Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 5, 1968 · Page 16
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 16

Tucson, Arizona
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Tuesday, March 5, 1968
Page 16
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.PAGE 16 FREE ON BOND Jackie Robinson's Son Accused In Dru Case STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) Jackie Robinson Jr. has been released in $5,000 bond pending a hearing on a charge of possessing narcotics. The 21-year-old son of the first Negro to break into major league baseball was arraigned Monday after local detectives said .tfiey confiscated several packets of heroin and a pouch of marijuana in the young man's apartment. "We have obviously failed somewhere," Jack Sr. told reporters after the arraignment before Circuit Com! Judge George Dicenzo. In the courtroom earlier, Jack Jr. had tried to plead guilty to charges of possessing narcotics and carrying a concealed weapon. The police said they also found a .22-cah'ber pistol made in Italy when they arrested him early Monday. - But Judge Dicenzo told young Robinson that he would be able to enter a plea later. The date for a hearing was set for March 11. Jack Sr. told reporters that he blamed himself for his son's predicament. An adviser to New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, Robinson said he has been away from home too often and too long. "I had the feeling something was wrong, but I couldn't get through to him," he said of his son. Jack Jr., who was returned from Vietnam last year after receiving shrapnel wound in action with the U.S. Army, lived in his own apartment, his father said. Jack Jr. had admitted smoking marijuana in Vietnam, the elder Robinson said. Dynamite Is Planted In S.F. Mailboxes SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -Mailmen made their appointed rounds with an extra measure of caution today, but not because of rain, snow, sleet nor gloom of night. Police disclosed Monday that sticks of dynamite were found in four San Francisco mailboxes during the weekend. Each stick was wrapped in a note which indicated at least five other sticks had been "delivered." The dynamite sticks, without percussion caps, were recovered from three private mailboxes and from one street box. Police Inspector Larry Furlong, in charge of the investigation, said he didn't believe the dynamite distributor was intent upon a serious offense. T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N Parents Invited To Schools This week is Public Schools' Week in Arizona and parents are invited to visit the schools. Today, parents are invited to visit the high schools. Tomorrow is junior high visiting day and Thursday is elementary visiting day. Parents may visit any Amphitheater, Flowing Wells, Marana, Sunnyside or District 1 school. Mrs. Taplaii Has Problem: Vast, In Fact ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- Mrs. Sammye Taplin has an elephant which wears red wool socks and mukluks to keep its feet warm. Mrs. Taplin also has a problem--the elephant eats as much as two horses, weighs 1,200 pounds and is growing. It was 700 pounds ago when Mrs, Taplin adopted an 18- month-old elephant won from an Anchorage supermarket in a sales contest. An attempt to organize a zoo for Annabelle failed, so Mrs. Taplin says she has begun seeking funds for an exhibition hall The zoo in Portland, Ore. which has many elephants, ha; been giving Mrs. Taplin advice on how to care for her pet. TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 1968 Crumhorns, Sackbuts, Citoles Thrill Cognoscenti At Concert By DAN PAVILLARD Citizen Music Writer Ah, the cognoscenti got their esoteric thrills last night when he Early Music Quartet winded heir crumhorns and sackbuts, and plucked their citoles for the Arizona Friends of Music. The quartet, founded in I960, devotes its energies to reproducing the vocal and