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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Monday, January 26, 1920
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THE Carbondale—"Athens of Egypt. Hope City Will Hit 8000 Mark in New U. S. Census Report '. ™ • I *--•*..:_ - • • f ' • Census Officials Made Clearly No Estimates Come From Them—Everyone in County Counted Declares supervisor —Enumerators Do Good .£***•£&*<. . Work. • .. ' - The 1920 U. S. census of Carbondale is completed. The last enumerator to complete his work .in counting-the population of Carbondale has now reported to the District Census Supervisor J. Everette Ethenton of this city. In the . 'files compiled from the task just finished is the official census of this city. . It will not he known what it as until i. these have first gone to Washington and been taken up in the prescribed channels by census officials. ' Hope 8,000 Here. Prom conditions'of the census just completed here it is.hoped Garboudale •will hit hear the 8000 mark. Although the census enumerators and supervisor, under heavy penalty, are forbidden to divulke,unaer no circumstances any of the information from the census sheet, oh to estimate the population. The •supervisor and enumerators explained clearly that nothing could be made public as coming from them. At the same time with the growth af Carbondale within the last ten years Ex-Legislature Member and Former Citizen Dies Horn W. H. Woodward, a Carbondale lawyer in /the 70s, at one time a member of the state legislature from this district, is dead at Washington, D. C., according to word .received here today. He has-been employed in the Department of the Interior for some time. He was'a G. A. R. and was a brother-in-law of .Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Arnold of this city. He was in the Clark Braden College, the school which eventually was converted into the Normal; ARK. AGGIES COLLEGE TEAM AGAINST NORMAL Will be Real.Game of the Season-To be Played Next Monday Night-: - Aggies on Annual Tour. The fastest basketball game of the season will be the Normal gymnasium next Monday night between the. Normal five and''the Arkansas Aggies, the latter team being on its annual tour through the country' Playing colleges through the Middle - It . tll West snd the East. The Arkansas'; - * thorou e nl y modern steel team is from Jonesboro, Ark and is foundry plant so far ^ buildings, ma-made up O f the agricultural" colleee ^ hmery . and .equipment are concerned; students of the State Universitv nf 1S t0 ° S00d a - plant to remain closed thof "'-" ' y " " BIG IDLE STEEL PLANT AT M'BORO MAY CHANGE HANDS That' the. Egyptian . Iron' Work should acquire the steel plant on lh. Sit. Carbon side of the river is th« opinion held by a number of Murphys boro 'citizens, says the Era. . ; : The steel slant has been idle more than a year and so far as can be learn edm> one-knows', when it will resume operations or whether it ever w,ill be PUt in operation again by the Harrisons. . that state. ENTERTAIN FOR SO.N ' • ' AT BIRTHDAY PARTY Mrs. P. S. Erickson entertained with a party at her home Saturday afternoon, the occasion being the third birthday anniversary of "her son, John. The .time was spent in a social way .; at ^aroonaaie within the last ten years , an d refreshments of ice cream and •1- • -Persons experienced in estimating pop: cake were served _ Cream and .« ulations from local inriinnH^na -H^L m ,_ . ulati.ons from local indications, -declare Capbondale will -not miss far a .population of 8,000 when the officials reports of the government are made public within four or' five rnonths.The 1910 census gave Carbondale 5411. Enumerators' Service .Efficient. In speaking of the enumerators for , Cailbondale, Supervisor Etherton said Pupils Enjoy Novel Those present were: Mrs. Claude Richardson and son, Donald LaVern, Mrs. Daniel Rendleman and daughter! Roberta, Mrs. Henry Bain and- daughters, Azalee and Ruth and Miss Carrie .Dickerson. everything was conducted satisfaotor- j ily and • complimented the! efficient work of his enumerators. They were Mrs. S. D. Lee, Miss Cora Features at Yale -The team coming here nest Monday night ,3 one which has been introduced to Carbondale basket ball fans in past seasons. The ,team has.always shown itself .as a fast scjuad and to beat them takes some real basket ball playing. Invitation Dance -Largely Attended A successful invitation dance was given at the Armory Saturday night for the Normal students. The dance was well attended'.