Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 23
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 23

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 23
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PAGE 24 T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE I, I960 CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 47 Tb« rereri* of 1 Autos. rnergetic. 5 Composer of 50 Supports. "Oiellp." 31 Spanish M bnw.* 10 Symbol of victory. 52 Skeleton organi- 14 Cliude _ . Swiss-French tuthor. 15 Dull: .low. 16 -- ben Adbem. 17 Novel theme front v irgil : 5 words, 20 Early Mississippi RiVer explorer. 31 Crisp candy, with peanuts. 22 Big bulttf. 54 Chemical jufix. 25 Princess of Colctrs. 28 Demote, 35 Put forth, as strength. 34 Prefix meaning "son of." 35 Resorts. 36 Piece of secret information.' 37 Used in atomizer. 41 Quonsct . _ 42 Crooked; non- tymmetrical. 44 _ of (lacking). 45 Hwnorous term zation. 54 Rough shelter*. 58 Kenya's capital. 62 The Latin of 17 Across: 3 words. 64 Presidential title: Abbr. 65 Indians. 66 Arizona river. 67 Inhabitants of: Suffix. 68 With fiery color. 69 School founded in 1440. for -think." DOWN · 1 Summon. 2 Celebes ox. 3 Ms. changes: Abbr. 4 Ocean liner. 5 Early stringed instruments. 6 Set of nine. " Required: Abbr. 8 Cudgel. 9 Repetition. 10 Stickers. 11 Blind as : 2 words. 12 Droop. 13 jackats. 18 Holdfttte for ropes: NauU 19 Resound. 23 Corporeal 25 Iron. 26 Philip Nolan'i fate. 27 Supply center. 29 Course of action. 30 Plant insect. 31 Dishearten. 32 Rocky Mountain park. 38 Think deeply tod thoroughly: 2 words, 39 Bearskin . 40 Dickens character. 43 Acoustics. 46 Dignity of a nobleman. 48 Alberta: Abbr. 49 Abolish. 53 Flower. 54 In parcntk 55 Issue, as paper money. 56 Bolryn. 37 "Your Majesty."' 59 Neglect. 60- Machete. 61 Kingdom on the Persian Gulf. 63 Nest: TT. New Book Puts Tucson Teachers In Limelight Teachers in Tucson public schools have garnered their share of praise in a book on "Curriculum Development in the Elementary School" by W. Ray Rucker, dean of the National College of Education in Evanston, III Rucker, who received his doctor of education degree from Harvard University in 1952, was is- sistant professor of education at the University of Arizona from 1956-58. His book, just off the press, was published by Harper ft Brothers of New York City. An exponent of placing emphasis on each student as an individual, Rucker's book cites examples of this method of teaching. It is in this capacity that he uses names of Tucson teachers and their schools as examples of excellent classroom techniques. Section II on "The Elementary School in Action" is divided into "Learning Experiences" with a chapter each on ages 6 through 13. Classroom teaching experiences YESTERDAY'S ANSWER presented in Rucker'* book, refer, among others, to the following Tucson teachers and their schools: Mrs. Elaine Metz, Mrs. Norma Rucker, Mrs. Janice Johnson, John Wall and Mrs. Shirley Haines, student teacher, *11 of Origin School; Mrs. Myrna Hillyard, Pueblo Gardens School; Miss Winifred Rinker, Blenman School; Kenneth Torgerson, Doolen Junior High School; and Peter Giorgi, art teacher in the public schools. One of the most novel practices which the author observed was in Wall's classroom of 11- year-olds at Cragin School. Under the teacher's direction geography was dramatized through dialogues and plays written by individual pupils. Incorporated in this section is a play written by Kathryne Pye, now a student at Doolen Junior High School. She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Willard D. Pye. $16 Million Phoenix Schools Issue Voted PHOENIX --W- Taxpayers in the Phoenix High Schools and College District approved a $16 million bond issue Tuesday by m 2V4-to-l margin. The vote was 7,026 yes, 2,728 no. The money will be spent over the next five years to provide three new schools, additions to five others and Phoenix College, two new high school sites and a district administration office. Polaris Sub Protest Launched NEW LONDON, Conn.