The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 15
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 15

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 15
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THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 21,1952. Fifteen Shopp CLASSIFIED ADS FOR RENT-PROPERTY 5-ROOM MODERN HOUSE; manent. Ph. 4106-M. PER- LEGAL NOTICE In the Probate Court of Leavenworth County, Kansas. In the matter of the estate of Pearl A. Redmon. deceased. ADMINISTRATOR'S KOTICE BY PUBLICATION The State of Kansas to" the creditors, LEGAL NOTICE day. in said court, in the City of Leavenworth, Kansas, at which time and you fail therein, judgment and decree: in East Leavenworth. '" be entered in due course upon per at the Gulick Cafe on Wednesday evening. Mrs. Don Meyers spent several days with her sister and relatives said petition. Witness my hand in the City of Leavenworth in said County and State this 20th day of August, 1952. Hudson L. McGuire Petitioner. James N. Snyder F°R. SALE-HEAL ESTATE [ FOR SALE-REAL ESTATE - ^.^^ ^^ ^ aU other i Nicmaank Bldg 8 ROOMS, MODERN. CONVENIENTjGROCERY STORE, STOCK AND FIX-|persons concerned of the decedent: Leavenworth, Kansas tures, dping_good business. Leonard] Notice is hereby given that letters Attorney for Petitioner lor 2 apts., each 4 rooms, private bath, entrance, basement, 3 lots. 932 Pott. 8 ROOM BRICK HOUSE, 3V 2 LOTS, hardwood floors, gas furnace, IVz baths, 2 porches, garage, excellent condition. 819 N. 6th. _FOR_SAJLE—MIS£ELLANEO«S SQUARE BLOCK, 9TH, CHEROKEE; J. R. W ATKINS PRODUCTS. T. W.! Delaware, and Rhyne St.. ideal for (Bill) Uhlrich. Ph. 3214-F-2. KINDLING BLOCKS Studd=rd Coal Co., TOR SALI. 730 Seneca. inew homes, all improvements in, real - bargain. Harmon. 706 DeL " COR. ~ " Stafford. Ph. Easton 372. .of administration have been granted! Attest: TnT- Salo— wt^ Randolnh a fine all! to tne undersigned upon the estate of Kenneth Harmon For Sale-12-D Kanooipn a line au ;pearl A Redmon decea ,. edi ]ate of Probate Judge. ,U ilWU!.., all 111. . . „„.,„*., „.,,] ..,„,« t,.. *U« «Ln.. n ,1^:<.^» *...-«...;«« modern home, good shape, ga pianos, uprights. F. Urban. Tuner. Ph. 333. JN.E. COR. 8TH AND SENECA. Z, _. : story. 5 rooms, 13x18 ft., overhauled, I modern home for , . , in good shape, best bargain in city. I Kickapoo, all modern Apt. home, might Harmon. 3698-\V. ' ' " ' fruit 5 goodlots ' said c ° unt y and state ' b >" the abov <= T and a-bargain. Near 2nd Ave.'l"f, med «>urt. bearing date of July 31st and Marshall, fine all modern home'l 952 - and , thatiq 5? ld court on the 31st 2-4 baths, basement, fine corner. Near ]^i;of July.^l^, ordered jh,s f notice is having demands late must exhibit nine (9) months from the first publication of this .:*,•? Da ins. uabemeiiu, wum^i. iictni. -, \-f-\+ ^ TIT 5th and Olive, fine all modern home. l ? be Published. N' 3 lots, all in good shape. Near 2nd S'ven that all persons and Olive, finl duplex, all modern fS™' «« »«» J-* Apts., 3 garages, corner lots. At 409 , all in fine shape, 3! » hem withm 9 Kickapoo, fine all date ° J the . Near 4th and Wisdom's has the toys 508 Delaware Very good business corner, South, 3 apartments second floor, ground floor suitable most any type business, with good parking space $20,000. Modern Drive-In Cafe Building, good location, for sale or lease. I 9 rooms, modern, near 3rd Avenue ftrent makes USED PLOWS. DIF- id bottoms. Collard & Cherokee. School, partlv furnished $9,250. C. A. HAWKEY. REALTOR Phone 713 or 4352 Mfg. Bank Bldg. fenced, all in good shape. 