Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1969 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1969
Page 22
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AHwittm TIMIS, ftUit., rAVtTTBVILkl, JUHCANCAft 14, IMf I--__I *« ··jO* i (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21) KW'i of NEU cf SW'i KW of SWtt of SW'.i ·Ifr of 6K!i 10 arm 111 acres 80 ai'ics RtcUon R, Towiuliip 1BN. Range 1TTW NW't »f SWH, SW'i ol K K ' i o( «W»i WSJ Of EW'.i 0( SW'i NKV 4 X MV',1 »'f SW'i NW'I of SK'I of MV'i FJ.i of SE'i ot SW'i SW!i erf SK'.i SH ot SE'I ol SEli 40 at 10 acres 'JO ai 10 n li) acres 'JO acres 1lt ncrcs 20 IHTCS 170 acres Section 'J4. Township 16N, Range 27W of KW'.l of SW'i 'i of SW'i or SW'l i of NK'i Ot WV'i. 4 of FE'i ot S\V!i "0 acres 10 acits 20 acres, ·JO acres TO acres lection 33, Township 1BN*. Range 27VV · NW'I of NW'S of NW'i F'.', of NWli Of KW'i S\\",i o.' NW',i \V'j of PK l i of NW'i SK'i, of FEU of NW'i »U of NE'i Of SU"; F K ' i of NE'i ot SW'l M:U o! KF.'i Of SU' 1 , NE'i Of SF'.L NW'i of NW'i Of FK'-i ..!»i of NW'i of SK'i U':.i of ?E'i of SE'i MV'l of SE'i 111 ancs l_f) arres 4iI acres 20 acre! Id arrc.i ·JO a 10 acre. If) arrr: ·ID acre: 10 acre; 2(1 acre: 20 acre: ·10 acre: 270 acre ·lion ~\ Town.ship 15N, Range 1W i of NW'-i of XW\i -1 ai-re i of NWU t~ of K'-i nf NK'i , of : . *f*K'i of SK'i Of KK ; *'Sw'i Of NE"i nf SW' ·f. of I' 1 - of SW', NW; of *KI; N W " , nf N'F'i of Pfc 1 \v ! ; or s\\"-i of P E ' I . N E ' i Of SW'i Of SKV, SO acre 40 acre W) acre If) acre 10 am ·10 act -10 acre IIBKMAN. IUKHWAIN * FKUGUSO* Uorncvs at 1-nw i Hunter square Plaza ockton, California 'lephone: 466-%7l llorneys for rclilioner M THK SUPERIOR COURT OF Till STVTK OF CALIFORNIA IN A N h FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN JOAQUIN No. 9/212 In tl'P Matter of the Adoption ot TKVEN PAI.E TUCKER. « Minor. CITATION RE: ABANDONMENT CC 13} i TO HILLY RAY TUCKER: liy orriir of this Court you are torch; itrd and rcfjuitrd tt appear before tin iKlKe presiding in Department No. 2 of ic above rnlitlert court on the £trd day f May. l!'f9, at 9:00 o'r'ork A.M. of it day. then and there to show cause, any you Have, why STKVES DALE TUCKKR should not he. declarctl frpp 11 the control of HILLY RAY TUCK, thp natural father ol said minor, rtording to the petitioner on file hcre.- And for a failure lo attend you will be eeniert guilty of a contempt of rourt. under my hand and seal of the. itprrior rmirt of the County of Pan natiuin, State of California this lith t- ol March. l^W. RALPH W. EPFKRSON County Clerk County clerk and Cicrk of the Superior Court of the State nf Cadlornin, in and for the County of Bv H R E D A ' W E R N E R . Deputy ·^1-;il Apr 7-14 4t Ffl:on P. Township 15N. Range 27\ E4 of N W ' i S 1 - of P\V'i of N W ' i \\"-'. of WU of NE'i N W : t of KW'i ^·:, of N K ' i of SW'i N = - of SW'i of PW' F E ' l nf SW'i Of EW' SE'v of K W ' i ?0 acrr 20 arrc 40 acn ·id am .0 a en CO am 270 acre Section IT, To\mhip laN. Range 27\V E4 nf N E ' i Of NW'i S-. of NWVi SW ! -i Of NE'I of MV'i · fiE'i ot NW',i of KW'i W's Of NW'.'i Of NE'.i ' SW'i of KW'i of N E ' i \\'i; of NW'i of PW'.'t NW'-i nf SW'i of SWfi NE--t Of N E ' , of SW'i NW ! f of PE : » PW'i Of NE 1 * Of SK'i N E ' i of SW'i Of E L ' i SE'i of S?E*,i 20 arrc RO aCT 10 acre 10 acn 2fl acn 10 acrr 3) acr 10 acn ID acn 40 acn 10 acn 10 acn 10 acre ·rclion IS, Township 13N, SE'i Of NTS'.i of PE'i N E ' i Of b E ' i Of EJK'i HDD acre 30 acn 10 acn , or N K ' i , of NW'i Of N K ' i 'i of NE'i of SE'4 I'd acr Range 27W Ml arn 10 arn Section 3, Township 1SN, W- 3 of SW'i of NW', NW'i nf SVV'i S»,i I N E ' i of SW'i SE'i of SW'.i N E - i nf SWU Of SW\ N'.i Ol NE'i of ?BU S\Vi of N K ' i of SK'i Eii of NW'i of SE'L S\\" t of N W ' i of S E ' L Wli of SW'.i of SE'i Range ?i 20 acr 11) acr 3) acr 40 acr 10 aci 20 at-i If) acr 20 an Ifl an ',fl acr 'i of NVV'.i of SW' of NW'i of SW'i Of SlV;i Of 210 