The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 28, 1957 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 4
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f&l ?AOT8 j f jfa» J **Ap r ^^-.| J .a«;ty^- 1 »j|j|, iiril f . tf , , - -^ .tJttoBtt faitorlal • < • HOLIDAY POOR TIMS FOR IOCAL Rf SIDf NH TO SIIK RICRMflON fifty, 4 tifflfe fof trance of those Who died to Amett«i'« waf^ will bfe bbserved in Bra&Spflft and Bratotift County, as it is elsewhere in the nation, oft fhutsdajr, May 30. But while the pHmaiy putpose of the day is a memorial, in practice it is a holiday. A few may spare & ittoment f6f reflection 6ft the reaSdn fdr the observance, but the vast majority Will see it as an extra day for recreatieft. In the recreational fieldj BfMoSport, by virtue of the reseufees of its beach fronts, is a "have" area, afid will have a great many tnore persons coming here from the "have not" areas than it will have Citizens Visiting elsewhere. This means that oft Merhofial Day the highways of BrazoSport will be a dangerous place to be. Though the road system and law enforcement facilities of the county are adequate -fof their ndfmal use, neither are adequate to make the highways entirely safe with the volume of holiday traffic and eettduian that holidays leave flf the driver* in. L Local people sn&utd know immfc* aialely that A holiday is no tifn« f6* thelf family to us« the beach. Living here, it Would seem that it would be convenient to use the beach *n m&rt nbriMl times, when th* waterfront would be more enjoyable and Safer, and leave the beach and the highway* to Visitors. But for these who ate going td venture forthj femembe? the fepm from the Natibnal Safety Council that ?5 pet cent Of the driving e*ror9 that result in death or injury ate made tip of these thtee:. e*cessive speed, failure to grant rlght'-of^Wa^, and driving 611 the wrong side of the road. And if you are inclined to Consider for a moment the real meaning of tha holiday, think also fot a moment tif this: American ears have killed mew persons than all the War8 that are be* ing remembered on Memorial Day. Inside Washington . . . LEWIS SAID m/NG TEAMSTERS the independent United Mine Congress now is acting on convinced that Worker* union, 1* maintaining money bttls for the next fiscal gation "rider" would fcUl the " strict silence on the prob- year. Should any agencies run school toll, ^tttg cut that lems besetting Teamsters Chief short of funds before the end the legislation failed last yea* Dave Beck, and there may be of that year, they will come because of such an attend* something behind It. back to Congress te ask for meat. Labor insiders are convinced extra money. „-.__».. <*«, that Lewis may move in and these supplemental requests „ A "BATTLE OF toy to take control of the will be shtfwlng up next Senate Republican giant Teamsters union If an spring. The House and Senate Ham .J. Knmrtud has opportunity presents itself and might very well vote addition- passed the ward to his friends hi doesn't want to jeopardize «1 appropriation, for som« that he it dead serious about his chances by speaking out agencies slashed Heavily In the running for governor of Call- nis cnances oy P* « pirniing budget fornia next year— a stepjow- I>wis is reportedly holding By next year, Congress won't ar his ultimate-goal, the White his fire to see if a bitter fight particularl mind putting the House. . might result within the AFL- money back because Its bud- GoV. Goodwin 3. Knisht "as CIO hierarchy that could lead get-cutting rtcord will have countered flu* by letting It be to the Teamsters breaking been established and it will be know* that he has no teten- away from the labor federa- able to cut Income taxes— the lion of withdrawing In Know- tlon to become independent, goal it rtally seeks. W'^Vrf.^ "SSSJ! Tn such i ease Lewis un- * * he *» -on collision between doubted* would MaataeiSry AID SEGREGATED knowland and Knight in the effort to lure the Teamsters to SCHOOLS? — Anti - segrega- June, 1968, primary election. Join forces with his Mine tion force* In Congress are Meanwhile, Vice President Workers under the cover of working up support for a new Richard I M. Nixon, now for in his catch-all District 50 setup, device to tie that issue to the the lead for the 1960 OOP * • * federal , . school construction presidential nomination, is re- THAT BUDGET, AGAIN!