The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 5, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 5, 1906
Page 2
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CH1LLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEP. 5 1906 CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MAIL AND STAB SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. J. I*. NEWX.AND WM. L. WATKINS EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Terms of Subscription: The CONSTITUTION sniarantees to advertisers a larger circulation in Livingston County than hat of all other local papers published in Chilli- eothe combined. Ae price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of the year is $1.00, or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing to so pay, will be charged the $1.50 rate. This rule will be strictl-v adhered to. Entered at the postoBice at Chilli- oothe, Missouri, and admitted tor transmission through the mail as second-class matter. Office in CONSTI- TtrnON Building, 516.South Washing- Ion Avenue. Telenhone No. 105. By Mail—Postage Prepaid: Daily, one year 85.00 Daily, six months 2.50 Weekly, one year, in advance 1.00 Weekly, one year, if not paid before year ends 1.50 Weeklv, six months '5 The Daily will be delivered by carriers to subscribers in Chillicothe at 10 cents per —ek. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported at this . Do You Want to Know What You Swallow ? There Is a growing sentiment in this country In favor of jiKUicrvES OF KNOWN COMPOSITION. It is but natural that one should have some interest in the composition of that which lie or she is exuuclod to swallow, whether it be food, drink or medicine. • Recognizliis this growing disposition on the part of the public, and satislied that the fullest publicity can only add to the well-earned reputation of his medicines, Dr. R. V. 1'ierce. of Buffalo, N. Y., has "taken time by the forelock," as it were, and is publishing broadcast a list of all the Ingredients entering into his leading medicines, the "Golden Medical Discovery " the popular liver invlgorutor, stomach tonic, blood purilier and heart regulator; also of his "Favorite Prescription" for weak, over-worked, broken- down, nervous and invalid women. This bold and out-spoken movement on he part of Dr. Pierce, has, by showing xactly what his well-known medicine? re composed of. completely disarmed all arping critics who have heretofore un- istly attacked them. A little pamphlet as been compiled, from the standard medical authorities of all the several chools of practice, showing the strongest ndorsements by leading medical writers f the several ingredients which enter into ir. Pierce's medicines. A copy of this ttle book is mailed free to any one dotting to learn more concerning the valu- ble native, medicinal plants which enter nto the composition of Dr. Pierce's med- cines. Address Dr. 1'ierce as above. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are tiny. SUB- r-coated anti-bilious ernnules. They rec- lame and Invigorate Slomarli. Liver and Bowels. Do not beget the ' pill linbit, 1 but ure constipation. One or two each day for laxative and regulator, three or four for an dive cathartic. Once tried always in favor. <CRO nnn GIVEN AWAY, in copies of {IDUyUUU Tho people's Common Sense Medical Adviser, a. book tliat sold to the ex- cnt of 500.000 copies a few years ago. at Sl.SO PIT copy. ,ast year we crave away 30.000 worth of these invnlua- ile books. This year we sliall give away £50.000 worth of hem. Will you share in this ranofit? If so. send only 21 one-cent stamps to cover cost of mailing only for Iwok in stiff paper covers, or 31 stamps for cloth-bound. Address Dr. i. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y. CITIZENS Building to be Erected by Enterprising West Jackson R-fict. nts Will Cost $550 Democratic State|Ticket. For Judge of Supremo Court, Long Term. A. M. 1VOODSOK. For Judge of SuprcmcOourt, Short W. W. GRAVES. Term Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner RUBE OGLESBY. Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWARD ALLEN GASB. Democratic County Ticket. For Congress W. W. RUCKEK Representative JAMES O. RANEY jactation of hearing him speak. As a rule in an event which lasts a , . week the Tuesday crowdis a.ways -d -d^he amount each^at- a very small one. It generally grows larger Wednesday and eaches Its climax on Thursday )ocauee the farmers are accustom- id to coming that way. It ia doubtful if any other speaker could have drawn such a crowd ,he first of the week. Men and women of all political beliefs were .nxious to hear the Governor. His reputation for doing and saying Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E. C. ORR Clerk of the County Court A. M. SHELTON Tieosuror TJ. S. ALLBRITAIN Probate Judge PIERCE OVERTON Clerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW McBRIDE Collector B. F. THORP Assessor JOHN J. MAY Presiding Judge County Oourt S. HAWKINS Judge Eastern District IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORREST M. GILL Judge Western District O. W.'.GARLICK For Coroner. R. H. CABELL. THE only wonder is that some body didn't think of having a road convention before. IT should be a matter of pride ti Chillicotheans that while the vis itors are showing us how to builc dirt roads, we are showing them how to lay brick paving. FOLK'S BIG CBOWD. IF there was ever any doubt a to the wide popularity of Gover nor Folk in Livingston county i was thoroughly dispelled by th immense crowd which came from all directions, Tuesday, in the ex A Good House Leaving a good house un painted is as imprudent as leaving greenbacks out in th rain. A house unprotectec by good paint cracks and rots and is unsightly all the time Whatever you do,~paint! Whenever you paint, use pure white lead paint. You will have the best if it is Southern Pure White Lead (Made by the OH Dutch Process) mixed with Pure Linseed Oil Accepted as the standard ev erywhere by those who know, Learn all about paints in our handsomely illustrated free booklet, sent on application. Gives test for paint purity. ; NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY • CUrfc Avow <n4 »9tb Street, St.ixniii, Me, OF HICKS DISTRICT VOTE BOND West Jackson, Sept. 4—(Special Correspondence)—The Hicks district at a special meeting voted bonds to the amount of $550 to erect a new school house. They also voted to move the school house site about one-half mil- from present location. Hill and son of Chula bought three two-year-old mules of Arthur Bennett last week. Tho cool weather of the past week and the fine rain on the 2nd has put new life into everything. Mr. and Mra. Charles Sherman are the proud parents of a tin pound girl. EdKeslerand family attended the Hagenbeck circus in Chillicothe Saturday. We have been informed that tho now steel bridge erected across clear creek near the Walnut Grove church, was partly paid by subscription and the remainder by the county court. The following is a list of those subscribing to the The best test of any food is the ability to work \rell on it; sleep -well after it; keep well by it. No article of food has stood this test so well—so long as the soda cracker. No soda cracker has stood this test so satisfactorily as Uneeda Biscuit. Babies have thrived on them; strong men have kept strong on them; sick folks have lived on them; well folks have kept well on them. Biscuit are always fresh and crisp—that's why they are so good; pure and clean—that's why they a"re so wholesome; all food and nourishment—that's why they are so healthful. Millions have learned this and profited by it—have you 1 The knowledge costs you only a nickel. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY d: John P.ery, 812.50; Ed Keser, §10; Nod Baily, Ab Raines md Jim Cole S7 each; Ed Raims, ?rank Kesler and Lewis Rice So lach; Henry Brown, 82 50; Isaac Jordin, Homer Kesler and Frank Weiderman S2 each; Joe Rose, Joe ackson, Geo. Jackson, Ben Marow, Lewis Mario w, Clayton lutchison, Marion Strine and Press Brown, SI each; making 875 hipgs right, for being a man who not only suggests but accomplishes, has made Missouri's executive one of the most popular pubic speakers of the day. A FALL TRADE CAMPAIGN. This week is demonstrating that he way to bring a crowd to a city s to advertise. The same thing applies to bringing trade. Business men who fail to advertise in effect close their doors to outside ;radc. The mail order house never quits. Its catalog is to be had for the asking and it follows up this with a systematic course of advertising. That is the secret of the prosperity of these concerns. To .ook at a Chillicothe newspaper an outsider would think there wasn't a grocery store, a bank or a market of any kind in town. These concerns make no effort to bring trade to Chillicothe. They rely on the more enterprising clothing, dry goods, drug and shoe dealers to bring the business, while they hope to profit therefrom. O^e of the best works that the Chillicoche Industrial League could take in hand would be to inaugaurate a fall trade campaign, using the local newspapers to bring new business here. Reach out for the trade. It's within reach and the local papers furnish the medium to get it. paid by the farmers of that neigh- >orhood. Mrs. Mary Massongill and MM. Alice Keslor soent Sunday with Jesse Stevens and family. G. H. Bennett and wife return-id S-iturday from a fivo weeks' visit with relatives and friends in Iowa and Nebraska. Mrs. Nova Davis, who was sor- ously hurt in a runaway about ,hree weeks ago, was able to be brought home today. She stooo the trip fairly well, and was ac- :oinpanied by her daughter, Mrs Horton, who will stay with h rl 'or a while. Miss Georgia McKinley o JamesDort commenced a five months' term of school at the Blackburn school house Monday. The sporting season was opened in Wes-t Jackson Monday, by the veteran hunter, Floyd Hubbard, who gave a fox chase and oyster supper to a numbar of his friends. All present report a flue time. ^. •» '»•— DOWNWARD COURSE. PICNIC TO CLASS Sturges, Sept 4—(Special Correspondence)—Miss Lizzie Morris gave a picnic last Thursday to her primary Sunday school class. The picnic was held in a shady nook of the Booth pasture two miles northwest of Sturges. The grounds were prepared with seats and the trees were dec oratod with swings to the do light of tho children. Miss Dolly Edrington entertained tho people with guitar music. At noon an elegant dinner was spread and after the recital of the Lord's Prayer led by the children every om?| partook of the delicious meal. The evening was then spent playing games and music Then aft< r a luncheon was eaten which consisted of peaches, wat ermellons, grapes, cake and lemonade and the crowd photographed, the vienickers returned to their diBe:ent homes, all feeling i the happiest day of their lives. Hints Bouse to workers. Nothing is more important to the hardworking housekeeper.than to keep her liver properly working; otherwise, that pale sallow look, and tired feeling, will mak NEWS NEAR SAMPSEL Sampsel, Routi- 2,Si-pt. .-.