- FloycVs jazz orchestra, the members having, been selected from the best musicians of the school, furnished the music of the evening. Those compos- ing.the orchestra were: Saxophone John Floyd; bass, Dennard Lee; traps Egbert Travelstead; clarinet, Jule Hunter; trombone, Billie Atwffl; .piano Miss Eva Theis; violins, Nemo D' Games, Frank Smith and Paul .Foster; About fifty the time and it is doing Murphysboro no good whatever sanding over there in absolute -idleness month'after month. This is the general opinion' expressed by different citizens, some of, whom believe that sooner or later the- plant will be disposed of. Under the contract which brought the steel plant to Murphysboro it is understood, to have a very strong string attached whereby the Murphys boro Commercial Association hold the title to it and will 'continue to holu it until certain contract terms are com plie'd. with-by J. W. Harrison, "presi dent, and by the company. These terms fulfilled so long as the plant. remains' i'dli. It -has been said about town, and by Commercial Association officials, .that should the steel plant remain idle a certain length of time the Murphysboro Commercial Association'will own. a first class steel plant. BIG HAM ROAD ROUTE THROUGH CARBONDALE IS KOWJNNOUNCED Will Come on East Side of I, C. From Yandalia to DeSoto—Must be Qver Head Crossing at or Near Ward to Keep Road to East. The link .of. Illinois hard road to be built with the big bond issue, stretching from Vandalia to. Cairo, willicome through Carbondale from the north on -the west side of the Illinois Cen- Ta.l railroad. The roan, however, will be on. he east side' until it gets to trumpet, John Wham, couples attended. . . (By Sarah Carter.) I Last week the public schools,Lincoln BIRTHDAY DINNER A surprise birthday dinner was given Sunday for Mrs. Millie Baggett at the home of her son, John L. Baggett on Logan street, in honor of her 66th birthday. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. James Norrrx, Tvirs. W. T. Brooks, Mr. -~*.j ,, cic i.jjo. o. .u. j^ee, ivuss uora i "<""• «vcen. me puoiie schools,Lincoln J "™es Aorrix,*Mrs. W. T. Brooks Mr Christie, David Entsminger and John.! an(1 Brush were dismissed in the eariy i antt Mrs. Wilburn, Mrs. 'L. A. Burn*' Arnold. _F. M. Caldwell, who is enumerating- the township, has not com- •pleted his work on account of the bad weather. The time has been extended indefinitely by the Washington department, however. • • Missed None Here. Supervisor Ether.ton said he believe e.very person in Carbondale was coun ed, rather he -was sure Also tha very little trouble was experienced b the enumerators with persons answer ing questions. He -also reports 88 o 181 districts in his district have com •pleted. LADY ASTOR IS NOT A DRY ? — VDeclares She Hates the Word "Pro* hibition"—Tells Why Te'mperance . Workers Fail. M"i • , • Liverpool, _ Jan.' 26.—Lady Aster ,' - member of parliament for (Plymouth, •speaking in support of..state purchase ., and control of the liquor trade, de- I dared, that prohibition vrns huprac- '. ' • . ticable. • . | "I hate the word 'prohibition, 1 " said |.. ' .ZfadJ" Astor, "and have just enough | " devil in me that if anyone prohibits , f - anything it becomes the one tiling I > •want" . t People public houses, she con...... tended, for warmth and comradeship. Temperance workers have 'failed 'in . the past because they have not tried to satisfy these ne,eds. . . ' BUSSIA PLANS_7-DAY WE&K Bolsheviki Trying to Force Population to Work Twelve Hours " . a D a. London. Jan. 2G.