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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Saturday, January 24, 1920
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THE -i JF ILLWOfS JAN *S 1920 Carbondale— "Athens v of Egypt. CARBQNDALE ILLIN CHAS, GROANING NOW RELEASED IN ALLEGED ROBBERY CONNECTION Home Searched Yesterday Afternoon by Police and . Found no .Trace of Silk Goods Taken From Bridg- .. es Store—Police Questions Groaning Then Kelease • Him. i> ' —i— After being arrested in connection •with the Bridges store robbery last Monday night in -which from $1,200 to '?1,500 worth-of. silks were lost, Chas. Groaning of this city, arrested about three o'clock yesterday, was released by the Chief o£ -Police' Hall McGill, • following ah investigation of the charge on which Groaning was held. Groaning Home Searched. What was believed at iirst to be evidence against Groaning in the case, resulted in a search of the home of Groaning by Officer McGill. At 'the home none of the missing -silks from Bridges', store were found, and nothing that indicated Groaning was connected with the robbery. Groaning was arrested, however, and brought to the .police for questioning. •.Rugs Brought in i: Case. "While searching the Groaning home, some rugs, were found iby the officer, . said to have been those in the Bridges store at one time. This, however, had little bearing on the charge on which Groaning was held. It was said Groan- Ing admitted the rugs at one time belonged .to the store, but had bee given him by a business man wh formerly occupied the store. Officer did not state what the business man eaid when Sroaniug's claim was ver: fied. After using all the believed evident BEGINS ORGANIZING WOMEN FOR juOWDEN CHICAGO, 111., January 23. — Mrs Fletcher Dobyns today "began the organization of women to push the campaign of Governor Lowden for the Republican nomination for President. She was appointed to handle the women's campaign for Lowden. She has been identified with political activities in Illinois since -women were granted.suffrage 'in. the, state. General Leonard 'Wlood will answer Senator Borah's question on the League of Nations in a few days, it was announced at the Wood headquarters here today. TRADE SESSION ENDS Pan-American Financial Congress Concludes Its Work. s; against Groaning in, connection with -the missing silk goods, authorities stated they were unable to. find .evi ... dence which implicated the arrested -man in the robbery. The arrest 6 "Groaning resulted from suspicious evi dence, according to the police. Groaning has been released from any connection with the' loot. Suspicious Transient Man and Wife • About noon yesterday a man and his wife, stopping at a local hotel were suspicioned of having been con nected with the silk goods rdbbery They were questioned by the police and their belongings investigated Nothing was found, however, against the parties, and they were released. , In connection with the case, it is rumored on the streets Bridges ' has gotten his goods back. This of course, . is not true, having not recovered -it from those guilty of the theft. James M. Robinson, Farmer, Is Dead James Monroe Robinson, 54 .years of age, died on a farm about three miles northwest of this city last night. He •was ill a little more than a weefc.Rob- inson had been a'resident of this vicinity for years. The funeral services-will be held at the home tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. • Burial at he Dillinger cemetery. $500,000 OIL PLANT BLAZE Fire of Unknown Origin Destroys Pittsburgh Warehouse of Atlantic Refinery Company. Pittsburgh. Pa., Jan. 24.—Fire of tin- known origin-starting in a warehouse of the Atlantic Refining company here destroyed hundreds of barrels 'of oil and the building, which rovers two blocks, nt an estimated damage of S500.000. Resolutions Adopted Favor Advancement of Business.and Trave) Between Americas. Washington. Jan. 24.—With the idoption of resolutions recommending measnres'for the advancement of in- ernational trade with South America ind improvement of ocean, .land telegraph, cable, wireless and postal s'crv- ces, the second' Pan-American financial congress concluded its formal-sessions. ' '"..'