The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 4, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1906
Page 4
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CHILL1COTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT. 4 1906 its meeting Monday night discussed the proposition of revising the city ordin- aiSfces. The city dads were nearly all in favor of'the proposition and .and it is likely some new ordinances •«!'! soon be adopted. In speaking of the new project City Attorney Ashbysaid: "There are eo many of the old ordinances changed that a person when he goes to look up an ordinance he does not know whether it is the lav or not as so many of them have been repealed." Dr. Thompson of Meadville was here Tuesday. Iron Fills K»vi, feM lli^ Ti ai.-l di^fi*i.ji>n..i Hood's "Pills Irrmize the bl«»vi, feM. 1 tho stomach, ai-' 1 . di^f 5*ti natural sleep. fhV.i»r$I. .. jr-vci:!.. r.-Ktful, T bv iiinii ot Jis. After-d:nnqr p'll; easy t<» HoodCo-.JL.owai;. ly v^ *al>!r;; «\-isy to tnki:. JTIU-I. "i- n :• '- < . I. Iaiicbi iiuod !l'nGoo(L CHOCOLATE MINT CRAPE KOLA ORANGE-ADE COCA-COLA F ARRiNflTOI!' OUNTAIN Not always the Cheapest, but always the Best, you will find the Photos at TKeWATTON STUDIO WHEN YOU AREGIIIIHO GLASSES Get them right. Absolute satisfaction in the relief of Headache and Eyestrain. A. B. MACDONALD EAST SIDE OPTICIAN AND JEWELER, Dr. (Arthur J. Simpson, SURGEON AND OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose; Throat. Special (attention given to. surgery of the Eve, Nose and Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. North Side Sq.. Phones SS anil 212 PERSONAL AND LOCAL Mrs. Frank Davis of Gallatin, is the guest of friends in the city. Claud? Jones and wife of Kansan City were in the city Tuesday. Miss Sybel Reynolds is in Breckenridge visiting relatives and friends. John Hobbs of Jamesport is the cit,y attending the Good~Roads convention. Mrs. I. H. Bothwell of Breckenridge, is the guest of relative^ and friends in the city. Mrs. O. E. Smith of Vinita, I. T,, Is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Pinkley. Mr. and Mrs. James Wells of Ludlow were shopping in the city Tuesday and visiting friends. Mrs. Sophia McLain and Mrs. Tinsloy Brown of Hamiltou are in the city the guests of Mrs. Halsey Speuce, North Walnut street. Miss Ethel Thorp of Kansas City is here the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Tharp. J. D. Baker of St. Joseph, division passenger agent for the Burlington railroad, was here Tuesday. Miss Maggie Foster of Sumner arrived Tuesday morning to spend a -week visiting relatives and friends. Peb Conrad of Petersburg, Ind. arrived in the city Monday afternoon and will make his future home here. Officer William Gist returned Monday night from a visit wit! his brother at Mary ville. He also visited in St. Joseph. Thomas Brookshier of Look Springs, an old friend of the CONSTITUTION, came down Tuesday u hear the Governor speak. Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Tharp of Eversonville,were in the city Tues day shopping and attending the good roads' convention. HoustonHitt and Miss McQueen, who have been the gueets of Mr. Hitt's mother, Mrs. Cora Hitt, returned to their home in St. Joseph. Ladies of St. Joseph's church are serving meals at Adams Express room, north side square Chicken pie for dinner tomorrow, dlt Mr. and Mrs. James Grace of St. Joseph are here the guests of relatives and ^friends and attending the Good Roads convention. Mr. and Mrs. John Wright oi Wheeling township were in the city Tuesday shopping and attending the Good Roads convention. Miss Linnie Crutcher, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Crutcher, will leave Thursday for Pine Bluff, Ark., to visit her brothers