Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 30
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P« 9 . 6-12-INDEPENDENI Iwt MK*. Crtl. linn. Un. M. I'll i \\liilr-Collar.Jol, We're Going All Out to make the LAST THREE DAYS OF SIGNAL TV's GREAT SPRING SALE the biggest in our history We want fo wind up our Spring Sole with a bang . . . to we'rt cutting pricet_e»en further en the great namei in televition. Here are only a few of the many buyi of Signal. We'll be open oil day Sunday to serve you. NEW FLOOR MODELS 23" RCA TABLE MODEL (Remote control) S259.50 23" GE MAPLE CONS. (Remote) 349.50 24" MAGHAVOX (The finest) ..289.50 21" GE PORTABLES STAND... 189.50 23" MAGNAYOXLO-BOY (fop set) 247.50 23" RCA CONSOLETTE 219.50 19" RCA PORTABLE 139.50 Sony Battery Electric Port. TV 289.50 A In* portable IV ... lit eor--camper-- fc»oe*--*omt OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY SALE ENDS SUNDAY--SO DON'T DELAY--COME IN NOW JV RADIO TELEVISION 3801 ATLANTIC GA 7-2015 at Biiby Road OPIN MON..TUES.-FRI. 'TIL 9 P.M. (jtlinns In Ctil HAVANA Ml -- White-collar uoikcrs leave their Jobs in the rast central Cuban city of Camaguey today to hack sugar cane. MORALS CASK INVOLVED CIRL, 15 Juvenile Judge Is Convicted WAYCROSS. Ga. (UPI)i -- |Convjctcd o( contributing to'detention home and they later Juvenile Court Judge Yviiiiam The Cuban press reported, R- Graham waj convicted ami Thursday that all *hopj ini stn , ent - t ,i (o a y ca r in a that city will close because of. prison work camp Thursday a labor-union decision to send for takjnR a , ccn . aged gir | clerks and other rmplnyes into u . ho ap(X . arrd i n hi , court on the fields to relieve a short3 S c a tavern-hoppins tour that of cane-cutters. 7.'{ in Nrw York NF.\\' YORK WWThc tern- peraturc soared above the 70 degree mark Thursday for the first time here this year. The rcndinp at 1 p.m. was 7.1. ended in a motel room. The 15-year-old Rirl. who had been sent to a detention home by Graham on a bad- check charge, had testified that Graham mntel. after took her to a visiting some Way-cross taverns. He was the delinquency of i minor. A railroad worker. J. E. Head, was convicted of a similar charge Involving the girl met Graham. She said she later refused several offers of drinks from Graham at various taverns. but his year's sentence was Mrs. E u g e n i a Hubbard, probated. Head was $500. The girl (old the court Head picked her up near the SAVE-BY-MAIL ... AND EARN ^ 10 Ml -IHCll To ftn 11 reojrl jg:l «rd t K\ pi/*s f t3 Isjitit « Ji»ir;i irl ten J«r .' ci. vie »-1 t;ei jwr rtovt j-1 Sftd cj )-;r rt* fiiftock ri rcfff i £"*ta f i trrt tj ntsrs r.i.1. · H:covf!s irsnJ b 110,009 t Artojrtj ii frt ICth ef it r:**n m ir.trtst Jfcm f.f lit ef SAVINGS I UM i 3rUlt{lllttl!r|-.l»I ItKk, til. t »ii!«:k;«sn Waitrcss Tells of Big Spending J / » Viet Guerrillas AI lack Control Commission Car SAIGON W) -- South Viet Nam's Foreign Ministry said Thursday Communist V i e t fined head of the detention home. testified that Graham asked her to take the cirl to a road intersection near the home so she could be met for a babysitting job. The complaint was filed by the parents of Hie girl. Both Graham and Head have appealed their sentences. Graham Is the county's first juvenile court judge. Cnllmlics Counted MEXICO CITY Ml -- Ro- SAN DIEGO (/n--A blonde! cocktail