—A dispatch to (he Central News from HelsinfrTore s:iys the !>ol*heyiki are trying u, force rl'u- . population of • Kiissin to work every flay in t'ie week, ami .|ii lvc introduced n compulsory working dny of twelve; . hours. .Mi working classes nre affected. It is _s:iicl the new rule is lieing'en- I'oroed with thy utmost severity''" *. REDS BARRED BY MEXICO Shipload of Russian Bolshevists Re'• fused Permiss:on to Land at Man. zanillo, Says Report; San v^ntonio, TeXi Jan. 26.— A ship- wad of Russian bolshevists were re" afternoon to see the motion pictures, "Enoch Arden" and "Snow White" at the Yale Theatre. As a part of-the latter was damaged by fire the picture "Twinkle, Twinkle Little- Star" was shown instead. In the higher grades a special study has been made of the poem written by Alfred Loyd Tennyson, while the smaller children listen with much enjoyment to the Fairy Tales. The ,show wa^s educative besides being very entertaining and it was well worth the forfeit of a few hours study. One-half of the proceeds was to go -to the school and the other half to the "picture man." | The Literary Society held an election Jan. S, 1920. The following officers were elected: •President—pora Bevis. Vice President—Gwen Hamilton. Secretary—Gilbert Sykes. Treasurer—<&rl Sorgeri. The new omcers presided at the last meeting held Friday ; Jan. 23, 1920. The following-program was given: Victrola -selectio"ns—Bula Garner. 'Current Events—Carl Sorgem Reading—Ethel Higler..' Optional—Miss' Ida Anderson. Octet—Chorus Club. Talk—Byron Krysher. Victrola select-ions—Eula Garner -" Journal—Vivian Ingram. • ' ' • Quartet—'H. S. teachers. This'was considered one of the best rograms ever given by the society. The quarterly examinations were held Wednesday, the 20th. Those students having perfect attendance records ar.d making the average grade'of B, equaling 85 percent, .were exempted and were not required to report at ,school that clay. About 50 per cent ot th> students were exempted. The first day of the new term started with perfect attendance' and punctuality. Mrs. Alice Yeckley and . children, Francis and Etheleue, Mrs.!-Stella Batsou and daughter Susie of Carterville, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Williams of Cartel-vine, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Han-is and son, Julian of Jonesboro,. Mr. Guy of FORECAST FOR THE PERIOD JAN. 26, TO JAN. 31, INCLUSIVE For the Upper Mississippi and Low; er M-issounj Valleys: Cold, with temperature much below normal first half of week, with fair weather probable. Some moderation' in temperature sec• ond half of week, with occasional snows'. • . DeSoto. Following is in part'the announcement of the route by the .State High- vay Department: East of I. C. Vandaiia to Centralia. Beginning at the east side' of the ity limits of Vandalia following south on the ast side of the I. C. R, R. to Centralia; also beginning .at the south city limits 6f Centralia, thence south fbl-. lowing the general'location of State Aid Route No.'l to the west county line of Marion county, thence -south to a point one mile east of Irvington, thence west to Irvington, thence south' following the general- location of Washington county State Aid Route No. 4 to Richview and Ashley,, joining State Aid Route ; No; 3 at. Ashle^'by West Side Ridgway to Baker and Brandon The J. H. Ridgway store' across from the New Hundley Hotel on South Illinois avenue, has been sold to Ros- , Mrs. Gibson and Misses . Alpha and Esther Norris', Nellie Yates, Mina Gibson and E : lla. Norrix and Messrs. -Loy and Lester Norrix, Jeff Baggett and Floyd Baggett. same Ine of goods, grocerie's and a meat market in .connection. Ridgway will transfer his business to his store on the east at the former Fraley stand. Successful Revival at Grace M. E.ChurcK Unusual interest is 'being shown in the series of revival meetings at the Grace M. E.