Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 7, 1976 · Page 2
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1976
Page 2
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PAGE 2 D 0 Q QQBB B B QDS Prisoner in trunk TUCSON D A I L Y C I T I Z E N · SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1976 IT: d C3 13 Q3QQ A iNtlu IS IE ID I £| EWUNATK3NS Of MOKE '·; CLUES ·IjCLUES ACROSS: ·I* 3. UM not IAAW. "When doselx sen,. ,;r tailing" suggests that the faull took ·f some finomo, pointing lo HMD or .;?· part of a figure. Trie (act thai Hi. ;,* wfcob IAMB was booty drawn would .; be.naWnlaiaalonce. a a 5. EXTENSIVE not EXPENSIVE Mor« apt of "an EXTENSIVE [i.e. wide. ran fl* n flj campaign," where covering · · "ony parti of a country or countries ;» »td people with diffaririg laites * St*di^?Si' res " much "seoicti." An :- EXPENSIVE" one could be concor,- f trated m a wngle area and require . *·!· CI.UES DOWN: 1. TERM not «*M. More opf of "the threat" fat liei behind^a TERM" (i.e. expretixMi peculiar to "biolo- oisti"|. Even the toyman knowi ond OMrwiafii the threot" lo health o! a GERM, though Ail particular oni miahl not be recogniied and, furthermore, how harmful ir can be. 4. BEAR not BOAR. "A BEAR" is on animal that "lymboliiei" itrength ana 1 01 luch, ''would be a flood symbol for o fighter pSol." A BOAR, however, tendi to be thought oi as a hunted animal /othw titan a hunter, befitting "a fighter pfane." ·% ·M ;.;, '' 6 - r el 5ITT£R - . m *"'' " «pa"IX normally hai th« "core" of ofl member! "in a ^."S family." not jingling out "one ·.· °' r l?!TM eipeckjtly. The attention of X a SETTER for "one of the children" ;.;. better fitj the due's context. °. GULF not OUll. "An eomeif (con- W «nrioiil| one "miahl" feel Ihot he ·.;,. or ine ought lo write ot length obout ;.s on ocjyol geographical feature uich ·:·· ".' c ,P UIF - '" °" k ' " be reminded V, vnsudly of it on njbsequenl reading!. '·" A i"y" a""?"' 1 link up ipecifkolly ;.;, with this particular voyage, moling .;., a long entry" leem pointlesi as ;.; ( regordi o diofiit." WAS not HAS. "Becau» Mi uncle WAS a choulfeui" ond, therefore knowj o lot about driving, yei. But if "hi* uncle HAS a chouHeur," it it the "uncle" he would "conside ailing" for perminion for the 10 SET 1 'chauffeur lo l.odi h i- " i u. * I 5. ENRAGED not ENGAGED. "The '. awroge man" gives serious though! · to marriage before "becoming 'i ENGAGED,'' but rose ii o sudden | emotion ond after it has abated, "the average man could be rathsr ' confused" os lo how, "exoctly," he ' hod "become ENRAGED." | 7. BLUSHING not FLUSHING. The ' clue's reference to the "particularly '· considerate person" being only ' lather surprised" points lo^LUSK. . ING, indicative of a much milder ' effect on the other party's emotioni. . If rne other "person" is so affected '. thai his overall body is affected, as · implied by FLUSHING, "o particular- 1 ly considerate person" would, sure. · ly, be truly omaied rather Ihon juil i somewhat surprised." 8. CLAW not ClAM. Strict!/ speaking, I not the CLAM itself, but rather the ; CLAM shell "as part of the decor in · an advertisement." A CLAW (eg of ' a batter) mokes a dear-cut answer · £.13. ·X' CARE not DARE. "Most soldiers wouldn't CARE | 0 " j F . e choose lo be "parachutists") perhaps, but lo soy .;.;. they "wouldn't DARE to" is to cast '··'." aspersions on the courage of trained -V, fighting men and is, therefore, un- v^ frue. * 19. PRICE not PRIDE. PRIDE (i.e. the ·K. "*""* to *"" »") would be her .'. reason, surely, for choosing "an ,;·· expensive fur" in Ihe firs) place. Bui ;r what "ii likely lo decide" her '·\ " cni ^ e " among "expenjive furs" ij ;.;. the PRICE (i.e. |usl how far she can X* 90, as regards expense). · 20. AMUSED nol ABUSED. The clue im- .V pies that thil would not be unex- ·;;. peeled. Bui if Ihe "actor," albeil "a .;»· supercilious" type, « 'good in Ihe V. role, true "newspaper critics" won't .;.; oJlaw their personal distaste a! him V. to doud their professional judgment .;., (i.e. abuse him unjuslifiobly). The Xi clue 1 context favors "a supercilious .;., odor" who "is the type lo r feel so X. haughtily superior to o|] lesser be- ·t". 