Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 22
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. FarcItBTt for Sa!« 73 CARPET. .-.; -1900 Yards (Used) $1 PER YARD III w* *r* rtorMfln*. Ideat tor M. MUSI P*V emi AJrlqaet -GALLERY 934' : CAcresl trer* ItottXTs a reeM «4 E- 2rd St. - »». 434.SSIJ HewnoU Appliance. 71 GUARANTEED VALUES UAYTAO *utom. wisher, return Use pew. l-vr. f^ tn *^ -m.wptfwr.iuBi tw. Vyr. *u*r. SI3S ·uwnaric wesner s-yr. ^*r- SIC* . IRt rrat*it«*r__ S3 JOA1RE rep-r:rBfV* -_T*r. Very *kx. Gu*r. It2ft **MO. «**. -''«·« ** .-.. BECK RMTUV.E . CMHA . JVwTXRT 5450 ATLANTIC AVE. One* bun-Tuei-Taurs.,FrL -M t Funutart Woatcd 75 -TOP PRICES ^ /PAID! Cstates. tusuwss AA»Wm Ct MCT FURNITURE NEEDED CASH PAID . CALL J4-7474--DV. WHY HAGGLE? Xr. .ar. more^fu^., .WE RENT T**#r»-*,**iTvtr**jr*--*#vn $7JO Month Up TYi Aleundsr f lertret CE tied Mirs-'coi InstnrmMr. 71 WHlTEpeart Crucial UCB; E-fuf aw. pioaos Organs 7-A ItoiEol TtlcrWei SO COME AND GET 'EM \ Tils *ff*r; f 0*4! Ikr* · » Simefay 'jfiS- ' IT- Sllvertan* portpMe. 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Mbv-tt. · · '.. 1711 st Lams . - M lain ,, Acapu{cq Apts... VJO--EX 1 RA fee. VBd * Wl bed. CUM CK. Bel Hits, ft »i-. t* »u«. 3422 Vermont. CI HOB IMMACULATE venleri B2t E l^arrx wadan ca» rt. Aoitls. ·· fwtt. t.«.^^ T« 4»4 FRONT *ugl» I Lane, · Apply ; SIS wim ««r»i O C*r, Vil_ - pnor«cx I4a*. rm. *, kit, Emot. nan. Hi Midi, ta SO-SPACIOUS Clean 14*. **?£ CMId. Mr. leooo*. 433» t. 4I» CMid. Mr. LBOOOA. si. ct s-7tVtr»e FiR. Cood SJCJ«». Yard K.ld. fSt Xjfrvne. CE f-t'LT. AHe train Pew S Urn. ROE clew WE BUY FURNITURE Don's Ua Cherry Cg S«33 :ED FURNITURE BEST PRICES tail for pood tin Can BIB Furniture before yge selL 210D t- Anpheais. CE 4WS. FOR r* next 3a cm on »ev »· ·DETar tor rcodBerBlDTs, freezers, ranges. AAA Aooliancev CA s-tsS SPOT CASH HE 2-3038 HiSHEST prices i , H G*HEST PRICES. Drr. HoetehoIdAppfianctt 78 200 ORGANS · PIANOS Ono-cte* snoccmj for HAMMOND. 6UIIRANSEN. WUKllTZEl, IALDW1N. lOWKiY. COHH. THOMAS NEW ANO USED Organ Traces and ' Ren} R.turns WAS MOW Cfeord Onun. wslnuf_J y» s 41 Hwnmond Chord B49 4T5 Thomn F fa w USED TV SALE · Kg down, t_I *ey. · Aapnvtt credit. »V Tr* mail. Lpy Boy. new picture tube. MM ma. Otnen from sari smcengL Ope* Sun. 1754 Alamltos. CET u s C!CB M your old TV set as a trade-in, o* fhe nrw E Color TV with ne money mldnlofil anywhere, potion So buy. Mo deaesjt Sia credit ctwck. SXELTIE CmM. cotllet. AKC Seal* a wilt*. HOUM trtken. A«*e. 1 m* r tema!