Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 44
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KINGFISH CONFIDENT Chicub Fans Due for Boom Season By JiM ENRIGHT i, r-T ;' The Cubs are going to wlri' a lot more games . . . it will be just like the good old days in Wrigley Field from an attendance standpoint . . . Leo Durocher will be the manager of-the year. j.-These are the w o r d s of Jphri' Wesley Covington, the soon-to-be 34-year-old slugging .outfielder who is one ol the Cubs' foremast new faces of. ; 1966. Tha powerfully built DON CARTER'S 4f!t BOWLINCJB ..FINGERS MUST GUIDE · If your hand looks like tha in today's illustration afte you release the ball, you ar probably having trouble ge ting both spares and strike The'fingers should be behin the ball as it leaves the hair soithey can both guide it to ward 'the target and give the lift that is necessary fr strikes. ·^'Bringing the fingers ovi the ball, as in the illustratio is known as "topping." Avo this habit by all means. WHEN S C O R E S STAR SLUMPING, it's time to g a copy of "Planning, Timif and' Correcting Your Deli ery," the booklet by bowlin champs Don Carter and Ma ion -Ladewig. A copy's you for 20 cents and a selj-a dressed, stamped 'cnve!o/ sent to DOM Carter and Ma ion' Ladewig, c/o this new paper. ngfish, who looks more like middle linebacker in profes onal football, became a Cub a wintertime trade when e Wrigleys sent Doug Cle ens to the : Phillies in. iange for his contract. Even the oldest loyalis an't remember when th ubs exhibited so much en iasm so early and s ompletely as they do this ring, and this is a tremcn ous tribute to Durocher. * * * * ACTUALLY what he's do- ig is giving the C u b s andy-coated work pill, am ley are buying it just as ea erly as kids wait for Sanl laus on Christmas Eve. And still The Brain realize is isn't any soft touch. He aking over a club which was th on merit last season addled with such deficits a Fifty-five day-game victo ies, nine fewer than 64 los s; 17 triumphs and 26 losse 43 night road games; mere nine wins via shutou compared to 19 setbacl iria the same route, and 2 ine-run payoffs compared to 23 reverses by the same mar- n. All year long the Bruins lad just two patsies: the low- y Mets via a 11-7 edge, and he Cardinals, whom they derailed 10 times in 18 games. # * * * THESE figures prove why the Cubs finished an even 25 ;ames behind the world cham jion Dodgers with a 72-90 log They also establish the rea son, if one was needed, why Durocher was hired .as the team's first full-fledged manager since 1960. While the jury is still out debating who'll be the left fielder, C o v i n g t o n , George Altman or Harvey Kuenn, the Cubs are assured of starting two newcomers. They are Ty Cline, actually the only center fielder in camp, and Randy Hundley, one of four rostered catchers aboard. LWM ·»·*, c*iir., Tnwt, M«T. it. iw INDEPENDENT-- Pag» C-7 · Legal Notice -^NOTICE OF INTENTION TO 'EXECUTE SECURITY AGREE- · WENT -Secs. 6101 - 107 U.C.C.) Wbltc'e i.i hereby given lo the Creditors of Alice M. Galaz, Debtor, whose ness address is 2033 Pacific Avenue, Ix»ig Peach. County of Los Angeles, State of California, that a security interest is about to be granted to Gerald Marino, the Secured Party, whose business ad- dreas is 3478 Snowden Ave.. Long Beach, County of Los Angeles. State of California, in property located at 2033 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, County of I-.cs Angeles, State ol California. Said property is descried In general as; All fixtures and-equipment of that Restaurant buiine?s known as ALICE'S MEXICAN FOOD located- at 203:? Pacific Avenue Long Bench, County of Loa Angeles, State ol California. -An "executed security agreemen 1 I and, id on] a l Notice of Trust, by runscm-of a breach or lefnuk in t h e obligations secured hereby, heretofore executed and de- iverrd to the undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand, Sale, and written notice of breach and of election to cause the undersigned to sell said property to satisfy said obligations, and thereafter, on December 2, 1965, the jtiderigned. caused said notice of Breach and of election to be recorded in book M2057. page 87, of said Official Records. Date: March S. 1366. TITLE INSURANCE and TRUST COMPANY as said Trustee. Uy RICHARD A. WALTER Assistant Sec-retarv Pub. Mar. 10, 17, 21. 19S6 C3L) UB.E. of "the same will be delivered the^considcration therefor |»aii_ _ or after the -17th day of Marcli. 