Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1930 · Page 28
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 28

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1930
Page 28
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. -*-NW^ ' ; \'i- -' 'i v • V- ' * * i, %*J ""^i * - ** i * W , MA.Y 27, I? 3 * flnnttniiiinflfBnm* —' "• ir --"—- ' * , a « ' '• , ' i , 4, /' i . ti . i "'. i What is Spring Without Yodf Own Car?—Buy That Car Today—See the Bargains in These Ads f . , *"^ *...»<• .... ..._.,!..„ ......... ' > ^ . . / -~... ^ - .-•'-.-' - 1 . _— - i- '.- -• • " -.^^A^^^...;.L-.-I.. .....:_•• M • •.'.— _^=====^===raa===±;aa^^ lefftt/ /Vtftfcci . ORDiNANOE Amending the one fegulatln*. th» water dupgiy ana the u*e thereof m the Borough of Duncansvlllo since'111 enactmeftt owing to the said ordinance being Inadequate, which ordinance was passed and approved oh the 10th day of April, A, fc. 1918. THEREFORE, be It enacted and ordained by the Burgess and To*n Council of the Borough of Duncaiwvme. and. it Is hereby enacted and ordained by authority of the sime, .that Section 4, of aald ordinance, **ich reads a» tolto*ij ,j , . "All water renta and other proWr charges in connection with the water syateiri thai! be charged against and be payable by the owner or o*ner» of the ..premises whereon the water Is u«d of charged for," shall be and the'same M hereby .amended to read as "A|f'water renis arid other-proper charges in connection with th« water system shall be charged against and payable by the owner or owners Tot the premises whereon the wa- tct> is used or .charged for and that all renewal pipe* from the'enactment of this ordinance from the main to the curb which had heretofore been paid by the. Borough, shall now be paid by the respective property, owner or owners whenever, it becomes necessary, to renew the same or any portion thereof and that the charge therefor to the owner or owners of, said property (half b* Ten Dollars ($10.00). • that said ordinance shall In all other re- speoti remain in full force and effect according to the schedule therein set forth. Enacted and ordained by the -Council of the Borough of Duncansvllie at Its regular meeting held the TtH day of March, A. D. 1930. O. EDWIN SHOiNFEtT, President of the Borough \Counoll. Attest: W. Fj KOON, Secretary of the Borough Council. Approved by me this 7th day of March, A. D. 1930. 3. K, SHOENFELT. Burgess of the Borough of Duncansvllie. Legal Notice* iHj^S#S^yVvS^ t WS>'V*l*Nl*W^W*M*S*li» NOTlOJi , Notice la hereby i&<Sn.t|ll«t l*!*--••-w-iz- accoflnttWe ne«i nltd in tM,C-»fl<ie o* lh« «DA*rjirsi itr isao, A* > A. M. 1r«t and flnftl _ account ^of,,the ^Farnttrt' . d *Flrtt d «d Wl account, ot'. tlrt .Mountain City Trust company, Ouardlftn ot Charles M. Hauser, .minor cnlld of 'carl C. Hauser^ de Fl?gf d and Partial account bf the '.Mountain city Trust company, Quafdlan of Donald A- Hauser, minor child of Cart C. Hauser, de- ""rst and Final account of Uneoin begoiU and Trust Company, Trustee In Partition of the fl«tau of Ruth Rbbley, deceased, late of MASTER'S NOTICE j John Arthur Kuhn, Respondent: You are < hereby notified that the undersigned has been appointed Master, In No. 268 June Terms, 1929, In Divorce, by the Court of Common Pleas of Blair County to take testimony and return the same to the court with a suggested decree, and that he . has set Friday, the 20th day of June next,' at 2 p. m., at his office In Room No. 402, on the 4th floor, of the Commero Building, llth Ave. and 14th St.. Altoona City, as the time and place for hearing, when and where you may. appear with your witnesses, If you desire. Master. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CHARTER IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF BLAIR COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA. Notice Is hereby given that an application will be made to the Court of Common Picas of Blair County, Pennsylvania, on the 9th day of June, A. D. 1930, at ten o'clock a. rrt., under the Act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act to Provide for the Incorporation and Regulation of Certain Corporations," approved April 29, 1874, and of the supplements thereto, for th« Charter of an Intended Corporation of the First Class to be called the "SEMPREVISA ITALIAN MUTUAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATION" tho character and object of which Is to foster friendly,, nodal, and fraternal relationships, and to pro- mot* and encourage social Intercourse and good fellowship among Its members; to advance their welfare and Interests; and to accumulate a fund from membership fees, dues and assessments Which shall be applied for the purposes aforesaid, and for the relief of the families of deceased members' by the payment of funeral benefits; and to do any and all acts necessary for these purposes to have and to enloy all the rights, benefits and privileges of the said Act of Asiembjy and ltd supplemcnta. The proposed Charter Is now on flle In the Prothonotary's office. ANGELO A. 8ANTELLA, Solicitor. * irsi ana Final account of Chester B. Wray, Odardlan of the Estate of. WlJHam Rttls and Helen Marie Rltta, minor chllflfen of Ellis V. Rltta, deoeand. ^ «..«„„ First and Final account of a. W. Strong, Trustee for Mary B t Stonebraker, widow of Asbury stohebralte. deceased. ,,,„„.„ First and. Final account of John DeVlncen- zls. Guardian of Mafy d'jngollr«••»£.«""• goll, Joseph arlhgoll, and Carmelo Orlngoll, minor children of Michael aringoH, deceased. First and Partial account of Mountain City Trust Company, Trustee under'the last will and Testament of Margaret A. Trout, late of Logan Township. • First and Final account of S. B. Beyer, Ouardlan ot Robert Raymond Waring, minor child of Carl d. Waring, late of Tyrone Township, deceased. • second and Partial account of Clearfleld Trust Company, Ouardlan of Earl Lamoorn. Firsthand Final account of John B. drlf- fln, surviving testamentary Trustee of the fflstate of Joseph A. Atlee, late of Tyrone B °F?ref''and Partial account of Samuel M. Davis, Guardian of Herman Davla. minor child of G.^W. Davis, deceased, late of the Borough of Bellwood. , ' First and Partial .account of . Samuel M. Davis, Ouardlan of Ethel Davis, minor child of G. W. Davis, deceased, late of the Borough of Bellwood. . .. First nnd Partial account of Samuel M. Davis, Guardian ol^ Stewart Davis, minor child of G. W, Davis, deceased, late of the Borough of Bellwood, deceased. First and Final account of Ralph F. Taylor, Guardian of Robert E. Lego, minor child of John .W. Lego, late of the Bofougli ot Bellwood. | HA.VB TOO BVER SAT DOWN TO FIG- ur» whether you could afford to own « house or not? For a moderate amount of cash you can take possession of a good home. Read the real estate adi. Classified Display If You Wish to Rent or Buy Any of the most selective homes In the city or suburbs, call H. W. FLUKE Dial 9600 Altoona Trust Bldjr. Consumers Distributor of Guaranteed Plumbing, Heating, Roofing and Painting Supplies. Wholesale prices direct to you. Consumers Plumbing & Heating Supply Co. 1906 9th Ave. Phone 8135. NEED "MONEV QUIOKLYT 21 Hour Courteous Service