Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1988 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1988
Page 7
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Pharos-Tribune, Logansport, Indiana, Wednesday, March 16, 1988 Page/ World Report Three Killed In IRA Blast Coffin of IRA guerilla carried out of church BELFAST, Northern Ireland (AP) — Five explosions ripped through a cemetery during graveside services for three Irish Republican Army guerrillas, killng at least three people and injuring at least 20, police said. A spokesman for Belfast's Eastern Health and Social Services said there were 23 injured, four of them seriously. The gunfire-like blasts erupted about 15 yards away as the flag-draped coffins of the guerrillas, shot by British troops in Gibraltar, were being lowered into graves. A police spokesman who spoke on condition of anonymity said one man at the scene was arrested. Thousands of mourners clustered in the Roman Catholic Milltown cemetery in West Belfast and flung themselves on the ground as organizers appealed for calm. One organizer, a member of ^ IR ^ IS political front Sinn Fein, said one woman suffered serious head injuries and that two men were wounded, one in the back and one in the leg. He spoke on condition of anonymity. Several mourners grabbed a man evidently suspected of setting the explosions. Hundreds of others rushed from the graveside toward where the explosions took place. The explosions erupted after more than 4,000 mourners had followed the flag-draped coffins of Mairead Farrell, 31, Sean Savage, 24, and Daniel McCann, 30, to the cemetery. Several mourners shouted out they believed the explosions were set by Protestant paramilitary groups. Police and troops, in an evidently deliberate policy, had kept out of sight during the funerals, which began with a Requiem Mass in a packed parish church, St. Agnes. The mourners had followed the coffins, draped in the Irish tricolor, through somber streets, with shops shut, to the cemetery. At the mass in St. Agnes, mourners listened silently as the priest charged that the unarmed trio, ambushed on what the gov- ernment said was a bombing mission, were murdered. Shortly before the funeral began, a bomb exploded on a street more than a mile from the church, slightly injuring a British soldier on foot patrol, police reported. Earlier, about 150 mourners watched, with no sign or police or troops, as relatives and members of Sinn Fein, the IRA's legal political wing, carried the coffin of McCann from his parents' two-story row house to be driven to the church. The almost exclusively Catholic Irish Republican Army is fighting to push the British out of Protestant-dominated Northern Ireland, join it with the Republic of Ireland and set up an all-Ireland socialist state. In his funeral oration at St. Agnes, the Rev. Tom Toner called the March 6 shootings in Gibraltar "murder" and accused British authorities of "gloating" over them. More than 1,000 mourners listened in silence broken only by a the crying of a baby. "We have a mounting, accumulated anger at the treatment of Irish people by Britain over the past weeks and months," he said. Britain says the guerrillas were shot by commandos while preparing a car bomb attack on the changing of the guard outside the governor's residence in (he colony on the southern tip of Spain. The three were unarmed, but Britain said they made movements that led the soldiers to believe their lives were in danger. The Irish government has complained that the soldiers should have tried to arrest the trio, who the IRA said were on "active service." Outside the chapel, a crowd of about 3,000 gathered to accompany the coffins to Milltown, the burial ground for many other guerrillas killed in nearly 20 years of sectarian strife which has claimed more than 2,600 lives. Cruise Ship Fire Extinguished MIAMI /AP) — An engine fire broke out today on the Scandinavian Star, leaving the cruise ship adrift in the Gulf of Mexico with more than 700 people on board, authorities said. "The fire is out. The fire has been extinguished, but the engine room remains sealed for safety," said Coast Guard Lt. Jim Dale here. An unidentified male passenger suffered a heart attack, said Petty Officer Dan Vogeley of the U.S. Coast Guard's Miami office. The man's condition was unknown, he said. Dale said that even though the fire was out, the "Scandinavian Star is dead in the water and is adrift." The ship was about 35 miles off Isla Mujeres, a Mexican island north of the tourist resort Cancun in the Yucatan peninsula, said Coast Guard Lt. Jim Mazzonna in Miami. FreOn Cruise Ship The cruise ship Canada Star and another vessel, the Vera Cruz I, stood by to assist, and a U.S. Coast Guard cutter was en route to the scene about 500 miles southwest of Miami. "All we know is that the ship's captain ... is completely