The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 28, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 1
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f: IV" l^oa.. * ..-. .- »— -*.—.-...—-Ito-i ....... . -.». ... - . ... «. „».. ... j*,. ..M s Tax Appraisal 0 — ad* fltf* , t« estimated at into Si " office „ f ipeaal ft they urtariimousty " 'Ihg bid* ior a inventory ot ?/- — had newi called tte proposal to . wttftTlHSteil* to share tne.ex- penM « hiving an outside resistf- t«-evaluate the td* liej- *f the district. flMKt Jr. tt* as* for the district, e#- IS , ptairftd tifefeht ta* appi-ai**(* afld ttf* pW&mt MX r-id defl fREfiPOHf JAY6B1* «*• lif await*-nUta* dtutftteff ftp aid* »« will ditiel4h« MtrttJw of in* ml »«ihi mi* to in»i« annual Flint* 1 FliHfc l«y «•*» Wiidk ih**Ml*« 1<M ttMfc bf »««*» * •«*«*« *«i**t»U* ««» fftf** to* 0<». OtftUt and U te+«*H*ft I* elh« tlU* OifleUU and ttWftWa fc,«>U MftUIliurt. In teffe ft* H«» thd •***!* tppto**A a iolnf MUtaheft t«&j*i«l»*ra«d wtieottMf ih. »**» Wtt ttf tfefti ibw* ft* Mnph C«U1«, *. ft. MBM, Mattnatt rumlnfl, fefcf. *tm SMI. Oe*. »»oi»U fort D*«8Mf, J»f*»* |H»M*« L. t. C.Satal*. Iw. Jfottttf Phillip*, aad iefe WttHlfc „ * i . natldn W ttt methods, wntth h* b*U*v«d,«»jld raise fun<tt to meet the present deficit 1ft he **te»l budget. Slid* f stMl, "there had n «• Wen t« dire i need for wow tundj fw the school thart hat BMtt Miftffied by taxen that for Anghton Splash Doy. ^^^^^^^^ ^^uei ^g^fc^k^ 2en Jii Co Ten girk have been entered Jo Aim Marshall, The Smart ted IA attend, and plenty of, In the bathliuf beauty contest!Shop; France* teRibwW,, KeyfehllriWill b* set up. * i Scholarflhlt) which will b« held aiitt* for-'«(**; Jan Coowey. Push's Mwibanu who are interest-' OCHO1 » rBIU P __ _ ViSety Store! iriorencs tossed In Jponsoririg firl^t the registered to enter the contest, i.' and their sponsors are: <Marl-Jto go to - '" ' -" r,;Sar*ttl sponsored bekah- irtal opening ceremonlel of Angleton's Memorial * Park iwimming pool, this year. The formal opening is sched- „..,,,. , tiled for Saturday, Jqne 1, with Til* Angleton R *b e k a h bltion set a>. the first<evenuimentssale lobe held at Ibe pool'planned'.for Friday night, and This will start at 7:30 p-m., utt-jopenltg, with hom«made ice all those! who have registered der the direction of Bob Scant- cream* cake, and cotfee to be will be notified of the time. 1m, Lake Jackson swimming offered, ThU sale Is to be helAj Hejtilar pool hours are to be and diving instructor, ,' from 8 vjn. to 8 p.m.. and ta- from 2 p-m. to 4:30 p.m. and The beauty contest will- bt-' bUS* and.chairs will b* set up from 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. each (In at 8 pTm. dirts "WhotfhaVe!outside flit, pool area. 'day. Swimming coaches this ^^ Ql j tipscomb of Old l'« >« «»»«J«J a , tfeulht ouf fei *f«terfiejlt frotH HafiHon ffs&t, *eh(^r>mi^ee, {hit he Had tWdfeiSd ?Wtft twe eities h»a fiad sWH ah appraisal aftd nfia mat Ha'vlrif' an* outside Una the ipptato! wi* well Wbtlh white •foisel SUtM that he dseeked with diie fctty &e&& that they bad Satisfied. He rtco that Hi local board of ttid and teen Work, b* ffoubR ft was ttttt ttearU, they should be givett an urtity to read it before Jpttiflg on them at. an- tM effort theVStwk. ' , ", H. 6rt|fflcrf»«He ffit'fn** ta* rail*." the motfon ws* Wa» by Harmon Hooi, *n8 ssed by a unaniffloui At this potfli Sam eepdrt attorney, pt***«fea petition to the «Bis6t hoard which ne Said tfa* «)«fted b> 40 tftteefii of the towh. Asked to read the peUtioti to the crowd, or to explstrt it* content, he safd that U wai hi* belief that that eeuld not be done until the boara Had acted upon it. Members ef the board theft requested that *mte Die peti» M, who would be wllifflil toifiot-. hiW been pre*ent*d M the on the city bulletin btlattl, wltn the.46 questions written in be>> tweeh the lines: "Wn* paiil 1' was then $a*ed *« this?" *«i **ny?" to hand. . 