Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1930 · Page 27
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 27

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1930
Page 27
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o, RACE i vm> win. vi! C. O. jrtoilSe- ttitiftit. M the bird face » th« Altooria Pigeon Racing ; *e«K<«M, the .face being for W «t 180 Miles, the birds being wed at Betrhlsbtj. O. Ptitf #*<* went to B. E. SPalsoltz, ttilM place a tie 'between, Ous "f attd R. Butter. twsek-end the distance will be J&& tb SOO miles, the birds to be I to tfewarlc, O. results of last -week's race, with ,-irts per minute average of each follows. Per Mln. i. Houseman 1447.84 I. Seasoltz "44-88 _ Stadler "«•!» ft Butler "M-18 1. «. Cralne "42.72 E. Seasolte 1442.07 Butler 1441.59 Seigler 1441.18 is Stadler "39.56 w O. Houseman 1438.21 < Craino "38.01 BAUl Danella ...'. • • 1438.00 Hester Berry "37.03 5. B. Palmer 1433.92 ¥. Greene I" 2 -" R. B. Palmer 1429.16 Paul Danella 1427 '!, t Kearns » 2 <3.44 Green " 21 - 16 Cassell 1400.28 TV Berry 1401.63 If Vn.1 Were a TcnanT You'd Read the Ads Be tow-Advertise Youf Card of Thanks i ^xw^\^v^«K»\A<»^v<M~~xvxx*>ys/>«>S' WE DESIRE, IN THIS MANNER, TO thank relatives, neighbors and frierids for their kindness and sympathy in our bereavie- ment ift the death of our husband and father, James A. Aurandl. Also to the mln- istVr we Rive special thanks, and to those ho «Mg in the choir and for the use of MRS. JAMBS A. AURANDT, SON AND DAUGHTB.K. who cars. Lost — Found LOST-BLACK BILL TOLD. CONTAINING owner",,ic.n.c_c«rd.«jn 3rd Ave. and 4th St. and ^s»™«""i •^"T,,."af 4th St. Finder please return to IIP E. 4th St. LOST-LADY'S POCKETBOOK, SAT NITE, between Montgomery-ward and 13th Ave., Junlata, Dial 2-2451 after 6.30. T n«!T—MAIL TERRIER WHITE DOG WITH L °!Ick head nnd sUimp tall Dlsappeared nn Anril 15 A reward will be paid II re- wrned to 800 2nd St.. Wllllamsburg. Pa. IOST-MAN'S BLACK SILK UMBRELLA. Gold-cappetl handle with monogram of "H. p w " Reward. Return to 1130 15th Ave. I n«!T -TRAVELING BAG. SUN. AFTER- L ° nS oon. hVtween S. Lakemont and Green wood. Contained lady's wear. Dial 8885. . U. Kearns •V. Weber ! Condon "98.13 1354. lo 1314.04 . 12,8.00 . Condon ...................... 12,2.21 . Cassell ...................... 1260.17 Jones . ................... • • • • 1240.37 .1 COLLEGIANS WIN SEVENTH. "•Collegians scored a 1-0 win over the .ftiriiata Indians in a seven inning i&me the win being the team's sev- efith straight this season. Collegians •want games with junior teams. Call 2f0147 and ask for Gerald. Uneups: •'Collegians— AB. R. 1 0 1 2 0 0 Shock, 2b .. t ay. If • • • • :Mullen, p Botteichei rguson, c IX Miller, Ib Shearer, 3b 200 Gates, cf ............ 2 Jbhnson, rf ......... 2 . A. E. 1 0 0 0 0 0 001 if H Totals 1 4 21 9 2 Indians— r AB. R. H. O. A. E. Robison, p Timons, ss Dlnges, 3b 2 f eeder, c egyansky, Ib ... Taneyhill, rf ffiokiula, cf BJckert, 2b Byers, If 11 1 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 Personals II *YAVJ.jP"J. £>1 j^JfViTi >->*. - mrtnods. Requires no finger waving Mrs. G. Evans, 1440 13th Ave. Phone 2-0197. ! Kent—Furnished Rooms «^^wys^^rfSxvxs^>y\^^v^^v^A^»ys/s^sx>xv ONE FURNISHED ROOM IN QUIET, PRI- vate home. Dial 2-2372. FRONT ROOM. SUITABLE FOR ONE OR two gentlemen, smaller room, nicely furnished. 2 blocks from P. O. Dial 8530. ONE FURNISHED BEDROOM WITH ALL conveniences, suitable for one or two gentlemen. Inquire 2410 3rd Ave., city.., 2 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR housekeeping, all conveniences, gas range and sink In kitchenette; also sleeping room. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1207 7th Ave. NEAR AAP WAREHOUSE, ALSO SILK mlli; 2 largctrooms, furnished attractively for housekeeping, conveniences. Dial 2-7798. Rent—Houses Vs^s^^Sys^s^AysA^AA^^-^vAAA* THE HOME YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ro"v home In ft residential section, on lot 40x131 House contains flvis rooms, bath and two open porches. Hot air heat every room. Gas, water, electricity, cemented cellar. Pleasant surroundings. Reason- r WOODS BECKMAN COMPANY, Realtors, Penn Central Bldg., Fifth Floor. Phons 5124. 1R21 13th AVE.— 6 ROOMS, BATH, FUR- Also 7 rooms, gas, and 6. 4 FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, second floor. Light and cheerful. Rent reasonable. References required. /Inquire 1501 8th St. Furnished Apartments 1 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS FOR housekeeping. Private bath, light and gas. Inquire 2507 Broad Ave. Dial 2-0780. ALL MODERN AND ELECTRIC CONVEN- lences. Will accommodate 2 or 3 adults. No children. Very central. Call between 9 to 10 a. m. and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. m. Dial 2-1862. 17 1st ST —7 ROOMS, BATH, ALL MOD- erVConveniences; porches. Rent reasonable. Call 101 Howard Ave. or Dial 2-2183. 