Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 5, 1962 · Page 6
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 6

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Page 6
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IJUMBOLDT STVlWDARDThursday, April 5, 1962, P. 6 ARCATA and SCOTIA Open Daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. incur The Youthful Look Is In The New Spring Coats Come in ioday and just try on one of these beautiful new Spring'll agree they were designed for you in mind. You'll find plaids, solids and neutrals in 100% wools in maize, tan, blue, black and turquoise. Come in and see these wonderful coots while the selection is large, from 24.95 PRETTY COTTONS The fashion is right in colorful printed and solid color cottons for the NEW SEASON ... in polished cottons, hopsack weaves, nubby weaves and in wonderful wash-n- wear fabrics, junior sizes 7-15... misses 10 to 20 and half sizes M'/2 to 2^/2. From... 9.95 New ... Charming HANDBAGS You'll see colorful straws, gleaming p a t e n t s and marshmallows. Many varied styles in all shapes and sizes to suit your every taste and needs. From... 2.98 COMPLETE YOUR SPRING WARDROBE... with a pretty HAT They just arrived and are as fresh or, Spnirj An especially fine,, collection of a/or'ul h a t s . . . you'll fin;] hats covered v.:lh prelty flowers, pillboxes, plain slraas on-] many many more kinds and styles. F i c m . . . 2.98 To Your Good Health by JOSEPH 6. MOLNER, M.D. TEENAGERS ASK, "WHY DO It provides an electrical pattern »hich says-that one sort of prob- em is possible, that another is nlikely. It's a tremendously aluble test. You probably "hesitate" about MOST DOCTORS SMOKE7" By Joseph G. Molner, M. D. Dear Dr. Molner: If smoking is bad for a person, why do most loctors indulge in the habit? lave not met or seen a doctor who loesn't smoke. I am a 15-year-old girl and have moked for three years whenever can get away from my parents, eachers, neighbors, etc. I have felt no ill effects. I out run, out-swtn, out-dive and hold my breath longer than any girl in my gym class. Have I been dis- llusioned by people who say smoking short-winds a person? Or do they just try to halt our free- Jom? - - D. S. Well, there's one tiling you can lay about IS-yeawilds. They speak heir minds. (When they aren't liding their cigarets from neighbors, teachers, parents, etc.) This candid young lady is wrong. She may not know any doctors who don't smoke, but how raving it done because you have ot had anyone tell you what it , It is nothing to be afraid of. The brain (like the heart) has nfinitcly small electric currents which form into recognizable pat- erns. A brain wave test is as afe and as completely painless is an electrocardiogram. All that happens is this: Some moist pads are placed on the lead in several places. (No, you don't have to shave the head!) No electricity is applied. The patient (child or adult) feels n o t h i n g whatsoever, because nothing is done to him. The moist p a d s are merely collectin; loints. Wires are attached, am hey pick up the faint electrica' mpulses, as faint indeed' as a iveak, distant radio signal. The machine then amplifies I know scads who smoke, and hese electrical currents unti many doctors does she Two? Three? Four? know scads who don't. Many of my fel ow practitioners have read the convincing statistics and have quit smoking. Others have also read the statistics and have sak to themselves, "Yeah, I know I'm an idiot, but I've learned to like smoking so I'm going to do it and after effects. take the consequences. Young athletes should avoid to bacco. The farm smoke dries ou their respiratory passages slighl ly. Say it reduces physical cff; ciency by one per cent. (Mayb more or less). A one-per-cent los in a game can be a sloppy tackle a missed basket, one-terih of second in a 100-yard dash. A good athlete who smokes may beat a poor one who has "perfec habits," but if both are of equa ability, the one who doesn't smok will have the slightest possibl edge over the other. I suppose that I know a coupl of hundred doctors who have qu: smoking. They are "playing th percentages," but the only wa; to see the difference between them and others is to compare their ara-ag life spans and their aver age freedom from illness. (I could name one famous doc tor who recently quit smokin after 30 years. He said: "I knew all the figures, but I liked tc smoke, and I wasn't concernec about living a few years longer I quit because I wanted to get good night's sleep and not wake up coughing.") It may lake 10 or 20 or 30 years before the difference between smokers and non-smokers is big enough to detect. Earlier in life the one per cent difference is im possible to measure. For 50 years we've told our children not to smoke, but we didn't have any facts to back up our prejudice. In that, "D. S." is more or less right in her com plaint. We said "no" and didn' uiow why. But it's not a matter of just try liig to "halt the freedom" of youni people any more. There's rea evidence against smoking. (P. S.: In another 15 years 'D. S." will be getting ready to tell her healthy children not ti smoke. I wonder if she'll sue ceed.) Dear Dr. Molner: My son is five years old. On the average o twice a month he wakes up in the night, his lips quivering am arms and legs shaking or shiver ing. He talks in jungle fashion and I can't understand him. His eyes are open but when I pass my hand over them he doesn' bling and I don't think he sees it In about 10 minutes the condi lion passes and in the morning he doesn't seem to remember that it happened. Our doctor suggested that 1- ve a brain wave test given, hesitate about having it done, would appreciate ^ur ideas. E. B. This -Tob'-'m ha- some of the tradem ks of a cr ·· tils' 'e dis r-der, hut of ··' t type -- if, in deed, that is what it proves to be? We need further evidence A decade or two ago, we woul have done what we could, mak ing the best analysis possibli from our observations, and try ing this or that medication, hop ing that it might help, and devoutly wishing that we had some more scientific basis on which to proceed. But today we have the "brain wave tesl," or electro-cncephalo gram to use. It gives us some concrclc, data indicating whether we are dealing witli a convulsivi disorder. Or it rules this out, aiu tells us to look elsewhere