Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 13, 1976 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1976
Page 9
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PQ'IOULIKE IT, SIR? AW CHANGES THAT YOU AUGHT,SV66EST 7 W TWINS TO MAKE SOME BASEBALL CAFS? . BYBIOS HARBOR. NEftR BEIRUT, USANOM. HftS BEW IV) CONTINUOUS USE FOR. §000 YEARS CHRISTOPHER CUSTAVUS MEMMIKGER. SEC. OF THE TREASURY f OR THE CONFEDEBMES, fOUUD FUNDS SO LOVJ UPON HIS AFPOWIMEHT 1IV\T « /W TO BORROW A DESK WITHCCOO PAY,SHORT HOURS AND CONDITIONS. 1 I. FRANCES DRAKE Your Dai Horoscope ·Jorthwe'st Arkonwi TIMES, Tuesday, April 13, 1974 · » ·llillliilMliailllM LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. 'Dumping Syndrome' Can Be Alleviated J have had part of inyi Is there any reason \vlry 4 mach removed because of a n ' g i r l should avoid sports and ccr. Since the operation J am [other activities during her i ' DO |OU WANT TO TtLL ME, |«1SS MOFF1T, WHY YOUR FATHER ABAHDONED HIS FAMILY? .X'' . A N Y IDEA WUERg HC "^ P^EWRoTT^ COlll - t ' BE?J j KNOW THflT IM ABOUT TO MARRY INTO A F1M6 N ' MAKVLAUD FAMILY, L HAVE THIS HAHG-UPABOUT MY FATHER. I'VE VOT TO KNOW IF HE'S STILL A \ IF HE'S REALLY J~ Don't making up LEO (July 24 to A u g . 23) Do not dash headlong HE EWBEZZIED MONEY I THINK -L UKIPER- STA'ND. MAO/STIMIKJICS, HON-JUST MR. ffilMfSOHS- YBS, PUK£? POSICAWS, SIR.. - I MR. CMS? AT EASE, MffUWEB THAU6. WOVR - Y TH'CflTFISH k flRE B1TIN WE CflLlED OFF TH' SMIF- HflWK.INS FEUD, MflW ITS OUR LI'L WHAT'S AUKIKJ6 YOU SO SLOW-MOVIWS LATELY ? youVE 0££N DRAWS P6HWP AU. PAY/ vVAS THAT STO/VWCM Tt-IAT JliffT CALLED MB A WBU, YOUR STOMACH . IT'S TELUN MS WON'T K £Aty t ANOTHER WHEN HE STOPS CRYING SHE'S GOING TO j- ASK HIM.' \-S REMEMBER . TWO YEARS AGO WHEM MITZI HA1RPOCX- J HAP.TWIMS? r WELL-LAST NIGHT SHE HAD TRIPLETS Look in the seclion in \vbicli 1 your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the slars. FOR WED., A P R I L M ARIES (Mar. 21 lo Apr, 20) Some news you receive may not please but curb your innate SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 Dec. 21) An auspicious day. Seek so onij to pending probhn through conferences, CUPS Lalion w i t h experts. Be cuaci and efficient without stepo' cu anyone's toes. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Ja 20) rce from pain. Every once in while 1 suddenly become too eak and [eel as if I urn about faint. My doctor says thai s is called a "(lumping" eel. and that it wil] disap- Air. Dons this always happen ,er such an operation? Mr. G.R.E.. Calif, ear Mr. K.: For reasons, that are ~ not mplelely clear, some patients tit all) develop the "dumping 'ndrome" after the removal ol art of their stomach. Sudden attacks of dizziness, e a k n e s s , sweating am aljiilation are characteristic o! hU problem. Some physicians believe Lha icse sensations, which occui 3out an hour aEter eating, nrmj e related to a sudden full lood sugar (hypoglycetnia). A new substance, serotonin now suspected as being th casoti for this unplcasan ;roup of symptoms." It i elcascd by the body when th mall intestines become dis ended . a f t e r eating. Patients who suffer from th 'dumping" syndrome are give a high protein diet and ai advised to eat small aniourr of food nl more frequent i! crvals, II is also suggested that aflc ;ating (hey He down and re Tor half an hour. This seem to modify the severity and tl frequency of these attacks. ensLrual period. Miss D.L., R.I- t ear Miss L.: r One of the myths asaociate^ th menstruation is that it ii jm-ious to indulge in sportS uring that time. · There i.s little or no .medical ·""ason