8th AVE— HOUSE FOR RENT. HOT heat gas', electric and bath Rent rea- Kleslus, 1119 8th Ave. , sonable. Geo. A. Dial 6586. 412 2nd ST.—DESIRABLE 6-ROOM HOUSE, all conveniences. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1414 2nd St. Dial 2-8129. Sale—Houses •^,vxv^^/syv*>/\/\A/*AAAAA»*>sAAA»S*«* BRICK AND SHINGLE HOME, « ROOMS, ftg r°°AT 2 fl8 $ «?ivrw wtss Building Contractor, 717 29th SI. HOWARD AVE., 113 . 6 rooms and bath, fccar garage. Lot 2Bx Avenue and alleY paved. Price *3,600 120. HOWARD J. 1118 14th St. . DARK , Dial 2-3188. -Lots 1211 4th ST., JUNIATA—LOT 30x120. WILL sell or trad* for light closed car In good condition. Dial 2-9895. LARGE LOT IN EAST ^JUNIATA. WILL sell on easy payment plan, If sold soon. Phone 2-2808. CEMETERY LOT IN ROSE HILL CEME- tery, Section 200. Inquire 814 6th Ave. Phone 2-4287. CtkAlRS ««!»A**to - RUSH stSi? dfflrH«tafc~«iwr <«««8 <*-*» kinds. Also rag rug and . Work called tat a« Works, 2119 «th Ave. LOT AT 4th AVE., «th ST., LAKEMONT, 50x120. Cleared. $128. Phone 2-1324. 4-ROOM FURNISHED APT BATH ALL conveniences. Private. $35. Inquire ,862 17th St. Dial 2-2982. 324 '4th AVE.— 8 ROOMS, ALL CONVEN- 6uT C 7th Avt, Junlata-5 rooms, light and 1303 $ 2nd Ave.— 6 rooms, light and gas. 710 Crawford Ave.— 7 rooms, all conven- len p C a-rk 2 Av a e r .. gn La g kemS: Rev. Williams property, back of playgrbund, 5 rooms, all SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND MASSAGE, Dr Kruse system. Dial 2-c63o for appointment. Mrs. Chas. S. Casner. PERSONAI-—FRENCH HAIR TRANSFOR- matlon defies detection. Hair swltche,,, etc Expert permanent waving, ^ite and dyea hair our specialty, no discoloration. Mrs .Ie«n Vaughan, 3!1 and 342 Central Trust Bldg. Phone 2-5636. SURGICAL BELTS FOR AFTER OPERA- tlon and any condition requiring abdom- lv n Hoon"a PP Artl D clal Limb and Appliance Co., 907 Green Avo., Altoona, Pa. BOARDING WANTED FOR . 9797. ING WA Also sleeping room for mother. Dial Help Wanted Male ^^VXS^^^WXSXNXSX\XV~~~>^X»X>^S< ~~ MAKE $50 WEEKLY! BOOK ORDERS F nursery stock and hire agents. Exclusive territory, rree outfit. Write today! Emmons Co., Newark, New York. FURNISHED APT., PRIVATE ENTRANCE and bath Electric refrigerator 3 squares from P. O. on Cor. llth St., Highland Place. Unfurnished Apartments JEi JJJU1^J» •>*•* *•«» ' -- imodern conveniences, nut Ave. 1121 17th AVE.—2nd FLOOR, 5 and bath, electric stove, shades. ter 5 p. m. Dial 2-5707. ROOMS Call af- nin 16th ST —SECOND FLOOR DUPLEX, f° rooms all conveniences, $35. Inquire John Martin. 518 16th St.. or Dial 2-5092 or 9029. . S $ t 2 !' between Broad and W. Chestnut Avc9.—7 rooms and bath, all con Ve i9oT e iith*S°t.-7 rooms, all conveniences. House In excellent condition throughout. $42. Clement Jnggard Bldg. Phone 7128. Rent — Miscellaneous ^^^^^^^X^^^VS^s^XNXN^^^^^^VV^^VS^- 303 GRANT AVE.—7 ROOMS, NEW PAPER, all conveniences, 1-car garage. 714 4th St.—3-room apartment, bath, big enclosed porch. ,» 712-14 4th St.—2 large storerooms, suitable for any kind of business. 122 1st Ave... A so 9th Ave. and 37th St. L. R* MATHIEU & Sons. 1824 Union Ave. D'si' 9994. 5-ROOM, UP-TO-DATE DAYLIGHT APT , 1507 12th St. Inquire O. L. McCartney, 1200 16th Ave. POSITION OPEN FOR YOUNG MAN OVER 18 In our order department. Apply Mr. Wallace, 0 to 8 p. m., Wayne hotel. PAINTERS WANTED. NO DAUBERS. Apply 2513 Quail Ave., Hlleman Heights. STEADY WORK FOR MEN IN ALTOONA, tacking signs and selling auto P°"" h «—,_i Tharp, Oil Lexington, -.Totals 20 0 421 8 1 Collegians 010 000 0-1 Juniata Indians 0000000-0 wRuns batted in, Sliearer. Double play, McMullen to Miller. Struck out, By McMullen 4, by Robison 1. Bases <5h balls, off McMullen 1, off Robison 2! Hit by pitched ball, Miller. " BURG BALL, TEAM WINS. o The Hollidaysburg Greys won a hard fought game from the Canoe Creek Reese ball club by a score of 10 to 8. H. Deem, Hollidaysburg catcher was Star of the game having three doubles jind a single in five times to bat. The Hollidaysburg team would like to ar- l£inge games with other teams averaging around 21 or 22 years of age. For games please writ C. F. Deem of 214 Mulberry street, Hollidaysbxjrg or call phone No. GOO between 8 a. m. and 5 fi- «"• _. J DETROIT WINNER. «ST. LOUIS, May 27.—Detroit won from St. Louis Browns 7 to 3 yesterday Blaeholder being knocked out in the eighth. Crowder, who relieved a 1m, fanned the first three batters to J r.e him. Alexander had a homer for e Tigers. Score; Betroit 030 000 031—7 8 6 St. Louis 200 000 100—3 6 a * Wyatt and Hargrave. Blaeholder, Crowder, Manion and Ferrell. S', CHICAGO CUBS BEATEN. •< CHICAGO, May 27.