Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 27, 1950 · Page 12
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 12

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1950
Page 12
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.National Girl Scout WeekRoo^velf PTA's £ ' - ' -, - | D r^ ·! School Carnival To Be Observed By Council S | ateJ _s at urday National Girl Scout-week,will open Sunday and will -continue through Saturday, -Nov. 4. The one and a hali million Scouts throughout the nation will honor ^e memory of their" founder,-Juliette-'Gordon Low^ whose, ^thday s - - huar council will Roosevelt-PTA' will hold.a carnival atlthe-school, Ninth avenue tomorrow after- money le audi- of their"fodder/JuJiette.^oraon^o^wi^^uu.uu^, ^ gy to Oct. 31, In Tucson, Girl. Scouts-of-the Sahuaro council will ^ ^^ cu - rtalns _ f or hold a citywide observance'-vvith an outing at Santa -Rita" park from to noon on Saturday, Y-Teen Clubs Training Day Is T o m o r r o w 10 a.ra. Nov. 4. . There will be folk dancing games, and traditional ceremonies Group singing will -be lead by Lois Peabody,- Patsy Wfflett, Carol Mlley, and Mary Holloway. Wayne | Sanders of KCNA will broadcast a ~ ° le 6Vent " fr ° m * One hundred officers and com- A cafet e n planned nuttee- Chairmen of -the WCA * · «£ * Bar- TM TM * * TM TM * . t-rnnn rpnresentatives: isar- ^-*^--"»-·»"--- -- ··--- -- rung at 5 p.m. In addition to Amer- Sn, CU Sandra MounU Mary *£«£^»£^? 1 ?£ U»*_style food, taeos.', enchiladas, Bromley, Magdalene van vvaJQen, intpwiuh conhrik have ,,-,.-i_ · ^ s?» j s, H s» srsa HS£Sra«i?51£££- - --. mistresses of _ cere- cm '" th «5 var'°" S J" " e JLS" £ Roosevelt children at 6 p.m. on the squad. talk over their plans and prob- Leaders will accompany their lems, getting and giving ideas. Aje«J.ucia " ._,__,. a -.,~v, CJ-.TMO «f tbo ncno^tc nf the lr troops. Nosebag lurfclies ,broughi * * " _ i » » i ****** *+- vinnn frnm home" wilfbe eaten at noon, and national . . (fenirS chairman of the out- sented to. a talk.by Miss Elizabeth Cements. ,\, Mrs Vic Thornton.Ser Howsate,,executive dlrector;of the ia A»A4 u« -- -- ^ -_-_,._. . , J, -- -iir*f*mii v. uul includes Mmes..G. C Willett, Margaret Robinson and D - _ . , , _ school band during."the dinner Arthur Grunewald. Mrs. n. A. Workshops Slated hour . Roosevelt school "children Schendel is the program chairman In the a fternodh' the group -"will -will dance between numbers. John of the Sahuaro council'.' divide into various workshops Alexander, professional magician ' which -will cover the duties,- plans has a special show planned for the p l e a ' s H a Y e and P roWems ? f the offlctrs and evening. committee chairmen. , r» ' i. AJ. L J A I , r a T he workshops' will.: be:'.Pre'si- UosserT AT , noust; dentSi ^ by MrSi 0 . T. Norton, . secretaries, ·;Mrs.---C.' C.-"Snoddy;. Phi Beta chapter of Delta Belta treasurers, Mrs. Mary E.-Davisson;' Delta sorority held an informa dessert last evening in the new chapter house. Attending were both actives and members of the alliance. Gilberta Cosulich, actives president, was toastmistress. Mrs. A W. Kilbum is alliance president. Phi Be^a chaprer, lounded on te devotions,-.. Mrs. "Arthur Roberts; inte'rclub council, Marty. Roberts; membership, Mrs, R. V. Kessler, music, Miss'Jean Morton; program, Mrs. L. A. Latner; publicity, Mrs. J. B. Sanders; service, Mrs. Harold Furneaux; social and recreation, Mrs. -J. P. Rogers; world fellow ship, Mrs. Daisy Lipscombe. UniversTty'of "Arizona campus Oct. A Halloween theme. 