— legislation: " ported urging his Call. Congress may not be actually The plan ft* the civil rights fprnia backers to support cutting President Jllsenhow- advocates is to offer a propos- Knight In the hope that Knower's $71,800,000,000 budget as al to deny funds to those states land can be killed off po- much as It appears but mire- or school districts which have Utically. ... Iy may be postponing the day been held in" contempt of court Knowland,. in the great pewit reckoning. for falling to Integrate theirs jrtruggle,J* the spearhead ot. The publkwill have to wait schoftlifiT n: •>•«••' • "old line" Republican forces. until next year to see how sin. The administration is dead Nixon, once a conservative, cere the legislators are in their set against this or any similar now is regarded as the heir ap- economy drive. That's when plan, It takes the view that parent of President Eisenhow- they will face the Issue of th« isso« 0*-"aid-t*«ducatlon' Ws .'" modem Republican^ • whether to provide supple- and segrtgattftH' should not be leadership; On T/ie Side.. . ARISTOPHANES SAW INFLATION ' BT E. V. DURLIiro Whence then this strange increase of joyT . He, only he can tell, who, matched like me, If such another happy man there be, Has by his own experience tried, How much the wife 1* dearer than the bride! —Lyttietosi CFhe above tinea were written oat the fifth anniversary of the author's marriage. In addition to having a beautiful and loving wit*, he was the proud father of three •wonderful children.) • * • Have you an "occupational" surname •uch as Carpenter, Fanner, Painter, Butcher •r CooperT U so, you know how your original ancester made a living. The ?.'••'•'-~t of "occupational name* came up at a social gathering the other night and a brown-eyed, honey blonde •poke up saying, "I never knew anybody named Plumber," Have you noticed how those blondes, especially the browiueyed ejnes, manage to center Attention on themselves by asking provocative questions? I nev anybody named Plumber, either. The rea- •on for that probably is that when the "occupational" name custom was in vogue there were no plumbers. Who was the first plumber? Ask your plumber about that to •ee if he is oa\ the beam as to the history ot his trade. Gardner married Frank Sinatra she said, "I want lots of children. I always wanted to emulate my grandmother, who had 19 children. GUIDE TO OAU Women bom under Pisces (Feb. JO-Mar. 20) do more talking than any other females of the Zodiac. When a Pisces woman is conversing, getting In » word in edgewise is a. real achievement. You may have heard of the woman whose husband said to her, "Anything wrong, dear? You have hardly •aid 2,000 words all evening." She was probably a Fincean. Or, s« say the stargazers. ASKIMO Queries from Clients: Q. What actresses have had five or more husbands? A. Gloria Swanion, Arlene Judge, Pearl Bailey and Peggy Hopkins Joyce. That's all I can think of offhand. Q. Why was St. Thomas of Aquinas named the patron saint of phycho- analysts? A. Because about 700 years ago he argued a doctor should have the right to probe a patient's mind as much as his body. INFUSION How long have governments been WOT. rying about that thing called "inflation"? Can't answer that exactly. However, Aris- tophanes discussed Inflation in a play writ' ten in 405 B. C., over 2,300 years ago! AMONG THE MARRIED The Hollywood record for number of ' children U eight, held by Maureen O'Sulli- cap, Roiemary Clooney appear* out to break this record. Married four years, she has two children, expects another this summer. This brings to mind that when Ava IRAZOSPOilT FACTS ASIDEf The majority of men judge a woman's age by her hair. Women pay no attention to the color of another female** hair when figuring her age. They judge by the chin, th» elbow* and the knees. ,.. The lirit song I ever heard Al Jolson sing was titled "Love Thy Neighbor a* Tryself, But Leave Hi* Wife Alone.'" An ItH*eKs •.. COMMENT On Salesmanship Even taxes, which are compulsory, do not get 100 percent participation from those Obligated to pay them and benefiting from the faculties that tax money buys. It foUows that there i* even less participation