there. Mrs. J. E. Gulp of Hamilton, and Mrs. Frank Porter of Oklahoma, are in the city, the guests of R. JR. McKinzie and family, South Walnut street. George Robinson of Ludlow arrived in the city Monday afternoon and will be the guest of his brother-in-law, R. H. Hicks, for several days. J. N. Spence, who has been the guest of his brother, H. B. Spence, for the past three weeks, will return to his home in Mt. Vernon, Ohio,this evening. Itching, torturing skin eruptions, disfigure, annoy, drive one wild. Doans Ointment brings quick relief and lasting cures. Fifty cents at any drug store. "Springhill," 50c per quart at the "Star Saloon." Sladtf Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller and daughter, Miss Inez, returned Tuesday from a three weeks' visit n Seat!le, Wash., Victoria, Bri'.ish Doulfhbia and Salt Lake City. Many ills come from} impure blood. Can't have pure blood with faulty digestion, lazy liver and sluggish bowels. Burdock Blood Bitters strengthens stomach sowels, and liver, and purifies the blood. After a heavy meal, take a c 'Uplo of Dean's Regulets, and give your stomach, liver, and bo\ve!s the help they vill need. VISITORS DISCUSS THEIR STATE AT LUELL-A THEATRE Professor Buffum And Colonel Bell Talk of The PoEs:bititus of The Shorr Grass R gi n. At the Luella theatre Monday night a houseful of people heard Professor Buffuru, dean of the Agriculture Experiment station at Laramie, Wyoming, aud Col. E. J. Bell, a former resident of Chil- lieothe, ralk about Wyoming. Although both gontlomen are intensely loyal Wyoming meu and firm believers in the future greatness of that state, they did not make the occasion one of undue advertising or boasting. They told facts about Wyoming, the bad with the good, and were to bo excused if they accentuated the good ana excused the b:td. Professor Bufium told about tho cl.matic conditions in Wyoming. The agricultural season there is never longer than 80 or 90 days Grain grows quickly, he said, giving the farmers nine months in the year to do other things. Two methods of farming were useH,dry farming aud irrigation. Tho dry farmers used two methods — one which consisted of farming hilt" of their farms each year, thus giving each half two years moisture for one year's crop, and the other system that known as tho Campbell system, packing the sub-soil so as to hold the moisture. Colonel Bell greeted old friends in the audience with mingled joy and sorrow he said. Ha has been iiway from this city, which was his birthplace, f-r twenty eight years. He is now an extensive sheep raiccr, with a big ranch near Laramio. He told of the money making possibilities of Wyoming. He dwelt on the pro tits ot' sheep raising iu that land oi short grass, and told of the immense profit:! ho had made from pea fed sheep. . , V® KiadVoiMtejfeiys Rung!;~ of the guest of relatives and friends. Ho was en route to his horn? in Jameaport, where ho will visii several days bst'ore returning to U.nionville. James C. Raney of Medicine township, was in tho city Tuesday to attend the Good Roads convention. Mr. Raney greeted on every h;tad as wan the next representative from Livingston county aud the greeting was perfectly proper. Hon. Loou J. Albert, one of Cape Girardeau's most prominent citizens, is in the city visiting his daughter, Mrs. S. R. Nelson, ana attending the Good Roads convention. Mr. Albert is a member of the State Board of Regents of the State Normal school at Cape Girardeau. Ho was invited by the committee to take part in the reception to Governor Folk. Owing to a misunderstanding in the wording of an ad reading whiskey and blackberry 50c per quart, meaning half and half, as the public supposed it to be 50c straight we will let it go that way. Come and help wreck the place by taking advantage of the low prices. Any bottle of whiskey in the house at 50c per quart. "Star Saloon." 