—The Chicago Cuba dropped to the Cincinnati Reds yesterday 6 to 2 as Jake May held the champions to 6 hits, Hack Wilson hitting home the only runs. He made a homer. Heilman also hit for the circuit accounting for 3 runs. Score; Cincinnati 000 005 010—6 8 Chicago 000 200 000—2 U 1 «iMay and Sukeforth; Blake, Nelson Osborn and Hartnett. WIN 0-0 BALL GAME. ,/Sacred Heart school, using Mach- ijj-ola, Benton, Luckett, Fleming, Chirion, Hoyer, Schirf, Daly, Dosh, Dod- mm, Foor and Smith won 9-0 from the Indian Midgets, the latter team hav flig Leopold, Rudisill, Gracey, R Qracey, Mohler, Smutts, Helntz Elagel and Moore. Daly allowed the losers but 3 hits. CHIP PLAYED OFF I LEFT SHOULDER * *» arge commission, umberland, Md, Help Wanted—Female ,^ W N~N/XXS~VN~~'^~ V ~V~~ V ~ > IRL OR WOMAN FOR HOUSEWORK IN small family. One who prefers good home o high wages. Best of references required. Vrite 1954-L, Mirror. SALESLADIES Must be thoroughly experienced in dresses ndcrwear, hosiery and sports wear. Apply erner Shop, 1310 llth Ave. 1 VACANCS IN ALTOONA'S MOST UP-TO- date AptT, Don Yell, 1511 13th St., 2% blocks from Penn-AHo hotel. See Janitor at building. 5 ROOMS AND BATH, FRONT AND BACK porches. Private garage. Located in Llyswen. 2-6601 or 8286. 305 llth ST.—THREE ROOM APT., FRONT and rear porches, hot water heat, bath, gas range. $23. 1100 3rd Ave. Rent — Cottages FURNISHED HOUSE, ALONG TUSSEY mountain, between Loysburg and Everett, FOR SALE Choice acre of ground along Greenwood cement highway, under good state of cultivation. Entire acre a garden plot. Price $1100.00. C. D. BLOOM Realtor—Insurance 1311 12th St. Phone 2-2383 CALVERT HILLS Don',l buy a vacant lot anywhere until you have driven over the paved streets and inspected CALVERT HILLS Office 1115 llth St. EXTRA! $195.00 LEONARD REFRIGERATOR^ \ i (New) $106,88 40 Inches wide 23 Inches deep , ,57 Inches high Ice chamber 14 Inches wide 18 inches deep, 23>/6 Inches high. Select quartered oak case, hand-rubbed finish. Full.white porcelain lined. 12;\vall construction. Suitable for largo family, store, hotel or restaurant. ROTHBRT COMPANY, - 12th AVE. AND 12th ST. wcftandtta stow in-town of much cash needed. Write 1969- •^ps^tej^tt sonant*. Low overhead. Writ* 2644-E^ Mirror, or Dial 2-3S64. • • • . •Mortician N. A. STEUENS No Charge for Use of Memorial Chapel Funeral Director 1421 Eighth Ave. Phone 751 ••••••••^^^ Mtuing—Hauling Legal Notices Cleaning—Renovating CARPETS AND RUGS CLEANED TO LOOK like new. Monarch Carpet cleaning Works. Telephone 4.684 lor quick service. Sale—Horses and Cattle FOR SALE — HORSES. BIG TEAM, weight 3,200, B and 6 yrs. old; 1 pair black mares, 5 and 6 yrs. old, weight 2,700, good single line leader; 5 head sma 1 horses, good workers. Will be sold right. Good fancy saddle horse, also good natured pony tor small boy, 49 inches high. 2 cows, heavy milkers. Inquire Klevan's farm, Eldorado. YOUNG FRESH HOLSTEIN. INQUIRE OF H. E. Snowberger, phone Rural 936-R3. , mile from highway. campers and % me ro . tourists. Inquire Charles Ritchey, Wolf s Furniture Co. WAYNE APTS., 1106 18th ST.. 3 -ROOMS, bath, all conveniences. Inquire 1912 Union Ave. W. B. Cassldy. Dial 2-7993. 434 CRAWFORD AVE.—SECOND FLOOR. - S25 per month. Dial Use of garage. 8159. 5-ROOM APARTMENT, VERY NICE LOCA- tion, all conveniences. Garage, porches. Rent reasonable. Inquire 2608 5th Ave. ARDENHEIM—COMPLETELY FURNISHED cottages, $15 and $20 wk. Special season rates. For Inspection or bookings apply or Write to J. R. Valentine, R. F. D. No. J, Huntingdon, Pa. FURNISHED COTTAGE • FOR RENT ^AT Ardenhelm. River front. Inquire 405 Howard Ave. Dial 7849. FOR RENT—6-ROOM FURNISHED COT- tage to responsible party for week-end parties. Call 3-1283. Wanted To Rent . 514 6th AVE.-4 ROOMS AND BATH. | ^illSHS first floor; 3 rooms and bath, second floor, I ___**"• 3 rooms and bath, third floor. All conven- Sale — Timberland 500 ACRES 100 acres virgin timber, balance good second growth, mostly hardwood. 6 miles from Altoona, 2 miles from the railroad. Wm. Penn highway through the property For sale by owner, George A. Potter, 936 22nd St.. Altoona. , Furniture FOR SALE—1 CHINA CLOSET. 513 Park Ave., Wehnwood. Phone 4877. KITCHEN CABINET, KITCHEN CUP- board, wash stand, chandeliers, colonnade. Mrs. Homer Grove, 1620 Sharp Ave. Dial ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS FOR sale. Will also sell house. Leaving city. Inquire 2421 8th Ave. Dial 2-7853. iences. Ave. an a, . Rent reasonable. Inquire 524 6th Salesmen — Agents ^ xv ^SXVXX^VVXS^-~^^v^~~XVXVXNXV>^.^XS^ ALESMEN TO HANDLE OUR COMPLETE line of luggage,, either as a main or side ne No money 'advanced. Ten per cent ommlssions paid promptly on 10th of each nonth on all accepted orders. Don't answer nless you mean business and can produce, B we have no get-rich-quick proposition. ox 365. Petersburg, Virginia. f l£5sMAN—TO SELL THE FAMOUS LINE ol LEE Union-Alls, Overalls, Shirts and laysuits to retail dealer trade we have es- abllshed in Southwestern Pennsylvania and Vestern Maryland. Experience In work lothlne or kindred lines .desirable. Must ave car.' Straight salary plus commission \n excellent opportunity for a permanent onnectlon. . Address. jjlving full details In 1410-12 19th ST.