On CASH LOANS up to $300 Small Monthly Repayments—come In for full Informations-Just 'Phone or Write. Beneficial Loan Society . Room 1, Second Floor, 1300 Eleventh Ave., Cur. 13th St. Altoona, Pa. Telephone Dial 2-4070. Open 8.30 to 5—Saturday 8.30 to 1. LIBEL IN DIVORCE In the Court of Common Pleas of Blair County, Penn'a. Edith Irene Kuhn vs. John Arthur Kuhn. No. 288 June Term, 1929. To-John Arthur Kuhn, Respondent: The original and alias subpoena* In the above stated case have been returned N, E. I. by the Sheriff of Blair County, and .a plurles subpoena having been awarded, returnable the third. Monday of June, 1930, to wit, June 16. 1930, you are hereby notified to appear at the Court of Common Pleas of Blair County, Pennsylvania, on Or before the third Monday of.Junei 1930, to answer the said libel and show cause Why a divorce should not be granted against you. ' ROBERT A. COOK. Sheriff. Classified Display N E E D MONEY You can make all arrangements for a loan, up to $3OO, in 24 hours 'or less Repayments to Suit Your Income Courteous Attention Complete Privacy AMERICAN LOAN CO., Room 308, Grant Building, 1112 Eleventh Avenue, Third Floor, ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—G-9-6-2. Open 8,30 to 5—Saturday 8.30 to 1. 1504 8th St. 8-room frame liouso, all Improvements. 2-car garugc. Good central location, within walking distance of bnslnesK district and shops. Prlco *5,600. Terms to suit purchaser. JOHN KILCOYNE Realtor-Insurance, 1118 14th St. Gable Arcado Bldg. FARM-CASH OR TRADE JTrankstown Township, 65 acres level loam silt soli; 33 acres, beautiful hillside ideal for truit; & acres timber andJgaature; wonderful never falling spring of water; two dwellings; barri; chicken house and other out-buildings; fruit- and berries; good roads; telephone in the houses JPenn Central light close by; nno farm for any purpose; will accept unencumbered city property or cash as part payment. Large Dwelling and Store Building Large three story brick dwelling and storo building, corner Fine and Union Streets, Hollidaysburg, fenna. First floor, street level; store or restaurant room, kitchen; restaurant sink; hot water boiler; gas heater attached; rest room, commode and lavatory; coal and heater room; first ttoor; large sun parlor, large living room, open stairway, dining room, built-in china closet; kitchen, pantry, French dooM betweep dining room and living room; second floor, four large bedrooms, wardrobe in eacli room, hall, complete bath; third floor, four bedrooms, wardrobe in each room, hall, complete, bath; fourth floor, email root garden and tower, from which a view of, the beautiful scenery of tha surrounding country can bo had; hot water heat; electric light; gas; wonderful opportunity for a,high claas rooming and boarding house. Price $8,500.00. MONEY TO LOAN ON FIRST MORTGAGE JOHN N. DRASS General Insurance and Real Estate «W Allegheny Street (near Court- House) Hollidaysburg, Pa. *•* jTIk A; "P^T4Bl UP TO $300 to pay taxes, overdue bill*, etc. Anyone ol good character may borrow here on Uieii own security—without endorsers. Twenty months to repay If you wish—with the privilege of repaying in full at any time, Interest stopping Immediately. 'Phone 2-4617 "If you're honest—you're welcome." COMMUNITY FINANCE SERVICE, Inc. 1421 ISIevcntb Aveuue, Altooua. 