Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 9
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u»,B«c*.c.m..Ti»rv.; INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-A 'Childish,' ex-State Dept. official retorts Professor says Hiss lied about Chambers ties ViV?"o r *»*-»i By PETER K1HSS · New York Times Srrviw ' NEVV Y O R K - Allen Weinstcin, Smith College 'professor whose suit caus- ' ed the release of 15,376 pages of FBI files in the Alger Hiss case, says Hiss "has been lying about his relations" with Whittaker Chambers f o r nearly 30 years. Citing defense records "generously" opened lo -.. him by Hiss and other documents, Weinstein says .. people "who once believed in Alger Hiss may now be persuaded t h a t he stole .the documents in ques- . . tion" from the State Department, as alleged by ' Chambers, who said that they were both involved in . Soviet espionage in 1938. - - H i s s , in a c o m m e n t ' rela'yed on his b e h a l f . Wednesday night, decried Weinstein's statements as "terribly thin stuff and [ - childish," and c h a r g e d , ' t h a t Weinstein .lacked · .legal background to weigh '.the value of data in the · tiles. -, WEINSTEIN'S v i e w s .. were released to the New York Times Wednesday by the New York Review of · Books, which will carry in . i t s April I Issue his six- page critique of a new .bookon Hiss. The book, "Alger Hiss: The True Story," is by John Chabot Smith, a former New Y o r k Herald Tribune reporter who also .had access to defense records and interviewed Hiss and his family. S m i t h contends t h a t Hiss was innocent of giving documents to C h a m - bers and suggests that Chambers could have acquired some of them from open sources, typed copies of others himself and fished f o u r h a n d w r i t t e n Overseas taps need memorandums by Hiss from a wasiebaskct. The 485-page book by Smith is being published by H o l t , Rinehart and Winston Monday, the 25th a n n i v e r s a r y of H i s s ' s going to prison on perjury charges. Hiss, a former h i g h S l a t e Department official, served 44 months in prison. He has consistently Insisted that he is innocent of all charges. Hiss was at B o s t o n University W e d n e s d a y night to give a lecture and had not seen the Weinstcin arth-le. But his son Tony, 34-year-old writer for the New Yorker magazine and p u b l i s h e r of the R e a l World bimonthly, relayed a request for his comment. Tony Hiss reported that his father, 71, responded thai Weinstein's critique was "foolishness," and "he's obviously no l a w - yer." He said Alger Hiss conceded that there had been "problems" with defense typewriter experts, but "the art of typewriter examination in those days j u s t w a s n ' t anything." Tony Hiss added that his father said he had told Wcinstein a week ago, "I thought lor a long time you've had biased views." In his article Weinstein said a defense lawyer, John F. Davis, on Dec. 23, 1948, wrote I he chief defense counsel that Alger Hiss asked him earlier that month to check on an old typewriter "which he remembers he g a v e to Pat, the son of Claudia Catlett, who used to do washing." Tills means, Wcinstein a s s e r t e d , t h a t "Hiss deliberatsly m i s l e d the FBI, the grand jury and two trial juries about his knowledge of the Woods t o c k typewriter's whereabouts." He s a i d Hiss three times between Dec. 10 and 15 told a grand jury that he had no knowledge of how the typewriter had been disposed of. Wcinstein said a defense typewriting e x p e r t , J. Howard Haring, reported to the chief defese counsel, EXCLUSIVE Edward C. McLean, on Dec. 6, 1948, that "the C h a m b e r s documents" had been typed on a Wood- slock, the same machine used in a 1933 letter typed by Hiss's wife, Priscilla. But four days later, Wcin- stein said, Mrs. Hiss told the grand jury that she had no idea of the make of the machine or how she had got rid of it. Weinstein said the defense files contain reports by another expert, Harry Cassady, "that Mrs. Hiss ' typed the. documents" submitted by Chambers. Still another, Edwin Fearing, had reported t h a t t h e documents were typed on the H i s s machine, Wcin- stein said. "Even more troubling to the defense," he wrote, "several of their experts also decided that either Alger or Priscilla Hiss had written the