acr r.ship 13N. Range 27\V JO ac i Of i Of of N E ' i of SW', i of SW'i nf NU"i E'- 3 of SWi' of NW'-i Wii of SE!i cf NW'i S\V'i L'O arr JO aci HI acr Section 10, Township i:N, Ranee 'Ji\V Li) ar-n ·JO a»-n 10 nrn if will ran be cffKtrd only bv fill HE a .lllon wtthln the Unit provided by law. All person! hiving claims Hfilnttt the ati- must exhibit them, duly verified. Dip undersigned within HJX months t-rn the date of the tlni publication of ^ notitT. or they ithiJl be forever rred and precludfd from any bcnffil in tL* "iwiic* first published II day of iril, 3(169. O. W. Steven*. Kwcuior r-o Nibluck. Hipp * Gibson Allys at 14-21 Kox IK, Kayctteville. Ark 72701 I17.M PLUS mu'«r cash bwtu for man over 44 in FavettPvllle area. Take Khort auto trips to cwtart customerti. I Air mall v.A. Pate. I'lesldent, Te\as Kefinery Corp., Hex 711. Fort Woilli,! Texas 781U1. 117,000 Plui regular each bonus for man over 49 in Knyettevlll* area. Take *hon auto trips to contact customers. Air mail V. A. Pate. President. Texas Refinery, Cbrn., Box 711, Fort WorUi. _Texas^J6101. ll-H*1p Wctnfad-Mttlt- ClirUSTlAK man necdeJ. Kul" or ivirt- tlme- lifetime security. Experience Sunday School, ministry lirlpfut. Earn flOO weekly and up. No com petit ion. Write John Ktitiin Co., 12 West JMadlson St., Chicago, ILL 606ffl MATURE MAN Retail sales, 40 hour *«k with some night work involved, usual benefits. 1241 per month. SHIFT OPRATOR Must be able to operalf rriuipmenl. inainlain written records, perform routine inspection of mechanical equipment and processes. '2 week vacation, hospital! nation, retirement plan, periodic raises. Salary is 8370 per month. AGENCY OF FAYETTEVILIE INC. PKr.EONKKL CONSULTANTS No. rollpRe 521 OFKJCKS COAST TO COAST 1 --Announcements-AUCTION SALES--Monday and Thursday at 7 p.m. in Auction Houi«. Highway 71 N., Springdale. PORCII, furn. A glassware, children'i clulhes, GO Chery ton truck, ftcw dee] freeze. 3rd house S. Shakespear*. 2--Notices-- KRl,IARI,r housekeepine help for d shift fi to 2::iO. Will consider men Sorial Security. Lihrral benefits. Wash- ingUm General Hospilnl. White Spac» DO C S Increase Readership Of Ads 1 1 W A N T E D AIRPORT WORKERS Mechanics Line Service Opportunities in Aviation FAYETTEVILLE FLYING SERVICE Telephone 442-6281 APPLICATIONS now being taken fo newspaper carrier boys 12 years or old er. Apply circulation department. Northwest Arkansas TIMES. PUBLIC WAREHOUSE STORAGE SALE Tuesday. April 35th,, Beginning at 9 a.m. Located at 1000 Stearns St., I block east of Highway 71 midway from SprinRdale and Fflycttcvillc In Ruble Transfer and Storage Co.. Inc. Warehouse No. 2, 10 lots of f u r n i - ture, appliances, trunks, boxes and miscellaneous personal and household items will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder. Listed rierfc are some of the many items to hi? sold at this large sale. 102 pieces of furniture and appliances, TV set. chrome dinettes, gas ranfics, chairs; assorted kinds, bedroom furniture, living room furniture. 56 boxes assorted sizes contents unknown and many other items too numerous to mention. Terms cash.. Auctioneers, Mike Humrnel, Ollic Tackett. 19-Help Wanted-Female- AVON XKK1 MONEY io help budget ? AVON needs j oil tfiinerp. Call 441!-TTT7 tor Mrs. M'cClernon. aftcn 8x10 Color Portrait In Your Home (No Groun Charge) Wtdding Service $25 tip JIM HILL Box 140, F»ycttcville 44Z-7096 521-3541 1M SUZUKI rauil HlL Mow 44M3M. 1U80EIJUNBOUS IwulinB any time, ntrrlor palntln!. Bill 44Z-793S or 521. UPHOLSTERY work wauled. Phone 44"-5j27. GRAVEL, lop soil, fill dirt. yard work, Phone 521-8586 da'«, KCOME TAX SERVICE naymond George Phone 4J2-67H A6RI LIMESTONE ASC Purchase Orders Filled SELLERS SPREADING SERVICE FO 1-2571 or 846-2673 Ml- Him «H/m » wan alrn* Haw. wo- ffukMl \rtt umtaMr, tuaJwn. phone K1-O11 after T »m. 1W7 MOB1LK home, 18x47, l«o bedroom, furniihrd. 1'av equity and aiiume |i«Milenls. Phone 442-9382. TOR aale, krand new »otld itate 8" I.C.A. portable tekvlilon. Phono 4II- 1U4. 