Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 29
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· Attack on Sin in N.Y. NEW YORK UE--Evangelist! - Billy Graham fired a double- barreled attack on sin In the - big city and Communism Thurs- I day. and announced he would · hold a giant outdoor revival In ' Yankee Stadium or the Polo I Groundi for 100,000 persons in ; the fall.,,,,. · Graham, a North Carolina farm boy, chose for the topic cf his wrmon. "What It Wrons rwith New York?" He told the 13,000 persons at. tending the second night of his revival In Madison Square Garden that hla "rlilng tide of conversion la only the beginning." "GOD WILL HEAR THE prayers of his people until the cleansing stream will flow like persona a river through this great metropolis," he said, Some 843 persons answered Graham's call to "make the do made clilon for Christ" Thursday .... night, compared to a preliminary of ,,· count of 485 last night. se . The 38-year-old evangelist, upward dropping some of the restrain! he used Wednesday night In his [Irst appearance, waved his arms and told his audlenco that "we are all sinners tonight. I came here as a sinner." He said his crusado was -on the \*rge of scoring a major breakthrough" on the religious barrier of the "unchurched mil lions In New York. , . ,. , ( o · · o * '*. ;i ''-V SO E N C O U R A G E D was Graham, In fact, he revealed plans to continue his seven nlght'B-week stand in the huge sports arena beyond the original closing date of Juno 30. , The evangelist said he would hold a huge outdoor rally · OH, THE TRAGEDY OP IT ALL-- Can a fejja both win and lose on the game horse in the same race: Yes, 10 can-- and for proof of this statement I refer you to Jack 10 a -Marshall, of 2339 Stnnbridge Ave. The reopening last week of - October for more than 100,000 to check on those who made the decision for Christ during his Garden appearances The number of those who ..iade their "decision" Thursday night by coming to the front of the platform after Graham's sermon probably will be revised ' In a final count today Tki Win F»«'ly , win t*l*y ou PIZZAS ITALIAN DINNERS Beer - Wine HNW TN*. Wti« Tim. I Ii*. IP. H. If II P. M. M. I tat. IP. K.II P.M. ,. el***** ·)**··? iOADWAY. Hfct 3.7520 DePalina's / ITALIAN. RESTAURANT 1 · COMIHO IOONITM WA1CH 1011HI OMNINO HIS! · OF OUI IT«U»N IAZAAI lnltmftef, DvlllkIM I TIO EAST WILLOW ST. -- SISNAL HILL rhtno CArll.ld 7.»ll* OMN SUNDAYS. » OJH. to 10 OJH. «*»W M«ooor JEBRY PFAUN -- at Iho I S| HIT 90. RBSTMMNT 11, Ploying IhoM eld ItTVoiltti . ; ^m · piano and calliope. For a Real Old-Time Atmosphere the Gay 90's Is the Place to Cornel PHONI OA m l IJOA.M. ----- ·«TM»-/.flK 25W PALM DRIVE W. NEW POLICY ALL AROUND THOUEY i/ .-iM4iu*fMt,u · ·.·*-· · ·-- ---*-- -- - i~Ij IT * vljlv* J. {\+*u m\\j\jL"i+s Hollywood Park reminded Marihall or some- *%*««···« /if nnwlv rpnntnpH Downtown Lone · th,ngty awfu, which happened to him last ,., ^^^^S^A SsTswJSS ·'··' Associated, and Manager Vlto Romans (left) pose ;** with sign. The officers are (from left) Hal Lewis, 'vice president; Lyman Clark, secretary; Ken (.Walker, treasurer; and Vernon Fay, president Retailers Ghai Association's Name winter at Santa Anita. Marshall Is quite .'student of- the bangtails and after long and . careful consideration of the dope sheets he . determined that a nag named Covrrlt was ,i definitely ready to win.. As he prepared to hlo himself to the track, a neighbor luilitwl on tagging along. Marshall placed 13 on Coverlfs schnoi, »b- Mlutely enthralled with the 28 to 1 odds. Meanwhile his friend fiddled around, iinabla ' to pick » horse. Whim the friend finally made up his mind to bet on Coverlt, the horses were »t the gate and the ticket windows were closed. The friend practically gat down on his knees and begged for part of Marshall's bet. Reluctantly Marshall let him have u $2 share In the 53. .. . . . .. Coverlt won so easily he wasn't ever breathing hard at the " won and I hit," moaned Marshall. "/.