Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 13, 1976 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1976
Page 8
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8 · Northwest Arkomoj TIMES, Tuesday, April 13, 1974 For Those Who Can't Wait Planting Seeds Indoors Gives Early Start By EAHL AltOXSON j Al* -Neu'sfcaalurcs · · S o m e of us can't wail until warm weather to plant. How- pver, you can get an early s t a r t by planting seeds indoors in a Sterile media and you will be plotted mica). Perlito or finely ready lo transplant outdoors chopped sphagnum moss. AM \vhcti the danger of frost has ended. First get a clean pol or flat and f i l l it to withon an inch or two from (he top with horticultural Vermiculite (hcat-cx- Here It I s . . . M.-W-.LM Largest variety of imported Cheese in Northwest Arkansas, also a very l-arge selection of Domestic Cheese from Wisconsin. EASTER WEEK Specials Samsa Cheese from Denmark about IVi Ib. ball 53.79 ea. Imported Switierland Swiss Cheese . . . . Ib. $2.49 Holland Edam . -. .' Ib. $2.59 Goat Cheese from Norway Ib. $2.39 Our Own Smoked Turkeys Smoked Chickens Country Cured Bacon Country Cured Ham . Ib. $1.69 Ib. $1.98 Ib. $1.98 Ib. $1.98 KETTLE SMOKE HOUSE Highway 71 South Sprrngdale, Arkansas 72764 MSITP materials are free from h a r m f u l OL'gaiiisms and retain moisture readily. Sow llv seeds, propei'ly spaced, on the surface, in rows or scattered, then wet the medium, preferably from tho bottom. When Ihc top is moist, dra in wj?ll a nri cove r I h e top with newspaper or a sheet of glass. Generally, you won't need any additional watering until the first true leaves have for mid. Then you should apply diluted liquid fertilizer. The Vcrmiculitc, Perlite or ,mos; have no nutrient value. Repeat this every two weeks as long as the seedlings'remain in H. Another' planting program is lo fill the container with good potting soil and spread .a half Such of Veriniculitc, Pcriite or sphagnum on the lap. Plant Ihc seeds on top as described ear licr. The difference is that a tlie seedlings grow the roots \ reach dnwn into the soil and i get nourishment without feitili zer applications. The process described should work well for most flower and vegetable seeds. Be sure you give Ihe flat or pot good light, sun or lamp, once the plants omerg,o. Otherwise they will be spindly and -may damp off. ff you want , t o germinate seeds o[ Irees and shrubs, slore the seeds for several months al a temperature'just above freez ins I'ul the seeds into a jar o moist sand, peat or PerlHe ant slore in the refrigerator To: Ibrcc months al 40 degrees NEED HELP? For confident I a" Information Cream Covered Osmonds llnrtcr n thick layer uf w h i n cream are Marie and Dnnny Osimmrt. The young onicrluin- crs were tossed ititn n giant pie filled w i t h -9G gallons "f whlpitcd cream during ami after the taping of their final 'Doniiy anil Atarie' show of the season, Donny kno\v lie was going to be (fissctl Into the pic as purl or the sliml on (tic sliow which will u i r April 30 but 'alter (lie scene was completed anil (lie television cameras .stoupcil shuot- ing Marie u'lis tossed into f h c crciim, too. CAP Wi.rc|ilioto) "Floating Foundation Of Photography' New York's Most Unusual Photo Gallery DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without nalice KTEW, KYTV, KOTV, KOAM, \AARNER CABLE o'l Fayeltevlli: 103 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 521-173' Complete Home Entartainmani Cttele Service All Area Television o.ld . . . FM Radio Time · Wealher · Special tvenls Mathias Discount Stores