in the costs of a beneficial organization that ' Operates on money voluntarily subscribed by memebrs. That has always been the principal worry of chambers of commerce, and their principal weakness. A. chamber ot commerce la a civic club with a commercial approach. It* principal objective is better environment for business and Industry, but the • element* that produce prosperity for these interests rubs off in about the same proportion on every person in the community. • '"A chamber doesn't actually do many things; it doesn't ' have the money. But it causa* thing* to happen, by • selling, coordinating, supporting, planning, and otherwise aiding those who are in a« position to do the Job. So it matter* little whether a chamber official turns the wheel of progress or whether he talk* someone with a stronger arm into doing it. The result is the same. But the role ot the instigator •is not a* clear cut and obvious as that ot the wheel turner, particularly waen the Instlgat- ing is spread over a period of' years, so th* public is inclined to overlook those who got th* ball rolling when the bouquet* are being passed around. That doesn't bother the chamber a* f ar a* th* feeling* of it* official* are concerned. Since* they derive a* much benefit a* anyone else from the completed JoK they're satisfied with accomplishment only. Except at budget time. Then they find that Instigating cost* money too, but 1* rather hard to set forth on paper for the benefit ot projpejuvj member*, Th* result I* that svery year most chamber* of commerce must devote a wastefuHy Urge proportion ot their time to convincing business** that they should pay their stunt of th* operational costs of finding the man with the arm that turns the wheel. In the Brazosport Chamber ot Commerce, this problem Ukes about half the time and produces more than half the ulcers for the chamber manager, Arnold Mathlas, whose capabilities could be directed with greater benefit toward other chamber objectives. ' Fart of this job may have been taken off his hands. That's the intention, at least, of a new club-withln-a-olub that was formed about • month ago. While the vemalhdcr ot the chamber's active participants are out selling Bratosport, member* of this small, select group devote their principal efforts to selling the chamber. In keeping with the teacoast atmosphere of Braioiport,' the group have called '.themselves the Harpooners Club, at the suggestion of Chamber President Jim Russell. ' They """•W"' themesewesf a "dedicated" group, and they pick their own associates. Membership in the Harpooners la by invitation only. The Initial group in the club will remain intact until such time a* One of the members drops out, then another will be added. A wait- • ing list 1* being established. The activity of the club will principally b* contacting every business and professional firm that is apt now a dues-paying member of the chamber. These men are the chambtr'* official representatives la this task. Keen month they meet for a session that 1s mostly fun, phis the honoring of the beat job done during the month. At the end ot the year the chamber itself will honor the best Job ot the year at the annual din- Quite likely, thU getting rid of the money worries is going to be a stimulus to other mem- ben in handling their cMe lobe. On Manet There U at least one problem mat the designers of take Js*k> son didn't foresee when they drew the unique pattern of development tat the city, By GLENN HEATH Because ot th* division of the town into neighborhoods, with streets beginning and ending in on* neighborhood, there are more such streets than in a City laid out in the conventional grid system. From the beginning, the founders adopted a system of naming all but the principal thoroughfares and ways with the name* of some form of plant life. But only within the last eflu- ple of years ha* the city council realised that the mushrooming city is in danger of running out ot these name*. > To a person who doesnt have • the Job ot digging up these name*, th* matter teem* trivial. But It isn't to Mayor Ernie Rea or to City Manager A. A. MacLean. One or two. more : major > subdivisions -will fore* a decision either to. find some unexplored field of flora, or break up th* present naming system* Suggestion* are