The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 24, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 24, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAiLff. -FREE PRESS LOCAL NEWS Miss Grace Goddard leaves tomorrow on a. week's business trip to St. Louis and Chicago. / CHARLES H. JEFFRIES Mrs. Avp, Anderson and brother, Ernest Freddy, of Jonesboro, are visiting, Mr. and Mrst H. J. Gensler. Charlie Clayton is visiting relatives j in Pinckneyville. ' • ' ,,{ ,1 PIANO $10.00 A MONTH One Aintsell upright piano, good condition, $10.00 down, $10.00 a month. Weiler Music Co. Advertisement. . Chinese Masons Celebrated. A sea lion, a fusillade of crackers, • banquet, and the raising of the Chinese Sag, indicated^to the Victorian towu of Echuca that a branch of the Chinese Masonic society had been formed. Chinese from ail parts of Victoria attended the ceremony and the mayor and councillors of EMmca were guests. ' The Chinese master of coremonies was interviewed by returned soldiers who objected to the flying of the Chinese flag alone. Australian and British flags werp at once hoisted to the top of the flagpole. To Develop French Water Power, A bill for the canalization of the Shone and the employment of water power was Introduced in the French chamber of deputies on August 9. The «ort of the scheme is estimated nt 2,«00,000,000 francs ($*ac,500,000) and the.tatal power to be obtained will not be less than the equivalent ob- ttilned from 5,000,000 tons of coal? or one-fifth of the coal production of France for 1918. The greatest gift the hero loaves him race, Is to have been a hero. -Elliot. • "There is a hard hand and a ll^ht one in cooking, as well as on a horse's . rein, and It almost seems as If butter and eggs knew their, mistress and in- Btinctively obeyed her orders, feellnif themselves in the grasp of a superior power." —Kate Douglas WIggln. SUNDAY NIGHT LUNCH. Dishes which may be prepared on the table In a chafing dish or with little work beforehand are always appreciated. English Monkey; —Soak one cupful of stale bread crumbs in one cupful, of milk until sijft. Melt one ta- blespqonful of butter, add a cupful of soft cheese, • and when the cheese is melted add the 'soaked crumbs, one egg slightly beaten, half a teaspoonful of ^alt and a few dnshes of cayenne. 'Cook three- minute* and pour ojrer toasted crackers or toasted bread, and sprinkle with paprika. Jellied Chicken silads.—Put Into a saucepan three cupfuls of highly seasoned "chicken stock,-the whites and yolk? of two eggs, three tablespoonfuls' of gelatin and two tablespoonfuls of lemon ^ Juice. Boll two minutes, stir- rini; constantly. Place on the back of the. range for thirty .minutes, the . itrmin through a double cheeseclot Cover th'e bottom of. individual moulf with liquid Jelly and set in Ice wate.- Wneij firm decorate with red ano green peppers cut, in fancy shapes; cOYer^the decorations with the jSlly mixture. Moisten one cupful *.»of cooked .fowl with one-half cupful -of mayonnaise dressing to which has bee» add»U one teaspbonful of gelatin dissolved in two tublespoonfuls of water. Shape in balls, put a ball in each mold and add jelly to fill molds. Chill. remove to lettuce and serve with may- opnaise dressing. | Scrambled Eggs—To make a (P\V | eggs go further in serving, use fiom ! a quarter to' a- half n cupful of well-! washecj rice; brown the rice* in butter'• or sweet fat of any kind in n frying tan. When yellow add water or millc and cook until the rice is soft, then add three, four or five eggs (depending upon the number to be served), with milk and butter; ssilt and pepper to season. Stir nnd cook ;is scrambled ' eggs, and the dish will l>e ns sood as one mnde using double the eggs. Desnite the fact that the doughnut has not-yet been introduced In China, thje Salvation Army Is making groat strides In that country, nnd already the converts number 2,000, according to Commissioner Charles H. JeffrleB. territorial commander of the Salva- 1 tlon Army in China, who returned to San Francisco recently,. Jeffries organized the army in' Northern China two years ago. He has headquarters at Peking. 120,000 STAND IN BREAD LINE More Than 1,000,000 Face Death Is Message Brought by Miss Dakesian. Church, announcements; should be In the/office hot later than 2 p. m. Friday to Insure Insertion Saturday. Programs for missionary meetings the week following must be in the office not later than Saturday noon. BAPTIST CHURCH Corner West Main St. and North Normal Ave. ' J. W. Merrill, Minister, 307 West Main St. • . . i Phone 387 L. 9:30 Sunday school . There were over three hundred last Sunday,! 