The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 4, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1906
Page 2
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CHILL1COTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT. 4 CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MAIL AND STAB SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. S. I*. NEWLAND WM..L. WATKINS EDITOHS AND PUBLISHERS DFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY, Terms of Subscription: The CONSTTTOTION pniarantees to advertisers a larger circulation in Idvinrston County than hat of all other local papers published in Chillicothe combined. •fhe price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of the year is 81.00, or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing to so pay, 'will be charged the $1.50 rate. This rule will be strictlv adhered to. ' Entered at the ' postoffice at Chilli- oothe, Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mail as second-class matter. Office in CONSTITUTION Building, &16.South Washington Avenue. Telephone No. 105. By Mail—Postage Prepaid: •Daily, one year $5.00 Daily, six months 2.50 Weekly, one year, hi advance 1.00 Weekly, one year, if not paid before year ends 1.50 Weekly, six months 75 The Daily will be delivered by carriers to subscribers in Chillicotne at 10 cents per "~ek. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported at this. Habit-forming Medicines. Whatever may be the fact as to many of the so-called patent medicines containing injurious ingredients as broadly published: in some journals of more or less influeDL-e, this publicity has cerlalul? been of great benefit in arousing nettled attention to" this subject, It has. In fe considerable measure, resulted in the most intelligent people avoiding such foods and medicines as may be fairly suspected of containing the injurious mgre- aiente complained of. Recognizing this fact some time ago, Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo. 3S. Y., "took time by the forelock," as it were, arid published broadcast all th% ingredients of which his popular medicines are composed. Thus he has completely forestalled all harpihgxritics and all opposition that mtelit, otherwise be urged against his medicines, because they are now of KSows COMPOSITION. Furthermore, from the formula printed on every bottle wrapper, it will be seen that these medicines contain rio alcohol or other habit-forming drugs. Neither do they contain any narcotics or injurious agents, their ingredients being purely vegetable, extracted from the roots of medicinal plants found growing in the depths of our American forests and of well recognized curative virtues. Instead of alcohol, which even in small portions long continued, as in obstinate cases of diseases, becomes highly objectionable from its tendency to produce a craving for stimulants, Dr. Pierce employs chemically pure, triple-refined glycerine, which of itself is a valuable remedy in many cases of chronic diseases, being a superior demulcent, antiseptic, antiferment and supporting nutritive. It enhances the curative action of the Golden Seal root. Stone root, Black Cherrybark and Bloodroot, contained in "Golden Medical Discovery," in-all-bronchial, throat and lung affections attenued with severe coughs. As will b« seen from the writings of the eminent Drs. Grovcr Coo, of Now York; Bartholo.w. of Jefferson Medical College, Phila.; bcmlder, of Cincinnati; Ellingwood. of Chicago: Hale, of Chicago, and others, who stand as- loaders in their several schools of practice, the foregoing agents are the very-best ingredients that Dr. Pierce could have chosen to make up his famous "Discovery" for the cure of not only bronchial, "throat and luns affections, but also of chronic catarrh in all Its various forms wherever located. Democratic State Ticket. For Judge of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. M. WOODSON. — For Judge of Supreme Court, Short Term, W. W. GEAVKS. Ballroad and Warehouse Commissioner RUBE OGLESBY. Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWAKD ALLEN GASS. Democratic Counly Ticket. For Congress W. W. BTJCKEE, neys and sheriffs from office come as a personal blow, made so by guilty consciences. The passage of such a law as the Governor urges will give the people a remedy when they are betrayed by such officials for the benefit o lawless liquor dealers and gamblers, whose activity at the polls now makes them immune from punishment in some localities. Representative JAMES O. BANEY Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney , E. C. OBB Clerk of the County Court A. M. SHELTON Tieasurer U. S. Probate Judge PIEEOE OVEBTON Clerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW MCBRIDE Collector. B. F. THORP Assessor JOHN J. MAY Presiding Judge County Court S. HAWKINS Judge Eastern District IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORREST M. CfILL Judge Western District o. W.;GARLI'OK For Coroner. R. H. CABELL. HOWEVER, Mr. Bryan says that he will not press his government ownership idea at this time. This will give Colonel Wetmore and some of the other Missourians who crossed the briny to see him first a chance to partially rally from the shock. DOT3BLY WELCOME It isnoiperfunctory greeting tha Chillicothe extendb to the Good Roads convention and the visitorb on this occasion. This convention promises to mark an epoch in Missouri. Ou of it is expected to grow a movement that will make Missouri a state of magnificent highways, in stead of one which is noted for impassable roads during rainy seasons. ^~. Missouri farmers have in day past been prosperous in spite of bad roads. The same Missour mud that has filled wagon ^wheels and mired horses has yielded like the valley of the Nile, and th farmer's mind was more concern ed with farmiag than with roai making. Now, however, the Missour farmer has reached the stage whe he is in comparative affluence and he begins to look to his com fort as well as to' his prosperity Therefore he Rives more attention to the road question than ever before, and he has about reached the conclusion that good roads will be such a valuable asset to him that they will be well worth buying BOONVILLE MAN A SUICIDE. Boonville, Mo., Sept. 3.—David T. Drafien, an insurance man of this cityj shot and killed himself in his offi.ce here at 8 o'clock this morning, The shot was fired by a 38-caliber revolver which he took rom a drawer of the Central Na- .orial bank while the janitor was t work cleaning Che building and efore'any of the employees had rrived. He was a son of Iho late W. Draffen, law partner of udge Williams for thirty years, n his pockets were found three 3tters, one to his wife, one to his irother-in-law, Ernest Chambers, ,nd one to Speed Stephens, president of the Central National bank. There is nothing so pleasant as hat. bright, . cheerful, at-peace- with-the-world feeling when you it down to your breakfast. There s nothing so conductive to good work and good results. The heal- hv man with a healthy mind and body is a better fellow, a better workman, a better citizen than the man or woman who is haudicup- jed by some disability, however Blight. A slight disorder of the stomach will derange your body, your thoughts and your dlaposi^ ,ion. M3et away from the morbid- ness and tho bluea. Keep your stomach in tune and both your brain and body will respond. Liltle indiscretions of overeating can be easily corrected and you will be surprised to see how much better man you are. Try a little Kodol For Dyspepsia after your meals. Sold by Clark's Pharma- Chil- NEWS FROM WHEELING Wheeling, Sept 4—(Special Correspondence) — Mrs. Oliver, Frank Felt and wife and Miss Mollie Felt of Chillicothe were the guests of T, B. Hendrix and wife Thursday. Mrs. George Stick of Bedford was in town Thursday. Eli James was in Brookfleld a few days last week^ S. W. Haynes down from licothe Tuesday. G. E. T ij 1 T ia in Kuusas looking after his farm L. Kirnmis of near Well vi'le ie hero on a visit to rehuivcs. Mrs. Fr«nk Miller of Dullas, Texas, is the guest of her parents, M. L. Smith and wife. Mrs. W. A.Stt'opo £.nd non.Uuel, usited at Oik Grove Moivlay. Miss Jennie Jai'iies of Bucldin h visiting Eli Jurat's and family. Miss Rachel Beat and nephew Rusecl Carter, came down frorr thilliootho Tuesday for a fev,- davs' visit. Frank Snow and wifo nnd Luth- erSuo.v and wife arc in Denver. Colo. Charles Hawker nnd sister, Miss Harriett, Joo Tompkins and wife J. Castle and Family wero arm nil bhose from here who attended ttu IT will be noticed that the county or state official who takes a delight in criticising Governor Folk is invariably one who has failed to do his duty. The Governor is a much despised men among prosecuting attorneys and sheriffs who give more attention^) the shielding of criminals than they do to the enforcement of the laws. To these the Governor's insistence that the laws be-enforced and his request that he be'allowed to suspend faithless prosecuting attor- BEST STEERS STEADY. Kansas City.Sept.3.