62 acres, nice home, on highway; 157-acre farm, no house. $10,000. Just south of Leavenworth, 160 acres, lays fine. At 1601 ..„.._, 0 ™ „.,„ ...vj .,.,.„, .„.„„.« .Ottawa. 10 acres, lays well, 4-room CoUard implement Co'Jlth'&^^o"-!^ 1 *"• S2200: wonderful modern brick house good to build homes on, $,.=00. y. cc . |home near Cathedral or North Broad-}Ed Alexander. Pn. sea. rip™ r arrrw TTTTTJ IFOR SALE: 3 ROOMS. FURNISHED, s?ete atodimfmj "8"^ S™ ""<* "ty water, lot 50x150. • trade on small house. Close in, brick store building and 5- rooms, all modem and 6-room house with 2 Apts. rented, might trade on August, 1952. iarm. Just south of town, 13 acres. 6 notice, as provided by law; and thai if their demands be not thus exhibited within such time they shall be forever barred. ' Dated and signed this 6th day of rooms, all modern, outbuildings, possession when sold. Close in, 20 acres. r- _.•„ " chicken house. home, fruit, Albert L. Redmon, Administrator of the estate of Pearl A. Redmon, deceased, good barns, John H. Murray, pond, welliHis Attorney. (First insertion Aug. 7. 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) juvenile America and the taste pre- AUGUST ' CARPETING yd. -iway Schools, will sacrifice and give]' SALE—'possession;. 4 rooms, fully . modern,! MISCELLANEOUS State of Kansas Leavenworth County, ss: In the Probate Court of Leavenworth County. Kansas In the Matter of the Estate of Naomi Ruth Jackson, deceased NOTICE OF HEARING No. 3553 brpadlooin. regular S8.80 _. $7.44, colors-beige, rose, gre; Sq. yd. forj2 beautiful vacant Jots rey, medium Street with lights, gas a on Cheyenne and city water. PIANO -Vfji,™- B~HT~ATH PH" The state o£ Kansas to all persons TUNING. R. BL.A1R. FH.. concerned! Music Co. or holly green. Cut to anv rug size'all for S550: The Ashby Estate on or wall to wall carpeting. 32-oz. rug : Grand Avenue and Pennsylvania, rea-, _,____—.,-. „-. -,~~.T,.T/~ . »rr> ni- cushioning 72c Sq. Yd. Montgomery j sonable: 6 rooms. 1 floor fully mod- EXPERT ? IA NO TUNING AND RE- Ward Cof !?rn. 80 foot front, $9,000: 6 rooms. JP al ^ Irving Nielsen. Ph. 3146-W. 1747-J. Recommended by Jenkinj YOU are' hereby notified that a peti- 8 PIECE DINING ture. Ph. 2716. [fully modern with garage. $7500; 9 SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED, BOOM FUHNI- rooms and bath, $3250; 4 apartments. ':> baths, 3 apartments furnishe'd, pos- GLADIOLI AND OTHER CUT FLOW-! SfnsimV {tion has been filed in said court by Ernest P. Jackson, widower and heir at la\\ of Naomi Ruth Jackson, de- ciased, praying for the appointment — .. — _ - - -of Ernest P. Jackson as administrator free estimates in the home, reason-1 O f the estate of Naomi Ruth Jackson, ng e. $10.500; several houses" in er "sewing 'Machine "Co.. ~~408 Delaware, I nui ,-„— ----- ----- --- --- -• ;—«..*...- at reasonable prices; 4Va ph 45 thj» ers. Mrs. A. Sodenburg, 1018 Paw- , acres. 3 rooms, large chicken house. ' TREES, SHEUBS, landscaping. Leavenworth L. C. and Elizabeth Gatewood, and Vilas, Ph. 1825. FOR SALE — SHALE, FILL black dirt Ph. Lansing 206. | a real buy. $6800: close in. 5 rooms, EVERGREENS l* u ^ v modern, furnished.' $6,000: new a , „ modern home, rea- 12th ! sonable- 8 rooms modern, would make . I good duplex; 5 rooms, 1 floor, large 1 'ots. a real buy at $5,000; 5 rooms. ANDjfuliy modern, full basement. 