Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 31
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Ship Arrivals, Departures Naval Ships in Port ACTIVI Vlllltt IN POIT *'·»'." '""A, -- D*f I* S**l ff *"*""» .V IZfll'*""* Cut. .»«'. ». MalWU","'"" -,,_,,.,.~ -«MTV, 1 "" »"· '..»t»»'«,i*k _ *i^£i r V;£, , --- !«»««*"· "·..--TM..,- i-CTrtT. "ii£ ' . .~~ « J«*»« l«t ««,». t«i»r« »r«1 ctSJiTiiff'fr I0»») . «?! l«»iu».tiM ·M'.-X'tt'.*""'-- .«*«!« »i«»dl . r » i »fll lf»« V -- Male Finds Wife Caused His Aslluna I ft !.««. C»l. !'*«. Utr. M. IHI INDEPENDENf-P*,* C-l. Uji'»""«* -- ---- h _... Jof0»1 (Bfl lB/» }*· I*»k»ft Int. I) . JKO Maritime t». ef FT'l. - AD'. · r.»i»i| LONDON Ul -- A British "_2_~"iiJl doctor Thursd.i ».:»! a 4.V I.._'p'i«r iniyear-old hmrund developed; TWMH..,«O asthma because he alter- itv^'Ric t" hit wife. Writing in' ... n r i n ' t h c medical association's' _. _ r ^'I,' magazine family doctor. Dr.' , t'MichacI O'Oonncll saiil: | "It was not until the death 1 the wife--a formidable and :'iti~i"i'»K r «*nvcrpo«rrinp lady--that thcj _".". ltt "*""* J J', doctors made their discnv .Vii' cry." *" Si'ii He sjid the day the wife 'f'.'n'in died the hushand's attacks ofj 5}! : asthma stopped. I PETRI'S PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANING -- PLUS -Drapery Clcanlnn . . . D«??"2 , · · Garment Storage . . . Mothproofing . . . Weather-proofing . . . Weaving . . . Alterations . . . Tuxedo Rentals . . . Smoko Damage . . . Blankets... Bedspreads... Fine Shirt Laundry ...Zippers. SAVE 15% CASH AND CARRY . . . CHARGE ACCOUNTS FAST ONE-DAY SERVICE ... AT 1250 ORANGE AVE. FIVE MINUTES FROM YOUR HOME . . . CASY PARKING OPEN EVERY DAY ... 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PETRI'S CLEAN rOUft DJMPfRIES NEED CLEANING TOO! IfVC'i^Norl Cf ._Tll_ J_..tnu ffewn Zf'i»f(x.ft C . w*r. 33 Duw^n 6«, Sf.tti* V*fU tl»t* ,,._,, " O * K. l*"» _ .. . M«'.^3t. okoi'~i* V.l'cmj't '"?' . Vftlfl Itrflt At*ika Pf«-. Ifl? Bon*il« (N9r) LBS . ' . . ITS 0"iO" J i Co', cl N Z. -. VESIClt CUE THUISDir rr»m OMfiltr f . S * l f f « n INftrl L B W r St*-«lVd ilkf) f/ ( T k r l 3M H- lUUru IJMI LBM' -- LPJq .] L« Cu*ir» Fred OHM If* - VEISCLJ DUE T O O t T Frtm OHflff Dv« tt S«il f»r ' Ait^fDI*d«n Gulf li"t ~ Ar.J. Pewrl^B w Vo-k DJ'Oo Lif» M»r. li. Yfkcf jnFr*n Rov»l M»'l LJ«« ^^II.Aor.3. An 1 37.000 Column's I.osl Parly Card* WARSAW OD--More thaniports. 37.000 Polish Communists In the same period, the lost their party cards last : party enrolled 196.075 new year for offenses ranRinp|candidates for membership from indifference throuRhJTh? Communists claim 1,101.- praft. I m m o r a l behavior, 000'members in t h i s nation drunkenness and insuhordina- of 30 million. The ficurc h.isj; tion. the official Communistjremaincd stable for several; i-: : ':--;;:; ; ;| : X; : v : -;.;:g; ; | newspaper Trybuna I.udu re-.years. Shorty Made A Deal... 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