—4-ROOM APARTMENT with all modern conveniences, porch. Inquire at 1811 13th Ave. After 5.30 call at 1414 19th St. DUPLEX, 2302 W. CHESTNUT AVE.. 8 bath, all conveniences. Dial rooms, 2-7249. 6-ROOM APT., WITH BATH. Hahn & Co., 813 Green Ave. INQUIRE Situation Wanted— Male boiler firing or night watching. eferences. Dial 2-5605. DRUGGIST-15 YEARS' EXP.., DESIRES position. Steady or relief. tfirror office. .. Write 2598-E, Situation Wanted—Female iTOUNG WOMAN WITH SMALL SON, Ing for elderly man. Good home in o high wages. Phone 2-Q028. REFINED WIDOW DESIRES POSITION as companion or houseworlt in small fam- ly. Dial 2-8829. < ELDERLY^ADY DESIRES HOySEKEEP- Write 2332-E, Ing in Protestant home, preference to high wages. Mirror. LEXINGTON AVE. AND 4th ST.—2 AND 3- room apartments. Rent $12 per month. Inquire 1030 Green Ave. FAIRVIEW, 411 21st AVE.—DUPLEX, 4 rooms 2nd floor, 3 rooms third floor, al conveniences, porches. All light rooms. Dial 2-2232. SECOND FLOOR APARTMENT, 214 LO- gan Ave., Llyswen, a rooms, all conveniences. Dial 2-4887. 1500 4th AVE.-5 ROOMS AND BATH all conveniences, second floor. Inquire 50J 15th St. Dial 9658. 1-ROOM APARTMENT, ALL CONVEN- lences, at 1801 4th Ave., Junlata. Inquire rear apartment or 1813 llth Ave., Altoona. , Write 1775-L. Mirror. Sale Or Rent - vVN/V >/V>'NXV/X/W~V^\/V~'W^S/W'>^' 8-ROOM HOUSE. LIGHT AND WELL WA- ter In kitchen. New roof. 1 acre ground. Very suitable for raising chickens or garden. Fruit trees, grape arbor. Sale terms reasonable. Located 29th Avo. and 15th St. Inquire of Charles A. Auker, 1321 llth Ave. Sale — Houses 122 4th rooms, bath. improvements. Fine condition. All modern . Finished third floor, slate roof, 2-car garage. Lot 25x120. Street, alley paved. Bargain -for someone at $5,000. Phone 2-3506. WOLF FURNITURE CO. 1501 llth AVE., For Sale—Dogs-Pets YOUNG AIREDALE DOG. selling, leaving town. Ave. Inquire 1409 Walton MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS BEN- ovated. Altoona Mattress Mfg. Co.. 833 19th St. Dial 4642. . ice of the Register for the Wills and granted Letters of Son"m and wr the county of Blair and State of Pennsylvania,' Thai, the said executors, Administrators, Guard ahs and Trustees have settled their accounts in the office of the said R«*l»ter and "I" the same will be presented VL l !£,,?f «rm?s! Court of said County, In the Court House of said County, for Confirmation on WED*18, 1980, at 0.30 a. m. AN, LEB k-May 16, A toona, ountain City .Trust Co., admr. We Recommend The Altoona Sanitary Laundry For Prompt Service and Good Work Telephone 9468. GET MY PRICE IN NEW HOMES AND garages. All kinds of concrete work. New homes for sale. C. A. Wlsslngcr, Build- In^ Contractor, 717 29th St. NDERSON, JOHN u.— may 17, ^yront, Margaret H. Andersorf, et al, ex'rs, sec- ARMSTRONG^EMMA E.-May 17, Altoon., Central Trust company, eVr. BURKETA GEORGE^M.^—Feb. 21, LogaB " 10, Altoona, r. 23, Altoona, 8, Altoona, ,™j, 0 HXKRY 1 'B.-Ma J y"8?'Alloona, Belh» BURGET! e 'ANDREW B.-May !•./»«}•* Woodbury twp., Mary E. Fornwalt, et al,. BENTON, MARY JANE—May 17, Freedom CO t SRAD E TA r RA? ICn ^M a r \ B,a,r ; twp, " rs!SSAB < g? ir M,--A ff .> Poultry^-Feed KHj.«uBn-D QUALITY CHICKS, BARRED and White Rocks, White Wyandottes, Red and English Leghorns. Hatch off every Monday and Thursday. 120 H. Btb Ave. Dial 2-2917 or 3-9409. BE PROGRESSIVE—FIX UP YOUR HOME Carpenter, Building and Repair Work. Free Estimates. Reasonable Rates. J P. LEIDEN. General Contractor-Builder, 1005 22nd Ave. (Lots for Sale.) Phone 8614. HYNICK'S QUALITY BABY CHICKS Wyandottes. Rocks. Reds, Leghorns, Ancona, Custom ^chin^ln^ray^o^ and^ 322 E. Grant Ave. Dial 4343. HATCHING EGOS FOR SALE. MAMMOTH Pekin ducks, $1 for setting; Black Giant, $1 for setting; English Leghorn, 7Bc for setting; White Giants. $5.00 for setting; duck" n8S> 3 DIBERT'S POULTRY FARM p Sinking Valley Road. Phone Rural 2-5R5. OFFERS Refrigerators $7 up to $25 Dining Room Table and 6 Chairs $16.00 3 PC. Reed Suite .T. 525.00 Cabinet $19.50 ANTIQUE MAHOGANY BEDROOM SUITE, marble top dresser, wash stand, bed. Reasonable price. Phone Hollidaysburg 391-J. 6-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENCES. Only 5 years old, hardwood floors down, stairs, built-in bath tub. $6.500. 1010 24th Ave. No phone calls. Inuire 97 LOGAN AVE., LLYSWEN—FRAME house, slate roof. 'Lot 75x120. All conveniences. Adjoins Mansion Blvd. IJial 4883. HOME IN COLUMBIA PARK DISTRICT, 6 rooms, tile bath, cement cellar. 2-car garage. $8.500: $500 cash. Call 9023 between 6 and 7 p. rrt. BRETH APT., 825 7th AVE.—3 AND 4 rooms, heat, bath, gas range. $24 and $30. Dial 9029 or 2-S092. JUNIATA, 205 5th AVE.-SECOND FLOOR, 4 rooms, bath, hot water heat. Dial 2-7519. 4 LARGE. WELL LIGHTED ROOMS. BATH, sun parlor, front, rear entrance, reasonable. 2325 Broad Ave. Rent DUPLEX, 314-312 «3rd ST.