Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1969 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1969
Page 21
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DAMASCUS. Syria (AP)_ Four Iraqis, all Moslems, were found guilty of collaborating with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and lianged at dawn Sunday at Baghdad's central prison, the official Iraqi news agency snid. They were tried in secret and no details of the trial were given in the four-paragraph dispatch from Baghdad. SAVE UP TO $100 On That Next Set of Tires TEXACO TIRELAND Highway 16 E. 521-9)00 jj' Center JOUET, 111. (AP) - Citizens with any kind of a beef about Joliet city government--a water bill, a broken curb, the tax rale --now have a place to go for a o,uick answer. The City Council puts into operation today a complaint, center under orders to handle all requests or complaints within five days, including a written report to the complainant. Ic will be manned by Anthony Mackay, a long-time employe in tlic city's finance department. After hours, an electronic secretary will record calls. Raciilly Mixed Am DBS MOINES, Iowa (AP)An explosion shattered windows early today in a racially mixed area seven blocks from the city's predominantly Negro Near North Side where a racial disturbance flared Sunday. Polite said no serious injuries were reported from the blast caused by what tiicy said was a heavy explosive cluirgc laid at the base of a utility pole adjacent to an electrical substation. They said the 2 a.m. blast was apparently designed to topple the pole into the substation, but the pole remained erect and electrical service was unaffected. Fourteen Negroes, including two juveniles, were arrested Sunday after a Black Panther rally in Goodc Park in the Near North Side erupted into vio lencc. Few Solid Accomplishments Congress Returns From Extended Vacation WASHINGTON (API -- The 91st Congress returned from an extended Easter vacation today, expecting President Nixon to come up soon with some ot the proposals leaders say arc necessary to finally getting he legislative machinery in motion. The lawmakers have few solid accomplishments to point to in the session's first three months. In fact, the 1-day Easter break was the second such vacation since Congress convened Jan. X But mot leaders, particularly among the Democrats, have blamed the inactivity on the lack of proposals by Republican Nixon. This roadblock will broken to i some Budget Bureau releases an agency by agency breakdown of llionbudgct. More of the President's amendments to the $195.3 budget submitted last year by President Johnson are expected during the week. Actually, even with some of Nixon's proiwsals in hand, there isn't expected to be much major floor action in either chamber. Most of the work will be in committees, where hearings have been called o deal with such domestic controversies as the administration's closing of 5!t Job Corps centers, cigarette advertising, tax reform. , Hearings on the poverty pro- extent Tuesday when the I gram by the House Education and Labor Committee will give lob Corps supporters a chance o oppose plans to close t'.ic cen- crs. The Senate subcommittee on poverty legislation