10x53 T»o bedniom, air rondilloner. Eee itter five. Western Hilli !A HUhway tl West. INCOME TAX SERVICE Audils- Accounting 9:00 -a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Hwy. IS B. Paradise Law No parking Worries Sam Couch 443-3569 Paint. Repair. Lleht Hauling. Day or NiEht 412-3478 RACKHOK, dozer, crane, rirnglinc. plow- Custom work by hour nr contract. For clearing, ditcrliinc, pond cleaning roads, pads. etc. Licensed, insured, R equipment ;il reasonable rates. Ca.ll Chris, 44o-5nfi'2 dnys or ME 6-5429, Rogers, niglils. ^___^ TRAVEL TRAILERS 14* ?1070. IB' aeU-contalned J1495 MOBILE HOME WHOLESALE PRICES 12'x50' 2 bed. J3H95 12'x38' 2 bed ?2895 12'X45' S34M Located At New Hope Trailer Park So. 71, Rogers, Ark. AND Roberts Implement Co. Westville. Okla. PA 3-4333 Trailer Towing Call Chandler Trailer Convoy, Inc Phone 442-8871 Eugene H. Hinton 26-For Sale-livertotk- KT.ACK milk cow nnd gnrdpn tiller, yio.00. 8N I'ord tractor. Phone 2fi7-.irir5li. DLACK Ancns hull for i Sonthn-est of Greenland, niody. ale. S'.i miles Arthur Car TAX . Sue W»lto°- 23A-Machinery ft Tools- VARMALL Cub tractor, exucllenl cond lion. Slffi. Phone -143-3780. TWO Olelrack- frontend loaders with dozer blade. Phone S4B-39I1 or P4G-2363. OKK DBS Cat 37A and l^orain backhoo '.i yard. 300 amp Lincoln welder. Photic 442-K11R after 7 p.m. 24--For Sale--Automotive-- T11K Pon's Chapel Cemetery A will hold its annual bn?inpss Monday, April It at 7 p.m. meeting 4--Personal*-- IIAVE peace -- free counseling for troubled ones anytime. 6434461 or wrttt E. C. Corham, Elkint, Ark. 72727. 6--Instructions- U.S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTSI Mm-women 18 and over. Secure jobs. Hith slarting pay. Short hours. Advancement. Preparatory traininc as long as required. Thousands of jobs- open. Bx- JP! mi jobs, salaries, reijnirpmenls. \Vrilc Toila 1 ' H i v i n g nainp. address and phone. Lmc'-ln Sen-ice, Box B-68. Northwest Ar- kansns Times. VOICE-Piano Instruction Reasonable Ratet Phone 442-2314 7-Schools- Section 11, Towtiln| \\'\t uf N\V ! ; ot S\V!) SE'.i or N K ! t 01 SW ::w=.» of t=w, of s\v i of : -L'-j Of ! r:o nge 27W ^ acres 10 acres in acres I'D acres EARN WHILE YOU LEARN We arc now selecting young men Yoni this area to train in the highly paid field nf auto body and nuto mechanics. Work in full time salaried position while training, more information write Dean Newberry. 214 North Waco. Wichita. Kansas 67202. Please give phone number. of XW'i i cf PF/i of KW- t o! XKU * of SK'i ot NPl'i of NU"i of KK\ .. of sK,i 4ft ncres ](l ac-res -10 iu-rcs 8--Lost and Found-- of NVV' of S M 1 , Of f !-:'.«, section 13. Township J \V:a Of SW'I of SW; On Cl, Towiihsp , of M W ' i of NW : , i of N K ' 4 of NW 1 ., ction IS, To-.\n.-vnp Ot SW'i of SW'i lion 21, Tnw:uhi|i 10 am-.-. 10 a oi^M)-- Dun fflud Shetland pony. Own- r niny linvp hy irlfntifyinc ftni payin? or nd. Tlinne 443-50M or 44M:10. T.n«T-Wliite Mmi ·pal's old, rliilil's iprn trimmed, i^is 'iintif ·li:i-:::7fi or Litie Toy Poodle. Hi pet, shaRHJ' hasn't t ^ee^ arounil campus. 44S-3258. LOST Kndish Khcplicnl elop. blnck and hrown--wlntn on nrck. Rewarrl. Cnll Irfs- ln- Hro\lr 12--Business Opportunities*- Arkitns/i.s. -it the hni of sin'! pl;ui ami the ",|;i Siii'l pi''»jeci aren. css 'ny linnil nnd r;il nf on this 'Will tiny of M;n-)i. \-i f i n v l i * J-'iiulnis. riinni-pry i'lc-1 Curtis A. I'cnv, D.I'. I will r.ot IIP rf"-])fns]l,]f for ;in dohls rontnic!' 1 '! by |)M.M»I(! titlicr limn rnvsplf on nr n f l o r llus 'Inie. Mnlroni K. lliirk!*'- kprr\. 1IIH Oik-, Mfiiior I T H O , i-'n\rttc- ullr. Aihnnsn.s 71!701 It Oiml.v, AidnnMiR In the Mailer of liie K'.tale of JAMKS C. PATTON, ilowMWrl: * · No 6't-fifl Kayetleville, A r k n n ^ n f Dntf of Drnlh: J n n u n i y Plh. I'NiO - An ln*1ri'm*i)t ilnleil AiiRii-.t .