.' Nearly all the recommendations of !r:nups representing the various Latin- American countries were, incorporated n the report : of the committee'on res- ilutlons, which was adopted. The name of the international high commission set .np" for the permanent joint guidance of Pan-American affairs was changed to the inter-American high commission. The resolutions registered the sentiment of the conference in favor of the increased use of trade acceptances, the adoption by GAIETUCLUB'S MOCK SCHOOL Annual "Surprise" Meeting of Domes- .tic Science Club—Pupils of Cuisine" Art in Mock ' Class Room- Elect Officers.." •-. The annual "surprise? .meeting of the Domestic Science Club was held ait the home of Mrs. John Y. Stotlar on. West. Main street Thursday afternoon. The "surprise" took the form; of ,a- school with one member as teacher and the others as pupils. ' : Placards Scream Pupils' Duties. School began with a new club song with'many verses. This was followed by the reading of-the club constitution. Then the teacher tested her class.on well chosen questions. The dunce cap was much in use. Then followed a reading lesson from large placards on which were-jolly rhymes telling the duties of each, member. Gorgeously Appetizing Pictures. Next'came a chart lesson. The chart was,;.;composed ot large pages gaily adorned, with brightly colored pictures of delicious foods. .On each sheet a verse-.was written, particularly suited to a certain member. After reading' her page, each .lady was awarded same' as a souvenir of" the .occasion. . "Rah! .Rah! F.or the Club. .The-club yell-was given after" which ' MAN'S WlfE AND HI, VALUABLES AREMISSING SUSPECT OLD TRIANGLE Murphysboro ;Man's Wife I , Gone, Also Money, Clothe and Diamonds—Missing Man in Case Under Bone in Circuit Court—Nc Trace of Her. A Murphysboro husband who spen Friday trying to get trace of his mis sing wife.had ,failed .up to 3 o'clock Friday lafternoon. All he knew wa that she was gone, and that his fifty dollar suit of clothing, $80 in money a $225 diamond ring and about $SOC in notes were gone also, he states She left a note he says, according to the Murphysboro Era. "TyTien I got up in the Morning Sh was-Gone,", walled a fellow in a song that .was popular a few years ago, but that'., doesn't apply in this case. When he' came home in the evening she was gone. He., suspects that another man went at the same time. At. least ±e says •the other fellow, is gone. 'The man he named is. under bond awaiting trial at the present'term of Jackson county circuit court, and if he has skipped it is likely that, his bondsmen will take the trouble to try to have him brought back. 3 husband came into the city 'some time ago from the . country, ; bringing his wife with him. He was charge of the F.f-jir were: iies('"'mt!» ] '^ployed at one of the Murphysboro R: B. Renfro, Ralph. Thompson. - ... a-.lunch was. served in ' paper, bags. The .lunch cbnsised. of sandwiches, pickles, penny suckers/ cookies . and red apples... Chocolate was served in tin cups..-The committee serving UPC) Y. Stotlar, John Miller anrt Reef The following, r.f.w officers elected: President—Mrs.. J. E. Mitchell. 1st Vice President—Mrs. W. A. Furr. President—Mrs. H. G. 2nd Vice Easterly. -Secretary—Mrs. W. T. Felts. Treasurer—Mrs. L. A. Mmner. American countries of a uniform law in regard -to bills of exchange, the ratification of the convention establishing, .an. internntlonal bureau of trade mark registration at Havana. Cuba; the institution of census operations in nil Pan-American countries in harmony' with the the- United States; universal use of the metric system of weights and measures, and arbitration of commercial disputes, with a recommondation thai ! sociation (incorporated) of Herrin. Its the inter-American quested to siting a pcrninne bunal. HERRIN TO HAVE BASEBALLCLUB SPRINGFIELD, Jan. 28.—Articles of incorporation were granted by Secretary of State Louis L. Emmerson today to the. Herrin Pastime As- usitries since removing to this city, u.e laid off Friday to try to and his -runaway wife, the,suit of clothing,, the diamond ring, the notes and; : what he could of the ?SO cash. ;;':- : He consulted officials at Sheriff James W.Gibson's office and.then went to the states attorney's office to eniist aid in- his search. Tire officials -were interested in his report. thatj.the, man under bond was supposed to liave left town, and supposedly with the other man's wife.. However, the'bfflcers had no confirmation Friday afternoon that the man under bond was really, gone. EFFORT TO, REVIVE COUNTY PAIR NOBMAl BADLY SWSMPS: EWING COLLEGE TEAM- ALL-STARS WIN GAME Renewed efforts to reestablish the Jackson county fair at Murphysboro were decided upon at a meeting of representative citizens ait the city hall and a meeting of-farmers'and other leading citizens, of all the township was called to. be held in ithe Murphysboro city hall at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon..^. 24; says'the Bra. Early .action, is. .desired/ as the association owning ithe fair grounds has advertised that unless' those/bounds are purchased for fair purposes at an early date, they will be sold: for other Normal Team purposes. GIVE UP Formal Refusal of Extradition of Former German Ruler Received in Paris. 6—All-Stars Take Measure of Normal's Team^-Neither Contest. CASE TO BE KEPT OPEN Action of the Government at Th Hague Not Accepted as Final and Will Be Followed by Long Series of Arguments. Paris, Jan. 24.—The Dutch ministe lelivered Holland's reply to tbe allie cmimd for extradition of tbe forme -fcrman emperor to the foreign offie t 0:30 a. m. Friday. Tbe Hague, Jan, 24.—Th c Dutcl overnment has refused (be demand be allied powers for the'extradition o urmer Emperor William of Germans Not Bound by Peace Treaty. London. Jan. 2-).—Holland's re i the entente demand for tbe oxtraili on>V>f Emperor William declares tb: : cannot be bound by tbe peace treaty o,which it is not a party, it Is lean Neither tbe Dutch h cnngtirurioi .meriean commission ho re- purpose is.for *ho erection and main- study the possibility of crp- tenance of a baseball -park The capi- icrnianent arbitration tri- tal stock is SK nnn Retrieving Barbed Wire. The problem of retrieving, the buried -and broken bnrbed' wire on the battlefields off Flrmders and northern France-is being tackled by the British war office salvage committee, nnd a machine -for the'purpose lias been Invented and built which is thus described : One truck and trailer carries the whole of the plant, which can «, 0 rli on the most uneven ground. A stout wire rope with a number of hooks Is worked by a. winch. As tbe barbed wire is drawn up it passes, tlmmjrli two sets cf rollers, and the salved metal appears In blocks from one foot to 18 inches square, and weighing from 70 to SO pounds. For smelting it sells for about $25 a ton. The staff in charge-of the scheme thinks that there are -100,000 tons that can be./removed, «nd If that is'the-iggregate weight the •rost of the -40 outfits said to have been ordered jshuold-be-amply justified. EIGHTY-FIVE REDS INDICTED Special Grand Jury at Chicago Re- .turns Bills Against Big Batch .of Radicals. Chicago, Jan. 24.—Indictments against 85 members of tbe Communist jarty of America were returned here. >y the.special "red" grand jury chief before Chief Justice Robert E. Crowe of'the criminal court. Most .prominent among those in- diuted Is Mrs. Rose Pastor Stokes, .who s now a. member of the national ex- ecntive committee of the organization. Bach o~f the defendants, with the exception of three, is named in separate ndictments. charging, them with .viola- ion of the new state sedition law. .The 85 are named in one general :onsplraoy. indictment, charging them i -vith -advocating the overthrow of the government by violence. The bonds of the defendants were ixed at $0,000 on each charge, or a otal bond of ?10,000 for each of the "efendants with the exception of three. /ILLA ELUDES HIS PURSUERS Bandit Chief Escapes Into Mountains of Durango—Carranza Force in Pursuit. . _0alveston. Tex.. Jan. 24.—Francisco Villa, several days ago reported trapped by Carranza forces in tbe Hechioero desert, .lias escaped into.the mountains of nnrango. according to advices received by Jieude Fierro, Mexican consul here. A large part of tbe Villa forces in the desert still is within the n«t of Oarraiua troops, tbe report said, and a fcireo is pursuing Villa. tal stock is $5,000. The incorporators are: Joe Dell 'Era, B. F. Bracy, John Walker, M. J. Cluck, S. Susman, Joe Gualdoni and J. A. Ward. . /Correspondent—City- National of Herrin, 111. NO NEW WAR PLANNED Allies Adopt Purely Defensive. Policy Toward Soviet Russia. 3 ROBBERS DIE ON GALLOWS Pay Penalty for Murder of Canadian Farmer While Robbing His Home. Montreal, Jan. 24.—Three men were hanged here for foe murder of Alcide Payette, a farmer. The condemned men, Bnptiste Lemay, Murdock Allen and Romeo Laepste, were convicted of having, shot,ania-.killed Payette; when the former .cUscftvered them -^robbing" his home. ,'. - •'•• • '-' British Authority Says No Grandiose Plans Made to Send Troops . to Caucasus. London, Jan.. 24.