Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 3, 1930 · Page 4
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1930
Page 4
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eligious News of Interest to 1 AY SCHOOL LESSON REVIEW Teaching of Jesus Possesses More Power Thai| All Schemes of Social Reform—Some Try It. By W1LMAM T. ELMS. •«]f«>inoHon In the Kingdom"—Matthew XX:17-2S. ,LENTY OF "NEW" IDEAS ARE being broadcast these days. Few *f them are really new, of- great and workable. One, 'however, which still Mentis 'iWiSf- to most men's way of thinking, ttaUy came into the world •With Jesus i and has been slowly seeping Into the consciousness and practice of the race. "•-•••.. This Is the idea that true'greatness is derived; not fi-offl position or Iftwn- power or from wealth, but from service to one's fellow men. .Of Himself Jesus said, in dramatic reversal of all existing standards of preeminence, that "The Soft of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to, minister, and to give His life a ransom for How upsetting that notion is, and how completely contrary to prevailing practices, a moment's thought makes clear. It establishes a standard that is diametrically opposed to the conceptions which humanity has held for all of the thousands of years that the machinery of civilization has been running. Diggers into the layered ruins of the ages report that all the outstanding monuments and tombs are of the rulers, the warriors and the conquerors. Like the pyramids, they are memorials of pride and place. Always honor has been done to the heavy-flsted and to the opulent. And that is still the way of the world. Ambitious Mothers Blunder. Even the best friends of Jesus have Often dwelt under this same delusion, despite His clear and repeated teaching Our lesson incident, which strikes compassion into the reader's heart for th« misunderstood Master, portrays the mother of John and James, two of the members of the inner circle of the Intimates of Jesus, coming to Him— plainly at the instigation of the sons themselves—to ask that they be given the chief places of honor in the new Kingdom which they expected Him shortly to establish. Their pride pleaded for preeminence, regardless of loy- Alty to their comrades. Then, as usual, ambition was inconsiderate and ruthless. Of course, they should have known OFFICERS TO BE INSTALLED SUNDAY Tomorrow morning at the Second Presbyterian church, 1315 Eighth avenue, tho newly elected officers will be ordained and installed, and those reelected will be reinstalled. The unities of those to be ordained are W. H. Roelofs as an elder, and J. B. S. Wolfe and C. M. Applebaugh as deacons. Elders M. W. Miller and C. A. Selwitz and Deacons C. Fay and C. H. Dietrick are to be reinstalled in office for .a term of three years. The pastor, Rev. E. Lansing Bennett, will preach at 10.45 a. m. on "The Office of the Elder" and at 7)30 p. m. on "The Office of the Deacon. 11 ,' The usual Sunday , morning object alk will be given to hte junior congregation at 10.45. Rev. Bennett is call- ng it, "The Dogs of St. Bernard." Bach child, present Will receive a large picture of a dog In colors. Next Sunday morning, May 11, which s Mother's day, Rabbi Eugene E. Hibshman will speak in the Second Presbyterian church at 10.45 on the subject, "Thy Father , and Thy Mother." EVANGELICAL First Evangelical, corner Sixth avenue and Eleventh street, Rev. C. H. joyer, pastor—Preaching by the pastor at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Morn- ng service, observance of "Founder's Day." Theme, "The History and Spirit of the Evangelical Church." Evening subject, "The Necessity of Fentc- ost.' John , better. As Jesus gently showed, their request was perfectly heathenish. It ' ran directly counter to all that He had been teaching his disciples. And it drove a wedge of jealousy and of disunion into that band of brothers; so that their Lord, standing in the wery shadow of the cross, was confronted " a miserable squabble in His of- is a crumb of en- ficial family. Perhaps there couragement here for the rest of us poor Christians, who so often forget ourselves, and misunderstand our religion, that we, too, contend for places Of honor and for eminence above our fellows. In our sinning, we are in the -company, of James and John; who surely should have known better. Not untiT? -we' reach the blessed realm where "His servants shall serve Him ahall we completely comprehend the ristltke program of greatness only ministry. The Misunderstood Man. Smerson was right in saying that be great Is to be misunderstood,' all of us partake of some meas- df greatness misunderstood by For everybody is somebody at one _._> or other. The weak wail about Up the strong accept it as a condition ofSHmman life. And all may find fel- ihlp with Jesus in this experience. •was misunderstood by even His ist and dearest. That is why His tthy for all others in like case IsScomplete and comforting. Uterature has no sublimer picture oJfctragedy than this portrait of Jesus, d*ing the closing days of his earth- lyftaission. seeking to share with His sst friends the colossal ordeal that ..routed Him. He was marching fight to Calvary, with unfaltering DV j, g and unbowed head. All the igjomlny of arrest and humiliation ant rross personal indignities; and of refection by all of His followers, lay cltffcrly before Him, and near at hand. it least three times, by Matthew s refiord, He tried to tell His comrades a&ut It and to secure their sympathy. N&er was heart hungrier for human feUowBhip in a tragic time. He who wt> all compassion could secure none frpm those to whom He most naturally«turned. The disciples could not and •w*lld not understand the