Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 13, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1976
Page 5
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ISIIIIIIItlllllinil^^ \ Tuesday, April 13, 1976 · 5 illBIBIlltlllllllllllllllllll^ Large Crowd Attends *''\. · Luncheon-Style Show /' ^ Three hundred and twenty I persons filled the Knyelleville Holiday Inn on Friday lo capacity lo enjoy the sixlh annual benefit style show given by the Washington Regional Medical Ccnler Auxiliary. A while wicker settee and chair, an old- fashioned large picture [rame wilh items designed lo evoke the memories ol days gone by, complimented table decor of red, white and blue ribbon and I lace flowers, period costume Republican Totals Chosen To Date PLANNING "DANCErIN" BENEFIT CTIMESptiolo dolls and ncecllecralt samplers. Twenty six women modeled lo the narration by Mrs. Genrgc SheHon acid to the luncs nf days gone by. Coming out three at a time?, the show was lively and fast-moving. Every third set of models included a person who modeled an authentic period costume: Mrs. Jim Akin appeared in a 1943 dress and black wool cape and a 1890 bride's dress nf lavender and i while. Mrs. -John Day wore a JTjlack laffcla with red trim, Mrs. James Lambeth a black lace dress of the early 1900's. Mrs. Frank Grammar, a 1920 gray silk L-hiffon with matching I urban, Airs. J.B. Hays a gold Htiliti evening dress, a n d Mrs. Hill .Jones an 1893 purple velvet and chiffon dress. The winner of the antique staled preferences of dele- .. Airs. Alary Patrick o/ XI Alpha Epsilon Chapter, Mrs. Kathy Logue of Gamma Xi Chapter, Mrs. Faye So tinders o Pre- ^_ ^ __ ceplor Zeta Chapter, Mrs. Merrily Cooncy of Upsilon Chapter and Mrs. Brenda Stovall of Delta Chi Chapter, standing lejt-rigw, gntes selected sn fa for the na arid Airs. Jena Bcrins of Gamma Xi Chapter, chairman, seated, are completing plans for a "Dance-In" sponsored by the five U n n a , pai . ty nominating con Beta Sigma Phi Chapters o/ Fayetteville to benefit ihe Ihermog raphij machine iund-roising project j ventions: Harmon Lushbaugh was Mrs. Lewis Vann, -and Mrs.- Murray . H a r r i s won the shadowtxix made hy Mrs. P,L. ] More than 30 door p Woman Mistakes Dogcatcher For Computer Date Partner . l)y A B I G A I L VAN IHJREN DEAR ABBY: With regard lo finding partners through advertising and computer matching, I admit to being a loser, hut Ihe experience was so amusing, it was worlh it. 1 was preparing lunch tor a gentleman who had been "matched" with me by a computer dating service, when I noticed a nice-looking man standing in front of my house, apparently looking for the house number. I wont outside anil eagerly greeted him with: "Oh, I've been wailing for you!" The man (juietly replied, "Madame, I don't know why. I in the day catcher, looking for dogs." I went back into Ihe house -and laughed so hard and for so long that 1 completely lorgnl Hie chicken I liad been broiling! When me righl man arrived and I served him Ihe .'burned broiled chicken, he insisted he liked burned chicken, hut he never Incidentally. I'm 52, slill single anil have more friends than ° V C r ' HAPPY AND BUSY IN I..A. DEAR I I A I T Y : Klul'rl! Any man "looking lor dogs" certainly wiisn'l looking Cur YOU! DEAR ABBY: We are Iwo 21-year-old girls who dale m e n regularly, bul we have one small problem., We work in Ihc Chicago loop and would like lo mecl some young policemen. We arc looking for a more maliirc, responsible type of man. which are Ihc qualities we feel policemen possess. How should we approach them? INTERESTED IN CHICAGO DEAR INTERESTED: Ynu should "approach" policemen as you would any mini -- carefully. Why not