—Best steers steady, others low to lOo lower; SO 25 bid; cows steady to weak; heifers steady; stockers slow, steady; calves steady to weak. Cattle-Receipts 16,000, including 2000 Southerns. Native steersS4 25 (oiG.oO; Southern steers, §265 (a4.60; southern cows §2.00(^:3.00; Native cows ind heiferti, §2.00 485;stockera and feeders 3260;^ 4'50$ builb,S2 00(«3 25;calves52 50 (2)5.50; western fed steers S3.50«t 5.25; western fed cows S2.00;u400. Hogs—Receipts 5,000; heavy §6.00(0,6.15; packers S6 00(a6.25; pigs and lights, 50.15®(3.35 Sheep—Receipts 7,000; MuU tons S4.50(aj5.60; lambs §6.00(«:<7.. r iO range wethers, ?475<i575; fed ewes, 84 25 S.5 50. .-^. • • .» Hints House to workers. Nothing is more important to the hardworking housekeeper,thau to keep her liver properly working; otherwise, that pale sallow look, and tired feeling, will make her look and feel as sick as a dog. Nothing will keep you up to the mark, without injurous stimula- well as Dr.Caldwell's (laxative) Syrup Pepsin. It is a pure liver tooic—a cure for Constipation, Biliousness, and Indigestion. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and Sl.OO. Money back if it fails. show in Chillir.otho Saturday. Mrs. A. B. Clurk' epr-ut Sundnj in Brookfiuld. Cocaine which dulis the ni'r never yet cured Nasal Cnt:urh The heavy foeiilig in tho forohuiii) the stuffed up sensation and th watery dischargo from eyts i<nd nose, nloug with all tho othr miseries attending the dispas;-,^r< put to i-out by Ely's Cre.-tm Balm Smell, tnato and he:irin>> aro ro stoied, breathing is normal. Lin til j ou try this remedy, you ca form no iuea of the i-uo r l it will do you Is applied/ directly to the sore spot. All drugeisU, OOc. Mailed >jy Ely Bros., 50 Warren street, Now York. Losing it, day after day? And doing nothing' to save it? As though you can ' ose your ha ' r and kee P ' f ' t00 ' Then stop this falling. Stop it at once! You^ can certainly do it with Ayer's Hair Vigor. It feeds the hair, gives it strength, keeps it in place. And it makes the scalp healthy, cures all dandruff, and keeps the hair soft and glossy. Try it and be happy! LoweifMass' IS STILL THE PL A (II TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR POLITICIAN SUICIDES Sedalia, Mo , -Sept. o—W. F« Hansberjror, a member of the city council and a Democratic politician, committed ^uiriiJo by shott- ing hiinsuif at iiis hums hof-.> this afternoon. Hansbcrger, who w;u 00 years old, wr.s despondent over iiiifincial reverses. Lie h.-.xci lost some 1 money on a star routu mail contract RIGHT OFF THEMES. Fine peaches ( of good size and $100 REWARD, 3100. Tin-ror.iU-rs of this paper wili 1"' plciisi.'il to lairn Unit tlioiv is M '.rust tine itf-mU'il tllsoast.' that wclenci' 1m* P'/I'M ul>lr to euro In all It.sstniK'S. ninl tliiMs Cntarrh. Hull's Catarrh Ouru lsth<> only positive cun- now known to the mi' fraternity. Cntarrli being » constitutional illsonsi 1 ,' iviinlivs :» C'onstltntiuiKil tivui m^ut. Hall'* ('jitni'rli Curo Is tnki-ii inti'nmlly, ai-tinff <lnvct;>- upon tho Wood anil minion:, sui-fams of the uystuin, tiicn'hy fli'slruylnir tin; foundation of the ills.-aai-, nnrt jrivlnit tho patlci.t stfaiiBth liy liUllUliii? Up lim constitution ttiul.assisting nature In dcilnK its Work. The proprietors have so much faith In its cuni- tlvo powers tliat they offer Onii Hundred Dollars for any t-nsi- it falls to cure Hend fur list c-f t.'Htlmoniali. Address K..!.(.'II KXKY A CU., Toledo, i). ^okl liy all 11011011*11. 