instrumental music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance on :he instruments of the period -- IHh through 16th centuries -- or reconstructions based on ico- nographic material, literary sources and still extant related instruments. v The instruments proved as beautiful and interesting to see as to hear, and an illustrated program was distributed so that listeners might identify what was making the unusual sounds. The overall impression of the first piece the quartet playec was Oriental, complete with the buzzing sound resembling the drone. It featured the rebec, a three-stringed, Medieval mando lin-shaped bowed instrument lute, two tambourines and tenoi and soprano singers. Miss Andrea Von Ratnm, mis tress of the straight tone, capti vated the audience with he; masterful ease and human re sense to the lyrics she was sing ing. She alone among the mem bers of the quartet personally reflected the gaiety and fun o songs that deal with such subject matter as "three girl: from this town took off thei clothes." LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY" GIVEN that sealed bids will be received at lh» office of the Plma County Purcnaslns, Agent 26iS South 8fh Avenue. Tucson. Arlzora up to 10:00 a.m.. March 12, 1MB, for the Mlowinu: BID B -- NO. 2713 -- GENERAL PRINTING To furnish General Printing. Ledgers. Dockets and Record Books for various departments of Plma Countv for a one m year period, beginning April 1. 1968 to and h-cfutJing March 31. 1969. as per specifications called for bv Plma County Opening of the Bid B -- NO. 2713 will be af 10-00 a.m.- March 12. 1V«8 In the of- flc» of the Plrna County Purchaslnfl Asent, 1855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid bid may be procured from the office ol the Plma Coyntv Purchasing Anent. 2855 South 8th Avenue, Tucson. Arizona. Bidder shall be reaulred to furnish n sufficient Bid and Performance Bond acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors reserves the rlsht to reject anv or all bid* for .am reason whsttoever or to waive any Irre- sularltlss nr Informalities In the bids or bidding. DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 2C!h day of February. 1948. THOMAS S JAY. Chairman Board of Supervisors Pirn? Courtly, Arlioni PUBLISH.- Tucson Dally Citizen February 23. 24. 24. 27. 28. t9. Mhrch 1. 2, 4 and S, 1968. _ _ NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NQT1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN thai se»led bids will be received in the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent. 2a5i South Bth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona, up to 10:30 a.m., March 8, 1968, for the following: BIO B -- NO. 2723 --WATER SOFTENER SYSTEM To furnish Pima Countv Jail with One tl) Water Softener Syslem as per specifications called for by the Plma County Highway Department. Opening ol the Bid B -- No 2723 will te at 10:30 b.m Marcn 8, 196S. In the office of the Pima County Purchasing Agent, 2655 South 8lh Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid bid may be procured from the office of the Plma County.' Purchasing Aaent, 2855 .South Bth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnish e sufficient Bid Bond acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. .The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to relecl any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive any Irre- gulanties or Informalities In the bids or DONE 'BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors thli Jlsl day of February, 196B PUBLISH: 9 March IN THE SUPERIOR COURT NO. 1060?] ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE _i' po " 'he reading and filing ot the veri- fled Petition of Waldon V. Burr, Sherifl of Ptma County, Arizona, praylnp tor n 2i £-.?