interlinear corrections on the various t y p e d documents, t h u s linking HIP couple even more c l o s e l y to the material in question." Weinslcin said also: -- Chambcrs's claim to have belonged to a Soviet intelligence network was confirmed by FBI I n t e r views with Henry Julian Wadleigh, Franklin Victor Reno and William Edward Crane, who said they had been members of the ring. -- Letters previously unavailable f r o m Chambers in mid-November 1938 to P r o f . M e y e r S c h a p i r o a n d H e r b e r t Solow bear out his claim that he had withheld the s t o l e n d o c u m e n t s a n d warned Soviet agents that he had them as "life preservers" for himself. -- E m a n u c l Bloch, counsel for William Rosen, a man to wltose name a Hiss car had been transferred, confirmed to Hiss l a w y e r s Chambers' contention Irml "the transfer had been arranged by a high-ranking Communist." -- The Chambers docu- m e n t s i n c l u d e d a handwritten exact copy by Hiss of a January 1938 U.S. Embassy report on an Interview w i t h Mrs, Adolph Arnold Rubens, an American under arrest In Moscow, and a September 1939 memorandum by a State Deparlment official said the embassy report had got back immediately to the Soviet Union. In his book upholding Hiss, Smith said: -- There was nothing (o connect the typed copies with Hiss except that they were typed on a machine much like the Hiss typ- wrlter Uiat had been given a w a y before December 1937 -- a week before the earliest date on the Chambers papers. -- One grand juror told Hiss lawyers t h a t the grand jury voted its pcr- ALGEK HISS 'Terribly thin stuff j u r y Indictment against IIIss by "only one more lhan a bare majority,' 1 as against the claim by former President Nixon, a key Instigator of the Hiss case when he was In Congress, In his book "Six Crises" that all 19 voted in indict. i i court OK WASHINGTON (AP) A federal j u d g e ruled Wednesday that the Army m u s t obtain c o u r t warrants before it can wiretap A m e r i c a n c i v i l i a n s abroad. The ruling, by C h i e f U.S. Dislricl Judge William B. Jones, was hailed by t h e attorney for 20 A m e r i c a n s l i v i n g in G e r m a n y who charged that the Army spied on their activities. "The decision is a significant recognition t h a t the Constitution applies overseas to protect Americ a n c i t i z e n s a g a i n s t a b u s e s of intelligence agencies," said John H.F. Shattuck of the American Civil Liberties U n i o n , which pressed the case. "WHAT the judge has done is to hold, as a matter of law, that wiretaps on American citizens overseas are unconstitutional unless the American citizens are foreign agents," Shattuck said. The 20 Americans said the Army infiltrated a political club that supported George M c G o v e r n for President in 1972 and the impeachment of f o r m e r President NLxon in 1973. The judge also turned aside the Army's claim that the plaintiffs cannot sue for monetary d a m ages. The suit asks $10.000 to $30,000 for each individual, plus $100 a day for each day on which a person was wiretapped. "The wiretaps alleged in this case arise in a situ.ition which, if located within the United States, c l e a r l y would require prior j u d i c i a l authorization," the judge said in a memorandum. "The only distinguishing factor is the presence of the Army and plantiffs overseas." Shattuck. a lawyer for the ACI.U. said in a telephone interview that the decision allows t h e plaintiffs to "investigate the e x a c t c i r c u m s t a n c e s under which the wiretaps were placed " He said "we don'l know what they did this for. One version is that for the morale of the troops, they didn't want (he antiwar political c a m p a i g n (of 1972) brought home to the t r o o p s . MVC COT It AlU HMiK MROH 715"'HOME RUN KING 1 GLOVE CHOCOLATE COWHIDE FIELDER'S GLOVE "MITCHELL 300" FRESHWHTER SPINNING REEL, S A V E NOW! 12.99 n ·" I'f -t*. y : cf Itjvr. *f-.:t i V '. i-. i IJ-C-'M r.l V ;-' n'.' 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AVAAAMI Af Ml DC * iTOili ' GARDEN GROVE 9861 CHAPMAN ICOHNtP OF BROOKHURST] FULLERTON 130 W. ORAHGETHORPE (AT HAKBOR BLVD.) COSTA MESA 2324 HARBOR BLVD. flH HARBOR CQfTEKi DOWNEY 9100 E. FIRESTONE IACROSS FT.OM STOHTWCXDD CTfl.)

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