4 car garage. $10.000; 6 rooms. 1* floor and baih. $4,000; 6 rooms. l',2 bath, $6800; wonderful well built brick home. 314 acres of ground, lots of shade trees, TREE RIPE ELBERTA CANNING j beautiful yard, will' consider offer; PEACHES. BRING CONTAINERS. • Robert H. Koch, 21st and Shawnee. peaches, bring . Fruit Farm. containers. lose in. 5 rooms and bath, 2 3 rooms land bath each, large yard, 2 car gar.._-.„„, . - T — T -.„-, age. reasonable; 3 rooms, large yard, VENE , T1 t, AN ,,,, BLINI)S - P len *y of fruit. S2.000; 5 rooms, lights, iaVTn*>ntc PV, WU ^__ _^j _;* __.!* A ._._ ».-«« ../ Monthly payments. Ph. 3434. PEACHES. JOHN Metropolitan. BURRE, 22nd and gas and city water 3 lots, $4500; 4',4 , able prices, all work guaranteed. Sing- deceased, and you are hereby re----- ,__ ,,_.^.._- ^,- ,„„ -r.,,1 ...... _i o . fl]e your wrltten de{enses lereto on or before the 9th day of er, 1952, at 1:30 o'clock P. _ _ INSURANCE ' St.. Ph. 40. ,nd state, at which time and place FOR HEATING. ROOTING, GUTTER-isaid cause will be heard. Should you ing, asbestos siding, call LeBreton,! fail therein, judgment and decree will Ph. 4212-W. *ie entered in due course up'on said • ~ — petition. ' Dated at Leavenworth. Kansas, this 13th day of August, 1952. FLOORS LAID. SANDED AND RE- tinished. Ph. 4484. Wm. H. Young. HAND AND POWER MOWERS. saws, scissors, knives, sickles, machine sharpened and repaired. Bloyrt James N. Snyder Ernest P. Jackson Petitioner. Sharpening Serv., 1041 Spruce, 4269. INSURANCE AND REAL _ Harry Heim, Ph. 502, Easton, Kas. acres. $30.000 worth of new improve- — ' .__'. „—„,, T^.TTT k ments. all for $12.000; large 8 rooms GENERAL CONTRACTING: BUILD- Ph I Attorney for Petit'oner First National Bank Bldg. ,-„.—, Leavenworth. Kansas. ESTATE. (First insertion Aug. 14, 1952) (The Leavenworth Times. 3) t FOR SALE— 1008 Ironmoulders. Phone 3332-R. . (with fuli basement, 2 acres, plenty of _ ing, repairing; concrete work, HEATROLA. INQUIRE i fruit, $77000: 4 rooms" bath '4'Tots"''S4~-lkinds. pn - 2598 - J ,., ^ — - C"X): several large farms, some small [DAMAGED" all 3-PIECE VENEER BEDROOM SUITE!{ excellent condition. Mrs. Pete Nieman, Farley, Mo., after 5. BROME GRASS SEED FOR See us before'you buy! Hibbs Farm Service. 101 N. Broadway. Ph. 330. Delect f™™ r n l select from. Col. Phone 56«. . some _.. houses, .plenty of| ther properties to'p^ VjU W. T. Chambers/"' K>B TERMITE real vna n D. CLOTHING REWOVEN Ann Gargotta. Prof. Bldg., Room 16, "CONTROL, GUARANTEED In the Probate Court of Leavenworth County. Kansas. In the Matter of the Estate of Clarence McGuire. deceased, and of the partnership estate of "McGuire's." No. 3556 NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to the Heirs. (First insertion August 21. 1952) (The Leavenworth Times 3t) Plaite City Mrs. Mollie Knighton Mrs. Alta Bartlett has returned to her home in Ventura, Calif., after a six weeks visit with her son Merle Bartlett and-Mrs. Bartlett. Mrs. Louise Thompson is visit- Mr. and Mrs. George Winwright entertained several guests from Leavenworth at dinner Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Buster Lowmiller and Mr. and Mrs. Roland Giffee spent several days in Excelsior Springs. Friends received word from Mr. and Mrs. Chet Turner and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cockriel that they are enjoying the cool weather in t h e North where they are on vacation. Mrs. Jessie Miller Jones of Leavenworth was calling on friends here recently. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murray and Nancy left for a ten day visit to Farmington N.M. for a ten day visit with her sister Mr. and Mrs. ing relatives in Oklahoma this.Ray Ferrel. Their eldest daughter ,vcek. Susanne, who has been spending Mrs. Marion Pulem and daugh- ] the summer there, will return home ter Caroline visited Thursday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Clark at Parkvilie. Mrs. Florence Stapp left Friday for a vacation in Yellowstone! Park and South Dakota. She was accompanied by her sister Mrs. Duncan of St. Joseph. Mrs. Stapp has been enployed many years at! the Wells Bank in Platte City. j The Lions Club enjoyed a sup-' u-ith them. Mrs. Murray's parents Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ham are staying at the Murray home during their absence. Mrs. S.P Larey has been suffering with an infected eye b u t improves. Mrs. Larey has been confined to her bed by illness since November and remains very weak at the home of her daughter ^M John Offutt. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ohrazda were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Jewette at the Masonic banquet in Parkvilie Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bruce are staying with her mother Mrs. George Elliott helping care for the home while Mrs/ Elliott is at the hospital with her mother who is very ill. Judge George Offutt suffered a light heart attack Wednesday evening, but is able to be about. Mrs. Mollie Knighton and daughter Elsie K. Wells, Harry H. Rippey and Bill Wells called on Mr. and Mrs. John T. Offutt at Parkville Thursday evening. Young Women 18 to 35 Several positions ncny open for young women with high school training. Assembling and packaging Christmas tags, seals and wrapping paper. 40-hr, week — No Saturday work. Hall Bros., Inc. Makers of Hallmark Cards 618 Delaware HELP WANTED OFFICE GIRL atust be able to type, take shorthand, make change and figure repair orders. Must be steady. o'/ 2 -day week. Apply in person, preferably mornings. Perry L. Black Motor Co. - 200 S. Broadway -| 62 acres, 10 miles out. all in pasture. I Lumber Dealer. WES TING HOUSE AUTOMATIC; fenced, plenty water. 4 room house, !;-Vr>n~ washer, good mechanical condition, j partly modern, knotty pine living 199.50. Ph, Ft. Leav. 4115. room $9500. 5 rooms, 2 baths, basement ________ __________ . permanent, 18 years established rep- { Devisees and Legalees of said de- utation in Leavenworth. Free inspec-- cedent. and to all other persons con- Itions and estimates. Call your local cerned: ~ * rFsqponLS CESSPOOLS STIGLITZ GAS HEATER, 55,000 UN- its. 747 Chestnut PEACHES— BELLE OF GEORGIA and champion, (white) ready now. Elberta and Hale, (yellow) next week. W.R. Y.oung. Phone 597. Lansing. PROSPERITY TABLE TOP GAS . _ garage, close to school, in excellent location. $12.7=0. Suburban 5 room modern bungalow. large living room, gas heat, attached garage $10,500. Two 3 room houses, gas heat, convenient location $8500. Established business, sales and serv- cleaned, lateral laid. Ph. 1592. YARD GRADING, BASEMENT DIG- —- -- ging. driveways built, weed mowing, i date of November 30, Ph. Lansing 206. ' ""' '" " ! -~ ____ .__ _____ , range; excellent condition. Ph. 563- 1 ice appliance store, good income, $3500. r «„.> ^-_,-_j I Apt building. 