out of fire-fighting equipment and has requested additional firefighting equipment such as foam, water and C02," said Petty Officer Brian Lincoln, referring to carbon dioxide. "Presently there are no preparatory measures being made to evacuate passengers or crew," said Dale. He said it indicated "that things are well in hand out there." "Our report is that it's under control, they have engine compartment sealed and they've pumped C02 in there to smother the flames," Vogeley said. He said officials weren't sure what sparked the fire, which began shortly after 1 a.m. today. The Coast Guard cutter Vigilant was expected to arrive as the scene about 10 a.m., he said. Coast Guard Petty Officer Richard Esterline said 707 people, including crew, were aboard the ship. Associated Press Fire on cruise ship Scandanavian Star, shown in New York harbor, was put out today Anderson Marks 3rd Year Of Captivity BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — Two Lebanese newspapers today published letters addressed to kidnapped American journalist Terry Anderson and his pro-Iranian captors on the third anniversary of his abduction in Moslem west Beirut. The independent An- Nahar and the Sunni Moslem Al-Liwa also published a picture of Anderson's 2-year- old daughter Sulome, who was born after his March 16, 1985, abduction by Islamic Jihad. Anderson "Here is Sulome, our daughter, wishing you a safe return home, daddy," said a letter to Anderson from Madeleine, Sul- ome's mother. "She often asks about you. Wondering which of all the planes she is seeing will be the one bringing daddy home...," the letter said. Anderson, 40, chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press, is the longest-held of 22 foreign hostages in Lebanon. There has been no word of him for three months. In a letter to the Shiite Moslem kidnappers, the U.S.-based Journalists' Committee To Free Terry Anderson pleaded with Islamic Jihad to "release him in the name of humanity." "For what crime is he paying this terrible price?" the letter asked. "Terry has committed no crime.'' The letters were also broadcast by a state-run television station based in Christian east Beirut, as well as the Christian Voice of Lebanon and the Sunni Voice of Nation radios. Anderson was seized before kidnappings became epidemic in Moslem west Beirut, when many foreigners lived there. Gunmen believed to be Shiite Moslem zealots abducted him as he was returning home from a game of tennis. Arab Killed, 8 Reported Wounded in Unrest JERUSALEM (AP) - One Palestinian died today in clashes with Israeli troops in the occupied territories, and hospital officials said soldiers shot and wounded at least eight protesters. Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin defended Israel's decision to curtail activities of Palestinians after the government cut telephone links between foreign countries and the Vest Bank and Gaza Strip and clamped a travel ban on Palestinians in the occupied territories. The restrictions were aimed at hampering Palestine Liberation Organization activists, whom Israel blames for keeping alive unrest that has claimed 97 Arab lives since Dec, 8. The army said one Palestinian died and six were wounded in protests near Tulkarm, 40 miles northwest of Jerusalem. The army said the circumstances of the death were under investigation and that no other details were available. The Arab-owned Palestine Press Service identified the victim as 60-year-old Salim al Yehyeh and said he died after soldiers threw tear gas into his home in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Tulkarm, Hospital officials said Israeli soldiers shot and wounded eight Palestinians, six of them in the Gaza Strip and two in the West Bank. In other developments, a PLO-ordered general strike entered its second day today, keeping most Arab workers from their jobs in Israel. Rabin told high school students that nightly curfews in Gaza were necessary to "reduce their (the Arab activists') capability to move by night, to prepare explosives ... to obstruct roads that carry workers to Israel." "We will use whatever measures we find necessary within the law," he said. Trade and Industry Minister Ariel Sharon called for a law that would allow the expulsion of stone throwers. "If we had done it at the right time, there would be far fewer stone throwers now," he said on Israel Army Radio. According to army estimates, about 2,600 Palestinians have been arrested on riot- related charges, most for throwing stones, Sharon also called for the expulsion of PLO activists. "We know exactly who is behind all of these disturbances ... the political arm of the PLO." he said. Sandinistas Begin New Drive Against Contras MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — About 6,000 Nicaragua)! soldiers used helicopters and heavy artillery in a major offensive against