3sdtf "Make H.ay Whi:e the Sun Shines." .There is a lesson in tho work of the thrifty farmer. Ho knows that the bright sunshine may last but a day and he prepares for the showers which are so liable to follow. So it should be with every household. Dysentery, diarrhoea and cholera morbua may attack some member of the home without warn- ng. CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, 3HOLERA and DIARRHOEA REMEDY, which is the best known medicine for these diseases.fhould i always be keot at hand, as imme- | Regul-.ts bring easy, regular pas- j diato trv;atinent is necessary, and ft TIE Suffered Tremendous Itching Over Whole Body.-Scratched Until Bled-Worse at Night, With Soreness and Excruciating Pains —A Western Lady's WONDERFUL CURE BY CUTICURA REMEDIES "La«l year at, this tiinf I suffered with ;i tremendous itching on my buck, \vhich grew \vorsn ;'.nd worse, until it. spi-md over the \vhnlo body, and c.nlv my face and hands wore free. Tr.r four months or so I suffered the ton-.u-iits of i ho damned, and I had to i-r-nitrh, scratch, scratch, until i bled. At nil-ill- when I \wtit to b.-d things EH! v.'orsp, and I had at times to get iij) and si.-r.itoh my body all over, until 1 was as pore a-s could be, and until I sHl'i'eri-il excruciating pains. 1 did not kncm- what it waff, and resorted to n number of blood purifiers, using at times also Outic.iirn. 8o;>i>. They told ir.e then that 1 was suffering from eczema. Then I made up my mind that I would also use Cntir.ira Ointment and Cuticura Hi-solvent. I used them according to inst met ions, and very toon indeed 1 was greatly relieved. I continued until well, and now I am ready to recommend tlieCuticura Remedies to any one who suffers as did your obedient servant. Mrs. Mary Mets-.ger, Swectwater, Okla., June 2S, 1005." Humors, Eczemas, and Itchinge Cured by Cuticura The agonizing itching and burning of the skin, as in eczema; the frightful scaling, as in psoriasis; the of hair and crusting of scalp, as in sculled head — all demand a remedy of almost superhuman virtues to successfully cope with them. That Cuticura Soap, Ointment, and Pills are such stands proven beyond all doubt. Snltl throughout tin' world. C'mii-ura Soap. ?5t:.. Oiut- . •'*. (in y !> nirnt .. . l'il!<. Be. pur viil u! to'}, singk- M-I often rurea. Tuttc .. Cuat«l lia.l ,,I .ill Jrunn«u. A ifr utul Clu'in. t..or|,., soh Props.. Boston. Maps. 02- JIuil<.-J Free, " How to Cure Baby Uumun." CANS 13 VICTORIOUS. Arena, Goldiielcl, Key.,Sept. o — Battling Nelson deliberately fouled Joe G'ins in the forty-second round of the best »nd longest fighi soen hero in mauy years. Bolt men were lired when the fign. ended, but was apparently the stronger. He was away aheat- on points and had smashed aud cut Nelson all through the- fight without being badly hurt t>im>olf. Shortly after the forty-secon-i round commenced the men were in their usual clinch, Nelson had his head on Cans' shoulder au'i his arm down. Several .times he hit Gane beloA- the belt, apparently feeling a vital spot. Ar, last Iu drew back his right arm and hit Gans a vicious blow square in the groin. . The colored boy sank t' his knees and rolled over on hir back. Referee Slier without hesitation ordered Nelson to his c >r- ner and awarded tho fight to G ins on a foul. Silcr's decision'rcceiv- ed almost unanimous approval The foul was so obvious that not even men who had bet on Nelson could say that .t hiid not been conitrjtta:). All through the long coiilest Nelson had employed rough tactics. Ho repeatedly butted Gans and hid to have his head hauled away by the referee. STILL ST THE 018 STSflO HAS 13KKN" FITTING SPECTACLES