—Despite all reports and rumor's to the contrary, -the allies have definitely adopted a purely defensive military policy toward, soviet Russia, pending further pence developments arising from the recent lifting of the blockade. This statement is made on the authority of a source which is very close to Premier Lloyd George .and from which was obtained the following stand on Britain's policy toward the holshevikl—a policy which, in the nature of things, must -tilsb determine that of. the other European countries- in their future relations with the Lenlne regime: "7\'o srraiHliosfi plans have been made or been prepared for a now war to he waged by the British troops against the soviet forces in the Caucasus. "Whar is contemplated is adequate protection uf British interests in tbe Caucasus ajiainwt any danger tlhit may threaten from that quarter. "There is no undue activity in ibe British war office. Xor lias the fact that Britain can only supply one battalion of troops for service in tbe plebiscite areas of Europe any connection with eventualities in other parts of the world. Other powers are providing tbe necessary troops for the plebiscite areas." LAUDS LOCAL • VOCALIST A'N6;iTtXfeHER In regard to the "guest day" pro gram of the Domestic Science Club of DuQuoin, the DuQuoin Call says: "A very pleasing number of the afternoon's program was the rendition ^f two groups of songs by Mass Mary Matthews of Carbondale, a student of Mrs. Anna Grater-Fowler of that city. Mrs. Fowler, -who has a class in this city, had previously accepted an invitation to favor the gathering with one of her popular numbers tout later found it necessary .to decline because of a severe cold. The selection of Miss Matthews 'to 'sing in her^ stead was delightful and her first appearance in this city yesterday afternoon won for her many ardent friends and admirers. She possesses a beautiful soprano voice and under the' direction •of Mrs. Fowler, has acquired a finished tecb.nig.ue which l gives her the enviable reputaton she deserves. • Mrs. A, G. Purdy, also of Carbondale, ably ^presided as accompanist. FLU ON INCREASE IN N. Y. In a hopelessly one sided contest-— rather a practice game for the NonaaK team—iEwing College was overwhelm— "ingly swamped 65 to 6'by the Varsity five at the Normal gymnasium! test. evening. Previous to this game last:, bight the local'all-stars trounced the.- teecond Normal team 27 to 5. -This, game, although one sided,-was perhaps 1 more interesting from, the standpoint- of a contest than the other gajne, but: neither very much of a game. The- Ewing boys knew very little basket-' ball, giving them credit for gooff ia- t iitions and honesty in.playing. But they'll-have to learn, more of the;- hasket ball arena and the ball before-.they can interest the Normal team. The game was attended by a good! crowd, and even though the game was^. one sided, other things rather thau the • closeness of contest provided interest and amusement. Cecil Bass refereed the game 6e- tween the All-Stars and the NormaB second team, and Fred Pahst the game- between the Normal and Swing. 'The lineups were: ^ ' ^Normal Varsity. Roberson, L. G. Carson, R, G. Dooliu, C. . Brooke, F. ; :' : " ; " ! '; Rude, F. •••-•> .->-. All-Stars. , Huffman, C. • Pabst, L. F. '"•;.'! J. Etherton, R.-F.- Tom Entsminger, L. G. R. Entsminger, R. G. Varsity Second Team. Meyers, C. M. and C. Allen, Fs. : Bourrough, G. Hamilton, G, Brazil and Conaster, Subs. or tradition permit of it acceding t: ie demand -of the allied- powers; tlft> Dte sets forth. ;Tbe national honor, the reply arcs, does not. permit, tbo betrayal o ie confidence of those who innWiet iiieiuselves to Holland and its free iiv stitntions. Will .Keep Case Open. 1'lie refusni of tbe Dutch govern- :nwi; will not be accepted as final an' probably will, be folowed by a loin: series of secret legal-arguments' will bo^ takei; by thy allies was expressed .by aiitboriiarivo sources close •) Lord Cbanceilor Birkt-ahead anf! Attorney General-Sir. Gordon Hewarl •At tbe same time, however, tbe con- census in England is that Holland w... get tbe better of tbe negotiations that are to come and tlmt it will ultimately : HJ shown that tbe kaiser is not to be had unless ire is voluntarily surrendered. This is regarded us an extremely remotu possibility. • Will Answer Holland. Holland's reply refusing to. give up tbe kaiser .will be presented .to tbe supreme council at tbe next meeting in London. Tbe note is now in the. bands of Secretary Dutasta in 1'urig. It was intimated that the aiMei experts are prepared to answer Holland's principal objections, which rest on four poit'ts. These are: America's deflection,. Holland's interpretation of New. York. .Tnn. 24.—Many'' the!rights of political refugees, the fact nve (1r °.