1 will feature and Roy'Davis. £6, 1946; with 26 charter members, the day's events, which will also Tlle fourth and fifth grade will « . , , , pe . The new- 7 chapter v house,, just and a movie provided. by the coun- rao thers Mmes. George Arnold and ' ' completed",-Is.loesTted-'at'the" corner fy recreatioa department. of North Cherry avenue and East _ ,-' · ' .. ,--~~X,' ; . second street, nomemaKers Club Pledges 1 Mothers Entertained At Tea An informal tea held recently : by _ · ' -- ' ' . f - . Former T.ucsonians . Marry h' -.Lubbock Mrs. T; - ; jt-it : . Florence Becker, members , of . «he Mrs. Mattle May Ledbetter, and Desert club entered articles at the Dee Atkinson, former Tucsonians., cou ' nty f air an $ received a total of were married . Oct. 21 in a Metn- , g prizes w hich included 10 firsts. odlst double-ring ceremony in Mrs _ gt e ii a a.ogers was a visitor. Lubbock, Tex. ; Officers . Mrs. . Atkinson is "the daughter officers elected -were: President, of Mr.. 'and Mrs, : G. .C.^. Preston. 'of ^rs; Effie Shofner; vice-president, Jackson, .Miss. She wore a cham : Miss Alikonls; secretary, ; Mrs. Char- pagne satin dress with, black velvet lotte Sanders; treasurer, Mrs, Con- accessories- and a corsage of talis- n ; e saintz, reporters, Mrs. Hannah man roses. Her daughter, Joan, B. Haaland and Mrs.- Nellie who was maid -of honor, . wore a. schrepel. navy blue suit with "white -acces- '''Textiles will; be the topic at the Eorles and a gardenia corsage. ; next.meeting. The 'leaders will dis- Both Mr, and Mrs. Atkinson cuss new materials that, are on the were employed in Tucson cleaning market today. The meeting will be establishments. They, are now. at held Nov. 15 at the home of Mrs, home atf : 2123 26th st,, Lubbock. ·' Sanders, 2401 East Mabel ST. and to make contributions to ^ the school health fund and books for Ft. Grant. pony and jeep rides, hot dogs. ice cream and cokes, will be available on the school grounds in the afternoon, starting at 2 p.m. Cafeteria Supper A cafeteria style supper, reason be served begin- auditorium · stage. Prizes, will be awarded by a committee headed Some ot the aspects of the local -will be Cimaronas, cascarones and pinata games will lend a "unique Spanish touch to the carnival this year Mmes. "Danny Salazar aVe Tucson YWCA, and in a discussion to follow. r Hal Goodman, music Jnstructor, Tucson schools, will present the Stucire* Nutrition · · - · : · - . -· -^-----..,.. .- Baker -'and G.eorge -.Arnold. All The Desert .Homemakers -met" at cakes will be homemade.. the home of M_rs,\Genevieve.Cres- ., " .-Fortune Tellers ':. ; , Fortune:-t'ellers' for children are waV-Mr'^TTriTpt'HiThhar/i """""" under the direction of .Mrs. ,B. P. -T, ·- · ,, - « ^'^^^^^^^A^i^^^^-0 ^^'^^^ «^?^^^^ef^^^uy n ^e^ T^. i.i_ i,«,,r- n ^o 0 ^ .j Those chap- ter house, Mrs. Rav-Han S en s pi^ Ll^^^rprepa^ed IS- Neils-.Yde, E. R. Arballo and J. M. sided at . the ; tea table and Mrs.. E. * ^ c ^ ^ wh Felix- By GLADYS-WYAXT , Prom Tbo Mail "Bag 'We are newcomers to Tucson irom Onio," writes Miss KJI, "and, so far, we like it. However, we lave found some strange canasta customs,, here. The other evening I had a" canasta of 7s.-My opponent, discarded a 7 and I proceeded to add it to my canasta and take the closed. I never heard of that before. IVouH you give me your opinion? Also, some of our new taends here often do something like this: They meld two .kings with a joker, then if later on they draw' a king, they put the king into the meld and take the joker back into their hands. I'm quite sure there must be a rule against Garcia and o£ Other Concessions Other carnival .concessions will be: fish -pond, under direction of fourth grade room mothers, Mmes. A. E. Magee and Imogene Nightrtv gale; country store, managed by second and third grade mothers -,, -·£,. B. Anderson, -Nathan ^»» c * and A. K. Boltar.es; movies, handled by fifth .grade mothers, Mmes. Paz Leon and Morns 