buy llckcls In Ihe ucxl policemen's hall and try your luck in n relaxed s o c i a l selling? DEAR ABIiY: I am 20. am happily married and have a 2- /'Dance-In" To Benefit Thermography Machine hands Turnish · ; music and fun Thursday, April ', 22,, when Fayclteville's five '. Beta Sigma Phi chapters sponsor a benefit "Dance-In" for (he general public at the Rock- '' wood Club. The three bands, "River .Cily," Kasmir." and " G a r y .Justus ami the Minuteriicn" will .'provide continuous dance music ' f r o m 8 p.m. till midight. '"Organizers of the "Dance-In" " anticipate approximately 400 ? people will attend the affair "which will feature a variety of V music from the popular bands. /The Rockwood Club is located on Country Club Road just off "Highway 71 South. : ' Proceeds from the "Dance'- In" which will include a nomi- '.iial admittance fee and sale of .'.beverages during Ihe dance, are ', slated for a thermography machine which numbers of Beta Sigma Phi hope to install 'at Washington Regional Medical ^Center. No early cancer detec- .-tion equipment such as the ·Ih/jrmography machine, whLcli Peruvian Chef Serves Early Dishes With A Few Gourmet Refinements Republican: Ford Iteagan Uncommitted Total chosen to dale: Needed lo nominate: 251 Esles Jr., were | intermission. , Mrs. MB 531 for the affair is Mrs. Kalhy Logue of Gamma Xi Chapter. Oilier committee members include Mrs. Joyce Stafford, Xi Alpha Epsilon, and Mrs. Neil Gilbrcath anil Mrs. Nancy Harris, Gamma Xi. Chairmen include Miss Freda Kelly, Gamma Xi, tickets; Mrs. Linda Sigg, Delta Chi, refreshments; Mrs. Marilyn Burkelt and Mrs. Cheryl Ledford, Gam-ma Xi, serving ; Mrs. Vcnita Livingston, Mrs. Patsy Murphy and Mrs. Tekla Harnish, Gamma Xi, cleanup; and Mrs. Alice Jefferson and Miss Pain Rcdfern, Gamma XI, seating arrangements. The coordinating committee from Ihe five clubs i n c l u d e members of Beta Sigma Phi's City Council, Xi Alpha Epsilon president Mrs. Joan Kay and City Council representative Mrs. Cathy Hale, Gamma Xi president, Mrs. Nancy Harris and Council representative Mrs. Burkett; Upsilon president, Mrs. Merrily Cooney and Council representative Mrs. Mary By TOM HOGE AP News tea hires Writer A 23-year-old Peruvian chef has been going around the country celebrating the U.S. Bicentennial by serving up some of the dishes our forefathers ate -- wilh a few gourmet refinements. 1 was told that Felipe Rojas- Lombardi, an affable man with a luxuriant heard has hcen plying those who attend his traveling festival wilh pioneer dishes such as roast rump -- . , - . dclion salad and walnut corn bread. FEATURE STEW The luncheon I al tended featured Sea Marsh Stew, a de- icious mixture of boiled shrimp and crawfish lails simmered in a rich mixture of cream, they inherited from the Indians. Democratic: Later, of course, American Carter food came under the influence Jackson of (he old world as people from Udall many nalions emigrated here, Wallace resulting in styles such as the Hams Creole cuisine of ' New Orleans Favorite Son willi its German nia. Here is French base, or thel Other dishes of Pennsylva- Uncommitted Total chosen to date: the recipe for Sea| Nce( j cd lo nominate: roast buffalo and of deer, plus dan Marsh Stew as it was served lo me. yenne pepper and other spicy ingredients. . Our forefathers dished i t - u p en toasted bread but we were ensconced ' i n ' screens soft body tissue f o r -.'cancer in both men and women, z is now available in Northwest .' Arkansas. t ·" The "Dance-In" was orgiini- ··zed by Gamma Xi chapter of ' Beta Sigma - P h i under the ·-general chairmanship of Mrs. Jena Bertus, and is being cosponsored hy. the olher tour ' chapters, · - -All five