--UP1--A three-month protest against Polaris missile firing submarines opened here today with establishment of the headquarters for the Committee for Nonviolent Action (CNVA). The organization was on record as'opposing the Polaris program because it "in- B E N I T A SfofJBf Accordionl* and Folk Dandag UFFNER'S HOFBUU FINEST GERMAN FOODS Open at 5 p.m. Sun, at NOM AX8-1MI SaMnoCaaymlU. creases chances of war through mechanical or psychological accident." Bradford Lyttle, secretary of the CNVA, said the New Loadon-Gro- ton area was selected because it homes the home base of the U.S. Atlantic fleet submarine force, the Coast Guard Academy and the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corp., leading manufacturer of atomic-powered submarines. The CNVA said its activities during the three-month protest would include rallies in all cities from Boston to New York and "peace walks" in those areas. One of these "peace walks" will be held June 10 from New York City 125 miles to here. It has been labeled the "Pioneer Polaris Walk." A public meeting is scheduled for June 15 at Boston, a poster parade will be held June 18 at the site of the Yale-Harvard crew races, public rallies will be held in Boston and other cities in preparation for peace walks scheduled to begin from New York and Boston Aug. 7. These marchers will converge here Aug. 14. On Aug. .15 "the project will be opened to civil disobediance. for iose who feel conscientiously moved to undertake this form of action." The protest, according to Lyttle, was "inspired directly by Navy plans to build a fleet of it least iO Polaris submarines. Each ves- SHOW SCHEDULE (Times Furnished by Theaters) ·APACHE: Giant B*h«nfltb--a; Connie Man--8:40: FranitniUin 1(70--11; The Bride and the Be»»t--13:15; Home on Haunted Hill--1:30. ·BH.TMOKX: Once More with Feellnf B:07. ll:M; Tin«Ier--10:W. CACTUS: Tiina unavailable. CATALINA: Kllew Talk--12:41, 1:M, 5:10,.»:», las. rnCSTA: ftubliiM MclodU--7:n, 11:11; Yo Tiutibltn Soy i« Jalisco--·:«. . TOX-TUCSON: Fu»ltlv« Kind--VK». 4:OS, 7:», 11:03; The J*uah«--2:«. l:lf, t:«. T.YRIC: Brambl* »u«h--)1:J7. 4:3*. 1:21; Suddenly l«tt Summer--3:38, «:17, 10;OS. ·MIDWAY: Tall Story--»:H, 11:»: Taut Tut Gun«--10:08. PARAMOUNT: Th« Iteoel Br««l -- 1I:», 4:3*. ·:«*; Set. »utl«l«e--J:J», f:14. t:M. FAUX: Th« Ixv«»--«:M, »:», 10:14. TLA2A-. Tagull*--V.tt. 4-.U, S'.Jl; 1* Cuctradu--T.rt, 1:30, 10. ·TJUNCiE: AJ«xind«- the Gr»tV-i. 11:24: Klni and Four Quccni--I:M. ·KOWBO: Kin« »nd Tour Queens--«. 13:X; Alexander the Gre»t--«:M. ·Mnd snU9BT: VlMt to m. Small Planet --7:90 11:»; That Kind of Woman --IO:M. ·--Drive-in 3 Firms Go Into Industrial Park Three firms eifter hav« moved or ire moving into Tucson Industrial Park, near the 36th street overpass and Aviation Road. Midway Pipe * Supply Co.. 2737 Campbell Ave., moves into the new" industrial park today. Whit- ld Transportation Inc. and Whitfield Tank Lines Inc. have moved from their former location on trie Benson Highway to 3519 . 34th St. Don W. Depugh, who owns the industrial park with Jim Southard, said Southern Arizona York. Refrigeration Co. plans to occupy an 8,500-square-foot warehouse in the industrial park on Sept. 1. The firm is now located at 4463 E. Speedway. Caruso's 414 N 4 tt- AVF Mft J Only 4 More Nites To See ON THE SAME PROGRAM 2 GREAT ENTERTAINERS! TERRI CUP CAKE O'MASON "Pint siietf fir*cracker." "Nau«hty r kvt ·h, so nice.** AND THE ONE i ONLY HADDA BROOKS ana* her vnteraeftatWe sel . . . would carry at fewest 16 missiles and would be capable of launching several times the explosive p o w e r of all bombs dropped in World War II." BILTMORE £ More and Merrier Romantic Hilarity! wOSt" 1 * 1 * 1 GREGORY RATOFF: ACOMJMM ncnei "-BUS SERVICE " TUCSON - NOGALES LMva TUCSON ftr NOOALES. 