Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 44
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le»f Suck. tut. Tfcn* *e». It nw Television Log in rcei KM-C CmawM 4 KT_ ,, ' ' I ·· nsAwftkHMUfv far THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29, l»«4 -* : PAID ADVTRTISEMENT MS 2 · Farm and New* Report · 6.-OOA-M. 2 ISunrise Semester: "Art" L t30 · 2 .The Apothecary (USC) ·4 "(Color) American Family 7 iDaiJy Word; Fana News : 7:00 AJVL 2 .Captain Kangaroo 4 flotoy. Hugh Downs 7 Cartoon Caper* ; 730 5 -Supermarket Review 7 tZoorama (San Diego) 11 Cohnnbia Univ. Lectures: ."Nation of Immigrants" I 7:4S 5 For Kids Only (cartoons) 9 Cartoonsville 2 Panorama Pacific, R. Rowe ;Guest ML Rushmore sculptor TitvrrJn Borglum 7 Cartoon Capers 9 Pancake Mia (cartoons) II .The Onicko Show r s^o 7 Love That Bob! Cummings 9 Big Babysitter (cartoons) · 9.-OOA3L. 2 Newi with Mike Wallace 4 Say When, Art James 5 The Romper Room 7 J Married Joan, J. Davis II The Jack LaLanne Show 13 Morning News *1S 15 C'depost: Soc. Studies (5) 4 Edwin Newman («5) 9JO 2 I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4 (Color) Word for Word 7 The Pamela Mason Show II Movie: "Sleepers West." Lloyd Nolan f 4 1) 13 Guidepost to Math (4) 10:00 AJM. 2 The McCoys, W. Brennan 4 Concentm'n, Hugh Downs 5 Restless Gun, John Payne 9 Movie: "Garden of the Moon," Pat O'Brien (38) 13 Guidepost to Math (S) 1IK2S 13 Guidepost to Math (6) IfcSO 2 Pete and Gladys 4 (Color) Missing Links 5 Mr. Lucky. John Vivyan 7 Girl Talk. Virginia Graham 11:00 AJM. 2 The Love of Life 4 (Color) First Impression i 5 Cross Current, G. Mohr 7 Price Is Right, Bill Cullcn 11 The Jean Ma jorj Show Tips on preparing Polynesian food by chefs of the Reef Restaurant. Port of Long Beach 13 G'deposL- Storybook Time 11:25 2 Robert Trout. News II JO 2 Search for Tomorrow 4 (Ctr) Truth-Consequences 5 Peter Gunn. Craig Stevens 7 The Object Is, Dick Clark 9 LASC:"HomeNursing" 11 The Pha Norman Show 13 The Ann Sothern Show 11:45 2 The Guiding Light 4 Ray Scherer News (IliS) 12:00 NOON 2 Burns and Allen Show 4 (Color) Let's Make a Deal 5 Thin Man, Peter Lawford 7 Seven Keyt, Jack Nan 9 F_n France: TheatreTM 11 Sheriff John, John Rovick 13 Movie: "House of the ' Arrow," Oscar Homolka 1233 4 FJoyd Kalber. News 1230 2 A the World Turns 4 The Doctors, J. Pritchett 5 TV Bin-o, Colin Male 7 Father Knows Best, Young 9 Mr. D-A, David Brian IKK) PJVL 2 Password, Allan Ludden 4 Loretta Young Theater 5 Movie: "News Is Made »t , Ni gh t," Pre ston Foster · 7 Tennessee F-mie Ford with Danish TV star Luln Zitgler 9 Cartoonsvine I I Movie: "Canterville Ghost," Charles Laughton 2 Art Linkletter House Partj 4 (Color) You Don't Say 7 The Mike Douglas Show Genevieve cooki mails. 