sorority chapters · undertook (he fund raising project in June, 1974. setting a.goal - of' $27,0(10. To dale the mcm- " bers. with donalions from olher '.'organizations and individuals I'.cobnty-widc, have raised more ·,than half the amount. The ther- mography machine now stands ,81513.650. . "We are expecting the !.'nance-!n" lo he one of our ·''.'most successful public fund -'raising events 'to c r p . Kiingaman; Delia Chi presidenl Mrs. Connie- Williams and Council representative Mrs Linda Sigg: and Preceptor Zcia president Mrs. Corrine Lewis and Council representative Mrs Faye Saunters. Mrs. Mary Patrick of Al Alpha Epsilon is general chairman of Ihc Living Memorial Fund for t h e Ihcrmograpny machine. · J ' f i l E l L I J K c v t l l l o LU .....-, A I T S . ,,Berliis said, "mainly because ,. of all Ihe donations of help on t h e project." ' . , * , , Mrs. Bcrlus explained that ·-the "Dance-In" idea was born - when Don Thorncsberry, owner ; of the Rockwood Club, offered "to donate use of the clubs "dancing facilities if the sorontj · 'wanted to have a benefit danct "there. When contacted, Ihe ··three bands readily olferec -·their time and a local company ' "donated beverages (o be sold ' during the dance, she said. Couple Notes Anniversary With Dinner Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Jensen of Kayetteville observed their Unrty-rmh wedding anniversary Sunday with a dinner at I lie Crossbow Restaurant in muiLs- Thcir children and 'grandchildren. Mrs. and Mrs. Chester Todd and son, Mike. ol o an , . Springfield, Mo., Mr. and Mrs Frank Jordan and s o n s Bobby nnd Terry, of Hindsvillc a great grandson, Jason, o Springfield, Oliver Patrick and Georgia Mayes were They received a co|or TV. set ..^ host said, served portions __ -flaky pastry shells that I'm sure no frontiersman ever saw. The meal ended wilh a dcLee table Indian Pudding laced will whipped cream that was doubL less fancier than any squaw o olden days ever sewed her brave. But limes do change. Rojas-Lombardi, who us the process of becoming a citizen, aired some philosophi c;il vi aws o n the hi story American cooking as we ate. - "American food has conlrjb tiled greatly to the culinar arts oE the-Western World," h said. "For instance, do yo think the tomato is Italian? I was fiTsi eaten in America .... then emigrated lo Italy, wlier it has become a staple of the! cuisine." He mighl have added tha American-cookery drew heavily on the heritage of the older Western nations as our country grew up. The Iheme of these Bicentennial feasts seems to he" the sinv plicty of early American fare, consisting largely of the game the settlers caught, combined with berry, corn and nut dishes 2 cups boiled shrimp, peeled 1 cup boiled crawfish tails, peeled 4 cups heavy cream Pinch cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon Worcestershire Pinch dry mustard Salt 1 cup cooked green peas Dash fennel Dash paprika Toasted bread or four baked pasEry shells Saute shrimp.".and crawfish lails for 5 minutes. Add cream, cayenne, Worcestershire satice, mustard and salt. Simmer 10 minutes. Add drained peas, fennel and paprika. Cook few minutes, longer and serve on toast or pastry shells. Serves 4. Goo3 wilh chilled dry white wine. ! gH NOW iflr my proaiiMii;-1 · wu. lucgimiLi. when I got marriEtl. !ivon "awav at M y husband was my first and only, and it wasn't just a casual given aua ""· U] ? ng . We wcre jn love and panning to get married when I got George Hay, prosklcnl thai way.