Master. TBby gave no heed to Hib heart-break- inlf confidences. He had to "trend the wftepress alone." This was part of tn§ price which Jesus paid for His SMfiourhood. * The New Law of Life. |To word of reproach or bitterness came from the lips of this most mis- udierctand of all who have ever lived Instead, He turned again, patientlj aria lovingly, to the long task of in- Btarctlng His friends in the law of life Inline Kingdom. Once more He set before them the standards of true fW»tness. His way—their way—the ClirisUan way—was the very antithesis Of*the heathen, Gentile way of self- •eikingand self-aggrandizement. "Bu' U Shall not be so among you; but who solver will be great among you, le h3l be your minister. And who.soeve WJU be chief among you, let him be your servant." Squarely behind these fundamental- *ly«*new ideals of Jesus stood Hit own "' le, and His consistent teaching. can be no mistaking His mean- He meant the law of helpfulness, OflTfincere service, of ceaseless miniB- tri to be the law of life for all who *h«uld come after Him. The Kingdom °l Heaven. He taught, is not for tb* haughty, but for the bumble; not fo» the selfish, but for those who MJfve. His representatives have taken tbi name of "ministers." Those who have followed Him mobt closely, like, Ptpl, delighted in the title of "ser- VftBt." H. G. Wells was once asked by Bffice Barton to name the six great- figures in history. After some Sunday school at 9.30 a. S. Wolfe, superintendent. The school will observe rally day. J. H. Tobias, president of the Fourth district, Blair County Sunday school association, will be the speaker. Goal, perfect attendance. Radio service, unday afternoon. 2 p. m. Altoona station, WFBG. Mid-week prayer and :>raise service, Wednesday evening, i45 p. m. Emanuel Evangelical church, Fifth avenue and Fifth street, Rev. Hermann W. Kaebnick, D. D., pastor—Preaching at 10.45 a. m., by Rev. Dr. F. E. Het- rlck, of Johnstown, Pa., and at 7.30 D. in., by the pastor. The sacrament of ;he Lord's supper will be observed at both the morning and evening serv- ces. Evening subject, "The Christ of Pentecost." Sunday school at 9.30 a. m.; Frank Gleichert, superintendent. Sunday evening at 6.45 o'clock, the League of Christian Endeavor meets, with Gertrude Weber as leader. The topic is "How May We Find Our Life- Work?" Tuesday at 8 p. m., monthly meeting of- the Sunday school board. Wednesday at 7.45 p. m., midweek service. Thursday at 2 p. m., monthly meeting of the W. M. S. and Ladies' Aid. Thursday at 7.30 p. m., choir rehearsal. Friday at 6 p. m., annual mothers' and daughters' banquet in the social rooms of the church. A special program will be presented. CHURCH OF GOD First Church of God, Sixth avenue and Fourteenth street, O. M. Kraybill, pastoh—Sunday school at 9.30; preach • Ing at 10.45, subject, "Household Salvation, or What the Bible Teaches About the Children of Believers;" C. E. for juniors and intermediates at 6.30; preaching at 7.30, subject, "The Curse of Cards." First of a series of Sunday night sermons on the general subject of "Worldly Amusements;" prayer service and public missionary program Wednesday at 7.45; Men's Bible class will meet Thursday night at the home of Doyle Reed in Eldorado; choir practice Friday at 7.45. Fourth Street Church of God, Fourth street and Twenty-first avenue, Rev. Wesley N. Wright, pastor—Sunday school at 9.30. Preaching services at 10.30 and at 7.30. Christian Endeavor at 6.30. Mid-week praver service Wednesday evening at 7.33. The Lakemont Church of God, C. S. Nonemaker, pastor—Preaching at 10.30 and 7.30 by the pastor. Morning, subject, "Sweetness." Evening subject, "What Constitutes a Good Church." Sunday school, 9.30. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.30 p. m. The pastor in charge. CHUBCII OF CHRIST First Church of Christ, Sixth avenue and Ninth street—Bible school will bo- gin promptly at 10.30, L. G. Runt, superintendent; tho orchestra will play at the opening of the school; at 10.45 morning worship, the pastor, Rev. W T. Fisher, will have for the subject "The Resurrection Ministry;" evening service of song and sermon at 7.30 at both morning and evening worship excellent music will be enjoyed, Car Frantz, director; Mrs. Walter Kelley, organist. LUTHERAN First Lutheran church, Twelfth avenue and Fourteenth street, Marlon Justus Kline, D. D., pastor- Services at 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m with sermons by the pastor. M subject, "The Good Shepherd." Gospel for the second Sunday after Easter. Evening subject, "The Path of the Just." Sunday school at 9.30 a. m.; W. F. Lehman, general super- ntendent. "A class for every age." Senior Luther league, Sunday, 6.30 i., in the lecture room. Intermedii— _,uther league, Sunday, 6.30 p. m., In the He"nry Baker room. Ladies' Aid society Wednesday all day. Mid study Wednesday, 7.45 p. m. Christ Second Lutheran, Si avenue near Eleventh street, George N. Lauffer, D. D., pe Morning service at 11. Sermon 1 . pastor. Subject, "The Water of Life. Vespers at 7.30. Sermon by the pastor. Subject, "There Shall Be One Fold." Sunday school at 9.45; John C. Calhoun, general superintendent. Junior Luther league at 6.30, ~ Luther league at 6.30. Tues 2130, Women's Missionary Tuesday at 7.45, Young Women's Missionary society. Wednesday at 7.45, prayer service. Wednesday after serv- co, teacher training class, day, Sunday, May 11. St. James' Lutheran, corner Eighth avenue and Fourteenth street, Re'v. J. Flegler, pastor—Worship at .10.46 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject Der Gute HIrte und die Seinen. Sunday school at 9.30, Emil • Conrad, assistant superintendent; the graded ititheran system is used in the junior