*tn. WV · *«« tn Ihf Iflth f|«y of April, \vff. M , vnlHfl to prolwilr m llf lust will "f inr ·te\T nftmerl rlecedrnt. Hiifl lltr unMer ·Mnftdr hnit hern Appointed rxeiiilr «M*umItr. A ronlert of the prolwu of TEXACO SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE · Excellent Highway Location · Strong promotional support · Paid training program · Financial assistance available CALL J. R. MASSAY 521-1573 NiShls IT, 1-RIW sno-cnne A- popcorn ;.ion trniler. ?0"0. RAB NOW INTERVIEWING npsponsil-lR persons ns ricnlcr ff»r newly ciniKtruclcri DX cnttflcr l.vpp sorviro station adjoininR larcc n p n r l m r n l romplcx within .1 blnrk.s of nnivorsily. Phone Fay cltrvillr, 442-8711--RoRcr.i, 630-67,1.1 ATinN'p now hclnc tnken for ppr rarrlcr Imys 12 yrurs «P Older Mrnilnllrn flepflrtnifnt. NOTthwfi 14-Money To Loon? NEED MONEY ? Stt U» We BUT . . Sell . , . Triirt* for Mast AnyUilnf Vtt will buy your dinmondi, wntchen puns or «ny thine ol vnln« pn1 five roa nn opllr,n lo rrrnirchnw llitrn. CAMEO JEWELRY ENGRAVING SHOP 111 W. Mounlnln MM10I FROLICKING FINGERS WE NEED YOU! Hrowins company desire); mature serre- iiry with shorthand, typing, anil hook- :eeplnc background. Liberal benefits-- ·Hcation. sick leave, i n s u r a n c e - . 1C 5300 to $375 RACQUEL WELCH \V don't nred but % itious woman with machine experience. Must he do need an nm- lypins and adtlinc "illR to work and available fnr at least Itirci- I'ears. Excellent benefitK anrl room for advanccmtnt MUST sell. rcfiUlTd price -t!)G7 Von] Station Wagon, consider trade, 1^0 Bn\ /,pt. K. ACHTUNG! Vot's vid dis new small car from Ford SEE IT APRIL 17 at LEWIS FORD SALES 1966 T-BIRD , car pric ; AGENCY OF FAYETTEVILLE INC. PERSONNEL CONSULTANTS I05 Nn Collcce OFFJCKS COAPf TO COAST into service, renl luxury , ed to sell, white with ?30 ° ; l)lack vinyl roof, all power acc-cs ' sorics. factury sir. disc brakes. Call 521-1661 after 5:00 p.m. WANTED: Cashier, Oznrk- Tticntre. Ap- p'y in person. Mr. Hammonrt. KEEPKO experienced morning rook. Apply Hiway Inn Restaurant. HAVE opening on flay shift for car hop. hnurs 2L a.m. to 5 p.m.. five days R ·cck. Good pay. paid vacation, also oppmnsf on niglit .shift Only willing workers nred npply. Vic Mon Drive Jn. :a-Help Wanttd-Male-Femalft TEAaiKRS WANTEIi would like to receive, applications 'rom teachers qualified for Hie followinp teacher combinnlions and interested in irnchinc iwsitton m Harrisonvillc. MISHI rj Public Srhnnl. French and English--Hi School Av J VOLKSWAGEN 1 . Into inoilel In sion. rebuilt motor. M"n. Hort' vice Station days, or call '142-4131 Ifl68 VOLKRWAnr.N wacon bus 7 pa^rn^r fect. ?'J.2!Ki.rjO. Cull SO Deluxe station 3H68 MKRCURY Cougar, powrr. factory air. leather top. Very low mileage. On ownrr. -Must hell Coins overseas. Thon Wl-ll-W days. 44J-M4.'! cvcnincs. ins? Iioil|!f. j f l Inquire at T" f.: FOR ml* 1 . niilonmlii-. n iahlp fransnorialion ?200. F. Har T, Qur. ^'oi'tl fVmvprtiblP. 352 I Ires, fall Hl-Mfll. _ hift, l!*-r") l-'ORIJ. sis fylindi'!'. sfa four door, runs Rood. Phone 5'_'1-'.321 tcs -- Hish Business and .Matin School Assignment Lower erodes--Elementary School ilat risen ville i-. bated on 71 Highway ilwut n5 miles south of Kansas City, lllSKOUrt. ^end application to D. \\'. McEowcn, superintendent. Harnsonville P u b l i c Schools, llnrnsonvtllc, Alissouri 61701. GlSTERKH nitrsps--Fnydlpvillp VA ,pilal has staff nurse vacancies. I.i- sure in any ulatc acccptahle. For de- ails visit the VA Personnel office or nil 44.1-^01. Kon Discrimination in Em- loymcnt. TtOUTR SM^EaMAN, Permanent Position . Comm, ?135 week STENOGRAPHER (must take S/H) . . . . .. . S32« mo. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Will) Insurance Exp. 5100 mo. ·^LKKK CA51IIE1L nighl work) . J2fiO mo. MEDICAL TRANSORIPTIONIKT (Knowledge of medical terms) S350 mo. ^ECRETARV with some Book- kpcpins J277 mo. Ol-KIUE ADM1KISTKA- TOR. Salary Open xmflN'O SALESMAN jra ino. SECRETARY with P/ . SSfiO mo. CASHIER with simple Book- keppinR . . . $'X7 mo. \EVPUNCII Operator W25 mn. MAINTENANCE Jinn . Sl'fiO mo. VKM-; STATION Attendant $277 mo. ^KCRKTARY with I^rgal Kxp. .. f.tOO mo. STENOGRAPHERS X30U io Kiln mo. Northwest Arkansas Employment Agency Room 208, Cravens Building Phone 442-Srm Mrs. Tom Phillips, Owner A locally owned private agency-Licensed and Bonded N E E D mannccr for motel. Phone 23-Services Offered-- f'HILD care, experienced, Old Wire Road North. I'honc 443-KK8. HOUSEHOLD Appliance Service All types Repair Sen on Applianrn Phone» or 7.16-317,1 House Paintinp. Ren.sonablp Rates. Phone 413-5m SMALL ENGINE REPAIR Mowers, Tillers, Trimmers, t\c. PICKUP DELIVERY WESTERN AUTO Kayetlpville (.· snrinKdnie HiKhwny 71 Nnrili Haffeldrr Hrnthrrs rnrpenlrr, In remodrlinR or Rpnornl rnntrftrlinR. Plmnc BRTE JANITOR SERVICE Carpel Shampooing Jack Curtsinger 442-7062 or 442-5503 Turpfnter work, rooin nrlditionp, foun'tn' dons, irtniinir unrt homo improvement*, mtlifACtlnn f'i«r«ntfti, TOP SOIL !H\prM, )-«M work Phoni ·MIJ.-T sell JIKJ6 Cltcvcllc Super S|i»rt 3W Kxreltenl condition. Will trade lor old -ar. Plump ^4^-547-1. WTO FIAT station wa con. niotoix'v de. Pbonc ^-1 1962 FORD Fairlnne 6 cylinder, 4-iIoor, 'itandard tranKniisb'on, fair romlition, J|. : iri. 121 Horencc Avenue, phono J4'J- REGISTKRED QUARTER HOHSK SERVICE STANDING: SPAVINAW BAR, BY: DIAMONO BR OZARK BOMB Grade Marcs: $50.00. Registered Marcs: S75.00. Contact: W. R. Lively, Spavinaw Creek Ranch, Call Tor appointment-Area Code: 918 253-4744 Offict lTi3-4772 Residence FOR sale, service ace bull, sired by In ternclional Oranrt Champion. L. I* EflN ter. Phone 44M7.1 H. AKIXC; pius for sale. Set? or ral after 3:00 p.m. -112-7624 30:17 Hollywood. At Stud. AQUA Copper Vandy, 22 Grand Champion at Halter. Sire of Cop per Minx, winner of Claremorc Futuritj Phnnfi Clyde Wccms. 4-12-9064. REGISTKRKD polled licrcfords. Sp ins heifers, also yearling heifers nn bulls. 2-S;nI«lles *6r.00, J125.00 Conl»c Charles Stacks 4-12-7997. REGISTERED ANGUS CATTLE COMB see what we have to offe out of this outstanding herd. Bulls heifers and cows. Farm located miles East Highway 45 -- K mil North. Phone Homer Fry, 443-2529 FRY ANGUS FARM V.'AMPUS B;irs Jr, AQHA, No. 335601. Find. Grandson o! Three Bars. Phon 26A-Dogi, Cats, Pets- LOVELY Siamese Viltrns. seven week old. I'Jflli ?. Crutclicr in Springdnln I'liono PL 1-42B7. K R K B male ncnnan Fhcphcrd type pup py etcht weeks old. -Vir,-110.i. niSTKREi) German Shepherd pics, S'.'5. Phone MI-Hfifi. i\LTHV mixed Fhephrrrt puppirs frr lo fiord home. Phone 44^-7!"fi. Bcauliful blond Cocfcer puppies anil T I'onrilps. AKC refTlstcred. Paul Cliffon ranehillc. Arkansas. HKP.MAN Shepherd Winr-low. fi.T4--.S21. puppies. Pr.on Mayes Auto Service Inc. Corner N. Leverett «v Sycamore 443-1346 Authorized dealer, Salei, Parta Service for Fayettevlll* urea YAZOO-The Best Thing Going for Mowing! 1969 model*. Mio several GOOD USED Yazoo mowerc. THRKK room Jurnltilied aiwrlmfnt near owntuwn and imst oifire. Atiults, rts. Phone 413-47C3. fiCOND floor apBilntcnt, rent hone 442410?. 60th Anniversary SPECIAL SMALL DOWN PAYMENT 5 HP. TILLER With Power Reverse $156.88 Highest Prices Paid For Trade-In WESTERN AUTO Highway 71 North HP.EE room furnished, in Giles Addition, downstairs, private, aulom.-itic lent, couple only, 375 bills paid. Phone C-SS. Foyetteville Springdale Walk-in Box complete willi unit. B B Bar-B-Q. MID STATEMAN CAMPERS Campers All Sizes Topper--List Price $K Now Only $2-10 J- CHbovcr Camper List Price Wm Kow Only 56R5 IMPLEMENT CO. Wcstville. Okln. r.\ r,-t::;;:! BATTERIES Where is N.W. Arkansas Battery House? Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South USED clothing -- fill kinds, furniture household items. Thrift Store. 