IN CHILLICOTHE FOR 20 YEARS sages of the bowels. Clark Weir, who has been suest of his parents, Mr. and iJohn Wiei, Blue Mound township, {'returned to Kansas ; L City Monday j : afternoon where he is employed as stenographer in a wholesale ; house. Mrs. Sarah Price and son, George, who have been in Petersburg, Ind.', visiting for the past three weeks, returned home Monday afternoon. They. were accompanied home by Mesdames Nancy Preston and Prances Johnson, who will be guests at the Price home for several months. Hugh Druinmpnd of lathe city Moacl&y I delay may prove fatal. For sale the | by the N. J. SWETLAND DRUG Co. Mrs. WABASH RATES If you want to go to New York now is the time, the rate is very low, first class tickets and first class service. Homeseekers excursions. 'One trip, third Tuesday of each .month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale." W. E. CREAMER, -Agent,. fare plus §2 for the found tickets on sale first and THE TEXAS WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two monthw' treatment by mail for SI. Or. E. W. Hall. 292(5 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. _SPBINCHILL FAIR OCT. II. The Sprioghill fair will be given October 11. Tho tola-King officers and directors havo been elected: President, L. O. Marlow; vice- president, George L. Nothnasjle; secretary, Joseph Anderson; treasurer, John Mast; directors, Win. McCarthy, Charles Mast, HVilliam Nothnagle, Godlou Grouse, Willis Kohl, Frank Rosier, D. H. Williams and Andrew Pragor. Stomach Troubles ai:d Constipation No one can reasonably hope for good digestiou when the bowels are constipated. Mr. Chas. Baldwin, of Edwardsville, 111., says: "I suffered from chronic constipation and stomach troubles for several years, but thanks to CHAMBERLAIN'S Sl'OMACH and LIVER TABLETS, M0 almost cured." Why not get a package of these a blets and get well and stay well? Price 25 cents. Samples free- For sale by the N. J. SWETLAND DRUG Co. Leaders in the big contest are only a little over a hundred apart. Miss Francis makes another good gain and nearly^ties with the leader. The standing today: Vernie Grouse, Chillico.... 29,710 Ruth Francis, Chilli 29,600 Inez Cox, Grand R 23,410 Louise Joslin, Chilli 22,850 Ruth Thompson,CreamR.. 15,890 Euterpe Club 10,690 Sadie Bradford,' Chilli.... 9020 [mo Coborly, Chilli 4010 Nola Thompson, Chilli.... 4530 Ona C. L...-. y. Chilli 2710 Eva Flennikou.Mooresv.. 27 ir l Mary Grafn Seay, Ci:i'ii 2UI3 I Gacoctt• Thompson,Sou. p. lill'l Laura Bin), \Vhotliag .. Ki'iO Lucilo Vonnblo, Jackson ... 1780 Pearl \ 7 onnrd, Fairvicw .. May Brookshier, Chilli... Cora Carey, Blue M. . . Joseph IbiTg, Medicine.... Hazel Estop, Chilli.. . . 8^0 Eva Toner, Monroo .-JOO EtheljJGu-n, s» r. px-1 ... bOO Loyal Knights, Chilli .. . 800 Banna Kcrr, Gn-rn 710 Gladys Mowry, Hump ... 7' 0 Len=v Morri.H , Chillico.. .. 600 Bessie Provolt, Chillico 500 Mrs. S. H. Price,So.pre . -ISO Alena Bushnoll,»!uo M.. . 400 Clara Parker, Chilli MO Ethel GUlmartin, Chilli .. 410 Xanthia Doweli, Chilli ... SOU Anna Suramervillc, So. p.. 340 Mary Lamb 8 JO Myrtle Mariin, Chilli ... 32u Ethel G:rr 280 Gladys Hobman, Chilli... 240 Laura Hud-on — 1'i') Bernird S-illee 100 Ruth P.-igc, Chilli 80 Cora Cliirk, city ...... HO Maude Hutches, Chilli.. . >.