Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 2
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 2
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· A-2-INDEPENDENT-PRESS.TtLEGRAM L*M Bllch, Cllll.. lu»d«y, July I. 1141 Medical Insurance to Be Investigated 'U'ie Stale Assembly Insurance Committee is lo make a study of health insurance policies sold in the stale. It says it wants to find out if the people are gelling their money's worth. In some cases il is charged insurance companies pay out less lhan half the amount of premiums they collect. * * * Before us are a number of health insurance policies we have sent for because of radio or other advertisements. We have received others in the mail. From reading these policies we would say the people gel their money's worth. But they are not getting the protection they think they are getting. Thousands of low-priced policies of S2 to $3 a month are sold. But the benefits provided are so restricted very few people can ever hope to collect anything from them. We often hear that 125 million Americans are covered hy health insurance. But we doubt very much if more than a third of this number are covered to the extent they think they are. Under Blue Cross, Blue Shield and many other insurance policies, there is good coverage for doctor and hospital bills. The cosi of this coverage is two to four times as high as many of the policies people buy through the mail or from radio and TV advertising--but the coverage is equally different. * * * One policy we received for a cost of $2.50 a month was advertised as the "solution to your medical costs." But reading the fine print disclosed that you could never hope to collect anything unless it was a rare illness or accident. For the person who expected hospital and doctor bills to be paid for ordinary illnesses, there was no coverage at all. But thousands of people buy such policies, thinking they are covered for most of their possible medical expenses. Another policy widely sold to people past 65 years protects them for $10 a day for 31 days or $310 hospital, $200 for surgeon and SI00 miscellaneous bills. This total insurance for one such illness or accident in one year is about $610. But the premium is S78 a year. Many oldsters think they are covered for all their medical costs and only awaken to Hie fact thai they do not have such coverage when it is loo late. * * * On the other hand, many of the plans that give wide coverage--such as that of the city employes, school teachers and many other group plans--are becoming very costly. In some cases, the insurance companies are paying out SI. 15 for every dollar " charged for premiums. Rales are being increased. But it is essential if the coverage promised is to be soundly financed. Like most other services--you get what you pay for. A low-premium policy provides some protection. But if the insured person is wise, he will carefully rend his polliy so he will know what he is getting. It is tragic to think you have good medical insur- "ance only lo find out it covers so minor a part of the medical costs thai are incurred. Know Ihe company, the agenl and whal is provided before you feel secure in your medical insurance program.--L.A.C. (I A.C.'s o-i L. A. Collins Sr.. 'ite o'r.-r ro'-j^in;. '.; rf.t rticra^'^n oi nfHio-Y on-nian and cJoos nol necessarily r o f - a c r rr-s ccn- lio'ersH orii'on of tni-, n-wspsprr.) JFK, Aides (eep Berlin Talks Secret (Continued from Page A-l) wung around to pick her up. T H E WEEKEND W h i t e louse said it was not an mergency conference, rather, another in a series of con- inuing discussions on Berlin. Before he boarded the Marin, Kennedy was advised of 'remier Nikita Khrushchev's announcement the Soviet Unon has suspended plans to reduce its armed forces, because of the tense world situation. Press Secretary P i e r r e Salinger said Kennedy also was informed of reports Khrushchev had called for a summit conference on Berlin and Germany. (In a Kremlin s p e e c h Khrushchev proposed a sum- nit peace conference on Ger- mnay. Without suggesting a time