* destruction of certain Items of SL?1?. llc Beverage In his possession as ii.uf a io?. m November IP66 through therefor *" 9 cause ap3earin s . '7 ',?' H E R E 6Y ORDERED that anv ·no all persons claiming or having any I'ant, tills or interest in or to any ot said items of alcoholic beveraoe appear and show cause, If any they have. In the Supe- r'2I ,? u fl "* Pim ? County, Arizona, DM- s.on I| thereof, Pima Counly Courthouse. Tucson, Arizona, or, the llth day of March, 9:00 A.M. \tU. why such order ol dettructlon should not be Issued as to said fjerns of alcoholic beverage, and let an attested copy of this Order to Show Sf.V te bf Published In the Tucson Dally Clflztn for six consecutive times commencing with the 28th day of Febru- March °«48" d erK "" B Wilh lhe ith dav/ of DONE IN'OPEN COURT this jani day of February, 1948. LEE GARRETT A TR J uE cop OF ' THE SUPERIOR COURT JACQUELINE ITULE 7-23-48 FRANCES C. GIBBONS Clerk of Superior Court PUBLISH; February 28, », March 1, 7, 4, Si 1948 Tuctan Dally Citizen .. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HERESY GIVEN that ifalsd bldi will be received In the office S j ' h e Plma Coyntv Purchasing Agent. 2855 South 8th Avenue. Tucson, Arizona. fo" th* following: BID B - No. \Jli · 1968 TREASURER'S TAJ STATEMENT AND RECEIPT FORM To furnish Plma Country Treasurer's Office with One Hundred Forty-Five Thouiand f!45,CCO) four 14} part continuous Treasurer's Tax Statement and Receipt Form, as per snpclllcat'na* called for bv Plma Countv Scaled Bids on Bid B-No. 2«x will be received UP io 10:00 a.m., March 15. 1968 Ooeilna of 'he BldB-No. 777*. wlM b« at 10:00 a . m . March 15. 1968. In the office of the Ptm* County Purchasing AQe.nt, 7355 South 8th Avimue, Tucson, Arizona. BID B-No. ITIS - 19*6 ASSESSMENT AND TAX ROll SHEET! To furnish Plma Counly Assessor's De par;m«n» end the Plma Counly Treasurer" Oep"'Tien' with Seven Th"»i»n" (7,6001 one part continuous Assess- rrtHM and Tux Roll Shrelr '*!«· rhr'U*"' 1 (6.000) to tho ASS*SSO'' Wco arxt ("··· Thnuiand noon) to the Trfnsurir'« f)'- p»rf continuous Cross lnd«- Sheets '" r fict. «nd S'K Thousand (6.0W nni (I* the Plma County AKMW.I Office, f Pir iper.lflrsiinns cnll-d for bv Plrrr- Cou/itV Sealed Bids nn Rid B-No 775.S wi' U* at 10lV a.rn Msrrh },. !»«. In th» office of the Pima County Purrtmlnq Aptrtt, 3S55 South Bth Avenue. Tucson Kotclficatlons relating to ttie afwitalr* bl«i may hr procured from the offlc« o' fh» "im* Countv Purchasing, Anent, 7855 South *th Avrnim, Tuc*rn. Arizona. Btddtr shall b» rwylrcd to furnish a tUiflc'^nt flirt and P^rMrm^nr* «nnd ac- Cf*Mbl» tn thf flrvard of Supervisors. The Bwrrt of Sup«rvf«0'i re««rv«t the rloht to 'fllct inv or ill blft for any rt»»on wti»taotv»r w- to W«|VP «nv Irrf' puUrltlet w Informillli*! In thi bldi w DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 27th day of February, I r6o, THOMAS S. JAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors DIIDI icu _ P l m a County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Dally Citizen February ?'). March 1, 2, i, S, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 IVOD. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEM tha if al «? to L d r 5 W "J- be received In the office S»« lh L,5i m f^ Co « un1v Purchasing Agenl BID B-No. 2727 - CORRUGATED METAL PIPE To furnish Plma County Highway Department with Corrugalecf Meta! PIpo lft? h °n 9 V ?' D «i9n), as per spocillca tlpns called for by Pima County. Sealed Bids on Bid B-No. 2727 will be recelvec UP to 11:00 a.m., March 14. W8 Open ing of the Bid B-No. 2727 wi I be at 11-00 194B, In the office o '' a55 BID B-ix CORRUGATED METAL PIPE To furnish Pima County Highway De ?? rt i m ?- r 5 t , w ," h Corrugated Metal Pipe i i. -'C9' e '' a s per speclffcatlons calicc B°MA V 'n P o ma ,9i OL i. ntv - Sealed Bids on Bic D-r4o. ^/^o WHJ be received up to 1 5 - 1 n'TJn M 7 a o r fl ch ill' J 948 '. Qpeilns of the Bid . b . No ..2/28 will be at 11:15 a.m., March Specifications relating to the aforesaid bids may be procured from the office o VIS..