Inc. · Ml S, BlncV 12 bllis. soalh of * E«itK*te Shopping Cen(«r H cs Lt ro Bn rti Bj" ; i TDTIT I-'JRI»I J u s t i n L a r a n c i i and N'otons H E A R I N G AIDS SALES SERVICE il boring aldj. ti«ci1*» * atecs WARDS HEARING AID DEPT. EVELYN II1LLS PHONE 4J3-1591 CARPETS CLEANED in your homo or place of business by Von Schrader dry-foam method. \o russ · No muss No odor Call loday for free estimate. T R I P L E A CARPET CLEANERS 521-7355 53S S. Duncan. Fsjefl HAPPY HOUR 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Sal. E ttmet, Eip*d rouik nd wi The Working Class Hero 21 N. Block 1-3 Man .-Sal. Don'I Lose business because of an unanswered phone When 31 rings--We a n s w e r ! FAYETTEVILLE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC 442-9827 or assistance on: V.D., pregnancy, drugs, parents, school, vocation. p mnaways, etc. \ C»!l * YOUTH HOT L I N E f 442-2562 c · San. thru Thurs., 7;11 p.m. a Fri. and Sat., 7-12 p.m. l By IRVING DUSFOIt A P N e w s f c a t u r c s New York's most unusual holo gallery is Maggie Shcr- ood's purple houseboat, "Tlie loalin 1 ^ Fou tula t ion of Photog- aphy." The awkward, water-borne rail, with its e'arish purple- nd-white cxtcrtor anrf twin- lastic-bubble root, is norjiially LMlhcd a t A l a n h a t t a t i ' s W e s t i, Ch. 2 KTUL, Tuisa, Ch. 8 gfield, Ch. 3 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Ch. 11 ' Ch- * KODE, Joplin, Ch. 12 Smith, Ch. 5 KUHI, Joplin, Ch. 16 MOVIES ON TV Tuesday N i g h t IChSOpm -- Ch. 6,10,1 6 "The Comedians" (1967) R i c h a r d Burlon, Elizabeth Taylor Wednesday Night ' 10:30 pm -- Ch. 6,10,1 6 "Judith" Sophia Loren, Peter Pinch 11:30 pm -- Ch. 8 "The Heat Wave Lasted Four Days" {Canadian; 1974) Gordon Pinsent ~k 5:00 Adam-32 3. 12 Zwm U Kew» i a. ». 8. 15 Yamtiy Affair 7 Horn's Herws 6 * 5:30.- Neni 2, 3, 5. S, 7. 9. 19, 12. IE * 6:00 Evening FMon wilh Martin Agronsky 11 Ntws . . . , 3, 5, fi, 7, 10, 12 Horn's Hcrws 16 Cone eninillan .· 3 -* 6:30 - D;,ito.5iia With Jerry LiKon . , 1C Treasure Hunt 12 L«'s Make A Deal ^ Oklahoma in Review : 11 Pries Is Right : 3 Tnilh or Consequences . .. ., 10 New candfrt f7amera 1 Concentration 5 Adarn-12 . B * 7:00 -- Mwin' On 2. 7 \S1M Kinetom . ..', 3 Here Crimes Peicr Cotlcnlail 61 10, IS Happy n»f S . . . 5. B, 12 * 7:30 - . ^ DiarofTue With Jerry Utlon ; EasC^ond Baplist Church 5 I^rme arxl Shirley i, 12 Corjumor Sunival Kit 11 -A- 8:0u Police iS'oman t, 3 Oral nr.herts 6, ' M.A.SJ1 10, 1C ny.kcf. 5, Z. 12 MAms r^irr.nlclc 1: it 8:30 * 9:00 City A Artels 2. 3. 7 B.eer.'cnnfa! In Oklahoma 1 -A- !):30 -- * 10:00 -Lin = , Ynpa and WAI 1 .VC-VLS 2. 3. 5, 6. 7. 8, 10, 12, 1 if 10:30 -- Ji-hnni' Carsnn 2. 3. 5, "i M,vie 6, 10. I K fJk!afinm=i In Review I R e a v e r l-afce 2 if 11:00 - ABC Nevis I * \Z'M -- Mv5-r-rv o( t h e Wf*)c ( ^r I:OB -- OVJahorrn Fnrum ffF.DNRSPAT MORNING -A- 6:15 -k fi:20 - Projrti * 6:3fl - SMSU Foru m CF1S S(-v,s ir 6:15 -* 6:10 -* (i:5l) - * fi:5S - , Mr. men! s of ModjiAllon v * 7:00 -- CFts ,Ve**-* ; 10 I Tft.lAy .,·.-..;·*, 3, !, JoTin Chick . , . . C,r,,l JTomJnjr, Am* rlcJ 1 * 7:30 if 8:00 -Captain Kangaroo 6, !0, IS Cartoon Circus , 8 * 8:30 \.M. Okliahoma B * 0:00 Price Is Right C, 10. 1« Celebrity Swi^pstakca 2, 3. 5. 7 3 A.M. . 6 sesame Street 11, i; if 3:30 ~ fiph Roller 2 3 3 7 * I 0 ; 0 0 - Rambit 6. 16 rVhtel (ft Fortune 2, 3, 5, 7 (n Service Teaching Programs . . . . 1 [Jnah! Ryan's Hope * 10:30 -Happy Days , B, 12 Love of Life . -. 6. 16 Hollywood Squares 1, 3, S. 7 * 10:55 - r a k e ' K c / f ]0 Coffee Break " ' 5 * 11:00 -Rill of Refits Debalei n M a c n l f i t c n t Miirhta Machine . 