«»n And 1 loit tSUO--the amount 1 had to pay my «htlll/-shaHj/- ina /rlcnd/" · · . . t · · · · - . ''· .; ' v I - .· · ^ · ^ ...... + ····'· !··· · ·· ' 1 IT WAS THE GREATEST-- Mrs. T and I felt like winners. loo, this week after wo sampled tho prime rib au Jus at Jack's Corslcan Room. 5430 E. 2nd St., Naples. It was really amazing Eastern prime rib, worth writing home about, even worth yelling in the street about. Our portions were well over an Inch thick (we measured 'em with Mrs, Ts tape measure) and they weighed between IK nnd 1% pounds each. The beef was so tender It almost melted In our mouths and the flavor was perfect. I know tho preceding sounds like a lot of praise-- but, believe me Chef Jack Bass Is an artist when It comes to preparing prlmo rib. The rest of the dinner, served by smiling waiter George (Bird Calls) Hllllard, was also excellent. Included were lentil and ham soup, generous tossed green salads with thousand Island dressing, steaming hot baked' potatoes with cheese sauce and chives, assorted breads, lots of coffee and black walnut Ice cream for dessert, . Footnote: The tnb wai tS.iS each, but-- honmtly-- I a cheerfully fay /or more /or prime rib o/ that quality. ·A" "If · *k LIFE'S LIKE THAT DEFT,-- I thought I had a sure Hem when I saw In the vital' statistics notices that Mrs, R. W. Tanner of 3250 87th Way, and Mrs. R. N. Tanner of 1351 Reman Ave., Wilmington, had babies on the same day at Seaside Hospital. So I checked and what 'did 1 find out? Nope, the two Mrs. Tanners aren't related. Nope, the two Mrs. Tanners aren't friends. For that matter, they didn't even meet at the hospital, being In separate rooms, and' went home without even knowing the other existed. . . XX * * 't Another good Item shot to hecU ·· ' '· · * · * · * · · = '·'·'·"· · "'·" NOTES BRUNO TO ME BY A HEROIO CARRIER PIGEON WHO FLEW THROUGH SNOW, 8LEET, HAIL AND HMOdl A scrumptious potted 8wl«« steak dinner Is served Friday, Saturday and Sunday nlehta at Paul'* of Lahewood, Carson and Bellflower Blvd. For. f t.85 you get soup «lu Jour, big green s a l a d , mashed potatoes, entree, another vegetable, hot rolls, beverage and dewert . . . The MncPherson brothers, who own MacFherson's Drive-in at P01 E. Broadway, havn a Scotch name but their servings are far from Hlngy. They serve plenty of shrimp for »l (With toast, salad and fries) and huge hamburgers for 75 cents And, hey, bowlert, you can enjoy flJHt steak dinner In between games at the Lahewood Bowl. Lakewood Shopping Center . . . Congratulations to Mr. and Mr.. Jerry Reynold. who have taken over the beautiful Canadian Capers restaurant. 4S1 W. Paclflo Coast Hwy. They will also continue to operate their Melody Cove restaurant at I860 Santa Fe Ave. . . . , , · ' - ' · . ' ' " . " ( , : . ,, · · .' . ' A I R C O N D I T I O N E D ' F R E I P A R K I N O area from Ocean BlvA north to and Including Anaheim St. I MEMO TO MB. ?BED sToMP WHO CALLED ME ON TM»»TM ^f 0 " 1 ^ *"' t0 THE PHONE THE OTHER NIOHTt Well. Mr. Slump. I'm still A"" 1110 " AV '' walling for that letter you promised to write me,, telling me «" % ' 1 » t I'm the lousl-st columnist In town. The fuipenie l» killing ma. How am I going to know how lousy I am If you donV give me the detallif C'mon, boy, give! [Chrysler Rejects Reuther Proposal S O W E S T E R N A V E N U E A R D E . N A . OPEN DAILY ItXCiFT MONDAY) FROM I DETROIT W--Chrysler Corp, Thursday turned down United Auto Workers President Walter Reu flier's proposal to farm a joint company union study com- mlttee to consider the UAWs demand for a shorter work week In Its 1958 contract . ·roadway ft Atamttof FMSH. HOMI'MADl STRAWBERRY PIE -- It's tlmo igala tor »hl« woidoridl trait ot MaiPhtnon'i 2727 E - ^ lh Sf HE 47014 Amateura-of-America Signups Resumed ' Mrs, Ray ll Faust, the former Margaret Knott, announced Thursday she Is resuming regls- tratlon for her Amateurs of America at a new location, 504 E, Oaku Ave., Compton. Mrs. Faust said children and adults may register with her each Saturday, 10 a.m. to noon, [or amateur programs which she stages. I Our CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS «n AA CHOICE *n» prtpirid en · ml CHARCOAL BROILER . f^ml CMkMI HOT wtt Itrly PM»I ot 4 f J*. CIwW HAVI YOU . KEEN TO EATON'S LATELYf SURE...THEY ' LOVE K I D S AND THEIR FRIED CHICKEN IS THE MOST! CHARCOAL BROILER Ftqt»rlno - posal "":,· '(··*· ··' ,'"·',·'·£·*,·' ' :··-··,'''" ."',"··' j:*' ' . - : - · : ' - · ".