Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 21
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 21

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 21
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PAGE 22 T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE I, I960 TOPS ON TV IN DAJVZIG'S VIEW TONIGHT 7:00 p,r.i.--BOXING. Light heavyweight* Willie Pastrano and Sonny Ray meet in a scheduled "lO-round bout at Chicago. (Channel 9) PERRY COMO. The final show of the season introduces David itfcLean, star of the summer replacement feature, "Tare," which occupies pan of this hour starting nest Wednesday. (Channel 4) 7:M pjn--rVE GOT A SECRET. Jane Wyman is the special guest. Garry Moore moderates. (Channel 13) S:00 p.m. - SUMMER NIGHT. "Theater Under the Stars," : with Kitty Carlisle t.s hostess. , The performers include Eileen ! Brennaa, soprano Phyllis Cur- '· tin, ballet dancers A n d r e ; Eglevsky and Melissa Hayden, singer-dancer Harold' Laag, actress Claire Luce,: singer-pianist Nina Simcne j and violinist Oscar Shumsky. j (Channel 9) i STEEL HOUR. "Game of j Hearts," a bittersweet tale of j two roommates--one happy j T.V. REPAIRED to Your Homt '; S3.50 Service Charge i EA 7-8812 over her impending marriage,; the other sad because of a ; broken romance. With Betsy! Palmer, Jeff Donnell, Arthur! Hill and Robert Webber. : (Channel 13) : 9:00 p.m. - HAWAIIAN EYE. i "Beach Boy" is about a beach boy who is arrested for tres- \ passing on the property of an i actress. Troy Donahue and! Anna Lee play the beach boy j and the actress. The usual i private eyes will be on hand.' (Channel 9) ] 10:15 p.m.-JACK PAAR. Joey; Bishop presides. Pat Carroll j will chat. Anders and Hadley j will sinp. (Channel 4) I MOVIE. Douglas Fair-; Song, 'Who Needs It?' Summarizes Startime By FRED DANZIG NEW YORK--UPI--Near the close of last night's Startime hour, Nanette Fabray sang a song titled, "Who Needs It?" That says it for me. "The Nanette Fabray Show," given over to an orig- book musical called, "So; Me Aphrodite," was the! squeeze the maximum out of the offering of this Tuesday! uninspired production 6 Also on hand were Jean Pierre inal Help final night series of specials on NBC-| TV and I'm sorry they couldn't! quit while they were ahead. \ Getting back to the musical j Aumont, Stubby Kaye and Robert Strauss, All were given threadbare material. The stodginess of the show; could have been overcome if the 1 Boy, 11, Saved By Playmate* PHOENIX--UPI--Tomray Burke, 11, can mink his playmate* for his life. The son of Mrs. Belle Burke disappeared in five leet of water in an irrigation ditch at 27th Ave. and Durango. IVP Kay McFall, 13, jumped in with other youngsters and pulled him out. She had been watching Tommy and her brother Donnde, I, play. Miss McFall applied artificial respiration and sent for help. Tommy was blue when policemen Bill Sheaffer and Tom Ezell arrived. They finished the job Miss McFall had started. Tommy explained he had struck his head on the cement lining of the ditch. They're Improving BENNINGTON, Vt.