1ft » comment made follow* who had refused to ttgftMi petition earlier stated ift»t RIB petition's sole purpose -"-- * oppose the hiring of an property appraiser. [on<d after the meet- said that he and his , been retaifttd by Supt. Barrow, in responst MotiMfletHHgfielcl Realtors to I to a question from Mrs. Otiida the meeting, Fossel stated that In his opinion reporter* should confine their stones ta simple statements of action^ taken at a meeting and ««t flam that report to Sway Oi« public sehtimeht. <he petition -and then Ib'Mi m at the meeting. jpresence 'at the meeting, was to "prevent you making a tnis- in the day, bdys hid handbills in the doors throughout the tax asking, "why should outsider appraise ertyr of these bills turned up Stangcr, on have a high that Brazoria 'Why can't senbol?" stated could have a high school if the people Could be content with one ott a level with Ihe one in Danbury. A request for roomleY quaN ters so that people attending school board meetings could be seated brought assurance) that those quarters would be provided at the next meeting if needed. -LATE BULLETINS- Money, "Or EL*" WASHNlOTUH — Ike's group prepared to send Cong* • a demand fct matt #tfttat money today with the "or els*" tied to it Congressmen said they would consider rtquest*. but would not put back enough of the «ut* to avoid cuu i.t Hardln-Baylor, Dr. Ar-| .hur K. Tyson, college prtsi-; \vill enroll as a soph*' .aiore at Mary Hardin-Baylor i September and wUl.conlin-j jree with 'a major in English. Next year «he will serve as of the Uf* Service Sand«tom Buriw Town WEYMO'-'TH, England — A freak sandstorm at this seaside resort piled sand as high as 14 feet in downtown itreeU. Flu. Otttbreftk Widaw MANILA V.Saini- ZOO.OOO ptraoru have been stricken With the Far Sail flu epidemic that has already tolled 134 persons. " ^^jj^, JjlH^k •• Ml ^HHb- Cry Oust US Company ! v, Brockman'il Bus/ness Meeting fs Set To Local'businessmen who hs«*rci*l conferen been-toying wjtit th* idea of|hessm*n sch« modemUing thetf store fronta m, tonight a 1 to stimulate public attention iCh*mb*r of will have the answers dropped;at 111 N. into their laps 'onight Freeport The advice of experts in the A proi Held wi|l be offered at a spa!about an —> —s-",— an outlln* Damage Light In Two Wrecks wer* raported by th* Freeport FoUe*> Department over the part I4.hour p«rio.l Insid* their sal. jre year will ta two of the An School coa and Merman ards will b* John Charges Threatened GUNTERSVtLLE, .Va — A sheriff said he would file murder charges toosy sgtlnst men taking part in a pitched gun b*IUe between 10 Workers and 25 striker* at a toed Mill, two men wet* killed In tn« frKas. ConiiderB Plan ffrst-swp <Usarmaaoettt tit f^ashlncwin. Adenauer was reao> for *\W**l of th* first tup, it disarmament and German re-unifiea tton wis imked. ' •' fULL QUOTA OF TR£ES IS PLEDGED All the trees need*! to plant the Surfside Beach Road have been pledged. George Whit- Chunber of Beautification tittgton of the Commerce's Committee, reports, 'The enthusiastic response from clubs and organizations from business firm* and from individuals oat actually in ftbwi oi.