19B6 at J0:00 o'clock A.M. nl 3478 Snowden Ave., Lonj? Bench. County of Los Angeles, Slate of California. So' far as known to the Secured Parly, all business names and addresses used by Use Debtor for the three years lust past, na: ALICE'S MEXICAN FOOD, 2033 Pacific Ave., Long-Beach. County of Ixis Angeles, Slate of California. -Dated March 2. IOCS. Secured Parly: GERALD M A R I N O F u b a J a r c M 10. 1336 (It)--L.B.K NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Notice is hereby given that th' Long Beach Unified School District will receive bids for labor, material transportation and services for thi following work: 14671 CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS, . · F I C T I T I O U S N A M E The undersigned iloc.s certify they aVfi conducting a business at 5101 Faculty Avenue. Lakewood. California, under the fictitious firm name of LAKKWOOD BEAUT? COLLEGE and llmt said lirm is composed of th« following persona, whose names i n ' f u l l and places of resident* are as follows: - Herbert Bernard, _ ._ Circle, Garden Grove, Calif. Luzzetta U Bernard, 121S2 Marble Circle. Garden Grove. Calif. ·Dated February 2A, 1556. · ' ! HERBERT BERNARD r LUZZETTA BERNARD SEaite of California. Orange County On February 24, 1966, before me, A Notary Public in and for said State, personally appeared Herbert Bernard and Luzzella L. Bernard known to me to he the persons whose names are subscribed lo the within, instrument and acknowledged" they executed the same. · -· · N. J. STEPHENSON, (SEAL) Notary IMiblic Ky commission expires March 1059. Mar. S. 10, 17. 24. 1966 (4t) L.B.I. BIO OPENING KIND OF WORK DATE AND SCHOOL 2:00 P.M., F i r e Sprinklers in Thursday, Caretakers* Storage March 24, Rooms at Long Beach 1SC6 City College (Litwra Arts Campus) Schedule No. 3994-L 2:00 P.M.', Furnish a n d Instal Thursday, Steel lxcfcers at Ban "March 2, croft J u n i o r Hig] 1065 School 1 Schedule No. 3975 Bids shall be made on forms sup plied by tiie District and In accord mice with drawings, specification and other construction file in the office of the Ass is tan Superintendent (Business). Roon 113, 701 Locust Avenue, Long Beac 13, California, where proapecllv bidders may secure copies ol th drawings and specifications, aji bid forms. Pursuant to the Labor Code of th State of California, the Board o 1-51 si urarhlp Education, has ascertained the gen 12183 Marble ^ prevai , ing rnt(J of Wage3 a £ p] cable to the work to be done to be as follows: SUB-TRADES APPRENTICES: Hay be employe in conformity with Section 1777. of the California Labor Code. THE FOLLOWING WAGE RATES ARR MINIMUM HOURLY RATES FOR STRAIGHT TIME. Current PAINTER (7-Hour Day) Foreman: Not less than $2.00 per day additional. Brush ,,.,.,,. $4.76 (Health Welfare-- I7*£c per hr,; Vacation--lOc per hr.; i Pension--20c per hr.) ' PIPE TRADES Sprinkler Fitter Foreman 6.70 rREGooflrich THURS.-rRi.-SAT. MARCH 10-11-12 COME IN AND REGISTER NOTHING TO BUY NO OBLIGATION Sprinkler Fitter 6.20 90292 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE T.O. No. 65-9M3 On Tuesday. April 5, J96«. at 11:00 A.M.. TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY, as duly appointed Trustee tinder and pursuant to Deed ot Trust dated November 1, 1S63. -executed by: ROBERT F. -- (Health Welfare--25c per hr.: Pension Plan--lOc per hr.) SHEET METAL SR. and PATRICIA j*«t. w .., husband find wife, Dint 1 tenants and recorded Novenv i w . . . T T-- ;,,,,!_ v _ ECQO I. . STEREA C ' ' i f t ' 8, hook T3359. . No. 663S, in page 026. of Official - . . Records in the office of the County- Recorder of Los Angeles County, -- * ' ----- " California, WILL Angel SELL GRAND OPENING 1310 LONG BEACH BLVD. at Anaheim Si. FREE PRIZES 1st Prize --Set of 4 BFG Tires for Your Cor 2nd Prize -- Motorola Portable TV Set 3rd Prize -- 4 Chrome Wheels (Reg. or Rev.) 4th Prize -- Power Mower 5th Prize -- Brake Reline (complete--4 wheels) REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER With 2 Door*, 86-Lb. Tru» Fr»«ier · 2 fracar door shelves · 2 riumlnam ice trays · Automatic defrosting in refrigerator section » 4 full-width ihelves, 2 deep-door shelves · Magnetic door gaskets for safety AS LOW AS 50 *2 per week OPENING SALE SPECIAL TIRE SALE B. F. GOODRICH MILE SAVERS Made in Premium Tire Molds. This Full 4 Ply Nylon Tire Should Sell for Over $30.00. During Grand Opening Sale Only Buy 1st Tire at No-Trade-in-Prices listed below. GET 2nd TIRE FOR JUST 1 CENT PLUS TAX ON 2 TIRES -- NO CHARGE FOR MOUNTING SIZES 4.5 Oil 3 7.50-7.75x14 i.70-7.75x!5 t.008.25x!4 7.1 0-8.1 5x1 5 BLACKWALLS Buy lit tlrc.for $26.94 $29.04 $32.94 $35.94 OET JND FOR 1C 1C 1C 1« WH1TEWALLS Bvy lit rtn lor $30.94 $33.94 $37.94 $40.94 GET MO FOR . 