3 S. 't Mary, -Mary HarlniaTi VVjuna a n d ihc Restltss e, 10, Let's NSake A Deal ... E. * 11:30 - Tnke My Adricc i Search For TomGno-*- 6. 10. Phil Donahue AM My Childicnj " 8 * 11:55 -NBC .Vows 2, 5. UKn^KSI'AY AFTERNOON * 12:00 - iy.vt 01 Life , nyar.s ITopc , lablctalk ; News '2, 6/7,' 12, ^ l^:l.1 - Ca:*rt Pj/Xcr ^ 12:25 -- ·\i-.vs * 12:3ft - l.tliJis, Yoira ar.d Yw As The VrorM T u m i 6. Iff, n,iys OI O;ir Live* ...... 2, 3, 5, Hhyme and EleJion 8, * 3 : 0 0 - W.V*) PymmM 6, rn S e n f t c T e a t h j n s Proarjms * 1:.10 - .Vc,zJ-.ry,M 8. G u i d nit I J j h t 6, 10. Oxters 5, 3, s. ·A '2:50 General HospHal ...· 9, Alt In Tli? Family 6. 30, Another V/rrIcJ -2, 3, 3, * 2:30 - if 3:00 - r»!naJi KAfc of .Vizftl ,, 8. iUter n n K f n Mcrv O r i f f r n , * 1:3(1 - Is-'.'x Mnf;c A D?s] Sejjimi- Slrcct , Row juried *'3:55 - Kxrrrfee Wjih Ksrlyce tli Street final E^asin on [lie · dson River. When tlie tides. ^ eather and season permit,, it (,.,, so nuvigates -- or is lowed -- ' olriur ports of call on the * si., River, lower New York slu ay or upper Hudson Iliver, On CQ ICSD missions, il brings jls dis- s h clivc photographic , gaUety a ^ i its teaching , pnigratns lo Ihi spitals, senior citizen and fro uth centers, prisons, correc- co nal Institutions and isolated wo nmunities. ' fo Vow at its home berth, its sio rrenl exhibition, "Is II Hcully to e In Here?"-, is a retro- su ectivc display or pholographs a t e by women prisoners of co ic Bedford Hills Correctional sir cility. I t - is the first exhibi- fir n devoted exclusively lo tlie f° irk f r o m a single prison pho- th jraphy workshop program, a sc 1:00 - j" ;i lUisniuVe B j. .i lwn .".V.'.'.V.V.V/.V/.'.V.V.VV" ] 2 OJ , *jvc It To Beaver 7 ' 4:3U - ch 5:00 - a * 5:30 - th xi!t Il«,it :.'. 11 p evis , z, a. S. f , 1, R in, 12 16 i, WKONESDAY EVENING * «;00 - " c-.vs · 3, 5. S, 7, 10. 12 (mrenlratlon 3 ^ j it G:30 - '' klaTiama In Review . . . . It lice Is Hiplil 2 fl .lUfi Gnmc PM 13 Q clam-12 . .V. ".".'.V.'.'. " 8 P .el's MaVo A Deal ]6 C 'julli or Consequences la I ohby Vinlcwi 3 · \td. Wild World of Animals .. 7 r 7:00 - «· 'lip ' «'il.«n ' 6, 10. IB II !«ifc Woman 8, !2 f ecadc.s o: Dw-isions 11 'Itrc Hmisc on lhc.r/ .. 2, 3, 5 7 ^ * 8:00 -- s TLMI l»erfofnian«!5 /. . 11 I Cannon '. ', 6. ID. 16 r * !J:00 - · J ar.nhurs's I Jncoln 2, 3, 7 r 0;-al Roberts 5 \ L a r ^ f f y and Hulch B. 12 * *3:30 - u P.-ologuo ', 11 P -A- 10-.00 -- s rnlliins For Indiflns 11 i News 2, 3. 5. 6, 7, a. ID, 13. 16 , * 10:30 )k! ahoma In Review 11 orinny Caison 2, 3, S, 7 Movie 6, 10, 16 * 11:00 -: ;\nc News ,,,; 11 f * 11:3A -- 1 Movie 8, 12 if 12:00 -* n: -To -- r njcct e * 1:00 -- ,Jl .aiHiOiil IMHH 11 ^lilB ; JWIgSKt. WED. T H R U TUES. STARTS 7:15 P.M, HURT RCVTIOUK CATHefMhE DCflEUVC "HUSTLE" P L U S 2nd HIT NEXT "PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE" Everybody's Business Record Earnings Set By Edwards A.G. Edwards Sons, Inc. 1. Louis based securities f i r m imnonnced a prelim inn r iriritfs estimate Tor its Fiseu car ended Kcli. 29.- I97fi, vor million dollars, pproximalcly 53.0(1 per sharx omparcd to $2.091.000 and $1.7 share for the previous fiscn ear. Gross revenues c.xcectlc 68 million compared to $'i9V6 ill lion last year. Audited __ res are expected by early Uay : Previously, a year-end cxtni livirfend of $0.50 per share was loclared to holders of record larch 12. 