13 Robin Hood. R. Greene 1:41 9 Feature Page, Joe Dolan 2:00 P-M. 2 To Tell the Truth. CoFIyer 4 Match Game. G. Rayburn 3 Movie: The Fake." Dennis OTCeefe f53) 13 Vagaborut "Florida Keys' 233 2 Douglas Edwards News 4 Sander Vanocur, News 200 2 TheEdgeofNigM 4 Make Room for Daddy 5 Movie: "36 Hour, to Kill," Brian DonJevy (*36) 7 Day b Court Custody II Movie: "Love Finds Andy Hardy," Mkkey Rooney, Judy Garland f3S) 13 The Ana Sothern Show 2JS 7 Lisa Howard the News 1:00 PJVL 2 The Secret Storm 4 Bachelor Father, fonyihe 7 Gesl Hospital. J. Beradino 13 FeUx the Cat (cartoons) 130 4:00 PJL 2 Life of Riley, Wm. Bendix 5 Just for Fun. Tom Hatten 7 Trailmaster, Ward Bond 9 (Color) Mighty Hercules 1 Superman, George Reeves 34 Un Canto de Mexico 430 2 Movie: Tarzan the She Devil." Lex Barker. Raymond Burr f 53) 1 Livin'It Up. Al Lohman 4 Escuela KMEX (English) 3 Rocky and His Friends 5:00 PAL 7 Laramie. John Smith 9 (Color) Engineer Bill Show 3 The Lloyd Thaiton Show 4 Novtla Jirveni] 530 5 Whirlybirds, Ken Tobey s linns TS. riuoiu k LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! Chick Heara is mikeside at Detroit's Cobo Arena 11 The Mickey Mouse Chib 34 Charlas Camex 4 Believe It or Not (5:40) 5:45 4 KIIC IEWS--4,05 * AIEEIES REPORT--li Color lick, Gor.ta Wilr icd Ckicl Hun . . . 13 Bill Johns. News 6:00 PJM. 2 Bis News, Jerry Dunphy 4 XISC DEWS--10$ «: AITCEUS REPORT--1 lick litkim aai Conitili KIBC It*. Turn . . . 5 You Asked for It, J. Smith 7 News Hour, Baxter Ward 11 M-Squad. Lee Marvin 13 (Color) Touche Turtle 34 La Madrasta (serial) 630 4 Huntley-Brinkley Report 5 The News, Joseph Benti II George Putnam Dateline 13 Yogi Bear (cartoons) 34 Noticiero 34 (News) 6:43 7 Ron Cochran, News 7:00 PJVL 2 Walter Cronkite. News 4 Science in Action: Tektites" Glass-like particles from the moon found on earth. 5 Leave It to Beaver 7 Fractured Flickers II Cheyenne. Clint Walker Top Viewing Today 730 PJVL--A WILD WINTERS NIGHT on channel 4. Hour special featuring comedians Jonathan Winters and Art Carney plus the- New Christy Minstrels.'. by TEMY YEENOH An ad-b hour special -that 1 * "A Wild W i n t e r s Night" at 730 pjn. today,' channel 4. The description actually is that of the host comedian, lonathan Winters. He told Doc Quigg of the United Press International: "It's the first time a special has been really winged. Art Carney and I just winged it. No script All ad-lib." There are a number of basic ingredients necessary for an hour of scriptlejj ad- lib. The Winters" recipe: 1. Think funny. 2. Use believable things. X Create s mood. 4. G«t people with you who are in the mood with yox "I've always done things that are recognizable to the public." said Winters. "1 always do things in defense of the guy who isn't ashamed of being a little boy. I PASSPORT TO TR1VEI THOflCU CRUIJIIG Sawyer's trip to Colombia, Panama Canal, Ecuador. 1 Divorciadas (drama serial) 730 2 Password. Allen Ludden Buddy Hackett, Elizabeth Ashley irt guests. 