-UPI-After George Grover, 28. was fined $45 following his guilty plea to a charge of driving for 12 years without a license, he said,."It just 1 goes to show you that troopers are getting better all the time." banks Jr. and Richard Bar- j q ues tion, "Who Needs U?" I thelmess (can you remember j g ues$ fl, e an swer is that a lot o f j boy - girl characterizations were him?) take to the skyways in "Flight Commander." (1930) (Channel 9) 10:45 p.m.--MOVIE. Peter Lorre's spying brings on a "Crack- Up." (1936) (Channel 13) 11:00 p.m. --MOVIE. "The Smiling Ghost" haunts Brenda Marshall and Wayne Morris. (1941) (Channel 4) SUMMER SPECIAL TV SERVICE GUARANTEED $3.50 Day * Night ATLAS EA 7-4518 TREE SLIPCOVERS with Every Upholstery Job We Will UPHOLSTER BOTH SOFA CHAIR FABRIC and LABOR INCLUDED $ 69 For Free Estimate No Obligation CALL MA 3-6464 CROWN UPHOLSTERY I93E.TOOLE--Off 6th Ave. well-intentioned people were : more appealing and if the various kept busy putting it together, j sequences were more pointedly They did no irreparable damage | and freshly conceived, to their respective careers, ex- Produced by Larry Berns, di- cept to indicate a dismaying ten- reeled by Bob Henry, written by dency to follow TV's established Danny Arnold and Jack Brooks, music and variety ruts. I "So Help Me Aphrodite" should The story in this rehash h a d j have added up to "No, No, Nan- Miss Fabray as a pretty and pop-j ette " where it5 star was ^'i ular hash-house waitress whoj c e r n e d - j spurned the simple, vine-covered- cottage life as the wife of Tony Randall, portraying her boss, Ernest Jones. This sort of existence was too dull for Miss Fab- ray, whose horoscope and deepest instincts told her she was 'destined for greatness. (If those instincts and horoscopes were on her side, they would have steered her away from this itory.) NOTHING DOWN 24 Months to Pay 15,000,000 REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER Anyhow, the customary flashbacks permitted our heroine to put herself in the shoes of Marie Antoinette and, later, the moccasins of Pocahontas, described as a "slinky, mysterious Indian princess." These chastening experiences, laced with special songs called, "Po-Po-Pocahontas," and "Save a Place on the Wall for · M*," taught Miss Fabray that the fame-and-fortune bit is a drag. In the end, Nanette said "Yes, yes" to Mr. Jones and went off o the less glamorous life as Mrs. Jones. (No, folks, this has noth- ng to do with the Princess Mar- ;aret story.) Miss Fabray was given some chances