Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 5, 1968 · Page 18
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 18

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1968
Page 18
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PAGE 18 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N 'How Can You Be So Heartless?' Angela Nine as Dona Elvira pleads with David Williams as Don Juan (Left) not to discard her, as Don Juan's sidekick-servant Sganarelle, played by "William Beatti looks on apprehensively. The show opened last night at the University Theater. (Citizen Photo by Bruce Hopkins). University's 'Don Juan' More Athletic Than Lithe SHOW SCHEDULE APACHE DRIVE-IN "Sin in the City-' -- 7:07; "Tales of Paris" -- 6:34,- "The Ring" -- 10:24; "Carnival Slory" -- 11:40. CACTUS DRIVE-IN "Happiest Millionaire" -- 7:07, 10:44; "Cathy and (he Wildcat" -- 9:34. CATALINA "Smashing Time" -- 7, 10:15; "President's Analyst" -- 8:30. CINE EL DORADO "Carrwlol" -- fi. FOX-BUENA VISTA "The Graduate" -- «:30, 8:30, 10:30. FOX-TUCSON "Guess Who's Coming to Dlnrwr" -- 1, 3:12, 5:30, 7:40, 7:50. LOFT "The Lady Killers" -- 7:30; "The Fa- male" -- 9. MIDWAr DRIVE-IN "Billion Dollar Brain" -- 7:07, 11:18; "The Wicked Dreams of Poula Schutz" -- 9:20. MIRACLE DRIVE-IN "Jurfllo Book" -- 7, 9:40, "Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar' -- 8:25. PLAZA "Lanza Jus Pehas al Vienlo" -- 6, 9:31; "Vuclve el Norleno" -- 7:iO. PRINCE DRIVE-IN "Wait Until Dark" -- 7:07, 11:06; "Fit- zwllly" -- 9:19. RODEO DRIVE-IN "Who's Minding Ihe Mint" -- 7:07; "To Sir With Love" -· 9:09; "The Ipcress File" - 11:04. 22ND ST. DRIVE-IN "The Ballad of Josfe" -- 7, 10:40; "Luv" -- 9. NOGALES BUS SERVICE leave TUCSON for NOGALES 7:M, »:1S, Miti A.M. 4 »» 1»5/ 3:30, Slid, 4)44, itii, U:« P.M. leave NOGALES for TUCSON 7iO«, fil$, lliM. 11 ill A.M. * IMS, 3;s», 4i«, tttt, i:u, lins P.M. ·6yh«iM4 TirmlMl 711-sm . By MICHELINE KEATING Citizen Drama Critic The University of Arizona drama department had a go- round . with Moliere's "Don Juan" last night, a production that turned out to be more athletic than lithe. - Director William Prosser had a good idea going for him in giving some modern reflexes to the . old commedia dell'arte style. He rates A-plus for his iry and it isn't really his fault that the champagne failed to fizz. It requires considerable the- aler experience and sophistication to do this sort of thing well and the student actors just didn't have it. The broader the farce, the more gossamer it should be. Last night "Don Juan" had more of the substance of shaving lather. The kids seemed to be having a good time and Hell was pretty soactacular, but it didn't make the campus appear the hope of living theater. To begin with, the untranslu- cent translation was more like a schoolgirl's prose than Moliere wit. True, it is not the best of Moliere, being an early work that is seldom done. Still the lines last night, for the most p a r t , seemed stilted and frequently too long and difficult for the commedia del] arte to hurdle. ' As usual with University of Arizona drama productions, "Don Juan" has a lot of eye appeal. Carolyn Porter's stylized set, utilizing a stage upon a stage in contemporary lines, is most effective and enables the action to romp along at a good pace. The costumes are gay and colorful. By now almost everyone should be familiar with the