Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 1
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 1
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WIDESPREAD DROUGHT RAISES 'DUST BOWL' FEAR Editor's note: A scaring drought in the North and West has raised fears !liot t/ic dust bowJ yours could he coming buck. United Press International reporters in Hie Dakota*. Minne- soln, Montana, Wyoming, Utah. ("ali/orma, C'anudd and Washington. D.C., ha\'e ashed slate officials, scicn- lisls find dii! /under.? how /Kid (lie drought is. The following is Ilicir report. BY Ui'ltd Pre« InlCfnalioral Drought reminiscent of the dust howl years is scorching farmlands and fnrcsis across vast reaches of the Northwestern United Stales a n d W e s t e r n Canada. Baked earth is cracking open. Grasshoppers have sprung up like flying popcorn in Montana and the Dakotas. Canadian church congregations have prayed for rain, some cities have rationed water, and rain- m a k e r s have tried to s q u e e z e moisture from clouds over the northern plains. The governments of the United States and Canada have stepped in with aid for farmers and ranchers whose fields are turning brown. State officials told United Press International reporters the drought is critical in much of the wheat and grazing lands of the north- ern Great Plains and Western Canada and extends southwest into California. Soaking rains --- if they ever come -- could save farmers millions of dollars, the officials said. But the assured losses already run into the millions. Across the parched lands, the countryside has taken on some of the scars of the first droughts of the 1930s. W i t h i n a few years, those droughts led to flying dust which blotted out the sun and drifted over fence-tops. Forest fires are crackling in the dry heat--850 in California so far this year and 100 in South Dakota's Blnck Hills. The California fires have hurtled over 41,000 acres, compared to only 400 fires and (i.OOO acres burned hy this time last year. The words of the men fighting the drought and paying its price were somber. Some samples: --II. I I . Hannan. presiri- dent of the Canadian Fed- eration of Agriculture: "A national calamity." · --J. B. lionenhcrgcr, Mar- niarth. S. D., rancher; "Terrifying. What the drought hasn't killed the grasshoppers have." --Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Duane Wil(Continued Page A-2, Col. 4) Southland's OWN SUNDAY Newspaper Independent * TfVes$^Q[ele0ram J. ^"^ The Weather -- Mostly sunny today and Monday. Patchy fog over coastal waters mornings. High about 88. Complete weather on Page A-4. Phone HE 5 - 1 1 6 1 --Classified No. HE 2-5959 PRICE 20 CENTS Policy RifF Hits Import Study Group WASHINGTON (/PI -- Did the chief of staff of a House labor subcommittee studying (he effect, of imports quit or was he ousted by ( h e chairman? Rep. John H. Dent, D-l'a., subcommittee head, said Saturday he asked for and received the resignation of the s t a f f chief, Stanley Met/.ger. But Mctzger, a law professor at George Washington U n i - versity, said he quit on his own initiative. Both men acknowledged policy difference between them on tariffs. Melzgcr favors a liberal approach on imports. Dent and most other subcommittee members take the position tariffs should be geared to protect unemployed Americans. WHILE DENT and Mel/ge were disagreeing on whethc the staff chief quit or was pushed--Motzgcr said he re signed by letter Wednesda; without consulting Dent--tin chairman postponed indef initely hearings scheduled in Pittsburgh tomorrow am Tuesday. T e s t i m o n y h a d bee planned on the effect of im porls on employment in th steel and a l u m i n u m Indus Irics. Dent said subcommitte members asked for the post pnnemenl. He said they didn want to be absent froi Washington for two da when important House roll culls might come up. The t e n t a t i v e schedule for the Mouse next week lists only bills a f f e c t i n g the District of Columbia and a measure to authorize appropriations for the Atomic Energy Commission. LONG BEACH 12, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, JULY 9, 1961 VOL. 9--NO. 46 146 PAGES U.S. Jolted Arms Buildup nners K's BURNED BOAT AND FIRE VICTIMS Firemen, in top pliolo, check through debris aboard 3f-fool cabin cruiser which exploded into flames in Ccrrilos Channel Saturday. Victims of the flames, in bottom photo, are from loft: Sidney Mclmen, 4fl, of Canada; Rirhnnl Teichncr, !9. of T.os Angeles; Allen R. Swnnsbrongh, 19, of 5129 Adenmoor Ave., l.akcwood;- Barbara Baron, Ifi, Steve C e n l a m e n , 15; and Harry Chapman, 44, latter three of Los Angeles. All but Swansbrough, a dock boy, were aboard the vessel.