Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 7
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INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS.TELESRAM (PMUA-7 iMdl, Cat*., MHW.y, Frt. 24, »»! REDUCE NOW TO HAVE A NEW FIGURE FOR EASTER Long Beach Woman Reduces 72 Pounds and 6 Dress Sizes NEW COMPUTERIZED REDUCING MAKES ALL OTHERS OBSOLETE Reducing Authority Internotionci Comperes the Old WethoJ: to Her Revolutionary Computerized Equipm»i! and Prograrr Thr THREE MEN, arrested on ;i United Airlines jetliner after hinting the flight might be diverted to Cuba arrive in handcuffs Sunday at FBI headquarters in Chicago. Held are, L-R William Getz, 19, San Francisco, Raymond Hewitt, 27, Los Angeles, and Dexter Woods, 21, San Francisco. --AP Wiffphola 2 Panthers, LA. Man Taken Off Jet Alter Hijack Hint ..; . A i n l i o u i y l i m i n . i n o n . i l . P.i: \\ .ilkei. M:-.. .'.I M! e il M:Uf:- v.. i - : .1 paw n to tr.rri; :· ;].: ! · ^:".'e o! ,iii ;·. r" "i -. ·,! v..\ · ··.'.· i!'. t b - s ::'j', t ::iere ^"d r e m a i n s one ·.···:·.· w-,-11 known and r d n g n i / e i :.,.; and t i i a : is "the n-.-'-d !·- i - x i ^ c . l;:r ;oili:::.i:r:\- t . - . i a v .1 wo:::.i: is S-:;;T . ,:::,.it;.: abo-.'.r n ducing. Slu- lus 1:1 .':::ir.v w.ivs be; n exp,i-d to mi.I expi rit !!·. rJ rhe tjood .in.! the IM.|. She has heaul .uul promises m.uie ahv intelligent woman VX !:· w i L ; . . ; . L .ii'..i pi'-'ur.ui^ i 1 . \ . ! . i o n i p . i r i M n : l i . i t c . l .ill reducing methods v:, h as women have known. K e d i u ' i n s t h a i e l i m i n a t e s guesswork, obsolete equipment and idle promises. A program that faces a woman's reducing problem real- I M U . l I l v . '1 \i\-. I m i c h t s.iv, li.n !!· ' '; . ·. n .1:1 i . ! - · ! · · · u n . f ^ : ' ' ; . - . , . . ' M · . . ! i l : : n c . c \ r ' : ; - - . - . : h .ill.', ik'Vi i. : ; - · · · j. .11:1 h 1 ..: t h 1 i 'i;t^.' i'c CHICAGO (UP1) -Four young men, two uf them wearing badges of the Black Panther Party, were removed from a San Francisco-bound airliner at O'Hare International Airport Sunday because the crew feared a hijack at- t e m p t . One of the four was fun ml to be carrying a .'22 caliber revolver. Federal Bureau of Jnvestigation agents said. Another of the four was later released. Marlin W. Johnson, special agent in charge of the Chicago FBI office, said Raymond Hewitt, 27. of l.os Angeles, and Dexter Woods, 21, of San Francisco, will appear today hofore U.S. Commissioner .lames T. Balog on charges nf i m p a r t i n g false i n f n r - m n t i u n . W i l l i a m Henry Getz, 19, nf 1617 Pine St., San Francisco, will appear before Balog on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon aboard an aircraft, Johnson said. Both charges are viola- lions of t h e Federal Crime Aboard an Aircraft law ;md carry penalties of up to a year in jail and $1,000 fine. The trio and the f o u r l h man, who was released, were removed from U n i t e d Air Flight 139 as the Hoeing 727 jet with 34 passengers and a crew of seven was preparing to leave for San Francisco early Sunday morning. The plane was delayed about 20 minutes. Police were summoned by the plane crew when Marine Lance Cpl. W i l l i a m Swcaringen, 22, Elkhart, Ind., told stewardess Patricia Whitcher, 22. San Francisco, that he saw Getz holding a gun. Meanwhile, stewardess Susan Rittger, 21, San Francisco, reported that Hewitt told her, "If we have enough fuel to get to San Francisco, we must have enough to get to Cuba." Police took the three, who were seated in a group at the rear of the plane, into the airport terminal and questioned them for several hours before turning them over to the FBI. H I M \ o i i s i e a Miapshot nl' M i s . l l c i r l l K n i ' i T I s w h e n she was a JOvlb. size JlO'/j. .Mrs. Roberts was u n h a p - py w i t h herself and ushamcd of her she 20] [\ ii.yu.rr. She h.ul tried many ways lo reduce and had almost given up until she tried Pat Walker's. In the next photo, you'll sec her as a. perfect size 10 after reducing with the Pat Walker program. K o b e i l s u - . h h e d i in, lies from l i , - r _ bin, (, in, he, |.. M i,tm.