10:46 Morning worship. . . Subject of sermon"The Inter-Church World 'Movement." '• 2:00 Juniors. Mrs'. Stewart Chand ler, leader. 6:30 High School B. Y. P. TJ. Earl Perdue, leader. 6:30 Senior. B. Y. P. TJ. Louis Wplft, President. An exciting debate on, "Tithing." ,7:80 Evening worehlp. Subject of sermon, 'A Peculiar People." For what shall Christians be sticklers? "Come thou with us aad we will do thee good." 1 ;,.•*. --.*•* _ FIRST METHODIST CHURCH American Queen Corsets The woman tvantN the cornet mhe wears to be correct in every particular, . . Have you over looked into the merits of the American Qeen Correct Cornet" -with its' * .Perfection Front JPiece" and "Perforated Back Section*'? IK it not your duty to yournelf and your family to buy the cornet tlint will dive you ihe moet value in health, in •tyle and in comfort?^. . The .American Queen Line ot over 1OO models has a "perfect model for every figure ]So ^UBHH work ijn iittinj. Your -full mea«urraent« taken and the require•meat* of your figure considered, then the correct model selected 'or a special order cornet mnde for you, m.m you may ehooae. Have your corset -work done by ^ «n expert graduate corsetiere. . Order your spring corsets now. MISS ETHEL MARTEN 212 West Walnut St Phone 443 Y. THE CHEERFUL CHERUB v HH ^ IM . B ^^^ B _ vill ^ BHIia ^ IBIMHHH ^^ M(iiBHV ^ iHI(MBiait H I r\eve.r c,t_r\ be. tKe rr\ore- world inr> I do r\ot t~ tkin^s — I ITy tastes will just stop Imagine a bread line of 120,000 famished people-waiting for twenty-four j hours a day for the dole of food that I Is the sole barrier between them and death from starvation. That is the situation in Alexandropol, a city in Russian Armenia, according to Miss Herinine Dakesiau, a pretty Armenian girl, one of*the survivors of four years Great Expectations Will Be. Realized if They Are Backet Up by Advertising. 206 West Main-Street. A.' eV-Geyer, Minister. Sunday" school at 9^30 a. m.. Jjouis Reniro, Superintendent. Services of worship at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. , Morning topic, "The Origin and Purpose of "Methodism." Evening topic, "Thou'Shalt be a Blessing." . Junior League at 2:30 p. m. Miss McGuire, Superintendent. Epworth League at-6:30 p. m. Miss Goings, President. Topic, "The Changing China," which is a thrilling theme for young people. Cordial invitation to the -public. Strangers are welcome. YALE TONIGHT James Whitcomb Riley's "Little Orfthant Annie" If you never see a moiion picture other than this you will-have*something to remember as \ long as you live. It is the breath of violets. I he eternal mother love, the heart beat of charity. You owe it to yourself to see it if you ever had a good impulse, '•'>', * 'The Trafl ot The Octopus" . i4th episode., . Next-Saturday is the last one. 6:3tt-8 and 9:45 11 and 22 CHRISTIAN CHURCH Cprner .Normal Ave. 'and Monroe St. Duncan MacFarlane. Pastor. The fourth'Lord's Day in the new year has come and many people wiiose names appear on the church record have not yet crossed its worship God and return Him thanks for His goodness and ^mercies. Tli'e ! NOTICE January 24,-1920. Dear Customer:" Please be advised that 1 have sold my.West Side' . Store,.opposite fhe Post Office building, to Messrs. Baker & Brandon, taking effect as oi Monday, Janu, ary 26th,- 1920. Messrs Baker & Brandon, I atn sure are well known to you, and have expressed to me a desire to take care of you, if you prefer trading at the same stand. However, if you prefer to continue trading with me and will so notify, me, I shall take pleasure in transfering'_your account to my East Side Store. Be assured that it is not my desire to interfere in any .way with your trading with the West Side -Store or,with Messrs Baker & Brandon,-however, as above indicated ii you care to continue yonr business relation-with me, I shall be obligated. , - Yours very truly, : J. H. RIDGWAY. P. S. By the way, my telephone No. at my East Side Store is 241. v > MISS HERMINE DAKESIAN. of the horrors of Turkish massacres and deportations. Saved by an American woman, she has come to this coim try and entered Oberlln College. With her came fourteen other Armenian girls in charge of Miss Adelaide S. Dwight, a Near