*ur neette," WfeitUnftap. ' " put said Examined — State police agents are scrutinizin* bank 'four or £ve" JecUlatora in connection with the In Dalian this morning, two 1CT minority ttocftholdtr* filed * $1« million damage suit ' i underway for (he mass plant in* wnicb is wheduled to start early ThuridJiy moninjt with | volunteer B«r SeouU putth>g ' '"'" .. i "We «W katttinf ,«ur fingers crosied for good weather," t*Ii Dr. Bumeti •ftuchelUt of Lake Jackson, who i* hi Charge of a« final phlMlif the project A Hong Kong police spokesman said the American consulate general was being kept Binder surveillance 1 ' but emphasized U...J*," • <""" carelul watch' against formation of crowds did no\ mean the are* saturated with police. TOKYO — MI — Communist China called today on "all patriotic forces" on Formosa to rise against the government and "drive the American aggressors out of the island" in an aftefmath to Taipei's anti- Atnerican demonstrations of last Friday, 'the situation in Taipei was quiet, but there were repercussions in Hong Kong Where American sailors were called jack to their ships to prevent trouble, and In Manila, where Mayor Arsenio Icason said he would jail any Chinese attempting to demonstrate against the U. S. embassy. Robert Brown reported Taipei that Americans from there were convinced that riots were linked with internal politic* despite official Chinese insist. | ance they were a spontaneous- outburst. Earlier reports from Taipei suggested the riots were sparked by political forces anxious' to make a deal witli the Com- mUnisls and to discredit the" government of Generalissimo ha^rto^^demons Chiang Kai-shek. - .eipScW and Pelpirir*»o' accu accused Foreign Minister George Ych and Nationalist Ambassador to Wash- Chug. "Slaughter" don. 1 Th*"Pelpinij broadcast today Was the most ^bitter propagan- ;wasiington Hollington K. Tong vith '"subserviently begging par- rescntative on how lered to ttw ' H* ..,„ with ilidt*. Hhl* talk ,_. ..._ don* wiU b* foUowed mark Sailor at Large .. 8AN ; rRANCiSCO — A courtmartialed saUor who ,Wnt bcrierk at S - ir.. loda>-, killing an officer and wounding two otbV men with a .45, was still eluding capture at near noon"today. though he has released three of four hostages. ''Be is Identified ai Jimmie Henderson. ; Drunken Mil« MADtSQN. WIs. piatrict du« to president National Bank, Una will explain FHA Till* 1 provisions and other means of nd CUiU unlttta^ notbini flood protection itr*t Fr**port wreck took>lac« at th* intersection ot HlihwMn tM and 88 around Henry Merrill, and Anton Ka»per, wer* th* two driver* |*VM surrounding th* , Completed Sun Data Sett today at 7:15 p.m. Sets Wednesday at 7:U : nard Cromptott, 41. was haul t* inlo'cwurt on a drunkenness charge Monday when • police caught .Urn running around Caoitol Square In bis shorts. Crompton told the judg* he "was trying t« run a four-minute mile" but didn't, make It bccawM b« to*pt "getting stop- da blast yet since the: mobs wrecked the embassy in protest against the acquittal of M. Sgt. Bobert Reynolds of • Colora, Md., on manslaughter {charges ip the slaying .-of a i Chinese peeping torn. .". Her-1 The radio sought to Inflame Asian nations againftt Americans with charges of "slaughter and rape" against U. S. servicemen. It called on Formosa rest RiUlioni tmprov* The editorial obviously was intended to arouse the Nationalists further because Yeh'» apologies and a statement by Tong that he would lead a suB- scription move to repair th* riot-damaged embassy. Brown reported from Taipei* (hat Chinese at all levels — from officials to pedicab driv. ers — went out of their way today to help Americans. And in some cases