department; Mpnday evening, the church council; Tuesday evening the Friendship league; Wednesday ning, the Women's Aid society meets Fourth Lutheran, Rev. Raymond C Shindler, pastor—Preaching and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "The Poor In Spirit;" children's story sermon, "Be Some 1 -^"'" evening subject, "The Man Dodged Promotion;" Sunday school at (.30; Junior Luther league at 6; Senior Luther league at 6.30; Young Women's Missionary society Monday at 8 at the church; Women's Missionary- society Tuesday at 7.45 at the church; mid-week service Wednesday at 7.30; nother and daughter banquet Thursday evening at 6.45. Evangelical Lutheran mission jouri synod), W. Bertram, in charge. Regular divine public worship at 2 p. m. in the Falrview Union chapel, lo- mted at Twenty-fourth avenue and Ninth street. Sermon topic, "The Res- oration of Peter to the Apostleship." D astor Bertram will preach the ser- lon. Bethany Lutheran, Third av and Second street, Rev. Harry Saul, pastor—Services at 11 and 7.30 with sermons by the pastor. Morn- ng subject, "Pentecostal Power," a sermon in preparation for the celebration of the 1900th anniversary of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Junior i sermon subject, "Shining For Jesus." t Evening subject, "Wooden Men." Special music by the choir at both services, under the direction of tt ^anist, Mrs. Sidney Shaffer. Me 7.30, church council; Tuesday, T's and Bethany Girls' classes; Wednesday, 7.30, services in charge of the branches of the Vine class; Thursday, Keystone class; Friday, Boy Scouts. St. Paul's Lutheran, John L. Barnes, pastor—Preaching at 11 and 7.30 by the pastor. Morning subject, "Tiio Glory of the Gospel." Evenin_ ject, "The Mighty London of the Old Empire." Sunday school, 9.45. Luther league, 6.30. Wednesday, 7.45, Bi- F ble study. We shall study together the 19th Psalm. Thursday, 7.30, Women's Missionary society will meet in the church. Saturday, 10 a. m., Ladies' Bible class will hold a bake sale. Sunday, May 11, Mother's day, special program. Grace Lutheran, corner Twelfth avenue and Eleventh street, Rev. Burleigh A. Peters, pastor—Preaching at 11 and 7.30 by the pastor, -'—-'— subject, subject, "The Door of Life." "Listening In." on the cross? Who ruled the hosts o Persia when Aristotle thought am taught? Who was king of England when Roger Bacon laid the founda tions of modern scientific research'' 'These six men stood -on the corners o History.' said Wells in his picturesque way. 'Events hinged on them. The current of human thought was freer and clearer because they had lived and worked. They took little from the world and left it much. They did not get; they gave; and, in the giving, gained eternal influence.' " Thus the teaching of Jesus works out. And it today is penetrating society, as it has percolated through the centuries, leaving sucfli high water marks as Francis of Asissi. Even modern business is adopting "Service" as its slogan. Slowly wo are coming to understand the futility of pride, and the sweet satisfactions of following in the footsteps of Him who came "not to be ministered unto, but to minis- HEVKN SENTKNCB SEKMONS. Keep faith with all men; keep faith with thyself, this wins all battles, even the greatest Und last.—Cardigan. Much spending maketh lean the purse, and much saving maketh lean the tout. — Anon. Joy is a partnership, Grief weeps alone; Many guests had Cana, fJcthsemane had one. — Frederick Lawrence Knowles. Of thought the author of "The; Lyon. line of History" gave an his lint: of Nazareth; Buddha; Asoka; There is nothing in the universe that I fear but that I shall not know all my duty, or shall fail to do it.—Mary totle; Koger Bacon; Abraham Lin- We love because He first loved us. —John 4:19. JHFbereupon Mr. Barton comment b ok of the thousands of emperors j have battled for fame; aiid fash- itMMd their immortality into monu- n>|pU of brick and stone. Yet there U only one emperor, Asoka, on the and lie is llitre becausV he de- blmcelf to the betterment of his God's goodness hath been great to thec Let But day nor night unhallowed still r'Tut-ji hath done. lint the Lord -•Shakespeare. school at 9.45 in all divisions, W. Munn, general superintendent Von Bora class 'meets Tuesday at p. m. when a covered dish luncheon will be served. Prayer and r --'-service Wednesday evening at The Sunday School association meet Monday evening at 8. Temple Lutheran, Sixth avenue and Twenty-second street, Rev. Fred R. Greninger, pastor—Morning 10.45, sermon by the pastor; evening worship,' 7.30, short organ recital, and sermon by pastor. Church school, 9.30 B. M. Nale, superintendent. Classes for all ages. Prayer_ meeting Wednesday; 7.30 p. m. Friday, 8 p. m. MENNONITE BKETHBEN Mennonite Brethren in Christ, Beale avenue, Rev. H. H. Marker, pas tor—Preaching at 3.30 p. m. and a 7.30 p. m. by the pastor, school at 2.30 p. m. Tuesday day evening, owme and hear the ol( time gospel. EPISCOPAL St. Barnabas Episcopal, Father S. Sedgewick, rector—Preaching 7.30 p. m. by the rector. Evening sub pect, "The Christians Hope." "' - 1 school at 10 a. m. St. Luke's Episcopal, Eighth_avenu and Thirteenth street, Rev. Hatch, rector—Holy Communion at 8 church school and adult Bible class a 9.30; Holy Communion and sermon a 10.45; evening service and sermon a 7.30. ALTOONA Y. M. C. A. Altoona Y. M. C. A.