-rit she could in a horn her W . I I M . 7 indies trom her abiioim 11, 0 inches m a t t e r of days be t h a t sixe. irom her hips, -i inches irom each . uul 2\ · inch- She's been told if i lu- es from each upper arm. She reduced trom 205-pound r j c l ;c d up a ph on e and was size 201-2 to a perfect size 10. one of the "1st lucky 30" i iinpicli. 1 I l l c v e t y .^pr. : i l i a f l . u t ..!! phases n| .1 v.iMiian's rediKini; problem; tiioiouphly, .scientifically and realistically. -Pat Walker You'll Reduce in All the Places You Should ducing Now that liastcr and Spring are almost here it suddenly makes a. woman realize that her iigure is so important to her because the coming ·warm weather means wearing the new figure revealing fashions. All too often, a woman will tell us how her last year's Spring and Summer were r u i n e d because she tried on her previous y e a r s dresses and sportswear and f o u n d the added inches and weight made it impossible for her to wear them. And after shopping for new clothes, she became demoralized and disheartened because nothing looked the'way it should. This resulted in a m i n i m u m v..triirnbc " ust to ^et bv" iiiui t h e c:\tiisi- ol why she d u i n t w a n t in be sci-n at social a u t i v i t u . It is a shame all s" m a n y w o m e n c.xpcnciue this because in t r u t h it need nor happen. Today, it is better to invest money in a new figure than try to buy clothes to disguise it. You can buy your figure back jusr -as you would purchase clothes, furniture, automobiles, or a n y t h i n g else. Tin - i n l y i l u i i L ; is u is a st/rvii c and \ i iu have to i i u i l e in t l i e s.ilou ID .net n. l i u i . i t is n i i e to k n n w that sie m a k e r e d u i i n g most p l e a s a n t a n d i h e r e t o r e a w o m a n ( . · n i o y s t h e t i m e spent with us. 1 \isic with so many, many women of every age, walk of life and nationality, and eaih w o m a n t h i n k s her iig- me problems are so very d i f f e r e n t h u m a n o t h e r woman's i l u t if w i l l work u i l u ble o t h ( . · ; · t h not t n r her. A l t e r a lii:ure . i n . i h s i rc.ih/cs licr t i g u r e p are really n»t so l i i l and that thousands ol have experienced the same problems that .she has and suddenly she regains hope. ·and faith that something tan be done for her and her own figure problems. When she has had her figure analysis, .she knows where she needs to lose, it will iie:. .uul how long it \ui: i ' is a \ e r y p r n u i i , scu.:e h.ippy w i m , i n w h o r e t e i v i s i i ' i n p h m e n i s , and attentic'ii ot those closest to her be- ause she becomes a. nev/ person both in appearance and personality. This has not been luck on her part, she made her own luck when she recognized shf figure problems and unie lo us fur lielp. Dr Rowan AUTHORIZED FOR UNION DENTAL PLANS Uf 6-7241 107 W. Broadway, L,B. Australian Journalist Interviews Pat Walker About Reducing by Del Cartwright, Sydney's TV Personality, Journalist and Lecturer 1 don't want to get bald! DoYOU? "I think that baldness adds false