The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 28, 1957 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 2
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fco* I Paol 8. M«o» Meote PoattM CC. W. J. Gretery Gregory Shoe isr*.B.C.Kafitek Kkriooh •he* J. W. Shaajm ThaMaaleaef Benua J. Datk .. _ a-Darts -Talear; toeatasiei Clyde V. Lee CIrAe T. Lea Hetor Co. Fred ralsaer Paawa's SperUag C T. Clark MODERN CLEANERS a FRANK CASTER FRBBPORT. TBZA1 "THE HOME OF GREATER VALUES" WHITE PHONB 7-2197 LAKE JACKSON •-MTHK New «OW ON DUWLATt A* TODR NZCCHI-ELNA DBAUW FRENCH SHOP PACTS SINCLAIR DOWNTOWN nuUWORT "UTT PS BBHVIOB TOUR OAB WHIlJt TOO BUOP" MHW.ftei Air Conditioner SERVICE ft lAMI AsV C^gtfl^gMBVal I ajay aaaaar er aaaeel U MM at raters to Meek ANOURONm* CUMATE ENGINiERINGCO. TIE TEIMITOX CO. F10ITS W8W Tfil FAOfi WE CAN SUPPLY YOUR — - - - '**>»*• Tt'i "taf w^fjais;^ v BRAZOS CLASS IBUSINESSlREVIEWif A Wwk/y Mfor/af AM PetrHal tfett. 1 . * - * ^Mb A •»* V". t*t*3...' Utt^ ..1 4 The Pragrtts Of County *oi«n«n fItwd Liberalized FHA Mortgages Made To Persons Past Sixty . * • . "" ' ' i s '4y«cffi if ftoitftt t. WASffiN«tC,H M«y IS Life tatt &«tia *t W iof tte pro*. pecttve hdrae (toner under A B«* M * ev«* you *?• eiegtbte tot Hberallted tfftA HUM* gate* on * new houee. Aftd ttf fee first tlm« qualified non-profit Of gatUttUofil can build apartment* style units especially d«sl|«arf for the eldetly denta i6 ttake down peymefttt to LUUDUVKB XTCB* the program was signed into law last irttf. OM group-llviag project has already *>*« «P*ned — the W*»t *** A ttw *«A ftotfita Wrt that the «mly requirements to an old person who wanti a new single home are that he be> able ,to meet hit monthly raorttate payment and maintain the property. Ifor the first time the elderly may borrow the down payment aftd closing cotts from a member of his family, hit . employer or • charitable organization or any other source acceptable to the A. tt he it capable of paying It back. ••''•"?-. -.'•• • Thli means that a person over M who his a regular income but not enough" cash for initial payment* stai can finance * home With the jgovertiment-backed FHA mortgag* without laying out any of bis own money. It alw opens the door for group- projeott fof flu elderly . MX listed M likely if tfie profram Of- Ilia chu*^l*i, Iftbt* flfatfrflal lodgwi, ThVialttal tort to the sponsor- likt afar** 1« 15 pet sent of the filial eoftt' «£ ft* g«mp project, is aMadn, «uai units may be 6uilt wltii sped*! facilities tot the elderly like infirmaries, chapels and difiinl rooms. ' ' flit spdnoor auik bt |M« earry on the «*une*»ed aeMeftWftt* u loBf-tM* in pnwldlnj houafli lor th« el* ' That* is ao rui« _ lugtieaii ox the pfojeo% btitf it ittwif j Mmt at letst eight faMUy llvlag uWtt to qualify as a grflti* dw«ll* f The fbvem&ent Mt tip^ the pr*» housing Mr th* HdWly will be well * ^Ughtwt the nation itttgrattd into tat life httd «ut to wmtt to own th*k tt aeftnt lend ttW*d r**» *e U«UU MurWl Uk» Minti uUt tuniilf lflitltution<t Thi baidt tibitt mtort tpply <« tt* rsv Buyer Traits Are Reported By Federal Housing Officer WAS«fl«3«>H, Way 1ft The typical home buyer who took out an ISA mortgage last year borrowed about $11,000. That represented about 8J per cent of the total met of the home. The typical purotuuer planned to pay off his note in about »t years at a motnhly rate of $81.70. These and other characteristics of last year's FHA home buyer were revealed by FHA Commissioner Norman P. Miton. He drew this picture of the 1956 FHA mortgage home buyer: His average Income was Just over $8,000 a year. His new home was bigger in floor space than tht average ft* tfie previous year." He was more liKely to have a garage. i The number of rooms In his new house remained about the same M in 1955 — i| toons, three of which were bedrooms. Mortgages were taken out by- persons ranging in salary from $2,800 to $13,000 or more a year, "we serve people of all incomes," Mason said. Mason's average buyer earned 10 per cent more in 1958 than the previous year. Of his total earnings, 19.8 per cent went for housing expenses. This represented a slight decline over 1058 in the budget alloted for living quarters. This monthly expense was figured by the FHA at almost $105. It included utilities and mainten* ance and the like at well as mortgage payments. The topical FHA valuation placed on the naw house was more than $18,006 — reflecting the trend toward more expensive homes being built by contractors. Adding to the cost of the total was a 10 per cent climb in land values. FHA said the price of the average home site In 1950 was about $1,900. This repreiented 14 per cent of the total appraisal for mortgage purposes. tewlt Oeto, J». 