^R 13 . Counf y Purchasino Agent, :8i; South 8lh Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. .M?«i d ? e J. i* 1 -?," be fwutred Io furnish a sufficient Bid and Performance Bond ac ceptable to the Board of Supervisors. . The Board of Supervisors reserves th right to reject any or all bids tor a J^ii 0 ! 1 .- whatsc ! e Y, er or to waiv e any Irre scarifies or Informalities in the bids o bidding. DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Su pervisors this 28th day of February, 1968. THOMAS S. jAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors _..,,, ... P'ma Counly, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Daily Citizen March 1. 2 ,4, 5, 6, 7, a, 9, 11 and 12 I TOO. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS '^ 'S HEREBY GIVEN that bWs will ba received in the office c ^t" 1 !.^ 0 }" 1 ^ Purchasing Agent, Soulh eth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona up to 10:03 a.m., March 26. 1968 for the following: To furnish Pima county Health Department with One (11 Laboraiory Furnace complete wiih controls, as per specifica flans i called for by Plma County. Opening of the Bid B-No. 2726 will be at 10-0( ft:"!.. March M, 1969, In the office of tne Plma County Purchasing Agenl, 2855 Soulh 8lh Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Specifications relating to the aforesaid H! d m , ay ti S Procured from the office ol i; . P ' m ,?. County Purchasing Agenl, 285S South Bth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona Bidder shall be required to furnish sufficient Bid Bond acceptable to the Board of Supervisors. .The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to reject any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive anv Irregularities or informalities in the bids or bidding DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 27th day o! February. 1968 THOMAS. S. JAY, Chairman Board of Supervisors Plma County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Dally Citizen March 1, 2, 4, J, 6, 7. 8, 9, 11 and 12. 1948. NOTICE OF CALL FOR BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received in the office of the Plma County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South 8th Avenue. Tucson, Arizona, UP to 10:15 a.m.. March 26, !968, for the BID B-No. 5729 -- ONF (O CENTRI, FUGE, WITH ACCESSORIES To furnish Pima Counlv Realm Department with One (1) Centrifuge, with accessories, as per specifications called for by Pima County. Opening of the Bid B- No 2729 will be at 10:15 a.m., March 26, )94S, in the office of the Pima Counly Purchasing Aoent, 2855 South 8th Avenue. Tucson, Arizona Specifications relating to the aforesaid bid may b« procured from the office of the Plma County Purchasing Agent, 2855 South Bth Avenue, Tucson, Arizona. Bidder shall be required to furnisti a sufficient Bid and Performance Bond ac- ceptablg to the Board ol Supervisors. The BMrd of Supervisors reserves the rlshi to relecf any or all bids for any reason whatsoever or to waive anv irregularities or informalities in the bids or bidding DONE BY ORDER of the Board of Supervisors this 79th dav of February, 1969 THOMAS 5. JAY. Chairman Board of Supervisors ,,..,,. . _ Plma County, Arizona PUBLISH: Tucson Daily Cilize" March 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9, 11 12, 13 srxJ 14, 1948 MINUTES, BOARD OF SUPERVISORS' MEETING F E B R U A R Y * . 