to demonstrate her abil- ties as a singer, dancer, comedienne, and tragedienne in this vine- covered production. Her mugging, her delicate timing sense, were in evidence, although she pressed too hard at times in order to L · Avtemitic Dtfreit · Fut Freeze Shelf Gip»ntic Special Purchase! Big 16 cu. ft. 2- in-1 refrigerator «nd freezer . . . priced .lower t h a n many "Old Pashioned" sinjtlc-door models. Fcimre* txuc-zcro freezer, automatic ice ejector und »11 uluminura shelves. Wiiird A^pliencri C-heien Over 1 Yi Million Timei! CAMPBELL PLAZA SOCIAL INTRODUCTIONS (Not t Lonely Hearti Club) A Mrrlc* dedicated to refined ladit* A icBtlemen wishing te meet same. Legltlinate, immediate remits with ALICE ABBOTT. Your (HMteM ilnce 1MI. Eicorti. Private -Licensed-AX S4M1. SPECIALIZING Stomach. Bowe Gallbladder DISORDERS Varloui ditorderf Including Indl* Itstlon, IIS, bleit, cenitlpatlon, ·bdemlnal eiln, kaoktche, burn- Ing, bilchlng, blllousntis, vomit- Ing, "hcadacht, dlzilnm, fltloue, hurtburn, palplutlon, colltn, ulcers, bltl'lnl, Iniomnli. and n«rvouini« miy bt warning yrnptom» *f etm* terious condition which cm b* prevented by proptr »«»mlnitl»n, dlsnoi nd treatment. Much ·Uttering, l°" at timt frtm w»rk, hoipitaliiatlon. «tc. can »· ivtldaC ky specialized treatment and tin. Don't deUyl Call IA. »-M«l ftr appointment. We Alto Have Colonle Irritation, Electro Therapy, Pnyslo Therapy Shafer Naturopathic Clinic 240C N. Campbell EA R-S3SS Hours: Daily I to S 4 Sailor Goes Berserk Aboard Ship BOSTON--UPI--A crazed sailor barricaded himself and fired two pistols wildly today in (the officers* wardroom of the Navy icebreaker Edisto before he was flushed out with tear gas. None of the crew of 200 was reported injured. The ship is scheduled to leave Friday on a six-month cruise to the Arctic. The sailor was identified as Yeoman 2.C. John W. Davidson. The Navy said he had just sent his wife home to Centralia, 111. He held off police and a squid of Marines for an hour, firing 14 shots. Marines flushed him out with tear gas and he was taken to a hospital. The Navy said his motive for the wild shooting spree was unknown. The hectic siege began soon after he returned from shore leave at 1 a.m., a witness reported. Authorities said the sailor was armed with two .45 caliber pistols. Attempt* by 20 Marines and a dozen policemen to rout him from the wardrom were met with volleys of plitol fire. The shots were not returned. When it became apparent that many might be hurt by attempts to rush the man, the Marines fired two tear g.s shells through a port hole of the below decks wardroom. Minutes later the man tossed out the two pistols. A third shell was fired into the area and the sailor crawled from his stronghold, choking from the .tear gas fumes. He collapsed outside and