4 Jonathan Winters Presents: A Wild Winters Night. Improvised humor and song lyrics featuring instant characterizations, a 100th birthday party celebration and a few surprises. Guesting are Art Carney, the New Christy Minstrels and Maude Flicker! (Winters) Addogrims. Jack Barry 7 (Color) The Flintstones. Fred becomes a pest by his constant showing of home movies of Pebbles. 1 TRUE 10VE1TURE--·!« F1SH1I8 II MEXICO 4 L» Rueda Tricolor (games' 7:45 9 Headline History: Igor Sikorsky, inventor of helicopter 8:00 PJVL 2 Rawhide, Eric Fleming. Paul Brinegar, John Dehner. When his old friend is caught by Favor as a horse thief. Wishbone holds the drovers at gunpoint as he aids in escape. 5 The Lawman. John Russe 7 The Donna Reed Show. Midge resents Dave's complimenting Donna's cooking, and efforts to smooth things over cause troubles ia the Stone household. 9 People Are Funny 11 The Untouchables, Robt. Stack, Harry Guardino. Gangster defies code of the underworld. II DICK POWELL THEATRE D.PGWELL.AKIHTlMIXGr "View frorn the Eiffrl Tower." with Jane Powel! Bella Dam. Ex^JI smuggles Runs into Algeria for a price. 34 La Desconocida (serial) «30 4 Dr. Kildire. Richard Chamberlain. Suzanne Pleshttte. J. Pat O'Malley . Lord Nelscn (dog). An unemployed actress, an injured sheepdog, a hypochondriac intern and an anonymous millionaire eccentric disrupt the Blair routine and land Kikhre in TV makeup. 5 (Color) Movie: ^Red Skiei of Montana," Richard Widmark. Jeffrey Hunter Constance Smith, Richari . Boone f52). Parachuting fire fighters of Forest Service 7 My Three Sons. Fred Mac Murray, Kamala Devi Chip thinks there are magic powers hi a small stone frog liven him by an East Indian lady. 9 Dobie Gill is. D. Hkksin TELLY S A V A L A S and Peter Erown were discussing how they started in show business. The discussion took place during the taping of tonight's "Suspense Theater" in which they both have featured roles. Telly, who waj a schoolteacher, was called by a producer friend and asked if he new a foreign-type actor for television show. Telly knew such a man and ade arrangements for him be on the program. But; at the list minute, the reign-type actor was unable i appear. Telly went to explain to the roducer and. "to my ever- sting surprise," was given e role. In addition, he re- ived a long-range offer. He called his mother and said: "Mama, they have just of red me $300 a week to act.' 2 My Little Marjrie,G. Storm 3* CuerdaiYGuitarm 4 Movir "Fort OsageV Rod 9:00 P.M. Cameron ("52-ltt run) 2 Perry Mason, Raymond 7 Qseea for Dar, Jack Bailey Barr, Jacques Bergerie. 34 Reloj Musical (variety) David McCallum. Roxane J:4J Bertrd. HI« widow's ruito 5 Tricks-Treats, Corns Guy !«, charred with murder ' 9 Wayr-e Thomas nwi (3 JO) » hen dashing ski in- R A D I O uie-iii vu-- ini tcu--list SECT--in ... in-tii tcfr-im me--in UU-Ull IFH-IZt. KGl-mi tH»(-1J| KBIT--!1U BTKI--III to.