Don Juan swan song, his life of lechery culminated by a descent into Hell. If you don't think this is a theme for comedy, then you don't know Moliere. Don Juan is played by David Williams, a young actor of considerable talent, most of which is wasted in this effort. He lept off the stage with agility and grace, but it failed to carry over into his reading of the lines. He played with a seriousness and sincerity that was out of key in the over-all tone of the production. The same holds true of Angela Nine's treatment · of Dona Elvira, whom Juan had stolen from a convent, seduced and deserted. She had her feet on the ground instead of her head in the clouds. The most successful performer was^ William Beattie as Juan's servant, Sganarelle. He was the only one who fully captured the flavor of commedia dell'arte, although an outstanding bit was contributed by Robert Colston as Don Gusman. The others in the large cast try hard, but they are in water too deep for their tyro talents. It was all pretty cute, particularly at the final curtain when the audience sits applauding an empty stage. But after all, one could hardly expect Don Juan to return for a bow after he has just gone to Hell in a burst of s'ame and smoke that the Ju- nior Chamber ol Commerce will have a hard time topping in its 4th of July pyrotechnics display. DEPTH - BACKGROUND James Marlow in the CITIZEN WeL GHOST ^ RANCH LODGE and toi'kluil lounge Reservations 624-8261 801 WEST MIRACLE MILE Uie Your Valley Bank Credii Card COMPLETE BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH A large choice of sandwiches ·from 50 C served from 12:00-2:00 PARKING UNLIMITED She's GREAT!!! Th DIXIE MOORE The -things this gal says!---she s naughty but so nice--you'll love her! Continuous Entertainment Every Nite LOS LflTINOS for Dancing No Cover No Minimum Coffee Shop Opens 6 a.m. Breakfast 65* LUNCH 95* DINNER 1.85 IDELANDS MOTOR INN 919 North Stone 822.3541 DINNER DANCING TO THE MUSIC Of THE LOUIS WELK TRIO Enjoyable dining in a Charming Guy 90's atmosphere Four Separate BANQUET ROOMS far Groips ellO le ISO S532 K. Speed u-ay For It c h e r v i l l i o n s Call. Wednesday, March 6 MEATS Pork Chop-, with Scalloped Apples 69' U.S.D.A. Choice Roast Beef, served with Natural Juices 85 e Old Fashion Chicken and Dumplings 5 5= Southern Fried Chicken 62' Grilled Calves Liver with Sautced Onions 59^ Chicken Fried Steak xvith Brown or Cream Gravy 6V VEGETABLES Parsleyed Rice 16' Creamy Jifacaroni and Cheese I 7" Brussels Sprouts Amandine 22' Cheese Topped Stuffed Potatoes 20' Harvard Beets 1 6' Green Beans with New Potatoes 20 C SALAD Cranberry Sour Cream Gelatin 25'' Tropical Fruit Salad with Sour Cream Dressing 2 5 C English Pea and Diced Cheese Salad , ,,.,'1 g ; Carrot, Coconut and Pineapple Salad 18' Spinach and Egg Salad ,.,...,, 3o c Cucumber Salad with Tomato and Green Pepper o c DESSERTS Raspberry Ribbon Pie 25' Lemon Chiffon Pie , 25' 19' i Creamy Chocolate Icing 20* Pumpkin Pie ,..,, , 22* Mincemeat Pic ..,,,,..,,,,.,,. 22 e Eastgate Shopping Center 5 60 I E AST SPEEDWAY Serving Hours 11 A.M. to'2P.M. and 4 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Dally Continuous Service Sunday 11 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. EVENING FEATURES Filet Mignon $1.39 KCs Sirloin Strip $2.39 Fried Jumbo Shrimp, French Fries Tangy Seafood Sauce 95° Prime Rib Roast au Jus, Carved to Order ..S1.49 Thursday, March 7 BarbequC Spareribs 89° Baked Chicken with Sage Dressing, Rich Giblet Gravy and Cranberry Sauce 65* Country Fried Steak with Pan Fried Potatoes ,. .85 f Mushroom Herb Peas 1S C Fried Cauliflower ,. 