*. If ma TO? Ridgewood St. HOUM Broken. A«*e. -i:e, u me. . · · ,. '· " CAV7OT CCt^EM cocker i^XoVEr CHIHUAHUA PVPPLf SAMOYED PUPS -fr Terms. . '- ' lAC 4C5B O.K. KEMMCLS ^ Board *nd sen cat* a doos. ra Cowles St. . . HE V»004 2-BORM. OupieiT . . . . an*. Me, pets. 41IS t. ftt*. - V Slendl Pr xxrHI* acts, a t*3B V FM WmK I* *) BBt*. V Laundry rm. BarMcv* V fct-l* renr ' "FtOU |fi MO. IUI1 leBflewer tlvd. UIrt IIv4. .CREAMY ONE Fiirihh«dAfflrtai'»rt 10* A . . , SUPER! FURNITURE NEARVV »S1. U*. b*na**r OK. AM iiMCLE-Ln.. .ewly eecor^ tw* . pjvoV. w^w crpta, * BELMOMT. -I 2S9 MOUNO - r. r°l E. IroaowM 1 br. npar - . kind* el snociBin* a I · aki* from tmewav^ fM*v ten. slder weefcfvsl. ·'La Flvur M ils.- CA 3-ttSX Ha Unf Beat* Blvd. . · COMPARE THESE DtrpUin and Flars'. Vvi -104 DUPLEX ·. - HUriTlNSTOM IEACH r » t lit ? Pr'apei · « Adutn netted pools Its. rl runbeerds CArpets UK Artesl*. AA'A, ienflower POODLES. Snail piMlatur*. wormed. B*. " Ian Lucille '. new Enierso* _. ... VHF TV. M* money A A ^-y^Jj. Thoma« wtm Stert _ Arand i*«« IClmLa!., Mvt no Ijtet a9r.t istJ 7*lS Lowrtv Starlel Mew iv» i« Uwrrf Ou* «oJ 1»S W tawrev Weritaot wXn. SlW VHP H4immond 1*U. wat U*tt I4S Hammond Mi fnapie _ 149S Hammond JAX Cherrr. U9S mf: 3-3 A? 0 SYS"^n«sg, »nne. *yw. HE sVTTj JLA Aootiancn, ni t... KAItAmS Mi TV. t Ptvmoor.Bhj. YOU CA-.T BEAT THIl _ . . UNrvtBSAL aa» ranpe, au*»- mafic tea burner RaMlnt; Ifter- mestcncAitv controlled eve» »/ lower teller. FvN prfe crudes -nstaJlatiQ.1 A l^mnL tii t\ 4tt. «- HE iwf Com Mon. Frt. to «. Swa. 13 1 v ftst, In- 1 irtar YOU CAWT ftEAT THIS . . . Racer Gas R*n0e -- toll «Jre 4JT 1 irvatlet, wit* tfiwjereo? burner toDV. auto. clock controlled avert, autD Potitlna- Full Prtce at " itntanano.. Wgrtitter tct , *ti#w\* OrBdttonc__ IIVS $91 Br«nd~fr«« GuTbraratM .{591 : Ktw and UjcJ P.*nc» Star* a Oark Piano-Oraw I5W vn Pinafore Plonot Irai-a ^, __, j,vj lonoalow .Uwloftl* ja IKE as TV a H ^ _ TV ule.. AMAKELM . HAO'O Rceaif Service Ct W. Anahetni 33 3QO MAUTkfUl, poodle DUDO«- A ICC Vale 4 female tJlver niniaiir*, tsa t. -m. · _ .. _ ' ± _ . euo*. A K . Iman. MI · Ffc. AKC- Oiam.* ciodr. - 4 J - - - - PoBlrry. Robbirs « Km CN. crpt^ ' CITY VIEW tMun lor. r^tnockini rvt. pan* paiconv. «-· s. blt.Mu. flOL Tern _ . ct jstoo BRANO MESV ALL ELECTP."iC~ ^^Kfl^^f! rVJL^ 4 -^'-. 00 ^^ CAR1BE APTS. " · : · tis tr ··· i " * HUTEOfCXX. - - lachelpr and I bedroom *c*ri anenlv Uoder* fur.iSR.ngs. »·«. »wal carDetlrn. Laundry (KIR- fJD. FM music Cemraity kKBlti (903 E. IELUONT AVI. laiHOWU TO Milt BUCKS, gcet a *o*s wit*, BttBn - tape c. Part. Be-yower- BEL. SHORE--«ed*c. 1-BR-. Z ta. Lfi*. Hv. rm. + ans. den. sea. *:*. s.,.".?