East Relief worker, who has been Instrumental 'in helping to save hundreds of thousands of their people from death by starvation. Miss Dwight, who is not given to exaggeration and has seen :conditions at first hand, says more tlmn n million people are .facing death hy starvation ID Armenia arfp will pe/lsh "uriles? America aids. . Herself an eyewitness to the slaughter of hundreds of helpless women and children by the Turks and a victim of the deportations, Miss Dakesian, an .unusually pretty girl, . says there is untold suffering in Armenia and Syria. She praises the efforts of the Near East Relief, formerly the American Coinrnittee'for Armenian and Syrian Relief, to save as many of these, people as possible. At Erivan, the capital of the Armenian republic, one hot meal is given out doily, and by this relief alone the 'city's 'death rate has beep cut from a thousand daily to an nVerage of twcflty. At Alexandpn- pol, where the refugees from Turkiuu Armenia were driven by'thousands, th'j situation is appalling, Miss Dakesian says.' It is to avert these wholesale deaths that Near East Relief is making a nation-wide appeal for funds. mightiest tide of sins our country has known for many decades is now sweeping over us. Every daily paper brings to us an appalling history of crime. 'In almost any part of our own town on play days, you*/can find a group of boys pulling off .a 'mock hold up or some other mock crime going so far as was reported this week by the chief of police when he'report- ed finding boys carrying guns. Wihere did these boys learn all this ? It is time the Christian people were finding out the source of this infamy right at their own door 1 . We, propose to talk plainly about these matters and we invite all w.ho want a clean city to come out Sunday morning. ' Bible school at 9:30. / , ••' Every class, every teacher, every officer in their place on time and ready to do their part in the great work of the school. Christian Endeavor at 6:30. Come help'the C. E. in its new plans- tor a bigger and better 'Endeavor. Evening song service begins at 7; 30 with a large young people's chorus. Come out and support them in" their fine work. . , -.-...'•' PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH AID TO'-PERMANENT PASTURE Corner S. Normal AVe. and Elm Sfr Walter F. Eagleson, D. D., Pastor; George M. Brush, Organist. A. K. Wilson, Sunday School Supt. Sabbath-school at 9:30 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30. The pastor, Dr. Eagleson, -will be absent, preaching for his .friend, Dr. Allyn Drake, of Elgin, formerly of the Toledo Presbytery. The Rev. R. Frank Mitchell, of Mur- phys'boro, will preach in thhe morning, at 10:45, and the Rev. Robert Watt, physboro will preach, in the morning ening,at 7:30. NEW HOli* Jan. 19. Rev. Chas. Taylor of Grassy filled his regular appointment at New Hope Saturday night, Sunday and Sunday pight. ... ' , . Mrs. Albert Rendleman is numbered among the sick..She Is'reported some better at this writing. N. J. Craiu-and 'daughter; Pay were business visitors in Carbondale Saturday. '••••-. Floyd Wray spent a few days last week witii J. D. Watson and family ot Progress. We're glad to hear that Almondys .thought'$'9. be slightly Improved. .. , Alva Baker and Holla Kelley sold some mules to Hall MtGill of Carbondale last -week. •Owing to inconvenience of the correspondent we have e tailed to announce the arrival of an 8% pound boy ait the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. D. Baker, Jr., Dec. -30. .The little son has been named Wade Franklin. Mr. and,.Mrs. Alva Baker.'lnd children have returned home after about, three weeks' absence. Mrs. Baker was helping to' care for her sister, Mrs. Robt. Baker and baby. While there she was taken with^a severe spell of quinsy. .After having her throat lanced three times she began to slowly improve. Dr. W.. A. Brandon and Dr. Ernest Keber of Carbondale have both been doing work in our "berg for some time^tftl of their patients are gaining. Little Miss Florine Baker has had a rising in her head. Floyd Wray and Bert DilMnger, our mail carrier, traded horses one day last week. Raiman Damron, principal of Halli- dayiboro school, formerly teacher at New Hope, visited.friends and relatives here recently. He. also visited Xew Hope school while here and complimented the work very much that is going on there this winter. Are You Proud of Your" Town and of Your Business? Yes? THEN ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS and THEREBY ADVERTISE YOUR .TOWN. THE PEOPLE'S COLUMN Ca»h In Adyana*. One month, per word 1» One ireek, per word ..