1'a. Uccund ny auil IxiRded to U>o ttate. Keep tills ad lot reference. Clarified Display 'v^ti***** 11 ****** RATE In Alteon* On HotiMholtf Loans $100 to $100 NO INQUIRIES ~of your employer, ydur' friends, relatives or tradespeople. NO ENDORSERS. Loans on , signatured of husband and wife only, • . COME IN OR PHONE, or wrIU for a representative to tall at your home. Household Finance Corporation 3rd Fl.. Penn Central Building inn Avenue and 12th Street ' " PHONE 9371' WEHNWOOD Five new dwellings', modern in every way, large lots with lawn " and shrubbery.. Prices $6,460 to $9,250, Easy terms..' Robert J. McCormick Real Kstate and insurance •. Commerce Bldg. JHhone 2-0641 I: —Immediate— LOANS! It you need moiiey—come to "1'Ue General." —Try «nr Quick, OoilrU-oiMi Service— UENEIIAL FINANCE u 8UUVIUE CORPORATION Ull llth Ave. Dial a-»ra. 8 Dpom Above Capitol Theatre. Auto Repairing NOTICE TO TRUCK OWNERS USED TRUCK PARTS olid tire wheels cut down to pneumatics. W. E. FOUSS, 22 6th Ave.. Junlata. Dial 2-9843. YOUR CARBURETOR Jhouldibe cleaned and adjusted now to get nlleage and power for summer driving. We crvlce all makes of carburetors and sell he Famous OOT-09 18th St. Drive In. Phono 6061. 340 6th AVE., JUNIATA— BOYCE'S OAR- age. General repairs. All work guaran- eed. Auto Accessories ,, */>X<>0.»S<'»/'v'»X'«'\^v'SXVN/W*'V 1 '»'^«' s ^'' 2 NEW GOODYEAR TIRES 30x560, 6 PI»Y heavy duty. Will sell for S10 each, Dial 2-9721. SOxt.50 (4.50x21) G. & J. STALWART tire, tube and rim, new. Address 1911 llth St. DJal 2-5481. Used Trucks ^•v-^N^V^-'V^S/N'NXW 3>A TON WHITE WITH >CAB 1 ',4 ton Reo, • oab • and express body, 1-ton Stewartr-cab and express body. International Harvester Co. of America, Dial 6180. 2300 W. 9th Avo. J-TON BROCKWAY, PNEUMATIC TIRES. IVORY'S G.ARAQE, 710 23rd St. Dial 2-3797. GOOD USED TRUCKS Wo have the largest selection of good trucks In Central Pennsylvania. ' Dixon Motor Truck Co. 2501 Bealo Ave.. Dial 2-7660 Used Automobiles FOR BARGAINS IN USED CARS SE19 US All Kinds of Repairing. SNYDER MOTOR SALES, Dealer In DeSoto and Plymouth Cars, 509 Plank Road. Dial 3-1244. 1928 CHBV. 8PORT COUPE, EX. COND. 11)28 Pontiao Coach, Very reasonable. UNITEP MOTORS, Junlata De Soto Dealers, Cor. 2nd St. and 8th Ave., Junlata. Dial 3-0405. • Open Evenings. 1928 CHEVROLET COUPE, *225 1026 Ford Touring, Ruxtell axle. J7D. 1824 Star Touring, $40. H, H. YON MOTOR CO., 320 Junlata St., Holbg, Phone 456-R. FOR SALE OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR small car, Auburn 8-88 sedan, In perfect condition, fully equipped. Inquire at 702 Oth St., city. 1930 PONTIAO SEDAN, $690 1927 Whippet 6 Coupe, $250. Chevrolet touring car, new Urea, 590. LAUVER MOTOR, CO., Ill Union St., Hollldaysburg. Phone 757. 1928 HUDSON COACH, IN BEST OB' CdN- dltlon, new rubber, good paint. Sacrifice at $250. Part cash, balance monthly. Dial 9981, STUDEBAKER BTD. SEDAN, GOOD CON- dltlon. Price very reasonable. See tho now 19W Peerle«s. EDCIELY'B EIGHTH AVE. GARAGE, 1914 8th Ave. Dial 6»87, CHRYSLER 70 SEDAN A-l uhapo. $285 cash. Phone 8-9030. 1920 CHEVROLET'COACH, IN A-l CONDI tlon. Price $175 if sold Immediately. Phone 2-61)04. Inquire 2519 16th St. 1927 PEERLESS 8, 7 PASS. SEDAN. CAR In excellent condition. for quick salu $450. 2712 Union or 2-9625. Certified Used Cars The Bui-gain Spota of Altuona. Millikan Motors, Inc. 8,13 17{h St., 4th Ave. and 6th St., By WILLIAMS Used Automobile* Used Automobiles NOW OPEN 8 A. M. TO . » P. M. USED CAR PARK 400 E. PLANK ROAD Low Prices Easy Terms Small Down Payments on all cars during this- DECORATION DAY SALE License tags guaranteed by Thursday evening. 50—Cars—50 frords—Chevrolets Overlands—Buicks Whippets—WlllysrKnight • Studebaker—Essex Maxwell—Hudson , ' - Star Come early to select yours. Guyer-O'Neill Co. 400 K. Flank Road Bedford St», Hollldaysburg Auburn Trade-in Cars Oldsmobile Coach. Model A Ford Cp. Chevrolet 4-Door Sedan, Essex. Coach. Tomlinson Motor Co. Authorized Auburn Dealer. 