was taken to Chelsea Naval Hospital EDWARD L. BROWN Brown New Probation Officer Edward L. Brown,, instructor in the Tucson District No. 1 school system since 1957, has been named federal probation officer in Tuc;on. He is scheduled to assume his new duties here June'13. Brown, 28, is a native of Arizona; born in Douglas. Prior to becoming a teacher In he Tucson Public School system, ic worked for the Mountain States Telephone Telegraph Co., join- ng that organization in 1953. Brown graduated from Tucson High School in 1950 and holds a B.A. from the University of Arizona, graduating in 1957, plus two years of graduate work. He and his family reside at 4866 E. Cooper St. , A vancancy in the Tucson probation office occurred when Ed ward Dougherty, probation officer in Tucson since 1948, was appointed Chief U. S. Probation Officer for the District of Arizona in April. Southern Arizona's other U. S. Probation Officer is Charles Hoffman. I BRAND NEW PICTURE TUBES FULL GUARANTEE 16-Inch 17-Inch 20-Inch s 16.00 M7.00 '20.00! · 21-Inch... 521.001 with N Shop Complete TV I Overhaul ....^IU'' W Labor I I Your Sign of Good Service ! ECONOMY TV | i SERVICE CO. I 2434 E. 22nd MA MIST I I If No Answer Call EA I-I5M f SAM LEVITZ D1RECT-TO-YOU WAREHOUSE presents * TV HOUR OF STARS TONIGHT "Back Bay Romance RAYMOND MASSEV JOANNE WOODWARD TELEVISION SERVICE CAR-HOME HADIO-HI-H CECIL GAVIR 4144 E. Sp«*dway EA 74171 Hours Dally M SuwUy 1M Serviai TIKIM 14 Y*ar» Palmistry MMdlnp Help i f l v t an* overeom* p r i b - lems. Reading*, at- t u r e tatiffactloti. Bring ad for reduction. 4511 S. Ith Avt. · a.m. to II p.m. 17" TV PICTURE TUBE 17 00 l-Yr. Gnar. CECIL OAVER EA 7-W71 4«44 E. fpe*xfway Blvd. rr 1:00 p.m. Channel 13 WEEKLY BID BOARD AUCTION STAMPS AND COINS High tit? Buyi «T 3 P.M. 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NIGHT KTAN KEVT KCKK KTKT KCT7B KMOP KTUC KOLD KADt KTAN XXVT KCXT KTKT 5: It p.m. Ncws-Spts-Lindberc Newt * Sports News-Mtilc Cntwt KMOP KTUC KOLD KAlH Danny Diy Show Newt-Bob Johnson 8. Ariz. Nws-- RollHomi Newt-Muslc-New* Johnny Hyde Show S:* p.m. Moron Beatty-Bowler Claudia Jimenei Maiic-Curpet Frank K»lll Danny o*y thew Nawt-Johnton News-- O. Anderson Mutle-Newt Johnny Hyd« Ihow KTAIf KEVT Keen KTKT KCUB KMOf KTUC XOUD XAIX KTAN KXVT JCfrEE KTKT KCUB KTUC KOLD KAIR XTAK KXVT p.nt. OotjMI * Sons-Lifellm CUUdio Jimenez Nawt-Mpt.10 Carpet News-Aim Jiy Danny Day Show News-Johnson-Sim Of) News-Wcii.