years to a man's age. 1''rankly, I don't wmil. lo lose my hair--and I don't intend lo become bald if 1 can possibly keep from it." These may bo your own words -- ;s well as the words of many other men. Your chonce lo beat baldness is enhanced by the new Thomas t r e a t m e n t given under the supervision of three specialists. Kirst you personally cons u l ! a T h o m a s e x p e r t (without charge or obli- . sat ion). Your h e a l t h h i s t o r y is then studied by the Thomas medical director (a physician). He is aided oy reports supplied to him by a bacteriologist, who analyses sebum specimens from your scalp. - 1 1 , 1 The Thomas treatment you receive is determined by ilie finding of the medical director and bacteriologist. (. ome. in today for [rce consultation. If Ihe examination ami tests indicate that you have male-put tern baldness ( 01 which no treatment is helpful) you will bo I r a n k K told. SPECIALISTS LONG BEACH-- HO PINE AVE. (SUITE 1207) PHONE 434-1321 Park Froo Lincoln G,ir,igo IDS ANGELES-- 742 SOUTH HILL ST. (Mciianlnel Ph. MA 2-811 1 Froc P.irlinq Perilling Squaic G.lMgc ._,,,,, N. HOLUWOOD-- 12158 HAMLIN ST. IV.IIiy Plna) Ph. PO 3.11 Si Across from Scars Auto Center HOURS: II «.m. lo 8 p.m.-- SMu'dayv 10 a.m. lo 3 p.m. Wen and Women Accepted (or Trc,ilmonl in All Ollicci Q u e s t i o n : Arc Australian women harder or easier to reduce t h a n American women? Answer: There is no diifer- encc . . . women are women t h e world nver and t h e i r i i i i u r e p r o b l e m s a r e t h e Mine. Oucsii'Hi: How docs v o u r reducing pro.ur.un l o m p . u r l u y o u r c o m p c t i t n.'ii j n Anierii.;!.'' Answer: \Y'e iv,illy h.ive no c o m p e t i t i o n i n A m e r i t ;i. Mostly the r e d u c i n g lieM is cluttered w i t h indi\'idii.iily owned or tranchised s.iions, u s i n g o u t - d . u e d , o b s o l e t e e q u i p m e n t and methods. (M course, t h e i e Lire liie flyin- oper.uions where the women do physical workout-. . . . and 1 have never amsiderej them as c o m p e t i t i o n . Q u e s t i o n : Do you ii'-e e q u i p m e n t t h a t you buy or rent/ Answer: No, it took years and a. lull-million dollars to develop our computerized equipment . . . A c t u a l l y , we tan atlord to say t h a t we h a v e tin? o n l y r e d u c i n g equipment ot its kind. Question: What are the ages ot your patrons? Answer: A very w u i e ram:e "I a g e s . . . Irom 7 mover,SO.' Question: 1 low mm h can :i lose with y o u r promMin.' A n s w e r : That liepcnds, of couise, on bow nun h she needs 10 lose. I t .she is t e i n - bly overweight, she loses .1 lot . . . it' her problems are minor, her loss is according lo her needs. Q u e s t i o n : I t h a s always been a tear to most women that reducing will maker her look older . . . drawn and hazard. Answer: M a n y methods uf reducing will Lause a w o m a n lo look older . . . strenuous diets, pills, etc . . . But mil w i t h o u r p r o g r a m ! S h e looks y o u n g e r a n d t e l l s younger, too! Question: We've had Ke- ilucing Companies here in Sydney in the past that offered wigs, clothes, make-up . . . cveryihinfi as added in- centive to come to them ... Do you offer any of these things? Answer: No, we do nor. We offer one thing only. That is specialty reducing. The intelligent woman knows what she bus come to us lor and i h a i is what slit- buys. Question: \Vhat would yon s.iy to a woman who comes to you atu-r she has b o u u h t or i r i e d i-v_ry k i n d oi n.