1U4 W Rook. Open weekdays 8:30-4:30. Sat 8:30-12:30. REDUCE safe, simple and fast wit! GoBcse tablets. Only Drue Store. )8c at Fayottcvill VAUGHN BATTERY Highway 71 South EXCH BATES - Used Sen. All kind And sizes. PERKINS SAFE CO. 1058 Forest St. Carthage. Ma Phono 35W10) AKC icpiMcrpd Cnllir pup Ilmsin W. Bull. Highway Four inilfiK ivcsl of Hunls 27-For Sale-Home Needi- I10PP1TAL lirtl. eons us n«, fJO.OO. BEEF FOR LOCKER Choice Grain Fed Angus or Hereford '.2 or whole 50c 0. F. BAYLEY 443-2108 SEARS 2fiOO T3TU »ir Phniic ' NIKON Photomic "T" fl.4 ?3:3. Pen!: Ppotmalic ri.4 with YaMiinon 75mm ^ininm 2 oom KMD. Nikonis undcn camera 5SO. Phone 521-15S3. 2.T* TV. nice. Trade for car or will sell. Phone -1i:{-3308. ?2 Caliber automatic rifle. 4 powc scope with case, like new--$47.00. Phon 442-44S6. LIGHT HULHK delivered. Help Evening Lions Kyesiaht profiram. Phone 441M.il2 day or niahl. !RAND piano; also a violin in suo condition. Phone Sprlngdale 751-9393 a [cr 5 p.m. IHfin criKVHI.LK two door. V-S. aulo- nafir tran«imissimi, evrellcnt condition. Plume rv,'l..'L';QS jirter r:rK» p.m. ^6*! L)OIGK ('harper, full i*owrr Tenures, disc brjikes, jxiiver steering, tcrc' tape playc uloniJitic aflor .\ transmiFsion. Phone 442-5S39 L I K E new. copiwrtone IS' \VfKtincliousG ri'frigprator, liin lxttom deep freeze. ?r.OO. Phone 41^6636. GOOD sotoction ot used furniture at Dennis Home Fiirnishings. 3:'l west Dickson. n.UFI'V soft and bright as new. That's what cleaning rugs will do when you use »!n c ^:^' !«ssj j ^ "^i^r^r.?^^ 1 ^ Maries antique shop, open cvcrjx^ s collectors, bottles, furniture. Dea! ers welcome. Phone Kihins 643-1lOo. ·ornoi- School KJ1-2S11. Spring Sts. Phone CAVP: Springs Kecapncr having a tire sale. Special. 750/14, £00/14. ivhitewnlls. f 11.50, mounting and balancing free. Ixi- ralcd at Xorth end of Cave Springs. Phone; ·J.TJ-ia'.S.T or 235-2S36. IF CAKPET beauty doesn't siiow? Clean it righL and watch it glow. Use Bine Lu«.lrc. Rent flertrir shampoorr SI. Lewis Brotlieis, South Side Square. Fayel teville. Ti'EST FORK ANTIQUES, primitives Jecorative pieces, collector Items, fur irass, copper, tin. ironware. Hwy. 71. s 27A-Musieal Mcrchandise- SLIGHTI.V used spinet piano near l-'Ry- t'ttcvillc. Low balance on easy leiim. Wi-ile Piles Bros. Piano Co. 2211 Midland Jildv. Fo't Smith, Ark. 71*11)1. FOR -sale. nnti(|uc Reed Organ. Ma; he seen at JOS North West Avenue after II) a.m. Plume 443-3512. CAR INSURANCE URBAN HOLLAND 224 N. Block 442-8532 VOLKSWACKN REPAIR Rebuilt cnRincs. new ft used purls at discount prices. Ozfirk Toxnco. So. 71 4 Calo Rprin^s Kond. !)2i-!)M5. ·V^^u^-*rf 1 W 1 WS^«WV\^^fclWV^^V%^^VWM^«i^ 24A-Boats Marine Suppliei cf irnil- MOVING SOUTHWEST PIANO VAN 2616 Hwy. 71 S. 442-6572 M.AT liottnm, "';· Ii.n niolur JI05. ont- M(n-k smith ,ntu! Wrsl of l«nmrliy in Kai'minut 7'. 1 . UnitHKPOU'K K Klu'lll. Gond . sir,. »lm wnnls In SAII.IlOAT Ini- Ihr iici-snn KPt intti Miilmt,' :it « niixksl invpstmrnl. olrfcr linilt in Kooil conililion. Com- r unh Irnilor for ?50n. Call .M2-87S7 HEAVY DUTY Marine Batteries Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South New I I ' ski luirnc, ·''" Johnson nm\ trailer. r»'J1-1£:i; n f t e r r:(H). NKwT'hVi^nTrrrnilspr W, :!10 ciiKitii*. loflflMl Wltll Fur snlo «'i trade fur real estiite. Phone fiSli-KiOl, i;ifh-1H7:» Jlofiers. BOAT INSURANCE SPINET PIANO, must transfer next I [lays. Will consider responsible local par- ly only to tnke over payments. To inspect, write Home Office. Joplin Piano Co., .Tnplm. Mo. ^ _ 28-For Sale-Miscellaneous TKP lip with hnuil fonniiiR. "Prp Tills" no ?1.!B Kayrtfevil l . K N X O X Hirer-ton an* ctm fill ion ing con sintr unit. In HFC nlxmt oni r. r.W. Call -M-KiOll. piiP UmtliPis lemniinl- 1 -. runlcr ni mattress Nixo, nil lifxiRO pickup, one fmncr, condition. Plmnc disconnected, HWJ. South. SKI.K proiH-lled years n!l. «ft r. plinne -HS-lTiMl. reel t n w n $100 ne Straw J-'or Wile. Will deliver. Phons 6 28A-For Sale-Antiques-- Ozark Antiques--primitives, guns, glass Furn., museum items. Hwy. 71 North SnnnEdale. Ark. PL 1-416L 31-Wanted To Buy- Cnll Us Ijist--We Pay Jlore For Used Kurnilurc. Appliances, Antifiuos. .M2-fi61S. WE