Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 1, 1973 · Page 18
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1973
Page 18
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PAGE 18 T U C S O N D A I L Y HPJS*v*w*?- THURSDAY, FEBRUARY -i,-; 1.973 ^Lucille Rivers ·*V**. ··- f · · ! - ' "^tlfW »^_^ . i Patterns »·«·», £·' ' I need ^altering ** w v . V--x Deal' LuciEe: - t I make my own dresses all "She time, but I have one prob- ; lem. Why does the sleeve always pull back on me? --E. B. DearE. B.: I have found out from fitting women around the country that 1)5 per cent of them are round-shouldered or have extra flesh on the back. No one ever alters -the back of the pattern. If you don't have enough width for the full back, the sleeves will always pull towards the back. In fact, many women complain the sleeves pull out at the back sleeves. To Jncrease the back, slash from the back waistline through the, top shoulder! between the armhole and the back dart. Widen the back the amount you need (I would suggest that you cut out an unbleached muslin top to check this). Make the back shoulder dart deeper to take up the back, and then the back and the" front shoulder seams will match. This should give you a better fit in the entire 1 : bodice, and I promise you the sleeves will no longer pull towards the back. Dear Lucille: How do I stitch the lapel of a suit coat? --L.A.L. DearL.A.L.: Use either buttonhole twist or double strand of polyester thread. Sew from the back of the collar to where the lapel turns. Then, sew from the back of the collar to the other lapel. Stitch on the right side of the garment. Then sew the fronts of the jacket from the turn of the lapel to the hem of the jacket -- first one side, then the other. It is done this way to prevent the ease shifting in one direction and spoiling the roll of the collar. Copyright 1973 H ALF OIZE Shop 2243 E.BROADWAY FRANK CHIPMAN Let Show You . . . . SENSATIONAL VALUES in NEW CARPET GIANT ^\ ARIZONA'S lAMCEST CARPET WAREHOUSE OUTIET A. _ V2 : 50SI EAST S p "DWAY ^ \T OPEN DAILY 9 TO 5, MON. * FRI 9 TO 9, SUNDAY 10 TO 5 x ^ t'.'PIA* j j . . J ieiia I **»*· ROBERTA CHIpMAN RADIOS-TELEVISION-STEREOS! including NEW 1973 I9"GDMBCTCOLDRTV DIAGONAL · ·' i ' ' ' . . . ' . ... v' _ '- · . SPECIALLY DEVELOPED! FULL ZENITH QUALITY! OVER 90% SOLID-STATE CHASSIS! Titan 101: Chassis ·features, performance-proved Zenith solid-state Dura:: Module panels for · outstanding reliability. · our ever! '348 SSH ;;;;:s Ml!!!!! I I AI- l * ^i B«p**TM^r m The CAMERON -S2941W Big 19" diagonal Super-Screen picture in a compact American Walnut color cabinet. Over 90% solid-state Titan 101 Chassis. Solid-State Super Video Range Tuner. Customized Tuning. Automatic Tint Guard Control. 5" x 3" Speaker. BUY with CONFIDENCE-W! DELIVER, INSTALL and SERVICE with SKILL and CARE Frank i Roberta Chipman's ...«X,,., TV APPLIANCES, Inc. W . "'"" 3849 E. Broadway at Alvernon 327-3423 IMMEDIATE INSTALLATION AVAILABLE TREMENDOUS SAVINGS ON HUGE STOCK OF FULL ROLLS... ROLL ENDS, REMNANTS WKjrouRsizi SQ. YD. CUT TO YOUR SIZE -- WHILE YOU WAIT RATTAN SWING CHAIR LARGE Adult Size Not a smaller look alike! RED HOT $995 DIRECTORS CHAIRS Choice of walnut, block or white FRAME with canvas seat and back in coordinating decorator colors Genuine Yugoslavian STEMWARE _ hand blown Mix or Match opportunity Sly (reg. 1.19 to 1.85) CUT TO YOUR SIZE --WHILE YOU WAIT A SWINGING PRICE! (reg. 39.95) TERRERIUM BOTTLES . . .largest selection in town! Genuine Italian. 