Contra rebel forces, but the government denied reports that its troops had crossed the border into Honduras. Honduran officials also denied Contra claims that Sandinista troops fighting in northern Nicaragua on Tuesday had entered Honduran territory. Heavy fighting was reported throughout Nicaragua's 5th Military Region, which includes the provinces of Boaco, Chontales, Rio San Juan and Zelaya South. The Contras said Sandinista troops had overrun some rebel positions. The Defense Ministry said 35 Contra fighters, seven Sandinista soldiers and one civilian had been killed in the fighting. A State Department official in Washington, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Tuesday that initial reports suggested the Sandinistas hoped to deliver a "knockout blow" to the Contras. The Defense Ministry announced Tuesday that the offensive was launched last Friday and intensified Monday and Tuesday. The drive occurred a week before the leftist Sandinistas were to negotiate with the U.S.-supported rebels about a cease- fire to their six-year war. Three days of talks scheduled to begin next Monday mark the first time both sides have agreed to meet inside Nicaragua, in the small southern town of Sapoa, near the border with Costa Rica. The U.S. House of Representatives defeated a $30 million aid package for food and clothing for the rebels two weeks ago, just after the rebels' U.S. aid pipeline had run dry. President Reagan opposed the package because it did not contain military aid. His own proposal for military aid was rejected earlier by Congress. Nicaragua kept the offensive a secret until Tuesday evening. Shooting, Coup Reported In Panama PANAMA CITY, Panama (AP) '— Shooting was heard inside the Panama Defense Forces headquarters in the capital today, and there were reports of an attempted coup against the nation's military strongman, Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega. The reports could not be confirmed, but residents of the area near the walled compound said there was heavy firing inside the military headquarters this morning. Two Associated Press reporters and a photographer were stopped by soldiers as they approached the headquarters, forced from their car and marched into the compound at gunpoint. As they were being held inside, they saw at least one officer with his hands behind his head being taken into a barracks behind the headquarters building. But a captain told them the apparent prisoner was simply taking part "in a simulated exercise." The captain, who declined to identify himself and wore no name tag, said units at the headquarters periodically conduct training exercises aimed at halting coup attempts. "Everything is normal," he said. It was not known if Noriega was inside the compound during the shooting, Telephone calls to the headquarters went unanswered. Hundreds of soldiers in battle gear surrounded the headquarters, in one of the older sections of Panama City. Residents were kept at least a block away from the compound. Reports said the coup attempt was led by the 3rd Infantry Company of of the 5th Battalion from Chiriqui Province, bordering Panama's frontier with Costa Rican. The light infantry company is known as the "Diablos Rojos," or Red Devils. Noriega, who has not been seen publicly since Friday, is determined to remain in Panama and ride out the storm, several close associates said Tuesday, speaking on condition of anonymity. As head of the 15,000-mem her Defense Forces, Noriega is considered to be the real power behind Panama's civilian government. Noriega was indicted by two federal grand juries in Florida last month on narcotics trafficking charges that link him with the notorious Medellin drug cartel of Colombia. He has denied the accusations. Leaders of the opposition and the Roman Catholic Church have complained that the U.S. indictments left Noriega with no option but to remain in Panama in fear of extradition if he flees to a third country. White House and other officials have said the indictments will not be dropped, but some have indicated privately that the United States might agree quietly not to pursue Noriega if he chooses to leave Panama. Disturbances began Monday when thousands of public employees did not get their semimonthly paychecks. Strikes by teachers, telephone workers and longshoremen were joined Tuesday by employees of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. At least a dozen people were injured by birdshot fired by riot police and hundreds more were tear- gassed Tuesday. The most violent protest was at the Social Security hospital on Panama City's north side, where medical workers threw flaming Molotov cocktails at police just outside the grounds of the sprawling facility. Riot police responded with bursts of shotgun fire and tear gas grenades.

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