01- shanksy; skill games, directed by sixth' grade mothers, Mines. Gilbert Lopez, L. A. Hamilton, H. A. Bell e ays evens, w c w a s o The fourth a n d f t g r a e wi include singing, recreation, lunch, present' the spook show .with room and a m v i e rovied. b the coun- rao thers Mmes. George Arnold and David V. Sprunt: in charge. Miss ' ' cond" - r a d e / · C a n a s t a Is Fun natural card of the proper rank. Not in canasta. Once a wild card is "melded It must stay, melded. Docs Player Have Ch'olcc? "Here's a new' one,'' E think," writes H.G." "Some of our friends allow the. player who takes the ^ ^.^^^.^.^.^ ^., c ,,^. « r .... -,, discard to take only the top card g^a.m. Monday for Morgan McDer- that. Am I-right?" , Friends Arc Wrong Let me first say "Welcome to you are right on'bofh counts and jur new-found friends are AS I have pointed out space a number of times, there is no prohibition against adding cards to a closed canasta. If,the discard pile is not frozen and if its top card matches your canasta, you may add that'card to your canasta and take the pack..,You learned .e game well in Ohio. Also, * there is 1 no 'trading for cards' in canasta. In some Auxiliary To B/egin Drive For Members A^membership drive will open at. if he wants to. Or he may take the whole pack. Is that legal?" No, not legal. Every time you take the up-card 'you must take the rest of the discard pile. "What happens," asks Mrs. F.D. J'if a player cannot draw from either pile.? Suppose "that my % opponent takes the last stock card and .then discards one that'I can't take. Suppose I have some melds that I could put down. May "I do so even though I wasn't- able to draw?" Hand Ends No, if you' can't draw, the hand ends then and there. You are not allowed to meld but are charged with the point value \f the cards that you hold. Note that the hand is over even though no player has gone out. In such a case scores are calculated ]ust a^ usual except that no bonus of 100 for winning the hand is awarded to anyone since no one earned it. Any reader is invited to send questions-to this column for discussion here. If there are points that puzzle you, just mail them to me in-car of the Tucson Daily Citl- wiln cards in uauwsutt. -m 3wmv- .,,*. *ii ~.« ~- -- ·* games you inav take-up a wild card Z en and they'll appear here as frojn a meld and replace'it with aipromptly as-possible, Merry - Go - Round Dance To Climax Twirp Week On University Campus ' The Merry-Go-Round formal dance from 9 to 1230 tonight at the Pioneer hotel wiU'climax Twirp week which began Monday on the University of Arizona campus v This is the Associated Women Students annual dance. The Merry- Go-Round dance will catty ojt a circus theme featuring a carousel band stand. A big top ceiling of red and .white crepe paper-streamers will carry the theme out fur- will give a 10 minute magician act as a part of the scheduled entertainment. Heading publicity is Virginia Ram. dell, AWS publicity chairman. Deco- ·. A circus mural by Steve Brady ill adorn one wall. · Clowns At Door IJavia v. opruut. iii wioifif- -."--. clowns .will greet guests at the Josephine 'Mustard,'second- 1 -grade floor; they -will, also sell and take --;··, -- «»· ... tnianf ehnw jj(%^g^ St A ring.-master will act as barker for the dance. Klaus Vpegler,. German exchange; . One and one eighth cup of dried" ^ertV,Ru gg ,e,, " ,,' £^^^feS'o? -!£ *- orfluid whol.milk. ,_, president; 'Mrs, K.' .Y. -Appleyard, * Acllievcment Day secretary; -and Mrs. -;A. F...Burke, .. Misg Madeline Barley, home treasurer.. - . ; , ^ - : . , - demonstration -agent, spoke o n Mothers, of Tucson:pledges^who Achieverant , day |, ans . jj rs . Cres . were honored were Mrnes^ H-, R. ^ and: ; Mrs , Mildred Mitchell Baker, M. H-, Baldwin. H; E -.