--(Staff Photos by Skip Shtiman) It Was 92, a New Top \ for July 8 In case you were wondering, it was a record. High tempcp'atnre S a t u r d a y . , -92-cclipsed the previous! m l n fi t o n V a c h t anchorage Saturday. S. Korea Teils of Death Plot DENT ALSO said there was j a possibility that the House' Rules Committee might hold hearings early next week on the federal school bill, considered of top priority by the K e n n e d y a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Dent's group is a subcommittee of the House Education and Labor Committee and its members migin w a n t to lest i f y before the rules group, ''igh for July 8 as shown in Los Angeles firemen at San By GF.ORGE ROBESON Five persons were burned, two seriously, when a 35-foot cabin cruiser exploded and burned at a Wil- Trujillo Clashes in 2nd Day CIUDAD TRUJ1LI.O (UP! JFK, Aides Keep Berlin Talks Secret H Y A N N I S PORT /!') -President Kennedy s p e n t nearly five hours Saturday w i t h three of his top diplomatic and m i l i t a r y advisers. [Hindering the problems of Germany and divided Berlin, jand the s i t u a t i o n in Southeast \sia. The weighty talks, de- cribed as "wide ranging," legun sit Kennedy's summer ionic overlooking Nantucket Sound and continued aboard he Kennedy family's 52-foot jruiser M a i l i n during a cruise n the sunny sound. - * * V CONFERRING with the 'resident were Secrelary of State Dean Rusk, Secretary of Defense Robert S. Mc- S'amara and Gen. Maxwell B. Taylor, m i l i t a r y adviser to enncdy. They began their conference at mid-morning, and conferred u n t i l late afternoon. No details of the conference were revealed. The four men lunched on hot dogs and fish chowder while the Marlin was an- WHEN ONE GOES, THEY ALL FOLLOW 1 I Y A N N I S PORT (/!') -The seagoing Kennedys, their in-laws and their offspring had a busy time of it Saturday. They had four boats out on the water at one lime, not counting two Coast Guard boats, one police boat and a cruiser hired by newsmen--all there because the Kennedys were. In one cruiser were President Kennedy, the First Lady and three of the President's lop advisers. Three-year-old C a r o l i n e Kennedy went sailing with nine of her cousins in another boat. Later, t h e speedboat lowed (he First Lady while she water skied. The fourth boat used by Hie Kennedy clan was another speedboat piloted by .Stephen Smith, ( h e P r e s i d e n t ' s brother-in-law. Changes Due n Pentagon Strategies WASHINGTON (UP!) -- rcmier N'ikila Khrushchev's lecision to strengthen Soviet armed forces Saturday jarred Defense Department planners vho had been assuming the U n i t e d States and Russia were approaching a stage of 'parity" in m i l i t a r y manpower. U. S. o f f i c i a l s said every effort would be made to avoid an intensification of the arms race. But they also said Khrushchev's m o v e s u n - doubtedly would force a sharp review of U. S. military planning. The private diplomatic ass e s s m e r i t of Khrushchev's declaration, which was made in a Moscow speech, was that it was another move to step up propaganda pressure over Berlin. chored off Dead Neck Island, about eight miles off shore. * ~ * v McNAMARA and Taylor went for a swim. Kennedy and R u s k stayed aboard the cruiser. Kennedy's wife, Jacqueline, joined the four men for the Unveiling New Jet MOSCOW (UPI)--The Sov ict Union is expected to un veil today a new supersonic jet bomber capable of Moscow-London nuclear missions. Western observers Saturday said the as yet unnamed secret medium bomber would! -- Progovernment c r o w d s ! she wore a blue jacket wrecked (he headquarters of OV er a blue b a t h i n g suit as The Independent, Press-Tele- Pedro said the boat, Jennie:on t h e i r gram records, by three de-IT. owned by Morris Teichner,' an anti-Trujillo political party Saturday and demonstrated in four-engine big brother at today's .scheduled display of Soviet air might at Tushino Airport. (In London, m i l i t a r y ex- THERE WAS NO official State Department comment, but the speech was seen as a sort of package propaganda maneuver designed to increase pressure on the Western powers, promote the idea that Russia is the one taking the initiative for peace, while simultaneously holding out bait for negotiations. One of the main topics of interest to defense officials i was the Soviet premier's declarations on the m i l i t a r y front. Last year he announced ( p l a n s to reduce his military establishment to 2,433,000 linen. This would have been she boarded the cruiser. While pcr [ S sa jd such a plane would! S M 6 l l l l y smaller than the U n i t the Marlin was anchoredjjndicale the Soviets are not,! ctf States' 2,500,000 - man grees. Weather slarted off warm- 45, of I.os Angeles, exploded in a fuel dock as Teichner ly at 8 a.m. S a t u r d a y when.started the engine. SEOUL, Korea, Sunday !