^ ^ rm nol if, o o,,ly girl this has happened lo. b u t . Mrs m y mother has made ma feel so guilty about it. it still bothers ^^'SwLM'ritr^ rw lo ,T- r slan ^ 7??, ^ rjss ^W'dMn^ ' ' ' will 60 toward (he purchase of · Can you help me? FOREVER SORRY TE -ScmbL P of the DEAR FOREVER: God is the one «·!,,, forgives us., Your com mi fee TMMreviously me i mother has no such ,invcr. If you've asked lor the Lord's lor- tioned who worked ta ensuTeUnless, consWer yourself forgiven, and forget yaur molher', ihe success of the style show necdlinc. and luncheon wore Mrs. Claud CONFIDENTIAL TO MARGARET. Don't dwell on what ... Prewitt, Mrs. William Storey, ,,,!,,!,( have liccn. Regrel is the cancer nl Illc. 1.505 Mrs. Robert McCollura, fash- * ion coordinators: Mrs. J o h n For Aliliy's ricw lioiiklcl. "Wlial Tccii-agcrs Want In Know, Republican lotals are based Eichler, program; Mrs. Rodney send SI lo Abigail Vnn Huron, 132 I.asky Dr., Beverly Hills, on completed delegate selection Ryan and Mrs. Steve Cum- Cnlil. 00212. Please enclose n long, selt-addrcsscrl, stamped Florida, Illinois, Massachu- minfis, tickets; Mrs. Mearl envelope, setts, Mississippi, New Hump- McKinney, menu, Mr. and Mrs. (C) hy Chicago Trilnme-N'.Y. News Syml.'lne. lina, Wisconsin, District of Co- Charles Turner, special effects; ' lumbia and Pucrlo Rico. an d Mrs.'Morriss Henry, pul-| Democratic totals are based ifcity. on completed delegate selection in Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Canal Zone, and partial delegate selection in Iowa and I Puerto Rico. 15 16 15Q Students To Dance For Natchez Wins Second Time in Steam Boat Racing NEW ORLEANS CAP) -- The venerable old Del^a ..tjueen found lhal she needs more Iban a face lifl lo compete with the much younger Natchez. year, in what the riv- New Officers Elected By Parents Group rii/'iir:!;:!!!:;!^!! 1 !^: i:''!it"'"'"^Ni!,: 1 :!!;is sii:·'::;.'!«;: ii, si.:ii ii::!!:. »i.:'!»:) Announcements Members of Boston Mountain Icardcn Club will have an all day meeting .Thursday bcjjin- lning : at 10 a.m., al the home nf Mrs. T. E. Guhman, C a I o Springs Road. Mrs. G u h m a n will conduct a study course and give instructions on flower Northwest Arkansas Chapter arranging. Members are asked 721, Parents Without "J^ has recently elected Ihc Tol-l m a l ] Ilowcrs or branchcs ai d lowing new officers, CarolynL sac fc lunch. The club wil McGuirc, president' Dcblie|mceL and_ leave from the^Gulf Hudson, vice president; Nnncy Frills, recording secretary; Harry Bertellc, mernhership director and newsletter 1 editor; Burl Underbill, activities director; Chris LD Beau, publicity director; Martha Turner and t e l e p h o n e Service Win slow Station at (he North on Highway 71 GoUlenrnd Club will meet at 11:30 a.m., Wednesday f o r uncheon althe Holiday Inn. Tri Delta Alumnae will meet al 7 o'ctock tonight in the lioma of Mrs. Robert G. Whitfield. JUKI.! uuufei. ., U .L U ... C ........ lri y. ou The contest, which will last Natchez did it again. From 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. is open The Natchez is a year old ex- to couple, 1 ? 18 years or older cursion boat, while the Delta and cash awards will he made Queen is so old that special ' the top three couples with I rules have been created to let '· ·· ' ' "- Mis- trial $100 going lo (he first place her continue plying the couple; $60 1o second place and sissippi River -- rules sunn" tne flaiice, srtu diu. i* General publicity chairj^n_frornjlieir_sons. liiiiiiiiOT · D a i l y Calendar Of Events -Tonight : ' " Order of Amaranth, Masonic Temple, 7:30 p.m. NWA Kennel Club, Ozarks Electric, 7:30 p.m. NWA Cai Cluh, SWEPCO, 7:30 p.m. ' 0 arks Gem and Mineral Club, Cily Library, 7:30 p.m. Single Adult Fellowship, 116 Rogers Circle Drive, $40 to third place. jmakc exceptions lo Ihe all-steel c c o n TM m o U s , Wiggins MetMist Ch.rch, 8 p.n,. A!