takes up Regular Prices COOK 'NEW 'ALL-LATEX HOUSE PAINTING SYSTEM" A-KHYL-X x House A-KRYL-X LATEX House Paint Primer Fast-dry permits same-day linish application. House ONE-COAT LATEX House Paint Thoroughly hides most previously-painted surfaces in ONE-COAT! WHITE--Flat or Satin $1 REG. $10.95 $1 A-KRYL-X LATEX House Paint Flat or Satin Fast-drying, easy clean-up. Choice ot flat or satin in 40 colors and white. REG. $| $8.89 Also NEW! ONE-COAT House and Trim Paint--White REG. $9.50 $O08 U GALLON SAVE 15% OIL-RICH House Paint Top quality in 29 colors REG. $8.89 $709 · GALLON SAVE 20% COROVEL LATEX WALL PAINT Any color REG. $7.89 $C29 U GALLON SAVE 20% GRAND PRIZE! 16-Ft. 120 H.P. Inboard-Outboard M O T O R B O A T Complete with TRAILER Come in and enter before Saturday, May 3,1969. No purchase required. Sweepstakes subject to all federal, state and f '""' local regulations. Cook employees and families not eligible. SECOND 12-Ft. Sportsman's n THIRD _JO H.P. Outboard PRIZES SAILBOATS 6 PRIZES MOTORS I t WALLPAPER SALE Buy one roll at the regular price of 39c- 89c, and receive another roll for only one penny more! ROOM LOTS 6-8-10 and 12-roll lots 16x56-in. Framed DOOR MIRROR Beautiful, natural- finished wood frame $ 2 16x60-in. EACH REG. $8.90 Beveled-Edge DOOR MIRROR $·149 IEA. KENTILE VINYL SHEET FLOORING 6-Ft. Widths--3 Designs--28 Colors TEMPO--REG. $3.85 ^Jl SQ. YD. GLENCAIRN--REG. $6.49 $ Mosaic chip design in 8 colors The beauty of the sea shore in 10 colors Super Value Thermo-Plastic CEILING TILE Pastes or staples to ceiling! · Insulates · Deadens sound · Washable · Paintable with latex 12x12-in. REG. 12 1 /2 cor more Owens-Corning SUSPENDED CEILING Embossed white panels · Absorbs noise · Washable · Won't warp GRIDS and PANELS REG.31C Plus . . . You may win FOUR Gallons of Cook's New ONE-COAT LATEX HOUSE PAINT VALUE Drawing to be held in our store, Sat., May 3. You need not be present to win. Amazing new way to apply paint! 7" x 4" EXTERIOR LATEX PAINTING PAD Ideal for use on: . GABLES · FENCES · SIDING ·'SHAKES REG. $2.98 NEW! Tip 'n Dip TRAY . EACH HOUSE PAINT REMOVER Roll, brush or spray it on ... old, cracked and peeling exterior paint washes away with water! NEW handier plastic jug SALE-PRICED t f l Q C FOR FIRST TIME V J30 REG. $4.95 ^| GALLON Sash and Wall BRUSH SET Flagged and tipped REG. $6.29 Tynex Nylon bristles $ /I 39 /FREE 4 SET BANKAMERICARD COOK PAINT Use your BankAmericard East Side of the Squart Foycttcvillc Cotnd to Conk P».nl Inr : .he subject Friday. The House Commerce Committee starts hearings Tuesday nto dozens of proposals on ciga- ri-ttcs. One would permit the jresent limitations on the Ked- jral Communications Commis sion to lapse, so that agency ::ould carry out its announcci intention to b;in cigarette adver ising on radio and television Dthcr proposals would stiffen the mandatory health warning on cigarette packages. The House Banking Commi tec also opens hearings Tuesdaj on proposals to curb expansion if bank-controlled conglomer ales. After today's f i n a l public House Ways and Means Com mittee goes into executive session to begin putting together it? proposed reform of federal ta laws. Recommendations from the Nixon administration were scheduled for presentation Tues day. but won't be ready unti April 22. Included is fi propospt ceiling on tax advantages avail able to high income taxpayers. Only secondary matters expected to be discussed on the floor of either chamber this week. CLASSIFIED Phone 442-6242 rat WO»D . . . ic Minimum Order 19 Word! Minimum Chant 11 OS CASH DiSCOCNT BATES word 6 coiuccutlvt liucrtlons 30c 5 consecutive SnMttioiu ...... 