22° Cottage Cheese with Peach Half 25 s Marinated Cherry Tomatoes 20' German Chocolate Pie with Caramel, Pecan and Coconut Icing 25 1 -" Creamy Tapioca Pudding J. 7^ Friday, March 8 Beef Tacos ;.. 35 J Fried Jumbo Shrimp with French Fried Potatoes and Seafood Sauce 9V Corned Beef with Cabbage,,...,.,...... 85c Savory Carrots 17 C Buttered Spinach , IS' Cold Ham and Turkey Plate 1 . 1 0 Frosted Sliced Peaches 25 C Dutch Apple Pie 22' Old Fashion £gg Custard Pie 22* Hot Spicy Apple Dumplings., Devil's Food Cake with Crear Saturday, March 9 Shrimp Creole and Rice T) e Italian Meatballs and Spaghetti ...59' Buttered Okra , 18 C Cauliflower with Hollanilafse...., 2 5 e Diced Potato Salad 3 8' Pineapple Lime Delight 22* Butterscotch Brownie Pie 25* Hot Spicy Apple Dumplings TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1968 -- tUai 4eAaml*t wul putt* Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. VALEE u i- i:«t.. - ii.-ri i..i( .Tr.i.iu. UWIIJI.-V.il-.,,.-! /"\ \ ) OSHUE DEBALE O CItfiDEA o frill Iki MSraim f ~\ s, / [ ^ } ^ "N Vs ) O mi V. v jA * HE WHAT THE PLAYBCV MUSICIAN KNEW. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. IN TOWN (Atuwcrj tomorrow) Jumblee: STEED LINEN LETHAL TARGET Answer] Hoic a tall gal tnjoved eww--· WITH A LITTLE SALT EL CHARRO Restaurant 140 W.Broadway Authentic Mexican food since 1927. In oldest part of' city for atmosphere. 9 AM - 2 AH · MA 3-3152 H INVIIATION TO 0000 UX1IMG MIRACIE MIIE GHOST ^ RANCH. Restaurant OPEN EVERYDAY 3 MEAIS WEDNESDAY IS FAMILY NIGHT BAR BOOt RIBS AND FRIED CHICKEN AND SPAGHOTI.EATITAU. ASK FOB MORE... DAILY LUNCHEON SPECIALS FROM iJOEYJEFFERY 1 85 PERSON (\r t 3D · SONGS 'EDPACKHAM'S 330 S. WILMOT PIANO · ORGAN Back By Popular Demand After a Two Year Wait BETO BERMUDEZ Direct From Mexico City with his "GOLDEN GUITAR" Showsat8:30-10~12. Dance To The Mickey Greco Trio 1601 MIRACLE MILE (FORMERLY HIWAY HOUSE) CALL 624-8541 Arizow abc Thralrrs Arizoii ale Ikalrrs Jrizoiw ak 1 Tiiralrrs Arizow all Thfilrcs \rnnn ^ELDORADO 5909 E. BROADWAY \ ^/ TONIGHT 8 P.M. WINNER 5 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS!! WINNER 3 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS!! HURRY... ENDS SOON!! RESERVED SEATS 2 9 6 - 6 2 4 1 CATALINA N.CAMPBEU at GRANT LAST TIMES TONIGHT! "SMASHING TIME" 'PRESIDENTS ANALYST" STARTS TOMORROW Albert Camus' chilling story of a man who was damned if he would and damned if he wouldn't.... MARCELLO MASTROIANJJF TH6 STRaNGGR (^MIRACLE \ DRIVE-IN-600 W.GLENN The Jungle (s JUMPIN 1 with JOY! TONIGHT! OPEN 6:30 CHILDREN 12 UNDER 50' Walt Disney Jungle B Five Indicted As Embezzle rs NEW YORK (AP) - Five men who allegedly cooked up an international embezzlement scheme to steal nearly $12 million from the Chase Manhattan Bank have been indicted by a federal grand jury on conspiracy charges. U.S. Atty. Robert M. Mor- genthau said Monday the scheme came within one word of success. He explained that a VlMMfclftt 0" MJ'jMKN ll«ll ON RORIH FOURTH.. Caruso's *«· MtfOWS OlOiSr AND ' f'MSl KALIAN KESIAURANl 434 N 4lh AVE MA 7-9657 fraudulent cable from Chase to a Swiss bank aroused suspicion only because it called for