1«8 (APPROVED MARCH 4, 1968) The Board of Supervisors of Plma County, Arlzorji, met In recular session at the regular meotlng ntacs of the Board In the Transsmsrlca Brlldino, Tuc- ion, Arizona, at 10 a,m., on Tu«»dav, February 6, 1968. Upon roll coll, those '·nft and absent were as follows: Press nt: Dennis Weaver, vire-cnslrman Pete Rubi. Member Eisa B. Hanna, Clerk ,. . Thomas S. Jay, Chairman Abiern: BfcP PRESIDJO PARK: AAC1 The Assistant Planning Director (Ron- fid A, Asia) presented to the Board a tetter of Undersfandinn providing for the Cllv of Tucson to construe! on El Prc- sldlo Park (Block 191 of the City of Tuc- tonl a structure to bo known it the Tyc- ion-Mexican Olympic Pavilion. Th« *ore»rr«nl nrrv'dp« '"r thf u r e of the County's parking lot thereon during the hnur- In *·'''(-' fh- c-'intr- "'fire-; iro closed 1 and for the County's buKding schedule for El Presidio Park «nd undorly- Inn development to b- odlusted to render full cooperation with the creation nnd u»e of tho prfi'-frrt r-v'lio-' T^i apreemmt further prwldes that lh» City close the navll on on January 2. 1969, and remove the Imorpv^ments no later than Jan- v*rv }t: ,!«9, at no cojl to the County, The Ats s1*nt Plennlng Director stated J reio'uMon hm been odooted by the City of TOcion and, signed by Mayor James N. Corbett, Jr., authormn» the execution of the proposed agreement with Plma Counlv The Assistant Planning Director In troduced Gary LaBaer (Urban Renews Technical Assistant, City of Tucson), whi made explanations relative to tha plan for the proposed slrucluro. He also dis played drawings prepared by the arch lectural firm of Finical Dombrowsk showing the exterior design of the build inn. The Pavilion -- which will contain an exhibit hall, lecture hall, meellns rooms two restaurants and a cocktail lounge and. several Information booths -- is In tended to further devarlop good relation ships with the State of SonOra, Mexico Mr. LaBaer reported the exhlblir. will b changed from time to time to provide tht public with varied and Interesting exam pies .of the culture and customs of th people who reside in Soiwra. The Assistant Plannlnj Director repor ed that It Is his understanding that a' materials, labor, and services are beln donated and that the prefect Is IQ b corned through at no cost to the Coun After discussion and consideration, »« as ., moved bv Mr. Rubl, seconded b Mr Weaver, and carried that the Bosr authorize the Chairman to slpn the Lelta of Understanding with tha City of TUc son. It was further moved by Mr. Rubi, sec ondcd by Mr. Weaver, and carried tha the Board pass a resolution entitled RESOLUTION OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF PIMA COUNTY, ARIZONA, RELATING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT AMD DEVELOPMENT OF THE MEXICO-TUCSON INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE COMMISSION. JOHN W. BENDER The clerk presented a proposed ord nance rezoning properly approximate! one-half mile east of Swan Road anc norlli of Skvlirvs Drive from SR to CR- us approved by the Board of Supervisor nna OC Foolhll?s°' Area man^lco'ia-W.^f 1 1 )'« as .lV oved bv Mr - Rubi ' seconded b Mr. Weaver, and carried that the Boar pass an ordinance entitled . .._ ORDINANCE NO. 1968-4 AMEND NG AND CKANntNtl PIMA COUNTY ZONING MAP NO 79 IN THE VICINITY OF GLENSAGLes DRIVE EAST OF SWAN ROAD AS REFERRED TO IN PIMA COUNTY ORDIL 1951-111 AND REALL ORDINANCES OF ORDINANCES _ _ ' · » *-WMrL. 11. i HEREWITH. DPZ-Z: Co9-62-36, LEE ERVIN PETI The Clerk presented a proposed ord ? a l";5 r^ 10 ". 1 ! 111 Property approximatel one-fourth mile east of Camino Swco an between third ana Fifth streets from SR to (-R-3 as approved by the Board of Su porvisors on August 7, 1962 It wa moved by Mr. Rubi, seconded by Mr U-aaver, and carr'ed that the Board pas an ordinance entitled. ORDINANCE NO. 1968-5 NO STREET CONFL1CT ESTATES Na * ,, - , recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission and of the Coun ly Engineer (D. A. DiClcco), as present ed by the Rlght-of-Way Agent ft W « 'Jli''!." ft" M 0 * 1 ** M r. Rubi, sec ?h nde B J?