-?.?2i,- were appointed to meet Avlth mem W. G. Dillas, S. B. Gimble, W. R. bers of other Homemakers clubs Pinkerton and Hilda Raven.. at th e .rh ome O f Miss Barley to make plans "for the-annual Achieve- P I A N O S EASY TERMS HARMONY HOUSE 204 N. STONE Read taugh NUTS IN way · ' -fry ' - - ' · ' . -Cornelia Otis.SJdiiner over the university campus adver- j ar d». tising the dance. son. mott unit No. 7, American Legion auxiliary. -Headquarters will be at the Legion, building, 112 W. Pennington st, Tim King, commander'of Morgan McDermott post, is asking all post members to urge' the women in their families to enroll in the auxiliary in order to, participate in the organization's activities. Two Teams There are' two membership teams, captained by Mrs. E. A Gendron and Mrs. T. P. Altenberger. Serving with Mrs. Cendron are Mmes. William Burns, Fred H Thorp, George F. Hutton, E. D. Meal, Clinton Helbig,' Jack Dyer, Clinton Low, Eache Fish, Jean JJc- Man, A. C. Bnnkmeyer, Frank M Eames, Oliver Laubscher, George Thompson, Grady Young, AureUa Araneta, Mary Sharp knd S. Frank Moore. . On Mrs. Altenberger's team are Mmes. John H Thomas, Worthy Harris, K. D. Mack, Keith Hubbard S. B. McQuown, Dean Lathrop Birdice Franks, Sylvia McMan Grace Hoffman, Cecil H. Clark, L H. Howard, Ila Rogers, Ray A Wiltons, Zora Soberay, Nellie Gea- makos,' Theodora Wooden and Pearl Rogers. Alpha Pfc Honor New Initiates Five - Oc . . -- : . ,,, ls.inWllkes-Barre,\Pa. '.Other n«w, JinItfates;are,Nancy Everetfe,Wi3c- eriburg, ·5?at.UcGIainery (A TaMOB, Anna'. -Stephenson, Ehoenlx,^-^nd Ea^VIctora^Muscoda, WJs.^ ,, , - e ·wer New initiates -of";"Alpha Phi, sorority i were honored--at a ban- quet'at the chapter house .recently, following the Imtiatiqn^eremony. Joan ' Thomas -was given an ^ ^"w***jj«^ ^ "^*Y. """-"«^^ r viV"' identification^ bracelet for" being Mmes? "Jdhiu Brooks, Georg«f.Mo- the "outstanding pledge. Her home r "°'" 101 ' 1 - ""^ ° T.^AToscinffpr.^,: / Alumnae Conneli-and C. Movie To Be Shown By Menlo Park PTA unmpm Menlo Park PTA is sponsoring v T J * 11 A e**A ,, a mo vie at 730 tonight in the Yesterday two girls dressed as gcjux)1 audltorlurn . In6char g e are circus bareback riders rode horses Stewart Winters and Arnold Gal- S-ITT/*» +Virt »ml'iTOT»ci i tTf "/lairmiic? .nHvf»T*. i _i_ The feature .attraction · will. be / Chairman- of the dance is AWS Laurel and Hardy in "The Bo- social , chairman, Jackie : De' Bolt: hemian Girl.". Four selected' short . . subjects will also be. shown. Tickets will be sold at the door e, p u i c i . - j.^.^^ nm u ^ s.u*u ov.wuv. u^^ rations chairman is Frances Bmer- Candy and popcorn, will be sold _^« «. fliiwn/v tli a Air o*iiT^cr 'during the evening. at SWANBEHG'S 1028 N. Park Avenue Phone 2-7001 ; 'For. Sale For Rent !! SIMPLICITY PATTERNS !! Simplicity -Designer Patterns Carried in Stock 36" PRINTED FLAJfXEL ^ 4A( Stripes -- Dots -- Nursery Figures "* J"d« 36" SOLID COLOR FLANNEL «q c . Grey-- Pink-- Blue-- White -- - · *"* 5 a- Yellow 36" 80 SQ. PERCALE dQc QUADRIGA CLOTH ...... .............. TM* 3 rd - Tlionsands of yards of prints anfl solids PINWALE CORDUROr $ I fiQ ' Red-- Green-- Turquoise ...... . ..... · · V* y a Baby Blue-- Grey-- Pink-- Yellow 8f N T Z S DRY GOODS EL RAJTCHO MARKET Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. -- Seven Days a Week F O O D S OF DISTINCTION? 60* 1.50 "BLACK MAGIC" CAKE A Special Creation for Halloween Parties! .'. ea. GOBLIN CHIFFON CAKE Another Special Creation. ~ ....Each. CREAM PUFFS ·With Pure Whip Cream ^ (Saturday Orjj) . ..". ^ for COOKIES DONUTS "TKICK or TREAT" FANCY CORNED BEEF Kosher Cured Jb. PICKLED TONGUE IA. U_ONES' BACON JTonc ARTICHOKES California Large and Meaty .'