5*7: New Shipment frem I | ROIL. DESCRIPTION ' MAT. 1174 Brick Rust ".' In-Out' I 1178 Green In-Out 1177 Desert Sun ' In-Out 11110 Autumn Leaf In-Out 1555 Charcool In-Oul 1172 Riviera In-Out ' 1173 Autumn Leaf . In-Out 719 Winter Green In-Out 1171 .Sun Gold In-Out 1179 Autumn leol ' In-Out mmm I ROLL DESCRIPTION MAT. 11054 Gray Nylon HO 1935 Red Splash Nylon HD 1547 Autumn Gold Nylon HD 1729 Fin Red Nylon HD 1724 Stain Gtais Window Nylon HD |*22 Rtd Ptoid Nylon HD 541 Autumn Gold Nylon HD 1099 Fir* Red Nylon HO B38 Blue Ptoid Nylon HD 722 Stain Glass Window Nylon HD mm | ROLL DESCRIPTION MAT. 11168 Rust loop Antron 1211 Green Tone.Candy Stripe Nylon HD 1214 Olive Hi-lo Nylon HD 1243 Royal Blue Hi-lo Nylon HD 1207 Blue Grean Candy Stripe Nylon 119 Regal Red Hi-lo Nylon HD 1226 Brown Loop Antron 212 lime Green Hi-Lo Nylon 823 Charcoal Loop Antron 215 Regal Red Hi-lo Nylon HD mmm [ROIL DESCRIPTION , MAT. 1089 Sun Gold Hi-lo Nylon 1594 Blue Hi-lo Herculon 1225 Orange Tone Candy Stripe Nylon HD j 783 Green Tweed loop Antron HD|| 1005 Black Shag Nylon 11212 Blue Gretn Pat Nylon HD '1219 Brown Orange Pot Nylon HD 1205.Blue Green Candy'Stripe P'Nylon HD CUT TO YOUR SIZE -- WHILE YOU WAIT DESCRIPTION ' VALUE Rust Loop Nylon HD 39.00 Red Kitchen Pat Nylon HD 49.00 Blue Kitchen Pat Nylon HD 39.00 Red In-Out Nylon HD 39.00 Orange Tweed Loop Nylon HD 39.00 Blue Green Stripe Olefin 39.00 Green Tweed Nylon HD 29.00 Orange Green Olffin 39.00 Avocado Shag Kedel 39.00 Beige Loop Antron 39.00 Gold Loop Olefin 59.00 Regal Red Hi-lo Nylon 29.00 llui Plush Nylon 29.00 Ant. Gold Plush Nylon 29.00 Green loop Nylon 39.00 DESCRIPTION Pumpkin Tweed Nylon HD Brown Gold Nylon HD Blue Green Nylon HD Old Gold Nylon HD Brown Tweed Nylon HD Red Plaid Nylon HO . Antique Gold Nylon HD Burnt Orange Nylon HD Brown Gold Tw*ed Nylon Mint Green Loop Nylon Lime Shag Nylon Cetory Loop Nylon Brown GoM Kit Pat Nylon HD led Gold Oriental Wool Wine Tone Oriental Wool VALUE 49.00 49.00 49.00 49.00 49.00 49.00 49.00 59.00 39.00 49.00 69.00 49.00 39.00 79.00 49.00 SQ.YD. CUT TO YOUR SIZE -- WHILE YOU WAIT SIZE DESCRIPTION VALUE 9'xl2 Blue Green Kit Pat Nylon HD 79.00 12x6" Green Tones Loop Nylon HD 69.00 12x6' Yellow Candy Strip* Nylon HO 5100 9x12 Tangerine Shag Kodel 59.00 12x15 Chines* Red loop Nylon 79.00 12x15 Red Tweed Pluh Nylon 79.00 6x12 lemon Shog Docron 69.00 5'xl3' Gold Shog Kodel 69.00 12x7' GoW Hi-lo Herculon 69.00 12x7' Avocado Hi-Lo Nylon 59.00 11'xl? Green Tweed loop Nylon 99.00 12x15 Sun Gold loop Nylon 59.00 ll'xU'Avocado Hi-lo Nylon 89.00 9x12 Gray Tweed loop Nylon 59.00 9x12 Powder Blue loop Nylon 59.00 SIZE DESCRIPTION VALUE 12x8' Royal Blue Hi-lo Nylon HO 19.00 12x9' Brown Shog Nylon - 19.00 9'xlO Irtry Shog Kodel · 99.00 10'xl2 lime Green Shog Nylon 69.40 10'xl2 Grain Tones Level Loop Nylon 19.00 10'x9" GoW Hi-Lo Nylon · 19:00 9'x12 Olive Tones Shog Nylon 99.60 lO'xll'Siltdon Hi-Lo Nylon I9;00 9"xlfl' Avottd* Hi-Lo Nylon 99.00 12x9 Bronze Tone Shag Nylon 19.M) 9'xl2 Olive Tom Shog Nylon 99.00 10'i»' Hue Green Kit Pot