- church. ' ' Rev. L; M. Ly'erle, assisted by Rev. G. A. Phelps of Jonesboro, is conducting the'services which have been in session since last Monday night. Ed Atkison New Owner of Imperial -Ed Atkison has bought out the other owners of the'lmpe'rial.'restauratttand sole owner. He ''intends to' continue the Business with improvements from time to time. Atkison has been connected with. the management FLU SPREADS !i\l NEW YORK Health Authoritieo Report 2,855 New Cases in 24 Hours—Many Pneumonia. Victims. _ ^^ permission to land at Manzanil- '- : lo, on the west coast of Mexico, ac-cording to a dispatch from Mexico Gi'ty -received by a Mexican newspaper pub. lished here. .. ...... -. ' -' -Now York, J.. m -. 2t;.—Despite the efforts nisule l.y the health nul-horitio* «c '•iHH-k .the s,,,-,,,,,] r , r jnlluenzM. 2.8:in now discs were rciieriecl Ifere (!/irii" the hist 24 hours. This „.'.,,; .-}, '.^ ci-i-nso of 4^-1 over the. previous day Deatlis numbered SO. n decrease, of three, while 75 persons succumbed to pneumonia. Since January. 1 there 'have been 8700 intluenzn ami 3,187' pneumonia cases; 1DO ir.flnenxa and 1,0! 19 pneumonia denths. » ' -. . of the Imperial for-'some time means of a relocation through Sections 23'.and 26. in Richview township, thence westerly -following the general location of State Aid Road. No. 3 (coinciding with the' location - of State Bond Issue Route No. 15) to the in- :ersection with Washington County State Aid Route No. 6, thence-south talloving the general location 'of said State Aid Route No. 6 to the Washing- on-Perry . county line, ..thence south ollowing the general location of, Perry County State Aid Route. No. the j north city limits of DuQuoin,- From DuQuoin comes on the- west side at DeSoto, thence following the general location of State Aid Route No. 2 to the middle of Section 29 in DuQuoin township, thence following relocations ac.d existing roads on the east side of the, Illinois Central Railroad to Elkville and Hallidaybpro, thence south to DeSoto crossing from the east to the west side gt the Illinois Central in the most advantageous location . (presumably at Ward's mine), thence south following the general location, of Jackt&n, Count-y State Aid Route No. 3 to the north city limits of Carboiidale;' also beginning at the south city limits of Car-bondale, thence in a southerly direction following, the general location of State- Aid Route No. 3 (with such relocations-as are. necessary to secure easy grades and' proper alignment) to the Jackson-Union county line, on' to the limits of Cairo.. Demands Overhead- Crossing.' It is understood that the 1 above description covers the general location of Bond Issue Route No. 2, but that the exact, location-of the road actually hujlt 'may vary 'so./that easy grades, moderate turns, and a minimum rium- .feS r .,,.9? m E,ra<ie.._ crossings will exest in the finally completed road. It is also understood that the general location of the route may be changed in case full cooperation-Ms not secured in oTjtaln- .., It must have been a <*'<;pairing an* hard' reaction .from t£e dry wave for.- one to rob a church of its.wln<j use*, for the Holy Communion. This as w..hat happened to the local. Episcopalian church. When Rev. Gunn- of the church made preparation lot- he Oommunion services- yesterda*- lis parish awaiting for the admlniker- ng of the sacrament; a qujirt of rare grape wioe was missing'from t-heve's- ry, obviously lost to some secular use, erhaps to a famished individual in hopeless straights—not unlikely one' uttering from the pangs of "D. T's.'" . Officials of the church report as ,far s they know the turn-key of the-ves-r try had properly ' locked -tBe room ia which the wine was kept, None of the members - of the congregation, feared such a thing, would occur, but will be prepared for such an invasion- in- the future. ' While .one quart was taken, from- the church -yesterday a part of a. bottle was left untouched. This .was used for the Communion yesterday. Light bulbs were also reported missing. • Other churches also report missing light bulbs. . SPREAD^VERCOUNThY lnfi>i«nza Epidemic Hits All Parts. of U. S. Disease Not Proving as Fatal .Thle- Year, According to Reports to -• Washington^ . Washington, Jan. 26.