3 family, each with W. 402 Garland. private bath, good income, on bus line, HALF-BATH: STOOL. SEAT, LAVA- $10,5lK). tory, medicine chest, $58.00. Lowe- 5 rooms and bath, built-in cabinets. , , mont Supply Company. , . basement garage, convenient location, $8300. i MARKET OPEN night till 9 p. m., open Sunday morning till noon. PAPER HANGING AND PAINTING, work guaranteed. Call Burchett 3434. You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in said court by Hudson-L. McGuire. son of the above decedent, praying for the admission of his last will and testament, bearing date of November 30. 1951, to probate, and for the appointment of Hudson L. ""cGuire as executor: I And you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 12th day of September, A. D., 1952. at 1:30 o'clock P. M. of said TERMITE CONTROL. FREE INSPEC- tion. Cleartox Co. Insured and Bond. ed. Phone 1358 or 1142. MOVING AND HAULING TOMATOES $1.00 lA PECK, PEPPERS and onions. Ph. 3214F-22. HELP WANTED—MALE OR MEN " ~~ 2 BOYS OR MEN FOR GENERAL .store work, days only. Jahu Super Mart., 7th and Kiowa. WANTED—MALE HELP FOR FAC- lory work, day and afternoon shifts. Apply in person at employment office, Gould-National Batteries. Inc., 1901 So. 4th St., Leavenworth, Kas. GOOD EARNINGS PAID WEEKLY— Salary or commission, opportunity for advancement for man with sales ability: full training given; local concern. Ph. Mr. Tabaccki. 367, 7 to 9 p.m. IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR YOUNG man who "will be a high school senior and wants to participate in the on- the-job training program. Contact M. L. Morton or R.E. Higdon, Montgom- Corner location south: six room ery Ward. _ . __ bungalow, three bedrooms, automatic .„ . -rrT?r> — ATT-rn lurcv* IT A ism- T TTTH ' "eat, attached garage ............ .59500 WANTED— AUTO MECHANIC LUEH-, Five room bungalo furnace, to town 120 ACRES, GOOD IMPROVEMENTS. 160 acres, well improved, houses and empty lots. Roy Winsor. 1412 Spruce. LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE: hauling and moving, storage, closed Roberts Transfer. Ph. 1917. j MbviNG7~LiGHT AND winch service. Studdard Transfer. Ph. 787. | MOVING AND "HAULING OF ALL! kinds, reasonable. Ph. 2598-J. ! FOB RENT—APARTMENTS 3 ROOMS AND BATH. UNFURN. UTI- lities Furn. $40.00. Reyburn Agency. ring Motors. Inc. very FOR RENT—ROOMS SLEEPING 3944-W. ROOM FOR MAN. FH~. • , NICELY TURN.. CLEAN SLEEPING rooms, baths. N.E. cor. 3rd and Del.) - galow oak floors, gas clean, close SQQOO Four rooms and bath, gas furnace, garage $5600. Ten room duplex, two baths, nice lot. close to Third Avenue School $9500. In Green Acres: New five room effi- Phone 3137. FOR SALE—AUTOMOBILES 1941 WILLYS 4-DOOR, REPOSSES- sion condition poor, make us an of-l fer. B & I Acceptance. 5th and Chero- j kee. Jgarage $10,500. Nine loom duplex, close to school and bus, two baths, good rental property 511,500. - - ^ - - j - ~ - - - |ner location, basement garage $8300. 1951 INTERNATIONAL DUMP l New five room bungalow -with three track. 5-Ft. transmission and 2-speed bedrooms, superior construction. rear axle. Ph. 2417-W. basement garage $13,000. Five room bungalow, automatic heat, basement garage, convenient to schools $12,750. Lincoln School district: 4 rooms and bath, oak floors, gas furnace ..