or place, he appealed directly to President Kennedy, British Prime Minister Macmillan and French President De Gaulte to "attend a conference tngether with other peace-loving states and lo conclude a peace treaty" on Germany. ^ ? * * {"LFTUSSITdown at a table and calmly discuss all questions without resorting lo threats," he said. "We propose the convocation of a peace conference and we shall go there with our draft treaty. Let the Western powers make their proposals, submit their drafts for a peace settlement.") Salinger said the President had no immediate comment on Khrushchev's statements. Red Chief's Talk Upsets Pentagon BERLIN CONFAB AT SEA President Kennedy ponders a point during discussion of the Berlin problem with advisors aboard (he cabin cruiser Marlin off Hyannis Port, Mass,, Saturday. With the President are, from left: Gen. Maxwell Taylor, military adviser; Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.--(AP Photo) Ten California Counties Drought-Disaster Areas Catholic Radio Ceases Operating I.A PAZ, Bolivia (UPI)--lit is "guaranteed the right to The Roman Catholic radio function normally." station "Pius XII," under attack by Communist agitators, suspended broadcasts al midnight Friday. The station at Ciilavi said! il would remain closed until INDEPENDENT PRESS TELEGRAM ^uhl-sned Sunday only at S-xth Si. nd Pine Avs.. Long eeach, Cal. Office 4t i ong Bncli. Cal. Par Mo. Per Yr C a r - i c r delivery ._ . a O c e n i t S 9 . 6 0 By mail -------- ......... Si CO The transmitter is locatec al the workers center knowi as Siglo Viente (20th Century and was attacked last Tues day by Communists who late demanded the eight Canadian priests of the Oblates of Mar Order stop work in the min ing centers. POODLE OR POOCH, dog buyers look for all kinds in Classified. Sell pets fast with an ad. Dial HE 2-5959 now. Pfiemt for Prompt Delivery Long Beach -- 3100 E. Pacific Coair Hwy GE 4-0921 Bellflowtr-- 17626 S. Bdlflawer -- TO 6-1 7H Toncnte -- 20356 Hawthorne -- FR 1-2481 Santo Ana -- 2130 5. Main -- Kl 5-1181 Los Angeles -- M0\ S. Broadway-- PL 2-3131 Youth Feared Drowned While Skindiving MALIBU (UPI) --Nicholas Williams, 18, of Holly- vood, was missing and feared 0 have drowned Saturday vhile skindiving at a private each here. Sheriff's deputies said Wiliams disappeared while skin- diving with another youth Charles Vaughn. 17. (Continued from Page A-l) son: "If a good rain would come there would be some recovery, although most of the small-grain crops in the drought area are almost completely lost." --Farmer Vernie Jones of Glsndive, Mont.: "This is the worst I've ever seen it since the 1930s." The federal government has not been idle. U. S. Sec- rectary of Agriculture Orville Freeman has named 150 counties across the drought belt as disaster areas. The govei nment is mak- i ing government-owned feed grain available lo stricken farmers. It also is giving permission in many areas for farmers to graze or cut hay on land retired under the acreage program. This lias been done so far in 35 Minnesota counties, 20 in Montana, all 53 counties in North Dakota, 17 in South Dakota, 3 in Wyoming and 11 in Wisconsin. Ten California counties also have heen designated disaster areas. Direct loans at three-percent interest were being made available to drought victims as Ihe hard-hit areas qualified. Senators from North and South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana proposed a moratorium on payments of FHA loans in the drought area. The government also was working with stale and local officials on a spraying program to kill grasshoppers. The Department of Agriculture estimated the program will cover half a million acres. An area .by area look a he drought crisis: NORTH DAKOTA-Aboiit W c«r cen f ths ilatt na! been atftcled--all frj aunties A'cng Ihe Red River valle n the eailern border er.d !!·.