7-V, Take Hull's Kiiniily I'lll for i-onst.ilK-tl ui ttylDg ' , ^- v i- nh-i quality at '25c par bushel. George The crowds which come to Cbil- ( J fa - . ee licothe today are the exemphfloa- j . j . cation of this feeling. Upon the telephone. degree of earnestness with which the convention takes hold of tho northwBst city . Ftee a27d&w 1 w English Spavin Liniment removes a Hard. Soft or Calloused Lumps nnd Blera' """ ilshee from horses. Blood Spavins, Curb* man- ! gp u n ts. Sweeney, Kins? Bor.e, S 11 fl e b Sprains, flU Swollen Throata, Oouaiia. etc SavolSfloy use of one bottle. Warranted the _ - , . m0 gt "onderful BlomlstfOuni every known good roads problem in Missouri. ' 3 0 ia by the"N J. sweintnd i>ni« do road question and upon the ner in which it takes action de- ' c pendS largely the solution or tne Tfae AND DISEASES yield quickly to the most wonderful discovery in the last hundred years. + ZEMO + is nowrecognized as "Theworld's greatest cure for all diseases of the skin and scalp." Itchingskin diseases are caused by a germ, ZEMO cures by destroying these germs. It never fails to cure. Mrs. E. S. Re3-nolds, 5560 Maple Ave.. St. Louis, says: "I am 73 years old, and I have suffered 19 years with itching, burnine eczema. My son-in-law. Jno. S. Davis of the Courtney Shoe Co< procured a bottle of ZEMO. Within one week the itchine was stopped and the swelling reduced and the eruptions almost A isappeared. It i* the greatest cure for all skin diseases." PRICE, $1.00, ALL DRUGGISTS OR BY EXPRESS PREPARED ONLY BY E. w. ROSE MEDICINE; co. $032 OKva St., St. Louis, Mo. . 0etf«i!itMiB'S>!iBr ', O^RK, -""" Therefore these delegates, who come to discuss the the welfare of ' , , , millUL waa i.of the state, are doubly welcome, be- . &ble Ttles( j ay . cause of the good cause ^in which they come; and because Chillicothe's hearts and homes are open to receive them. oondit io n o f Mrs. reported not so Mage 0, NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice Nis' hereby given that sealed-proposals will be received by tho. City Auditor of the city of -Chillicothe, Missouri, up to twelve o'clock noon, on the 12th day of September, 1906, for tho doing of the work and labor necessary to construct a sewer on Jackson street from the west side of Jefferson street, to the east side of Easton street, being a distance of about 573 feet. All the said work and "labor shall be in full accordance with the plans and specifications therefore prepared by the city engineer and now on file in the city clerk's office, and in accordance with ordinance number , of the ordinance of the city of Chillicq-. the, Missouri, calling for said improvements. The proposals must be according to form required and furnisn- ed by the city engineer. [ A certified cheek in the sum of $25.00 must accompany each bid to insure. the making of a contract. "The right to reject any and- all bids is reserved by the City Council. • ! BUELL WlGELY, City Audi|p?. j Br,7. 0. MlaofiBada OR. SAL For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Seven Room House Nine lots. Good barn. All kinds fruit. A good location. Price $1850.00 Nine-Room Brick House In citv. Modern. Good barn. Price $2,'700. Eight.-R.oom Frame House Two blocks from square. Price $1,850. Five-Room House. Three' blocks from square, good barn. Price $025. Five-Room Frame House Two blocks from square. Price $1,250. Eight-Room Frcme House Three blocks from square. Modern. Price S3,500. Six-Room House Five lots; »good barn; fruit of all kind. PriceSSOO. Five-Room House Five room boose. Good repair, price $525.00. •-. Eight-Room House Modern.- Three blocks from, square. New barn. Wood house.' Price $2,600. a'.--- 1 Bazel J. Meek Land Co, Bears the Signature of AUCTION Everything in «,he"Star S'lloon.' will be sold nt auct.on during the Interstate Good Road convention. All of the fine wines, whiskies, and brandies will bo sold for first cost. Whiskies as good as the best at SI.50 to 82 00 per gallon right out of the barrel. Farmers bring your jug to tho "Star Saloon." Blackberry brandy and whiskey 50u per quart, 29adtf The children arc slaying at grand- pa'a. Mamma has gone down to tho sea: Papa is at home working? Keeping well with Rocky Mountain Tea. Swetland drug company. The trial of "Chicago Red,"who is alleged to be" the leader of a gang of highwaymen, who held up the passengers in the, depot at the Wabash Crossing at Gallatin and robbod them last fall, is in progress at Gallatin today. Hood's Sarsaparilla cures radically—that is, it removes the roots of disease. That's better than lopping the branches. A world J of truth in a few words: "Nearly all other cough cures are constipating, especially those containing opiates, Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar moves teh towels. C9nta.lns^no opiates. ^DUcaijgeHHfc'ClarU's that Defy Gosupsfffion, AH of our Men's Tan and Chocolate Oxfords worth $3.50 & $4.00 will be closed out at Our Bargain tables are loaded with shoes at. 69c, ?9c,98,&.