^ Mr ' Weaver - "* carried tha the Board approve as presented the pta L Th riat , E ? fta J" No ' 2 - Lots ' through · 7 h « Plafted area is described at a Portion of Lot 3, Section 4, T. US R, f- E i R a i ,N Ranch Corporation, Lloyc) W Golder, III, president, is tha owner and ; la and Barr/ tfw enoi ROADS-LARIAT ESTATES: M, ALLEY In connection with the approval of the fJm°^ Lar ^' Esfales No - '· COI2-47-28 lem 5). and en recommendation of thi je County Engineer, as presented b\ Mr R J9y- [ "' Wav ABen) ' » was moved by Mr. .Rubl, seconded by Mr. Weaver, and carried that the Board accept from Ra! N Ranch Corporation a deed conveying to p . Im .a County property to provld-s for an £;9ht-foot-w')de alley along the north H°S3 d S r )f °L he subdivision. The property lows- County is described as fol " A " e'ahf foot wide strip of tsnd, the f 1 ol'iows' me °' Which '* d » scr ' b * d as ?A 3 ri?^ 9 c, a ctJt e northeast corner of LARIAT ESTATES, a subdivision of P ma Countv, Arizona, as fata subdivision Is recorded In the Office of the Record-er of p.ma Counly, Arizona, In Book 14 of Maps and Plats at Page '? thereof; thence S. 89 5«'JO" E., 00 '«» a'ons tho easterly exlen- an ' 1irre of It was further moved by Mr. Rubi, seconded by Mr. Weaver, and carried that (he Board accept two Partial Releases cr Mortgage executed by The Sixty Trus 'Royal Little. Rupert C. Thompson, Jr., iKn. ,, I0ri ^ a , nl «_, cover inn the property thus conveyed to Plma County. and Zon ng Commission for wal- ce .rta!n utility easements for Lots rough 141 In Shadow Roc Subdlvlsior aecause the easements ore no longer nee r -,f c omfrienaatl °" of toe Plan- Zonln P. Commission anrf with SL °L' he Countv ' Enclnetr, as By the Rlght^f-Way Agent, it was moved by Mr. Rubl, seconded hv Mr. Weayer, and carried that, pursuant °M S Of ,.'? r1 . l . e , le "' Section aui °' I9 "|M ' ' h t Board of Su- approve the waiver of certain y , .t"?TM!"' 5 "I ? h8tIOV ' ** Subdivi- , L«s 8' through 141 Of*|-Pl-ATS: TANOUE VERDE VILLAGE NO. 2, LOTS Ml [Co 12-67-16) T"« Assoclatp piannlnfl Director reported Ihat on February 5. 19M, the Mayor and Council of The City of Tucson «p- proved 1 the plat of Tanque Verde VFIIast ·lo. 2 and waived the nollce of hesr|rp .H' Bt)ard - 0" recommendallon of Ih* (arming and Zoning Commlsjlpr and of |\2 .County Eriglneer, as presonted by the Right-of-way A»«nl, It was mov«Vf by Mr. uW. "corded by Mr. Weaver, and car- led that ttie plat ol Tanqye Verde Vil- aee No. 7, Lots I through 11, be ap- oved as presented. The platted area Is escribed a resutxJIvUlon of portions of ots 1, 2 and 17 of Txnaue Verde Village as recorded In Book f of Maps and Plilt t page J4. Arizona Land Title and Trurt ompinv (D. M. aSytr, Irgsl offlcir), rxJer Trust No. »17-T, la the owner and developer; and Wheeler, Pstterson Co f«en, the engineers. DPZ-PLATS: PLAZA DEL OESTE LOTS 1 AND 2 (Co 12-67-17) The Associate Planning Director repor ed that on February 5, 1968, the Mayo and Council of the City of Tucson ap proved the p|at of Plaza Da! Oeste an waived ths notice of hearing by th Board. On recommendation of the Plan nlno and Zoning Commission and of th County Engineer, as presented by tli RiBht-of-Way Agent, it was moved by M Rubi, seconded by Mr. Weaver, and ca rled that th« plat of Plaza Del Oesie Lots 1 and J, be approved as presenter The planed ares Is described as a por tlon of the N6V.. NW'A of Section 9, - 14S., R. 15 E. Thomas Robb, 111 and Jan P'2fers Robb are the owners and deve opers; and Cell* and Barr, the engineers. It was further moved by Mr. Rubl, sec ended by Mr. Weaver, and carried tha the Board accept an agreement from th afore-named persons providing for the e, tension of Kent Drive as a public tho oughfare at such time as the roadwa becomes necessary for ingress and egres to unsubdivided property lying south c the platted ares. The property thus coi y«yx:d to Pima County Is described as fo lows: "A roadway 50 fwt In width wllhln tfi Northeast Quarter of the Northwe Quarter of Section », Township · Soulh, Rans* 15 East, G S. R. B. M., Plma County, Arizona, the cente line of which Is described as follows: BEGINNING 3t ths Southwast corner o the Northeast Quarter of the Northwe 9 u , artCT ;. of Said Section 9, It els being th« Northwest