*--Ill urr-iiu ictv-ii2i w-ui MI-II7I UK--I Ml tiit-im llli-llll t«U-|lt| XTU-431 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20,1964 7:00 AJVL KF(-- **» Bishoa Reoort KABC-- Frtn* H«inine»*V KHJ-- *ewt, Bc» Freetf « MX-- worn Hew* R'ndut KFOJC-- Curl* wlfflaow. rfR-- cnrtn F»t» Mission KFl-Hit KABC Me**; Soortl KHJ-- *e vclh»r«, to II KMX-- Be* Cran* Shew KCCR-- Aunrey In KABC Mewi Aroune? aforl j Knx-- ««w*. ROM rcwea: f;U KFI-- Newi; Southland KABC-- Soortt; Mews KMX-Boo Oar* SM* KGER-- *4«v« A Homt fcOO AJU. KFI-- Kewi; Hit Vie Road KABC-«wK Faul Harm KMX-- Mew Soorttocci* KGER-- Wlltur KeUoi KABC-- Bo» Ferrn: SoorTa MX-- Boa Cren« Jhow · :3e -- . -Reporter; N«w KABC -- Frjr* Hemlrwwev Kto-leo Ourocfwr.- KM McRV«ifi« (Id Kt£«-- VWct « OUna KABC--Newi; Al Man! tHJ--Bruce rlavn t» n KMX--Newt; »torv-LJr« lC.H-A.ri.a4 Irora Co* KABC--Jaa'wetH Show KCtR--Jact Hotca^ift KFOX-AJi'«Tl Te» - KCC R--CHrma« Craud* KCIR- SKI. Idiod ml Air t:a K»SC--Flair Reoortt KNX--Womaat avofn4 2-HX) P.M. KABC^Mewl; J. C *vit KMX--New* KFOX--»,« Come t a tCCR-tjDne Beadl BanJ KABC--Jact'wetll V-ew K.NX-TIW Jtooima KttER--Hurift TiIK ' KCtR-Ute* Sna KABC--Tlalr' Reoorts ~" «--Etitk Head Nettt 3.-00 PJVL JONATHAN WINTERS Ad-lib Specialist schoolroom since, r.ot even to take an acting lesson. Recently he won an Oscar nomination for his role in the movie "Bird Man of Alcatraz." · · · · BROWN, w h o formerly vca$ featured In the "Lawman' series, got his acting start while serving with the Army infantry in Alaska. The special services department p o s t e d an announcement about tryouts for KKX--Ann jactiov II O 9AO AJL KFI--Newt; N:1 tti« Road KABC--Vcra William; nwi KMX--Newt KOER--Luttwraa Hour KABC--Myron 1. Benr.tf1 KNX--Bob Crane View KCEK--J*«'Brow« Hour KABC--Wenort Kot!» KNX-AsS Mia Fickett KC.£»_uewj 10*0 AAL KFI--Newu LM:ef OK KABC--Nw »w»; ui lul Compton cto KJOX^Lw {STlo'fi^S' KCR--Rescue lAission rtle Club ,,, 5 t. Sho. KABC-- Jact »·."« Vew KXX-Ttil Slur, LIT. KFt-MujicTir ~MX--Tenenal the S tor, me O.I 4.OO PJVL KABC--Mews; Boa Con*i| about Money KFI--Music Tim«. C Cccl I*8C--ra HcCulnnra KNX-- Th» Storv-LInt 1C EH-World K:ssioni t»BC--»:«'or»ier: TOT Harmon Soar* «:40) n JC--CMrWi Coll irtowoodj Tn* Stonr-LInc f«:2S I5EH-«e». AM »dir»«r KER--Prv. L(R?v Coep 11«0 AJVL Standa KABC--Newi; Don Allen KNX-*irws; Art Llriltletter KCER--Or. LUv3 AndersoB KA8C--Camcn Freaerlcti n:3B a play they were going toi*»5~S'shoi 0 fiV3i" rr ' . - »- % Min. KCR--Surriftine lAmlon stage-and I figured, ^Vhy KFI-SFXA nujsn r - KFI--T* BuiiV KNX--Ruth a *at Shew KJE B--Re». C T. Wa Iben 12.