« txlr oulhwest. The want cYoucht artai wera rirnln short ol water lor livelier*. Zsa Zsa Gabor Scholarships C 0 L U M B US, Ohio iVP-- Zsa Zsa Gabor Saturday was linked lion. A Zsa .ship fund for Hungarian refugee students at Ohio State with -- higher educa Zsa Gabor scholar- University was Saturday. About eslablishec 50 persons attended a S20-a-plate lunch eon given by the sponsors and graced by the Hungarian born actress. SOUTH DAKOTA -- drwjgM in t.h» Aooyt BC.OOO acres Along Ihe MoreL ver In Carson, Oe«ev and Zlebac Ccmlles wera infested with grasifcapDirj Rapid Cllv, at the fact of Ihe BlarJ Hills, has been rationing water for son- '.-ni. MINHESOTA-Dr. 0. C. Solne, agrono nlst at 1he Crookslon Exoer!n'enl Station ald lie drought In Polk Ccunlv Is Eh *orst In frO years of record keep'rg. MONTANA-About a fcurlh ol Mo lana's crop ar.d grailnn laid was sutle Jna. rpfllnlv n e-islpr and central co ties. Rancntrs co-noared It wllh lale's worst droifChl In the ea'Iy I9ji WYOMING-rJnrllieostC'n and J3U' v/eilern corners of Wyonvng were by a drcwgM whrch could tie If'e w ' Malory. Tr.e Agricultural Market Service Cheyenne sitliiialcd aDcut 4.0CQ ac if iheal v,orlri rrnre Inan $.75.000 ma je tost. Banttiers C.ISQ Faced i-.eav losses thrown forced sales ol Uvesloc IDAHO-lihhn soil cw.servallonlst Joh Fry laid Ihe drought In the southern pa of the stale was about as severe AS th 1731. Gov. Robert E. Smvle sa . . . b« "very substantial dam {Continued from Paga A-l) 25,000 in the size of its ;round forces. Khrushchev said the Soviet Jnion is increasing military pending and halting the cut- ack in its military manpower Because of what he called [ireatening gestures by Ihe Vest in the Berlin crisis. But at the same lime he ailed for a summit confer- nce on Germany. "One must call not for war lut for peace," he said, with- lul suggesting either time or place for such a conference. Naming President Kennedy, iritish Prime Minister Macmillan and French President )e Gaulle, he said the Soviet Union had the right to appeal o them "to display wisdom n the solution of the German problem, to attend a con- erence together with other peace-loving states and to conclude a peace treaty (on rermany)." "Common sense and once again common sense is need- interested in the sovereignty of Communist East Germany, which the Western powers refuse to recognize. The premier coupled snfi peace - conference talk and rocket-waving in a Kremlin speech. He declared the moves to heighten Soviet military effectiveness wei e forced measures. there will age.'' UTAH-Ulah's droughl probably Is th. worst In the stala's history, nccortfno lo Jay H. Slnaham, director of tha sla'e Waler and Power Beard and cna'rmnn _ . been affected. CALIFORNIA-- Sfalo agriculture dlrec'cr Charles Paul sa'd the droufihf oas n't hard In central *r.d scuthsrn areal. He said he ejoecK a "comrderarjle number" ed above all, now," Khrushchev went on. "Let us sit down at a table and calmly discuss all questions without resorting to :hreats. We propose the con- vocalion of a peace conference and \ve shall go there! with our draft treaty. Let the; Western powers make their. proposals, submit their drafts! for a peace settlement. We I shall discuss all proposals and accept those which will i n j the best way facilitate t h e j strengthening of peace and which pay due regard to the! Interests and sovereignty of all states." ! Khrushchev is particularly! Evacuating Homes HEIDELBERG, G e r m a n y (UPI)-- The U. S. Army Saturday told 303 of its families to move out of their Gentian- built government quarters here by Aug. 1 because the brick walls are crumbling. Head-On Crash Kills 5 Texans; 3 Boy Athletes CROCKETT, Tex. (UPI) -An automobile weaving back and fourth across a highway collided head on Saturday with another automobile, killing five persons. The dead included Vernon D. Eckles Jr., 18; Horace C. Moore Jr., 18. and Johnny Fry, Ihe football team. The other two victims \vci e Delbert Hicks, 23, and Ruthie Bell Tate, 30. Their automobile was on the wrong side of the road. A Head-on collision on freeway at Fort Worth, Tex.. Friday killed four persons. 17, all slar players on Crockett High School LIVE ON IHB 8EACH At Th8 H U N T I N G T O N HOTEL IJM E OCEAN BLVD. 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