—The class for the study of the f school lesson will he held this evening at 7.30 o'clock in the association Bibl class room. This class tho leadership of W. E: Sneatlfl win asks that all who want to study th coming day's lesson meet with ther each Saturday evening at 7.30 o'clock The Tuesday noon Bible class will b under the direction of Rev. ~ " Claybaugh. This class meets Tuesday noon from 12.20 to 12.50 welcomes all who wish to join wit them. A. M. K. Bethel A. M. E. Community, J. Julian Jenkins, pastor—Preachin at 11 and 8 by the pastor. M subject, "Waiting;" love feast, ning subject, "The Regretted Christ Holy communion. Sunday school, p. in., D. H. W. Keith, superintendent 6.30, A. C. E. league, Home president, subject, "How Slay Find Our Life Work?" PH. James l:-57. (Vocation day), day, 8 p. m., probationers meeting am contestants for trip to Europe •••"•• Wednesday, 8 p. m., prayer and meeting. Thursday, 8 p. in., st; vue at St. Luke's parish, av pastor's aid and Bethel aid. THE CHUKCH OF THE OPEN DOOR The Church of the Open Door, Twen ty-fourth street, near Sixth Emory G. Ritchey. pastor—Preae at 10.45 a. in. and at 7.30 p. in., by th pastor. Morning subject, Prophecy, Written Word." Evening Jt. is the parl of wisdom to spend njllioBB of KubjcrU. Think of the little of your tiii.c upon |hc; things "Unfulfilled Prophecy, or Upon the Living Word—Jesus Christ.' Bible school at 9.30 a. in.; <-' "" Hamniel, superintendent. Prayer lei- and Biblft study, "Tin; Gos i-» BO milliuiiuJre U on the list, ex- j your time upon the thing.-, that bring I Wednesday evening at 7.30. Tin Ctfet A»ok*. Who sat on the throne | you quietness and confidence and good sonal Workers Mission hand will inee MBMM Wb«» J **"» ot N»aw«U» bung i cbeer.—Heury Van Dyke. Jtfnd.ay eveuiug at 7.30, Who have struggled for wealth ;| that vex and an^ti- you, and much of God's Heal \Jpon Drnc! reet, tor — . m., •ning The after Path 9.30 iper- ige." in n LIU p. iiate >., In d so- vcek renth Rev. tor — jr the Me." pas- One John dent, enior y at :iety. Mis- 7.45, serv- her's ghth V. J. 10.46 rning inen. nrad, •aded unior the ' the eve- eets. ,d C. 10.45 rning chil- ci v :" u ,y i Who ol at enior ^om- at 8 nnl*v HM.I y^ irch ; 7.30 • iiurs- fTUTla tJVllS- argc. 2 p. 1, lo- and Reship." ser- /enue ' L. 7.30 Morn- r," a celery of unior sus." Spe- serve or- nday, Two Wed- f the sday, outs. irnes, 30 by "The sub- e Old Luth- 5, Bi- jether Wom- jet in , Lasale, peclal h av- Burng at rning ening inday V. G. The at 1 ;heon praise 7.45. Will e and ?d R. rshlp, eninp , anc , 9.30, lanses Wed- arsal, , 2321 ', pas- nd at unday d Fri- 10 old er C. ig a g sub hurcl venu Allei at 8 ass a ion a ion a Bibl unday veninj Bibl unde t wh iy th them 'clock vill b 3. r 50 an( Rev i c h i n E v irist.' ool, ndenl Boyc / W 119:10 Tues ig an , ., 1 1, i « 1 1 j clas spicet DOOR Twcn v G n u c icJiinj by th jllillec n th jbject 3 Sea irist.' ieorg . scrv .pels, 1 e Per inee "GREATNESS IS IN GIVING" ^ •*•••', By JAMKS O. MACE, Religious Director, Pittsburgh, *>»., Y. M. C. A. Matthew XX: 17-28. In the lesson today we follow the ame underlying principle. Last Sun- ay we studied the rich young ruler vho wanted eternal life, and its les- on to us. Today we study greatness nd its bearing on eternal life. It would be very interesting to study ills lesson for a moment or two, 'first n Jesus' thoughts and reactions, and econd, on the disciples' thoughts and eactions. Jesus we thinking of His eath and the disciples were thinking eactions. Jesus was thinking of His ervlce, His surrendering, and the Isciples were thinking of their 1m- ortance; Jesus was thinking of His ross and the disciples were thinking f their crown. Let us elaborate this ust a bit: JesUS had told the disciples everal times concerning His future uffering and death, yet they seemed ot to get the idea. It seemed to be ever absent from Jesus', mind yet it eemed never present In the disciples' •nind. Here is a great and glorious bought. Jesus saw His life to the nd, with its terrible suffering. He aw the denial of His friendship by a isclple, the mock trial with Pilate, the etrayal of His treasure, Judas, the lapping and spitting, all tho indig- ities that one can fancy or imagine, he turning of His own people whom ie came to save, the cruel nails driven lirough His feet and hands, the spear hat would pierce His heart, the agony f pain and thirst, aiid finally the light 'ading and God seeming to foresake Urn. Were this all then He had bet- er leave and hurry again to Egypt to nd protection against these inurder- us crowds. But Jesus -saw the whole f life which included the cross, the hedding of blood, the redemption of he race, the changing of the world's :hought and heart. Yes, the Resurrec- :ion, the Ascension, the offering of the acrlflce to God, the descent of the pirlt of God, the church and its riumph, the return of Jesus, and the Clngdom set up. "He shall see the ravail of His soul and shall be satis- led." Well can Paul say, "For the oy that was set before Him He en- lured the cross, despised the shame and is set down at the right hand of he throne of God." What a glorious ruth this holds for us. If we could ee our lives the way. through it would probably make us change some. See UNITED BRETHREN First United Brethren, Eighth ave- lue and Twelfth street, Rev. B. 'F. Bungard, D. D., pastor — Preaching at L0.45 by the pastor; 7.30, pageant by ;he young folks, "Making Real the Spirit of God;" evening subject, 'Youth's Search for God;" Sunday school at 9.30; Bible study Tuesday evening at 7.30; prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7.30. Third United Brethren, Harrison avenue and East street, John T. S'arnsworth, pastor — Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m. by Rev. W. A. Knapp, D. D. Morning subject, 'Paths to Power." Evening subject, 'Loved Out of the Pit." Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. Evangelistic service subjects — Tuesday, May 6, 7.30 p. m., "The Meanest Man in Altoona." Wednesday, Family night — There will oe a gift for the largest family present. Sermon, "The Greatest Question of the Day." Thursday, Men and Boys' night — A gift for the man bringing ;he most boys. Sermon, "The Devil's Boomerang." Friday, Sunday school night. Sermon, "Altoona's Chief Asset." Saturday, Shopper's night. Sermon, "The Jail Break." Grace United Brethren, W. G. Hawk, pastor — Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m. by Dr. Warren S. Wilson, superintendent of Allegheny conference. Special anniversary services for 'ourth anniversary of the congregation. Evening classes and departments will formally present money for ndebtedness by playlets and .various devices. Morning regular anniversary sermon. Sunday school at 9.45 a. m. Junior worship at 10.45 a. m. Young People's C. E. society at 6.30 p. m. Garden Heights United Brethren, J. S. Showers, pastor— Preaching at 10.45 by the pastor. At 7.30 p. m. a pageant bv the Y. P. S. C. E. Senior and Intermediate Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.15 and C.30 p. m. Evening, a pageant by the Christian Endeavor. Sunday school, 9.30, W. J. Neal, superintendent. Junior Christian Endeavor on Wednesday afternoon at 3.45, Mrs. Calvin Snowbersrer, superintendent. Church night service Wednesday evening at 7.30. The pageant by the young people will be beautiful aiid interesting. Schum Memorial United Brethren, 4226 Broad avenue, Rev. G. R. Alban pastor— 9.30 a. m., Sunday school, W A. McGlathery, superintendent. 10.45 a. m., morning worship, sermon by the pastor. 7.30 p. m., Christian Endeavor, anniversary day program A special program has been arrangec for this service. 7.30 p. in., Wednesday prayer and praiso service. BRUSH MOUNTAIN UOSPKL the whole as a great plan and live In the light of the eternal. Whll« Jesus' mind was on this picture of suffering and death Salome, the riiOth£f'i-of James and John, came to Jesus and asked that her sons might sit, one on His right hand, and one on His left hand In the kingdom. There are those who say that Salome was the s!"toi oif Mary, the mother of Jesus. Then we can see how tho influence of relations comes in. Jesus answered her and said, "Do you know not what you ask?" How true this is In everyday life. We ask for many things not knowing their importance or impossibilities. We receive not because we ask amiss. Study our prayer life and see Bow far afleld we go. Now note several things about the request : They thought only of the glory. Does it not strike you as rather an unusual thing that in spite of Jesus telling them of His suffering and death they thought of the glory of life. Do you think the transfiguration and especially the raising of Lazarus had anything to do with this reaction? Do you think they were more interested in being near Jesus than being on the throne? Did they realize what was involved in this request? It involved sitting in judgment. Would they have had enough experience in life? Could they be fair? Did they know what judge- ment meant? It takes knowledge, justice, tolerance, even sacrifice. They did not show it in Samaria when they asked that fire descend and consume them. Can you drink the cup? Can you pay the price for greatness? Many men would be great but are not willing to pay the price. Greatness is in giving, not getting; greatness comes through service. The world of business has caught this idea and we find the words "We serve" everywhere. For instance, service stations. The history of great men is the giving of some great service in one way or another and it always comes back. Study the lives of great men and see what they have given of themselves or of some great invention or system, utility, etc. Ellas Howe gave the sewing machine; Cyrus Field, the Atlantic cable, Luther Burbank, the new plant world, Alexander Bell, the telephone; James Hill, a highway across the continent; Thomas Edison, the light and phonograph; the Wright brothers, the airplane; Andrew Carnegie, libraries, etc.; G. W. Goethals, the Panama canal. Give and you will receive! METHODIST ( First Methodist church, Rev. James McKendree Reiley, D. D., pastor — Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m., by the pastor. In the morning pas,or will preach a special sermon to boys and girls. In the evening the uastor will preach the third post- Saster sermon. Sunday school, 9.30 a. m. Junior church, 2.30 p. m. Epworth eague, 6.30 p. m. Grace Methodist, Walnut avenue and Fourth street, Elmer F. Ilgenfritz, minister — 9.45, church school; 11, worship and sermon, the pastor will preach, theme, "Building the Temple;" 6.30, Epworth league; 7.30, worship and sermon, the pastor will preach, subject, "Power Unpurchas- able;" Wednesday at 7.30, mid-week prayer service followed by the meeting of the church school board. Broad Avenue Methodist, Rev. J. Perry Miller, pastor — Preaching at 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Morning subject, '.'Gaining the World at the Cost of Lifej" Evening subject, "Christ's Program for His Church.' Sunday school at 9.30. Bible study and prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7.30. Fifth Avenue Methodist church, Thomas F. Ripple, minister — 9.30 a. m., church school. 10.45 a. m., "The First Christian Church." 6.30 p. m., Epworth League; subject, "What It Means to Be a Christian." Leader, Hilda Lingenfelter. 