0. D. Bafal» 0*. Weeks Warns Ago ints "Budget Butchers" BT ROBteT BA1UCDOLL WASHIKOTON, May 27 Commerce <8ecretary Sinclair Week* warne his fellow-bta- iness&i<a>oda| against JoinlBlf the "budget butchers" in a drive For Information ft Tfifa Busineis Review CALL THE BUSINESS REVIEWr EWTWN •;•: at the Braioiport Factf Angleton 5246 Treeport 3-3611 THI FABRIC SHOP BUT TBB BBBT AT NO EXTRA COR • Ptoaat quality autarlaav t CONTBNBN AND OONtnUM PANS lURNO DRTJO COHTANT NAMK STORE" WUf to staash President Eisenhower's peace-and-prosperity program. ' • : Weekav - Bdeten .financier and one-time 'director of ihe National AsWttlatldft' of Manufacturers, appealed to bustneatmea to refrain from bringing "Irreiponjibla" pressures on.. Congress to cut the .Addressing the National Asso- dation of Electrical Distributors, he cautioned his listeners to "think twice before any of you Join thorn who want to tear the heart out of -national defense and mutual security." He said, the budget-cutters had gone fat beyond sound economy. •: Second Sueh Speech Week's speech marked '.the sec 1 ond time recently that members of the Elsenhower cabinet had denounced big business for advocat- Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson scornfully criticised his "rich friends" & the U. 6. Cham-' 'be* of Commerce. , . , , In other budget developments: —The President suffered a set- OOP leader* decidfd to fight to restore only a.'foufth of the defense "budget cut that he said 'would endanger .national security. They agreed to try to put back __ _ Ing budget cuts. On May 2300 million dollars BRAgORIA COTJNTT Birno BCRVICB BRPTltt TANK, ORBABB TRAP OR OXOB'PpOL BBR'9IOB CALL 34391 RICHARDSON'S raoTOORAra srowo Neat to Ihanrta-WIBIaaas (at keatuess H years to Telaaea THE flMUr BBKtnOB m TBB BHAzoePomr ABBA PENNER'S HUMWE SERVICE Him • LOCATION! TO , ; IBBTB TOlf, PBONB S4MI NI_W. ARTIST nOTORB FRAMINO FmtaU far AU Paraeeaa THB Shenrta-WmUms Ce. Buy SSI Fhone S-SM1 Teiaaea T.T. BAIM * 8RRVICB 1-WU TBtEVMIOI* UtN'l'KR » Car4a Way FORD SALES * SERVICE Ciycfo V. Lee MOTORS AXrraORIBKP OOLTJMBIA, nUDBBA -rACXABD PXIVPT MCRTICB ON AU, MARTIN MOTORS LlOHABD'fl Floor Ooveriag Co. mONi 7401 CUrptti noon fBJB Ckel* Way dak* lidu LET'S SMP IT COOL THIS SUJCMBB WE WHi 8BBVIOI If, WE WILL TO AND* IT, of 0»¥TBAL AIR CONDITIOMINO «!*» WMM (»* ---- Let'8 Oo Flihlog VON'S TACKLE * OIFT SHOP OAT BTORAQI MM WATI ***** Cftarlea, tower prloet—Uwer profit Beeaaae e< SnalMr Overhead NBW and USED CABS Oahr deaav not free. a» state IKE BEARN MOTOR CO. U*3 K, Malberry St. Fh. 64M Ansteton, Tens KARISCH'S FAB EI 08 rat HAVE THB VBBT BEST" I- W.: Bread . \ Ireepert ALLIED FENCE CO. IN QDir, BIT». I-4TH BRAZOSPORT UFCTRONICS Ml «X)CTB AVB. A VRtAgco. TRXAS AtrraonizBD ZKNITB DRAUGR • ONBTON 179" REGAL SERVICE nuMMin I (ft*. OWWP BITP ^ Sire. Rlttiudxm BkhardMB's Stodle 8, P. PKNOMIflfc A. O. Kotttbne . the fabtie Shop BrnneOrvg Ten Brewm Whltet Lake Jaokeeei J. O. MeUnoon neneh SewtBT" ohoppe '.., , ; Benny Notfran Whltrt Ik* O. Chapman Jr Climate Bncteeeriag NEW ft USED OARS at LOWEST PRICES PARKER MOTORS UNCOLN-MKIICCRY I WE CARRT THE LATEST LADIES, MI88E8, TEENS i JUNIORS CtOTHINO AND ACCESSORIES. FOR SUMMER MAR-UN SHOP 1 N. FARIONn rUCR LAKE JACKSON •IWBM^MSIB|(BM^^^^^k^|B iSSSSSSSSSSSt— MUSIC BOX AM. TBE LATEST RECORDS RCA RECORD RATERS » E. Park rmpert PALMER'S Sporting Goods LAKE, JACKftON RD. CWT8 rOONX M«u ^MRAaftfifilP^iypfl mmAt.f. W3AT dTOJ&B" LABOEST STOCK OUTBOAED BOATS and MOTORS IV , BBAZOEIA OOT7KTY SANSOM-DAVIS Insurance Agency . AliTYPKS OF DWimAHOB DIAL *-»»• IM W. Vark Ate. WRIGHT'S PHARMACY -PBMCBIPTIONIBTV. B. J, -Oy- Wright Ph. O. «. f, Phone 8333 5435 Brasoria •QMllty rarity, CD SUPPLY CO. Industrial Supplie*. Pump ft Tool Eentali SM Braaea Bhf*. Aereae fteaa The Oorbitt Marine Wayi\ Inc. Pheae I-4*M Nt(M f 4W . TBXAf SAVE'EM! MrAjM \inmw Of WEAR) jiifioirl BVCCANIBR, OVTIIOARD MOTOBS i H, r. $209.95 ALL TTOH OF PUBINQ ft CAMflMQ EQUIPMENT AT,., WHITE . V1LASOO MOORI PONTIACCO. 8ALE8 * 8SBVIOJ5 "W8IBMI foa;

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