/P! the mercury was at 75. By jnoon lhe temperature was 8fi. ;h was reached about 2 ·--I.I. Gen. Chang today was accused of Icadin a plot to as.sassinale Maj. p.m. The heal held on Two fireboats fought the blaze. Damage to the Jennie T was estimated at SI 2,000, 'firemen said. '."1° t i l c !his p a r t y and 25 faces, hands a r n i s j f r o n t of a second party head-' the island, she slipped; a s some soiirces have cl;nmcd!! nrmed force per cent of theirjquarlers. Several bodies, firemen said. Three other persons s u f - fered less serious burns. They are Alan Swansbrough, 19. of 5129 Adenmoor Ave.. Lakewood a dock attendant, and Several persons off the jacket to go water! a bandoning development ofi w i t h Khrushchev's cancel- or hurts in c l a s h - s k i i n g -- a n d took a spill. new "conventional" weapons 1 liltion Saturday of a 1,200.000 suffered min es with police. The a t t a c k s were carried out by followers of slain dictator Rafael L. Trujillo as po- The speedboat Caroline K. towed her at high speed for about 10 minutes before she toppled from the wide single Teichner and passengers Steve Cenlamen,;day's widespread rioting car- litical passions aroused in Fri-'ski she was using. She swam f r o m t h e ; 15, and M a r t i n Berger, 48, Gen. Pak Chung-hi, who re-; n 'fi h t - however. At 10 p.m.| hn!1 ,' tn t! ; e pici : as me f l a m i n g j b o t h of Los Angeles. placed him as head of South j" , stl " was a bn warmcr l h a n craft d r i f i c d out into Cerritos salutary room temperature; /-h-nn«i Korea's ruling m i l i t a r y j u n t a . L w a s 73 i^nannei. An officer attached to the j u n t a ' s central inlelligence^Judy Stricken bureau told newsmen Chang and 43 other officers were arrested and are undergoing a " t h o r o u g h investigation." Chang was reported house arrest. under HYANN'IS, Mass. (UPI) -Singer Judy Garland was rushed lo Cape Cod Hospital DOCK ATTENDANTS had shoved the boat away from the pier to prevent the flames from igniting the fuel pumps. ncd over into a second day. Government a u t h o r i t i e s about u n t i l the speedboat; (Continued Page A-2, Col. 3) vcapons a n d concentrating a l m o s t completely on "rocketry.") THE SWEPT-WING, sleek medium bomber has two large c u t , the Soviet strength apparently will remain at 3,623,000 . Only slight increases, to' t a l i n g 25,000 men, have been Passengers aboard the boat| s a jd 21 persons were injured 1 who escaped injury were | i n Friday's fighting and that C||A Teichner's son. Richard, 19; V i c t o r Manuel Perez, a tech-! 1 " ^ Sidney Melman, 49, of Winnin i c i a n of R a d i o Caribe. is' peg, Canada, and Barbara missing and believed still in turbojet engines m o u nt e djrequesled by President Ken- atop the rear fuselage--somc-jnedy for U. S. forces, what similar to the belly-hugging jets on France's civilian Caravelle jetliners. Raron, 16, of Los Angeles. j t n e ruj|ls of , hc h u r n e d - o i i t l All were given emergency R a d j o C a r j h e b l l i ] d j n g . j.- irc . Teichner and a passenger,! 1 r e a l m c n l - at WilmingtonL l c n were searching for his! iiiMiiiu n *.,]pe v-nu nnspuni l e f c n n c r anu a passenger,i · . " IML-N here S a t u r d a y n i g h t , . s u f f e r i n g Harry Chapman. 