfort. You will be able to forget that you even have feet See.the-expert-and let him demonstrattPthis to your satisfaction. He has given foot comfort to many thousands, and he can do as much for 'yoa.. Everybody invited. I. W, BILL CO. Outfitters for Men and Boys Vcicy is assuiri by- MiDr. Scholl's Foot Expert for all examinations of- ihe Peel-. 'PUSSYFOOT' TO VISIT FRANCE William F. Johnson, Dry Leader, Leaves England This Week— , To Take Rest. London, Jan. 20.—William F. (Pussyfoot) Johnson, the American Anti- saloon league organizer, will leave loi southern France this rest. « ^ ust the Thing FOR YOU! Professional Man! We have a nice line of real, Prtifessional Stationery. " It is the Manifold Style Letter Heads ^ and Envelopes to match, put up in a nice, double -deck carton, which keeps it nice, and straight and free from dirt and dust. Easy to get one sheet or envelope and still leave the rest in nice condition. We know this, is just what you have been looking for. ..... Come in and let us show, you u Free Press Pub. Co. f -• "We like to show you" TfoMark of Qualify. 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Uncle. Gal .Jenkins was a caller'at Frank Baker's Wednesday. . Freida Gengenbach spent Monday with Marguerite Steele. GOOD ADVERTISING IS NEVER AN EXPENSE. IT ALWAYS MORE THAN PAYS FOR ITSELF.

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