30c 4 consecutive Inaertioni 24c 3 consecutive liuertlou He ! consecutive Uuertloni I4c Above ire tne Cuh Dlicount rates vou will receive by ordering your Ad «t The Tlmee office «nd paylnf c»«h {or it. or by orderlnj your Ad by Phone and paying for It within 10 dayi o( the date billed. 107. added after 10 dayi. ^_^_ For b«t result! give full description and §urt your ad for 6 dayi You may cancel your «d when results are obtained. You'll only be charged for the actual number o days the ad ran. KAVR MONEY! Plnce your dd In ugiNrtMi s-,i * m; * «w% KW'4 of KW'i or nwii Section JZ, Townihip 16N, K'A Of NE'i of NS',i swu tf swi of sfi'i Section 13. Townihip 16N. NE'i u( N K ' i of NEIi Section 7. Township I6N. R NW'.i of N W ' i W'.i of N K ' , of N W ' i fiE'.k of NW'i K'. ? of HIV, nf N I V ' i NW'.i n! SW'i uf NW'i K'-i of K\V 4 K',. of N W ' i »f SW'i K'i nf K W ' t of SW'i SW'i of S W ' i "f .-"W'i U"; of W ! s d( H K ' ( 1 .pi lion ^. ^ Touiihliip 16N, T r,y t of M\ ; , K 1 .- ci. NIV i rf N W ' i NW'. t (if N W , nf ,Wi W ' j of MV, of N K ' i K K : i Of r-'lV'i nf N K 1 ; KW« nf S K ' . of N K ' i N ' j of J-'K', NK'.i of X K ' i Of XIV 1 1 K 1 ; Of f-'K't if bE'.i F f t i i o n 1?. T!i«n*h:p Ifi.v. p the TIMKS SERVICE DIRECTORY »"''· "' -'«·': 3 Lines Dally For I s '' ° ; *»''' « s«'; ONE MONTH . ONLY S9.m|X"''i "·' TM M , "r sw. (Each additional line-- S3.1WI Card ot Thanks - J2.00 (Over 30 word*. 7c per word) PLEASE be «ure to check your ad for errors the first day of publication. Adjustments will be made \ \ - j of S K ' i of S W ' i K 1 -- of NW . '.f N W ' t \"IV. i.' ''\V. n' \'\l'. Oaeret if *cnt IN acni ftani« 29tf »icr« lOacrnf Mtcrei Ranft ;29VT 10 Acres ·n(t 28W 4D «crci 20 4crct 40 HCTffS 'J) Km 10 acici 80 acrot 20 »rro* M upres 10 arrpj 40 arrei MO acrct ange 3ftV. fio arro«; 20 acres in acin 20 acin in niTPi 10 acm SO ar:ri Ifl arm 00 acre* S» ar.^l ' Kj'il.'.T* '-fl arrci iri an-! ^fj acre^ ·-'1 ar... Dorm Dedicated WICHITA FALLS. Ti-x. (AP) -- A new dorniitury at Shi'ppard Air Furct! BnK(? was dedicated Saturday to aslronuul E d w a r d H. White II. killed in a spaee- craft firo on .Ian. 27. 19G7. White'K widow. Patricia, accompanied by t h e i r two chil dren. attended the ceremonies along with most of the rest nT his f a m i l y including his father. Maj. Gen. Edward White, r e - j tired, a former commander at Sheppard. ; Uiji: jini iiu'iii mtwui IBIBWB i. nn M »sii STATE FLOAT JUDGED BEST W A S H I N G T O N ( A P ) - Ar- Kansas' entry in the C'herr\' Blossom Festival ])ar,-idc Sal- turday was judged the best float by a panel of judges. Tin 1 l l o a t depicU'd a huge mechanical flower t h a t opened An estimated 150.00(1 per An estimated 150,000 pel- sons gathered to watch the parade, which marked the Ics- t i v a l . flrc I on the