-.^ViiVl.'Vw. i~, ,«*, wsJ. M. «.y ir. IMT .·;·/ INDEPENDENT--P*ge B-R i hospital Sets -l/pf ? Free Poison Center LOS ANGELES W -- Chll- rens Hospital announced Thursay it has established a free, 24- mr-a-day poison information nter for "Southern California hyslclans and hospitals. r - · "The center has been estab- shed to make · Immediately vallable Information on toxic ements In drugs, household and irden products and appropriate erapy to prevent Injury or eath from them," said the hos- ' A new name, new officers and a dynamic new program were announced Thursday by the Long Beach Retailers Associated. The new name Is Downtown Lxng Beach Associates. With .he name goes a slogan--"Don't wait 'till '58: Downtown IS Long Beach!" and a policy--a year iround membership campaign to nclude others than retailers In ,he organization, ,. Vernon Fay. manager of J. C. Penney Co., Is the new president. Other officers ot tho new DLBA are Hal Lewis, vice presl- dent; Ken Walker, treasurer; Lyman Clark, secretary. Vtto Romans continues as manager of the associates. FAY SAID the name Change reflects the change In philosophy of tho group to one of Including all representation of the "center of the community's retail Ife -- downtown Long Beach." Manager Romans said the fight eat Indication of the spirit, faith and good prospects for the area. Romans, further underlined the dynamic nature of the new DLBA by promising forthcom Ing events so startling In de parture from anything done here sefore that they will amount to "downtown street spectacu lars." . · o o . o o THE SPOKESMEN also paid tribute to retiring President Don Spring, credited with one of the group's best past promotions, ·Good 01'- Days." which DLBA Intends to continue. Directors of the newly named organization are R. A. Brachs, Lyman Clark, Jack Elliott, Vernon Fay. Ira Forest, Stedman 'Gould, W. M. Hoddlng, Howell Honeywell, Walt Jordan. Harold Lewis, Gus Lucking, Leo Malco, Bill McMulIen, Bud Rid Ings, Herbert Sommer. Ike Suk man, Ed Wood, Valle Young and John Mclntosh. Dlrectors-at-large are L. A just a fight by retailers but by professional people and down town property owners. Both spokesmen pointed out that death of the central retail district would have a devastating over-all effect on the entire city. They pointed out that the downtown district, representing only 3 per cent of the total community area, picks up a tax tab of 32 per cent. - DLBA today approved print- Ing of a new th-ee-color brochure outlining the new life of the associates. It filatures a new block captain plan for welcoming and orienting new business neighbors Into the district and then Into the organization. THE D O W N T O W N DIS- BICT is defined generally as the Manager Jiomans *mu me UKIU "' " , i »» i*b v,n to maintain this status 1. not CDluu. Sr Jack Merr£ Ken ncth Walker, A. J. Maxhamand Howard Plowman. Officers and directors will be Installed June 25, at 7 p.m., in the Lafayette Hotel. Recent and continuing modernization of the downtown area was hailed by Fay as strong- Law Aide Robbed MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UK)--Miss Eleanor Bates, a secretary at · Chrysler was the last of four the U. S. District Attorney's of- major companies - G e n e r a l "ce here, said someone stole her Motors. Ford and American pockctbook containing $400 Motors-lo turn down the pro- while she was out of the office for three minutes. EATONS CHICKIN HOUSE ·00 I. 4llk IT.. ION* HACK · «A, J.11M Nate Mll/.r's KEY LARGO ton COCKT4IU AND FIHI FOOD Kiy Unjfl 1H8IAL | II HIW YORK OIlT y 5 - Wl 4*Ntl«Ml 2 1» CHICKEN ('/,) , 1UMIC SHRIMP All tliim IM!I , ·kiln .1 tnulit. "·' P - ·kHIl HlOt, MH4 ·· HttM I" I 41 N.W HM«I 11 «. M. to A. M. efmf tm*i JiM 'HI II ; no KOI ot ·*« Piooo , .