-SDts F«rlln-SpU,-Newi Johnny Hyde Show ff:.10 p.m. lick To Th« Bible ISenry V111«fU Made Carpet Alan Jay Show Ounny Day Show rlnn*y-Mu»lc*Daly X*mxm-0r»lai Johnny Xy«t Shew 7:00 p.m. Ntwi-Ro««rv-W»(n«r ·l*nd«7:U X*fUC*rp*t · S*nny D«y Show KtWf-Alan J«y DbiMr tfilMta Manny Omtlv Glenn A4*mt Ihow t'.tli p.m. KTA.T Jtck Meyers Ihow KCUB Kon trvln Chew KOBE IH«n Off KTKT Aian Jay Ihow KTUC Lfwll-HtitUr-IUrn XOLD ' Lowell Thamtn-MuuK KAIR Oltnn Ad»tnt thaw KTAN KCUB KTKT KTOC KOLO 2CATR KTAN KCUB KTKT KTUC KOLD KCUB KTKT KTUC KOLD KAJK KTAH P.M. Jack Meyers-New* Ron Irvin Sh«"« News-Alan Jty Party Line N«wt-Amo« 'N Andy Glenn Adatni ih»w ·:ft p.m JiCle Meyers »»· Kon Irvin Show Al»n Jay Show Htwiofnnkly !Uo*rd« CBIVatlrty Oltnn Adam* f Haw tt:M p.m. N«wt-»ob Warier KTKT Newi-Alan J»y Show KCUB Hon Irvin thow KTUC rrtnkry lUcordt KOLD starlight Symphony KADt Gary Pliant Show 9:10 p.m, KTAN Buds But Btlltn KTKT Alan Jay Show KCUB Ron Irvin Show KTUC Newt-rrankly ftteorti KOLD Houte Party KAIR Oary P»lant Show tfltftfi p.m. KTAN News-Beit S«U«r» KTKT AUn Jay Show KCUB Ron Irvin Show KTUC Newi-IYankly Rteerdt KCLD Richfield Reporter KAIR Gary P«lant Show 10:30 p.m KTAN Budi Baft RtUtn KTKT Alan Jay Show KCUB Ron Irvin Show KTUC frankly Records XOLD D«nee Till Mldnliht KAIR Gary ?»l»nt Show 11:00 p.m. KTAN Ntwt-Best ttllen XTKT A'»n Jay Show KCUB Ron Irvin Ihow KTUC Illver nocturne KOLD Dance Till Midnight KAIR Gary Falun! Show 1l:«B p.m. KTAN NlfhtlMtt XTKT Alan Jay thow KCUB ItrleCy Collenite KTUC Sliver Nocturne KOLD Dance Till Mldnltht XAIR Oary Filem Mow KTAN XTKT KCUB KTUC XOLD KADt KTKT KCUB KTUC KAIR KTKT KCUB KTUO KAIR KTKT KTUC KAIR Ncwi-Davt Nol«nn Itrlctly ColledaU fleidi folll.i lurtlme 12;W A.M. Dave Nel»on Show Strictly Coll«gl»t« JFieldi Folllet Total Llvlni Niwi 1:M A.M. Dave NelKn SlxnOff Fields Follieir Kllburn Ctll I) 1:M A.M. Dave Nelson CUI «) Field! relliet (all nifht Total Llvlni N*wa XHUKS. MORNIVG 4a.m. La Hora Mexlenn* Newt-Dive Nelson KTAN KTKT KTUC KAIR KTAN KTKT KTUC KAIK KTAN KTKT KMOP KTUC KAt» KTAN Li Hnri Mexican* KXVT lifiiOn KTKT Dave Helton Ihow KMOP Ntw»-- John»on KTUC Field r«UMt-Chap*l Dud Kllburn 4:M a.m. La Hon Mexican! Dive Niltcn Show FleldlTom« · Total Llvlni N«wi 5:00 *.M. La Hora Mixloina News-D«ve Nelson SUn On, Nwi Johnion Fields foil)** Dud Kllburn RADIO DIAL Stations art rMpoodbk for all program Hiting*. KFMM IW.5 roc.) Oassical Music, U«bt Opera, Light Mcctfeu Broadcailtaf M Hrs. a day. L* Hori Mexican* Lorenio almi Newi-Chrli Murry Chuck Lee Show Newt-- Johnion N«w«-Sundlil Manny Omela.i Marc Avery Ihow KOLD Manny Ornelan KAIR ToUl Living Ntw* KTAN KZVT KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR a.m. KTAN Rinchers Ci1.-W*fn« KTVT Kenry VlllttM KCtK SlCT On-Hl PI W«y XTKT. Chrta Murry Show KCUB Chapel of the Air KMOP New»-- Johnson KTUC Newi-aass'iled-Sundlt KOLD Wake up to Muite KAIR Marc Avery Show 7:N a.m. KTAN Newt-Lindberf Ihow KEVT Lorenzo Palmi KCIOC News--Hi Fl Way KTXT News-Chris Murry KCUB Chuck Lee Show KMOP News-- Johnton KTTTf News-Bit anfl Enron* KOLD World Nw» Roundup KAIR Marc Avery Show 7:» a.m. KTAN News-Spts-Lindberf KKVT Lorenzo P»lma KCEE Wea.