corner of CAR R!AGE HILL as recorded In Book 1 of Maps and Plats, pose 57, at Sheet of Z thereof, on file In the Office o the Plma County Recorder, Plma Coun iy, Arizona; thence South 89 degrees 38' 35" Eas 672.50 feet alono the Northerly line o said CARRIAGE HILL Io the centerltra of Kent Drive as shown on said pla and^lhe TRUE POINT OF BEGJIs Jhence North 08 degrees 10' 32" Wea thence Northwesterly along a curv concBve to the Southwest with an Inte nal angle of 1? degrees 49' 28", a tan sent of 81.24 feet, and a radius o ·(65.00 feet tor a curve Tenelh af 1608 feet; thence North 28 degrees 00' 00 West 195.07 feet! thence Northwesterl al.ons a curve concave to the Northeas with an internal angle of \9 degrees 1 00", a tangent of 140.60 feet, and radius of 944 J! feet for a curve lengt of 318.16 feeti thence North 08 degree ^2 00" .West, 3.96 feet to the cenlerlin ni PLAZA DEL OESTE as recorded i BOoft 19 of M-PJ and Plats at page 2 , , - . re . c °nirni«ndatlon of ttie Plannlr. Commission and of the Count ,. p , re " n ' ed °y 'he Right-o « ' "..Vas moved by Mr. Rub f*cpnded by Mr. Weaver, and carrlec IH» 'n»T BMrd "P^" 1 «s Presented Ih mnrt f iI U Th n G , r !, e " Valley Unit No. · Block 14 The platted area Is describe as a portion of the San Ignacio De L Canoa Land Grant, In Section 15, T. 1 , . r - , , V . . Land Title a " d Tru- Companv (D. M. Gxxier, trust officer under Trust No. 6323-T Is the owner Green Valley Development Company, trr developer; and Blanton «, Co., the ensl n'n ^V ADJUSTMENT (BOARD OF) On motion by Mr. Rubl, seconded b r»" h , Weava r and carried, D. Edwi Gamble was reappolnted to serve as m - m "" - Board of Adjustment No J \t tor a four-year terrn endin -- --·-». n i i-n; i j i r 1971 . FL4P-LL: P.J. LEPPBRT Af^V 68 S ^95 AD c P ol C e a ;,'n 0 Jb e . feS^ar^et P N 1 o'. IP 2, J s aBm nders L 'R B Sa e 5 Marans, for an original Series 10 llquo ""TM Ti ie , 0a z? !lica " on was Posted o ^J 6 '-rl' 6 ^s ai ) d no wr "'en protest filed. The Chairman Inquired whetti S C H O O L S-CONTRACTS- FLOV/1NG WELLS JUNIOR HIGH (ADDITIONS) On recommendation of the Board r s e f ch001 Distrfcl , N °- « (Plow * X" v moved by Mr - Rubl ^ r - Weaver, and carried P. Hazard be appointed a n ,Pr«Paration of plans and ications for construction of addition i?. h fldf'??.^* 111 Junl0 '' Hiflh School to fund's Proceeds derived from bon ADJOURNMENT was no further business f the meetln9 wa /S/THOMAS S. JAY Chairman Attest: /s/Elsa B. Hanns PUBLISH; March 5, 1968 Tucson Daily Citijen PIMA COUNTY BOARD OF ADJUST . DISTRICT NO.l NOTICE OF HEARING IS HERBY GIVEN that NOTICE No. 1, will hold Wednesday, March 13, the rt^f^DT V J I V C N inai in* Boarcl of Adlustment, DIs a hearlno on 1968, at 2 , , , a :0 P. M,. m the regular hearing room of the Board of Supervisors, Third Floor, Trans amorlca Building, 177 North Church Ave 1 Arizona, on the following M-3 ·no '.P. FRAKER on property at »45 !-· St. Andrews Drive, In CR-1 zone, to add attached garage with rear setback of 28 feet Section 909 of the Zmlng Ordinance requires 40 foot ...minimum rear yard. «-S RQB|RJ E. LEE on property at 6544 E Santa Elena, in CR-2 zone, to maintain existing chain link fence for Tennli Court with 3 foot rear and no l|trt »»fb*eks. Section 1010-a of tha Zoning Ordinance requires 4 toot sloe rtar tntbncks for accessory ust. VLANE ESTATES by OXMAN on property l Pliclta Playa, 8701 g, 870} E. Plaelf* Saifvar fo vary slds lot »#t- 'p'.on Camino S«co In Wlndtor ·f No. 3, lots 6, 16 and 24. Section ,*·* ?;,,'", Zoning Ordinance rc- 11 r »» 'I 5 « tb ? ck 'nm eer.Mrflnn or ^«,,??,.