Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 5, 1968 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1968
Page 19
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THAT'S NICE - GET VWHAT ? ' HELLO,PEAR/ I'M FROM THE OFFICE.' ER... AH...NO SENSE PASSING COLD 6ERMS AROUND- HI AND LOIS UTTLE PEOPLES PUZZLE CITIZEN COMICS TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1968 PAGE 19 I BOUGHT NANCY SOME G-ARDENIAS FOR HER BIRTHDAY ( THAT'S V VERY / NICE OF you -- BUT HER BIRTHDAY IS FOUR MONTHS AW Ay--you'RE A BIT EARLY H3AOHS 'Oi '3dOS '9 'SMOU93/k3 'S '3NO '£ 'iaOd 'Z '3JiNoDvr -i-UM °a -MoavHs *u 'xoi '6 'i UnN '/ 'a3iN3davD -y 'nosaaddar 'i-ssoj: v : I KMOX PUT THEY'LL BE UP BY THEN NANCY ·*·" PBAkV UP THE" PeS£, THEM IN WIZARD OF ID WHILBAT THIS SAME MOMEMT. MUMSEP l LAUNCH THE SHIP... . .»· THE THfTTlE /$ IV/G6 DPE/J Oh' A 2 LAUNCH AS BASIL 6P£E£SA$HOR£.... PAZUHS BELIEVE Z PE4LLY IVASfJT (5O/UG TO LEAVE (, f/M TO WAT tWETOGET aK.fi4;:^B ^'^^ -·· C^ x.Si~. :_-*»-: -"i --. i_i ^*- "·*? '-. · i ··· _^MI H^rSSiJfc BRENDA STARR GOOD IDEA-WE'LL. HAVE THEM ( I SHOULD HAVE V.. MY MAME ^^. ON MV DOOR DAG WOOD BUMSTEAD.V. R BLONDIE I 5U5fECT THAI HE HAS -- BUT PENIE5 IT/ THEN WHY PO MDO THINK THAT H6 HAS BECAUSE, WHILE 6OINS THROUGH ONE OF HIS SUITS THAT I VVA5 5ENPINK5 TO THE CLEANERS, I F0UNP THIS PILL/ POSSIBLY 'P BE ABLE TO TELL ME WHAT IT 15 f HAS CHANEP IN THE LAer FEW WDNTH5 X PK. MORGAN .' T H E E ARE IRRITABLE -- ANP THATS VEKV UNLIKE HIM ./ REX MORGArt HOW OARE SAY SUCH ABOLTTME IN PPINT/ WHO FJO THEY THIMK 1 AM..THE PRESIDENT? affair at tie EM Club was a fiudces* until (Seneral Halftraclfe lon^-winded, corny speeck brolce up what bad been a pleasant «vcnln^. BEETLE BAH.EY WAS TOLD WHAT \ / HAPPENEP TO ME.. \ NEWTOWN...PEMAP5 J V -7 NEITHER OF YOU «C^ / SHOULD RIDE IN (THE /V WHAT A LOSS TO THE OLYMPIC TEAM...-- 1 ' 1 VOUN6 NeWTOWN V OOCToa, MAY I CO AM6HT HAVE B66NTHE\ ALOM6 IN THE AMBU- TOOHR WINNINS i LANCE? TOE PENTATHLON FDK THE FIRST TIME/ HE MI5HT SfJP UP WITH TWO B20KEN L£ I'LL FOLLOW YOU To THE HOSPJTAL AMP SET THAT L-S6 MVSELF I WAS JAY'* PATE...Z-- W^MrlX STEVE CANYOJM TELL ME WHY! Win a valuable prize. Scud your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care of Ms paper. The N'ew Book of Knowledge 20-volume encyclopedia for school and honie will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: MARY FORTT, 11 Batavia, N. Y. \Vliat Is A Vaccination? A vaccination, or inoculation, is an injection that a person receives (o protect him from a disease. Among the diseases for which vaccinations are used are: smallpox, polio, diplheria, \vhooping cough, measles, yellow fever, typhus and cholera. The material that is used hi a vaccination, or inoculation, is called a vaccine. To understand how the injection of a vaccine works, we start with the fact that certain diseases are caused by germs. They may be bacteria or viruses. When disease germs enter the body, they form substances called antibodies. These appear in the blood and fight the action of fhe germs. For each kind of disease germ that appears, a specific antibody Is formed. After a person recovers from a disease, some of the antibodies that were formed to fight the germs of that disease remain in the blood. So if germs of that disease enter the body again, antibodies are already there to fight the germs, and more anitbodies are quickly- formed. What a vaccine does is to cause the formation of such antibodies. Different