—5 ROOMS, bath, hot water heat, all conveniences. Inquire 219 Lloyd St. ANTED—WASHING DONE AT HOME; also men's washing and ironing. Prices reasonable. Dial 2-6214. YOUNG WOMAN WITH CHILD DESIRES housework in small family. Inquire 126 Howard Ave. LADY DESIRES HOUSEWORK BY DAY. Dial 2-6018. REFINED WIDOW WITH 7-YEAR-OLD child, desires housekeeping for widower. Dial 2-6897. WANTED— POSITION AS COOK IN FIRST Prefer country. Write — rlasa inn or hotel. 2552-E, Mirror. Boarding CENTRALLY LOCATED board, all conveniences. Dial 2-0234. Use of phone. E. 2nd AVE. AND LLOYD ST.—4 ROOMS, all conveniences. S35. 849 24th St.. beside Presbyterian church, 4 rooms, all conveniences. $10. 1211 8th Ave.—4 rooms, all conveniences. 2221 8th Ave.—4 rooms, all conveniences. • 95 511 23rd St.—4 rooms and bath. 518. McVEY-FARIS CO., Clement Jaggard Bldg. Phone 7128. $200 CASH Balance $35 monthly, buys 7-room home with hot water heat and bath, at 227 E. 5th , Ave. Newly papered and painted. $3,700. Possession at once. . Price Commerce Bldg. Realtor — Insurance, , Phone 2-0313. NATIONAL FILING SYSTEM, 3 ters, meat» sllcer, cash register, large refrigerator. Inquire of C. A. Wisslnger, 717 29th St. ' SHOW CASES—ALL SIZES Two 12 foot, 2nd hand, Frlgldalre Soda Fountains. Soda Tables and Chairs. Just what yoTJ need « you are starting In Windshield and JJoot GlSss Installed. \LTOONA PLATE GLASS CO. 725 Green Ave. Dial 8886 or 2-7300. Radios ^™,^, v^-y/x^xv/NXv/ . NINE TUBE, SCREEN GRID, 1930 MOD el Highboy radio for sale at very reasonable price. Easy terms. 1116 4th Ave. 1-YEAR-OLD HENS, 13 BARRED ROCKS, 5 Leghorns, all laying. Inquire 1409 Walton Ave. ' CEMENT WORK ALL KINDS 10 months' payment plan. R. L. GWIN. Pho«e 2-7470. B15 First St. NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE US EST1- mate on that concrete work or excavating. All work guaranteed. Prices reasonable. DIaJ 2-3B38. 3006 Oak Ave, Repairing Your Home IS A GOOD INVESTMENT. Such as a new porch, new roof, doors, windows, steps, also garages. THE ALTOONA HOME BUILDING CO., Phone 2-4708. 2732 Union Ave. John Arthur, Mgr. Margaret Z. T May 13 ' Ho|. Marks, ct ai, , lldaysburg, CASSADY! ANNA o.— May 16, Altoona, J. A-F 21. Altoona, W. DUN a KLE V TlLLIAM-May 2, Taylor twp.. ,2, Logan twp.. ERHARD, ALFRED V.— May 1, Altoona. Dora M. Erhard, adm'x. FORSHT, JOHN S.— Mar. 24, Blair twp.. a. FranK Bl own twp., Cathern S. Fawks, adm x. FUNK, JAMES P.— May 17, Altoona, W. Seeds — Gardening ^^TV^VXV«>~^^^-^>^^«^~>^>^->^^^ BEST TOP SOIL FOR GARDENS AND lawns. Dial 2-4242. W. S. Counsman. RE-UPHOLSTERING—PRICES LOW. ALL work guaranteed. Estimates free city and surrounding towns. Dial or mail. Dial 3-1472—6403.' J. Wolfberg, 1008 Green Ave. Coal *s/v*w COAL All kinds hard and soft coal; also kind" ng W °°l R. MATHIEU * SON 182* Union Ave. Dial 999*. TELEPHONE 2-3501 OR 2-0818. ' 1 OR MORE) TONS. • SERVICE FU^L CO. 5116 Broad Ave. Extension Road 8 rooms, bath, all improvements, open stairway, cemented cellar, 2-car garage, lot 34x120 ft. Price $4300. T. CHESTER PARSONS 1107 12th Ave. Phone 2-5192 Musical Instruments VICTROLA FOR SALE; ALSO CABINET, 25 records. Will trade on double barrel, hammerlcss shotgun. Dial 2-8839. PALMER PLAYER PIANO, $100.00 Mahogany case and bench. 25 rolls. Good condition. WEAVER FACTORY SHOWROOM, 1620-22 Eleventh Ave. OWIN COAL CO.—GWIN SPECIAL, • MIL- ler and Madison coal at attractive prices. 1911 Margaret Ave. Phone 20404 or 6623. 730 4th s T P'N B 2-7777. HARD COAL, EGG, STOVE, NUT... .$11.75 FURNITURE HOSPITAL — FURNITURE 'repaired, reflnlshed and upholstered. Antiques a specialty. AH work guaranteed. Dial 2-1B72. LAWN MOWERS REPA.IRED AND SHARP- ened, saw filing and setting. Work called for and delivered. 1325 18th Ave. Dial 2-8952. Modern Fireproof Roofing Increases the Comfort, Safety and Value of Your Home. Pay for the work on our easy, convenient INSTALLMENT PLAN. No charge for an estimate. / PENN BUILDERS, Inc. .. 21. Tyron., Annie C. Garner, et al, adm rs. „ j • GARBER, VIOLA J.— May 12, Roaring Spring Silas H. Garber, adm'r. OILDEA, GEORGE W.— May 16, Holll- daysburg, Frank H. Fay, adm r. HUEBSCHER, JOHN K.— alias John C.— • Anna C. Huebschcr, adm'x. »„„_. HUGHES, SARAH D.— Mar. 8, Altoona. Mabel H. Moore, ex'tx. HOFF JUSTICE A.— Apr. 7, Tyrone, I»a: 17. 323 19th St. Phone 2-1506. McGuire Coal Co. McGuire Special And All Grades Of Coal 915 10th Street Phone 6378 Rent — Houses 6-ROOM HOUSE, ALL CONVENIENCES, 2204 14th Ave. Rent $20. Inquire 1120 18th St., above Shaffer's store. 1824 UNION AVE.—6-ROOM HOUSE, NEW- ly papered and painted, all conveniences. Inquire of K. McGrath, 2806 Broad Ave. Dial 2-2471 or 9029. 2202 13th AVE.—6 BOOMS, ELECTRIC light, gas, furnace. Rent $15. Inquire 505 15th St. Dial 9658. BOARDER WANTED IN PRIVATE HOME, all conveniences. Reasonable rates. In- iiuire 891 27th St. Rent — Furnished Rooms NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS WITH ALL modern conveniences. Rent $3 up. ' 13th St. ' 1005 6th AVE.