- inu in^ and borne iievn:e and none have w o r k e d lor h e i ? Answer: 1 w o u l d adnnrr her lor having bad the intelligence to r i L u g n i z c - the taa t h a t she had ligure prob- K - I M S .uui t r i e d to do SOIIK- i h m . u . l i ' o u r t h e m . T h e y n , . i k r w o n d e r f u l Pat Walker p . i i i u n s they i r u l v a p p r e c i a t e t!ic l.iLt at i . r i : J R : r r r . u u i m ; battle is Reducing Ol'iVr Repealed by Kecjuesl! A SPECIAL OFFER SO THAT YOU MAY ENJOY EASTER WITH A NEW FIGURE :i\er.i!;e m.m leel aijouc !'.- diiiini;.' A n s w e r : M a n y t h i n k a worn,in iiist stop eatin.i; to reduce . . . or work out with bar-bells . . . or merely exercise. Hut then, there are more men now that know ih.H a \\ needs f-pcci.d- i / f i i help . . . J t ' s a s m a r t m a n w h o entourages h i s v i l e M reduce, because lu- shares her pride and eiiioys h e ; ' new o u t l u o k on htc! Oresiiou: How m a n y wnni- i ;i « i i l ; h i you , - s t l l l l J ' e i both h e t e and in .Aiuerii.i.i h.ivr I'jt Walker li);uies.' A n s w e r : Through ihc y'..i:s well over 5 m i l l i o n ! Question: When a w n m a n i i d u c e s with y o u r pinur.'.in and loses a ior ot \\ i.uhi, does she become Hubby: A n s w e r : D c t i n i t e l v n o t ! l-'irmin.i; am! innin.i; are i m p o r t a n t ]\ins c i l n u r p:o- ijr.ini. Question: \X'e have iiad a few Kediuin.u Cmnpames m A u s t r a l i a t h a t w e r e re.iib p . i t l i e t u . T h e y p r o m i s e . : e v e r y t h i n i ; a n d j i r u d m e , i practically nothing. Answer: \\"ell, you .in n't alone, Miss Canwriidit, he- cause America has had their share, too. In fact, a few still exist. A u t b o r i i y I n t e r n a t i o n a l : · · , : · H'-. ii"'.'. i'.jiij it v.ill n't.e .md based upon S J . l l f ) per r:. '.'rncn; : .;i u i c d .in : t h e exact Co-.; ol vour ligure correction. It w:d be . . · » i . m.iiiy » i t h '..I i'!' :i' 't. and it you should so deciue, you may u ~ _ - tiie ; .i|'|-',ii ·'. on -...i.i- pc:siin.i!i/cd Pat Vv'alker figure i n r r c t t i o n [TO^ram. d ptogr ::n yo.. . .1:1 ie-.!i:ie q u i c k l y , easily and etfortiessly WII:I,.-L: rigi.i : nu aii': in i . . m ; - ! e t e JTIV.H y. \»,\ w i l l loxc- w h e r e yo-.i need. :·. loe and : m;- i; ri/eii e q u i p m e n r and program makes riv/.iiinu a p i - - a - -e. y vj 11 v. :'li Pa: Walter's Pertection Program. : ::.: · · ana/. -!·· w i r b o u ; obligation, come in ' M - . : : - . a y i l : r n . ^ i i |-;i.:.r.. ,'saf.irday 9 a.m. to - FIGURE PERFECTION, INT'L fl ft UKEWOOD CENTER-4936 Groywood Phone ME 4-0672 LOS ANGELES-6401 Wilshire Blvd Phone 653-3421 :·:·:·: 8 LONG BEACH-423 East First St Phono HE 2-2973 PASADENA-532 South Lake Phone 795-8888 :$: S ORANGE COUNTY-83 Town Country Phone Kl 7-8362 RESEDA-7256 Reseda Blvd Phone 345-1213 'm. ;·;· TORRANCE-Near Desmond's in Bullock's Fashion Square.Hawlhorne Blvd. ncor Carson Phone 542-1643 ¥:·:· ;!·'. Also Honolulu, Kailua ond Australia '·? ;;:· Another Pat Walker Figure Perfection Salon Opening Soon in Monkloir .:W: · ^""i: ai'. 1 i i n i i c d to :omc in or i . i l ! '.« : t n c . i i i . i i v s i s we w i l l teli you w h e i e you .r-' \\e w i l l i c l l you exactly how m.niy i f e . t t m i '·_ your decision whether you l e . i i u e p i ' - ' t e : letter worth $.20.0(1, t h i s week ..niy. m : e a : \Vith Pat Walker's new ..iiip'.itcriA ('.let or s t r e n u o u s exercise, w i t h o u t i i s : n l . i [ you'll enioy doinj; it. I'ai W a l k e r s new ^ have n o t h i n g to Inse bm p o u n d s .n:.i n. i : I'm y o u r P K I i K t r i a l ire.ument .1:1-: '· : a p p o i m m e i i t . f l o u r s are H a.m. .To ') \

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