$5500. THE REYBURN AGENCY 1936 PLYMOUTH COUPE. FH. 2142-W. FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR LARGER FARM, GOOD acres on highway, 5 mi. east Valley Falls. Kans., improved. O'Grady, Valley Falls, Kans. ALTERATIONS. WEDDING GOWNS, drapes. Mrs. Wallace H. Lambie, 111S Metro.. Ph. 3693-W. of oe lPhl! E. Reyburn Mrs. W.W.Fluharty 1314 Delaware Phone 336 - 337 SEWING. ALTERATIONS AND BUT- tonholes. Ph. 3893-J, Mrs. Pete Bak- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY NOT VENDING MACHINES If you have six hours average spare time a week you can realize up to $120 00 weeklv with an investment o f onlv $600.00 secured by inventory controlled by vou. First time offered in S-ROOM, PARTLY MODERN, FULL basement, garage. S lots, fruit trees and berries. 1030 Jackson. UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR VA- cuum cleaner salesman, Leavenworth exclusive sales and sep'ice on eading vacuum industry. Write C.D., care Times. i - ROOM MODERN HOUSE, GAS floor furnace 1 block from school no competition—absolutely new—will|-i-ROOM .HOUSE, $3200. SO. 5TH. IN- stand strictest investigation. Full time | quire.307 Miami; Liepard. applicants also considered. Write Box WVAR FEDERAT—PRT^OM -KVVJ •; _^i; _:_.; !,„„„ v,.. m Xar anrt artri,**>ec ^J^MV r J^UZtU.rt.Lt X^JXloUW, r*JiW O- . hone number and address. P ers - NEAR FEDERAL PRISOK room efficiency, complet $13,000. Shown by appoin* Suydam Agency. Ph. 268. WANTED TO RENT SMALL MODERN UNFURN. HOUSE, A. B. care The Times. __^ WANTED TO BUY HOGS. 140 LBS. AND OVER; ALSO sows Ph. Lansing 206. _ METALS. TIN. HAGS. pick up at top prices. Western Metal. 745 Del.. 514. NW part of town. 5-room dwelling, large lot 180' x 125'. all utilities, $500 down $5.750. New three-room modern house with unfinished 2nd floor for 2 additional rooms $8,000. 3-bedroom, 6-room modern dwelling. south New modern dwelling in icres. large rooms, large lot. S9.700. Green CASH PAID FOR SCRAP^ IRON. metal rags. tin. Independent Iron S: Metal Co.. 756 Chero.. Ph. 520. BALED HAY. GRAFTON BABCOCK. Ph. 1029. HELP WANTED—FEMALE WANTED-2 FRY COOKS. APPLY IN person. Terminal Cafe. HOUSEWIVES LOOKING FOR EASY w ay to earn from S50.00 to SI00.00 per month in spare time? Write J. O. Lynch, 4042 Main St., Kansas City, M"O. . jf yOU HAVE EXPERIENCE IN selling or general office work and ar e interested in a permanent job with a good starting salary, vacation «-ith DPV and other employee benefits. 11 " ^' •' New 2-bedroom modern dwelling, with garage, nearing completion, south, G. I. loan. $580 down $9,750. 30-acre farm, 3 miles from town, modern new 2-bedro'om dwelling. Large lake well stocked with fish. $11,000.1 THE KELLY AGENCY 209 S. 5th St. Phnne 10 5th Ave.. practically new, 3-bedroom j mod. cottage. ' 1023 No. llth. new 2-bedroom. Olive, nice Mod. duplex. Green Acres, new 2-bedroom. No. 12, nice 6 rooms. Mod. Shawnee, nice 4 rooms Mod., S4.800. 2nd Ave., 5 rooms mod., furnished. So. 10th. 6 rooms Mod. So. Bdwy. 5 rooms Mod. So. 5th. 7 rooms and bath. 802 No. 8th. vacant, nice 3 rooms contact M. L. Morton or R. E. Higdon, j Mod., small down payment. Montgomery Ward. CARD OF THANKS Arch, vacant Mod. duplex. Several good farms. THE KLOTZ AGENCY friends SOUTH OF TOWN. 13 A C R E S. 6- room modern 2-story house, some "dings, possession when sold. We wish to thank our many u - e so deeply appreciated during the:?,"* loss of our home. Our humble thanks • _;:: and gratitude. I MY RESIDENCE FOR SALE The Charles E. Courtney family. ' Middle. and refrigerator, full basement. The Klotz Agency. 5 rooms, modern. 2 baths, basement garage, near Sacred Heart .. $12,750 5 rooms', modern. 