« M 2 * C) from Property Hn. .OUNTY »OARD OF ADJUSTMENT f«ly!n F. Norvtllt ixstutlvi Secrttary f-UBLISH · Mtrch S, 1WI HE 871 Willard Cobb was an effective enor and a commendable counter-tenor, although he and Thomas Brinkley, a specialist in lucked string instruments and vinds, and Sterling Jones, bowed string instrument expert, vere straight-laced all evening. How strange that seems when me considers the delightful mu- ijc the foursome made. They performed five trouba- lour and minnesinger songs of he 13th century, six 14th century Italian pieces and six French 5th century chansons before in- ermission. Following it, they urned to Spanish 15th century illancicos, little secular songs, and English instrumental music and German vocal and instrumental music of the IGth century. One of the joys of this half of the program was the sound of the crumhorn, a simplified descendant of the bagpipe, that sounded when played by the four musicians like a quaint organ or concertina. Far from simple, the musical forms presented last night were complex. Interestingly, many of the rhythms and the intervals sounded extremely modern. Put a walking bass under some of those spiffy tunes and you'd have jazz. If your pizza is perfection, it's from 1060N.CRAYCROFT 106 W. DRACHMA* BACK SUPPORTS TRUSSES SALES RENTALS Expert filling for fullcofnfor! Prompt Service CRUTCHES-CANES WHEELCHAIRS WALKERS VAPORIZERS SICK ROOM NEEDS Use Your VNB Credit Card · COKONADODRDG £W.(KA!YF 792-1:1811 OZITE TOWN 'N TERRACE INDOOR-OUTDOOR CARPET 5 ROLL CHOICE! IK STOCK! 5 COLORS! SQ. YARD CASH 'N CARRY * ECONOMY CARPET * 4622 E. SPEEDWAY 326-3941 9 till 5:30 FENCES WROUGHT IRON TRUE SOUTHWESTERN FENCING WITH A TOUCH OF OLD SPAIN. BEAUTY LINK INTERLOCKING SLATS. NOT-A VENETIAN BLIND. PAYMENTS AS LOW AS 3.00 WEEKLY AMERICAN FENCE CO. 1811SO.PARKAVE. OFFICES IN THE FOLLOWING CITIES PHOENIX, ARIZ. .WICHITA, KANSAS TUCSON, A R I Z . KANSAS CITY, MO. BAKERSFI1-LD, CALIF. HONOLULU, HAWAII EL PASO, TEXAS EL CENTRO, CALIF. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH OGDEN, UTAH S I E R R A VISTA. ARIZONA PH. 458-2305 CALL 623-3641 IN TUCSON APOLLO CARPETS AND CUSTOM INTERIORS WIN $1,500.00 IN FREE PRIZES!!! Absolutely Free Drawing - Nothing to Buy - Register Now - Drawing to be 4-1-68 MURALS - PRINTS - VALANCES · ANYCOLOR · ANY FABRIC · ANY WIDTH ANY PATTERN ANY LENGTH ANYTIME ^z**Kxem^imz^j$mi^*K81Gm8!sm^ BUDGET SPECIAL CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON,". HEAVY DOUBLE J 'U T E B A C K . LONGWEARING - EASY CLEANING . Reg. 6.9! 98 SQ.YD. WSTALLF.D 12'FULL LENGTH DRAPERY Covers a 12'window or wall 100% fullness, 4" Buckram pleated top, 5" bottom hems, mitred corners with weights and VA " side seams '-* /·*.- ~. re* SHAG FOR FASHION HEAVY TWISTED NYLON YARNS, EASY TO CARE TOR INFORMAL STYLING WONT FUZZ OR SHED, MILDEW - MOTHPROOF AND NON-AUERGENIC SQ.YD. INSTALLED 'Jiff t-r i^a APOLLO SPECIAL BLUE GREEN TWEED HER- · CULON HI-LO PATTERNS W I T H D O U B L E J U T H B A C K -- S O E A S Y T O CLEAN 4 ROLLS ONLY REG. 9.95 VALUE 99 SQ.YO. INSTALLED COMPLETE DRAPERY DEPARTMENT 10'FULL LENGTH MURAL Custom made in any color on your choice of fabrics, lined or unlined, custom made to your wishes. Unlined only QUILTED VALANCES All hand quilted with Kodel fiberfill, a 23" depth plus choice of quilt patterns and fabrics, on 8' window o;ilv. j Complete hardware and installation service available and please allow 2-3 weeks for our custom quality. HOURS: DaiJy9.fi. Mon.Fri. 9-9 Other Evenings and Sundays by Appointment Only CUSTOM BEDSPREADS TO MATCH DRAPERIES BATHROOM CARPET HEAVY LUXURIOUS FURRY PLUSH, COMPLETELY WASHABLE. 6 COLORS IN STOCK. TOSELECTFROM I2"x60" DAN RIVERTRI-LEVEL TRULY A FASHION CARPET DECORATOR ADMIRED 3 LEVEL LOOP TIP -SHEARED FOR ELEGANCE. 12 or 15 FOOT WIDTHS. CHOOSE AVOCADO". GOBLET GOLD, LIME OR TALIAN GREEN, A REG. 1195 VALUE SQ.YD. INSTALLED « t.i LUXURIOUS ORTRELPLUSH 1 HEAVY CUT. PILE-THE UL- ^IMATF. IN COMFORT. NO 'LIZZLNG, NO SHEDDING, NO.l VIATtliVG. A TRUE PER-' VIANENT PRBSS CARPETING REG. 14.95 I YD. INSTALLED 1L1L CARPETS EAST 22 m ST. TUCSON, ARIZONA 85711 EASY CREDIT 90 DAYS · NO CHARGE 36 MONTHS TO PAY NO PAYMENT FOR 90 DAYS Phone 327-6064

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