7:00 A.M. 12:19 P.M. ·# P.M. *:1S A.M. 1:19 P.M. »;» P.M. 11i» A.M. 1:30 P.M. 1040 P.M. IdCP.M. Luve NOGALES for TUCSON 7:00 A.M. 11:15 A.M. f !15 A.M. tt:00 A.M. *!15 PJ4» 19:15 P.M. 1,15 P.M. 3.00 P.M. 4:00 P.M. Greyhound Terminal MA MOB Paramount 318 F Conqrt : vi it Open 12:31 THI Cal M.1 set a eat fc 11 DOORS OPEN 12:11 P.M. «__ COLOR fvcfon's famous 1IM M. PARK MA 34851 "Lovers" at 1:31, 8:21,11:11 THE MOST TALKED ABOUT PICTURE IN AMERICA TODAY! This is the erigmal uncut French versloa exactly as shown in Paris. It will net be shown in any other Tucson theatre. STARTS TODAY oors Open 12:15 COMPANION FEATURE TCCHNICOLOIt MCHARD BURTON * RUSH JA'OC CARSON USE COUPON BL10W BENSON MiOhWA - EAST OF PARK USE COUPGK BELOW IF IT'S HORROR PICTURES YOU WANT- WE HAVE THEM... TUCSON rii n « "THE GIANT BEHEMOTH PLUS AT f.-40 The Cosmic Man AND AT 11 P.M. "FRANKENSTEIN 1970" it PLUS AT 12:15 "THEBRIDETHEBEAST" t be most appealing sbish-ka-bob Your Host ^ Gent My. .Emit MOSOB (('"PLAZA LAST TWO DAYS DON'T MSS THIS EXCEPTIONAL MEXICAN FILM Aa Outstanding Cast C04HT COMEDY "LOS PAQUETE5 DE PAOUfTA" MAWA VICTORIA DINNER DANCING NIGHTLY From 8:30 "U» C*rliBiM Trio" COMMUNITY SINGING NIGHTLY WITH LOUISE SKEEN IN THE LOUNGE REDWOOD LOME featuring Th« Crystal Dining loom and Gay 90'* Leung* HU E. SpMdway AX S4N1 Party and Basqutt FadHtiM Availibte SWIM Wetmore Pool North on OrmeU Road part cemetery to tk» tign at ... WETMORE ROAD Open at Hi THiMffiS **** I H16IWAY »i««L "GIANT BEHEMOTH" '·THE COSMIC MAN" "FRANKENSTEIN WTO" "THE BRIDE * THE BEAST" "HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL" As Clean As IS YOU! SHOWER DOOI OR TILE BR! I C~f|-ALl, Can Maka H? General Purpote Houtehold Poli$h Excellent for Ceramic Tile, Shower Doors (Metel and Glass), Porcelain, House Windows, Etc. Full 24-or. Jar *2.« Peabedy Me Co., 118 N. Belvedere ThemjMM's jspftieMy r Coatrictoii, 741 E. Grant ' Kay J. BaKBoaum Tfle Co., OK E. iceter Speedway Glaus and Mirror Co. .4141 E. Speedw«y-EA MMt · Deafer Inquiries Invited Off let Space Available 4560 E. Broadway Building , As Lew-*s . w · per . ' Rer-yr. Furnished or Unfurnished Choose from small w large offices and suites with janitor service, refrigeration, hot and cold water, ele- -vator,, carpeted hallways and ampk ofrstreetfree^park. ing. With complete furnishings .at null additional cost NO LEASEJlEQUIRED ; Apply Americaji Hamei Aasodatioa 4SN E. Broadway EA «-MM - ABM. 11.98 Permit Children Undtr 12 FREE lit. DRIVE-IN .SHOWING Y. Brynntr-K. Kendall "ONCE MORE WITH FEELING" . V. Prici-J. EvalyN "THE TtNGLER" CACfUS L'AST 2 NITES Tucson 'Prtmiert Film«d South of Tucton Jamct Sttwart-Liia Lu Glenn Corbatt-Htnry Morgan "THE MOUNTAIN ROAD" Co-F«atur« "THE VIRGIN ISLAND" rum saooto. PARK AVI. An Btrthi L*»»- Ramon G«y "SUBLIME MELODIA" tula Anuilar Carmtn Gonuiaz « YO TAMBIEN SOY DE JALISCO" MIDWAY Anthinv P«rklni-J«n« Fonda "TALL STORY" Jam.i Cralf-Martha Vlcktr* "FOUR-FAST GUNS" UJICI In -Color LAST 2 NITES ». Burten-F. March "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" Clark Gabl» ElaanorParkar "KING AND FOUR QUEENS" mm IP*AIK HfMW ". In e,!«r LAST 2 NITES R. lurten-F. March "ALEXANDER THE GREAT" Clark Qablt Elaanir Tartcar "KING AND FOUR QUEENS" Jtrry Lcwla "A VISIT TO A SMALL PLANET" Laphla Loran-Tab HunUr FHAT KIND OF WOMAN" Last 2 Nltet at Both Theatres ODEO HRINCE Nooriof Highway CamobiU ft Pfiw» Richard Burttw Fredric Match HELD OVER Starting. Our tad Big Week their DESIRE! mimmmt ·Hoi tW World's Mart Vide* AND AT 1:30 A.M. "THE HOUSE ON THE 101 W. DracKman -MA 2-4*22 far R«Mrr*ti»n*. COUPON COUPON T H I S C O U P O N I 7 5 « P A Y S F O R A F U L L C A R L O A D D U R I N G T H E S H O W | N J = . O F T H E S E S F E A T U R E S Emerson WONDCRCP^M v, * cttt » My »** tarnttble-- selects 33% and 45 T.B.*. operates on standard flashlifNt birtferies JOSHUA UX3AN8 Super-gauc/ STARTS TONIGHT The Long and Short of It It That tt I* the Most Delightful Comedy in Town! Kooky Campus Capon Make It the Most Riatow Cemedy You've Soon ttiif Year! Irinf the Family! SUPEBSONIC COMEDY CALCULATED TO PUT YOU IN OMIT! THE LAUGHS START TONIGHT!

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