-00 NOO.N KABC--^auf Harvcv n*w« KMX--Metm Hour not? wound up with a minor role," said Brown. Telly interrupted: "Fn bet," said he. were a spear carrier." "you KGER-- -·i-?,- 1 *" KABC-- 8o» Frms: Mewl JKFt-Calif AorH. a:JO) It is tradition in show biA'^Fi-News^M «ar» you know, that most actorsiJ*oxioTM*' tS] S;J 1 * get their s t a r t carrying|KMR-tr.Jr. «.t:. spears. carr-in g[ «- ,,,,,- C.NX-Stor M rtollvwooj "Right." Brown answered. "How did you know?" 'And I will also bet," said Telly, "that the play was 'Julius Caesar."* That's another part of the same tradition. "Nope," said Brown. "It His "Mama- advised him to was about Stanley and Liv .Ve the offer. ingstone in African. 1 played He hasn't been back to the!* native." structor is killed in the crash of his private plane, with a drugged thermos of coffee in the wreckage. 7 The Jimmy Dean Show, with Lassie and her/his trainer Rudd Weatherwar, comic George Kirby, singer Julius La Rosa, country songstress Skeeter Davis 9 Adventures in Paradise 1 Naked City, Paul Burke, Theodore Bilcel, Wm. Shatner. Former psychiatric patient awakens to find his wife murdered 1 Ftstiul if Ftrlermiif t Art,--JM Fail* Cauls! Repeat re-creation of the White House concert performed at the request of the late Pres. K»nnedy. 14 Agonia de Amor (serial) 4 (Color) Hazel. Shirley Booth. Hazel utilizes democracy's -majority vote" in her campaign for a a annual salary raise. it Las Estrellas y Usted 10:00 P.M. . 2 The Nurses. Shirt Con way Michael Tolan. Paul McGrath. Out-spokenness of dedicated, but bluntly critical doctor, offends both nurses arid a fashionable pediatrician. 4 (Color) Suspense Theatre: "Action of the Tiger," Peter Brown. Stephen McNally. Telly Savalas, Ulla Jacobson. Timid airman, the only French-speaking POW in camp, is forced by Mi fellow prisoners' to escape and become an unwilling tpy. 7 The Edie Adams Show, with the Woody Herman big band, jazz trumpeter Jack Sheldon and the husband-wife comedy team Mitzi McCall and Charlie BriH. Opening production mini her marks the first TV use of technama- tion, simulating movement of inanimate objects 9 Movie: "Colditz Story.TM . Eric Portman (Br.-'57) 11 George Putnam, News 13 Bin Johns, News 34 Paco Maleesto Show 10-.IS II FKHMU IEWJ AIUTSU COAST FEDERAL SAY1IGS Nh23 13 Alan Sloane. Sports IOSO 5 Show Me. Del Moore 7 ABC News Reports: "Thunder Is Not Yet Rain." Bill Sheehan interviews Kenya Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta abou the problems of the emerging African nations of Kenya. Tanganyika an Uganda 13 It's Country Music Tune 34 Box de Mexico (boxing) GAZE DEEPLY INTO MY EYES... ^JTir^ trouble «'lf JiW »utOT3(ie tr»r.yrussion?... cet inta yo* c* ... drive 13 J«S Un| Buck BMt... you win tell Ihern ta »dju-J the fanvniison . . . pjy cnfy 195... cVivt home ... such smo-o-o-tli ptrfornv antt... »ter you aviVe ra/H remember tenj Beach En|in* Ribuildert and the fait, efficient tenrice . . . yea will calt Ihem il GA (-1491 and thank then ...O.K,»jVe up! · i I Just as Easy as i Hooks on TV! · No BifxinK or · Dorjn i !rir Crf Hit ordnurr pi"** · Ln'ff* ta rurvrei · Ocaa up witb ioi9 tnj vxtct. ooours LOW PRICE 5 Qurt IJ GiL ' C*r«n S UAIT IDS IOIB IIICH IIYD. IORTH 1018 ItACH 1KX) PJVL KFI--Wort., «rf Soort] KOFR-OtrbTei Ctnjr KASC---New* f*:Stn K.NX--Tom Kcity (4:2 3.