Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 12, 1967 · Page 30
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 30

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1967
Page 30
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X) T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1967 Pilgrims Sleep Outside In Rain Awaiting Pope Paul's Arrival FATMA, Pc^rf yPI)-- Ttwr* to no room at any iun. But May by'the thousands pilgrims converged in rain, thirst and hunger oc this Roman CathoUc shrine village which Foot Paul VI will visit Saturday. Government and church officials ukl 50,000 persons already have arrived. They said as many as 3 million may be on the way; to wtoess the Pope observe flic 50th anniversary of the first miracle of Fatima. The authorities declared a virtual state of emergency to cope with the faithful. They asked pilgrims to bring their own food since local restaurants are able to handle only a few. They said water also will be a problem despite the many fountains. And .the housing situation appeared hopeless. Bad weather worsened it. The pouring ram continued along with thunderstorms that already. brought death to one little girl struck by lightning not far from the basilica of "Our Lady of the Rosary." Most of the pilgrims are sleeping outside in adjacent fields or under the pine and olive trees that dot the green, rolling hills. Two tunnels under the horseshoe-shaped basilica north of the shrine were oacked with tired and wet pilgrims. During the night they huddled under the shelter for protection from the elements giving the tunnels a refugee character reminiscent to London subway tunnels during the Nazi blitz. "At least we have a roof over our heads," said 25-year old Aldavira Mendes from Banca, Portugal. She arrived today with her two-year old son in her arms after having walked the 230 miles here from her village near Porto. "We had a horrifcle night Wednesday," the young woman said as she huddled in the dim light of the crowded. tunnel while her husband and child dozed next to her. "The rain was so heavy and we had to lay down in the wet grass beside the road with only a\ x small umbrella to cover the three of us." "This is a luxury now," she said. "We can stay here with our blankets without any fear of rain." · Thousands of others, however, fared less well and slept out in the open with nothing but umbrellas and sometimes plas- tic sheets to protect them. At nightfall small clusters of p i l g r i m s huddled together against the wet chill between periods of rain to exchange stories and dine on snacks of bread and chourizo, a Portu- guese sausage resembling sala- vast tent nearby. One said he thought the cantsjen resembled a field hospital and hence had been discouraged. "I prefer to mi. In a few spots families cooked soup on small primus stoves. Surprisingly enough most of the pilgrims steered clear of the Red Cross canteen mounted in a stay away," he said. "But maybe I will go there tomorrow. Appointment Of judges By '69 Forecast PHOENIX (AP) -- H. Karl Mangiim, Flagstaff, president elect of the Arizona Bar Association, says by 1969, he thinks Arizona's superior court judges will be appointed instead of elected. Addressing .members of the bar Thursday, Mangum said during his tenure as President of the state association, this would be one of his goals. He said another goal would be to have the salaries of judges over the state raised. Tucsonian To Preview New Village A preview of Kachina Village, a planned community in the Ponderosa pine forest near Flagstaff, will be held tomorrow and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The site is 10 minutes driving time south of the city on the Black Canyon Highway. Developer of the 950-acre site is Tucsonian John Bender, who developed Skyline Country Club Estates and Flecha Caida Estates in Tucson. Bender said there are 1,600 homesites planned and "there won't .be any artificial forest of television antennas." He reported a tower on Mt. Eldon beams signals to one central antenna in the village and they are conveyed to homes by underground cable. The development will have a private Water company, sewer system with central" treatment p l a n t and packed cinder streets, he said. There also is a private lake stocked with trout. Judges Elect Mrs. Truman Superior Court Judge Alice Truman has been elected president of the Arizona State Judges Association. A Superior Court jurist for approximately five years, she is well-known for her work as Pima County juvenile judge from 1964 to 1966. She has been active in Big Brothers of Tucson and is a member trf the Governor's Commission on Status of Women, steering committee for Camp Fire Girls and the Sorop- timists. The jurists held their meeting in Phoenix. Center To Honor Vfrs. Helen Clegg Mrs. Helen Clegg, president of the Tucson Association for the Blind, has been named winner of the Abraham A. and Beatrice F. Kalish Award