1U7C. The FayeUcville A. G. Ed* vards Sons, Inc. office is located at the Northwest Arkanas Plaza, STARTS WEDNESDAY Show Starts 7:15 · PLUS · NOWI STARTS 7:15 THE MAN WHO LOVED CAT DANCING 8URT REYNOLDS'SARM'II MILES CHIEU HANH's ORIENTAL FOODS llunV.Watiiiil, Rogers (across Irom Bonanza on Hhvay 71) A complete line of imported oriental foods. Fresh dried seafoods and Chinese vegetables. . EVERYBODY WELCOME! Open Deify from 9 AM to 7 PM, ; ·ogram in progress For almos i'ce- years al the New Yoi ate institution for women. Besides the best efforts uden ts mud e d uring th urse of the workshop, II uw includes portfolios fron dvanced students -- a m o n em, .several now release om prison ,-- and some rcce: !or work fro m advanc cd orkshop students. They are a ·[lection of the questioning vl- 011 which photography brings people as they view their urroundings with a camera. The view of prisoners, o[ nurse, is severely limited and rictly controlled, und so ·eater credit' must be given any distinctive results. In exhibition, viewers gel a ensc of t h e prison, the life of 'ie inmates and of the pliolog- i p h y . workshop itself through ie images. Considering' the initcilions, commendation round is in order: lo (he pris-- KM' students, to the photogra- hy program, and c e r t a i n l y ' t o tie enlightened prison officials vho gave tlie workshop a ihance to prove itself. One of the prints w h i c h : augh L my. eye wa s a dou bl e .xppsurc by Pauline Kay. It, ilends the silhouetted figure of' woman in front of prison bars viih the pages of an open book. It's haunting mood lias signifi- tinue, I round out. White .imprisoned, Ms. Kay discovered hat law books and statutes irovide legal means For in- natcs to shorten or emi their ncarceralioii. This - idea became the basis for her photo ;raph -- a sUitcmcnt showing he ability of legal codes to icnetrate prison bars. Pauline Kay, now released 'rom prison, "uses the knowledge gained from her experiences to help other prison- ;rs and 'The Floating Foundii ion oF Photography. The prison teaching program tvas started by the Foundation in 1973 under a Department of Correctional Services grant ivhich also included photo work shops at two men's facilities in the New Yoi'k penal system. Photography instruction is of tored in 12-wceh courses on vasic, intermediate and ad vanccd levels. Inmates selected are s t a r t e d in basic classes o[ ip lo 30 students. A f t e r com plelion oF the advanced class stutiQEits may elect to continue in photography in an advanced workshop or may become 'as s i s t a n L teachers in t h e pro g r a m . They may also q n a l i f j tor prison jobs such as t a k i n g Polaroid pictures in the visiting room or work in the institution's identification photo 1Kb. Malxxjdny-tlw worna'n ti \vdiits 0:35 ONLY Diana Ross Mahogany PLUS -- AT 7:15 MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS SHOW STARTS 7: Adult AcHon-Ai-You-llke-H NOW.SHOWINU "ALL TIIE PRESIDENTS MEN" (1'G) No Passes NKXT: "THE HINDENBUBG" HELD OVEH \Vinncr of n Academy Awards ·ONE FI,B\Y OVER THE CUCKOOS NKST" BABY BLUE MARINIi" NOW SHOWING llfi-Ml Hilclicoch's 'FAMILY PLOT" ( P G ) NEXT: FIGHTING MAP LAST :i DAYS Charles Bronson H l l E A K H E A R T P.LSS U'G) LrVST :l DAYS THC HIDING PLACE' 7:(!0-5MS ( I T . ) NEXT: "THE DUCHESS TIIE DIlmVATER FOX" T H L S r i A k t A S Y 'Real Live Dixie Land Music Every Tuesday Night at THE SPEAKEASY from..7 p,m. - 9:30 p.m. Very seldom do you get a chance to listen to this great sound, originating from Now Orleans. A real family treat to come in for our great pizza or spaghetti and enjoy the Dixie Land Music. Bring the whole family, the kids really enjoy it. This Tuesday all the spaghetti you can eat for $1.99.

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