—The influenza epidemic is spreading all over the country,-telegraphic reports from all - secUons of die United States public- heal til bureau show. There is no cause for the people to- become panic-stricken, however. Sin-' seon Genera] Blue of the public Health, service stated, .because up to this time Hie prevalence of the disease h.-.s not exceeded the nullify of the local and - srate health authorities to cope with it. , : .The disense is not proving nearly a-s rntnl- this year, the reports imli- rate. either, because .the individual cases are not so numerous and are, setting better .attention, or because • the cases "are not so severe. "We are doing all ln our. power, with the. hearty co-operation of-tho 'ociil mid state health authorities t« eomhnt the influenza," said Dr. Bald" win, HI charge of the. war on the in- epidemic : for the, United- States public- health, sen-ice, "but up ro this Hmc,-.desj;jte. the. most Intense- efforts of practicing} physicians-. and. laboratory experts, neither a preventive nor cure for. the epidemic' to«.' been found." oan- ing the right of way,- and it is further understood that the location, on the east side of he Illinois Central '.railroad south of DuQuoin'-is conditional upon the; satisfactory* arrangements being made with the railroad company for the overhead'-crossing near Ward mine. - third profitable trace re-enlistments' - n ^^ ° tte M^S « T "f" e ? H ™" """'^ In o flce at the advanced pay allowed for for and a do«« e may entfance : to pome trdetool pharma, youDB - recr ^ts- H » H ^ Ome tl:ade that he ls ! b ^ iomiD " the Navy and applying' Attorney T. B. F. Smith Now, State Attorney General Aid to £et Dry Violators Attorney T. B. F. Smith has been appointed as assistant-attorney'genei al to Attorney Genera] Brundaga in Illinois. He will assist in the prosecution of the violators of the search and seizure act in connection with the dry laws. Attorney Smith's office will'be in Carbondale. Recently-since 'his return from' the service, Attorney'Smith, has been connected with the Secretary of State's office and-in Springfield most of the time. When he entered'the service bmith ,was : ,a member, of the-state board of equalization, upon his return the board, had been abolished In accordance with. Gor. Lowden's new cpde of administration'. 1 -. ...;.. ', VIRGIN . APPARITION SOLVED .Sunset' Shadows Reeembling. a~Statue Stirs People Uving Near • Metz. JUea, France,. Jan.. '26.—Excitement at Jvoveant, a small village near here.' o^er the supposed apparition- of the' Virgin near a churchyard has b.-en * calmed by nn investigation COR(1U et by- the religious similarities Jt\ -s said the apparition seemed--to-* stand on the step's of a little viln -A'^ priest-posted himself one evenin-'at n'' point where others said they have scon' the Virgin and at once solvei'-tliP tnvs !f,' T ' . He fou "° tllat tw ° f-«es, just'*t'- ciist a shadow presenting a 'f » stntiie of tlie M-i- mmeming on die <•;,«« Bishop Idic-h of Metz said- »\Ve must not .expect ton miiny mirsi-oles We I'.IW .lust witnessed one of the'great-" est imraclos of nil times—the return of Lorraine to Prance—and we -an other." ^ NVUit " '' iCUe Wllile for a »- U-22 SANK JTHE_ LUSITANIft. •ormei-' German Submarine Commanders Say U-20 is Not.Guilty—Cap- tain- of U-22 Madi . Copenhagen, Jan. 26.—German sub- Marine-U-22 and not the-U-20 sank tli e Lusltnnla, according to two former German su6mai-Ine commanders 'now ^ ere "rr They say the commander : of .tte • U-22 went insane following the sinking of ,the liner, -wlth-ft l oss of more than 1;100 lives, and Is now in'a German Insane asylum.

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