2807 Washington Ave. Packard Cut Price Used Car Sale Offers the Used Car Buyer the most for his dollar. 1929 Ford Roadster. 1028 Peerless Sedan. 1928 Reo Sedan. 1927 Hupmobile Sedan. 1927 Chrysler Conv. Coupe. 1926 Buiolt Victoria. 1926 Naah. Victoria. 192U Oldsmobilo tioach. • 1925 Star Coupe. Blair Motor Car Company USED CAR DEFT. 1917 aliir(farct Ave. Open ICvcnings lllul 7082' Certified Used Cars The Bargain Spots of Altoona. PENN MOTORS, Inc. 613 17th St., Altoona 4th Ave. and 5th St., Juniata ' Altoona Juuuita May Day Sale 192U Oakland Sport Coupe $725 192« Studebaker Sedan S350 1026 Oakland Sport Houdsler. .$225 1028 Chevrolet Coupe $435 Wm. Penn Auto Co. 808-10 Green Avo. 1'houe 41Uti Buick Standard £ 2-Door Sedan, $425 182I» WUIypet (Joacli S395 Hudion Coacb S- 30 1928 Ouranl 4-Door Sedan 1376 1927 Dodge Sutclal CD S32D FLUKE & KIMMEL DIs't. for De SOLO 6'a and S'o «1| Green Ave. Phone 2-80S7. Nash Offers Some Exceptional Buys In Used C^rs. See Them! Arble Auto Co. Beale Ave. Dial S-1U3 Dependable Used Car Bargains $275 $900 $750 $350 $375 $475 Oodjf" Sport Touring Dodge DA 6 iSedun Dodge Senior 6 Sedan Dodge 4 t/'yl. Sedan Dodge 1'uiiel Truck Dodge 1'uuel Truck Ton Dodge Screen Truck Jexvett Touring $550 $100 Cramer-Arble Auto Co* 1720 llth Ave. VUKU CAU LOT mu AVC. at wu bt. Used Automobiles Dial 9478 Dial 9478 ALTOONA'S BARGAIN SPOT 3C Late Models At Very Low Prices Roadsters, .Coupes, Coaches and Sedans Union Motor Sales / 2420 Union Ave. i HUDSON 8 and MSSBX « M. S. C. Dependable Used Cars 1929 Roosevelt Straight 8 Sedan '....$790 1928 Willys-Knight Roadster, '$695 1928 Graham-Paige 4-door Sedan *B7B 1928 Chrysler 62 Sedan $795 1927 Chrysler 50 Sedan. $395 1926 Dodge Coupe .$276 1926 Chandler Brougham $295 1926 Pontiao Coach..., $150 1928 Ford Sedan $75 Chrysler 60 Roadster $425 And Others MOTOR SERVICE CO. fhone 513 Uuncaqsvllle LOT LEASE Expires June 1st Every Car Must Be Sold. Here Are a Few Samples: Car Type Was Now Chev. '26 Coupe $ 80 $ SO Essex '26 Coach 150 75 Dodge '26 Sedan 150 90 Buick '23 Sedan 150 90 Hudson '26 Sedan 350 200 Buick '25 Sedan 350 225 Essex '27 Rdst. 325 250 Chrysler'26 Coach 475 425 Chrysler '27 Coach 675 525 Cadillac Sedan.. 975 800 CASH OB TKUMS Auto Exchange, Inc. Tenth Ave. and Fourteenth St. I'lIONK g-SOBU Hear of Capitol Theatre—One Square from F. It. It. Depot Used Automobiles HUPP DEALER USED CARS ARE DEPENDABLE Dodge Touring, good tires and good paint $125.00 Oldsmobile Coach, new tires and good, paint. ........$250.00 1927 Paige 8 J 5-Pass. Sedan 1928 Reo Flying Cloud 2-Door Sedan 1927 Hudson Brougham 1923 Buick Touring, .. .$100.00 1926 Dodge 2-Pass. Coupe, $125 H.L. STULTZ &BRO. 1701 Union Ave. BIG VALUES In Slightly Used CARS Sold With A Written Guaranty On Easy G. M. A. C. Terms G. M. S. Motor Co. 800 Green Ave. Dial 4181 Studebaker Always Leading in Value CsfeD CARS not ABtJSED CAHS Fierce-Arrow. Sedan—1928 Pierce-Arrow Sedan—1927 Cadiliao Sedan—1927 Cadillac 7-Pass. Sedan—1927 Studebaker Big 6 Sedan—1927 Studebaker Big Six Sedan—1926 Studebaker Big 6 Coach—1927 Standard 6 Sedan—1927 B'uick Sedan—1927 Buick Sedan—1926 Buick Country Club—1926 Oakland Sedan—1928 Ford Sedan—1929 dictator Six Studebaker—1928 Essex Coach—1928 Reo Sedan-^1926 Willys-knight Coupe—1926 VVe also have a number of coaches, sedans, coupes and several tourings ranging from $75 to $300. Time payment if you desire, your car taken in exchange as a down payment. National Motor Car Co. 600 Logan Ave. Open Evenings Phone 2-1080 aMt»X» MR. FRANK GATES HM <fi| USED CAR MANAGER —for the Craig-CH<*i»r«t co»»l pany, new d>«ferw hi AftOttlMtl and Junlata. Mr. Gates cat*I tends a cordial Invftathm to I his many friends to Visit tfURI large display rooms. A ftWf exceptional reconditioned caMl listed below bear Mr. QfttWI personal o. k. that count*"^ I 1929 CBevrolet C<J*ch--0wn«| by prominent Altoota nurse-* I low mileage—has hsvd gtw|| care. ft "I 4* Down Payment?