-HI Fl W«y KTKT Chris Murry Show KCUB Chuck Lee Show KMOP News -- Johnson KTUC Hits* Encore* KOLD Tucker-Tucson New* KAIR M«rc Avery Show 8:00 a.m. KTAN News-Tony Perry KtVT ' Lorenio Palma KCEE Newi (Urnln) Mull* KTKT Newi-Chris Murry KCUB Chuck Lee Show KMOP Ncwt-McKe*han KTUC Kemlnirway-lUttl* KOLD C.B.I. News/Musle KAIR Mure Avtry Show 8:M a.m. KTAN Newi-Tonr Perry KEVT Lerenio Palm* KCEK Kl-fl Way KTKT Chrli Murry Show KCUB Chude Lee Show KTUC tie Little KMOF Newt-- McKeehan KOLD frank Gosi-Musln KAIR Marc Avery Show 9:00 a.m. KTAN New», Emphaslj, Ptrry KKVT D*llx-Jimenez v KCEE Itk Mkt Rpt-- Music KTKT Xewf -Chris Murry KCUB ChU«lt Lee Show KMOP Newt-- McKeehan KTUC Le« Little KOLD Newt-Muiic XAIR Mre Avery MMW 9:.1fl a.m. KTAN Ntws-Tony Perry Sho- KtVT Henry Vlllegas KCKX Piano Plyhse-- Showcte XTKT Chris Murry Show KCUB Chuck Lee Show KMOP News-- McKeehan KTUC Pt. Ltw-Kews-Hinriy KOLD lay It With Music KAIR Mire Awry Show 1040 a.m. KTAN Newt. Imphuls, Perry KIVT Henry Villegas KCEE Fascinatine Story,Mu. KTKT New»-Chri» Murry KCUB Chuek L«* Show ' OP Newt--McKeehan KTUC HUnflard School KOLD H»»»lness-and Mn. B. KAIR M»rc Avery Show lO-TO a.m. KTAN Newt-Bob Watntr VT ' Henry Vlll«fn KfrtTB Chowcat* KTKT Tom Srtnemin Shew KCUB Chuck Lee Show KMOP News--McKeehan KTUC Newt--Tom Miple» KOLD Dr. Malone-Ma Perklni KAIR Marc Avery Show 11:00 a.m. KTAN Newi-Xmphaili-Wairn KCVT Claudlo Jlmenef KCEE Womin'i Nwt--Show* KTKT News--T. Breneman KCUB Bill Rudd Show KMOP Newt--McKMhan KTUC News-Tom Maples KOLD Whsp. Spts-Cpl. Nxt Dr KAIR Glen Adams Show 11:.V) a.m. KTAN Bob Wagner Show KCVT CUudio Jimenez, KCEE Concert In Miniature ICTXT Tom Brentmin KCUB Cirlton Frederlckt KMOP New*--McKeehan KTUC Heatter-Maples KOLD H«l«n Trtnt-Buttram XAIR Glen Aaim* Ihow THHRS. APTEIINOOH XTAN KEVT KCEK KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KATJl KTAN KEVT KCEI: KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD XAIR KTAN KEVT Kcrr KTKT KMOP KTUC KOLD KADt KTAN 11:00 nitmi News-Emphaili-VlIM News--Palmi 15m News--Mullc. News-Tom Breneman Bill Ru4d Ihew News-Bob Wolf* rinney-Wea-New« News-Music Olen Adimt il:wi p.m. News-Bob Wipitr Lorenzo Pilml , Mtlodv In HI-FI ·Tom Brtnemin Mow Bill Rudd Show News-Bob W«lf» Gun* of the D«y Carry Moore-Cro«hy Glen Adami Ihow 1:00 p.m. N*w«-Emphiil4-Wi|TU Henry Vllletii Melody In HI-FI News-Tom Brlnimin Newt-Bob W«lf e Gam* of th« Diy Newi-Oedfrey Glen Adami t:M p.m. Tony Perry Show CUudio Jlmenci News-Mule Carpet Newt-Frank KalU KXVT Henry VU1*«U XCXB Melody in HI-FI KTKT Tom Bnamun Stew KCUB BUI Rudd Ihow KMOP News-Bob Wolf. XTUC Game Cifth* Buy KOLD Arthur Godtrty · KAIR GItn Adanu Show t:M f.n. KTAN Newi-Tony parry KTVT Henry Vlll«fa« XCEE News- Melody Hi U KTKT News-Torn Brmemin KCUB BLURuMlhow KMOP Newi-Bob Wolfe KTUC OulMetthcDay KOLD News-Houseparty KAIR Johnny Hyde Show t:M p.». KTAM Tonyy*rrylhow KEVT Lorenio Palmi KCEE Composers Cor.