$!.25. These prices are about, half the regular prices. Oar prices on Ladies', Misses' and Children's Slippers and Oxfords lower than ever. Cosae to us to get men's | I auydry The products of this Laundry will correspond nicely with Asphalt Streets and Electric Cars. We cater to the trade that knows. proprietor. I-H-II 'I-M .I.-H-H-I-M-'I-H 'I 'I t - DR.J.C.SMELTON, ;: TJIK . » Oculist and Catarrh Specialist • • Limits his practice entirely to Sur- Kery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat, Ami the correction of Errors of RV- fractlon by Scientific Fitting of Glasses. P-actorioscopic and .Blood examinations iniitle for Physicians who are not prepared to mako them. i ItllCB over GLOIt E& MILLER 71S Washington St. Chlllieothe; Mo. Tcl.-phones: Office, 1*1: lies. :S5. K RAY'S Bus, Baggage &. Transfer Lines 1 am now located at M. W. Litton's TjiVfi-y I'.arn. All Calls will be [iroiiinllv attended to. TKt«EPH'iXI-:s 1 HKSiiiKSrK - II KSIllKTfA HOTF.t, .%'l>i -III, Stenographer Notary Public Fire Insurance t YVo have them at $! .50 $1.65, $1.75 and $2. SOUTH SIDE SQUARE S THE BLUE FHOHT. Advance Fall Styles now ready for your inspection. SON BRANT'S SHOES ARE BETTER." f I'nstortice Uuililiny, Chillicothe. * .?. I'hurje.s, oliioL 1 ;>18: residence (ifij. •{• r, Praxis H. Singer Qsisesaihio Physician cci;.HSiH- to 111. <;» nc'vi'.'Vi- K. Laiwhllo F1TZPATR1CK BUILDSNG. jO+ Washington St., Chillicothe, Mo B '144. FR£E DR. H. K. GB4.CB, Physician and Snnrnon. Kooms :>. 1 and 5. \V:ill- bruhu Phones: Ollicu JSiS; residence o'-H). J.~E. CALLAWAY.M.D" Anv Chronic Ailment. Disease. Kve. Kar. No.^e aud Throat civen special attention. Office in Walbrunn Bid's: Office Phone 57. Residence Pho^e 11. OH. W, H. PERHY, fi Office Rooms 1 and 2 Wallbrunn buiidinir. Residence 1542 west Cal- lioun St. Office ohone. No. 331: residence ohone. No. 593. All calls in citv and countrv answered promptly day or nifjht. THE SOUTH LOCUST ST. LI V E R. YM E,N have atUKd to their stock the tin- est Flint ral Car ever brought to Chillicothe. Besides doinj; a gen. rat livery business, they give special attention 'O funerals. They also make carriage calls (dav or night) to any part of the city ur comity. Tc.ephoce .50. 410 ri. Locust St. S Hei2S8 isving & Raisin* | t« * Leave orders at ^ Si snunders-Turner Lnniber. Ynrd * « n u.ftirtlFU it * I J. R. i j ^H-;-.4^-H-K-H-;-:"i 'i .I..I..H..X..H..H. >L N. Page LAWYER J 5O7 Washington Street. J K f H * 5> r f ft f. Iff I 3 i U. & TE-OP-A-THY. . for the relief of the sufforlnsr. is rapidly winning favor with « r farther information see « Br. Lavlna Beauearap g^" 1 ^-^--- - Osteopathis Physician Fifth Tear in ChillicotK -PHONES: NSSHT 153. DAY 397. JOHN H. TAYLOR. ATTOltX F.Y-AT-LAW, OIHCB: 2nd floor Mnsonlc Toraple,: S. \Vasliipgtuii St. Collections mode and pjSmiptly remitted. Notary ttl- wuys in otfiQe. •!'•;••!• I I I I-H"H"t"I"M'II'-I"I'I'M''I-t-M' CHICH ESTER'S ENGLISH "*l^ !M\2I«>M5 BJ1AMK ^»JI.:.i: Ask 10-r Diu,; s ist for f , ChWhco-tcr> Pins "> "«( K«ia a-.oallfc I>°XM. S(»led\ ,->. — «-w\viin Illne '<ib:).ir. T»^«» n other, •j^ &&?^§Ij!," tf your DraiKlst ao'l ask for V*f fi? 'yi'i^rerinlsd "litest. Safet." A°l«i^ ^^^f" Rc'inMe. Sola hy Dni^sts ererywbert. CLlelcstsr Chemical Co~, Philadelphia, Pa. fountain Tea Nuggets i Easy Hcilioiao for JJnay Vsopie. Brligs Qoidss Health and Renewed Vigor. A. specific for C^nstiprition, indigestion, Live • n.l Ki(ln*'V Tro'a'.>les. I'impics, Eezemn, Impure •;i,Bxl, lia-'! iJreath, SluR^ish Bowels, Headache 1:1.1 Bactuchc. ?t's Eoclcy Mountain Tea iu tab- l-'t fonri, 35 c*;ii:s a box. Genuine made by HOLI.'STER COMPAXT, Madison, Wis. I'..-DEN BIUGGE7S FOR SALtOVtf PEOPLE MEN AND WOMEN. TJnoBig G for nnnalaral disch»rge»;taflammi>iion». -irritations or ulceratiot^ oC m.u c oni B niemoraooi'I Patnte9«.nn(lnotaattin. genrpr,gjl«onoua. Sol*** -

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