for this. In the absence severe abdominal cramps icre is ]in, reason why sports liould be curtailed. ^ Most young women do not go wimming tor esthetic reasons"; athcr than for reasons of medical danger. ; I have a click in my ear when open my mouth wide. In addition, it begins to hurt for ng eason. Then, I am unable tg :liew for a few days until ths ain disappears. What does this ound like? rf Mrs. M.K., Okla 1 , )ear Mrs. F.: ; Your description is an ac; curate one tor a problem thai arises in the jam joint. Peopl| vilh malocchision (improper position) of the biting surface of the teeth frequently hav» changes in the jaw joint and symptoms such as you describe. There are now dentists who specialize .in ,.the. .problems oj the tempero-niandibular joints; They are called in consultation when general dentist* need their expertise for such special problems that.arise. ' J J Mixed influences, mixed possi- ( tendency lo ' exolode" when annoyed. And DON'T vent your ill-humor on assomlos. bj|i , ]cs , |[)w you reacl fc op . Stars indicate a fine harvest ffi^fftlKE!* ° b ' from past endeavors. Reward A Q U A R I U S (Jan. -!1 to Feb. Especially favored now: a\\ c r e a t i v e e f f o r t s (waitings (.'specially) travel, meetings of may come in the form of promotion -- w i t h increased prestige. GEMINI (May 22 to June /Some influences are friendly, others not. The latter could lead you into careless thinking and action if you are not on guard. GJVC thought to pasL experience. C A N C E R (June 22 to July 21» wait too long nofore mind mailers wtiere the time element purpose, Beaming can he increased through any of Miese averucs. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 201 Stars now promise b e n e f i t s from past effor's as \vvl s surprising developments--and achievement--in r e c e n t l y stagnant areas. YOU BORN' TODAY are a natural leader, with a penchant iiiiLiniiiEiEtiuiiiiininiiiiiniiiniiiniiiiiiiniiniHip^ 8. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) is i m p o i i n m l Highly favored: for introducing .Ihe u n u s u a l lo East-West vulnerable. NORTH * 6 4 2 intellectual pursuits, travel and add novelty and'increase public jutrioor interest:;. inlcrcst in a product ".· ~i- deavor. You are extremely into energetic a n d , bfiing quite activities no inalter how much is expected of you or how much you wish to accomplish. Thorn art- "flrny" areas lo st-jdv -Yell. VIRGO (Aug. 2i to Sept. 23) Be patient if lempnrai'ilv stymied in some project, invoh which you arc involved. New factors seem lo be ur for consideration. Keep eyes and cars open! LIBRA (Sept. 24 lo Oct. 23) Satisfactory gains ind'ca through carrying on K present operations, but day wil! not be , good for starting rfj\\ ventures. SCORPIO (Oct 24 to Nov. 22; You may encounter a few b a f f l i n g situations: R e m a i n undisturbed, n e i I h c r over anxious nor careless. Avoid excesses and extremes. malerialistic in your aims, are willing to work long and hard for the luxuries you desire. Yo'J usually achieve them, too. Eor your perseverance and determination are outstanding. You make friends easily, but sometimes lose them through overpossessiveness and bossiness. Try lo curb these trails since they can also be liabilities in your business p r o f e s s i o n . - Y o u r versatility is * 7 5 4 WEST *J 109 8 3 » 10 7 4 3 * 5 2 4 5 2 -SOUTH + A K Q · * K J 7 + A K S 3 The bidding:East Pass Soulh 2 NT West Pass Opening lead-juck of spades. Let's assume you're Easl ACROSS 36 Egyptian 1 Bark shrilly dancing 4 Void of sensation 8 Woody fiber. 