(< Flora Hudson, city 40 Maude Lee, Chilli 20 Louise Krouso, 20 Lucile Thompson 20 Unii' ceEsary Kxp^uet-. Acute attacks of colic and diar- rhoea come on without warning and prompt relief must bo obtain- ud. There is no necessity of incurring the expense of a physi- cian'd service in such cases if CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, CHOLERA and DIARRHOEA REMEDY is at hand. A dose of this remedy will relievo the patient before a doctor could arrive. It has nevei boon known to fail, even in the most severe and dai.gerous cases' and no family should be without it. For sale by the N. J. SWET- I.AND DRUG Co. RUBE OGLESBY HERE. H. R. OglesOy ot Warrensbure, bettor kuovvu to Missouri Democrats as "Rube"', Democratic nominee for railroad and warehouse commissioner, arrived here Monday afternoon to spen 1 two days in Chillicothe. He is the guest of hi" cousin, Mrs. J. F. Hawley, S. Elm street. Mr. Oglosby is very popular in Chillicothe and Livingston county, he having been the only state candidate ou the Democratic ticket two years ago to carry the county", except Governor Folk. intiaizmlitorv Rbeumaciam Cured 3 D & V a . .Uorr.oo [*. til, of t*oi»unon. Intl., says: •»AIr wife ha-J! Inflammatory tlheurnatlsm D overv miiscleaml Joint: h^r HiilTorltiff wna terriblenml'her Uocly uud fact; wi»rc nwolton almost beyond recognition; liutl beon In bed for six wi-.iks und nail .'IslU pnyslulaus, but received nobunetViuntllsue tried tho Mystic CUP for Khwmmitlsiu. It Kavo Immocllnto relief and shuwiisnblo to walk about I u three days. I amsurriitsaved nor life." Sold by boN. J.8\v= tland Pr it Co. HEARST, AMERICAN Syracuse, N. Y.. Sept 3—William R. iiearst, as guest of the local trade assembly, addressed nearly 33,000 persons here today. In the course of his speech Mr. Hearst said; "My programme is not socialism, or radicalism, or extreme of any kind. I call it Americanism." REAL ESTATE. Livingston county farms of various sizes at from 840 per acre up. For quick sales we have SO acres at 840, 20 acres at §45, 240 acres at i S50 and 50 acres at $60 per acre. Also have large stock of new and second-hand goods. Stoves, hard- wa«>, furniture, etc. Good lo- and trade. A money-mak- C. F. Wikoff. 38 <i-WiW ChiW<30th6j Mdi » For social, medicinal or house- ! hold uses I. W. Harper whiskey is the best and safest. The most popular high grade whiskey on the market. Sold by M. L. Hig- j gins. CANDIDATES'CARDS The CONSTITUTION prints candidates' cards in any size or quan- trrv. ''Prices reasonable; work the bast. dtf "THE" WEATHER Fair tonight except showers in extreme south portion. WcclOOS* day lair. ... I OUR CLOTHES TALK! J Sounds rather strange, 'tis true—but it's a fact.nevertheless. Our kind of Clothes always speak well ofthe Man who wears them. The appearance of a Man, dressed in one of our Suits will create a. jfooil impression anywhere. We offer our trade jrarments that have jiasse.1 with highest honors the most critical inspection of Clothinjf Kxperts. Men who know every detail that contributes towards artistic cutting- and tailoring. It is for this reason. Sir, that we say "Our Clothes Talk." If you have not tested the hijrh character and superiority of our C'lorhinjf, we trust that you will not fail to do so the present season. Both your pride and your purse will iind it prolitable, if you come here for vour Clothes. Remembe-, please, that you've a string to every Dollar yen leave with us, until you're perfectly sat- fied. J.J. HILL REPLIES TO BhYAN. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS New Y'-ric, Sop'. ?>. —James J. ' Hill, president of tt e ijreat North- : ern railroul ha^ s?nt.this telegram from St. Paul, relatives to W. J. Bryan's ndvoeiu-y of th-.i government ownership of railways: if OS, aa.i,j< buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school. Urouuci ICO feet -square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in j kite.h< u. Inquire at this office, dtf "Three maiu objections to Mr. j O H|S will buy one of tho M*» most cieHirable cottages u. to*n. Ground 105 by 112. Five r>.oui.s down stairs; large attic that can be crnverted into two bed rooms at small cost. Fine cellar, water in kitchen and yard; barn aud woodshed combined. -Newly Fire-place Innuiro at thin office. and grate. dtf WANTED and room wanted by single man, Apply this office.. 