-00 P-\L r Uartrl I -.-_ Rcrtwii. H. ^etvctt Ttomri: FMI Rizzut* Sorts (5:T01 RGEoZj^-W Let KMJ--Jim COY Show - - «--Cvron Aicrt I--Exec, wtrt U.S. _ l--VTn Scully. Soor*« KA8C--+4«»aiin« Urwi KHJ--CM Durocticr; Jim - » Show 5:«1 :--ttroY Hindi, soopti KCCR-- lutidan cf F*m IIS KFiL--Nvwi. C-ivv Shaw KA8C--Sam Ba^cr; Mewl KMX-+tuoh V.cCor; Mtwt 6.00 P3L C Fl--w .1; V mims; Wther KAftC--Etfward p. .Morgan tHj--tier* Robertv Mnn fHX--titvn; Bmlnrn KCER--t*ct To tht ft.b't KFl--Featur*; Wlrr KABC--KABC Wrw. fcaf KHJ--Jim Cffv Show FOX-AJ Kirn* (H 11 GE *-*·». Al Hana. t tS ' ABC-Firarcitf Flral «:SS KNX-Tm tun. Scorn ' 7*0 PJL KFI-- Mcwv tr. Cram KABC-- OM An«n; Mm KHJ_ FKOI Ltwil Jr. KKX-- «vu Cwnmi XraL KER-- family B b l Hot* f'll KABC-- Ban Hunter (to la KMJ-- AUOiaaj Jackson, t» Q l*X-- World Wldt Soera -- Bano\Tan« U.3D KFI-- Morgan BectTv M»ws KMX-- MnaloDolii a vim KCtR-- Rev. Victor Clam MdooV Tlm« 1:SS KM X-- As* Omensiea 8.-00 P-M. KFt-- Nrws.- Tempo KABC-- *Jws: Flair Reports KMX-- crtv Editor Kesorl KFCX-- Frank mon KGSR-- Rraorsi H«si ' 1:11 KABC-Ben Hunter Show ni HIGHUGrlTS I M a r l o n Montgomery la multiplex at 9 ».m. on KRHM . Shirley Scott at JO ajn. on KNOB . i. "L'U Abner" at nooa on KMLA ..'. Bith Festival Orchestra at 2.05 pjn. on KFAC . . . Neil Hcfti in multiplex at 3 P-EL oa KCGK .- Percy Faith at 5fi5 pxi. on KFAC .-. . Tht Weavers in multiplex at 7 p" on KRHM.. ,-Jack Ruby*i Own Story" at ft 15 p.m. on KPFK Tedcry Edwards at F-ra. CQ NEW FACTORY -DIRECT ' FORDS » Ft*** O«*i» «-» SiMtff miti · II t** Ti UN LINNRL WALT JENSEN ED COUSINS 3580E.Pac.C$i.Hwy; now ot 4-«m A DlvHiron of Hal* Yotrt FWBJ -^-^Ha-awa-a-a........! H* T#gr, Lnkd*. MuMum, Prtzr* -- TVESU Ft-33 Ltwt t U «· JLU. -- SIM CMnpt*tt) MtKlT MAC TOVKS -- 223* FACIFK AYI 4 LONO RKACN ·GA 4*8671 --GA8-4H8] KCER-- A. u. Micielson P3L KtAC--Jot Pvrtf Show KFl--New»; U Ch»TTerto» KARC--Wewu fl«jr Reat» KNX--Nr*i CFOX--TemiT.* Good KCC*--Rev. Let $f*l!ey KFLTrnpa. Bob K*rr 1 ^f,\tr ShD« K.GCK-OT. Orr. Bib!. 1D.-00 PAL -, R»T twrti; COTtsrructiofl Kuwi NX--18 rtfCK* W-rt --FOX--W«vrt» Ktmp K.GER--Wttur Wdson »1J ._ tint 11:00 PAL KFt-- Kewt; SporT» Flral KABC-- New* ICK-- Fulton LrwLt. Jr^ Mic^aeUKkufi (11.651 KfOX-- Kina 11:13 KABC--B«n Hunter Show 11:31 KNX--JWuiIc til O*wn KFOX--Tommy ~ ' KFt--Olck n ss KFI--Thing C*lfd LPf« I2.-00 SHDMCHT KFl--fion WcCoy (to S) KABC--««d.