'nas, in his eyes, thai "newspaper X. critics merely amuse him. not GET. "Belore embarxing X -.. the crime, "SET out" Ihe X plan" (which he has hod lo "GET X out ) so as to acquaint "his gong" X with it. Thus, in Ihis case, SET makes ·'.· on afl-inc[usive answer. X 12. STARING nol SCARING, Since "the S madman's eves" would obvioysjy ·*·' have been SCARING for "her," the '¥ word, SCARING, is poor as regards « describing Ihe madman's eyej " '·'* "SrARIN(f(i.e. fi«ed| eyes" fits the S clue 1 context very well as regards a S- description. -V IS. WEEDY nol NEEDY or SEEDY "Be- S' fitting" a NEEDY or SEEDY look can 'X bo given to Ihe "octor" by his dress -X ond make-up, but weedfness (i.e. a !· lean and scrawny look) requires o "-' lysical t! ' '^ scrawny ook) requi particular physical type, which well" be · r difficull" to "find." may I 7 -5°UT nat BOUT. "A calamilaus X BOUT" could be one in which, soy X he got bodiy hurt through an occi- X dent, such as foiling out of the ring, ·'· not necessarily disastrous to hii *·' reputation. "A colamltou! ROUT (i e. ·'.· a reolly decisive beating) is" indeed X enough to make o fighter disheant- ·:· ened and wont lo retire." X More tremors jar Guatemala GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala (UPI) -- More tremors shook parts of Guatemala overnight and the government said sporadic looting broke out in Guatemala City today. Carlos Llamas, a spokesman for the secretary of public relations of the presidency, said his own home was looted last night. "Many people have left* their houses and there is no way to lock them." Llamas said. He said police were guarding the areas of the city worst hit by the quake. Llamas predicted it would take another eight days to recover the bodies of the dead. The overnight tremors knocked mortar from buildings already damaged by last Wednesday's quake, which killed at least 6,000 persons when it struck thousands of square miles of Guatemala and other parts of Central America. Unofficial and unconfirmed reports have said as many as 14,000 may have died. Another quake jarred much of the country yesterday. Among planes arriving with emergency aid was a Cuban C130 cargo plane with medicine and a team of paramedics. President Kjell Laugerud toured the country today by helicopter for the third straight day and the government began taking inventories of grocery stores and promised shopkeepers they will receive compensation for goods ruined by the quake. CROSSROADS GALLERY ART SALE SAVE UP TO 8O% HANDPAINTED ORIGINAL OILS EXAMPLES * (Frame Included) 11" 24" x 14" REG. $79.95 NOW $9.OO x 48" REG. $ 195.00 NOW 525.OO DOUBLETREE INN 445 S. ALVERNON (across from Randolph Pork) SATURDAY SUNDAY 9 AM-9 PM BANKAMERICARD MASTER CHARGE |ect to stock on hand DANCE TO THE JONATHON MURRAY TRIO The Penthouse Lounge THURS.-FRI.-SAT. -- 9 to 1 EASY LISTENING -- GREAT DANCING THE RACQUET CLUB NORTH END OF COWT»Y ClUI AT 4N1 PHONf 793-6960 charged Deputy faces probe of claim A sheriff's deputy has been suspended with pay pending investigation of charges that he transported an injured suspect to the county hospital In the trunk of his patrol car, according to sheriff's information officer Dan Abbate. Abbate identified the suspended deputy as Johann Bayer Jr., who has been with the department for about three years. The person who brought the charges -- whom Abbate declined to identify -- alleged the deputy locked Jose Manue' Aguirre, 18, in the trunk of his car when Aguirre was arrested. Aguirre was arrested Jan. 30 on suspicion of assaulting an officer and suspicion of escape. The charges were dismissed by the County Attorney's office the following day because of insufficient evidence, but Aguirre is in jail as a federal prisoner on charges of violating immigration laws. Abbate said suspension with pay of an officer was routine policy for members of the department during an investigation of such charges. Nixon security for trip planned WASHINGTON (UPI) _ Secret Service agents will