basis of the first appearance only No corrections made after ad haa expired. This newspaper reserves the rlKht to edit, reject and properly classify all ads. DEADLINES: Clarified adl «re iccepted until 4 p m on the day before publication anri until 11:30 a.m. Saturday for Monday publication. D i s p l a y Advertising '. day* befor* publica- Classified Deadline tlon. T E R M I T E S ! Residential Spraying · Roaches ·Certipedei · Spiders 442-7298 ADMIRAL PBT CONTROL P. C. BROOKS ; or J;K-. i o,' N K 1 . i or NK , of NK : . i (if NK , 'i t'. r N K ' . ACT NOW! Dial Times Classified Ads 442-6242 CLASSIFIED INDEX LtGAL NOTICE* C»BO Of THAHKt 1--ANNOUNCEMENT* 2--MOTiei* I-- FRATEHNAL NOTICE* 4-- PERSONAL* J--BEAUTY CADI (-INSTRUCTION* 7-1CHOOL* I--LOST AND FOUND 1--STRATID ID--TRANSPORTATION OFFERED |1_TRANSPORTATION WANTED 12--BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 13-W4NTIO TO BORROW 14--MONEY TO LOAN . -AGENT* WANTED 16--SALESMEN WANTED 1 17--SALESWOMEN WANTED- IB--HELP WANTED--MALE' 19-HELP WANTED--FEMALE* 2tt-- HELP WANTED--Male-Female J1_*ITUATIONS WANTED--Male 22--SITUATION WAHTEO-Fenato 23--SERVICE* OFFERED MA-MACHINERY «, TOOL* 21-FOR (ALE--Altemetlve UA-BOAT* * MARINE tgpptln 21B-MOTORCVCLE* 21--FOR SALE--Me»iH Hemei N--FOR *ALE--LivenecN MA--DOCS, CATS. PETS 27-FOR SALE--Neme NtMl 27A-MUIICAL MERCHANDISE 21-- FOR lALE-MlscenaMena 2IA-FOR SALE-AflllejHM 2*--FOR SALE OR TRADE 30--EXCHANGE JI-WANTED TO BUT I2-WANTED TO TRAD! 13-FOR SALE OR RENT M--ROOMS FOR RENT MA--ROOM AND BOARD IS--APARTMENTS FOR RENT M--DUPLEX FOR RENT 17-HOUSES FOR RENT I7A-MOBILE HOME* FOR RENT !»-- BUILDINGS FOR RENT ISA-FOB RENT OR LEASE n-- FOR LEASE 10--FOR RENT--Miscellaneeui ..--WANTED TO RENT OR LEASI 2--WANTED TO RENT «3--WANTED--REAL ESTATE «4--SALE OR TRADE--Real EltaM «4A-*ALE.LEASE--Real Estate (SA-CITY REAL ESTATE (SB--SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE «C--LOT* FOR SALE (ID-FARM* AND ACREAGE* IS-FOR SALE--REAL ESTATE lin.r Wnntrfl t Township 16.V. P.ancc 2S f NK : i / NK 1 , N ' T ^ N K ' t N K , 1 -a'.cd In Ma'li.--.n 11 arm 10 «rr^ s 1H tr 10 »i 10 a,40 nn 15 «' :ei 10 i u . e 10 « ' · VI »'·: prmlm IB pl»rfrt imilrr "Miilc" or "lmal«" ciliitiin tipnillnK* fur lhi frm\tn\rmf of Job- Dprkrr\. l'nlr*» an irilrrtl^rmrnl !ff- cinrullj- HUlr* thnt nppllrinlt i.f onr set (ml)- «lll hf arcrplnl, hih-irrkrr* nhoiilil as^tunft Ihnt npnlk-anls nf rl- thrr nrx will bo rontldfrrrt for tli«t imslllon. In rumpllnnre ullh Tllla VII. nil IlllhH Art of IM4. 40 H r ID »r- asr 3B\V Ml ·( :--l Legal Notices-- IN TMK rlMM I 1[V «ll HI 1 OF I V - r i l K MV1TKI: C H - M I K . M T I . U V M . |||.- | - | , \ N S A N 1 I T i l . ; r - ' r M : ! . I f - l l M!::;-r .p THK l:l'ill.-.:.! 1 - l . c j l F . i T AI'.KA UK M \.-l ' ( I I I . M N S B R V A T I d N l ' l : T I : xiiTON i-orx-rv AN: We're crowing about our Fried Chicken. And so will you. Try it soon. Snak Pak S .85 Dinner Pak $1.15 Picnic Pak $2.35 · · Family Pak....$3.95 · -. Party Pak $0.95 · Phone Your Order In. It Will Bi Ready When You Arrive. · · Chicken : I- l^rrMe 1 I.- Nl K. : 10 «. · aw . NW-, N\V, ,S-i, ^r N K ' t o» MV'i TM · iCOSTISliri) ON' PAGE ?!

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