7.30 p. m., "Tho Man of Business." The first of a series of sermons on the apostles. Simpson Methodist church, corner Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street, Bert A. Sailer, Ph. D., minister — Morning and evening worship at 10.45 and 7.30. The pastor will preach at both services. Church school at, 9.30; Junior league at 2; Intermediate and Epworth league at 6.30; peparatory class, 6.30; mid-week service, Wednesday evening at 7.30. Eighth Avenue Methodist, John E Beard, pastor— Preaching u.t 10.45 and 7.30 by the pastor. Morning subject "The Beauty of Jesus." Evening mb- Ject, "When Fishing Failed." Sunday school at 9.30 o'clock with classes foi all grades. Epworth league service ai 6.30. FairviBW Methodist, Twenty-third avenue and Fifth street, Edwin H Witmun, pastor— Morning worship 10.45 by the pastor. Evening worship at 7.30 by the pastor. Morning sub jeot. "What God Ts Like." Eveninf subject, "Peter— the Rock Man." Sun day school, 9.30; 6.30, young people's meeting. Subject for dlsscussion "Christ and the Community. 1 ' Llyswen Methodist, Bart E. Crites minister— 9.30 a. m., Church school, H S. Kelly, general superintendent. Pub MISSION | lie worship, with sermon by the pas The Brush Mountain Gospel mission will have the regular services this Sunday as follows; Bible school in the afternoon at 2.30 o'clock ; the young people's meeting in the evening at 7 o'clock and the Gospel service al 7.30. HOLDS REVIVAL fH^' 'i '^^^tt^^^l*ffil^'* ; Bwit-f*'' '^^^^^^K^MBHfe^i^^^^! l%M| ; '' :: P^^fe^^^^ffi i^^li^s^>W' W:K' .^&^^^^^^^^^' : l'''i|||l!«<||^'! l«l?<l£ Hills' n^mSiiM' lyiJP'lPiP' l&JK smhHJ|ML|J[BBiraj|jgp8 y$j*Z&\ i^^.^^pHm^^jj^BKfflPyj|aMH?' J|iip?%3y5 • llj^SlJBKJKS^^^ ^^ffll^ySR^Sl £;gffl|ttB|jBjUKp •• : $jjl$j$jfflpljjjijj •••' IBGfiSREHr ' ! nHHiiii '' ^iiiiiJJIiBi^^^i , * ^^R^Kiiib IfflJH^Ejakjl^^/ " l^flHUI ^JI^^iKiMBte'J s^^|^^^a|^PIIIi : |H||||~ ''iflaw^' *8&£?»s*"Sffiiiiii& iHHroU * * ' ' " finliii 11? ^ \ Jlll'iilf *' W ''•!$&. V d ^k, aSPPw •* fPNi^pilliP 5 ilfiM 1 m< **i®*viC^ rnkiJ; 1 ^*^i^» HH| Jllllli^*>:^$ill8i PBBP ijjllj& 4V7 ?E|iSi|i8||§lsi|8i§i jBJjiliJBp $^> ^p^||pf||||li jmiiii |!^ *• •jj-'f' 7 'fs«p i mSjjjz ^ jjjljlj&jj *J$S&S& jfflSHBjinB ^MB Dorothy L. Kunzmun, famous girl-vvuiigeliiit, u liu in conducting revival services ut Ilie Feutceosiul tabernacle, 217 l-'lftli avenue, is shown above. Her subject tomorrow at 10:30 will be "The PrertoUH Blood." At 7:30 p. m., Miss Kunziiiun will speak on "Who 1» Tiie Auti-ClixUt." tor ut 10.45 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Young people's service at 6.45 p. m. Monday 7.30 p. m., Regular monthly meeting of the official board. Wednesday, 7.3 p. in., Weekly prayer and praise serv ice. 8.30 p. m., Regular monthlj meeting of the church school worker with H. S. Kelly, directing the discus sion. TjHkemont Methodist, If. \V. Glussco pastor; B. F. Hhue, assistant— Preach ing at 11 by B. F. Shue, and at 7.3 by M. W. Glussco. Morning subject "What's in a Name?" .Sunday school 10. A fifteen minute song service be fore Sunday school, beginning a 9.45. Prayer meeting on Wednesdaj evening at 7.30. Young people's unloi will meet at the church on Thursday evening. Jaggard Memorial Methodist, H. W Glassco, pastor; B. F. Shue, assistan pastor— Preaching at 11 by H. W Glassco, and at 7.30 by B. F. Shue Morning subject, "What Busineug J That of Yours?" Evening subject "Building Skyward." Sunday school 9.45. Prayer meeting on Tuesday eve ning at 7.30. Mother and daughte gathering at the church on Friday eve ning at 7.30. BltKTll It UN- Fit's t Brethren church, Maple ave nue and Thirtieth street, A. D. Gnagcy pastor — Preaching at 10. 40 a. m. anc at 7.45 p. m., by 4 the pastor. Morninf subject, "The Basis of Christ's Appea to Men, or Christianity an Adven lure." Evening subject, "What Is Re ligion? Will Christianity Be the Re ligion of the Future?" Sunday schoo at 9.30; J. C. Patton, superintendent Christian Endeavor at 7. CALVARY BAPTIST CHU 11.00 A. M.— B. F. Farley will 7.30 P. M.- -"WILL GOD SAV GOOD WORKS?' The Public Is Wei Trinity Reformed, Cbttief isf Seventh avenue and Eighth street! ft«v. JamM M. Runkle, D._ D. Pastor—preaching at 11 a. tw. and at 7.80 p. m. by the aastor. Sunday school at 8.4S a. m., Professor H. C. Smith, general superintendent. The King Arthur boyd will meet on Monday evening at 7.80. Midweek prayer service on Wednesday evening at 7;30 o'clock. Christ Reformed, Rev. Charles D. Rockel, pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m., by the pastor. Morn- Ing subject, "The Meaning of Pentecost." Evening subject, "Seeing Life and Its Enemies." Sunday school, 9.45. Tuesday evening, 7.30, consistory meeting. Grace Reformed, Eighth avenue and Twenty-third street, Rev. Ralph J. Harrity, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by the pastor. Morning sub- |ect, "The Saving Work of Christ." Evening subject, "The Private Life of a Public Man." Sunday school at 9.45. Junior Christian Endeavor at ). Senior Christian Endeavor at 6.30. Teacher training Wednesday evening. PRESBYTERIAN First Presbyterian, Fourteenth avenue and Twelfth street, Rev. J. W. Francis, D. D., pastor—Services at 11 and at 7.30 by the ' pastor. Morning subject, "American Presbyterlanism— Past and Present." -Evening subject, "Jewels on Unworthy Wearers." Sunday school at 9.45, all departments. Prayer service Wednesday evening at 7.30. Second Presbyterian, Rev. E. Lansing Bennett, M. A., pastor—Preaching at 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "The Office of the Elder;" also a junior object talk; evening subject, "The Office of the Deacon;" Sunday school at 9.30; men's class in church history taught by Rev. Bennett at 9.30; Christian Endeavor at 6.45; deacons' meeting Tuesday at 7.45; prayer meeting Wednesday at 7.45. Third Presbyterian, Fifth avenue SERMON SERIES BY REV. 0. SLKRAYBILL Beginning with Sunday night, May 4, a special series of sermons, dealing with the modern amusement question, will begin in the First Church of God by the pastor, Rev. O. M. Kraybill. The following subjects will be taken up on the dates named: May 4, "The Curse of Cards ' May 11, "The Peril of the Dance." May 18, "The Tragedy of the Theatre. May 25th, "The Menace of tne ' Rev. ' Kraybill, in speaking of the sermon series, says: "It is quite needless to inform anyone who notes passing events that today as never before, men are amusement mad. , seems that as always worldly amusements can be headed up under the three-fold division of cards, dancing and theatre-going. Just what should be the attitude of Christians towards these things, to What extent is the ohurch responsible for providing adequate recreation for her young people, what safeguards can she throw about their pathway so that they wui be kept from going astray, and just where the aforementioned amusements are fundamentally wrong, will be pointed out in these messages. "Such questions as 'What Is the harm in a game of cards? 