protect former President Richard M. Nixon during his trip to China this month, a service spokesman said. In addition, he said a special team wil} be sent over before the trip to make necessary security arrangements with the Chinese. TGE rate hearings entering second phase By JOHN BRET HARTE Citizen Sun Writer The first phase of discussion on Tucson Gas Electric Co.'s proposed rate increases is nearing an end after five weeks of hearings, but no conclusion to the case is yet in sight. Spokesmen for both TGE and the Arizona Corporation Commission predict a minimum of four more weeks before all the evidence is in regarding the utility's requests for a total of about $38 million in new permanent revenues. The current hearings actually comprise two rate cases. The first, an attempt to win confirmation of a $17.8 million interim increase the company was allowed by the corporation commission a little more than a year ago, was under consideration for two weeks in January. It generally is expected that the commission will let that increase stand. The commission staff has indicated it will recommend the rate be confirmed. The commission, however, is not obliged to accept that recommendation. TGE's second rate case, which asks a total of $20.4 million in additional revenues from its customers, began three weeks ago. The first phase, which deals with the company's revenues, investments and money requirements, has involved testimony on a mass of technical data, including the rate of earnings the company must make in order to attract capital and also including TGE's methods of forecasting future power demands. This part of the case now is almost over, company spokesmen say. The second phase of the current case will deal with TGE's rate structure and the allocation of its operating costs among the different customer classes. No complete estimate yet is available as to the amount the rate hearings are costing, but figures provided by three of the major parties -- TGE, the corporation commission and the City of Tucson -- add up to more than $200,000. Thomas D. Morron, TGE public information director, says the company considers its share of expense in the case -- about $50,000 -- to be an operating cost, which therefore is passed on to customers of the utility. Tax money pays for the costs of both the corporation commission and the city. The hearings will resume at 1:30 p.m. Monday at the South Tucson Civic Center, 1625 S. 3rd Ave. CaTicsta TUCSON 51st ANNUAL BICENTENNIAL RODEO BUY YOUR RODEO TICKETS BEGINNING FEBRUARY 7,1976 AT THE FOLLOWING TICKET SHACK LOCATIONS: ·TUCSON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE -- 420 WEST COKCRESS ·EL CON SHOPPING CENTER · PARK MALL SHOPPING CENTER. · AMPHI PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER OR CALL · DIAL-A-TICKET: 882-8626 ·TICKET HOURS: 10-5 For further information 624-4319 FEBRUARY 26, 27, 28, 29 JWho'sfilledwith new Mexican Food ideas? The Southern Arizona Dental Society wishes to announce the association of Charles F. Dent Jr., D.D.S. with Charles F. Dent, D.D.S. for the practice of General Dentistry 601 North Wilmot -- Suite #80 Hours By Appointment 298-3691 § PRICED ACCORDING TO VARIETY NO. 1 GRADE THOUSANDS OF ROSES ROSE BARE OF THE WEEK--- --- ··----, MIRANDY -- Dark Red Hybrid Tea PEACE -- Most Popular Rose CL BLAZE -- Red Climber QUEEN ELIZABETH-Pink GrandiHcra TROPICANA -- Orange Hybrid Tea Reg. 2.29 2.29 2.29 2.29 . 4.45 4.90 SALE 1"i 1"! i"! i-| 35 GIANT PANSIES COLORADO GERANIUMS and ENGLISH PRIMROSE IN BLOOM EVERBEARING STRAWBERRIES GIANT SEQUOIAS ji50 Do«. 50 for 4.75 100 for 8.50 BEDDING PLANTS SCOTTS SUPER BONUS for Dlchondra 3 Reg. 16.95 SALE PRICE M2" « OTHER SCOTT PRODUCTS ON SALE £. Pc(uniai, Pansy, Violas, larkspur, Snaps, Stocks, Ice Plants, Lettuce, Celery, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Artichokes, Parsley Many More. COLORADO PEAT MOSS 2Cu. R.8»p' 2(2Cu.R.B«K)' PHONE: 326-9132 NURSERIES 4458EAST SPEEDWAY . 326-9132 . OPSN 9-5:30 SUNDAY Model C8232FLK PHILCO Deluxe HOME THEATER! 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