** '· Miscenaneovs for Rent ft YOU CAST »E»T THIS . . Extatg Gas Rang* -- g!pss4ooi even model wim tower broiler. Therma controtkeo oven. Very ·ICB a spedanv priced at Bone's try, toctudjn* Patal!4tl0a a I yr. · W t . « » » - l H E « Grand Pianos «rom. Electric Players from. TO Rent-»0w* FManos from sTm*. IttnJ-H,, CuIprBiiuni S42S NO DOWN--«l MONTHS Ope* 19 AM. . t f Jut. . Sund'ty tl - I H*. Organ and Piano Center 4o» tan** Blvd. HE -Z271 FREE clock radl* win purchas* *f any nrw TV. A A AccNancn, 715 L.B. B^d. · ME 4r« TV RENTALS $ MO. UP BeaO TV. US E. 1» HE 45433 TV SERVICE ANO ICNTAIS Uted sets bote. sold. PV. e»W3 Vet TV, · 25O Sant4 Fe Hotels Moteb iroR *EKT «7 HI-FS Stereo KiMflaior remgaretor--* CB. ft very oulet rumLn*. kiew estertor finish. Fun price «t Bond's SM, Including delivery a I pxts. auar. Bond's. KS E. m St. HE SS6»» Open Mon. a Frt. to ». Sun. 131 USED Mnmort ·utam. washer. W djys parts a service. Mo r«ney down to Service Personnel balance to lit your * FOODOIAMA--Ulg Ne. One, cost tnt. vn SSO w.tradnp DIXIE STOUS Ua E- ArsrsIA CA S-SC4 feANTED: VROIiZC I1FKIG. l « «. Fr«*~ Itlnan ·· FRICIDA R£ M -Fm) n*it. '»l 13 CU. FWIc* ratrlg. 1 door. Toe freezer. White. S12S; wntere Hotly stove. 4 burner a vrlddle, storm *nlt, dock l. Horn. szs. . wrsher. retrlovatar, range. .. rent * . purchase. . A Apptlances, IS L. iX Blvd. SJf FOR. BOTH jSri'' IMB'T'.'AKAIHEIM ST. FREE Organ Concert Featuring BOB MOREAU AI ne Lowrey Festival Organ alto LYHIB CAROL. Vocalist MONDAY NITE APRIL W AT 7:30 P.M. Come early for best se.ts HUMPHREYS MUSIC COMPANY MS E. 3rd" SL HE M21. 80-A BEAUTIFUL STtlEO COML SACRIFICE FOR $MS Sivrr* AM^fv. radio, record chanorr comb. V/.tnufnolrx. I makAint speekers. Less tfian 4 me. eld. Cost ever S900. Sac- rifiCB K4S. CE »UJ Rt POSSESSED EmervM itereo- AUFM fttcrta rad:a. Save en Vri at A A Aeoliancrv n$ L.A. Hv.t . . 2244 Cast Pacfflc Coast Hwr. 2 !2~ LANSI KG woofert a t Stevens tweeters a enclosures, S100. I Fisher r.u. tuner, ta. 1 Beg tMfH tuner. US. HV Ua. LAST CHANCli · T)iet* 2 fJtl sal Usf ...UnJ. ..HVO tn't sV., BACH GRAND PUNQ '. welnut. was SI27S . . , kend only S1WS tin WURUTZER BABY CP.AKD F1ANO. esony. like rew. last week end was SKS . . . tflls weekend enfy _ - sCS CELIVEREO AND TUNED IK YOUR HOME E S T E R N ' S , , X- ILEC r«r ro«. Bnl driuxt RWdH. ^EBUtLT *utom. washers. Cumr. - cond. ia u. CE »BXU. D yvatfirr Sery. lw Chtrry pood ft A i OR. rttrio. KS. trailer retrl*. la. autam wainer S4r AM BUM*. CQAst AypLiAncti --- _ .. JOUT frao*. A A Auollanres. nS L-B. Blvd. HE 4 Pa V. 1ST IS. L · t:vl RtFltlG.. C-I» I TIT. «I4 ill E. KMU O'KCEFE wim grU . kmt condition. r»vol«lrs Oitlvn- C«X SMVl. «t CA USn knllcr. ·41 0-KEEFE a WrrrM ranoe. coppenon*. XlnL CE 4-B444. STOVES, a *etrij 1 i°«!L ·^1 Pvt. ptv. 4941 wrtnoer washer. ITS ee. CHAMBERS STOVE -- V* rt. Lkwd. HA S»57 KEWMORE itov« 34- KEttMORE 4utam. cond. S2S. ·iTcE i (a^rwr. Eiicet. WMd. Sacrifice. FEFIIG. mtfH Highest cnK. FACTORY AUTMORIZfD LOWREY ORGAN SALE SAVE $50 TO $200 He* HO models. On!. 4 am. USED ORGANS UH a w. Hammond. Lowrry. Culpranwn. Taomas, kinsman. Mo down. 4 months to pay Free ·"·"* TAILFORDr^ Coen wntoays tig t. Sat. tin 4 fe-*!."U" f -*^ T '«J^-gg 6 · · PIANO- ORGAN SALE CLOSE out l^or sernples *t near cost pr^es. L.S. Fur*^ 4m BEAUTIFUL stereo. Ori*. a 1700. Uust sac. at tS. CA 1-3734 after 2:3* *m. "STEREO SEAVlEWHOTa 70 Fireproof Rooms h a -Storv Concrete Steel EWg. ~£l Show*r7* *»*ry toom. % ·^ ACRIB boa sprtegl . cmH. ·ft W4»-to--«I carf.t'inj. - ·ff ForcedT fa fciBfing. ·^ TeTepnon* i* arery room. ·ft DaiSr me'et service. ·ft NTce baby wiA TV. '/} BH. frora Cyic Center Overtool'mg tV.e Ocean' $3 Sgt., $4 DM. Per 0»j Low Xetot for fermjnenH MO--1254 e, (roadway. Upper II*+ WBlltBd. Tile sink. Hardwood. Laundry. ».n keel. Adults. C» raa* rvailaol* for ss^can Mr. *r Mrs. Vowles. CE »JX1 2 WEEKS FREE RENT · :. 1111 t nH ' AI t\~L GeU' r* FVLLY CARPETED ' '-'PK 1Y flLBERT* . MI« PTJRKIII'-^ - 20M CHESTNUT A\"E. IARC SBORM.; Plenty .of On- »**. OinetM. B-i,» 7* » . . dl.JH rm. MEW (uraWUcs. PTV tntmc*. taundrr U7JB. ··* r -NO FEE-; -- ' 1 FutxiSHCD a. intniRii:sno BR. 4- pulldown. rVsltne* I Oil*. ·*.'.. - -,,' - -. b .: . ·· 1404 Lewla f IK i^n.ParambtwEJ *, · r"j ' t *t ^ " ^ ' \ V . . , On*""*? Hi* R«J* ·'·|J'4 · for « «M( ' : .«. vir. . two.'. Ir. n ' 1 1 .nti. · ..,. iH · w'* ·*!-»».' pi . renfts, ; ' WAX UVOrO UTY. CO. im ATLANTIC ' ' HE ttTBl S«.IBe«di J15 5th St. L*r*e M*m. »«.' art.. STOOL Vt bioct Irem Cc*an._ Beif 43t-2T3* JKpr. . t . L . Best orea, . C-E WS4J ^^i r ' ' CU *3D7 ': 904 ALAMITOS FUtKISHEO OX virv»lVEO Hewer Va IIP- Aits. OUld OK. $S5--LARGE I-BORM. ' * tremies a »*rsin* PKluded. - Cr»un« roor. Adults. SO »alnu» LOYHY FRONT I-BDRM. ttaxr. Redec Quiet. CKin. Adutti *04 Ailanflc. Cotne Stet US ST-..I.B.