1 why is it wrong to play cards and not wrong to play checkers and other harmless games?' 'What Is the fundamental principle that forbids engaging in the pastime 'called card playing?' will be verv carefully taken up and explained in the light of the Scripture in the Sunday night message for May 4. and Second street, Rev. W. L. McClure, D. D., pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "The Green Pasture on the Other Side of the Wall;" evening subject, "Bring Me Your Ear Rings;" Sunday school at 9.45; Christian Endeavor at 6.45; mid-week service Wednesday at 7.30. Broad Avenue Presbyterian, Rev. A. F. Heltman. LL. D., pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morn- Ing subject, "High Purpose and Usefulness;" evening subject, "The Fellowship That Changes Folks;" Sunday school at 9.45, David F. Miller, superintendent; Junior C. E. at 4; Intermediate C. E. at 6.30; young people at 6.30; mid-week service Wednesday at 7.30. The vacation Bible school will open the Monday following the closing of the public schools. The tendency of all of our leaders is to use wisely what is called vacation days rather than encourage drifting, partial disintegration and partial loss of what has been attained during the regular school year. SALVATION ARMY Salvation Army—Owing to the fact that Ensign Vandcrpool of the Spiritual department of the Salvation Army, 1314 Eighth avenue, was called to the bedside of his father who is seriously ill, the meetings at his institution will be handled by Captain and Mrs. Beal, assisted by Robert Henderson of Dayton, O. Sunday school at 2.30; Y. P. L. at 6 .oclock and the regular night service will be at 8 o'clock. INTERNATIONAL, BIBLE STUDENTS International Bible Students association—"The Price of Redemption" is the subject of the radio Bible talk over >WFBG from 7 to 7.30 to be given by B; W. Dietze; at 7.45, there will be a discourse at ttfe I. B. S. A. hall, 1433 Eleventh avenue. From 0 to 10 a. m., the watch tower radio chain of thirty- two stations, consisting of excellent music, as well as clear, concise and most interesting explanations that make the Bible the best and most fascinating book In the world, can be heard over WBT, Charlotte, N. C., and WCFL, Chicago. CIIUKCII OF THE BRETHREN First Church of the Brethren, Sixth avenue and Fifth street, Walter S. Long, pastor—Preaching at 10.45 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m., by the pastor. Morn- Ing subject, "Eternal Redemption Through the Vicarious Death of Jesus Christ." Sunday school, 9.30; J. M. Maddocks, superintendent. The Love Feast and Communion will be observed in the evening, beginning at 6.30. Women's Missionary meeting and Men's League Tuesday, 7.15. Wednesday, Bible study, 7.45. Twenty-eighth Street Church of tho Brethren, Sixth avenue and Twenty- eighth street, Rev. Benjamin F. Waltz, A. M., B. D., pastor—Preaching at 10.30 a. m. and at 7.30 p. in., by the pastor. Morning subject, "The Fulfillment of Prophecy and the Birth of Jesus the Christ." Evening subject, "He Who Was From the Beginning." Sunday school at 9.30; J, Q. Reploglc, superintendent. Christian Workers at 7. Bible study on Wednesday evening at 7.46. Love Feast and Communion, second Sunday of May at 6.30. Juniata Park Church of the Brethren, Rev. Earl C. Bowser, pastor— Preaching ut 10.45 and at 7.30 by the pastor; morning subject, "The Prodi gal Son;" evening subject, "Opportunities In Life;" Sunday school at 9.30, J. D. Brumbaugh, superintendent; services at Riggles gap at 2. 15; Sunday school followed by preaching at 3.30; Monday evening, Bible .study on Book of Revelations at 7.45; Wednesday evening, prayer meeting at the church lit the usual hour; Friday livening,. Christian fellowship meeting, home to be announced. MKNNON1TE First Mennonite, Fourth avenue and Twetity-lirtli street, Joseph M. Mian- ley, pastor- Preaching at 11 and at 8; Sunday school ut 10; U.30, children's services; 7.15, Y. P. meeting; 7.30, Wednesday, prayer services and Blblr; study. Mennonite Memorial, Eleventh avenue and Twenty-second street, Rev L. H. Glass, pastor—Preaching at 11 by Clare Burket. Subject, "What He Was and Why." No service in the evening on account of pastor going to conference. Sunday school at 9.45. Mennonite Chapel, Mill Run, Joseph at 7.15; Bible study Wednesday at 7.30; Christian Workers meeting Friday at 7.30. BAt'TIST First Baptist, Twelfth avenue and Seventeenth street, Rev. Carey S. Thomas, pastor—Preaching at 11 ana 7.30 by the pastor. Morning, communion and reception of new members. Evening subject, "With a Re- lected King in a Cave—Poor and Debt- 'Rldden Discontents Who Became Mighty Men—The Rejection of. Christ in Modern Life—What About Russia and America?" Sunday school, 9.30; young people's meetings at 0.30. The prayer and praise meeting Wednesday evening at 7.45, conducted by Rev. Dr. T. Carson Hanna. Tomorrow will