welcome. Anyone who know* the name of a familiar plant that is not already used to designate a street should add that name to the stockpile the city would like to have. But no Latin names, please. ."i ',0 i You're Telling Me SOME die-hard adherent* of Gustavo Rolas Pinilla, Colombia'* ousted dictator, *tag«d riot* hi Bogota coffee house*. The type of Java they drink down there must be pretty strong; *tttfC. I I ! However, tho*e Bogota coffeehouse shenanigans ar*, we fear, Msaethiag more than Just a Umpeet la a teapot 'III Kkalfw'i eUett maa — he's Ulf-4* *a asdeat Detract Tlajet faa. He east ie- numaer 'w*f back when the »**«*I* w«rt Just kittens, Becaua* a tooth ached, p Torquay, England, restaur-nt operator yanked eight of HI* own teeth without any help. Take* lot* of courage—beside* Try and Stop Me -By BINN6TT CIRF- A Miami mouse bit a postman a* he delivered the null. That ITorWa *un mure is invig- aew* Item el the •T7SIOM09,* 1 ppiM* Katharine Schema* (A her «A|K>«itag J^ book "Spring on an Arctic, Island," "art gay, ijuick-wiMed, and courageous. But there i* one UOnf wrw>| witfc ttwm; they are soft Living only to th* . ' present, they to not see the danger* tha wWte maa bring*. They t»* only Uc gifts, and adapt them to their own dvUlwtioB. On4* ually they are becoming M» elim*tii«4 to th* white man's wo»14 ao4 out of touch with $*fe own. On* day, aJJ of » w4dsm, there wm b» wtJWwi Wt «»( th« Bsldmp. He «| Wk» a mum* my wldcfc b »L b **' >lr ** • woo the »ri«e »» *ugar It *»• pee1e4 1« take § jtrep. The British television system got an bawled up by un-. Intentionally scrambling cwni mereialf ,_ using the wrong voices and script* -with the pie- turaj, The vww«n mu*t hive thought it a, n*w^-*na better-** of fomie show, OTCHIANG'S PiOWS imw H^*^ 1 mlSlttS^gt jfe ft P. *U« Uftittd Pre .round the wotld uwk It ft* ftewi that #111 make the mgiy arrhat irt London . it W>* dls. le i»* s 2«M , Jfjay, fh«k« Hou in Formosa forttell bad ne*s fot O allsslBio Chiang Kai-shek. WU day'l cutbrtak in t*lp«i, the cantikl, was anti-American. But tt many Formosafts, the hundreds of thousands of Chl- ntse Nationalists Who took tefutt in their island when the Communists ev*«an the mainland a« as junwelcenw as the AmerlcaflS. The next rots, if any, could be anti-Nation- allit. ririt §t*p . „ The flext few days may tell Whether hope for a first step toward disarmament is well- founded, Llk* America'* Hareld Stas- ten, Soviet chief delegate valerian A. Zorln went home for new Instructions during an 11- day recess in th* Wnden disarmament conference. The »*iks r«»p*ft today. tondsn idvices predict that gMin't attitude, en the basis of his instructions, will show filrly soon whether Russia is really ready to talk business at list tacem* Tax fion't count on Congress reducing your income tax next year, retroactivs to next Jan. 1. The official Democratic line voiced by House Speaker Sam Rayburn is that the cut Will be Voted. But some Dem- ocratls ta* writer* say privately they don't expect any cut. Airing New fielhi says that the reported romance between Roberto Rosselllnl, husband of Ihgfld Bergman, and his pretty script-writer Sonali das Cupta may be aired in the In. dian Parliament. Indian officials are upset about the whole situation. Unless Senall's family — which is very prominent In Indian politics — says no, it may be brought up for a debate. Raekeii The Senate rackets committee will take flock this week and decide which case to in-. vestlgate next, and when. Best guess is that hearings will start about June 4. The committee has several cases nearly ready. 'Its No. 1 choice is an Investigation of Teamster "paper local" unions '!« New York; First Aid If Egypt and Syria don't com* through with their promised payments to Jordan, the United States and Saudi Arabia can expect an urgent appeal for Immediate help from Jordan's young King Hussein. Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia promised Hussein 34 million dollars a year to replace the British subsidy which Jordan sacrificed when it threw out the British commander ot its Arab Legion. Saudi Arabia has paid its share. E«ypt and Syria have failed to come through, and Hussein's treasury Is about empty. Unification Despite talk about Increased unlflcatoln of the armed forces a* an economy measure, Wash. lagton report* that early action 1* most unlikely. Congress dislike* the idea of a single military force under an all- powerful chief of staff. •ports Outlook Don't bet any money on th* American entrant* in the British Amateur golf tournament \vhlch started today. This season's American contingent of 24 is th* weakest in year*. It isn't exptced to go far, A. general 1 tuBarmammu treaty, whleft wWHd outlaw ftUCidRl* wka^iBrlt 'Sim JpRJVldf for drastic tiftfttfttt W Wmed forces,'i**lMMfWj*lgf. But ttrttt 1* Bft^iplnt the fact that l«a«»i irrtUM cap- iwts beliefs tw* Lnraoti talk* bring IH* HtWttUl first Represented ygemf „--— ene* ate the V«ft*i States. Canada, Great Britain, France and Soviet RusffsV ... The delegate* M these five countries constitute a sub- committee'of tltt WttHed Na. tlons Dlsatwamertt Commission. Fhti 1* t,«B(teB They i.iet first in London in 1955. They get nftwhet*. Since then talks have W*fi.held both in London stid at. UN headquarters in New York, the present conference started originally in Lofidfift an March 18. : This time theft was a different atmosphere, in the past, every attempt by 1 , the western countries to get started had been blocked by Russia'* refusal to a«re* to any system of inspection and control that would prevent cheating. Almost from the start ot the Lon'on conference, there were indication* that the Russian Attitude had softened. Now, the feeling seems to be general that the Russians, however reluctantly, may be ready to do business. F**lta« Cost The Soviet government is feeling the cost of maintaining; its enormous military machine. It is apparent also that Ru-rlan leaders are fully aware that however much damage they might Inflict upon the allies in a nuclear war, the Soviet Unite would be the big loser The London talks were recessed on May 18 until today, so that Harold Stassen, the chief American delegate, and Valerian A. Zorln, the chief Soviet delegate, could go home to 'report and get fresh .in- str-ctions. . S'.assen, especially, seemed to foci that for the first time in year? of sporadic disarms- rnc-it conferences since tha er -'. of World War 11 the Rug. s'--1 feerhed ready' to talk sc nusly about a control system. • Looking Back IT HAPPENED . .. MAY 21 5 years ago Commissioner J. B. Chambers today said a black topping program is in pi ogress in Precinct 1 which will cover approximately 11 miles of road. Chambers explained that all the roads In Oyster Creek ar* being black topped. 10 years ago The Lake Jackson Breakfast Club was entertained at the home of Mrs. J. E. Harp at 324 Aialea. Members present were Mrs. J. R. Canlon, Mrs. T. P. Hood, Mrs. ft, W. Kelley, Mrs. R. H. Stoker, and Mrs. E. P. Warner. U yean age Robert Wlngste, toa of Mr, and Mrs. R. S. Wlngate, and Billy Allan, son ot Mr. and Mrs. William Allan, students at the University of Texas, will leave Austin this week on a sight seeing trip to Chicago before returning to their bom* here. DAILY CROSSWORD ACKOM lOrimtal country 6, Chair part 11, Rustle IS. Kind of tree JlCeatury plant W. Deputed 1*. Dtipatea tT.Pert (colloq.) Si. visl;* lae* H Apprtheadj M, Kind ot •quiaa 10. Verdant IJ. City (da,) «.»QW» t*. Power* M fear* It, ScctUsh •*»* elOf th*M»«4 4».X«w ftw«r*hir JlWc^, aickaain* P0WK 18. Otnua of herbs W.OolcMhtr.) M. Muiical Instrumtnt 91. Chinese pagoda, M. Perform W. Sanskrit school M.Oct.n 38. Number ST. Upward curving of ship's planking M.Bul- wark 33, Musi; not* 35. Range 34. Pro, noun JT. Counsel (ar. chaic) U. Man'* nam* 4ft. Ortedy 4l.R*p ( air 4J. Waiver** Ui'l'VA'J IIUM.II'. >.:-IW>J MHI.'Jv-l .'•111 Jll.'.li* UN kill i I'J.ifl ll?:i: i:i'.!iv.':i'-' ^11 j!) 44.M*ao>r*fe» tlve SIDELIGHT* What do woman wb<j marry twice 49 with the wedding ring* slipped on their ger* by their ftr*t husbands? Norma Shearer keeps on, wearing her first wedding She put her second weddjjjg ring over **••• The eminent photographer, Cecil Beaton, says Qreta Garbo is the world** moat Photogenic female. Most Swedish women i^re ttUita photogenic, Next Jn thj$ $ej$ec| gre the Italians. Most uflp&otdgcate *re wwnen, year*, paw™*! and exposed to a|r, ha wUJ crumble to 4Mrt,* *Jtth**» tWiaftte' «pa«P(ait «4 »im M h* paaaef

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