Independent from Long Beach, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 6
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\ ,---'\TFrENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Military, Police Brace BAUER GETS TOP GOP POST INRUH RAPS UC f _ _ , _ _ , _, _ _ TACTICS OF REAGAN/ 0 ** More UC Trouble SAN KKA.NT1SCO U 1 ' -- Jess Unruh Sunday at- ·..^-'M\i Gov Roauan's handling of campus disorders and '··."·.cv. .ii.-in that lie may run for governor in 1970. I'".:';:!;. Assc:::!'ly IVmocnuic leader, said durin;; a ·.;\;-\-.ior. intorviow lhai ilie stale of emergency nl (he :n':kt.\ey campus of llie Universily of California, ile- .·'..=. :i\i in- Reagan, has increased the problem of militancy. "It's been a l i t t l e like what we were lold about ·main--if we just brought in more force, it would he over with." Unruh said. -We're now almost at the point of a Tet offensive the Berkeley campus." Unruh said he feels he could do a better job as governor, especially in ihe area of state-federal cooperation. He defended Berkeley Chancellor Roger Heyns, saying Heyns is "in an almost impossible bind" between militant students and the Reagan administration. Y on BKRKELEY (UP1) -Student 'radicals carried their strike at the University of California into its second month Sunday despite a concerted weeklong attempt by authorities to end the rebellion. Student leaders warned there might be new violence today on the 28,000-student campus, where National Guardsmen were ready to join police, sheriff's deputies and Highway Patrolmen in the event of repetition of last week's rioting. Chancellor Roger Heyns, reported to be under fire Solons to Tell Congress Don't Put ABM System Here SACRAMENTO i.-l'i -Nineteen legislators proposed Sunday that the California legislature tell Congress it wants no pan of the proposed nationwide antiballistic missile system. Their statement heightened opposition in California to construction of the system, which its. advocates say is needed to protect the United Stales from a f u t u r e Communist. Chinese missile threat. THE PLAN was developed under the Johnson administration, but reportedly is under serious reconsideration by President. Nixon. Some of the defensive missile sites would be in California, and this has led to opposition from lo- Improve F5 Fighter to Match Russ M1G LOS ANGELAS I/PI -An improved version of the twin-jet F5 supersonic fighter will be built by Northrop Aviation Corp. to keep pace with improved Russian MIG21s, company spokesmen said Sunday. They said Lli-s key to the new F5-21 is an improved engine developed by General Electric increasing thrust from 4,080 pounds to 5,000 pounds. I n i t i a l Air Force funding has been approved for the advanced plane, spokes- Sky Diver Dies in Air Mishap Over Airport MARANA, Ariz. (/PI -A 19-year-old sky diver from the University of Arizona died in a freak accident here Sunday night after colliding with another jumper's parachute. Stephen Ray Larson of Tucson planned to join hands with 10 other divers who all left a twin-engine aircraft at the same time. The plane was flying about 10,000 feet above the small airport between Eloy and Tucson. Five or six of the jumpers succeeded in the feat, Final County Sheriff Deputy Keg Chamberlain said he was told. men said. It will be aimed at replacing F5s now in service in about 15 allied countries under the U.S. Military Assistance Program. About 2,000 MlG21s are in service in 20 countries in the Societ sphere-about half of them in the Soviet Union. Northrop developed the sleek F5 for Allied Countries. Since 1965, more than 600 have been placed in foreign squadrons. Improvements in Russia's M1G21 made increased power in the Fb necessary, spokesmen said. The F5-21 will have an increased wing area and larger fuel capacity and will be able to maneuver quicker and more efficiently. The advanced engine will enable the plane to attain a 14 per cent higher speed -- 1,050 miles an hour -- and climb 23 per cent quicker than the F5. Frist test-flight of the F5-21 is expected by mid- 1970. Hungary Bananas BUDAPEST (UP1) -The agriculture school of Debrecen harvested 300 greenhouse bananas "of good taste and aroma" this year from a dwarf banana tree brought several years ago from East Africa. cal residents and some congressmen. Democratic Assemblyman John L. Burton of San Francisco said he will introduce a resolution Monday putting ihe legislature on record as opposing the system. Burton said 13 assemblymen and five senators will join him as co-authors of the resolution. * * * * HE SAID California has a vital interest in the issue, since Los Angeles and the San Francisco area are prospective sites for the missiles, which ! would carry nuclear warheads to destroy the Chinese missies. Bui ton noted "There is a possiblity these highly- complex sites could accidentally explode, destroying the very cities they are designed to protect." Air Search Fails' to Locate Lost I Fullertoii Pilot i CH1CO, (LIP1) -- The ; Civil Air Patrol said Sun- ! day an intensified week- , end search failed to turn up any clues to the disappearance last Tuesday of a Fullerton pilot. A light plane flown by l.eroy Fudge disappeared a f t e r a r o u t i n e radio check with the Chico Airport, while on a flight from Troutsdale, Ore., to Fullerton. A CAP Spokesman said about 15 aircraft Saturday and 10 Sunday were aloft hut "found no clues at all." "It's just a matter of covering every inch of his route," the spokesman said. for his handling of the disorders, said he was "cautiously optimistic" in his private talks over the weekend with militants who started the strike Jan. 22. The fourth week of ihe strike, called by ethnic minority students to enforce demands for a "third- world college," brought these major developments: --Members of the National Guard were activated Friday, ready to intervene on campus, after tear gas and rock-throwing skirmishes earlier in the week left dozens of police and students injured. A total of 127 persons have been arrested since the strike began. --Guv. Ronald Reagan came to the campus under guard, reasserting his policy of keeping the school open "at bayonet point, if necessiyy" and demanding sterner measures by the college administration. --The university Board of Regents, i n c l u d i n g Reagan, voted lS-." Friday to immediately .suspend any student v i o l a t i n g campus regulations during the "state of exireiiii; emergency" declared by the governor at ihe outset of the strike. The regents' ruling goes i i i i o effect when classes resume today, but a minority group leader, Ysidro Macias, warned: "We wanted a peaceful demon- si ration Friday. Monday may be different." An estimated 1,000 guardsmen were activated Friday at nearby Alameda Naval Air Station in full b a t t l e dress, including rifles and gas masks. They wore released from stand- In' alert over the weekend, but a spokesman for Reagan said: "The military department is continuing, as always, to maintain close contact with Alameda County law enforcement officers in order to be ready to provide any assistance if it should become necessary." WASHINGTON (DPI) -Thomas F. Bauer Jr. of San Juan Capistrano, has been named acting executive director of the Republican National Finance Committee, GOP national chairman Ray C. Bliss announced Sunday. Raiu'i. (jiieclur of finance of the California GOP Central Committee since 19G5, will succeed C. L. l.anghorne Washburn. who has resigned. Bauer, 38, also will serve as acting executive director of the Congressional Boosters Club, a fund-raising opera- lion to support non-incumbent Republican congressional candidates. In his job with the California GOP committc. Bauer "worked closely with ihe national associates and the congres- sional boosters program. Bliss said. He explained that the national associates program raises funds for the Republican National Committee. Would YoLLprtange Jobs For · MORE MONEY? S» FASTER PROMOTION? GREATER . SECURITY? DOG TRAINING (ADULTS ONLY) IHUKS.. HEB. 27lh, 7 P.M. MAYFAIR PARK, LKWD. Sponsored by Lkwd. Rpc. Dept. JOE DE BECK Instructor TO 6-9771 -·SHJP u« To The NOW of COMPUTER C A R E E R S ! Some of our most s u c c e s s f u l graduates include clerks bluecjjllor *orlrets salesmen. 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