The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 2
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 2

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 2
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Two THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 22, 1952. Market Report KANSAS CITY HI — Produce: eggs mediums 47; eggs unclassified (current receipts) 54 ]bs up, loss off 34.5; eggs extras and standards unchanged. Poultry and butter unchanged. KANSAS CITY Iff) (USDA)- Caulc 300; calves 100; part of run intended for Mondays market and fewer than 100 head on sale; not week with her aunt Mrs. N i n a her sister Mrs. George Conroy and; trip by attending the national con- ground a buggy when in some I Clarta Hampton, Evelvn Schrick, turned to their home at Winona'Sr. Sunday evening. hushann nnt; rptiivnpn to hpr nnmp vpnti^n [..,„.. — ~n ---- T --- *~n _rr „ ._ _ __U»... , -_ .. . * __ ... I . ... ..... ,i enough of any class for adequate test of represented market; 15 Winchester nor* Noll Virginia Beying is spending the carrier of Winchester. On the be-j pita) in Topeka where she w a sj school is scheduled to open Mon- ginning of his trip he enjoyed at-|taken after being seriously injured day morning Sept. 1st. tending the state convention for|; n an accident at the Coppinger " ~ the Bill Sass farm. Dr. Huston amputated the finger at the joint. Mrs. Rose Oldham, who has been spending several weeks withjmail carriers and ended t h e i rjhome. The children were playing dence to a new coat of paint. Joe Schrick is treating his resi- Grandviesv 'attended the style review held mt | Lansing Wednesday • evening. Mrs. William Meagher Mr and Mrs Bm Kramer caU . Mr. and Mrs. Bikeman have re- ed on Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Dodd Schrick familv Miss Joan Brewer, who has been staying at the Sam and Flora Noll home this summer, will return husband, has returned to her home in Oklahoma City. Rev. Virgil Feerer and family have moved here from Indianapo- to her home in Atch'ison this week ]is - Ind - Feerer is the new pastor to get ready for school. Miss Gertrude Schrick and friend from Omaha Neb. spent the week end with relatives at Mooney Ceek. head of 4-H Club yearlings on offer Lt., and Mrs. Bernard Domann Ba ] ]ou who at one time these still unsold. Hogs 1500; rather at the Christian church here. Rev. Feerer is a graduate of Manhattan Bible College and recently finished his degree at Butler University. He is a grandson of the late Rev. was pas- vention. way or other Jean fell off overlWilma Jean Noll and Marcelline'after a visit with their son and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Doman have j the buggy wheel injuring a kid- Noll will attend school at Mt. St.' daughter-in-law and family. slow, steady ! 1o mostly 25 lower than Thursdays : average; choice No. 1, 2 and scaling 190-250 Ibs 21.25-75; choice 214 Ib No. 1 and 2s 21.85 1o shippers; small lot 22.00; choice 260-300 Ib butchers, mostly No. and 3s at 20.25-21.25; sows mostly 16.00-19.00; stags 16.00 down. Sheep 500; salable supply limited to less than 100 head; all killing classes steady; scattered good lo prime native spring lambs _ 25.00-29.00; odd head cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.00-S.OO. KANSAS CITY Iff) — Wheat 240 cars; 3 ,i lower to % higher; No. hard and dark hard 2.32%-2.38 No. 3 2.34-2.37%; No. 2 red 2.31% 2.35V4; .No. 3 2.30%-2.34V4. Corn 47 cars; unch to 1% higher No. 2 White 3.00; No. 3 2.48% 2.92; No. 2 Yellow and mixed l.S3%-1.84%; No. 3 1.81. Oats 11 cars; Unch to % higher No. 2 white 91-97%; No. 3 89-96% Milo Maize 3.08-3.18 Kafir .3.12-3.19 Rye 1.95-2.02 Barley 1.37-1.45 Soybeans 3.12-3.25 Bran 56.00-56.75 Shorts 62.50-63.25 FUTURES Open High Low Close WHEAT: Sep 2.32% Dec 2.36U Mar 2.38% May 2.39 CORN: Sep Dec MARKETS AT A NEW YORK Iff) — STOCKS—Mixed; trading light. BONDS — Irregular; corporates steady. COTTON — Mixed; mill buying, liquidation. CHICAGO WHEAT — Steady; small changes in dull trade. CORN—Easy; increase. OATS—Steady; trade slow. HOGS—Steady to 50 cents lower; top $22.1)0. .;.. CATTLE—Steady to 50 cents lower. NEW YORK (J) — Extremely quiet trading and very narrow price movements Friday marked the pattern Anything moving more than an eighth or ing. At one time 17 leading rails, steels and motors weren't changed more than an eighth with one exception. Trading was light at timated 900,000 to one shares. The movement of several large blocks helped boost the total above Thursday's 000 shares. NEW returned to their home here after a visit with their children in Kansas City and Weir. