The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 28, 1957 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 3
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ftl fAOf 8 B*or safety, you* garments cleaned and moth proofed by us at No Extra Cliftffte, PARKWAY CLEANERS fit firttn* Way Hi. Lake /atkwn Acquainted 1st toe eltmatUty Jchobtn 1ft L. tcflu "n%, ».»..•*.—„ - Kchbol Whftn tftett attend, and to Bring the" beginner along to Me th* *oli«aTs arwl meet the teacher*, fiach bf file session* wai conducted alinf similar Hhes, ttftft Ihe pfln'cl'' paid of tr* A>af l«u» fcRdals, firt first grade le%enHr» and a ministration, tpetriftpg* to Ott paferttt ifi^t chtldreiii Principals of th* school* *i* at. S. c*id*elt( " Scott Galbfeath 98*14, Bri «. ttay* , it the Xttft 4t tiff tfietfk Mf»*' Ro»«, t Ktt for "tht *«an fr«M MStRAVOR EXC»,fSlVfiLl SINGS 1929 PHONE 7-2406 no Txrne^ ooout Carrier is the firat name in air conditioning. There ia no better make, M better place to buy it than front Air Conditioning Headquarter.! BRAZOSPORT PLUMBING & HEATING CO. 813 N. PHONE 3-3661 ll*t«d .i fflt AflfMtfh jrtfM nest year afe« BlrtH ceftlflcBte ahttwinf fhit theshlld irri year* old 6n «r befote SepteW Wi- 1, 1941; and a tetffltd ahTSW •Ag IwmuftitattoH t» iftiMpt n the yWi? »«« W ««!»{«« d ifchBo!, ter Btiepeite* tifttk aM lerttH g*ad«*! detic* 0« l*m«n»* W theria; and a ceutte oi iftres injections »f f»*n«fd wrtrth w the year ftrlor to wasdot «mt»* sloit, followed • wftlt booster show in the third, sUth, ftinlK, and twelfth grade*. ; ^ Principal* of tne schftolli stressed way* itt which pwent* can help their children get ready for school, listing such, measured a> talking encouraf'i ingly to the child ibout iKe" school, read rrfany atSrlet to him. let the child see yon are, reading often, give Him - a !chance to talk, and letting him experiment with mateHals similar to those used in school, among other*. Health and safety habits were dUcusied, with teachers putting primary Importance oh the fact that the child needs 10 to 12 hour* of rest each night and a good • breakfast before he comes W school. . Also discussed were the various childhood diseases, and ' how Ion* the child must stay out of school with each, and a list of the things the children do in the firat grade, Including reading, phonics, numbers.; writing, art, music, and social' itudtea and science. . i Cloii.' Brazoria School Graduates Legion Award* girt *Hd Ih* the ««». - C»1e*e Smith, DoriS Ann fat* i, BbH* Tipp*,' Ina Ma* V«Y JW8* Windsor, snd il*d * IJffld CA*ey, Billy fiart Pfftftces tff. fttfl M*s. ft Charlts .... i SSytftdttd Stkttdfi 6* FrCcpori ire iSKftotmC* ' Otn- SFfti f'ltet ttfHHSfc, M06«, eirolWe OMon. CflarUfflft — Pt&tt, fl*tty ill Mei£K (rtixreu .* arclirdt HarfTlM er. Glef*»d Cttflt Aftfl SteSfl, Ifantt, en uiemora airouier*, «»-, w, tjtehttfch, Retfferl Wi& WMI West ittd John CatfuB Wil< „ _____ ^, , Mr, iftd Mf *. S. F. Hughes, was i*WMef of the «irls award with fittty fefett winner in the bdj-»' divlslWt.i ' t Mr*. J'asfc Marshall provided (he praeeMioflat for the clan' entry< AeV. C. M. B6yd deiiv ered th* iftvdcation followed by t*o Vocal lelectiotU by (he EMMA BELLE Good* at Lik* Jtckiort ii MAihtr of ft* growing lltt ot local girl* who it* «ni«rlng lh» 8un- F««t Days baauir confMl whlth will b» a itaturt ef ih» final day of Ih* four-daf »il*t of rvinii en Bta««- poft'* SutfiU* B*teb. til* eonlMt will bo Sunday aflat- Jt&LMMM?... Quality DIAMONDS $1196 TO LINDA MUatrtS $1,500.00 NO C/UHtttNa CHAHOB* McSPADDEN TCXAS Skit Highlights "Birthday Party' For Freeport Presbyterian WOC At the "Birthday Party" held church for by the Freeport First ternating Women of the the