Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 20
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 20

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 20
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WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE I, I960 T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN PAGE :: PATTERNS fWant A Perfect Housedress? Sundress or apron! EASY as a breeze to fit-- jujft wrap 'round and cinch waist with bow. Jiffy-sew it in dawn-cool cotton with or without embroidery accent. - - Marion Martin Pattern 9015: Half Sizes 14^, 22% 24% takes 3% yards 45-inch. Embroidery transfer. "Conversation" pictures! Em- broider them in gay colors for recreation room, hall, anywhere! Add charm to pillow and towels, wr: frame old-time autos for pictures. Easy 8-to-inch cross- stitch. Alice Brooks Pattern 7261: transfer 6 'autos inches; directions. By Marion Martin By Alice Brooks Price: 50 Cents Price: 35 Cents To order either or both of these patterns tear out coupon and nail it to The Pattern Department, Tucson Daily Citizen. I am enclosing in coins taped to this order. Marian Martin Pattern No '. Si»., Alice Brooks Patten No. CITY STATE FIRTH · MAGEE IARWICK · PRIDE · · ROXBURY RAUCHENBURG WOOL Let four · ACRiLAN « CoHe-n and Suptr-L NYLON f 1 CARPET $ DOLLAR , C O P E L f t N D ' S 17N W. SPEEDWAY MA M7S1 Low Bank Rates Women Still Use Rags, Honey T/^ r rn C^TA I? C To Keep Colds From Spreading JtJl/fl Ol/llto , m t f By GAY PAULEY NEW YORK -UPI- There is nothing to 'sneeze about in the findings of new study--on how we doctor the common cold. Modern medication is just the beginning of treatment, says a Study of 10,000 housewives. Some 86 per cent of them revert also to treatments like grandma used to use, frqra garlic hung around the neck in an old sock to a chest rub with goose grease. Ihe manufacturers of Bufferm did the study with written questionnaires, asking among other things about use of old-fashioned remedies as well as the modem, what housewives did to keep colds from spreading, and whether they thought kissing spread colds. The three most popular old-' time remedies were liquor and hot tea, hot honey and lemon juice, and a flannel rag on the chest. But most often mentioned as cures they had heard of were goose grease and turpentine rub, turpentine and lard rubbed on the chest, and eating raw onions. Matter of fact, the womanly faith in onions should make the onion growers of America rejoice. Among the 125 old-time remedies listed, onion ranked highest It was used in a variety of ways--as a poultice, in sugar and boiled vinegar, juice from onions seared on ^coals, fried onions packed on the chest and Tony, Meg Will Stay With Queen Mother B R E C K M oc. CREMfi RINSE $1.75 Value S P E C I A L P R I C E $ 1 . 3 9 Bo* mothers and Jitde girls find Breck Creme Rinse helpM when combing the hair after * shampoo. A creme rin§e takes only a minute and eliminates snarls, tangkc and ty-away hair, kaving k soft, easy to comb and arrange. It gives the hair lustre and body without feavmg an oily appearance. Breck Creme Rinse i« helpful in the care of Ay, brittle hair- LONDON--UPI -- The bridegroom of the year will live in Style, with his mother-in-law for several weeks after returning, from his honeymoon. Anthony Armstrong-Jones and his. royal bride Princess Margaret have accepted the hos-" pitality of the Queen Mother Elizabeth to stay with her at Clarence House upon their return from their Caribbean honeymoon on June 18. . The Armstrong-Joneses' home --an elegant "grace and favor" establishment at number 10 Kensington Palace--given to them by Queen Elizabeth; probably will not be ready for the newlyweds until late July or early August So the couple accepted the Queen Mother's invitation to stay at Clarence house, where Armstrong - Jones courted the Princess. What Armstrong-Jones will do professionally after his return remained conjectural. It was thought likely that he weold either keep up his photography or do theatrical work or interior decorating. The Princess has told friends that "I'd like to have my housewarming before we all go to Scotland for the holidays." The royal family traditionally spends the late