be the pastor's last Sunday until his return in August. Don't miss tho song service Sunday evening. Bill Thomas at the piano and Clyde English at the organ. Special music by the pastor's vested junior choir. Calvary Baptist church, Fifth avenue and Twenty-first street, E. R. Horner, pastor—Preaching at 11 a. m., by B. P. Farley, and at 7.30 p. m., by E. R. Homer. Morning subject, "A Message to Believers." Evening subject, "Will God Save a Soul on the .Ground of Good Works?" Sunday .school, 9.45 a. m. Young People's meeting at 6.30 p. m. Prayer service Wednesday evening at 7.30. Memorial Baptist, Bell avenue and Seventh street, Russell G. Jones, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by tho pastor; morning subject, "Life's Real Values;" Communion service and reception of-new members; evening subject, "The Scales of Jehovah;" Sunday school at 9.45; Junior and Senior Young People's societies at 6.30; prayer and praise service Friday evening at 7.30; Ladies' Aid society meets all day Wednesday. South Altoona Baptist chapel, Russell G. Jones, pastor—Preaching and singing by the choir at 7.30; Sunday .school at 2.30; Rev. Carey S. Thomas will bo at this service and speak; Junior and Intermediate B. Y. P. U. at 6.30; preaching service on Thursday evening at 7.45. OOSPKL CENTER Tho Gospel Center, .corner of Sixth avenue and Twenty-fifth street, Rev. F. Ford Barker, pastor—Preaching at 11 and at 7.30 by Rev. S. O. Slg- worth of Grampian, Pa. Sunday school at 9.45; S. W. Mobus, superintendent. Praise and fellowship for young workers at 6.30. Wednesday at 4.15, community service for boys and girls. At '.30, mid-week prayer service und Bible study. LOCAL PASTOR TO TOUR HOLY LAND Rev. Carey S. Thoinaa of First Baptist Ohurch and His Family Will Depart Mom. day Morning. Tomorrow will be the last Sunday the pastor of the First Baptist church. Rev. Carey S. Thomas will preach r until after his reutrn from a trip to the Holy Land, Europe and England. Rev. and Mrs. Thomas and their son, William, a student at the Eastern Baptist seminary of Philadelphia, and daughter, Helen, a student at .Wheaton college, Wheaton, 111., will leave Altoona Monday morning by car driving to Bloomfleld, N. J. They wilt •Ail on the Patrla of the Fabre line on Tuesday, leaving Brooklyn at noon. They will not return until August. A group of over forty new members will be welcomed Into the fellowship of the church at the communion service tomorrow at 11 o'clock. The ordinance of baptism will also be administered by the pastor. Tomorrow evening a special feature in the song service, conducted by .the pastor, will be the singing of the vested junior choir, under the direction of Miss Florence Rollins and accompanied by Miss Myrtle Satterfleld. Bill Thomas will be at the piano for the, song service In addition to Clyde English Ht the organ. The pastor Will preach on "A rejected King In a cave with debt-ridden discontents. A picture of Christ's rejection by the modern world. What about Russia and America?" Mrs. R. C. Kepple of the church choir will be the special soloist at tho, evening service. During the absence of Rev. Thomas, Rev. T. Carson Hanna, pastor-evangelist of the Centre Baptist association, will be the supply preacher. Dr. and Mrs. Hanna and their daughter, Margaret, will occupy the parsonage, coming to the city for this temporary sojourn, from Sunbury, where Dr. Hanna was pastor for some years. Ho will associate himself with Rev. Russell G. Jones in the direction of the work of the First Baptist church for the next three months. Dr. Hanna Is the grandson of Adoniram, tho first missionary to Burma. His brother- Is now a missionary under the American Baptist Foreign Mission society. Their father was a preacher up until his death a _ few years ago. Dr. Hanna Is true to the traditions of his Illustrious family, scholarly, evangelistic and missionary. " Lauqhlin FuiiernJ Service 2036 BROAD AVE. I'uone ViUO ALTOONA RESCUE MISSION Altoona Rescue Mission, 808'/j Ninth atfeet—Bible school at 10 o'clock; W. G. Gump, superintendent. Prayer and praise nerviee at 2.30, when the hour is spent In dellnite prayer for a city-wide revival. All' Christian people of tho city are urged to join in this much needed service. At 7.30 C. W. laenberg will bring a strong gospel message. Mr. Isenbtrg speaks every second Sabbath evening to' a well tilled house. An inspiring song service is u feature of the Sunday evening services. CtUUSTlAN SCIENCE First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1418 Eighth avenue—Services at 11 and 8; subject, "Everlasting Punishment;" Sunday school at 11; Wednesday evening meeting at 8; • reading- room and free circulating library open daily except Sunday and holidays from 12 to 3.30, Central Trust building, room 510, 1218 Eleventh avenue. 1'ENTECOSTAL Pentecostal Tabernacle, 217 avenue. H. J. Snelgrove, Fifth pastor- Preitching at 10.30 a. m. and at 7.30 p. in. by Evangelist Dorothy L. Kunzman. Morning, communion .service. Evening subject, "Who Is the Anti- Christ?" Sunday school at 0.30 a. m., Mr. Fyfe, In charge. Young people's meeting at 8.30 p. m. Tho holy communion will be administrated at 7.15 p. m. for tho benelit of those unable- to attend the morning service. I Monday Continuing Our MAIN FLOOR CLEARANCE OF ODDS&ENDS All Broken Lots—Few of a Kind Articles Must Go Regardless of Cost or Value! Women's accessories—Hosiery, Sweaters, House Dresses, Corsets, Underwear and Men's Furnishings mercilessly slashed in prices in order to affect a complete cleanup of ODDSANDENDS In some instances items are offered at one-fifth of their actual worth! Don't Miss This Rare Money Saving Event!

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