waitress Conr; guerrillas attacked two vehicles of the International. Control Commission in an actl man Catholic Church officials of accression ;sa X Mexico has 34.6 million cocktail waitress from New, ' «" '"' jCatholics in a population cs- ,Orleans testified Thursday J n e a » a cK occurred Tucs-L._. alpd ., ** mill'nn that Navy Chief Petty Officer ** on a hi B hwa y 2S milcs'" matcd at m " ll0n Charles Addison Moody took southcast of Salmon, her on an expensive vacation The twn Canad ians and one trip to Miami. Fla. | Indian official in the jeep and sedan were not injured but three the s t a t e m e n t ' Moody, 33, is on trial ;U.S. District Court on a, I charge of embezzling $12.000 "'"""i · ifrom the chief petty officers' a( TM5 d club at Miramar Naval Air! Station where he was mana-; , gcr before he disappeared' January fi ' an * mmc - " )Cn 0 PC nc - · Lcgil Notice The ICC vehicles were on ,,, , ull , nj - r [, r , mail run when Viet Conp in ambush detonated a , 415114 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, FICTITIOUS NAME Th» unrtrrilirnfd dwi f f r l l f r Ji. r"n«IurtirK » buMn'ts st 21212 i. Al»nirJ St.. lxr.r Hficli 10, tlift.rnia. undrr th« Ilctttioui [Irm . SELF SERVICR firm ts corti[io*f(l rf rrrpon. «hri.«» rtm* f tp»idrn« li ttmt follow: n Alpln ,. J r - :s:8 ' Dean Shirley. 31. said she ·^··yU^L NON. RESPONSIBILITY NOTICE ! A. ii. urAi.i'iNr-:. an. STATK OK rAI.»X)!:.N'IA ) ICor.NTY OK IMS ANCKI.V.S ) r On Jl.rrh S. 1SJ. h'fi.r» m. met him in the Playboy Club! S( ,,,,, ,, ,,, t , br cl ,, n br ihe'xotiry i-ui.'iicin Vmi'rrr MIJ p'uV at New Orleans Jan. 12 or,'" 1 ' 5 " 1 ', 1 "' 1 ,y'"" r 1:1 7 v "'-," !l ''-,i 1 * r " 1 "» :| )'«n-»'J A. n. ilnir a t 1SJ2 I.mie Atf.. Jjnr.c I.racti . . . in. He pnvc her pocket mnncyif.iiiorru. tim ut»r u,- n in $50 bills during the Miami;Jji^tf,*';"'^^.!^"!.Tibmn'', trip, she said. She later pot ; i ' n , b i!," l ;''Ji"i'n'MmVjii hl *" x r " the bill from the Miami hotel "iwtVjiir.'ir. iw: Ihrv tlnvrH tnej siajca, . . Jr.. kni.«n to in» Io I" t i t «)». mmr i rui»tihr.i to ih- » tthm Ir.^tlUtn' nt tnil n kno w l ( d e ( d :i,» rsrrutrri th t .»m.. ISF^D mrTii r. I-ARKS. Nntirjr 1 rut.Iir. i!y f^mmi»*i^n »i- . . . ! t nn Jun. is. IM? ifirn"l VKTOP. r.IXXTKEr. Put. JUr. .7). Apr. «. 13. m. Ui2 (it) -- I.DI. I..II.L ·v- - K l|f A^l frri"»-:. V \.- E^m- -*/^r,rj^ M^^ MISSES' BULKY KNIT SWEATERS 2.97-3.97,, Hccp "sluilmv lv\" still lies pivc thrsc fill sucjtrrs a ^tilpturrd Kilkinrss, \ \ l m h rvniy- .int .iirylic ntlnn y a r n s r e t a i n tlinuidi m a n y \Varm xvr.ip for tcxil sprinp d.iys. MAY 10 I'A^IMIM. TOTS' SPRING MINDED SLIPS 2 " S 1 w e r e S"c Little pitls five tiie -.lip to lint \ \ r a l l i r r in i l i - rn.itc-coiiHious c o t l o n - d a u o n p i h r ^ t t r fabric slips \ \ l i u h never nerd-. i:oiiinc. Any n y l m i l.ue cdcmps. SI.TS : s. Each 59c DACRON WINDOW PANELS 39° each l.'je these uliitc, f i l m y i l a c i r n jiiliestcr panels as tier curtains, in s m a r t "Minnie" arran.cements, rr tn n i t M i n sm.ill \vmdn\\s I'.iih p.inr! is «i" lone x -12" vide. r \ i c l l c n t va'ucs. MAY f O FA! Ml NT. Ci:r»inv 1 /" "-I r-.'r MEN'S BROiDClOIH SHORTS 44' Take )our pick -- clastic \v.iislcil boxer styles or lonvcmcnt siup closinp. \\Vve a limited ] t i t y to ilr.u, yi simp c.irly for these r.isily \vjsli- .il'lc, ncjtly printed cotton bro.nlcloth slmrts. MAY «) PALMIST. Mfn« rurni.riin;«. IjlrKc^I rnlr MISSES' EXOTIC MUU MUUS 1.00 ,,, 1.97 b r i l l i a n t flowers bloom riotously mcr graceful nun: minis of cotton or rayon, making you frcl fte^h as a bouquet. Slip into one for breakfast, liuiiipni:. Si/cs .small, medium, larpc. M A Y ( ( ) H A S I M I N T . IXmirrr «. |jVr-,,,i BRASSIERE ASSORTMENT 1.00 w e r e l."S I' in plamorous assortment -- cottons and in Ion laces in both bandeau and lonp line sulrs. You'll find one for ocry costume. Si/rs 52- ?C.A. ?2-?sn, 32--10C, also up to -)R and MX MAY ( O F MEN'S 6,1. T-SHIRTS ·f f were (i9c These lonp-ncarinp t-sliirts w e r e m.iniifjumcd for the country's most exacting customer -- I'n- tie Sam. Obscure fl.isvs, so lhe\ re \oiirs at suh- stantial savings. Si?cs S-M-L MAY U. PAM Ml N I'. Mm « ri:rnih-nsi. WOMEN'S FIATS, WEDGIES 1.00 Leathers . . . s t r a w s . . . combinations -- foot- \\ear of many purposes, w i i h summer style sip- nificMmr. Pair them w i t h many rostiimes at this low price, \\lnle they last. MAY ( PETTICOAT PARADE 67' Pctal-smcoth aictatc tricot in do/cm of dainty dcsipm and a rainbnn- of pastels. Gossamer lares froth at the hemlines. Sizes to f i t all misses' and women. MAY rn RASFMrvr, I.i-scr-. l.'.fT,^vl r-'r i'7c-l.-17 lots' bo.\rr loncics in pinwalc cottoii rnrdiiroy. Si/cs 5-fIv fur Kns, pirls .....74c 1.V-2.S7 Tots' cotton corduroy slacks and a- pns for boys and firls. 5Civ . 1.57, 2/3.00 300 Misses' cotton cordoiu robes. A-slupes. ; Pink, yellow, blue chcvks, 10-lfi..... 2.00 Women's dress shoes in many styles and colnrs. Hir.h and mid-heels in the proi:p 2.87 Misses', women's ilrescs in mlori a c r y l i c orh^n jerseys, 2-po. swratcr drrssts 3.99 Men's army-type cotton k h a k i slaiks in M/es :) ;.-. -J2 for roupli 'n ready w e a r 2/5.00 1.77-1.97 Girls' cotton flannel r/mns and mini rrjiis for sleeping,£. Si/es 7-M. 1.00 MAY CO. Ltkcwnnd 5100 Likcrsocd Blvd. Men s t.isiial jackets in durable, washable tot- ton. Smart for rucced wear, 3rt-)fi.. 3.87 Men's continental and ivy nit slacks in wash.ible cotton, smooth or corded, 2S-i2 2.87 Men s blue cotton denim casual slacks in sues 2S to -12 for "easy living." 2.87 Dauon polyester \\indo\v panels in white only, w h i c h need no ironinp, -(""NSl" ._.«. 97c ? ')^ Girdle ami parity pirdle .issoilrnrnt: briefs and lonc-lep panties, S Ni-i. 2.87 ;.')- IViys' sweaters in button down, slipover \ rip-front styles. Acrylic orlons, (V1R, 2.97 I'lntrie blankets in t w i n or double si?r. \Vash- able shades of blur, pink, preen, bcipr. 9.44 MH 30111 Shop Saturday, 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. s' stretch so.ks 100 r n nylon, w l m h fit si/cs i-S'/» and 9 to 11 w i t h o u t a wrinkle, 4/97C Men's suede oxfords, rnoc toe, 3-eyclet tie, crepe sole. Lopn, prey, 6l/ : -12 D, tin 111/,, 3.87 2.17 Girls' TV pajamas and robes in quilted acetate. Colorful, washable. Si/cs 7-1-1, 1.97 Glamour Girl \ i n y l car coat in bcipe, brown or blue. Assorted misses', women's si/cs 7.00 Mises' v i n y l car coat in bfipc and w h i t e w i t h 100 r j spun rayon lininp -...5,37 FWuit basket and t\\o pretty dish towels in pink, yellow or blue. N'ne shower pift _67c Cotton terry aprons in a variety of floral print*. So absorbent for kitchen chores 77c Sorry, No Mill er Phont Orders Acciplid en Thm Itimi MONTH-END BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT ACCESSORIES, ODDS ENDS MAUE 4-DXAWU STUDENT'S DISK-- 1 c»l». R.,. IMS _______________ ........ _ ...... ___ __ HIGH IACK IOSTON ROCKIRS-- 7 «n!v. PEDESTAL LAMr TAIltS-- R.u gatliriti. lUg. I4.?5 ..... - ........ SMOKING STANDS-- Moelt. R.j. 10.15. TELEPHONE CADDIES-- McpU. R«g. I0.7S. _..._. _________ _ with MAGAZINE RACKS--Mopl. (;*;».. MRS. lAKER'S LAMP TAKES--With gall.ry. R9. M.9S. MILK STOOLS-- Mopl. finlil,. R.g. 1.47. PLASTIC TOP OCCASIONAL TAILES. Sl.p. Celt... Lamp tabl.i. Rtg. 29.95. WOOL IRAIDED RUGS -- R.»tri!tl., nuttlcelcr.J, durotlt. Reg. 19.95. 39.88 19.88 9.88 7.8 7.88 3.8 6.88 88c 18.88 64.88 LIVING ROOM FURNITURE COLONIAL WING SOFAS-- 2 c-,l r . Foo-, tuttir EARLY AMERICAN WING SLEEPER SOFAS. Fco-, rukbtr culMent. Orfheptd'C rottrtliei. 2 enl^. R«?. 25».95 ...................................................... WING SOFA. 7-ft. l,,m rbtfc.r c-.i^cni. I .,,!,. l.; 5 . l».,d. Re,. 279.?5 ................................. 7-FT. SOFA. Wood t.TM or-, o.J wi^, t.e.-, twttj, feam rubbvr twiViefti. Rfj. 309.95 ........ LOVE SEAT. Win? ilyle. weed I r i n n t f. (»on rubber cuthient. lnp«rttd tepcitry. Rr^. II9.9S... SUrERSOFT flASTIC CHAIR AND OHOMAN. R*v»riibl« fean rubber cuiKiei. 3 only. Ant. ce'crt. Re,. 134.95 ........................................................... .. SWIVEL ROCKER. Hi)i bad. foo-i cuiKcn. I eitlf. lro»n. Re,. 109.95. _ ........ _ ................................. .. J-fC. CURVED SECTIONAL Win, plllo- toct liyle. (ea-n rubber culHoni. M feet Ion,. I cnly. Hec.y brcwn t.eej. Re,. 479.95 ........................... CUSTOM QUILTED )-PC. CURVED SECTIONAL 17* ten,. Many patlerni to cnoote froTM. Re,. (49.95. RECLINER. Tre ultimate ii co-nfol. Wocj (tin. Taptitry cover. I eil^. Re,. 109.95 ..................... 119.88 178.88 158.88 199.88 138.88 99.88 68.88 299.88 499.88 68.88 MAPLE SWIVEL BAR STOOL Re?. $27.95 DINING ROOM FURNITURE SOLID IIRCH 41" ROUND DROPLEAF TAKE. 70 QQ 2 filli. Orefl to 4 3 ..I,. Re,. IC9.95. .. /O.OO SOLID IIRCH OVAL DROPLEAF TAIlf. 2 lilli. 1 flO OO Oce.i ). I f"l J "'r. «'l- ·«·« IUO.OO CORNER GLASS BOOR HUTCH. Solij b i r c h . TO 00 I .,!,. Re,. IJ9.95 -..- 10.00 LARGE CAPTAINS CHAIRS--7 cnly. 1 4 8 8 R*-j 2 2 9 5 -.-.-- -- ··**!* MATES' CHAIRS-5 t-\ t . 11 88 R,,. U.1S - ' '* BEDROOM FURNITURE JENNT UNO HASDROCK MAPLE IEDS. o-d (gll tin. R.3. 39.?5 POSTER PANEL IEDS. Hordrect nopl.. Full l'i« OB|». R.?. S7.9S CANOPT IEDS. Solid birch. Sol.-n finiiV. R.,. 124.75 - DOLLY MADISON SPOOL IUNK IEDS. R. 9 . 17.75 - -4-PC. COMPLETE MAPLI IEDROOM StT. Dr.n.r, mJrrer, b.d. ni). ilond. R). 279.75 - LAICE MAPI! THIPlt DRESSER AND M I R R O R . R.j. 177.75 SEALY II ST ANNIVERSARY FLEX.CUARD IOX SPRING AND MAHRESS. Smeoll\ lop. R.g, firn. T.Jn er full iii». R.j. M7.7S n». - S«» 26.88 29.88 88.88 59.88 199.88 118.88 79.88 5-PC, MAPLE MASTER BEDROOM SET Doubl* Dr.tier vilh cedar ttoro,. drowerl. Illli", mirror, booica:: '··odboard and poilrp (oelboorJ, t.a nil. llondl. Re,. 299.95 MATCHING CHEST-ON-CHEST. Reg. 14.95 - - - 59.88 Convenienf Terms . . . 36 Months 30-60-90-Day Accounts Use Your Bankamcricard MAPLE SHOP 1152E.Pac.Cst.Hwy. HE 2-0661 HE 5-1709 OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT !TIL 9:00 P. M.

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