types of vaccine are used. One type is a preparation that contains live, but weakened, disease germs. The weakened germs cause antibodies to farm without producing serious illness. One type of polio vaccine, for example, contains weakened live viruses. Another type of vaccine contains germs that have been killed. Even though the germs are killed, they stimulate the formation of antibodies. One type of polio vaccine use kills viruses. A third type of vaccine doesn't use the gemis themselves, but certain substances the germs produce. These arc called toxins, and in certain diseases it is the toxins, rather than the germs, that are harmful. When toxins appear in the body, they create a srecial tvpe of antibody called antitoxin. By treating toxins in a special way and injecting them, the body is made to produce antitoxins and protect the peson from that specific disease. * * * FUN TIME The Riddle Bos 1. What did most Japanese men and women used to be? 2. How would you punctuate "I saw a dollar bill on the sidewalk? 3. What letter is used in a billard game?" Answers 1. Japanese boys and "iris. 2. Just mate a dash after it. 3 "Q" (cue). YOU FINISH IT IMJ 0'4 .P THE PHANTOM r You may win a New BTok of Knowledge Yearbook for finishing tliis drawing. Originality and imagination count. U-° this drawing, or copy to any size. Important: Entries must, be addressed "Drawing," Tell Me Why, Tucson Dsily Cltiz n r 'id give your name, age, and address (give zip code.) Send your t r i c k y riddles, or puz/lci lo TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A iSew Hook of Knowledge Yearbook w ill he awarded for ihe letters selected each week. Copyright 1968 South Tucsonian Jailed At Nogales NOGALES (AP)-Robert Pacheco Ramerlz, 20, South Tucson, was jailed in lieu of J5,QM bond here yesterday on a charge of possession one and one-half ounces of heroin. U.S. Customs officials said they found the drug on Rameriz Sunday as he attempted to cross from Mexico into the United States. WAMT EACH PLAYER TO P0 nYPtf$WP$ ABOOT EYBW TWENTY CJHAT A ,MANAGER.. '-'" -NIGHT GAMES Of TtltJUHGLE CiYMfi/CS REACH THEIR P£A/- THE POLE YAUIT- PVER A WALL SOME SORT OF PfANE UP THERE- - THERE THE/ ARE, OBWN GIVE THEM T ' l 5LWt SOKI Of- PiAN UP THERE -HISH UP UN glVE.THEM THE' -, r»P^ SIGNAL/ -HISH UP UNUSUAL OUT HERE DciN A COM\C- STieip IN HIS. CAVE. ' js PEOPLE WITH SS iffflS r^Jt , / I'LL BE THAR \ ( IN TWO SHAKES \ I OF A SHEEP'S TAIL, / NOT TILL HE GITS ALL OF TATER'S PLAVTHIMGS PUT BACK IW .TH'TOV BOX CAN JU6HAID \ GOTOTH'MOVIN' ] PITCHERS WIF / ME, MIZSM1F? / ·V \^^ JAMEV ^/ SNUFFY SMITH MUST HANDLE VOU WITH CARE,T10 BUZ SAWYER THE WORLD'S OMW HAMMUS · A «« A A f c k l l * 1« *. · A. · . k A. · · · ^~ » · ·^ · w*^ «0 ^Mr^M* | · T^^r* ALABAMMUS IS NOW A CANADIAN ASSET// SALOMEV'5 A FREE AMERICAN SWIWE-- AM'SHE'S-6°tP. r . r - ENTITLEDTOHER DRUTHERS WHY NOT A CAN ADI AN "RESIDENT'i- .CANADA THAR'S MOTH IW ORA"GUEST"? LDL ABNER I needs ballast She's set t'roll, but I could use he'p, $lim.' didn't thinU you could do it, 'Joel! GASOLINE ALLEY DICR TRACY WHILE YOU'RE WORKINei SM IDCENS? OKAY, LEFTY-- DCrt'T SET S0f? AT ME I'M SCIN' TO TALK, WILLIE/ 6ET ONE THIN STRAIGHT/ NOBOD/ ELLS M£ WHAT VOU ;HDUU3N'T'VE LET~V=H PON ' T WORRY -- I'LL MAKE " IM «-OOK UKE A I THWK MAYBE I'LL TAKE A WALK AROUNP THE BLOCK BEFORE I TURN IN/ THftTSUV PRICE TALK you INTO eoiN'cN HIS SHOW, APARTMENT 3-G

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