- NEW-DELUXE - IIE3IJJ. KJIN. tlM U MEClU.FUIN.HUVr. · UNHJIH. 119 t $ICS ·aHlJM. at gl*ctrtc Altaians. w-w carpetvd a draocs. Mated IwlmmJn* pool Hear Me. AvtiorV Beta. Yt«w--Stan*! KH "· - ABU WouL s- - Swimming i)g*l. ruxurTolaTJBirV* 2 IEOIOOUS -- O.MIV tH9 7213 EXETER,. See U4»40,er '· A«O^«- i _ ~"- BRAND NEW.f 1 » * * * . . . BOOL ivtdKk. Aunm. ir. fcorx Kfft rtqulritf. twdcr new man. ·Mmn nu c. re CE · (w $10 CREDIT W/TH1S AD EX0.05ED HEATED fOOL' U7D4-1V34 OKANE AVK 4JHTOJ HE ISO EXCEPTIONALLY nice Jl«- Mew · w'w errt- snwr, KB. sea. *«. rm. tWdsra Ideal br Ifcgjnra- ineo *r women. Cose m. 173? Pine - 2-ledV*om4O*1, |)]s Mo. CE flMS .' Ct HtM KINS4IZE--SEAL BEACH Car. SI MEW 2-Bdnrn. m f m tnfl^ draoes. -It.kis, dlto^ a .·«-··»· « u ^ UNUSUAL *ulet . _ . _ BnlR-i* Btovg a pven* *ars\, *:sp.» kidnr. rnx. *ar^ poet Adurts. only CS. gear Stanton. JA UTta BURAl«-- Brand nr* Jbr. Btt-irr*. Chiiann* t !**» wttcomt. SEEd tnev 2.313 Artlrti Art" Aj^sna*. MGR. Art. -ri HA 5-i.a.t · ^ · BEL Hts. nr. Ocean. Seac. I or. a 1BR. S4O. din. mu. Fnf' --~ ^~CA . l"i». S121 SI Jt UP WEEK KATES ONTK. TV Admiral Horel . *i w. Octan HOTEL AoERCEEH. » wk. m. Bje stoa. ta E- in. Can HE mtL Of LUXE dntn. motrt PSls. TVS. CJ » « _ » « = . HE MOTEL kit BDtL, I17JO wk. Rms., IIS wV. 77Ttnerry Hg S-nd e£LMONT SHORE · . S-ttdrm studio, Rtrtvlv dvcarattd. Mew w-w araoei. vlsp, C-w«o«. AAiItt «n(y. ^^ - 4»S« stores. Laundry rm. 3tl South SL _ |y, Lee. redecor l : Br~. Me nets. S9S-- }.£P.n*, DUPLEX. KEAK ilXIT FAP.K. TrtKACEP.S OK. HtlJft Fitfu'shetf *nj Uafurn'sheJ ' - ·'· 1- anj '--.-·.· H.iHi Pool $« Up . . · ' Ad-Jh West Wind Apts.' *. fTIS Alortdr.,. . - .BELLROWER Ibedrrom. extra tat* off master Jedraom. kull4* range a even, ton cf storage Acloit^ to. prty. ·nctosed patie, Ttog LamollBh^er. . t33 Artesja Blvd. »A t-aal HEATED POOL Uodorrn Cetore I Bdrm. ' TfJ f umi«l-»»_t73 Untunoihed I1TO Beynowwr Blvd- Downe». - - Phone ra-IlW BANNER CIRCLE APTS. S7| UP. BiXBY KnoTlx. Urn Igles. a I Bdrms. ·· c«nn. dii*. TV antem*. TM r TM CA44X3 aa. ALL new del M cttv */.·« tt retri*. Today only. ,M£. tpn. M C Mesnolie. 1ELMONT SHORE. I a 1 M ·rts. -lt/»rp, PBTJ r» drm. , * redej.. w/w crpts^ d:sav P^let, aduJts. 43 Xlmino CARR Lovtiv F GE e-iTO i ROLL PARB: EAST - «°»"»p«fega DLX |.BR,»I25. POOL Adutts. T27S I. Jid HE tV47wl L I. t 1 BOR.WS. P. CleclTK C E. kit. 43S2 Green Ave. LBS Alemt- to CE sea ct naa_ ~- COOLER APJOS ^^ Mlcvlv fur*, apt. OiMt comfort aeie Ocean view. Cci HE 1-S1S3 ,' PALM SPUNGS IIYINS HEATED fOOt-1 t I 111 'laS 1 1849 CEDAR ·Hod VIIL. cuitom »«·. Oes« 2»38DRMS,-2fATHS ' W-W CfL Spicioot OasVFl · · . . · · ; iuat4N rovF. ··£: Alt CONKTIONEI^ 1 UIY.'IM.'