Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 28
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M-INDEPENDENT *·"· THE REFRIGERATOR ADVANCE T°H FE YEAR! PHI LCD. SUPER MARKETER ;Keeps meat fresh ' days-longer without" -' i IQ Rating Depends on Many Conditions By ANOELO PAIR! · ' ' "· ·"· ' ' "Our daughter li eight yean old and In th« flnt half of the third grade. Her teacher says she has one of the hlgheit IQ's In the clau but ahe doei such poor work that ihe cannot promote her. /...In the exclusive 33-degree zone /"COLD FLOW" MEAT LOCKER No longer do you have to cook hamburger or chop* within a day or two of purchase. Nor do you have to freeze them, then wale hours for thawing. Jurt atora them In the revolutionary new "Cold Flow" Meat Locker found only in Ihe PHILCO Super Marketer! - Steaks, poultry, and (old cuta wfll stay freah longer than ever before, too... and without freeringl Big 5.1 cu. ft. family-ilzt freexerl Double-depth dairy bar doorl , WaUl-high criiper in doorl N*wrypa chetse and butter keepersl Smart "built-in" euirom stylingl F r. SAVE UP TO 131 , «n tkli it luxi PHILOO 2ieir Y.ur .Id nMotuler will Inotk it (··it fill ·« ihli ntw PHILCO, miylx mof«l L»*k whil vtu gitl 10.2 cu. (I. (·picltr, 70 Ik. frtti. ·i, .utomitlt d«li«lti«g, Dilry l«» Dow I ^ . ..., ., llttll« $2.99 a wtek! f. SEC THE FABULOUS PHILCO SUPER MARKETER ':·:· .;· ; : . ' . : Now at your Philco Dealer "When we h»ard thli we be* gan to go over her work every night. Soon we uw what the teacher had to go through every day. One minute »he knew the wordi, the next not one word. The tame with arithmetic. One time 6 tlmei 9 wai 54, another time It wai 19. What are we to do? 'And an IQ of 128?" Long ago I stopped taking tha ly's at face value. So many factor* entered Into the situation. The perton who gave thn IQ, the elrcumiUmcei, the background of the child, his general health, Ms paat experiences. Only when the IQ wai backed by the teacher's knowledge of the child wai I willing to accept It. It Is at most a starting point for the teacher's valuation of a child's ability. When, at In this Instance, a child hai a good IQ but 1« unable to do the work of tha grade, the IQ can be discounted and the teacher better begin on the flnt atepi of teaching and slowly thoughtfully, study the underlying pattern of the child'* Inteill gence and ability. An IQ that cannot be harnessed Is worse than usuless. A far surer grading Is the one based on what the child can do with the subjects offered him If he cannot read In spite of all the Instruction given him, If he appears to have no number seme so that he cannot see the dl* ference between 19 and 54, If he cannot button his own coat or be depended upon to get to school on time, when started ahead of time, what good Is the IQof 128, orupT That can happen, We had » pupil who came to the school Parents Deplore Buying Spree of Engaged Pair By ABIGAIL VAN BCIIEN ABB* I see nothing DEAR ABBV: I am 19 and my boy friend Is 20. We plan .to get married In about a year I although I have no engagement ring. We are buying things for our homo together as we both have good Jobs. My mother and father b l e w t h e i r topi when they heard a b o u t this and said It was In very poor taste to buy things together before we are married, wrong In It, do you?