BUT USED FURNITURE AWD APPLIANCES PHONE 1U 2-«G18 HIGHEST PRICKS FOR GOOD USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES. INCLUDING ANTIQUES III 2-2592 33--For Sale or Renf- HHJK room modern ·kii] for sale. 1!W ir door. Phone. '.TiT-i hmisc. IBM O.M Chevrolet Eela. VI l-'OOT tinnt, trailer, Xi b.n motor. j;;7.i. Unclosed utility trailer, 57."). Phone l-ll'-iiVjS nfier 1 p.m. I t l l M t houses, fi or T« apnrlmenls. Foiiilh lioiiso from Shakespeare on Kiisl side of 71 Houiu. PAYMASTER cherk writer, keynonrd. Jl!li).r0 mail. S-iri. Phono -14'J-71ii7. old. Cost $230 ne S12T or tiade. Phone URBAN HOLLAND 224 N. HI«Ck 442*1111 34-Moforcyclti- .iprnWer, One sl *" . wttli K rlfiiiifirri flrl. OCn loom lumlthrd «|W1m«il. »rl- wlmuw imr tin cHy ' IWtEK kMlroom, "UKNIKHBD uristall-s ajwrtmelit, llUU- IKld. WO per nnmlh. Ham CKNTUAL air (.-omliltaifd. !»«· *·* loom. »110. Ptma M2-5M3- NK room funilNlinl apartment, older icwte imfwnd. 201 KoutH School. *L'KNISHIO! one bcitiwiin aiiartmeiil, two bedroom. ?1CO. All utilities twill. 17 covernmeni. J'liouc 14;i-j780. 'OK lease -Kxtra nice, tlnce iH-dr shL-tt tiousic. CaniL-tcd anil air iliuncd. Newly decorated two tjedrooin tilrnisticd ·ottaKC. Carpeted ami air conditioned. Phono 4i:;-a41 or 521-430:1. IVO bedroom turnislicd. $!10. studio partment furnished 5W). 1212 Suuth Junn. Phone 44:i-:i780. _ i N K liedroom turnished. ffift ultlilieK laid. Adults only, no pets. J'hone IJ71 or 413.r,745. hedroom liirni.dic'l now avail, lor .s irr K(.'!I. air cond. coiiDle 1 ;. mnriied men r female. No pets. .t.V-'-4:,:;». BEDnuuM funiished. U. of A. couple ir single females. No pets, private parkas. 442-4538. T\VO bedroom furnished apartment, last Davidson, phone 412-1261. COLONIAL ARMS ONE. two and three bedroom, furnished unfurnished, central hcatinc, carpel- ng. laundry facilities at 12U N. Lev- Brett. 521-2UO. *». K *** **·· THKBB bedmmn on Sou«i 71 awwi frail EPC. I 1 J5 per month. Tnon* «* f.'71. - '1WO bedioom unfurnished, fjone 757^. ties. 'I«!IKIJ 1«'0 beUiwHn. living row room, kitchen, ^lllu^ l I«J btori Root Schiwl. Phone 41L-p7IH. o-ie ItedTooni, $G3 plus Uti 1'ltunc 44a-4KlS. KURNISHKI* two bedronm house, ?W). Korlh Crew;;. Pliune 412-4)IS. ONE bedroom house, furnished. J75. Couples only. 1'hone 442-BMi'). _ w ,, wvv)t 37A-Mobil» Hemn and Space* For Renl T\VO iM'droom ruinished tnoliile hnme. i-mi|ile, no pels. SIDU monlli. utilitiel ]iaid. Phijiii; .llli-r.llit OT 4-12-7876. SUBUP.EAN Mobile Home Park. Urg« lots with fence patios. On Hwy. 6i Phone :l!7-:51!) 1'arminsmi QUIET -- CLEAN -- NICE! Trailer Spaces Niblock's Mobile Home Part. m 2-9864: HI 2-7112. ___ TRAILER spaces for rent. Hickory Creek Trailer Park. Hwy. 251 at Beaver Lake. Lnlw privileges. Clicck our price. PL 1-7253. __ , TRAILER park anoT laundromat. Nice large lots. TV antenna, water, gas and sewer. S23 per month. l« 38-Buildings For Rent- 36-Duplex For Rent-U N K U R M M I K I ) two hi-ilmum. c-plilra! , ?{js. si:; Fnllm Street. Phone M-- - SUITABLE FOR OFFICE OR BUSINESS TWO hrdronm litiFunnshrd except slov . Wpsl (!'.! aparlmcnt. LOVKUY Duplexes f-i- ici:l. One and iwu ipdroom, fnrnishnd or unfurnished. 'hone bpfo:-p "):00 p.m. -llo-iifiril, after j p.m. -t'tL'-i;;^. IN1SI1KD one Ijcilnmm, bills pniii. 170. One her!room Irailrr. furnisheil, 55!). jrradualc student or couple. Phone M^-SS^O. r\VO hcdmnin unfurnis dryer connections. nnii and air. Aihiil-i. Pliuiic ·l- washer mul rentral liciii OS oveninus. )Nl-j bedroom unfarntshcd 575 month. You pay electric bill Phone 521-3W6 any- lime. T\VO bedroom furnished duplex. Call 521-:620. Mrs. Dilhird, aflcr 5;00 p.m. I-TJRNISHED duplex, boys oak. Phone 412-ES7S. 720 Sq. Ft. Air Conditioned Adequate Parking Paneled 526 W. Dickson Call 442-5471 or 443-2677 SWIMMING POOLS By A.nthony World's largest Builder All Types and Sizes Seaside Pools, Springdale, Ark. Phone 756-6543 MEN WANTED NOW TO TRAIN AS CLAIMS ADJUSTERS insurance Adjusters