—(Special Correspondence)—'! ho hardest rain of the j ear fdll -Sunday afternoon. It was ;i veritable downpour accompaiiijJ by an electrical storm. Inez Houston and. L T r.t Minnick visited Mario Johns 0:1 Thursday. Eu Uaulio was oallin^ on his patroua ia this ncignborhood Friday. Henry Whitiakcr wan circulating a putitiuii lor p jotmaster here the past wojk Bonio and In no Boucher were shopping i» Chillicothe Tuesday. Mr. Bradsshaw atid soa from Lock Springs spunl Sunday at tho home of N. J. Johusou. Missis Miriau and Delia Purdin and Cynthia Brown aro spending a few days at Jamot-port with Mrtf. Edna Bo.yd. Irvan Gunn ;ind Emery Boucher s^pent Sunday in tho Mt. I'luasant neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley B:1U were shopping in Chiliioutho SUurdny John KIUIU and wife and Mi-s Clara Boucher attended Ihe iia- k show Saturday. •m The products of this Laundry will correspond niculy with As- phult Streets and Kk'c- tric L'ars. We cater to tin- trade that knows. proprietor. IS STILL THE TOSIViiONEYONYOUP* aet Being BuaiisSed toy People. Chiliicuthe Mrs. J. E. Mann, living at 1020 folk J-t, Chillicothe, Mo., says I "1 have been in rather poor health for several years dnd fora long time could not tell the cause. 1 suffered a good deal of pain across my back and under my shoulders Severe headaches, dizziness and spots before my eyes, also too frequent and irregular action of the kidney secretions. Having read a great many testimonials about Doan's Kidney Pills I sent to N. J. Swetland Drug Co.'s Store and got a bos. They did me a wonderful amount cf good. 1 can deep and rest better since using them and my general health is greatly improved. I take pleasure in adding my n*me to your already large list of indorsers hero in ChilMco- the." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Millburn Co., Buffalo. New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the nameDoan'a and take no other. RE$3.25 TO ST. LOUIS AND TURN VIA WABASH For train No. 14 due in Chillicothe 12:29, midnight, Friday night, Sept 7cn, the Wabash will sell tickets to St. Louis and return at the extremely low rate of §3.25 for the round trip. Tickets limited IOOK] B.11U Liicu icfi»u5) •» "• — »»-« •• , her look and feel as sick as a dog. | for return leaving St. Louis at 8 p. , i _. •* r~\ k fM-V> Nothing will keep you up to the mark, without injurous stimulation, so well as Dr.Caldwell's (laxative) Syrup Pepsin. It is a pure liver tonic—a cure for Constipation, Biliousness, and Indigestion. Sold by all Druggists at 50o and 51.00. Money back if it fails. The "Hojjfeseekers" at the Luella Saturday aftenjQOB afc 2s30. m. Sunday, Sept. 9tb. W. E. CREAMER, Agent. The children are staying at grandpa's. Mamma hag gone dowg jo the sea: fapa is at home Corking, 1 Keeping ' There is nothing so pleasant ar- that bright, cheerful, at-peace- with-the-world fueling when you jit down to your i rcakfiist. There is nothing so conductive to good work aud good results. The hral- ihy man with a healthy mind and body is a better fellow, a better workman, a better citizen than the man or woman who is handicup- ped by some disability, however ilight. A slight disorder of tho stomach will derange your body, your thoughts and your disposition. Getaway from the morbid- PS and tho blues. Keep your .-t-jmach In tune and both your brain uud body will respond. Liltlc indiscretions of overeating can bo easily corrected and you will be surprised to see how much better man you are. Try a little Kodol For Dyspeps-ia after your mea's. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy- ^ NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received by tho (Jity Auditor of tho city oi Chillicothe, Missouri, up to twelve o'clock noon, on the 12th day of September, 1906, for the doing of the work and labor necessary to construct a sewer on • Jackson street from the west side of JciTor- eon street, to tho east wide of Easton street, being a distance of about 573 feet. All tho said work and labor shall be in full accordance with the plans and spcciuoations'there- ioro prepared by tho city eng- ineerand now on file in tho city clerk's office, and in accordance with ordinance number , of the ordinance of tho city of Chillicothe, Missouri, calling for said improvements. The proposal* must be according to form required and furuisn- ed by the city engineer. A certified check in the sum of $25 00 must accompany each bid to insure the making of a contract. Trie right to reject any and all bids is reserved by tho City Couucil. BUELL WIDELY, City Auditor. A world of truth in a. few words: "Nearly all other cough cures are constipating, especially those containing opiates. Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar moves teh bowels. Contains no opiates. You can get it at Clark's Pharma- oy- ___^~, * "Springhill," 50o per quart at " i. Q4fi*3l'£ the "Stftt gftloott. diacju rioes that Defv Competition. All of our Men's Tan and Chocolate Oxfords worth $3.50 & $4.00 will be closed out at Our Bargain tables are loaded with shoes at. 69c, ?9c,98, &$1.25. These prices are about, half the regular prices. Our prices on Misses' and Children's Slippers and Oxfords lower than ever. Come to us to get men's We have them at $1.50 $1.65, $1.75 and $2. INT FAIL TO SEE QOi THE BLUE FKONT Gut Price Shoe Store SOUTH SIDE SQUARE $2.50 Advance Fall Styles now ready for your inspection. G. D. BRANT "BRANT'S SHOES ARE BETTER." SON DR. J. C. SHELTON, $ TIFK 4. Oculist and Catarrh Specialist -J- Limits his practice vnltivly to Surgery iind IHsi'ii-S'-s of the Eye, Ear, Hose, & Throat, J Anil tli'- corivi-tiun of Krrors of Ko- fraction by Scientific Fitting of Glasses. Bactrrlosmplr nmi IHoott examtnn- T tions mink' fi»r IMiy^k-ianj who are T not prepared to make them. T < ink'* ovi-r UL( >RE A M ILLE K 31 71s \V:i-,hlnzton St. Chillicothe, Mo. J T-'lt'i<h<.-ii"s: (tjTU-p, \l']; Res. "-V». T ;-.%•;.- *^'-.'.-'«**.'«.r^*»*_*^*^;,^i.;.ri..;..[n^, [-r^i-^ MLK RAY'S Bus, Baggage &. Transfer Line. I liin no\v Kicutitil ill M. \V. [/itton's Livorv Ham. .-Vll Calls will be [u'oinpliy uttentlct! L(». ( OKFICK - - TICU-:! 1 HONKS II I-:.VI:II:TTA HOTKI* No. in. •-i-i"r-:-!-:-I"I' !"I"H"X-H-I"H"I -M-I-I-fr F. Hurxfhal | Stenographer Notary Public Fire Insurance t t f I'!),t..ilite IJuil.lin.v, t'hillicothe.. * .;. l'hiiii<'». oilier 'M*: resiiieucu (>(»"». -I- Or. Frances H. Singer Qst3053thic Physician -;iic<--'-->"r to I>1. Ufiu-vU've K. I,mit:fiMn F1TZPATRICK BUILDING. .")i)4 Washington St.. Chillicothe, Mo TKLEl'HtJNli 44-1. FRLE DB. H. M. GRaCl-;, Fhysiciiin and Sur^e-.m. [iixinis i!. 4 anil 5. Wall- brunn ImiUlinif. Phones: Office j!)S; residence .'I!*'.*. j7lL~CALLAWAY, M.D Anv Chronic Ailment. Disease. Kve. Ear. No,e and Throat ifivcn special attention. Office in Walbrunn Bid's Office Phone 57. Residence Pho-« 11. Dfi. W.H. PtRRY, Homeopath Office Rooms 1 and '2 Wallbrunn bui.din^. Residence 1S42 west Calhoun St. Office uhonc. No. 531: residence ohone. No. 593. All calls in citv and country answered promptly day >r ni(. r M. Bros. THE SOUTH LOCUST ST. | LIVERYMEN > 5 have added to their stock the finest Funeral Car ever brought to Chiilicotlie. Resides" doing- a gen ml livery business, they jrivespect-il attention 10 funerals. They :ilso make carriage calls (i'.;u- or nisfht) to any part of the city or cp.i.ity. Telephone iOO. 410 S. Locust St. * House Moving Si Raisins | I : . * Lcnru orders at SRundcrs-Turuer Lumber YnrU I J, R, IcCLILLEH *****«*»**»***»**»**-»*» ^-5-H-I-I-I-I-I-H-H- 1,1. N. Page % LAWYER. t 507 Washington Street. \ L....-X"I'*:"H"K"H-'I''I' I I I 'MI •!••!• JOHN H. TAYLOR $ ATTOKX EY-AT-LAW. * oilier- "nd lloor MiisniiU- T.'iiiplc, S. -fr \\'isliinBtim !?t. C'olli'iitlima made * nmi" promptly rumlttrtl. Notary ttl- * ~ wuys ill otHco. " g-H-H-i-i-H-H-I-H' I I I I 11 I M"I'I' ^DSESl Ala Ala THE 6REAT TURKISH REMEDY REMEDY CO., WIAMJUOO, HIM. HOULISTER'S ioeky Wouniairi Tea Huggets i Cosy Hcdicina for Bnay teopie. Cri-'s Ooidoa Health Kd Eenowed Vigor. Use Biff ® f**' uu.«—-_ or sent In pl»in ^.y^Il liy «P"»,'-,F, r * p «7i gLM-orSt" 1 '""'™-"' Circular s

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