-2 COZY, LIGHT HOU8E- keeping rooms, conveniences, , telt'phone, yurage. Inquire alter 6 )). in. •' LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR " housekeeping. Water in kituhcn, laundry. Hrnt reasonable. Inquire 408 3rd Ave. * By SOL MKT/GtK. *Ere deuci-ibing the chip let us com- 2a.rt it to the un-u? and Die pitch m> we tan nee the difference between thref. The pitch, described a few ago. is played with a, lofted usually a mashie, with the idea, -- 3 CHEERFUL, CONNECTING FURNISHED I rooms fur light housekeeping. Front, buck I entrance. Inquire 843 17th St. Dial 2-8741. uTe, mti AVE.—NICELY FURNISHED room ijriviite home, all conveniences. Gen- tlomen only. Half block from Peim-Alto. LARGE, PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, ALL conveniences. Good residential section. Private home. 2117 W. Chest. Ave. Dial 5431. HOUSE FOR RENT—U ROOMS AND BATH, gas, electric and furnace. Rent reasonable. Inquire 1302 19th St. 3034 W. CHESTNUT AVE.—B ROOMS AND all conveniences. For further particulars, inquire T. Chester Parsons, 1107 12th Ave. Phone 2-5192. 210 EAST Oth AVE.—«• ROOMS, $20.00 2014 lltli Ave.—6 rooms, S15.00. 2206 18th St.—6 rooms, $30.00. 2127 13th Ave.—8 rooms. $18.00. 120 Caroline Ave.—8 rooms, $15.00. LEIX'S INSURANCE AGENCY Union Bank Bldg. Phone 2-3437. SOUTH LAKEMONT 504 Wbarton Ave. Cozy suburban home on corner lot 150XKI5 with fruit treeB, berries, hedge, shrubbery, hen bouse and garage; Immediate possession. Only $3,700. ED. SEIDEL, Realtor CALVERT HILL LOT 1MI-SH Twi'iily-HiM'imd Avenue. Alley and avenue paved, taps in. > c )0x 120 feet. Good homes on both sides. Price is right. SEE MORGAN-MARTIN CO. Central Trust Bldg. Sale—^Miscellaneous ,\/ V N/VSOX»/V/>/>'>/>^'>' < <'V>' N *' s ' > ^ s/ "' < KOR SALE PRACTICALLY NEW FRAMES, USED FOll PARTITIONS. THESIS ' FRAMES COULD BE USED NICELY TO ENCLOSE A PORCH. WILL SELL VERY REASONABLE. SEE "CUSTODIAN," ALTOONA MIR- ROK OFFICE. Burn / PAGE COAL For Economy, Warmth and Health Demand Our Welghbill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. Dial 0-521U READY MIXED CONCRETE East Side Coal & Supply Co. 812 Eighth Street • Dial 8176 7, Hollidaysburg, Bar^ l—May 18, Holllday*- 'burg,"Eld'a~ I. Corbo, adm'r., first / and JOHNSTON, ANNA BELLE—May 5, Altoona, Edmund H. Turner, ex'r. KLINE, NELLIE E.—May 17, Bellwood, The Mountain City Trust company, ex r. KOPP, MARY—May 17, Altoona, Howard KOON Se AMAND r A, May 17. Tyrone. Char*. LINGENFELTER, JOHN—Feb. 14, Dun- cansvllle, Harry Lingenfelter, cx'r, first E—Mar. 7. William H. Wanted To Buy WANTED—TO BUY, DRUfi STORE IN Central Penna. Give Important details In first letter. Write 2507-E, Mirror office. FORD OR CHEVROLET COUPE, IN GOOD condition. Price reasonable. Write 2473-E, Mirror. 1810 15th AVE.—8-ROOM HOUSE, ALL conveniences. Inquire 1908 15th Ave. between 10 a. in. and 7 p. in. 5 AND 6-ROOM HOUSE, GAS AND ELEC- tric. Toilet upstairs. Inquire at 130U 17tii St. «tod^"io«i^-h U -ba»-with back- ^^r^^^.S^^'a^!^ i.. _ .;«» n r.r.f tlitt riin und fir •«««••«* ^ i:,,i,. ,, .1,1 ,.hm.,r_ •pin to « point near the IJIH, and of making 'a hold near that spot. Back- ipln in gained by taking tuil directly Ster striking the ball. It ia obtained pluymg the ball a bit further back n the point off the lelt shoulder, M>e low point of the arc of the true golf awing. " T« run-up us played Horn tins, point «fl the left shoulder to avoid back- win Usually an iron of lesa loft is tuted The stroke for it is the putting Stroke. Stan* like Collelt toe the club jh to impart an overspill Now comes the chip. li loo. is ulayed like a putt, but with a lofted oiub. usually a inai>hie-iiiblick. Si-j|j U wanted, though not BO much as in pitching Tlit ball is played <M tlio feft shoulder and picked clean from Ui« turf. "l>oiii{ Iron Shots" is Mtt2g«r'« new, free, lllueliated leaflet Write for it. iddie«» Sol UeUtfei', 111 '-are ol Hue »<J(Jre»wsd. ulaiupcd • -iivi-loi-i-. ^ AOujyjriKUi, JWO, iifiices. Rent reasonable. Light and cheer- lul. Phone. FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOM. ALL conveniences. Inquire 70S) Lexington Ave. GENTLEMAN PARTNER WANTED cozy bachelor Apt. Writ e 231u-E. Mirror. Near Broad FOR Ave. 1601'.'. 5th AVE.—4 ROOMS AND BATH Rent $16. Inquire at 221U 6th Ave. Dial 2-7519. 404 3rd AVE.—9 ROOMS, 2 BATHS, ELEC- trie- light and gas. Hot water heat, porches. New paint outside. $28 month. Inquire 21,1 E. 4th Ave. 1514 CRAWFORD AVE.-B ROOMS. F1N- Ished attic, all conveniences. Newly papered. Rent $25. Inquire 1516 Crawford Ave. 1402 CIRCLE AVE . LAKEMONT TER- racu —5-room house, garage, 0 lots ground. Kent $20. Dial 7103. 