«..;. j»» One insertion, per word ^. Three Insertions, per wrd ....... tt WANTO. WANTED—Furnished . apartment- thre : e rooms.and bath. "S," care Free ' WANTED—Men or women, salary $24 full time, 50c ani hour spare time; selling guaranteed hosiery to wearer.! Experience unnecessary. Guaranteed Mills, Norristown, Pa. ••, . FOR RENT—Two iront roam* ore* Btyle Shop, for office'or sleeping room*; Apply Mis* Eieth, Normal and Monroe St. FOR RENT—Storage lor household goods. In the o'ne story brick building, cement floors, on alley back ot «*w Barth Theatre. Apply Mis* Hieth, FOB RENT—Rooms. Telephone 399 L. . • ' ' j" FOR RENT—Two . unfurnished rooms, modern. 401 West Oak. Telephone 399 L. FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 411 South. Poplar St. ' CHURCH WF GOD. Elder O. W. sidenni, Pastor. Services held in i; O. O. F. Hall, East M_ajn St. • •' .Sunday schqol'9:30. Lawrence Sammons, Supt. Class review in; charge of Mrs. John Metcalf. • ' • • Preaching'service 1 10:48. Topic, "The Christian Walk." Song service, and.-sermon ait 7:00.-' Subject, "God's Way." - . • All are invited'to.come and worship with, us. • . • '. \ Cottage prajer meeting will be held 'Wednesday 1 night, Jan. 28th ait the ; home v ofvMr-.: and Mrs. Joe Cr'owell, 802 ' West. Mjilj'll: ;Miss..Dorothie Sammons,' FOR SALE. FOR SALE—Lot on southeast COT- ner of Eoplar and Pecan. C«J11 388 K. FOR SALE—The Elbert Childere farm, 10 acres near town, good house, fine water, fruit trees. For particulars see or phone A, E. Whitesides. FOR SALE OR RENT—6 room bun-. galow, corner South Rawltags and Mill Sts. See J. C. Spence. : . FOR SALE—One Phone 398 Y. canary ringer.' LOST — Wednesday afternoon between Greek^ confectionery and 704 West Walnut, velvet hag. Card with name in it. Reward. Phone 354 Y. LOST OR STOLEN—Ten dollars tor return of fur neck piece stolen at. Garment Factorv. Care Garment Factory. ' ' LOST—Small Swiss wrist watch, between. Yale and Brooks garage. Finder call Metropolitan,' office. 1 Reward. The Rattlesnake's Rattle. The rattle .of the rnttlRsnake is developed from the single conical scale or epjrlermnl sp:ne, which in most snakes forms the internal tegument of ^the tail. The bone on which the Toof 'of 'the 'rattle rests consists of the last "caudal vertebra and is covered with a skin which is the beginning of 'the rattle in young rattlesnakes. ' CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH "Ohio Station Officials Recommend Use of Alsike and Blue Grass— • Manure is Big Help. '• Grass seed .applied early In Febru- |ary or March helps to establish a per. imnnent pasture, and Ohio station offi-j !'cial9 recommend the use of alsike-nnd ' blue grass, as red clover does not \ !thrive well wtrere tap-rooted plants .will heave out in the winter. 1 The application of manure Is of help i ' in every instance In producing a good 'growth of paarnre. Corner of South formal Aye. and | West Elm St. | Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Sunday morning service 10:45. Wednesday -evening service-7:45. ' f'ubject for • 'he Sunday service: "Truth." . .- '." The tree reading room and circulating library "13 otien every Wednesday and Saturday from 1 to 4 p. m. Au- t'.-ov'/ed literature is for loan and for ^-VJ: %".-/.'-:,, -.- •-,.'• .-.••<•< All are cordially welcome. . . : | iraiiiHiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiminiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiaiHiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii] I "ANNOUNCEMENT. ! ,1 have.bought the Imperial Cafe and would ap- I predate your patronage. Regular meals for dinner | and supper. Short orders for breakfast.. 1 Hot biscuits and cocoanut, chocolate and lemon v | home m.ade pies like mother bakes..1 ' ' I solicit lodges and locals for their special lunch-. I eons and will give their•orders r rny special attention:"'I I serve arid ha\ r e for sale the largest ard finest line of | fresh oysters in tpyvn. Chickeri;din^er v s Wednesday. Fish on Friday, Sunday;- Dirtner-—Chicken and dressing, Peas, .Potatoes, Cranberry Jelly, Fruit Salad, Southern Corn Bread, Cocoa, Tea, Coffee, Milk. v; Be a booster lor the Imperial and help

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