29a FOB KEN — Good 7-room house; 6 office rooms, best on north side of square. Inquire C. L. Waite. a30 dtf. A first class teacher, out of employment through a misunderstanding," would like a position. Apply at this office. 3sd3wt Bryan's pUns for government ownership of railrotds suggest themselves at onco. One, economic; one, moral; one, political. Nowhere iu tiic world is any enterprise conducted as cheaply under public aa under private control. Government ownership means decreased efficiency, with increased cost. This perpetual burden must bo borne by the people. "The actions brought against federal department officials and the investigations fouud necessary within tho last few years disclose a state of morals in public life that no actual railway management will to'erotu in Us emp.oy. Tho railroad standard with government ownership for its opportunity would introduce unparalel- led corruption into railroad operation and politics. Control by any political part;/ of the wn^e-, hours and opportuciiies of the army ot railroad employes would insure to it au indefinite lease oi power. Elections would become a farce and a transfer ot" power forcible by revolution. "These are only (he leading objections to a proposal that has nothing to recommend it." Summer Diarrhot-a in Children. Dunn;- ilit- hot wi-ather of the summer mouths the rir*t unnatural loosene£.so; a child'- bowels should havo i.iinedii'.te attention, so as to check the di=eis»i.- befo.p it becomes serious. AH that is necessary is n few done* O( CHAMBERLAIN'S COLIC, CHOLERA and DIARRHOEA REMEDY followed by a dose of Castor Oil to cleanse the system. Rev. M. 0. Srockinnd, Pastor of the First M. E. Church, Little Falls, Minn., writes: "We have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cnolcra und Diarrhoea Remedy fur several years nnd find it a very valuable remedy, especially for ticket yesterday by 60,000 major- summer disorders in children." jity, which may be increased by Sold by tho N J. SWETI.AND DRUG later returns. Co. LOST Lost—On Aug 26 a gold chain with a gold heart attached bearing a dagger. Finder will return to this office and receive reward. s4d4t LOST—An Elk tooth cuff button, with inscription, "600'V Leave at this office aud receive reward. Charles B. Irwin. 4ad2t H ^J?< H '™ R In all its stores. _ Ely's Cram Bali cleanses, sootlicii and heiils the diseased membrane. It cures catarrTi and drives away a CU!Q in the hold .Illicitly. Cream Balm is placed into tho •.••i.strils.spreada over the membrane ntitl is r.bsorbed. Relief la Ira. mediate and a cnre fellows. It-tenot irjmg—foef not produce sneezing. Large Size, GO cents at Dn-if gists ot by mail; Trial Size, 10 cents. .ELY BROTHERS. Eo Wana! Strco. few tarn 60,000 DEMOCRATIC. Arkansas elected Governor Little and the entire Democratic Roy Pinkley returned to St. Louis Tuesday morning after a visit with George Piokley and family, North Locust street. Everybody's friend—Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Cures toothache, earache, sore throat. Heals cuts, bruises, scalds. Stops any pain. The intense itching characteristic of salt rheum and eczema is in- ' stantly allayed by applying HAMBiiKLAIN'S SALVE. AB a cure for skin diseases this salve is uuequaled. For salo by the N. J. SHETLAND DRUG CO. MATINEE 2:30. NIGHT 8:20 SATURDAY, SEPT. SAMUEL COMPANY prvs'-ut tin.' ln'iiutlful comedy Uramn l®meseekers' Complete Scenic Production; A Metropolitan Caste; A Play of Western Life, Replete with Stirring Situations of Heart Interest,. Scats on sal.-at Owl Dms Store, PRICES; Mat. I5-25C, Night 25-35-50-75, Boxes SI,

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