·" 5802 E. 2nd SI. lUPlEt WI-tlM Mil MSWM* lOT 2300 EAST 23rd ST., SIGNAL HILL. HE9.2241 CARSON AT BELLFLOWEIT BLVD. , OF LAKEWOOD FASHION LUNCHEON WEDNESDAY. 12:45 P. M. : For R.i.rntloni Coll SA W807 _ v , pltal's - administrator, J.-. Smlts. · . . .«£ . 0 0 0 0 ,, "WITH THE GREAT variety of chemical substances, many of which can be toxic, Hvallabla today, no one person can.keep up with them. Wn'wlll keep, track ot pew compounds that reach the market." In 1947 Chlldrens Hospital treated 60 youngsters who-had accidentally taken poison but by or last year the figures had risen to 130, he said. CMM SIM.. Hom IM, 1-Frt. i wnn® TIZZA DEN ·'., (607 SOUTH ST^LAttWOOO . tSA'SZ'Ztnfl'ieXi'tiTM THE FINEST FOODS REASONABLE PRICES h .WBEAUTIFUL, RESTFUL [+7 ATMOSPHERE ? OPEN , 7 DAYS A from *l0 ·. Hh . to II 01 _ Top SI.W- Stukt-Hlctory Smottd HOHI Stoob-Jymbo ftl.d Shflmp (tho fl"oi «d l«tg«» lonod odywhwo-- of pilu)--Himbuigni--Homo Biktd fl.t--H«l CiUh Irookful, lunth. Jifftn wry.d oU'hoiHt. 3800 ATLANTIC AVE. IIXBY KNOLLS (Co.. llib« Rd.| frao Porfctol Swk ol Anorko PorkUf lot « POOSI NMIH 1990 PACIFIC AYE. : ^| Christopher Would Run Ii GOP Insists IDS ANGELES W -- George 3irlstophcr. mayor of San Fran- Isco, said here Thursday that e would consider running for overnor of the state only if he state Republican p a r l y Irafts him as Us candidate. Chrlstoptier, here to attend a uncheon of the Women's Divl- Ion for Israel Bonds, told a lewsman: "I have been approached by ome party segments and I have been told that the next candl- ate ought to come from North- rn California, But my decision n this matter depends on an onest draft of the state's en- Ire Republican party." O*fN TrOO A.M. 10 11.00 · JUMBO SHRIMP · HALIBUT; v · SCALLOPS Ray's Hut m o l C A M O N Cw. COTM* ond Or««o PARK PANTRY 2104 E. BROADWAY f«/o r r»« iconic »/r» o».f/ooitoj Iliky ·ofi. «M«r Jnlpfto. FCATURINai T H E B I G Tk* »«H'l HlilniliI M7 . · i n iiiiitrt FLAMING CHICKEN DINNER FOR T BONE DINNER FOR 1 jcoe '5 PRIME RIB COMPLETE DINNER 13 ...IS YOUR LUCKY NUMBER IN LAKEWOOD... .hM It iMiWi lof Mw U Mlllow MM wnrnl oollr · *· UKIWOOD «OWl COFHI IHOPI · THf IAYOU ROOM ^ . . . *Htn MoHo K«h ·* Nt rdoilno rtrlo ot Ik. r tmt ·« 1 Lakewood ' Bowl Coffe* Shop, M.WM0 1 ttntmr --·»--«--y MELODY COVE ·' 4^^ lANOUtT S.OOM--A««o»i*ol««loii« t 40 .A ^«.r- -.: rf S, SPECIAL STEAK DINNER $1.75 SlMHU ·»'· Uill. WO SANTA Flu mt. i. n». ···» «»M HI M35» Rancho Diner L M. SANtlf, Own* · IANCHO MAMSUSOIS A AMtf SHOP COR. PACIFIC ANAHEIM ;S-',,SIA FOOD . , _ ; " I;- CHICKIN /O :· ' JTIAKS , - · ' · · . . . , featuring Compfefe Dinners from $1.00 ' '· ... . Oft, TtOO AM. 'tit TO P.M. (C\mi Ttsrs.» JACK'S CORSICAN I ROOM 5430 E. SECOND ST. - N A P L E S tiuilatt Dl'i't Kttm ; \v l»« Snorftrf I* Dl«/»j Hunt* ··,' ·OB MOREAU * iV- mt Mt Qrg9* ··-. ' HE 3-9506 '. CLOSID MONDAT SpMls4h»f to BREAKFAST, LUNCH and COMPLETE DINNERS Try «or IMInHn Po.try --H; oWortsr/ Opt* 7 *· M f. M, 7 0«r« · W«t* i DOUGHNUT SHOP t A. M. I. U ». M. 20c HAMBURGER SHOP II A. M. It 1 1 '· M. MALT SHOP : t A, M. i. ii r.*. FAMILY RESTAURANT II A. M. (o 10 K M, WO VHD1 *¥!. (»sl« Virds A.I. Nisr Jprlm St.) OPIN 7 HtlKt [Refreshingly Different! CANADIAN CAPERS 431 PACIFIC COAST HWY. (Cor. Mognolto) . ; You'll Is|«y Our · JHCIU. tUMDiY DINNEM . 'fan la . RE ouUH IYININO DINNIR | Complete Bouquet Fcd/It/ei S "S For ihelflnett - '^ Steaks-Sea Food. 1} Prime Bib - Chicken ^ J The Only Place of If* Kind on the Coaftt 733 E. BROADWAY Pfc. HI 7-511*.

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