Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 7, 1976 · Page 5
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 5

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1976
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1976 Hagar The Horrible = Charmers ~~ T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PACK -5 Crossword laavmn/ J 7tHROU6H YOUK Ivt /^/VWH, CHUCK; © H76 LOS UNCELES TIMES It's nice to find a peaceful spot and lose yourself in happy thought. Johnny Wonder's QUESTION CORNER * WHAT IS » PCS?" fOS, IS A LOW CLOUD THAT PORMS NEAR rue SKOUNP. FOG . FORMS WHEN A WARM, ' MOIST BREEZE 15 CHILLED BELOW ITS 06W POINT AS IT BLOWS ACROSS A COLD LAKJP OR WATER SURFACE. VALERIE HALS 5AMTAROSA,CA some of the moisture condenses (forms small water drops) around tiny specks of dust in the air. Millions of these droplets, too small to fall as rain, float in the air as fog. When you walk through fog you can feel the dampness of these tiny droplets on your face and hands. Fogs can also appear when a gentle breeze mixes cold air into warmer air. When the .fog is so thin that it can be easily seen through, it is usually called a mist. Fogs disappear when the gvound warms up or when a brisk wind blows them away. ACROSS 1 Fall suddenly 6 Digging tool 10 Combining form for star 14 H«d River port 15 Sound,Fla. 16 A word to the chickens 17 Like an old woman 18 Kentucky city 20 Something beyond recall: Phrase 22 Rests 23 Pronoun 24 Roman bronze 25 Asian language 27 Designating a verb mood 32 New York City- player 35 Shade of broWn 37 Doing business 38 Hide away: Slang 40 Western hemisphere org. 41 Charm, for one 42 Choke back 43 Laugh 45 Wartime gp. 46 Rebound 48 Threescore and ten 50 Scot's negative 51 Scull 53 Far-reaching 57 Newspaper feature 62 Neighbor of Texas 63 Out 64 Further 65 Originate (from) 66 Come to 67 Hammer part 68 Science: Abbr. 69 Garment parts DOWN 1 Fashionable wrap 2 Hawaiian island 3 Couple 4 Interfere with 5 Heavy supporting column 6 Push 7 Legal item: Phrase 8 Above: Ger. 9 Toothed 10 MateriaHora certain curtain 11 Sandaled 12 Hartebeest 13 Opportunity 19 Well-know stadium 2! Buckeye state 26 German cry 28 Mosquito, for one £9 jure 30 Letters 31 Noun suffixes 32 Church title: Ahbr. 33 Needle holder 34 Soft mineral 36 Patede gras 39 Promise made on behalf of another 41 S.A. country 43 Will-o' 44 Wyatt 47 Buchanan's Secy, fo State 49 Greek infantryman 52 Actress Maude 54 Early Mexican 55 Move about sneakingly 56 Is inclined 57 Applaud · 58 Function 59 English river 60 of office 61 Agreeing completely: Abbr. PON. T LICK 4QUR F1N6ERS UlHEN 40U TURK THE fftGES CHUCK, ANP PON 1 ! SCRAPE 4CXJR FEET ON THE DESK.. WILL YOU STOP CRITICIZING ME?] ANOTHER FINE MESS ' GOTTEN ME INTO, CHICK f PRINClflW/S OFflCE - ..--WefWAMr.. "I 'THEeeAREA PAYaK MIGHT.... WHY / COUPLE OF £°°t ? c J AK 7ffy/fjG TO /H4 THE IK MATES 7HWK Brenda LOOK LOH/XTT FOUND CATFISH J LITTLE POSS9 CATS // Fag, like dew and clouds, comes from the moisture in the air. In order for fog to form, the air must be cooled in some way, because cooler air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. A fog starts to form when a warm, moist breeze is quickly chilled as it blows across a cold land or water surface. When the air is cooled below a certain temperature, called the saturation or dew point, PRIZES A pocket radio, camera, World Almanac globe or other line prlie will be awarded 1o me firsl youngster sending In a question used here Sena your question and your age to Jonnnv Wonder, Tucson Daily Citl- AFRAID YOU'LL FIND TASTES QUITE PEPESTR1AN, ANNABELLA ' t _ THIS \s CHARMING-, '^ARISTOTLE.' EXQUISITE WOULP BETTER DESCRIBE FOUND YOUR TASTES ANYTHING Apartment 3-G 'I THOUGHT I HEARD THE \ PROFESSOR GO INTO HIS ) APARTMENT / ANNABELLA IS SUPPOSED TO BE WITH HIM THIS AFTERNOON .' SHALL WE CHECK? -[Catfish WELL, LBV* 5££. I'LL NEED A LIST OF ALL DO you HAVE A JOB AW NICE-LCWISIS WITH A eoo HEART. Momma 1-7 NICE -LOOKING 0OY WITH A GOOO HEART. ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUHLE Andy Capp' Z-1 ITS ANJ ELECTRONIC MASK THAT SHAVES YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP Dennis The Menace 1-7 ' i HAW THfJOWM A WlTRilM SINCE J WAS A KID, 6UT WHEN SHE SAID I OmOKT GOTO THE MOVIES TCWVfT ALL CAME BACK TO ME.' B.C. 6rrtspL)Ei D ( H e ' s not here, ( th. Dexter/ You're n in twenic) minutes car's qone! We've give up finding Suqar. Dexter will be divinq atone WRING PEXTK STOWING BEAR Gasoline Aile RECKON VOUKc ...WITHOUT LES PAIN BE LEASTACHE THAT 7H£M BULLET" HOIK BACKTOYOJR CO-PILOT HOME8A5E... A 7 OUKIN6 THAT LON6 FU6HT HEAVY DUTY SUPER- CUSHION DELUXE $O50 PI US iNS'lALUUION · A performuncc %hoi:k for heavy- July application · Lifts h e a v y engine* ;md , i i r conJilioning syMems. . .'helps prevent vihralum, swerve, sway . . . adds in d r i v i n g comfort, lire l i f e , Western STATES Tire Co. DIRECT-TO-YOU WAREHOUSE 601 N. STONE 884-8100 1402 S. KOLB 296-7492 5205 E. 22nd St. 790-2971 5545 E. BROADWAY 885-6759 4365 N. ORACLE 888-8444 - 3398 S. 6th Ave. 884-8488 Wizard Of Id! NO--BUrHOW DO YOU /MIND FLYING BACK HOME ALONE ? Rex Morgan I'LL USE A COMMERCIAL AIRLINE-/ THE CHflKICES APE THAT I'LL HAVE TO STAY IN NEW YORK FOR A fW DAYS / THIS IS NORM PRESCOTT.' HAVE THE LIMOUSINE READY IM RVE MINUTES I WAS SIGNALED TO you FROM MILTON MOUNTAIN fatn» Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. ORBIL () r ^ v, y ISTVE () HETOLC r N sJ f \ J SHENOC f ^ ^ V n 'i'.'^iT.'^r'""" /^ , ^ V y' ^ ^ J H WHEN THE OCCASION REQUIRED THEY KIN© FOF? Snuffy Smith--. HE JEST GOT 5TUWG BV A Hi And Lois IF NFS RUNNING POR THE BUS STOP IT'S THAT WAV' Now arrange the circled letter* to form the aurpriie answer, u suggested by the above cartoon. Ycilfrd«y'» (AiMwen Monday) fi: LOVER CHASM BEADLE LATEST r: For* iuit-ilaf nifltl. take tkit-THE ESCALATOR BLOWING BUBBLES is BORING Nancy MODERNISTIC BUBBLE PIPES

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