«'»ed in tbe Bhwlr simi'Medi- that Holland is uot amenable to the j Wfanean 'seas trying to reHoff'frnTe*- treaty provisions, not having partici rlne in fisllin S 'macks, according- to- :i- message received here by IbV-Zionist : organization of America from '-Isaac .-• "Rosoff, president of the Russian' Zion- - ENTERTAINS MAIL CLERKS' WIVES: - Mrs. Archie Rogers was hostess to* he Railway Postal Clerks' Wives CJnb: - - esterday afternoon at her home oa. West Walnut street. ' • An interesting feature of the program was the casserole cooking d«m- mstration by. Mrs. EveretteJMfller. The-hostess served a menu of, hot oils, egg salad, sliced cold tongue and: oftee. . . : EWS RUSH TO HOLY; LANK Many Hebrews Drown in Effort' 'to Gee- to Palestine — Trek Across ! Russia: . ' Epidemic Spreads in the East—1,33a New Cases Reported in One Day. New S0rk.. .Ta. 24.—Influenza nnd pneumonia cases in New York city showed.tlie iriv:itest increase since.tin; outbreak beg:u the number "of new patients beii. r virtually doubled. There were l.isii; now cases of influenza and 402 new cases of pneumonia reported, compared with 671 and 190. respectively. 'Deaths from influenza reported were 23, an increase of eight over Thursday. There were 70 deaths from pneumonia, an increase of 24. House Passes Bill Granting Pay f or Increases to Petty Officers and • Enlisted Men. Washington, Jan. '24.—The house passed, a bill granting pay "increases of from 30 to 50 per cent to petty onicers and. enlisted men of the navy. The bill will add about $10,000,000 to the navy pay roll for the remainder nj' the present fiscal year. . MONKEY TALK STUDENT DIES African Explorer Dies in Hospital a1 Chattanooga, Tenn., After \ Short Illness. 4 Chattanooga, Term., Jan. 24.—Richard L. Garner, African explorer and author, who some years ago announced that he had found' several sounds approximating a monkey language, died at a hospital here. Mr.. Garner was taken ill at n hotel several days : agc and his identity .was not known, until after his death. . .' ..•!.'.. .-.:: . pated in framing the. treaty, and final ly Holland's interpretation of the rights of neutrals! Washington Not Surprised. Washington, Jan. 24.—The reported .refusal of Holland to give up the for 'nier Emperor William of Germany foi trial by the allies is in accordance wit's*the, expectation entertained in Washington. It was said at the state department that no official advices had come concerning the contents of the note, but it was generally, assumed that the press reports were substantially cot rect. A curious circumstance of- the long- drawn-out efforts 'that the allies have made to get tbe person of the ex-baisei is that -Secretary Lansing headed the Commission which brought in the in- "ctment of the former mler, although it generally was understood that -Lansing did not himself believe in the practicability of the move, and may even have been dubious of its legality. Won't Be Disappointed. There is said to be excellent reason to believe that the allies will not be greatly disappointed at the action of' Holland. British and French statesmen appealed to a popular uJemand -when they gave assurance that the Isaiser would be brought, to trial arid suitably punished, hut they are s;'.id in these' latter days to have become impressed "'with the. many difficulties of,carrying oiit the trial in a wny.which''wo'iild not'do their;cause more, harm than.''pood;' ist organization. Hundreds have succeeded. Tiv'n'ach-v ing Palestine in unseawortliy crrt'ft and'' landed "more dead than alive,"- according to the message. ' '• "' "Thousands have trtked across'Rus- -' Ma, suffering terrible hardships,"' the • communication adds, "and are'"rm>wTn,.-> Constantinople and Odessa, where ttio • Zionist organization Is'-faceiJ ' wilh the critical problem of trying to: ,restrain, them from going to Palestine • before emigration, is oflicinlly or»ene« ' up. by the signing of the Turltoy .treaty of peace, which will give ffren't ' Brit- ain a mandate over the Holy- land." 'FLU' EPIDEMIC IN WISCONSIN-:' Apparently. Not of Pneumonia Type,. But Is Regarded as •'Real 1 Thing." the Madison, YVis.. .Tan; 24.—T.ho epi- - tlemic prevalent in Wisconsin, although apparently not of tbe pnesi-- . monia type, is to be 'regarded and--' treated as influenza, the state board:' of health directed in telegrams,.to-..^ lealth officers of Wisconsin cities;. The disease'is characterized as ".scrt-- ous and may become virulent." RuFes.-. requiring reporting, placarding a'adv- solating all cases of infloeniKi atict 2 grippe must be enforced. . : ...

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