and Investigators are badly needed due to the tremendous increase of claims resulting from automobile accidents, fires, jurglaries, riots, storms, and industrial accidents. Over 50 million dollars worth of claims paid each day. Insurance Adjusters Schools of 1872 N.W. 7 St. . v\iami, Forida, can show you how -- t ^ i o earn top money in this exciting, fast moving field, full or part time. Work at your present job and train at home, then attend resident training For two weeks at our facilities at MIAMI BEACH, FLA., or LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. Excellent employment assistance. '·or details without obligation, fill out coupon and mail today. ACCREDITED MEMBER NHSC APPROVED FOR VETERANS UNDER NEW G.I. BILL INSURANCE ADJUSTERS SCHOOLS, Dept. 558 7915 State Line / Kansas City, Mo. 64114 Name A g e . . . . Address City State Zip Phone Eligible for VA Benefits? Rnnniaiiiiin!Hii:i!iMD!iiinHi« TIMES PATTERNS nanxiffiiiM^^^ 4501 SIZES 34-4S Midland Keimiida nra« spn«». Alsn will do s]iiii!Kini;. Phont 8|ti-'ii!i2, Jack WiKon, P i a n i e Crnvr. I PLANTS, strong iransplanted lomnio, linMToli. riiidiflnwei', A(h: do/Ml. Pot Itnln" 1 ! Jl Oft Poren, ]IR lloy and ItiC Kfii'ly. *'"'(! I'o/fn. nn\''s Vlnwrrs I nnd (itWnlimiso, IliRhwny 71 South. , wTtAKK a profit- take ilol Into m i i lltr. (*(I:IIP hPPi' r\nni:e!Kt Homer !',n!»- ritson fit Immnniiel lti:pli'.t riuirch, 201 fl. Jnnicnn, V::i« p.m. April in-Lf), SIMCO SADDLES and Complete Line of Accessories. LEWIS BROS. Basement level DENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS HOME PAK 22 Pieces All New Merchandise · Whirlpool Refrigerator · Magic Chef Range or Columbus · 7-Piece Dinette Set · Sofa and Chair · 3 Tables · Dresser and Mirror · 2 lamps · Chest · Bed · Box Springs and Maltrnss All THIS ONLY $599.95 Only $27.68 Per Month DENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS 324 W. Dickson Hwy 71 S. It's ;t jjivat scpiirates y u n r ! Delight a t i i s h i o M - m v a r c ^ i r 1 with this swingy triu. Snuirl a p a r t , gruiil logullicr! G i r l s love D n i u i y v o s f . j a c k e t , sunhui'st-plcal skirt. K n i t spnrl y a r n . P a l t c r n Slifi: si'/.cs 2-12 included. K i f l y cents i n coins for each , piillcrn -- mid lf ccnls for each ; pattern lor lst-cl;iss m;iiliiv^ 'iintl spreial handling. Send to l.auni Whcclcr. M(irlluvvsl Ar kiinsiis Times. 110 Ncccllecrafl Dcpl... Hox l l i l . Old Chelsea Stn- tinii. Mew York, M. Y. 10011. I'rinl Paltern Number, N'ame. Address. 7,ip. New 19GO Ncwlli:- c-ral't Catalog -- host lowii-spnrl fasliions, most mw dpsifins to knit, crochet, sew, weave, embroider, ,'l Tree patterns inside. 511 cenls. NF.W! "Sfl INSTANT CilKTS" -- make it today, t'ivc it tomorrow! Marvelous fashions, toys, decorator articles. Ideal tor all occasions. 50 cents. Hunk of 16 Jiffy Hugs In knit. crochel, sew, weave, honk. M cents. Hook of 12 Pri/e Afghans. 50 cents. Hook number I - Hi Superb Quills. 50 cents Bonk number 2--Museum Quills -- 12 rare, nutstniidinK quills. ."0 cenls. Hook number 'J -- Quills for Today's Living. 15 unltiw quills, 50 cents. TAKF, IT EASY in a flnrin' slinpo tlwt, makes it so easy to keep cool ;md Ircsh r i ^ h t through .summer. Sew Mart sleeve version, loo. Printed Pattern -1501: en's Sizes :M. :«;. :i«. VVom- ·K, ·IS. Six.e :ifi (bust :«l) takes 2',s yards '15-inch fabric. Sixty-five cents in coins for each pattern -- add 15 cents lor each pattern for first-class mail- ins and special handling. Send In Anne Adams, cure of Northwest A r k a n s a s Times. IHR P a t t e r n Dcpi., 2l:i W e s t IVMi St., New York, N. Y. m o i l . Print N A M K . ADDRESS with /.IP. Sl/.K and STYLE N U M B E R . OVER 100 NEW FASHIONS Sprinft-Suninipr Pattern Cala- IOR. Krce pattern coupon, .'id cents. New! INSTANT S E W I N C, Hook. Save hours -- cut, Ml, sew modern, expert way. Over 5(1(1 pictures. Only $1.

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