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cole of El Dorado were recent visitors here with his mother Mrs. Ella Cole. The 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bryant was taken to a hospital last week as a victim of Later reports are that h e ney. According to late report it was thought that she may n o w escape surgery. Mrs. Bob Dill and daughter are: home the first part of the week, i Theodore Dodd Sr. and family. Scholastica this fall. Lloyd Noll has received his dis- Mr. and Mrs. D. Haling and and children of Lansing visited (charge from the army and arrived;with their parents Mr. and Mrs. visiting in Oklahoma. Marcelline Schrick spent last Mr. and Mrs. James Conway of I JRED DENOUNCES FATHER HONG KONG ai—A university student who denounced his father to the Reds was among 38 recently- admitted members of the Chinese Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Cook and,«"eek at the home of her aunt Leavenworth called on their par-! Communist Party, the Hankow Red family of Topeka were recent Mrs. Clarence Cline and family. j ents jjr. anc i iyi rs . \yill Conway newspaper Chang Chiang Daily re- guests here at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cook. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Ellerman are If your electric refrigerator i s Sr. Tuesday evening. Misses Margret Alice, Deloris planning to leave this week on a ' unduly noisy - lt may be becausc jthe members of the Bell 4-H Club iit is not standing perfectly level a t their home Tuesday evening. ports. The paper said the Wuhan Uni- iand Raymond Dodd_ entertained versity student "raised.his consciousness, maintained a firm stand, and denounced his father for cor- The members of the Bell 4-H clubjruption. of Houston, Tex. were recent guests at the home of his parents Mrs. Miles Ellerman entertained nad spinal meningiits instead Sunday afternoon with (trip to the Ozarks. shower honoring Mrs. Shirley El- The Mooney Creek ball team tie-, lerman Ross of Leavenworth. Shir- medical division, Sunday at Mooney Creek. daughter of Mrs. stationed at Fort Bragg evacuation Cool As A Mountain Breeze! Rev. .and Mrs. family of Iowa were recent visitors beautiful and useful gifts. at the home of Mrs. Carrie Kinne family have been spending the past The sisters who teach the school and Miss Jennie Hull. He was week here with relatives. one time pastor of the Methodist at Mooney Creek will arrive here Dr. Huston and famil the latter part of last Friday on their vacation trip. Jean Coppinger has been a pat- are fortunate in being able to get They left the two smallest child- ent the past week at S.B.A. Hos- our same teachers back again this TONITE! Two Thrilling Hits! year. They are Sister Johanna and TOD AY and SAT. Continous Shows Saturday, 1 P.M. to 11 P.M.! Sister M. Denise of Mt. Round and Square DANCE Flovell Haskell Sam Craig has sold his 160 acre ren have been here from Minnesota farm to Willard McBride of Norton- having been called by the illness and death of her mother Mrs. Henry Glaspie. While here one of her moved into the Bill Kramer house STERLING HAWN ARIEEN WHELAN FORREST TUCKER CtuK break his arm. Kern's Hall Alvin Reynolds recently had the misfortune to get the end of one loosa has been employed to teach of his fingers cut off while he was 18th and Spruce On 92 Highway the second grade in Winchester to cleaning out a baling machine af- SAT. ONLY! Another AH New Double Hit Show! fill the vacancy by recent resignation of Mrs. Betty Clark. A number from here attended the Curry reunion at Gage Park in Topeka last Thursday. Miss Nancy Potts, who has been I Celanese Chrysler Cities Svc Coca Cola Cont Can lout Oil Doug Airc Du Pont Eagle Pich HI-JINKS and HILARITY! Sheldon, has returned to her home in North Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Domann and little son of Kansas City were Saturday Night 2.32% 2.36% 2.39 2.39 2.32% 2.36 2.38% 2.38% 2.32% 2.36M 2.39 2.39 MARY LEE RUFE DAVIS Hall Switzer recent guests at relatives at Moo- Eastm Kod Food Mach ........ 