for tin trouble--perhaps overly seven nightmares, or some oilier emo llonal or physical disturbance Perhaps a chemical disorder, ns low blood sugar or bw calcium may bo present. The brain wavo test gives us fnrlnal information. However, doesn't, liko a pciiny-in-llv,;-slot weighing machine, give us n III lie lickel that tells our forlune Wife, Daughter Of Airman Burn TOKYO (UPI) --The wife and daughter of Air Force S.Sgt. wil- ie E. Bareficld, 32, Vallcjo, were reported burned to death in a ire at their home near Misawa Air Base late Tuesday. The wife, Gussie, was 29. The daughter, Barbara Ann, was 9. Barefield and his son, Bfflie, 10, apparently were not in the home at the time ot the fire, according to ail Air Force announcement Barefield was hospitalized 'or treatment for shock. The family lived in quarters near the base, 400 miles north o! Tokyo. Cause of the fire was not jnown immediately. corded on a chart or graph. Thai is all! Reading the graphs is highly technical, but so far as you (and your little boy) are concerned :here is no pain, no danger, no The blood checked for sugar should hypoglycemia be the blood calcium estimated to evaluate a low calcium as a factor in spasms. "Don't Quit Because of Arthritis" is the title of my leaflet designed to help all who suffer the aches and pains of arthritis. For a copy write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper, enclosing liey are strong enough to be re- a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 5c in coin to cover cost of handling. Dr. Molner is always happy to hear from his readers, but he re grets that he cannot answer individual letters due to the great number received daily. Whenever possibl he uses readers' questions in his column. Brother Juniper "You had a haircut. Let's see, that'll be eleven cents, please!" . Announce Bishop Of Sacramenlo WASHINGTON (UPI) -- T h e 1932, and consecrated as an au* ost Hev. Egidio Vagnozzi, apos- lic delegate to the United States mounced today that Pope John Xin has appointed Auxiliary ishop Alden J. Bell, Los Anges, as bishop of Sacramento. Bishop Bell was born in Peters- orough in Ontario, Canada, on iliary bishop June 4, 1956. WILWYN IN AFRICA JOHANNESBURG, South AM ca (UPI) -- Wilwyn, winner of the inaugural running of the Wash inglon D. C. International a uly 11, 19M, and moved with Laurel in 1952, now servos as a is family to Los Angeles in 1918. stallion at the Oppenheira Farm was ordained there May 18, near here. INELIGIBLE No person can become a citizen f the United States under terms f. the McCarran Act if, during IB ten years before applying for aturalization, he was a member f the Communist party or of or- anizations affiliated with that arty. FREE! ROSE GARDEN with purchase of any Major Appliance at White House EUREKA ARCATA One dozen everbloomlng, 2 year old California field grown roses for a beautiful garden for you, your church, or give to friends. Each individually foil packaged, and free with any major Appliance, such ai the new Frigidaire 10 cu. ft. refrigerator thai h just $199.95 now at White House! How a Shell research team got 168.47 miles per gallon A Shell research team drove tliis car too Mileage Marathon record, TJiey used the same Shell fuel that could le bought at Shell stations., 168 miles per gallon must be a world record. Here's how the record was made --and how a quiet marriage of careful driving and today's Super Shell can help you get better mileage.. S 3MB years ago, a group of Shell scientists had a friendly argument.The gist of it: who could get the most miles From a gallon of gasoline.Theydecidedtofmdout. And Shell's Mileage Marathon was born. . All contestants had to use the same gasoline anybody could buy at a Shell station. Beyond that, the Marathon had few rules. And ingenuity ran wild. How the record was set Here are some of the things that Dave Berry and Fred Schuette, the winning team, did to set their record. None are recommended for informal marathons. But they do offer a few clues on how to get more miles per gallon. · Berry and Schuette removed their engine cooling fan to save power and muffled their radiator to retain heat. · They used tires worn smooth and pumped up to 50 pounds pressure to cut rolling friction to a minimum. « On the road, they accelerated to 20 miles per hour, cut the ignition and rolled until speed dropped to 5 miles per hour. Then they repeated the cycle. NOTE: they used a standard carburetor from an old one-cylinder engine. Since "on-and-off" driving is illegal on public roads--and since most Marathon modifications are dangerous for normal use--you may wonder if Shell's Mileage Marathon had any point. Indeed it did. In the months of preparations, every contestant learned a bit more about the care and feeding of automobiles. Knowledge of this sort gets passed along to you in the form of better Shell products for your car. EXAMPLE: As a result of Shell's research studies, including many mileage tests, one of the 9 ingredients in today's Super Shell is a mileage- booster called Piatformate. This ingredient alone can release up to 8 percent more energy per gallon than the finest 100-octane aviation gasoline. Result: extra mileage. To help boost mileage even more, follow these driving tips from Berry and Schuette. How you can save gasoline 1. Don't race your engine when standing still. Unnecessary engine speed is pure waste and takes you.nowhere. 2. Avoid jackrabbit starts. Fast getaways' waste gasoline and power. 3. Drive at moderate speeds. Your car uses about 25 percent more gasoline at 65 mph than at 45 mph. 4. Keep an even speed. Ragged driving uses extra fuel--without taking full advantage of the power it could generate. 5. Pace yourself in traffic. Don't be the fastest or the slowest. You'll just be trapped into wasteful spurts and slowdowns. 6. Keep tires up to their proper pressure. Soft tires can soak up power. 7. Ask your Shell dealer about these checks: Spark timing should be set correctly. Fuel filters and air cleaner should be cleaned regularly. Brakes should be properly adjusted. And your cooling system thermostat must work right. Motorists who follow these rules, and use Super Shell, can expect good mileage. Chances are, you can improve the mileage you are now getting. Now that you know how, why not give it a try?

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