. ea. " BRUSSELS :SPROUTS . . In Plastic , Basket -- 10-oz. AVOCADOS Xargc, Smooth Skinned, Ripe .......--.:................ea. i PUMPKINS All Sizes-tor That Jack-o-Lantern Fbfcr -T. _ Ib. 75* Fresh Squabs, Large Assortment of Fine Cheese. ' A - 23' 30*. 35« ·CHERRY JUBILEE .What an Unusual-Desert. AQO 10-oz. glass ..... ............... . ...................... O ' LINGON BERRY PRESERVES Imported from Sweden AA lP/,-oz. jar ................ - ..................... -- .ft" PETIT POIS SWEET PEAS ' Iris Brand . . can I Q» I O Many New, and' Exciting.. Food Ifetns From All Over th» World Are -Arriving Daily MARKET OAKERY FREEiDELIYERY ; " AMPLE PARKING . See RED AEROAV,Ad for Our Other Specials'. '. HERE IT IS ! THE MIRACLE OF MODERN SHORTENINGS ! NEW MB! THE .It WASHES WHITER WITHOUT BLEACHING than any soap or any other "no-rinse"suds wfrh bleaching! Yes^in wash oft«r wash, new FAB washes clothes whiter, without bleaching, than any soap, any other "no-rinse" suds, any washing product made, even with a bleach added to the wash water. MILD! N«w FAB Is wonderfully mild ... easy «n hondi and wasfcable colors I SAVE ME WORK! NO RINSING NEEDED! NO RINSING! NO BLEACHING! NO SOAKING! NO SCUM RING! Saves work!-FAB keeps dirt floating in . water; prevents,it from settling back; on clothes. You wring out the dirt with the water. Saves work! washes whiter without bleaching tnan any soap or any other "oo-rins«" suds" with a bleach added! Saves work! No soaking is needed because new FAB penetrates materials .and loosens, dirt .faster and more thoroughly! FAB leaves no'scum ·ping to clean out of tub or. washer J Saves ^,, ·work and provea'that- FAB leases no^zcum " ·or dirtiaclothes.'" ' A COLGAn-PAlMOUVI-PnT PtODUCT New FAB is the Champion "No-Rinse" Suds! 6IVE5 YOU THE TASTIEST, MOST0fGe$nBl£"FRIED FOODS EVER! ^ ' · AND HOM06ENOEP · SPW WES YWTHE RAWEST PIECRUST .X FORK EVER BROKSJ SPRY 15 THE FIRST SHORTENING BRING YOU AU THESE ADVANTAGES! f 1^ -' . J« Homogcniicd Spry actually aldj and ipadi! digestion! · , · · ' * " ' , ' 2. Homogenized Spry j»th'e ficat, "iweetcst"- . shortening made: , -, / . ' 3« Homogenized Spry hai ideal ; aiortaiing »(tionl 4* Homogcnizcd-Spiy' ha5^idel iblcndii^ arl^^ 11 ! - FRENCH FRIED POTATO CUBES ...T AGREE WITH EVERYONEl SPWlS-HOMOKNtZEP! Best News You Ever Tasted I ·\TES, YOU'LL AGEEE -- Homogenized- · J. Spryis the miracle of modern.Ehort-- ening... best for all you fry.'Try quick French frying potato cufees m' skillet. __ Discover how Homogenized Spry seals.', in the food's own juices, makes 'em goldeacrispy outside, tenderinside.And.r foods fried the Spry-way are the', most . digestible ever! Get Homogenized Spry in the blue-gingham can at your grocers. HOMOGENIZED SPRY ACTUALLY AIDS AND SPEEDS DIGESTION I . For instance, a doughnut fried the Spry- way is as digestible as the plain bread and butter your children love 1 Read.this authoritative ttatcmcnt: J'Sci- entific studies show that a. proper amount r of the right fats ia-thp daily diet actually y/aids and speeds'digestion'b'y providing the " energy your body needs to assimilate build-' · up foods Tike proteins. 'Poods-fried or baked the Spry-way.are an-ideal source of this energy." Always remember that foods fried the Spry- way are so, digestible that young and old) . alike can* eat mem to their hearty content! *. Send for Atfnf Jcnnyfc Ceokb««k; "Znjor ' Good Eating Evcry.Day".. only, 10£ to n*Aq4 ', , of thi* adJ To get these KZtcttedredptt, ·atAfy I a label from any Spry can and 10 in cola' ·''-.', within two'weeks of.tJie date of-Wi ftperi$*i r , Addre«i:AUNTJE?JNt;Box'30iNiY.i5;lf.y." %- Aitolhtr fln« product of l«v«rfiio)h»r».Co.'._, , HOMOGENIZED

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