1200 Oth AVE.. JUNIATA —B ROOMS. F1N- ished attic, bath, all modern Improvements. Reasonable rent. Inquire 708 8th Ave. wn Your Home You have heard that often, but not often enough if you do not yet own yours. Good opportunity to start now to own your home. May we tell you how to go about it? You are under no obligation to us. WOODS BECKMAN COMPANY, Realtors, Penn Central BldK., Fifth Floor. Phone 512'!. FOR SALE—DOUBLE ROW CORN PLANT- er, $20; grass, grain and fertilizer drill, $35; single row corn planter, $5; manure spreader, 535; one-horse mower, $35; hay rake $5; Fordson tractor, $250; good Chevrolet engine and chassis, $15; two good work horsed and harness, $125; young heifer, $20; rabbits, 75c. Trommel. Buckhorn road, Hi mile from Altoontt. Dial U-5181. GOOD QUARRIED BUILDING STONE. Easy to work. Also Whltbred's clinker- less coal. Figart's mines, Buekhorn road. Dial 9083. Commerce Bldg. $1 000-510,000 TO LOAN ON FIRST MORT- gage. Inquire Lloyd A. Smith, Walsh Bldg., Hollidaysburg. i HOWARD AVK.-3 NICELY FURNI6H- t-d rooms, for light housi-Kee|»InK. all con 7MD. . ior children. Dial •' WKI.L FUKNISHEU, COMMUNICATING - . room- lor houoekeepiiiK. eiilencrs,. Jt'-liiicd family. Water, all con- Uial i-UUlO. KOOMS KOK LODGING, M AND UP. Rooiifi tor litjlit hou*ekecplng. l''«e parK- in b apace Inquire 1111 Sth Ave. 3 KLTtNISHKD FRONT, LIGHT HOU6K- keeplni; roomsi. Desirable location. Adults Dial 'J-3*b* or inquire llOy 2nd St.. Jui.iata- L1KK.S A OHfcEUFUL HOilfc. burnt.-, ran be found w most any location ui our Itcitl £s,tate col- 2919 BROAD AVE.— 6-ROOM HOUSE, heater, bath, furnace, electric Until, range. Rent $25. Dial 2-4427^ ^^^_ 6-ROOM HOUSE. ALL CONVENIENCES. 707'..'. 7th Ave. Dial 2-1)988. IbOSl 11th AVK.. HEAR—6 ROOMS, LIGHT, yard, gas, water, cellar, porch. Rent $15. Inquire 1813 mil Ave. Wfi 18th ST. --4 ROOMS. NEW BATH. NEW furnace. House in A-l condition. Dial 26I1U BKOAL) AVE.— 7 KOO.MS, BATH, FIN- islicd 3rd flour, conveniences. $50 per month. Inq. 26U8 Broad Ave. I:M;OO.M iior.sK. 'j BATH HOOM.S. SUIT- for Ijonrdliij? and ruonniiK boils*. Rent Juijuiru 1716 lith Avc. SUBURBAN HOME Located at the corner of Beale Avenue and Burgoon Road. Large frame dwelling house in excellent condition containing 4 rooms on the lirst flour, 3 ruonici and batii on the second floor, extra large closets, all modei'n improvements, interior nicely papered and painted, lot lOOxiiiO, large shade trees, cement walk, frame garage and other out-buildings. Price $5.i!DO. Terms. MeVey - Paris Co., Inc. CLEMENT .lAGtiAKU BL1JG. 7128. BATH TUB ANU WASH STAND COM- plete with fixtures, in good condition. Inquire 000 Lexington Ave. COAL RANGE FOR SALE. WILL SELL for J5.00. Inquire at 1021 5th Ave. SAFE FOR SALE—$50 WILL TAKE SAFE that cost $250. if bought this week. Apply at once at March's, 122-t llth Ave. FOIt SALE—2 HEAVY PHONOGRAPH REC- ord booths, plate glass. W. D. Davis Drug Store. 1901 8th Ave. COMPUTING COUNTER SCALES, SINGER sewing machine, Columbia phonograph. Inquire at 2025 12th Ave. TYPEWRITERS—ALL STANDARD MAKES repaired and overhauled. Parts, ribbons and supplies for every machine. Call 2-1827. B. F. BARR, 1627 llth Ave. OKCH1U REED BABY COACH. IN GOOD condition. Will sell reasonably. Inquire ut 912 Millville road. REFRIGERATORS— ISLECTIUC FANS For Sale—Wanted. 8 men. honest with themselves and family, to buy 7-room housees with electric, water and toilet. In Junlata. Also 3-room bungalow in Lakemont. Will use car or truck as down paymqiit Balance $15 month li anxious to progress, investigate immediately. Calone & Hell. 2918 6th Ave. Money To Loan N/S/S/\XV^^^ NXNXSX * ' MONEY TO LOAN $5,700—on Improved property in amounts j suit borrower—$5,700. WALTER J. HENRY, Phone 6200. INCOR CEMENT Quick Setting, 24 Hours BARTLEY LUMBER CO. Contractors 214 7th Ave. Phone 2-7979 Roofing—Spouting—Metal Ceilings Sheet Metal Work H. Sabathne & Son ?08 Eighth Avo. Dial 6512 3,000 INSTALLED FRONT RANK WARM AIR FURNACE J. W. SHOENFELT 881 17th Street LAIRD" r R 8d C.-Mar. II, Antls twp.. John v W Laird, adm'r. . • " . LLEWYELLYN, MAUDE—May 6, Altoom, Charles J. Ltewellyn, ex'r.'„""."_ ',„ 1 ,'/ LBEPER, HELEN—May 12, A. B. Wi.od-U MERRITTS. MARY J.. J.-May 17, Altoona. Wt William J. Merrltt, sr., cx'r, llrsl and'f" MORROW, FRANK T.—May 17, Altoom, /., NICEWONOER, SARAH B.—May 14, I.ogaii twp., Blair S. Snowberger. artarr, o. t. a., supplemental. * _, , „ PARSON, WILLIAM—Apr. 21, Charles a. RAIB^LET' JOSEPH PAUL—Apr. 2, Altoona, Paul Ralble, cx'r. ROBLEY, RUTH—Apr.'16, Logan twp., Lincoln Deposit and Trust Co., adm'rs, second and final. ROBINSON, BERTHA—Apr. 21, Altoona. ' John J. Haberstroh. ex'r. RICHARTZ, HEDWIO—Apr. 21, Altoona. The German Society of the City of New RUGGLES, ADELINE—May 17, Altoona, Mountain City Trust Company, adm'r. STEPHENS, CORA E.—Feb. 27, Altoona, Franz Kiescwctter. ex'r, first and partial. SHOEMAKER, SIMON—Mar. 6, Blair twp.. John H. Shoemaker, ex'r. STEEL, ROBERT D.—April 1, Altoona, S. Grant Steel, et al, ex's., first and partial. • SORR1CK, ALICE S.—May 8, Woodbury twp., C. A. Patterson, cx'r, first and par- tlfll SMITH, JAMES E.—May 14, Altoona, Nor« , K. Smith, nt al, ex'rs., first and partial. SMITH, GEORGE E.—May 17, Tyrone, E. E. RodsiTH, adm'r., first and partial. SCHWARTZBART, MINNIE R.—May 17, Altoona, Jacob Rcgenbdgcn, adm r. SCHIRM, JOHN F.