Nylon HO 19 M 10'xl2 Aqua I Olivi Kit Pot Nylon HD 79.00 12'xB" Bfown G«M Kit Pot Nylon HO 89.W 11x11' Aqua t Olive Kit Pat Nylon HD 79.M SQ. YD. 50' itrands . . . wrap around or hang up -- cut to fit SPANISH CORK Framed -Bulletin Board I 9 I SPECIAL (reg. 2.99) "TM » (reg. 2.99) s············· £· DENVER · BOULDER · PHOENIX · TUCSON · HOUSTON · LOS ANGELES 5629 EAST SPEEDWAY (one block east of Craycroft) EAST GATE SHOPPING CENTER PLAZA 48 OZ. HOTEL QUALITY Sponge Rubber Padding Waffle Design 9 Ft. Width Cut WMIi t« W«t BATHROOM CARPET 6 Ft. Width Washable Non-skid Bock 95 STAZ-PUT CARPET TAPE 1 Vi In. x42 ft. LIMIT ONE 99 E , HOOVER CARPET SWEEPER Just 14 Id sell limit 1 per Family 4 «*. HALL FOYER CARPET RUNNER Your Choice of Color 3 Ft. Cm NMIt Y M w«t 100% WOOL ORIENTAL Shags Hilo Tweeds VINYL RUNNER 2? in. Heavy D u t y G o l d , Green, Clear. Non-skid 1 Un. Yd. BOUND RUGS 12x12 Solids and Tweeds Choke of Coter 39 DOORWAY METALS 3 Ft. Strips Chrome-Brass SIZE DESCRIPTION VALUE 11 "xll'Sun Cold Hi-Lo Nylon 99.00 11x12 Avocado Hi-Lo Nylon 99.00 12x12 Bronze Gold Hi-Lo Nylon 109.00 11 ! xl 1' Burnt Orange Hi-lo Nylon 9 9.00 ll'xl 2 Ant gold Kit Pat HO 89.00 12x11 Brown Beige Loop Nylon 89.00 12x11" Green Tone Shog Nylon 89.00 12x11 Green Shag Nylon 109.00 12x15 Royol Blue Plush Nylon 89.00 12x15 Avocado Plush Nylon 89.00 12x15 Earth Tones level loop Nylon 89.00 12x15 Blue Green Plush Nylon 89.00 12x15 Pumpkin Plush Nylon 89.00 12x15 Swiss Chocolate Loop Nylon 89.00 12x15 Brown Tweed Loop Nylon 89.00 SIZE DESCRIPTION VAllft 12x14' Moss Green Shog Nylon 99.00 Il"xl3 Antique Gold Hi-Lo Nylon 99.00 12x12 Rose Beige loop Nylon 99.00 12x12 Celery Shog Nylon - 119.90 12x12" Bronze Gold Hi-lo Nylon 19.00 11 "xll"Gold Shag Nylon 129.00 12'xl2' Gold Brown Loop Nylon HD 109.M 12x13' Burnt Orange Hi-Lo Nylon 99.00 12x12 Rose Beige Loop Nylon · 99.CTO 12x11 Autumn Tones Plush Nylon 119.00 12x11 Yellow Gold Hi-lo Nylon, 119.PJ 12x11' Bronze Gold Hi-Lo Nylon 109.M 11'xll"Celadon Shag Kodel 219.00 12x11' Celadon level Loop Kodel 109.011 11x12 Gray leige Shag Nylon 99.90 JUMBO SIZE THROW RUGS 299 Limit ADHESIVE for Dolt Towntff S099 2 CM; SIZE DESCRIPTION VALUE 12x15 Burnt Orange Shag Nylon 169.00 12x15 Blue Hi-lc Nylon 149.00 IG'xl5 Seafoom Green Loop Kodel 169.00 12x14' Old Gold Shag Nylon 129.00 14'xl 2 Old Gold Hi-Lo Nylon 129.00 12x12 Flame Orange Shag Kodel 119.00 11'xlV Antique GoM Shag Nylon 129.00 12x14'Candy Strip* Rylon 109.00 12x13' Brown t Orange level Loop IS9.00 12x14 OM G«M Shag Nylon 129.00 12x12' frwn Ml Shtf «yta» HIM 12x13" Avtcnf* Shot, Kodel 165.00 Uxlt Mnt TM«I Sfr*i X«tl 159.M 12x12'6«M Tmv MN§ K*«rl 179.M tvM Sfwt lliifofl } 39 M SIZE DESCRIPTION »AlliE 12x18' Salt t Pepper loop Nylon 139.0? 12x17' Rust Shog Nylon ' 139.00 ll'xlo"Green Tweed Loop Nylon 129.ffO 12'xl5 Hot Pink Plush Nylon 149.W 12x15 Forest Green* Snug Kodel 139.A 12x15' Yellow-Green Tones Nylon HD119.CTO 10'x16 lime Green Shog Nylon 149.M 12x14 Green Tones Sho| Nylon 129.00 t2x!4' Avocado Srmg Nylon 149.M 12x13" Suit Mi Hi-U Itytoft 129.00 12x14'Irnin ffi-lo KyfM 179.M 12x13 IVe tiny Sh«» Hyttm 139.M II "»13't*W * Itm MM* ***** !tf.ft 17X13 4 Mt lest Sta* IK/IM 129.W 12x11' (*M fit r*fl Hytw M 49.»«

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