a money transfer in dollars instead of francs. Serving IOP.M: Mesquite Broiled CHICKEN HIDDEN VALLEY INN Sablno Canyon Rd. 298-20U J Home made Lasagne Dinner for 2 $C f ° r .Includes* ANT1PASTO with 19 \l 2 . varieties of Delicacies · Gloss of Vince's WINE f HOMEMADE BREADSJICKS · SUCCULENT LASAGNE I SPUMONt (Italian Ice Cream) · Coffee tTM»TM #1 Mama Mia! Eccolo! Upieiihonoiad COCKTAILS 4866 E. SPEEDWAY Phone 327-022 Cougar .Iriioiu ibi Ttipnlrc\ .Irizoni Jbi Thnlrr.v liiwtu abr Timlin \\\im abi Tlii'jirrs \\\mt "HOME OF HOMEMADE LASAGNE ,2r WEDNESDAY SPECIAL Baked Manhattan Steak, Mushroom Sauce Mashed Potatoes Roll or Muffin Coffee or Tea Cheese Enchaladas Chili 75c 11:30 fa 2:00 4:3»to8.00 unday* «, Holidays 1J:» JITJ to PIT SHOWN ONLY at 9:00 ".'THE FEMALE... Makes I, A WOMAN Look Like MARY POPPINS."'oiIljN'e« SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN * SUrVly Realistic Film For Adults Only Film classic tonight at 7:30 ALEX GUINNESS PETER SELLERS "THE LADY KILLERS" 22nd ST. AT AlVERNOH 325-2223 LAST MIGHT-WALT DISNEY'S "HAPPESTMUIONARE" "KATHY AND THE WILDCAT" BOTH IN COLOR STARTS TOMORROW FIRST TUCSON SHOWING THE ALL-NEW AND MOST EXCITING TRUE-LIFE! ADVENTURE! BIG SCREEN-FULL COUCH GORDON EASTMAN IEI...:nd eiperitnct an Ihe Ihhlh Hauiffi Ifii (ye ol Gonfcn Eailmin jmtio's lap oaliioof ptiolojraiilut! IIWE... an incredible summer on a heart-stopping . ~"~ CANADA/ LASTHKHT-MKHAEL CAME "BLLUN DOLLAR BRAM"ELXESOMM£R "WICKED DRUMS OF PAULA SCHULTZ" BOTH W COLOR STARTS TOMORROW 1ST. TUCSON SHOWKC HMIBMLEII PICIURESJNC. sbrring DAVID SfELLA STARTS TONIGHT 4 ADULT FEATURES-S 1.50 CARLOAD ALL THAT GOES ON IS NOT IN THE SUBURBS! ADULT A EVERY ASPECT! PLUS ALSO CARNIVAL STORY 5101 HMOS HWY. . · 2 M -3532B /^Hflf BHIGER'GEORGE NAOEfii "teA^riniby TECHNICOLOR lil 3 FEATURES-SI .50 CARLOAD ALL W COLOR-LAST NKHT SDHEYPWTEITTOS* Hm LOVE" "WHO'S MMDMG MMMriPCRESSFii" STARTS TOMORROW NOMMATEDFOft 10 ACADEMY AWARDS AND THE RING" LASTNKHT-AUDREY HEPBURN "WAFT UHTL DARK'^ITZWILY" STAftTS TOMORROW "THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD" OPEN 5:.45-IN COLOR "LANZA TUS PENAS AL VIENTO"--ALBERTO VASQUEZ--ALICIA BONET "VUELVE EL NORTENO" ANTONIO AGUILAR h'ATIONAV GfNERAl CORPORATION r/jV WEST COAST THEATRE^ _ uENa-visra 251 SO.WILMOT RD/298-1886 3-PERFORMANCfS STARTS AT 6:30-8:30-10:30 WINNER ·7 ACADEMY / AWARD NOMINATIONS! BEST PICTURE BEST ACTRESS BEST ACTOR .BESr SUPPORTINS ACTRESS BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY BEST DIRECTOR BEST SCREENPLAY JOSEPHE MIKE NICHOLS LAWRENCE TURMAN..^,* THEGRADUATE COLOR *" tWa ' E? * PiClUIUS MlMSt ADULT ENTERTAINMENT STARRING ANNE BANCROFT DUSTIN HOFFMAN KATHARINE ROSS CSL 'STDRIVE-II 1401 S.BEUVEDHE 795-13771 Lost Day · Open 6:45 P.M. DORIS DAY "THE BALLAD OF JOSIE" JACK LEMON "LUV" STARTS TOMORROW m TUCSON . SHOWING BeHe Davis a portrait in evil astte most merciless motor of them all! BiTTfDAYiS THI SHEILA HANCOCK JACK HEDLEY Color by DeLuxe --ALSO -"GUIDE FORTHE MARRIED MAN" ROBERT MORRIS INGERSTEVENS FOXtTeatri eatre 17 WEST CONGRESS · 623-949t Continuous From 1 P.M. Free Parking After 5 3RD BIG WEEK WINNER OF 10 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS! BEST PICTURE a love story of today Spencer r Sidney TRACY IpplTIER Katharine HEPBURN guess who's coming to dinner nJlnirocfucinj; atharine Houghton

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