Educational mission work, al- foreign and home missions. This year's objective two-fold: medical work In • CONSUMED? New laxative discovery un-locks bowel blocks without gig, bio** grip* recently Presbyterian Church In Building. by Mrs. A .. by Mrs. R. L. Buell and Mrs. I included in the services pro Howard Duson, explaining the vlded in Korea are: a fund for etives of the event. '.trie care of charity tuberculosis ich- /ear ,at. this, time • * - •' ' ..... • offerin Comtipatio* tonV.ll» "thrifty" colon tlut, initud efftUiniat B»i«lun u K ihould. . itimulttlnt hdk. So tflteth* it «*• I | Uey»iaraeltf«ti<!cOM6patto«*r«r. I j a skit was presented Korea and student work in' does me opposite: robs the colon of nifht, CorouttbyetM' aajgOi,** l| „ O. McCary. assisted ..Mexico. ^ ,• /- \ '.*i so >«* •?«**' r » « W »,5',J 0 ?SJ K^t^AaSSLttifi.a^P* 1 • ,T. n,,»n an<4 M«J i i.-j-j «» .u. ..>..!». «»«:• become dehydrated, so aty ait they women in coo*al KSeee« prepes»*T. | .»;p»tier4», a.,,vl HOLIDAY iN OBSERVANCE OF MEMORIAL DAY THURSDAY, MAY 30 "CLOSED ALSO MONDAY, JUNE 2ND IN OBSERVANCE OF JEFFERSON DAVIS BIRTHDAY" Please Anticipate Your Banking Needs Friday and Saturday FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK : Freeport, Texai V E L A S C O ATE BANK Velaico, To«u , LAKE JACKSON STATE BANK j* * ^P^MP^SeP ^Pt^BRjUiPIIIR^p ™ "j^ ™ ^^^^jaWW , -v "ry,,j ^ , f 0r iuWrculoTis iul ers, work with tuberculosis' pa tients at- Leprosy 'Colony and Public Health Center in Mok- po, a rehaUillUition program mass and murctaily were first HOUSIR A. g. To The Voters Of Brazoria County Dear Friends. • • I am • candidate for the office of County Traaaurer of Bra- aorta County subject to the action of the voters st A special election to be held 83turdar, June t. 1157. I have been a nti- d«nt nf the. AIMn Community since 1(31, oomlnj here i- phnclpsl of (he Alvln Junior Hlfh School from Madison County, where I: was born and reared. My Wile l» a teaeher in the Anjleton^Juniur High School and we have •. son, Jimmy, who Is a aophomrre in the Alvtn High School. I have a brother. O. B. Hoblhson of this County, Tho.samd u prtn- clp»l of ihe Anxleton Btgh, School for U yean, worked for Dow Chemical Confer six years, and has bean owner and operator of the Stockman Supply Co', of Angleton for « yean, , I hate always subscribed to the Philosophy that a "Measure Of a Life Is It* Berrtce." I have given of my time and talsnta to all worthy causes that era for tbe betterment of our people. 1 work for the developmest and the promotion of Spiritual WeUart in all Churches that believe In the Brottwrhood of man and the Fatherhood of 0od. I give of my time and moral support to aU organisations that promote Clrto Pride and Community AatUrmeflt Thase things are evidenced through my work la the Public Schools and In my community and County where i lira. I am Honorary Chapter Warmer in the Future Farmers ot America, an Honorary Member of the Local and State Future Homemakars of America, have waived special recognition «nw our County 4-tt Oluft tot sfrvteea u a leader and SPQIUKW vf this group, I served on the Workshop Committee to, the New OerUflceUon ol Twchers In our SUW, and I am ao^Rojurary «te»me Member ot our PTA. I» my commwuty and County, I am a mimber of (he Alvln Chamber of Commerce, the Brasoria Co. Ohamoer of Commerce, the Alvlrt |4ons Club, Supervisor of tba around ob- W.