of the T u c s o n Jewish Community Council. She will be presented the citation at the 13th annua awards dinner at 6:30 p.m. on May 21 at the Jewish Commu nity Center auditorium. Mrs. Clegg will be honored for her leadership in establishing community services for the adult blind and especially for the development of the Center for the Blind, 347 E Speedway Blvd. 4- 8 TRACK CAR STEREO COMBINATION COMPLETELY INSTALLED WITH SPEAKERS Why settle for a 4 or 8 track car stereo unit when you can have a 4 AND 8 track combination in one complete unit for the ridiculously low price of $99 completely installed with 4 speakers and 1 full year of FREE PARTS and SERVICE! *5.DOWN Of use Your Valley National Bank Card ARIZONA'S LARGEST LIBRARY OF U 8 TRACK CARTRIDGE TAPES For the MOST in CAR STEREO it's Stereo-Go-Go Ofrosrrt MVWAY DOIVE-IN THEATM OPEN SUNDAY 12 NOON to 5 PJM. 1145 N. BELVEDERE PH. 325-5597 · HOURS · MONDAY, WKftttSOAY. 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Bushy shrub covered with pink flowers thru · early summer., 1GAL 72* LANTANA 5 Mn Bud and Bloom" Bush or Trailing GERANIUMS "Blooming" For Mother's Day Potted 6 to 8 Plant* 1GAL. 55« $· HIBISCUS "In Bud and Bloom" Many Favorites PETUNIAS "Blooming" "A Beautiful gift for Mother's Day" Potted ' 1 GAL. 55* $TT95 STAR JASMINE Strong Growing Bush or Vine Masses of White Flowers Most of Year 1 Gal. BOTTLE BRUSH In Bud and Bloom..Sun Loving Drought Resistant . . . Red Flowers 5 Gal. BERMUDA SEED I Hulled, High Germination, Plant Now For a Beautiful Summer Lawn..... LB. MODESTO ASH I A Perfectly Shaped Shade Tree very hardy-dense growth 5 GAL. $069 PASSION VINE Fast Growing Evergreen Vine Purple Flowers ... Loves Full Sun 1GAL 59« PAMPAS GRASS Hardy Evergreen. Hardy White Plumes in Fall. Plant Now for Fall Color 1GAL. 59« WILLOW TREE SILK OAK TREES Fast, growing Evergreens with Silk. Leaves. - $039 5 GAL.. Very fast-Growing Tree Forms desnse shade 5 GAL. STEER MANURE 27« Weed Free ..... Enriches Soil tent Wonderful for Summer Lawii: 1 1/2CU.FT Evergreen, Growth 5 GAL. CAROB TREES Beautiful Artistic $069 FRUITLESS MULBERRY Fast growing shade tree Adapted to Arizona soil . rf 5 Gal.- V/i" Trunk ARBORVITAE Dwarf Golden ... Hardy Up-Right Evergreen .. Grows to a Height of 8 Ft. 5 Gal. ITALIAN CYPRESS ^69 Tall Columnar Evergreen, Wonderful as a Wind-Breaker Drought Resistant. 5 Gal. TIF-GREEN GRASS Non-Allergic - Hybrid Bermuda Flat 52* RALPH'S IRONITE WILL NOT BURN" $344 ,'Made for Arizona Soils. A Must for Lawns and Gardens. Breaks up Al- [-ttalinity in Soil. REG. 4.50 40 LB. TAMMY JUNIPER $2^9 Low spreading Juniper of blue-green Foliage, very hardy plant that can grow anywhere. 5 Gal. LAWNS LIKE MORGRO FERTILIZER BEST! Ask the man who mows one! Contains all 13* essential elements needed for · VITALITY VIGOR · D E E P - G R E E N C O L O R Made especially (or western soils. Try a convenient 50-lb Baj.,.only $3 LOOK FOR THIS SPECIAL DISPLAY Insist upon quality MORGRO GARDEN PRODUCTS ,.,your garden's best frtand! Your finest VALUE Per Pound of Fertilizer GREEN LIGHT Pecan and Fruit Tree Food an Aid for Maturing Fruit, Nuts, and Citrus. 10 LB.BAG 159 MORGRO MLDU-CURE Controls Powdery Mildew on Shrubs, Controls .Spider Mites on «tfA\O F l o w e r s , S h r u b s , Or- 1 W namentals, Citrus 1 PT. · DICHONDRA Pre-Grown in Flats Makes a Beautiful Evergreen Lawn, Flat SfSss PJJOJBS PEAT MOSS "Sunshine" GIANT PONY BALE Pure Canadian Sphagnum DWARF CITRUS Grows up to 8 Ft. Tall $ 99 CREPE MYRTLE A Beautiful Deciduous' Shrub that Blooms all Summer. 5 Gal. $089 THE FINEST SOIL Conditioner that Money Can Buy- · Giant 8 Cu. Ft. Compressed to 4. STRAWBERRY BUSH Beautiful Evergreen, has White Flowers, Then Red Berries That Taste Like Strawberries. . 1 G al. ST. AUGUSTINE GRASS Pre-Grown in Flats FLAT PHOENIX PALM 5 «u FAH PALMS sui DRACHMA PALMS S WISTERIA DiCHONDRA SEED Makes a Beautiful Lawn · Summer and Winter 1 LB. SHAKER CAN 149 5 to 6 Ft. "Staked" Beautiful, Exotic Trailing Vine.Large Clusters of Flowers i ^"% 89 5 GAL. jmm OLIVE TREES 5 to 6 Ft. Staked Beautiful, Graceful Evergreen Tree, Grows'into a nice Shade Tree. Adds an Accent to your Patio. $^49 Reg. 4.99 5 Gal. J ARBORVITAE Evergreen, Dens* Growth, Fait Growing, rdy Cons Shaped, Drought Resistant. 1 Gal. in Summer. GARDEN HOSE 75 Ft. Long 5/8" in Diameter $7.50 Value BOX1 in Evergreen Shrub, Makes a Beautiful Hedge-Row Extra Large 1GAL WATER LILIES "all Varieties" BONZAI PLANTS 50 $ C 5 0 6 Ft. x 8 Ft Trellis 4Fi.x8Ft.Trefiis 3 Ft Picket Fence "AH $1.95 Painted $1.39 White" 29 C 50 1GAI. 5 GAL. CEDMIS KODQM Beautiful Accent Plant-Noted for its Graceful Shape. 1GAL. C ALEPPO PHES Gray-Grtdi, Needles. Fast Grower. G«od for Hot-Dry Areas. 1 GAL. ITALIAN CYPRESS Tail Columnar Evergreen IGal! PFITZER JUNIPER 59* Grows Tall Ever-Green Tremendous Spreader IGol. TAMMY JUNIPER Low-Spreading Evergreen Plant Anywhere

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