3 bedrooms, 3 J ,2 lots, part basement, west $9,500 4 room efficiency, modern, full bgse- __ _ ment, nearly new, south $8.000 3-ROOMTAPT. FIRST FLOOR. STOVE 8 rooms, modern, brick. 4 bedrooms, -" J —'-' '~ '"" ' * """' hot water heating, full basement, double garage, a luxurious home $17.000 5 rooms, modern, new furnace, 90 ft lot, south $5,000 Filling station, business $1,625 Drive-in cafe and tavern, good traffic location, highway, established business. HENRY RUEGG AGENCY INSURANCE — SURETY BONDS 3-ROOM PARTLY FURN. APT., ground floor. Ph. Lansing 211. NICE 3-ROOM FURN. APT., PRIVATE bath, adults. Inquire 239 5th Ave. 3 ROOMS. PRIVATE BATH, GROUND floor. 203 Market. HOTEL HARMON. N. JE. COR. 3RD| and Del., nice clean rooms, apts.. | plenty baths, new management. Ph. 1146. Come look them over. 2~LARGE CLEAN~R~ObMS. UNFURN., private bath. 411'i So. 5th. | 2 ROOM APARTMENT. APPLY AT Standard Service Station or call Mrs. Russell Tolle, Phone 19. Weston. Mo. 3 - ROOM FURN. APT.. GROUND floor, refrigerator. 700 West 7th. Up to 12 Months For. • Repairs. • Accessories. • Tires. A Batteries. • New Engines. 9 Overhauls. O Body & Metal Work • Engine Tune-ups with latest Sun Equipment a specialty. Any Make of Cars. All Work Guaranteed Plymoutn-DeSoto 710 Delaware Phone 1941 FURNISHED APT.. PRIVATE BATH, Ph. 4075-J or 43. APARTMENT FOR RENT. 505 OLIVE. Ph. 2620. 3-ROOM APT. IN DUPLEX. U N- furn., no pets. Ph. 634. 501 Kansas Ave. PERSONAL WANTED — RIDERS TO KANSAS City Monday through Fridaj-. Ph. 1794-W after 6:30 p.m. SALESMAN WANTED SITUATION WANTED BABY SITTING. PREFERABLY IN my home. Phone 228-J. 1310 Cheyenne. WANTED—BABY SITTING. 2364. PHONE Dodge Coronet Sedans 1952 Models • Immediate Delivery • Let Us Appraise Your Car! Fife Motor Co. Dodge—Plymouth 3rd and Seneca Phone 991 "Let's Keep Our CREDIT GOOD and enjoy freedom from financial worries by consolidating our hills. One quick, easy Loan from B & I will dp it." Why Not solve YOUR FINANCIAL Problem in this way, too? When Money Shy See — Acceptance E. J. Irish, Mgr. 5th and Cherokee Ph. 4022 AT I SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES USED CARS '47 Frazcr 4-Door. '46 Plymouth Coupe '42 Packard 4-Door '40 Plymouth 24}oor CLARK MOTOR CO. Chrysler and Plymouth Sales and Service 4th and Cherokee Phone 1100 KEEP YOUR B01CK BEAUTiFUL! Got any dents, dings or bashes? Any trim missing? Come to our Body Shop for quick, reasonably priced work by Buick experts. Original factory finish matched. , Or do you just need our beauty-protecting Porce- lainize treatment? We're experts at this, too. Drive in this week for an estimate.. 5th & Oak Streets Phone 870 All Priced To Sell— 1 - 1919 FOKD 4-Door. 1 • 1949 FOKD 2-Door. 1 - 1918 CHEVROLET Station Wagon. 2 • Cab-over 2 Ton Trucks. 1 Woods Bros. Combine. 1 Woods Bros. Corn Picker. Some Late Model Ford Tractors. LADING'S Tonganoxie, Kans. MORE MILES PER DOLLAR! New 1952 .WILLYS Low as $1795.00 Immediate Delivery "America's only full sized car giving up to 35 Mi. per Gallon of gasoline." MASTERSON BROS. 419-23 So. 5th Ph. 307 MORE SMILES PER MILE! Looking for A For Scale Or Trade —Cash Or Terms— '50 Hudson 4-Door '49 Hudson Club Cpe. '49CrosSeySta.Wgn. '49 Ford 4-Door '47 Hudson 4-Door '47 Ford 2-Door '46 Chev. 4-Door. '41 Plymouth Conv. '47 Int. Panel Truck. '37 Ford LWB Truck. ! STARR AUTO PARTS 200 Shawnee Phone 568 Make BAKNES - COLLARD Your Truck Headquarters In Leavenworth! '50 Chevrolet • % Ton Pickup '47 Studebaker • 1% Ton, L. W. B. platform, grain sides. '46 Studebaker • 1 Ton, dual wheels, platform and grain sides. '46 Willys AG. Jeep '46 Chevrolet • 1% Ton S. W. B., plat- and grain sides '41 Chevrolet • 11/2 Ton L. W. B., platform and grain sides. Open Evenings! Open Sundays! BARNES- COLLARD Phone 458 Sixth and Delaware. Lyk-Nu, Walnut Lyk-Nu, Solid Maple Cock. Table _ $1445 Lyk-Nu, 2-Piece Lv. M 5-Piece New, 2-Piece SiOTIWl __..