-VW Post IB wtr, avtt Pefense program, and 44 Honorary Member of «»» Alfin Junior Chamber of Commerce. I have served as local chairman and area director of Oommumty Chest, March of Wmn, Red cross, Caiweip. and Heart { »«» elected Major o| Alvln to April of this y«ar. an honor 1iM»t | litefliy appreciate I am a proud racipjatu of tha stiver Saavar AHWd. one «< ttw hlgbMt honors m Booutlng. My QusWwaUow for tW| offlc* we furtbjr f|jap«M>*Wd by my educaUouaJ b«cH|r«imi. J hoto a BJS, Qoerea from 8am Hou». (on 8t«ta CWlete, aj»4 « Ma»t«'» rjsagree Iram J«s*) i A ft M OolJtg».'I have had soecUl course* tu buMeas tt*t will snabla me to be® fuWlU the duties, tf thjh office. towUty, my devoUon, snd my a«vtee* to Brwwrta alactjon, as sure and WWW Whj^,)y|,nuffl*er. eUW w» tha With 4w w»w*4aM(MI <« your .aw(iort> QrawruUy youw, am. ODELL ROBINSON At BRAZOSPORT FUNERAL HOME 188 LAXfi JACKSON ROAD fHOKE 5-2611 Store Hour* Wednesday 9:30 - 6:30 Will Be Closed Thursday Memorial Day university togs earn block the bowtl: to shrunken thai SeserbrteeMttrM talk, sett or etef I they M to eciw or jtnmilate toe i.xativet, COLbmA'eeitter jaas,; I urte to purae-that propels and expds btotti»» stipes; ««4'( taurtere with I T. regale «e«il lefetettyl the 4ir.* able?ood atnriea*; id (Weal tens, shruitkea, coiutipetini conteau of did not MUM rufe or *ib«r teec wur colon which now block your tt'e a stariebeieairattt Exercise „ bowel murt be ren»iiteo«d. SnanJ. y^ bttfl j^ CoUaum - - , • -. *jvbulk%ist bebrouefct toyoor colon yanrcotoalolaheitaacaW i X-jayi,unit.,a blood bank". to s-T-»-s-t-c-ii rrtMULin it to Jioa, ovenuiatt,~ I- — other needed equipment. , action; to a «ormal one w puris. tuj-<in»kt tsMat. „.. In Mexico- the gift wlirpro. .Aaa,WaUlaxaltres.oalr Coumtm, counter. todJrl 0«&*«e tor-ate vide two new buildings, for the. the smsri«f mew laxative dbeorerjr isWet psekaje, TffUjftet Student Home for Girls m 2i- potienes COLONAIB'* areat mgjm>rlf atleu tfata le per UMet tacuaro and the Student^Mome! for Boys in Chilpandngo; schol- < 'arshljis; * principally -fsrr»ni and daughters of mlnHters;: scholarships to help provide; board and rooot |n Student Homes; and rent, : ;, equipment! and upkeep on homei nowt^in, operation. , i ; '. . • A part of thlsl gin will be placed in,an endowment fund.) so that these services may be i continued over a long period j of time. The Birthday Oift w.hlch i», divided equally between Korea and Mexico, Is made through; the Board .of Women's-Work) and administered by the Board, of World Missions of the Pres-1 byterian Church, in the United States..-.-;. ....••.:» .•..•••• Mrs. McCary opened the meeting, the devotional was, given by Mrs. C. L. Barnes, and following group singlpg, Mrs.i C. L. Sechrest sang a solo, "Were You There," accompanied by Mr*. Barnes,. : ? Following the skit, and a clotlng benediction, the binfe« day cake and punch were served by Mrs. D. W. Hanson,! who baked; th* beautifully decorated, threetUend ange.l food, Mrs, .W, A. Mod and Mr*. George "Whitttagton. The next regular meeting of, the Women of the Church wiU b* held on the third Tuesday: of June. John Announced John Paul i* the ii?v.' son be- Ing announced by Mr, and Mrs. John David Crouch Sr, of An* gleton. He made his arrival at ppw Hospital May 2$. and weighed seven pounds and it ounces at birth. no -ron SCOOP SHIRT BOAT NECK POLO Si 50 SHOETS $ JAMAICA $100 MIDCALT 0*w Ver-ry Varsity! A «r*w of colleglatea to ml« and match with litter abandon . . » live in till the «now-/lskes tumWe Sanforised, ersase- renjrtant cqttons ... all parts of the DAN8HK8N TRAM that makes an wd run from suds to hsnger. no stops for ironing! And at this pries, is ft any wonder that they get carried off with eompltment*. BisM W to M. Com* buy new! '. . .. . .;. .• • • •'•• 900 Yards Drip Dry Printed Broadcloth l*rge Awortroeat V§| Byal tit* ', "''"'f^TJ, V""'' J-'ii" "".' ."-»•-••-•--"— ^ST— - | >; ^ ' '"-" " i ' ,•. , rFfxt • -

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