*-*- • IMS Chevrolet 9«itai»— You I seldom find a. CAT in this claw I $365 . ..... 19W Chevrolet '/4-ton Canopy I Top — Pfearly a new | truck. $150 Down Pay men* V -*W I 1928 Essex Coavch— Thia car I will give real economical trau«> [ portation. $14O Down Payment «J>-*-'*v 1937 Stndebaker Standard • Sedan — A large fam- I ily car. £1 ftft Down Payment**' J-WV I IKS Buick Master « Sedan— I There is no high clans' car ttl town at this low figure. Price ....... Craig Chevrolet Co. 407 Second St., Jnaiata Phone 9411 Phone Mil '•IT'S WISE TO CHOOSE.. A SIX" YOD Must Hurry— "H You Want the NEW CHEVROLET HAVING OVER SOLD OUR MAY QUOTA —WE WIRED THE FACTORY FOR 4 ADDITIONAL CAR LOADS. We can deliver any new Chevrolet model for Decoration Day—Visit our large Display Room —407 2nd St., Juniata, and inspect these beautiful new mbdels now! Craig Chevrolet CCK JAMES A. CRAIG, Manager / 407 Second Street, Junlata X Phone Mil "IT'S WISE TO CHOOSE A SIX" YOU Can Buy A Used Car Very Reasonable In Hollidaysburg 102U I'ord 2-Uuor Sedan—Like new. . Small m^-JQ^k mileage «pOCFt» Lntu 102U Chevrolet 4 Door Sudan—Fully equipped. Like new Lulu 1027 Chevrolet Coupe—Good condition FOR GOOD USED CARS AT TUB RIGHT PRICES, SEE Criswell Chevrolet Go. 61S N. Juniutu St. Hollldaysburff 1'hone 485 of Smites^ with QETTMAN MOTOR CO Our Greatest Sale of the Year Now Going On 1928 Model A Ford Bunluess Coupe, small mileage Late 1928 Model A Sport Coupe Late 1B28 Model A Standard Coupe *S3U l.a'te 1&2X Tudor Sedan, like new $375 1927 Model T Vord Coupe, nice shape UWU Model A ford Tudor Sedan, small mileage 1929 Model A Standard Coupe 1927 Chevrolet Cabriolet, very good shape $260 lt»2« Chevrolet Coach, late model *l«5 Late 1»2U Model A Sport Roadster S35U Late 1929 Chev. t> Coupe, fully equipped, small mileage 1(435 Late 192B Chev. « Ugadster, fully equipped, uew tires (400 1928 Chev. Cabriolet, like new. with uew General Cord tires $339 1927 Chev. Cabriolet, good condition (195 Late 192U Chev. B Sedau $48S We also have 40 cars priced at $39.00 and up. Gett man Motor Co. USED Union and Btile Avenue* Dial 6141 /MURRAY'S 1929 Chevrolet Coach— Better than a new car for flS/JOK the price «P1iSO 1928 Chevrolet Coach — Good rubber. Mechanically right to carry ap o. k. that ffiOQef counts JJ»OOO Itfitt Chevrolet Hi-Ton Truck — Ready to do your work for you. Thoroughly reconditioned and baa excel- 0/4Kft lent tires J&-*OU !Ui7 Poutiuc >/» - Ton I'uuel Truck — A real bar* ffiQQBt gain for «J>O«jO 1827 Chevrolet Coftbh — Good rubber. Reconditioned to carry an o. k. that ttQflf) counts , .**»*' "V 1927 Chevrolet Coupe — Well worthy your consideration. This car hail been carefully checked and recondi- fij-g QBt tioned J&AifJJ 1»2» Chevrolet Coupe — Late model, in the popular dark blue color. An outstanding Chevrolet at a used JB4Q*J 192« Chevrolet *-Ooo» Sedan— Mechanically good. <B-j ^4R Rubbei? good ipx^t* i It Pays To Buy From the Dealer Who Advertises Botfc Model and Price <c SMALL DOWN ¥ AVMKNT—KASV G. M. A. C. TKB&lft Murray -Chevrolet Co. 1805 Aveuue 4*****

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