--MAR- 3ARET. DEAR M A R G A R E T ) I think your parent! aro right. Save your money. There will be plenty of thlncs to spend it for after you are married. · · · · C O N F I D E N T I A L TO JEANNDEl When a fellow breaks · date be usually baa to--when a fill breaks a date, ahe usually haa TWO, Don't pull-till* too often. · · · · . . DEAR ABBYl You sure gave that kid a bum steer when you said It was OK for a boy to do dlshci, peel potatoes and make beds. I got nothing against a boy helping hi* mother but don't you think she could find more he-man work for him to do around the house? When you set a boy to putting on an apron and doing a girl's job you are going against the Bible because It sayi that "Man shall not don woman's garb and do a attern EACH YARD LOOK AHEAD PHILCO Those wonderful halters that everyone adores.' Each from a yard of fabric, and designed to Insure an enviable suntan for you. No. 8393 with PATT-O-RAMA Included Is In sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Sin 14, 33 bust, top, K yard of 35-Inch and H yard contrast; center, H yard; bottom, lyard. For this pattern, send 35c In COINS, your name, address, pattern number and slie wanted to Barbara Bell, c/o Long Beach Independent, 367 W. Adams Street. Chicago 6, 111. Don't miss the latest Issue of our fascinating pattern magazine Basic FASHION. The Spring A Summer '27 issue Is filled with smart, new designs (or all sliet; special features; gift pattern printed inside the book. 23 cents. , , ,. , woman's work" so why don't you read the Bible, Abby?-WILLIAM B. G. DEAR MR. fl.I I am not familiar with the pnnMRe you quoted from toe Bible, but may I refer you to one we all know well I The Fifth Commandment. "Thou ahalt honor thy father and motherv" · · · · DEAR ABBV: I am going with a "med" student and ha is so fascinating. The only trouble Is that he keep* wanting to hypnotize me and r* am weak enlne. I wonder can he hypnotize me against my will and is It dangerous T--BETTY.. · DEAR BETTY I He cannot hypnotise you against your will--and It could be dangerous. Stay conscious. · · · · If you have a ' problem, write to Ablcmll Van Buren In care of the Lone Beach Independent, with a record of complete fall* ure and an IQ of genius grade, Hla general Information was staggering. He knew the dlt- tance from 'the earth to the moon, the lists of the kings and the president* and all their dates, all the rules of algebra, but ha Could not keep them In usable order. He talked like a machine about everything under the sun, but he could not sit down In quiet and work a simple example In short division that the B pupil in the third grade did mentally. The IQ depends on many factors. Take the IQ as just another rating to be proved in time and by experience and depend on the experienced teacher's recommendation until the quality of the IQ can be proven. Until then don't be downhearted by a'low one or too uplifted by a high one. PARENTS should guard their children (gainst fear. Fear of the dark or animals makes Ufa miserable for children. Dr. Patrl · tells how to overcome fear In leaflet P-l, -Fears." To obtain a copy, send 10 cent* in coin to · him, P. 0. Box 99, Station C, . New York 19, N. Y. r Are You Buying Wonder Bread To Help Your Child Grow Bigger StrongerC'g To Mothers Of Children Under 12 Years OW: Your child n*«d (bout TWICE tb«prouln!orprop.r pawth ptr pound cl body wttlht M an sdult Th« cowboy buroi »bo"» two and t hill obriM el «n«ty ptr pound ol body wtlibt- tha runnlntf bOV IDOUt 4. WONDER BREAD u. food »ourwof prowln snd mtny. TISSUE RESPIRATION PROTEIN DIGESTION BROADWAY-ORANGE-COUNTY SHOPPING CENTER ih« BOth U»d'» In California brings you the fashions California woman choose most! 's pampers you for summer Here you ere--fashions you've dreamed of wearing, at prices you'd never dream -' possiblel Textured raw silk, antiqued Oriental wooden heels, soft leathers, glowing vinyls. You owe yourself the treat of stepping Into our shoes as soon as possiblel · DOWNTOWN long Beoch, 2S7 Pin. Ave. · UKEWOOD CENTER · BEILFLOWER . COMPTON · NORWALK · SANTA ANA - BROAOWAY.ORANCE COUNTY SHOPPING CENTER -·· - - , Add 2S pojiage plui tales tax for MAIL ORDERS. (On CO.D.'i. extra poitol ehargei ere a'dded'j

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