„ $99 New, 3-Pc., Dresser Bedroom Set $89 New, Walnut or Blond BID TABLES ..$1.98 OUTLET 5th & Shawnee TV SET FOR BAIL FAILS • SOMERVILLE. Mass, a—A new- use for TV sets \vas suggested here recently. An Army private was arrested on a warrent charging assualt sworn out by his wife. No sooner had he arrived at the police station than his sister-in-law called and offered to put up a television set in lieu of bail. The police lieutenant didn't think it would be accepted by the bail- commissioner. Best trades in town! '52 Plymouth 4-Door. '52 Pontiac Cenvt. '51 Plymouth 4-Door. '50 Chevrolet 4-Dr. '49 Ford "Y-8" 2-Dr. '49 Chevrolet 2-Dr. '49 Ford "6" 2-0r. '47 Plymouth 2-Dr. '47 Kaiser 4-Dr.^ '41 Chevrolet 2-Dr. 1 39 Chev. 2-Dr. Open Evenings and Sundays. DeSoto-Plymotith 710 Delaware Phone 1941 Olds "85" Holiday Coupe. Buick Sedanette. Olds "D8" 4-Dr. Olds "76" 4-Dr. Buick Sedanette. Pontiac 4-Dr. Olds 4-Dr. Sedan. Buicfc 4-Dr. Olds Club Sedan. DeSoto Cl. Cpe. Studebaker 2-Dr. Hudson 2-Dr. Buick 4-Door. Perry L. Black Oldsmobile-Cadillac 200 S. Broadway Phone 608 Open Evenings—Open Sundays !n Late Good Will Used Cars • 1950 PosiHac "8" Streamliner 4-Dr. Hydra-Matic, beautiful grey finish, radio, heater, good tires, sun visor and lighted hood ornament. • 1950 Pontiac Chief Sain Deluxe Oonveri. A bright red convertible sedan with black top and new whitewall tires, radio, heater and Pontiac Hydra-Matic Drive. Only 20,000 miles. • IS50 Chevrolet Reetiine 2-Ooor Deluxe. Radio, heater, nice brown finish, good tires. • 1950 Studebaker Champion 2-Ocor Radio, heater, whitewall tires, splendid yellow finish. Opening Evenings end 736-40 Delaware S Plione 4892 Make Unclaimed Your HEATING NEEDS HEADQUARTERS Yes, see us now for— Gas Heaters Floor Furnaces. Oil Heaters. Ceiling Units. Conversion Burners. Complete line of fittings, connectors and vent pipe for heaters and furnaces. UNCLAIMED FREIGHT DEPOT 713-15 Shawnet EASY TERMS Ph. 995 Having sold the farm, I will sell all the personal property of the Estate of J. A. Jamison, located one mile south of Lansing, Kansas, and %-mile east,- on— Tuesday, Aug. 26, Commencing at II A. M. Sharp 25 HOLSTEIN COWS, Milking and Springer 1 Holstein Heifer, Bred. 9 Holstein Heifers, 3 Months to 1 Year Old. 2 Holstein Bulls, 3 Years Old, Registered. These cows are large size, good udders and the kind that will do for any dairy. These cattle can be inspected any time before sale day. 90 tons grass ensilage. 2,000 bales alfalfa hay. Contle 2 single-unit milking chine. 6-can cooler, stainless steel new cans. Electric hot water heater. Bucket Strainers. k 1951 Ford tractor plow. vats, Mowing machine. Manure loader. Manure spreader. IJi-ton Ml Ford truck, grain bed and stock rack. 2 spools barbed wire. Some small tools. Platform scales. 100 Hedge posts. Terms — Cash. J. A. Jamison Estate PAUL G. JAM1SOX, EXECUTOR Stiglmire & Zimmermann, Wac.'ier and GreeniM, Auctioneers Clerks NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS

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