-- Mus. KTKT Tom Brtnemin Shew KCUB BUI RuM Shew KMOP News-Bob Wolf. KTUC GuMafthtDtr KOLO 14M Club Music KAIR Johnny Hydt Show 3:00 p.m. XTAN KEVT KCEK KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAIR KTAN KEVT KCM: KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KAD* KTAN KXVT KCEE KTKT KCUB KMOP XTUC XOLD KADI KTAN KEVT KCEI KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC XOLD KAIR KTAN KXVT KCEE KTKT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KADI KTAN KXVT XCKE KTXT KCUB KMOP KTUC KOLD KADI News-- Wolfe Wrap Up-Tryout Tim* HSO Club Music JOuinr Xyt HMW 3:10 p.m. Willy Llndb«r» Show Henry Vill.ns Tnvel Time-- M. Cpt trUlk KWB Show Danny Day Show News-- Wolfe Newi-Trycut TiiB* 1«M Club MUsle Johnny Hyde Ihow c 4.-00 p.m. News-Llndb«rg Ihow Cliuilla jlnteHM Newt-- Mific Carpet News-Frank KalU Dtnny Diy Ihew N.wt-Wolfe Tryeut Time-- New« Xewt-Mu»ic N«wj Johnny Hyde Ihow 4M P.M. . News-Lindberf Ihew Henry VUlefis Reflections-- M.C»t Tnnk K«U1 Show Danny D«y Show Newt-- Wolfe Father at Five OluitiviPhtlllet Johnny Hyde Show 5:00 p.m. Newt-Spu-Llndberf Newt eV Sport* News 15m-Mi(lc S*rp Newi-rrink Kalll lho» Danny Day Show News-Bob Johnson S. Arl Nwi, Roll H«tl» Ciantsvf Phillle* Johnny Hyde Show 9:80 p.M. Morun Beetty-Bowler ciKHoJtnwnet Wea.-Milrlc C«rpet Frank Kill] Danny Day Show News-^JTonnjon News-Orvtl Andermi GiinU vi Phillios Johnny Hyde Show KVOA-NBC KUAT 0 rf KGUN-A1C KOLD-CBS chiiiml 4 rtittari I chaitMl I chaniKl 11 WEDS. NIGHT 5:00 p.m. 4 Womtn't Rpt-Texieo !lw* t Mirshll Kiy Gunn 13 Mayor K»rl-Di Idw». 5:SO p.m. 4 W*«-Snts-New» 5 My Trend Fllckt. 13 Desert Trails r:00 p.m.' 4 Woody Woodpecker 9 Mr. * Mrs. North 13 Newi-Wea.-Spts. «:30 p.m. 4 Price Is Right ( (c 6 Tesrt Pattern * Code 3 13 Be Our Guest 7-rm p.m. 4 Perry Como C Danny Dee *Wedf. Night Fighti 11 Be Our Ou«t T'W p.m. 4 Perry Como t Action for Law * Ti*hts-SpU. Review 13 I've Got.' Secret 8:00 p.m. 4 Prei. Beenhawer It s Cetiwrtes of lymphony * Burnt* Allen 13 Ul Steel Hour 8:30 p.M. 4 Wagon Train « Green Mountain* s Oizl* * Harriet 13 U* Ited Hour »:(*» p.M. 4 WiEon Train « News-Sign OH 5 Hawaiian Eye 13 TV Hour of Stirs 9:10 p.H. 4 Coronado f 9 Hawaiian Eye 13 TV Hour of SUrs 10:00 p.m. 4 K*wi-Wei-Jick Plir » Pinor»m»-35»rly Show 13 Bitty Kultan Show 4 .lac* Piar lh«w I Xarly Shew 13 Ntws-TJ)**tr« After Dark 11:00 p.m. 4 Bit Movie * Jtirly Shew 1! Theatre After Dark [\:M p.M. 4 Bin Movie » Karly Show-Newt II Theatre After Dark 4 Bl« M6vle-M«ws THUM. MORNINO en «:4S 7:M a.m. TUCSON TV NOTICE: Information in this Dial is provided by the TV stations. The Citizen assumes no resflMiibility for errors caused by last-minute