summer holiday at the Queen's royal residence at Balmoral Castle iri the Scottish highlands. back for deep colds, onion tea, aked onions and brown sugar, onion poultices on the soles of the feet and palms of hands, and raw onions in a dish beside the bed. Some of the o t h e r old- fashioned remedies listed were enough to leave us happy with the sniffles. For instance: That garlic hung around the neck in an old sock. Castor oil. Hen's grease rubbed on the chest. Kerosene combined with sugar for a cough. Lard and nutmeg rubbed on the chest. Tobacco and lard in flannel on the chest and neck. A combination of flaxseed, horehound candy and lemon combined into a cough syrup. Raw garlic, eaten like raw onion. Sulphur and molasses. And a rub with skunk grease. The study showed the women didn't depend entirely on old- time remedies. Forty per cent took two medications concurrently. Two per cent dosed themselves with four or more remedies at a time. But 12 per cent said the heck~wtth any. To the question, "How do you keep a cold from spreading?," 6S per cent immediately resorted to the use of disposable tissues. Hand - washing and Gargling were the next most popular. Only 27.6 per cent forbade kissing. The women were asked also, point blank, whether they thought kissing spread colds. Some 55 per cent thought it "sometimes" did. Twenty seven per cent were agdnst kissing. A determined one per cent said they didn't care whether smooching spread colds or not. THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1MO ARIES (MAR. 81 TO APR, 1» U you do not s«l rWhl down to work «»Hy In A.M.. you m»y c«u« * Mi-lout rtft with a *Ul« «,!»(! ««*! co-worker. Later, *!· «» that you mwt obligation! with norm- Inllum- tUI person. Iiwure A-l c«((lt rating. T A U R U S APR. » TO MAY K) Be wn you Improve your »ppmr- unet through right care and truav- mcnli in A.M. Then make new con- Ucu and do research work thai will nee you better in(orm(Kl in the Ivi- ture, Tht» will prove a ttcpplnc-itonc toward Krcatcr advancement. VOR YOUR COPY oJ Carroll Rl«htcr'« Ifi-paRe Forecait for your »l£i for July tend your birth date and 50c (no »t*mp» to Forecail, Pattern Dcpt., Tucson Dally CWicn. G E M I N I ( M A Y Z1 TO J U N E J1 UM diplomacy In the morning »o that you do not upset one living with you- Make fnmlly tie* happier through performing necejuary dutlci. Then you can be with dynamic partner for ideal arrangements to ameliorate all of your aff«ir». MOON C H I L D R E N ( J U N E 22-JUUY 211 Car* while out driving or walking will remove any imminent danger of accident. AJBO. steer clear of sosiips. Consider the oilier fellow In alt conversations. Tonight Is Ideal for coin- Ing to better wwltrsUroUn* with practical-minded partner. LEO (JULY 22 TO AUG. 21) Ambitions and working capital are hardly compatible this morning and allies arid associates do not agree with Idea* either. So be sure to work well and keep silent. Get your health better tonight and do chorea carefully. V I R G O (AUG. 22 TO SEPT. 2J) Since you do not agree at all with a higher-up this A.M., it i» hest i« keep mum. Then you can get out for needed relaxation at amusements that nuut anUafy lind help \n k*rp your aplrlt« Warn. G»t Into » /ln» atmoapher*. L I B R A (SSPT. » TO OCT. 22) Meet obligation! In AM. though your deilr* for fun l great. Al»o. look Into mor« *fflclcnt method* o( operating. T M. utrlve f«r irv«lt\r h»ppinr« «nd Joy *t hornr. SCORPIO (OCT. » TO NOV. Jl) I A rlOM ally (1U«v«r» «amelhlnc rah«r dUturlilni! concornln« Mm- Intimate lie. Take thl« In *lrllc, then off u the calli and vi»lt» wlth : MK» rl*tf, roiatlve» *l »1« »nd K»li Krrntor prettijfe. \\'ork con*trucllvelv. SAOITTARIU* (NOV. 22 TO DEC. it) KcFti'buitly occupied with own aT- fulis *nd do not srt Into nny altorfa- tton l«tu'con a fwrin«r »nl » hljhcf-up. P.M. look Into * morn practical system tliroiuh which you can realize a jrrenler Income, Conlcv with expert*. C A P R I C O R N (DEC. J2 TO J A N . 10) Taltr car* you «i»ak nicely with Msoclate» in A.M. or a rift may occur. Evening ta then fine for 'Our be»t-llked amusemcntii, Don't hesitate to voice your ambitions and noals with the rlKht iwople. Bo well- balanced. A Q U A R I U S (JAN. S1 TO FEB. 1!» If you {lr»l seA ntlaira with olhcrs more hannonlous In A.M., you can then reallio that desire for entertainment. Evcnlnj; should be s.