-Anon Wiggiis Methodist Church,.8 p.m. Faycuciillc Evening La Lcchc League, 320 W. Maple, 8 p.m Chess Club, Arkansas Union, 8 p.m SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Your 2-Way Radio In Electronic, 5JO N. College fince 1M» *43-2222 For Your Preseriplion Needs See Ui QUAKER DRUG tz E. Cemler -- «2-424« Cilj Parking Lol in Res' Mrs. Saunders Hostess To Mildred lee Chapier Mrs. Stanley Saunders was hostess last Thursday afternoon, lo Ihe April meeting of Mildred! Lee Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy. Mrs. Yealer, president, read a poem ! i memory of Mrs. Stella 'aimer Holz. longtime leader and. counsler and a charter member of the children of Ihe Mrs. Guinp presented a program of southern poems all written by Arkansas members, of Ihe United Daughters of Uie Confederacy for a recent division poetry contest. The collection included one of her o w n poems. The May meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Vcater in Winslow. The couples will be judged huU requirement* enforced for on ability to adapt dance. steps l « r shed upstream side " ' ' wil m u s i c being played the remainder of the contest. Interested couples may obtain entry forms and contest rules leans, turned downslream an( chugged aboul 10 miles to the finish line. Black smoke belched from the Queen's slacks as she forged an curly lead, h him - "-- - j idred years ago the . smok The contest is sponsored by would have started rumor the Residence Hall Association a i, ou i throwing fat staves o and Miss Jackie Treadway of u,c fire lo generalc mor Newport is chairman of the steam. from any of the residence halls] on the campus. . contest committee. Other mem- Sunday, as he regained th hers arc Klmer Newlon ol lead, Natchez skipper Clar - -·' - '\Vortnesday Scquoyah Kiwanis Club, Holiday Inn, 7 a.m. Women's Golf Association, Counlry Club, 9 a.m. Colonhl Garden Club, Mrs. Max Worlnley, 0:30 a.m. '· - Fayelleville Garden Club Tour, Mrs, Troy Hendncks, 9:30 -" a.m. Goldenrod Club, Holiday Inn, 11:30 a.m. '. Lions Club, Wyall's, 12 noon Sertoma Cluh, Wyatt's, 21 noon Exchange Club, Holiday Inn, 12 noon Transcendenlal Meditation I/Kture, 530 N. College, 8 p.m. ; Akoliolies Anonymous, VA Hospilal, 8 p.m. miBfflHiiBraniaiwsTM^^ To Collect Fees LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- The \rrny Corps of Engineers said Is 1076 camping fee collcclioi irogram will start May i in Ihe Corps' Little Rock district. Col. Ernest Edgar, dislric engineer, said lees range fro $2 lo $3 per day per each desig nalcd campsite. There is a SI ?roup camping fee. The Little Roc 1 : district oper ales 15H parks. Camping fee are charged al 81 of Ihc narks. INTERIOR DECORATING iu!1«J M j n n r n tfd». Help "lib all- M1US' INTERIORS Sharla Mills 521-I31S Box 251 Fayettevllle r mumty this year and seleced ba ,. ic cca SmithJHawley had a less dramatic e: ;c, both of planalion f o r _ h i s opponent al 8:^5 a.m. Chapter K, PEO. will meet al 1 p.m., Thursday in the home oT Mrs. Joe B. Hall,. 5 Ml. Nord. Mrs. R. II. Huntinglon and Mrs. Al E a s o n J r . , - w i l l be co- hoslcsscs und Mrs. David McNair will give a book review, 'The Southern Lady.' . ultgari. Miss Rebecca nd Miss Jennifer Lee, - , ._ aycttcville. ' plume. The Queen was jus Judging will be done on a having trouble wilh her diese oinl basis wilh len spoilers, mixture, he said. orking in Iwo hour shifts. Although the Natchez won Ih anking the dancers on a Iwo race, the day was nol a lota our basis Ioss for t r F Della Queen. Sh [ArKansas unapiEr Business enterprises wishing won Ihe prize lor tootling most Bnt 808. Springd ^ participate may sponsor a lunefully in the calliope conlesl. 