Sino- American .relations .were net- dents to unite with the main-'ler than before, with the Chinese feeling the Americana land and "achieve bail. ful unification id." Press peace- our great today, about • an emergency grant of til.WO th* SUH Civil Defense and thi^f r Xatptr « ticlut tor I »«ur* to The work bcgaji week ago. R*p*lrs I mad* and two f*«t ta: h«i«ht (Mfie*. has been add*d to th* lw«*. Th* top oT tlwjfv** will b* Bl*ri Mid that three cr*w* smoothed ott so that auto traf- of seven men each wlU help fie "will b* po«slW« oo top. 'In rebuilding th* fenc*f along Thi* will b** convent-; ~ J ' '" b* *ne* of th* drfinage commis-, . uup«cUng th*;«oadition of the! SET:' B^ m*;, )* *J &• f*\ *v4 J->?J ,*c* '=1.^1 had got a raw deal. Chiang himself was report- Cor-ispondenl ed to "know the anger of th* Chines* people" over th* Reynolds verdict, but to be personally outraged at the actions | of the demonstrators. , i! '• In Hone Kong the U. S. Navy look precautionary measures o prevent clashes wHh nfil* •es« residents after Commu- ilit newspapers reported Uiai •ire* American sailors beat up i Chinese wornail on Sunday. no.- '%T^.«« MtoulMvcul 9qli(t*d .dpi* nen below rank of chief petty ^tfice* to board their ahiM by • i p.m, Instead- of midnight / "t planned lectures for them' , j-'ay on hqw^W "rtay out af ton Fr**- pOrt strerti cam* *t 1:48 p.m. . in th* 900 block of OuU Jllyd, b* r«is«d thhwih tt« **!• »< Baymopd Carowon ot Fr**B9rt,'P«Mi» in dtnoinliwJioM of »H, and Mrs. Kll«n Dufgon of £»k* «W, wd noo, jf th« RM4 Hi* Jackaon, w«r* involvid in th* Is woeoifu), HartU sHd th* two-ear smwhup, ;U«ion hall will probibiy b* ToUt damage her* was computed about July i< •round !3»Q but no on* WM It |« V> b« * 40 foot by 60 WWU4 iaiurfd. Cameron WM foot WMOJW typ* building Uck*t for mtkinj w>ihp«slj« § rjcr««ti«w h»U, I«fth»n4 turn by tt**.,iooros, P*Ww- .Uurjj.; w Cub Doy Camp S«t Friday, Saturday Th, *iu»u.( day «WTO;forjb.h.IfIW4w,b»{w^>and Cam tht North BrawrU DUtrlct ln'»:30 «Jn, »f Camp Mohawk. Cub Seoutinf is *ch«dul»d J»r, ActivitiM Wtt» iMlud* assem- Dwby Brent ww bom M«y rrid»y, M*T 51 and Saturday, bly, iwimwii M «t Dow Hospital, worn h* JUM } »t Camp Mohawk, MM pack will p*j w«lgh*d in at (i* pound*, two Alvin* "?• «•« wr-' . ... H* i* th* Physical axaminaUon* will «rs. PUna «• BOM art'tak* • p» •t"t|x« d*y c»mp. Dr. j on Saturday, • -•^ ; *^ hasiwUl b* t «J .§W>» W4« &UM 0*0*0, ffi »M4M»t9V». Rtlvt^if Jo *w fiv* w«*Jw art fer th* no) »UiVM( MI CM *f#y*d tor th* jsssLxa «Js»l» frtif^vl^»ijg«rt Pi IjW* •talKV June Also <rojn tfe* North, Dwtflet: Jay U«th. in which each , T jte »epar»te- •pd many oth- for th* boys to - "• on Friday, own lunch ; on Friday , I p.m., and ,d»y and w»» arc »o,ua.'l W«dn**4»y »t JMB, th. H»v«' Th*dw»( ,*upp*r< Stturttujr i HbriU cloM with picnic i c«r«mony, U«*», -.. m». ffW^Hr 4MM^ Troop Honor Court I* l< -«• tf'T' WA^ *»nh i«wrt«*:t «» F*w '%W »to», » **»• ^Jr («J 4*U*«*«1 R. Mason ^• d Cancer Fund £ H. M»»pn baa been nam*d nnitVOf th» American Canon law* *«JfHb»t there has bcfB '9 definite quota set for Ang. ^M^n, but added that the Btt- H»<^a County goal it $8,000. $> - Mason said that local volus* t^ert have already »t«rM tfe* •*?ive, which i* both educattoo* -I and fund-r»u4ftg. Peqpl* •9 be urged to h«v« ri -•ealth examinatiojM, as •ton . agai^t n?«dlMS ,teom cancel 'I 1 H* M W,V«,.-' itlw. -,->5 P t ^^^^> •£tltl ' /> igtHHiinf'"**"*• r^SiWtffto;' ?4 ^ »«a •MW?? 10 tb* wwt tki o*»4( will | » r Mf. I ^.wrt :f«n re waj 'Sitf 9» toMll«tl WWP»fV '4.i

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