\r.M plan- nine In a very practical way your future activities Pi-op-cm is definitely powlble. PISCES (FEU. K TO M A R . 20) You would b«» wise to hfAr ·wat a£5odatcn and kin have to Ktigccst in A.M.. but do not put Idem In motion Just yet. Later, be sure you look into your paper or other printed media for further Idonn. Plan for the future Intelligently. Copyright 1060 THE PIMA COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY announce; the relocation oj the office oj C. E, Bcnscma, M.D. /or */ur practice of Internal Medicine and Arthritis at Broadmoor Medical Center 209 South Tucson Boulevard New Telephone Number EAsc 7-0552 or EAsc 5-1551 Residence EAst 5-3147 Beacon Friends To Be Feted Friends of the Beacon Foundation will be entertained Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. by Mrs. John A. Magee in her home at 2634 E. 4th St. Assisting her in receiving guests will be Mmes. Helen B. Keeling, Laura Ganoung and Willis Carson. , Older girls of the school and others interested in the Beacon Foundation will serve refreshments. Proceeds from the silver tea will be used for advance expenses connected with the annual bazaar to be held in the fall. It is oneymeans of supporting this non-profit school for Mverely retarded children. SHORT AND SWEET GIRLS' 2-PIECE SHORT SETS AT A SWEET PRICE (and wwOi mudi more) WEEKEND SPECIAL Girls Sizes J-H DR1P DRY $459 ,, COTTON *··«' 1 PC. SHORT I SETS SEVERAL STYLES DAMON'S Pueblo Shopping Center 12» S. CHERRY TRIAL-RENTAL PLAN Iron rile Automatic Irontr On the occasion of Festa Nazionale Tomorrow, June 2nd. we cordially invitt you to see a display of authentic Arts and Crafts of Italy Original oil paintings, Cameos, and miniatures, Mirrors, Consoles, Alabaster and Wood Carvings ... and many other artistic decorative accessories reflecting the continental charm, skill and creative ingenuity of Italy's foremost craftsmen. Open Home from Noon to Nine Leant Skills of Business Mr in SUMMER SCHOOLK Summer Term opens Monday, June 13 Why not put your Summer months to good and happy use? Summer School can set you on the road to an exciting career in Business three months sooner -- or, give you basic typing and shorthand, for use in high school or college! Choose from these valuable courses, beginning June I3lh. SPECIAL COURSES Typing.or.Shorthand.for: Pre-College Peraonal.Use Excluiivt Importers 2655 N. Campbell Ave. REGULAR COURSES Stenographic Office.Machine Secretarial Business.Administration You'll enjoy Summer School! Classrooms «r« cool and an exciting group of young people attends. Same high quality, down-to-earth courses and instructors as during the Fall Term. BUSINESS, COLLEGE T U C S O N - r» W O E N I X \ptt-" Z/889 537 $. STONE AVE. PHONE MA 2-7421 mm Use our convm* ttnt 30, 60, er 90-day budget accounts, or Summer's Favorites Slim sheath with a linen look thai elegantly goes to towfi! Bodice is inset with silk, scroll trimmed. Sixes 8 to in white or black. « 6341 E. Broadway · 62 I. in Wllmet Plaza Downtown Op«n Friday Night Optn Friday Night * MUnday Night SHOP MONDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHT Til 9 ... Expert for r«tyling, impairing. FULL PANEL TEETHING RAILS WHITE *r NATURAL PLUS INNERSPRINC CRIft MATTRESS 40.00 NOW 2$.$5 MAB-LENS deeming and glaiing ... Phone MA 4-4421 for your appointment. your easy-care PROPORTIONED summer wardrobe! ariwUsharkskin in a PROPORTIONED whirl 6.98 Ifs the Amel-Sharkskin whirl-around ... a pockaWe, drip-dry skirt with the pleats that stay and stay! White only Short 8-16, Medium 8-18, Tafl 12-18. ROWEICO POfOVtt HOUSE... iMrf slioncinii ... 9.9 PROPORTIONED... silk-like shirtdmt 12.98 The pinnacle of practicality . . . the go-everywhere shirtdress in .0 siHcy, washable 65% "Dacron"* polyester fiber and 35% cotton ... in three proportioned lengths to eliminate costly alterations . . . for onf y 12 98! Grew ' li|ac ' Wue ' 0° w ** beige; Short 8-14 Medium 8-18, Toll 12-18. H Tfnn v *rf6ff blu«, orang* or pfofc ftowwn; bwg* with cocoa *ow*n, 5.95* OM OfNf **·*«

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