12 Sleeveless garment [irl (var.) 3T He bore a burden 40 Musical group 41 Cut of meal 13 Great Lake 42 Seaport port opposite 14 Italian 15 Across noble house 46 Herring 15 Seaport sauce of IvOwcr 47 Arrow Egypt poison 17 Nutriment 48 Attempt 18 Eagle: comb, form 19 Cavils 20 Domiciles 22 A 'fuel 24 Biblical almost boundless, but the fields in which you could succeed most notably include writing. tbc theater, painting, business . in a n a B e in e n t and finance, defending three notrump, an Biribdate oE: James Branch.West leads a spade. Declare wins with the queen and play che k i n g of diamonds. Wes following suit with the five How would you defend th hand? You don'l see declarer' cards, but can prelly much te what he has. He opened ttt notrump. showing 22 to -2 points, and Ihe missing big cards are the A-K-Q- of spade queen of hearts, K-J iamonds a n d A-K of ctiibs, hat comes to 22 points and oulh presumably has all o! icm. Your first problem is whether. i t*ake tbe king of diamonds, 'cst's five indicates either a nglelon, which would . maks le contract unstoppable, or a oubleton, which would rnean South is sure to .-make at hat started wiih K-J-x. Either Yay, it won't matter whether , F ou win this diamond or t h 9 icxt one, so let's say you taks he king with the ace. The next, problem is what to return. If you choose the neu- Lral return of a spade or a club, S o u t h is sure to make at least nine (ricks. He'll force out your ' q u e e n of diamonds and score three spades, one .heart,' three diamonds and two clubs. You don't want: this to happen, so you make the sparkling EAST *75 » K J 6 2 » A Q 4 + Q J 1 0 9 North 3 NT Cabcll, novelist; Sir John Gielgud. Eng. dramatic actor; Julie Christie and Rod Steiger, ti'.m stars. · Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer 49 Marquis de -50 Pare 51 Hasten DOWN 1 One of (lie Caroline islands 2 Nigerian Negro 3 A lover 4 Fils one within another 5 Trona 6 Roman 1002 26 End of a 7 Household item 8 Happen to 9 Hebrew instrument 10 Cease 11 Busing and Williams 16 Numerical suffix 19 American suffragist 20 Assist 21 Table spread ·O. Sea or Bay 23 Spoken 25 Soldier's servant , return of Lhe king of hearts! You don I know whether this play will do the job, but you do know that no other return has a ghost of a chance. As it happens, your king play knocks South out of the box, Your illustrious partner has the decency to hold Ihe Sen of hearts and. when you duck the jack of diamonds next, South can amass only eight ; tricks. Killing dummy's only entry by sacrificing your king of hearts proves lo b e , an unusual but , successEul play. Avg. time o f solution: 24 min. French · river 27 Observe 28 Push violently (Scot.) 30 Hints 33 Stupor 34 Arabic letter 36 Russian guild 37 Exclamation 38 Hindu weight 39 Fibbed 40 To corner 42 Disease of fowls 43 Single unit 44 Greek nickname Answer to yesterday's puzzle. K s(ain "I've (orgolten [he n a m e of the one who's the lesser evil." MR. BUSINESSMAN: REACH 14,500 ADDITIONAL FAMILIES EACH WEDNESDAY WITH THE Narthu'pal Arkansas SttttPB EXTENDED C I R C U L A T I O N SECTION !('» being delivered o an ailrtllional 11,900 familiesi In Faycll«ville, Sprlngdalc. Rogers and Hcnlonvilie, wnics combined wltn f h t regular paid circulilion of Ihls Issue, provides an audience of nearly 27,000 Northwest Arkansas The Advertising rate -- for this section, chlch Is published each Wednesday is reasonable. Our s t a f f of professional advertising consullanls will b« happy lo asslsl you with copy and layout COPY D E A D L I N E IS F R I D A Y NOON PRIOR TO PUBLICATION Phons 442-6742 for Complal* lnform*llon

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