—May 17, 1930, Tyrone. Harry E. Schlrm, adm'r., first und partial. TAYLOR, WILLIAM B.—or W, B.—April 17, Second National Bank of Altoona, adm'r. VARDY, RUTH A.—Mar. 3, Altoona, Minnie B. Lingenfelter, arim'x. WHITAKER. HELEN LOUISE—Apr. 9, J. Chas. McFarland, giln., as atated by Clari S. McFarland. ex'tx. of J. Chas. McFar- laiul, deceased. YOKOVICH, JOHN—Mar. 11, Blair Four, Anna Vapner, adm'x. THOMAS G. PEOPLES. Register of Wllla. Register's Office, Hollldayshuri,', Pa. May 19, 1930. MONEY TO LOAN ON IMPROVED PROP- erty In amounts to suit borrowers. G. Nevln Dlvely. 1321 llth- Ave. LOANS TO $300, HOUSEHOLD GOODS AS security. Legal rates. Altoona Loan Assn., 204 Central Trust Bldg. Phone 6663. All the Lumber Stock of FLUKE CO., Inc., FOR SALE AT _., .„ OFF COST Inquire At Yard O • » Ave, tnul Mortgage Loans Hut or Monthly L. Wm. Borland Ucaltor—Insurance Union Bank Bide- Uiul 2-71)25. Business Opportunities FOR SALE GAS STATIONS Eiglft-purap station located along main highway^ within about thirty minutusi' run. of Altoonu. Him store room, garage, and apartment overhead. Doing an excellent business. Kour-pump station located at Spruul, right along cement highway. Ha.i cement block garuge, iind 100x150 I'eet of ground, bell about ilfty thousiand gallons of gasoline yearly. For price and termri, see C. D. BLOOM Hea I tor-- I nsu i'a nee 1U11 Twelfth at. 1'hone, 2-Ziaa. KEYSTONE Armature Works 1814-16 Union Avenue. Altoona Phone 2-6742 Armature Winding, Motor Repairing, Winding Fields, Colls, Electric Magnets, Motors, Generators, Elevators. Machine Worlus. Painting — Papering LET THE HOME PAINTING CO. DO YOUR painting or "-give estimates. Also paper hanging. Dial 6466. PAINTING AND fAPEK HANGING — First class work By experienced men. Estimates cheerfully furnished. J. B. White, 21T E. Crawford Ave. Dial 2-6092. S A. HITE &SONS Depcndaole House .funning. Wall Papers of Distinction. 2510-14 Seventh Ave. NOTK K. Notice is hereby given that the following Inventors of goods and chattels and appraise- menu of real estate selected and appraised agreeably to the provisions of the Act tit June 7, 1017, P. L., 422, setting apart goods, etc., to the amount of live'hundred dollars for the use of the widow and children of decedents; having been tiled In the Register's Office of Blair Cou,nty, • Pennsylvania, and will be presented to the Orphans' Court of said County for confirmation on WEDNESDAY, June 18, 1930, at 9.30 a. m, B1ESECKER, SAMUEL S.—Apr. 28, Altoona, selected for use of Alice Biesecker, widow. KELLEY. LEV1—Feb. 28, Altoona, selected , for use of Caroline Kelley, widow. kELLER. JAMES L.—Mar. 31. Tyrone twp., selected for use of Bculah E. Keller, widow. MATTERN. HAYES W.—Apr. 12, Tyrone, selected for usu of ll-'len H. Uattern, widow. SMITH, WILLIAM H. -May 5, Alloona, selected for use (if Nellie M. Smith, u.ricw. THOMAS G. PEOPLKU Register oC Wl!'« KeglHter's Office, Hollldaytjburg, Pa. Miscellaneous "WEL1.S TO DRILL"— ANY DEPTH OR diameter; also pumps installed, any make, both hand and electric. AU kinds of pumps repaired. 30 years experience In Altoona and vicinity. All work guaranteed and prices right. Call Wlsstnger Bros.. 2905 8th Ave. Phone 2-2801. Moving — Hauling MOVING— LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE, with largest padded vans In ally. Piano moving, cratlisg furniture and nlorage In , Ureproot buildin IBth St. Dial g. . 2-8018. J. H. McKee. office 826 K1LL1NGEK — LOCAL AND LONG Distance moving. Experienced piano work. Contract hauling by day or hour Dial 2-0716. MOVING AND LIGHT HAULING DONK. Also asherf unU rubbish. Rates reasonable. IJliil UtiU7. NOTICE Notice la hereby given that the following accounts have been lilcd In the office of the Prolhonotary of the Court of Common Pieui and will be presented \o aald Court for Confirmation on WEDNESDAV, JUNE 18, 1B30, AT B A. M. First and Final Account of the Mountain City Trust Company, Guardian of Mrs. Anna Long, a weaki-mlnded person, now deceased on January (I, 1930. First and Final Account of the Mountain City Trust Comany, Guardian of Flcmon A. Trout, a weak-minded person. First and Final Account of P. H. BrlUeii- baugh. Guardian of the Estate of Sarah Ann Glass, an Incompetent person. First and Final Account of Claire S. McFarland. Executrix of J Chas. Mci-'urlmid, Trustee of Jennie B. Irwlii. First and Partial Account ot John 1{. tiasa- ler, Receiver of the KoarlilK Spring Linn and Stone Company Third and Final Account ot George F. Fresh. Committee of Kate Devore. a weak- minded person. First and Partial Account ot Nelson Kclru, Assignee of D M. Nlssley and A. J. Carper, trading and dolim business under the firm name of Nls.nley & Carper, and D. M. Nlssley. Individually, and A J .Curpur, individually x i Second anil Final Account of John >B. Sorrlck. Guardian of S. s. Rhodes, a weak- minded ucrsou.

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