changes. *NFBS--Not Furnished by Station 4 Tod ay U Tett Tunes-Capt Kuiitmo 7:M a.m. U CapUln Kanfaroe t:W a.m. 4 DouUi Re M' 11 Hed Howe Show 8:M a.m. 4 W«y YaurHonch 13 On The Co I:N a.m. 4 Mr. It Kl(ht(c) 1S I Love Lucy a.m. 4 Concentration II a.m. 4 It Could Be You M 9 Romper «oom 13 Search Tememw-Oui*. Ll|t a.m. 4 Moraine Movi. 9 Restless dun 13 Hiway P£tf»l V 4 Mornl.m Movi* f Love Thtt leh 13 As World turn* T1TORS. AWKIWOO* I J wJ * Queen For A Day 9 About Faces 13 For Better or Wort* rld« a.nt. 4 JTUth or ConsecrtMtlcM * 8cUI)ite Police 11 L*n et Life p.m. * LoretU Younir ThMtre A Bums A; Allen 13 Home Party 1:00 p.m. 4 Younf Dr. Malone · Day In Court 13 The Millionaire 1:30 p.m. 4 From Thtte ROOK · Oale Storm Show 13 Verdict Is Your. 2:00 p.m. 4 Comedy Pltyhout* i B«at the Oock 13 BrifhUl D«y-«K «**!· 8:30 p^. * Y«noiy WrrinttT * Who Do You Trust 3:00 p.». TV Movi. Hour * American BaiwJtttnel 13 Susie-VMt Virfinia 4 TV Mori. t American BandtUni* 13 Vltitin* Witk VMinii 4 TV Movie Boor * American Bandstantf II Kew»-M«yorlCtrl 4TVMevicHour » Wantitl Key GWM 11 Mayor Karl S.-ftO p.M. 4 W»eran'«Rpt-T««*«»»« * Marshal Kay Ounfl IS n«werIand.Deu«. I JO 4 WM-tttW-M · ttodqr * Mt 1* T» Ttn the TnrUi OTHER ARIZONA TELEVISION KTVK ABC til. J 1:10 Marqiwe . ·:*D You Aslced for Tt 7:M Wed*. MUftit Tight 8:30 Hawaiian «yt TmiSIDAY 7:JO rt«ht«-8pu. H«un 10:00 M«et McCraw 1(I:MM1 Sur Thtatr* »·» Muelc lor turnlnc 10:3« M«ors Theatre 11:00 RcstleR Gvm «:»Onie* Harriot 11:00 Motors Theatre 11:» l*v« TTIatSok ··» Ha«-ailir Cy* 13:00 Mldnite Newt 11:00 About Facet 13:M Kay MftlMM T.* DcytaOBUtt i ;M G«l« ·term Sh*w Anwr. 1-30 Win b* Y«i Tnnt S:M AIM*. P KPBO Oi. I » S-00 J««'« ColM« 1:00 T«i«» 6* VOrBW »:» X.Me of mil«v *;30 T.V B«t4naDi« *M !»*w.W«*-t»ort» S.-08 tJ.S. M»r»h»l «-30 HocltWBtTry Boun. »-30 InttrrM C»Hrnt ^:00 West Potel ie:»» W«tf-Wt»-t»tt 10:30 MovielirM U :00 MovletlnK Western Theatre 10:30 Morntn» Movw 11 :00 Mernlnt Mmrt* S:3S I »:00 Cntoonlanfl 8:36 Wtftern Thettr* KM My URM MMl* 4:MIftW» 4:*l Wtl 11:M Movi* 12:30 I Married Join 1:00 Men* KOOL CMCk.ll (·6D l^ews-WM.-Spts. 9M Mm Into f»ce T.» V« Got *»ertt 7:30 Millifi-nair. *:M U. »·*! W.«. 9:M Be Our Guest *Mt* Oar Omft 10:30 Mniiari* MovH :00 I Love Lacy 13:00 Better er W»n» S:3ft rccrnter BrtC* 12:39 IfoiM* Party 7:3» Os«i Kamnrac t:00 MM Kow* Shew t:30 O» Tht Go 10:1» tmr. fumnm-O 1-M VotfM llfif »«·»»**. *Mn. 1:N 11:11 A«W«TMTm»* t:S» Me* «f 4j» Strly M«TT!» «:» »«rrly »*«· KVA* 5:06 tfoc. FhC-W««-X» I:JC Vfttftf AT* Funny «:*» Cmt. Clmar'm j-.» WSffliw »* »!»· t«* tJ» (!:(» TTornw Trttnt f*n ·:» Mac's Jtoidrr* - 7:«o Cfc. O 7:90 T»erry Cc*»6 rt 7;» Perry Ce«H»W) . TB:» J»e* 1PWrr ~ «:» ttmsj* ttt »:» Certewtnt-ton 11 J» LuitOt Totn* --- 1.*

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