44, of j, os Emergency Hospital and then | h o d y Million Loss from what was described as aiAngcles. suffered first-, sec"mild kidney i n f l a m m a t i o n . " i o n d - and third-degree burns CITY OF HOPE BENEFIT IBC Opening to Becsyfy, Comedy, Music transferred to other hospitals. * * v * THE JENNY T had just finished taking on fuel when Teichner started the engine. "I let go the stern lines, slarted the engine and then -pow!" Teichncr said. By JIM McCAULEY Comedian Dave Barry, returning from a run at London's Palladium, will he fea- from 56 nations--all contestants for the S10.000 Miss International crown. It will be their first public debut lured at the glamour-studded'togelher. opening ceremonies of Inter-; 2. In addition (o comic national July 22. Other Beauty Congress Barry, an e n t e r t a i n m e n t program which will star Byron high lighls of the Palmer, movie-idevisirm act- first o f f i c i a l public event ofior, as masler of ceremonies. the 1961 Miss I n t e r n a t i o n a l B c a u l y pageant will include: THE SOVIET leader at the same time announced a boost THE Friday FIGHTING night when Official details of the s l i l l l a m o u n l i n g lo $3,500,000,000 unphotographed plane were at the official rate of ex- lacking. But it has been seenichange in Russia's military zipping across Moscow's sky.!budget. Observers pronounced it prob-j President K e n n e d y has ably capable of s t r i k i n gjasked Congress to increase across the face of Western!.U. S. military spending by $1 TAMPA, l-'la. (AP) -- I-'ire Europe from Iron C u r t a i n j b i l l i o n abovo the request of started!swept a warehouse d i s t r i c t in bases. |former President Eisenhower leftists'downtown Tampa late Salur-l Western air experts h e r e ; r o r the current fiscal year. staged the first ami-govern-iday. causing damage esti-' s n i d t n e y had no a d v a n c e j One effect of Khrushchev's - · - · - - j k n o w l e d g e of the n e w j s p e c c h i officials conceded, Ihelmatcd at $1,150,000. a cabin when gasoline fumes which apparently had accumulated in the bilge exploded. "Steve (Centamen) rushed in with his shirt in flames," Miss Baron said. "1 helped him beat lhe flames out and then he led! me off the boat." ment demonstrations ..i t .n- ....... - ..... - r .......... -- i - , ------ -- · Dominican Republic in 30J The fire started in a ware- mbcr s existence. However, wi) | bc to add strength to the years, and pro-Trujillo ele- ': house of the Tuxedo Feed Co .i t h e So v ' CIS have published; A r m y ' s a l r r c n i campaign for m e n t s attacked. During t h i s ! a t 5:40 p.m. (EST) and swepl!l' llolo S ranns of " s hig broth-. a n i n c r e a s o fr0 m 870,000 to - n ? i r i e c t j , 7 n t m u e d ' a e C o l . 7 ) - r . n | · I l t : [ l l ? d l L r t L r v L U . l y U U M l I I Ih O L "'· m 1 ^ . 1 1 1 . \t.*Jlf rtllu .-^VU[II;- . '· ^bm S ^L^K ^"« fc ** -i--ent.a string of warehouses owned-. ^ = g , n e ,e t| ° n^nllr. KllrnoH Do/l,rt r -i^.Kft htr J V l Q A f l o n f l ^ f ^ f l Q c t [ l nli I ...x. | ^ I. The appearance on stage of the most b e a u t i f u l fiirls l u m i n a t c d globe--to signify lhe opening of Miss Interna tional festivities. 4. The appearance of bands, mounted police, flag bearcrsj in an impressive spectacle. iTo Christen Sub 5. A gigantic fireworks dis-i play- Oscar Meinhardt, IRC pro- ducer-direclor, s a i d p r o f i t s Progovernment partisans: Railroad and located along at dawn wrecked the bead- j the east side of the Hillsbor- quarters of the Dominican lough River opposite the Uni- Popular Movement, an anli- Trujillo group. Radio Carihe, versity of Tampa. For a lime the blaze threat- 3. Miss International (Stella^ n i ' cnromon | cs Marque/ of Colombia) con- ,, ,, - , ' ,, , ,, ? . , ,, / - ; , . , «r i: eluding her lfl(0-61 reign by setting in molion a giant il- ceipts go to the C i t y of Hope (Continued Page A-3, Col. 5) NEWPORT NEWS, (UP!)--Mrs. Robert F. nedy, wife of the U. S. a t t o r - ney general, will christen lhe Polaris nuclear submarine John Marshall at its launching here July 15. !before it was wrecked, ac-jened the [.afayette Street] cused this group of commu- bridge, at the south end of nism and demanded its s u p - l i n e warehouse district, pression. Value of equipment and in- Later a crowd formed in venlory in the warehouses Va. front of the headquarters of;was set at $750,000 while the Ken- lhe Dominican Revolutionary.building loss was estimated · W H E R E TO F I N D IT · THE U.S. HAS PLANS for next year to send an "eyeball" to the moon to snoop and send back vital information. Story on Page A-8. · H I E C A R E E R OF A WIDELY KNOWN former businesswoman of this area, Vivian l.aird, is reviewed in story on Page A-IO. Regular I, P-T features are as follows: Movement, another anti-Trujillo party, but police dispersed the demonstrators before they could attack. Several persons were injured. at S400.COO. Several firemen were taken lo a hospital for treatment after i n h a l i n g smoke but none was seriously hurt. 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