44% Gen Bak Elec .......... 63 Gen Foods .......... 47T4 Gen Mot ....... .'...59% Goodyear ........ 43% Greyhound ....... 12% ulf Oil ............ 52% Here Pdr ht Harv .......... 33 Int Paper .......... 49% Iht Shoe ........... 39% !an City Sou ...... 81 tan Pw & Lt ...... 18% :ennett ......... 79% COMING SUNDAY! Donald Ray and family have returned from a trip which took Also.' Always A Hit Carton! •Dutch Kern's Orch. Lunch and Refreshments! Adm.: 50c iVashington, California and other places of interest. Don is m a i ] SUNDAY and MONDAY! - Admission Adults 500 Children Under 12 Free WEST STOOD CROSSROADS 2 Mi. N.W. on No. 73 Highway Fone 3224-F-3 ,Iartin (GL) JcKess & R. ,Iid Cont Pet M&M ilo Kan Tex lont Ward TONITE AND SATURDAY ANTED the Men H« Defied/ i •fat Dairy 55% \ T at Gypsum Central Am Avia Plym Oil 31% Liquor Store Conveniently Located At Broadway and Cherokee St. Std Oil Cal 57% Std Oil Ind Std Oil NJ Studebaker THREE STOOGES IN 0M9 THOMAS MITCHELL • LLOYD BRIDGES • KATY JURADO YORK ffl-Stocks • Wines • Gins • Rums •Blends • Straights •Burgundys • Bonds • Champagnes • Specialties Malt Liquor, Beer and Ale. Plenty of Parking Space. Close Net Admiral Allied Chem .......75% Affis Chal 52% Am Airlines 13% Am Cyan 51% Am Stl Fd 33% Am Tel & Tel 154% Anacon Cop 44% Armour ....• 9% Atchison 90% Beech Airc 14% Beth Stl SOU Boeing Airp 35% Bran Ainv 10% Case (J I) '...25\'s D D k U SKY HIGH — Apparently this sunflower took its name literally and is trying to reach the sun. Max Fraker, of Urbana, I1L, in whose yard the monster is growing, looks up at its 16 or so feet and wonders what he'll do about it all. Swift & Co Texas Co Tide Wat As Un Pac Jnit Air Lin Jnit Airc . U S Rubber U S Steel West Un Tel West Elec Wilson & Co . rt'oolworth Youngst Sh&T U U Closing average 60 stocks 107.6, unchanged. FRtl YOUR KITCHEN Of GREASE, HEAT, ODORS, AIL YEAR 'ROUND ml % MmA=^ -n n^i Fasco Automatic Ventilator • FAST! Changes kitchen airevery 3 minutes. • NO DUCTS! OUini • ICONOMICAL! Low cost . . . Uses less current than 40-watt bulb ... Inexpensive installation in any kind of walL • •UUTIFUL! Harmonizes with modern kitchens ... Easy to keep clean. • ONE CONTtOL! Simple as turning on a light! STOP IN AND SEE IT TODAY! THOLEN Bros. Supply Co. 304 Shawnee Phone 108 TONITE ONLY The HAYWAGON JAMBOREE TALENT SHOW Swell Prizes Santa Fe Trailriders: Jack, Frances, Luke and Jimmy —Broadcast over KCLO— FREE DANCE Saturday Night — 9 till 12 — For Y.F.W. Members and Families ROUND DANCING WITH Music By The Cavaliers "The Biggest Little Band In Town" HEY KIDS! A BIG HOLLYWOOD KIDDIE CLUB SHOW! Saturday Morning, August 23rd at 9:30! And It's All FREE! FREE! FREE! Get Your Free Ticket At The J. C. PENNEY CO. . Ready To Wear Department Talk To The Town Through The Times BT GOSH, AMOS, FOR A MOMENT THERE I THOUGHT WE HAD A SURE- ENOUGH MAGIC CARPET PENNED UP RISHT HERE IN OUR. LAB! ...AND 3O NOW WE'VE RE ALLY GOT A PROBLEM ON OUR , HANDS; YE5,SIR.;.BACK THERE IN TIME WE HAD SOME DEGREE OF CONTROL OVER THAT ARABIAN NtSHTMARE... A MIGHTY 5HORT MOMENT.' IT WENT THROUGH THIS WINDOW LIKE IT WAS TIS9UE PAPER... ...BUT NOW YOU'VE TURNED IT LOOSE IN OUR OWN SKIES, IT'S 'DONE SOME;OOOLA AND FOOZ.Y WITH rr/ Sunday And Monday Don't Miss 'em LUSTY TALE OF THE WEST'S MOST VIOLENT RANGE WAR! SURE, \THIS IS 'MY BIKE! LUCKY you A K3UMDIT, p MR. WILT/.' T. LLU SO YOURS STILL ASKIM FOR 1 I AIM'T BEFORM SCHOOL,EH,SPIKE?I APMITTW STOLE ITAWD— WHAT DO yOU EXPECT ME TO POETRY TO GET YOU OUT OF. THIS so you CAN &ZT WTO MORE TROUBLE? IF r DID, yOJ'P JUSrTHIWKIWASSOFT'/ T/ME AND DAD SAID WE WON'T PRESS CHAR THAT'S Y VOU'BE NOT Y<5I6, ITS TIME TO &O \ A BEEAK \TO LEAVE TH' ( MEffT EASyS PLANE. 1 ! FOR YOU, JYAKD FOR A ^ KIP.' yWEEK.UNDEC- j "ASTAIRE EMBARRASS you, MR. And Hit Cartoon!

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