72764. ouplc and pay the SID enlry :c Miss Treadway said. This marks Ihe second year ic dance conlesl has been hcldi -i| Fr ,i,. 10 t nd proceeds of S542 wcnl to' MIC ' 1!li: ' 1NICEF lasl year. "We wanlcd o do something for Ihc conv| fa "frfcc ."tic "is""imdcrRo[rig h i I d r en. H was incor ooratcd in the si a I c of New fork in March 1358 and now as chapters in every state of he Union, in Canada, and in uislralia. Us programs · and ctivilics are entirely Ihe /ohmleer work of me-.nbers of he group. To be eligible for mem- icrship, a person musl be Ihe parent of one or more living ions or daughters, and be single by reason of deaalh. divorce, scparalion, or nf.ver married or olher reasons which mils ic deemed acceptable bs I'arcnts Without Partners In lernalionsl. There arc no olhc rcslriclions or exclusions to membership, and custody children is nol a factor o eligibilily. Intercslcd persons are pn couragcd tn attend any aclivit and may attend any Hire meetings within a 45 day perio before deciding lo join. Aflc 45 days, membership musl b applied for by calling an office or bv writing lo Parcnl Wilhoul Parlncrs. Northwcs Arkansas Chapter 721, P.O lale. Ark C o l o n i a l Garden Club, scheduled to meet at 0:30 a.m., Wednesday in the home of Mrs. Margarel Whelan. will mee1 instead in the home of Mrs Max Worlhlcy, 1382 Greenvicw Northwest Arkansas Society f Radiologic Technologists wil meet at 7 o'clock tonight at Ih Springdale Chamber of Com Re-Enlists Council For Children Wilh Learning Problem To Meel On Thursday Washington County Council of ie Association for Children, vilh Learning Disabilities will meet at 7:30 p.m.. Thursday at Arkansas Western Gas Coin- · pany Hospitality Room on High- vay 71 North Jim Willetl. special education uporvisor of the Kaycltcville Public Schools, a n d Martha Joles, special education at Jpringdalc Public' Schools, will )c present lo answer questions persons may have. A report on the Northwest Arkansas Charity Horse Show will be given. Tiickets for the horse show to be held at I h e Bcnlon Counly Fairgrounds may he obtained al Whit Chevrolet or any of Ihe Collier Drug Stores. For further information, call Ann Henry at 412-8826. . a ,. c , raining at Lack | and Bridge to be '"« AFB. Tex. and has chosen com- ccipicnl. Miss Treadway salt . P. Cordell, son of Sgl. Michael L, Thurman, so F. Cordell of of Mrs. l^onnie R. Thurman o has enlisted in the Faycllcviltc. has re-enlisled in the Air Force. He is an elcc Youth . . p The public is mvilcd lo watcii \7- he contest and may vole for I . . p , opera ii 0ns as his career 7- ' he contest and may a favorite couple. There will be no admission charge but guests may make a donation, Miss Treadway said. Light refreshments will be served by members of Pomfret Hall. Pomfrcl Hall students will also provide ihe cash awards. EXTENT WATCH RETAIN " * Ironic-mechanical communica lions and cryptographic equip mcnl systems repairman a Rhein-M«in AB. Germany^ NOW! If You Art Decorating and Need New Custom Draperies or Upholstering CAUL! JACK'S CUSTOM DRAPERIES SHOP AT HOME SERVICE 751-4614 N» nigh Showroom Overhead Rent a New Piano On Our Rent-or Buy Plan For Begmner Student New Pianos from $895.00 Maun 4 Hamlln W u r l l l z i i Knab* Fischar Wurlltitr O/gnnt Rents for $15 Monthly II von decide lo buy, we will mate lull altowancb charge on the pnrchase price. Give th« children and roureelf an opportnnUy Rent ap to ilx monthn. ta ice Just how much miiilcnl enjoyment a new piano adds io yonr family life. Cull loday -- only « limited number of new pianos available Tor (hli offer. Guisinger Music House Southeast Corner of Square

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