The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 14
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 14

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 14
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Fourteen THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 21,1952. West Is Busy Guessing Why CongressCalled o By JA5IES 3IARLOW WASHINGTON ffl — Because the Communists always want a fairly small, rigidly disciplined organization, not everyone in Russia is a member of the party. Out of a population of more than 200 million people, probably not more than 10 million are permitted to belong. The number may be smaller. Before he's admitted, a would - be member is screened. Party members must vouch for him. And after he's in his work and loyalty to the party are watched and examined. This means he toes the party line. If he gets wrong notions, he's tossed out on his head, as a minimum. In a Communist country being an ex-Communist is reported to be less pleasant than never having been a party member at all. But the Russian Communists, who set the style for Communists everywhere, protest they have a really democratic setup. Theoretically, all party members are expected to argue sincerely on any issue the party is trying to decide; but, once the de- out right, we should have a plentiful supply of guessing between now and October and maybe for years afterwards. Unless this country's Central Intelligence Agency, America's super-spy organization, has a pipeline into the Politburo itself, it's unlikely even top U. S. officials know why Stalin called the Congress. Jarbalo Mrs. Ward Kiester Marvin Hawkins, who is in station at Fort Riley, visited Saturday with his sister, Mrs. R.V. Shin We and family. Mr. and Mrs.. R.V Shinkle and children accompanied Hawkins to Bogard, Mo., where they visited their parents, Mr. anc Mrs. E.T. Hawkins and family over the week end. Mrs. Joe Rea and daughter, Ginny of Concord, Calif, returned to Carrolton, Mo., Wednesday after visiting with her sister, Mrs. R.V. Shinkle and family. Johnny Shinkle accompanied his aunt and cousin to Carrolton. Mark Shinkle is a guest of relatives at Warrensburg, Mo., this week. Capt. and Mrs. Earl J. Vaughn and sons came recently to live with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vaughn on their farm south of Jarbalo. Claude Gore and daughter, Mable of Easton, Mr. and Mrs. Char- cision is made by majority vote, |les Bruel of Atchison, Mrs. Robert they must obey the party's will absolutely. Actually, the decisions are made at the top by Stalin and his handpicked lieutenants who form the Politburo, which runs the party. Since the party runs Russia, the Politburo runs the whole show. But if the Politburo just kept on doing this indefinitely from within 1he Kremlin walls, without even pretending to let the party members think they have a say, it couldn't keep up the democratic fiction very long. So Stalin and his friends decided long ago there should be a National Congress every three years. But they got pretty careless about it. The last was held in 1939. Wednesday announcement was made in Moscow that there'd be another Congress, the first in 13 W'-Cleavenger and children, Joey and Faye, were Sunday guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lohman, Charles and Bonnie Lohman. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hamilton, Leavenworth were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Berger. The Jolly Workers went on the annual project tour last Friday, after viewing the projects of different members the group was treated to a watermelon feed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Bozworth and son, Robert Wayne. Members who went on the trip were Robert Bozworth, Dean Mason, Dale Wesley Smith, Dale Allen Smith, Joel Aufdemberg, Geary Smith, Denny Stratton, Bobby Aufdemberg, Bonnie Lohman, Margaret Somers, Judy Stratton, Joyce Fitch, Sharon Fitch, Billy New and Larry Zule. James Bozworth, Mrs. Richard New, Mrs. "James Smith and Clifford Beckwith fur- years, in October. Why now? The 'nished transportation. Miss Chris- usual guessing'game started in the 1tine Hepler, and Jack Fitch also Western capitals. Since this is an inexpensive accompanied the group. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Faber of Leavenworth, Mr. and Mrs. Chel- pastime which enables a man to]cie Fitch and children, Sharon, Joy- look bright if what he says turns Ice and Jack returned last week Sartorially Speaking Answer to Previous Puzzle 57 Salt 58 Malt drinks VERTICAL 1 Promontories 2 Speaker 3 Handled 4 Small child 5 Hebrew prophet 6 Sacrificial block 7 Succinct 8 By way of 9 Redacted 10 Dispassionate 11 Small sip 19 Sartorial attire HORIZONTAL 55 Hindu queen 1 Sartorial item 56 Scatters 5 Sartorial headgear 8 Sartorial garment 12 Italian river 13 Chemical suffix '14 Notion 15 Time gone by" 116 Steamer (ab.) 17 Assists 18 Greek letter 19 Pester 21 Make lace 22 Drunkard 23 More • uncommon •24 Summer (Fr.) .25 City in Nevada E7 Military assistant i 29 Diving tird 31 Onager 32 Devotee 83 Select (ref.) S« Irritate 36 Measure of paper 39 Legal point 43 Wash lightly (44 Snooze 146 Measure of ' cloth ^ '47 Ceases 48 War god 49 European «, mining r district 81 Before 52 Arabian prince J63 Heating device 54 Unit of wire measurement 20 Rubbings out 26 Brad 28 Small island 30 Knight (ab.) 31 Symbol lor actinium 34 Tell 35 Body of land 37 Beast 38 Pertaining to the sea 39 Place anew 41 Entries in ledgers 42 Persian waterwheel 43 Enchantment 45 Capital of France •50 Short-napped fabric 52 Age II 16 zz 25 53 3Z Z3 "ft TO 3t> 8 10 from a trip which included stops | in the Black Hills, S.D., Cheyenne, Wyo., Estes Park and Denver, Colo. Mrs. Elizabeth Cusick of Leavenworth is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dougherty and Miss Ruth Dougherty, this week. Mr. and Mrs. James Bozworth and son went on a trip to St. Louis, Mo., this week. While there they will attend a game of baseball played by the St. Louis Cardinals. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bozworth are doing the chores and taking care of things while they are away. Mrs. Walter Wickey and M r s. Jo Ann Tynan were in Lawrence one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Truman Hender-' son and daughters, Connie and Jancie of Leavenworth and Mrs. Walter Wickey enjoyed a day at Swope Park, Kansas City, Mo. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Edmonds and daughters, Jeannette and Leslie Sue, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Vigus. Wednesday evening, Guy McMillin went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kessinger near McLouth to chore and help out as Kessinger is ill of pneumonia. Mrs. Elizabeth Cusick of Leavenworth, Mrs. Alex Dougherty and Miss Ruth Dougherty visited in tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Kessinger Tuesday eveniny. Henry Ehart and daughter, Miss Dorothy Ehart and his granddaughter, Sharon Ehart are on a trip to Texas where they will visit relatives this week. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Marxen of Kansas City were guests o f Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Trackwell, Friday night and Saturday. On Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Black and daughter Jane, Linwood, Mr. and Mrs. Ola Babcock, Tonganoxie, and Gilbert Woodard visited in the Trackwell home. Johnny Black visited a few days the first of this week with h i s uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Uhlrich and family at Tonganoxie. While there he helped his cousin, Butch Uhlrich celebrate birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Max Flinner wnt to Kansas City, Wednesday evening and boarded a train for California where they will visit friends and relatives a few days.From California they will go to Seattle, Wash., and visit their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Stonack and daughters, Pat and Carol, also other firends for a few weeks. Mrs. Kate Wager, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Wager and daughter, Ann, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Bessie Kincaid and daughter of Ottawa, Sunday. The Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church met in the 4-H club room, Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Richards visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kessinger, McLouth Thursday afternoon. Mrs. I. N. Ecton is visiting in the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. David Lowe. Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Vestal, New Plymouth, Ida., were guests a few days last week of Mr. and Mrs. James Vestal and son, J.H. Ves:al, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Vestal and family. Mary Lee Vestal is visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Vestal and daughters, Judy and Becky, Leavenworth, this iveek. Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Doerr and son, Alfred Doerr, Jr., have been the guests of A.A. Doerr, Sr.'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Doerr, Stillwater, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Shoemaker entertained Sunday with a family dinner honoring Mr. and Mrs. Wavy James and family, who left Tuesday morning to return to their home in Bell Gardens Calif., after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Shoemaker, and other relativesthe past five weeks. Those enjoying the e%'ent were: Mr. and Mrs. Wavy James and children; Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Shoemaker of Tonganoxie; Mi-, and Mrs. Hutson James, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon James of Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Shoemaker and family of Tonganoxie. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Shoemaker and son, Kenneth, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Shoemaker and son, Johnny, Leo and Steven. Mrs. Mat Theno, Sr., and daugh- ters, Misses Mary and Martha! Theno of Bonner Springs and Mrs. H. E. Shoemaker and sons were in Kansas City, Mo., Wednesday. • EasfoR Hrt. Golffc Ala THERE OTTGHTA BE A LAW Bv Faealv and Shorten HEN THE GOOFBERRVS VJERE VISITED BY A WRTHLESS RELATIVE, WOW.' DID THEIR TVKE TAKE A SHINE TO HIM •« COME BACK TO , DEAR.'YOU MUSTN'T kISS COUSIM CONMAN SO MUCH! GIVE GRANDPA MAZUMA A NICE BIG tySS, BABY! LOOKS LIKE T GOT v TOE INSIDE TRACK ON THE ti!D,HEY,FOLI4S? SAV CAN I TAP VOU FOR A LOAN,GOOFV? I'M IN A JAM \VITM THE COPS. I/DELL WlLSOft. UT TODAY A RICH UNCLE THEY WERE ANXIOUS TO SOFT-SOAP CAME A-CALLING-! Mrs. Dorcas Brautigan, Mrs. Thelma Thornburgh and Mrs. Goldie Ala were visiting in Topeka, Tuesday. The Easton Grade School will start on Monday Sept. 1 with the teachers as follows: Principal, Mrs. Mary Seute; intermediate, Mrs. Dorcas Brautigan; primary, Mrs. Goldie Griffin. Rev. and Mrs. Donald Gaines and son, spent several days last week with his parents and relatives in Phillipsburg. Rev. John Hodge will conduct church services next Sunday morning at the Methodist church. The Easton Grade School, w i 11 submit to voters of common school District No 22 in a special election Friday Aug. 29, the proposed issuance of bonds not to exceed 515,000 for the erection and equipment of a one room addition to the present building. The election will be held at the grade school building commencing at 8 a. m. and closing at 6 p. m. The vote will be by ballot. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ernzen, Mrs. Nellie Sass and daughter Shiriey left Sunday for a week's vacation in Texas. The Womens Society of Christian Service will meet Thursday afternoon at the church hall with Mrs. Lucy Scheerer and Mrs. Roxie Goff as hostesses Mr. and Mrs. Will Burdette, Mr. and Mrs. James McGhay returned home Saturday night from a weeks vacation in Colorado Springs, and Estes Park. Out of town relatives who attended the funeral of William Fevurly at the Methodist Church Tuesday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Adamson of Emmett; Mrs. Violet Brainard of Marysville; Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. E.A. McDaniels, Miss Dorothy Holt, Mrs. Mary Gould, Mrs. and Mrs. James Goff all of Topeka; Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Borden- and children, Joyce and Jackie, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Borden all of Kansas. City; Mr. and Mrs. ene Fevurly, Mr. and Mrs. Mic- 1 key Fevurly of Meriden; Mrs. Stella Thornburgh, Scottie Fevurly.' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Porter. Mrs.' Ida Mae Williams all of Leavenworth and Mrs. Gertie Alexander of Lawrence. Mrs. Ester Heim, who recently underwent an operation, is get ting along nicely and wishes ti thank all who remembered he: with cards, flowers, gifts and gooi wishes during the time she w a hospitalized and also while she i, convalescing at her home. Mrs. Lula Chapman visited he brother, Charley Abel and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Beckwith Mr and Mrs. Leland Doty, Mr. anc Mrs. Herman Ala were fishing am picnicing at the State Lake Sun day. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Coen, o Elkhart and Mrs. Boucort of Free donia, were visiting Mr. and Mrs John Reed. They all visited in SI Joseph last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Staffon Sr., of Kansas City, Mo. wer guests Sunday of Mrs. Clara Staf ford and Mrs. Thelma Thornburgh Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Adamson and family of Lawrence attendei the Higgins reunion at the homi of Mr. and Mrs. James Higgin Sunday. Mrs. Goldie Griffin, Mrs. Dor cas Brautigan, Mrs. Lucy No! and Mrs. Mary Seute are attend ing teachers institute in Leaven worth this week. Mr. and Mrs. John Kreutzer have purchased the Clarence Adamson home in Eston. Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Winsor at tended the funeral of his brotha which was held in St. Joseph las Friday. William Ehart is spending sev eral weeks with his daughters a Shawnee. WORKER ELECTROCUTED HUTCHINSON UP) - A 26-year old worker was electrocuted Wednesday at the Carey Salt Com pany plant when an electrica Specializing in Furniture and Appliance Moving Reasonable Rates. STUDDARD TRANSFER ICE & COAL CO. 780 Seneca Phone 787 COOKS PERFECTION FURNISHES HOT WATER HEATS UP TO 3 ROOMS GETS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE COLD FLOOR PROBLEM • Excfottve Patented buitt-m Twa-ln-One Heohnafcar • Heavy casf iron inner construction and cooking top • Genuine Porcelain matches your gas or electric range' HOME NEEDS Treated DUST MOP 98c Snap CLOTHES PINS 3 Doz 29c Beacon WAX pint 65c 5-Tie Broom Corn HOUSE BROOM $1.29 WHISK BROOMS 29c 50-Foot Cotton CLOTHES LINE 49c WALLPAPER For every room in the home. As low as 9c per single roll. Seidlitz First Quality HOUSE PAINT Keg. S5.79 Prlfe 6 $4.98 1 gallon cans. welding torch came in contact with 1 his perspiration soaked clothing. He was Kenneth Knapp, of Optima, Okla., an employe of the Sapulpa Tank Company, Tulsa, Okla. Knapp was working on the installation of a water storage tank at the Carey plant when the accident occurred. 11 POLIO CASES IX COUNTY INDEPENDENCE, Kas. W — Montgomery County's total. number of polio cases arose to 11 Wednesday with the report of two new patients. NO ARREST NECESSARY WICHITA Iff) — Police Officer John Fox of the Wichita police force was sent to investigate a disturbance Wednesday in an apartment house occupied by deaf mures. Two hours, four writing tablets and one pencil later Fox was able to make an oral report on the trouble. No arrest was necessary. T '5'6'B DELAWARE STREET -YOUR- SUBSCRIBE I'OK THE TIMES Both new patients are in Wichita hospitals. They were Suzan Tomes, 11 months, of Coffeyville, and Clarence Muvs, 19, of Dearing. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE TIMES Lei MAYTAG Do Your Washing Automatically While You. Visit or Gad-about! 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Store Hours: Tues. thru Sat., 9:00-5:30

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