1C 1C 1C 1C MOTOROLA COLOR TV "Maf« Picture" rectangular screen Puiti-pull en/off control , Tint control, color lint ind intensity controls Push button UHf channel itlictof 23" imill diiftul 274 tq. in. viiwinc aru AS LOW AS 595.00 WITH TRADE ISO PER WEEK MOTOROLA 2" CADET PORTABLE TV [OPENING DAY SPECIALS Lightweight and compact CARRY TV ENJOYMENT WITH YOU A PERFECT 2ml Set! RFGoodrkh Car Service Center Only 1.25 per Week BRAKES · SHOCKS. · MUFFLERS · ALIGNMENT S P E C I A L PURCHASE MOTOROLA CLOCK RADIO · Snoox-alarm leti you grab an extra 40 winks · Buzxer alarm awaken the heaviest sleeper · Sleep switch turns off radio at night REGULAR $21.95 DURING C V £ 9 5 $16' SALE Oily $1.25 Per Week NO MONEY DOWN · Use Your "Choice-Charge" AUCTION TO HIGHEST BID- DBR'FOR CASH (payabls at time of sale In lawful money of the United 'States) at the entrance ol the Loi Angeles County Courthouse, *t 501 West First Slreet, IXM Angeles, California, all rlBht. title and Interest conveyed to and now held under said Deed of Trust In the properly situated in the City of IXHIK Beach, In said County and State described as: Lot 64 of Tract No. 10396, as per map. recorded In book 1o«, pages 31-33 .of MnpB. In the office of the counly recorder ot sal1 county. Said sale will be made, but without' covenant or warranty, express or Implied, regarding title, pua- · session, or encumbrances, to pay the-remalnine principal sum of the note secured by said Deed of Trust, td-wit: J1.254.S5. with Interest from October 1. 1963. as In said note provided, advances. If any. under the terms of said Deed of· Truat. fees, eharge_s and "ne.nses of the Trus ee Foreman , 6.06 Sheet Metal Worker - 5.51 (Health Welfare--2Jc per hr.-; Pension Plan--18c per hr.) The rates "of per diem wages for each'of the listed work classifications shall b« the prevailing rates of hourly wages multiplied by eight Eight hours shall conatilute a day's work. Workmen employed less than eight hours per day shall be raf( that fraction of the per diem wages AT PUB- that the number of hours of employ ment bears to eight. W O R K I N G RULES a. Eight consecutive hours be twcen 8 a,m, and 5 p.m. ahal . constitute a day** work a straight tint ft for ill *ingl e shift workers. b. Forty hours between Monday 8 a.m. and Friday 5 p.m. shal constitute a week's work straight time. c. All work performed In excess of eight hours per day or fort hours per week or on Holiday and Sundays shall be paid for at the rctc for overtime of the craft Involved. Bidi phall htt xealed and filed In the office of the Purchasing Director. Room 207. Boird of Education FLOOR M A T S Designed to fit most cars. Choose from black, white, blue, green, red, sand. sr,''«. SJ." M 98 T O P Q U A L I T Y HEAD RESTS CHOICE OF COLORS S 95 ea. 14" PUSH BROOMS FOR GARAGE, HOME, PATIO 77 CHROME WHEELS Regular or Reverse $5995 Plus Wheels off Vour Car QUALITY BIDE SHOCKS f for only (Ford, Cfaevy, Plymouth, most models 'M-'64) Wf W SHOCKS · Bitter hiidllni HtH WMM . Ejl | erjuer | nl · Min comfertikli r[i 3-1 ALL 3 F O R J U S T FRONT-END S P E C I A L --Brakes adjusted 1 -- Front wheels aligned 3-- Front wheels balanced BFG MUFFLER VALUES FROM · Long lasting construction makes a better investment for your dollar · Reiists rust and corrosion to give you better service . . . longer · Keeps fumes out of the car so you and your family ride in greater safety · LIFE-TIME GUARANTEE NO MONEY DOWN · Use Your "Choice-Charge" Bull dine. 701 Locust Avenue. Long Beach I?, California, on or before the time and date above shown, and will be opened and read aloud In pubHc *t or about said time and place. ·23ToY th. tTUsU~Treated' bV~iald ' MARIB TO3LL3 r\f*A of Trust Assistant Secretary Tb« beneficiary under aald Deedlpub. March 10, 17, IKt (2t)--UB.T. SPALDING 'VICTOR' GOLF BALLS 3P1 $133 Limit 3 per customer at $1.33. Additional lolls $1.00 each. Use BFG "Choice-Charge" or Bankamericard MODERN-NEW CAR CARE CENTER B.EGo0drich 1310 LONG BEACH BLVD. (Long Beach Blvd. at Anaheim) - - Phone 436-6205

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