* Th*»trt KMJ-- Sfudl-tX (rmnlc).ta X KMX--NUnie til O«wn KFOX--Hush Cherrv (ta ft) KGCR--Oil P*« (to S) Coo 3 Jir Ol WOOL HOOKED RUGS Selection of Patterns cad Sizes 3x5 -- $16.95 ·Fin Wailrend Reversible Rugs 9x12 -- $43.50 «f/I*s £ *! maty «1 prhtj It HEBRON'S townt fricn ei GULKTAN. MOHAWK. · MAGEE. fltTH eid DOWKiS EAST TUMS -- NEW IOW INTEtlST IATE BRICK WALL-NO EXTRA CHARGE .. . with Screen Enclosure on Our ... f/excfum PATIO COVERS · r ixTvting reels -- yoi wltl pay coif cf tfi» ten)** ··· cTotur* from trie t?e *p. II" fcrtct woTS n cptionol el B» «xtra east, NO UONCY DOWN ) YEAtS TO fAT lor Fife nnmim PHONE GE 3-0946 AXY T1VE AKT CAT 3700 E. 7th, LONG BEACH 11 KM) PJ.1. 2 News: Dunphy-Hart-Story 4 (Or) KNBC News. Latham 5 The News, Joseph Benti 7 Bob Young; News Final I Movie: The Conspirator," Robert Taylor. Liz Tayior 3 Boston Blackie, K. Taylor 11:15 "Til Tiilf-l Skiw wit* k loknj Carsti"--Ii Ciler Giirlt: Diiiit FijtilJs, .!» Frtitrf, Terry-Tlomaj 5 Tom Snyder; Stout/Duggan FM STATION'S ni KCtH . nf KMOF _ »0 7 KWJk rt.5 KHJ «.» KUTt . n.i KFOX . nt ILAC : t«S KCLA . NEW 1964 CONVfRT/Blf 2 Movie: "Lady in the Dark." Ginger Rogers f 44) 5 Steve Allen Show, with Phyllis DOIer, Allan Jones 7 Hawaiian Eye, A. Esley 13 Movie: "YeHowneck," Un McCarthy f Si) 14 Noticiero 31 (News) 11:43 9 Clete Roberts, News itoo 9 Movie: "Garden of the Moon," Pat O'Brien (3S) 1230 7 Movie: "Murder at St. Michaels," Will Hay 4 Changing Times. Ed Hart 5 Passport to Profit II All-Night Movies: "Pilot No. 5," "Lady of Tropics" and "Love Finds Andy Hardy" 13 Movie: "Hitler's Beast," Patricia Morison f 43) 1:15 2 Movie: "Girls' Dormitory," Simone Simon f36) 130 9 Home Nursing: Alcoholism BY GEORGE! SPECini HOURS AT DISNEYLAND THIS SAT. FEB. 22nd OPEN 9 AM-9 PM TOT rKCrUIO-f-Tj cut «tut a E1G CAT rra an t your timty tn tatt \1 tnjOTin[ ill th« rjnf fibolon tidn r-.i rtrjctorl frjt mike Dis- *r,-r4 V,t fcjjpit-J p!*e en eart* .:.tte lirett ia (xnl OPENING FEBRUARY 22 SPECIAL NEW ATTRACTIOK Row joi un isit "be!a« fctir it Die stffinf lbi| Colnnbil *hni iioartd i Itf'.ei'i fxbar. 5« rj^.ts- Cc crtw'j qcrtcn; c^tiJ'l cjt:». mat roaa...tfl itur Oi Americia rrclant sh« U uil 'rounj "Smashes" General Electric PRICES! 1964 Portable TV REMOTE CONTROL COLOR TELEVISION CONSOLE WOOD CABINET isrr IHOWNI FREE DELIVERY acd GUARANTEE LOW TERMS--90 Days Same as Gash Witt Don ttjviti Hi I f f m t l tn(A~¥»Jors JIZ5 » Mart 5075IONG BE»CH BlVD.-igilHlflXGBEHH s»ncc ANO 60ASANTEE 194 G-E Stereo AI! wood cabinet, two 6~ilB~ s p e i l e t s a n d (wcctcr conn ind £1- Hit CCUTEIT. t»8AT SIIT1CI ANO GOAIAKTIt S Hardware Mart 1171 ION6 HACK IIT9. NOITH LONG IIACH GRAND OPENING '·*~j 20- PIECES IIUU3ES 2 WattriisjJ 1 tti Jiriift 2 Kntltuii TWIN ALL FOR ONLY BED SET $4495 7-FT. KING-SIZE MATTRESS AND BOX SPRINGS xn timOxma. J IV. % J »tliovca$«v ] ff.f inm-ta nt tnt ALL FOR ONLY MATTRESS CITY 720 SO. LONG BEACH BLVD., COMPTOH Itfweti Cempte* end Ateedra -- NEwmork 14231

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