. :-»'· CAHfOm HUVAIE lAlCOMEii ,, : vADUlTSONlY.--.f ' Fvr*i"s!i*J Uoiel Ope*I UK. W. OF lAKEWOOD SHOPPING (XSTIICT tnrA OUVA · m e-m? PARK WESTERN r: ISAM PEORO ·* VJ-Y-BDP.K. FROa ' · , $57iO .. ' Ouilf w-«, tit.*jit Mr. %-«nD. frinu. t ^ rm bam. mvtit. Aduttt. . NEW cauxs lile M.' *f Corse* B* NorwBt L IB*, sn. 2BR, S13. Ind . tta. i carport. Adurij. NH. SCHU. TRANSP ' Maderw - , 111* Ftrttish-KL S90 Unfumtihed W)U FnUr *«. - r s Cowntii · - CJes* 1« «v«rYffiir» J 1 1299 fart ««t*r* «. 1 («lt«t M Pe« Part) TE 2^259 -!-J WrTgley. $70. l-Er, Redec. aa! t«tAvotui · · »A *an 230 SSLE E. I2TH Vttt- FUB». »4S 2-BR. w Penthcus* Apts. I n»: free. Utn. ed. 4101 E. OceaJ , POOL SIDE APT. S-br, fteafed pooL AduHs. casein BEAUTIFUL V a I-Mdmim ten, im ten, eaded poot FM t a drears, ou* - . ,/FREE- SOOO tluo Ck.'p S7»-UPPER lt» Close «. Meer teac*. Adults. HE ISZtt. bo.. Aduin. HE MOM « chld PK HE J4I7 190--1 «OOMS. mart OK. ««"J» - Weated--Radio. TV. Hl-H 80-B WANTED FOR CASH-Aiw cafid IV* ... Sttreot ... RadUtl k-fl Cojtpmarrt URGtNTLT Deeded, traad port nr.. workina er not, ouantiiy. Top cash. TV Radio Repair 11 TV REPAIR kt your f. Coed UN* TV. Cam CA A1X.S. ftu TV, CC fi · J13* C. 70. IMMEDtATE TV Serv. U » parts. I* yr. txa~ *uar. HA*-I790 eves. Sewing Mochlnes 12 OTN a FINE SINCE in» SEW^SACM^TXCH^IC-E SO pine A^e. HE 4-e873 HEW 4 UM3 macfiinet trevm Sift. A3 fnakes; Parrs repairs. PARX£ SCWIN CE.NTE1 Cil L ft. BLVD. AJ3007 Office Sup,, Equip'*. 84 Rooms for Rent 98 tins ROOM tor man. n mne trom LBSC KltEH Prtv. T« wees. CM *r i sjn. w*. days. . . . . Fark.inB. Rellaole gent. S3S m*. . Rellaol 34S O ,«-- Ma*. Is, cTn. rm, «i. led ·Vt eni. chnp in. 1131 tin Jen AAAH *r wama* to rent room. RENT toy wfc- ar mo. VCL - MANOR rloiet-- t*n*a*rt nr. be sctu Bark, trw-r. ira IU Conni* ftrae. H STB tvic. Near STf. CaNeae ... VA Sa ARTESIA. 1-BP. duel*'. US- Pi.fer * malo Ktutn. Cat 42*-B720. · L.B.-VUO. Mice »-BR. ple*. Mr. »[p A, Child. otCE «-BP_ S. V«0 JKOII Aaura. n; CE 4133 UPR. mod. Sbr. tar. nr. rveryttig. ISCP Eucatyotus. Adtrs. CA T4O7I. . . . - . . Mr aMDS. lit E. HLB. HC ^ IM9E 1ST ST. Bids, fdf new but Is exctcnorjllv weiTReot lsJdt a out. fun. an*. pi Mru kjc- JV. a cadwar ·^ I-BEDRM. APT. Brand new. omv Hi dclune lea- turrs. Mr. evenrMnff. ff24 «and. -ru. aft. 1 e rrt . . avilmlnaton. TE 4.' DOWNTOWN P-edec SoH_ dbls UHL TV nalT. PIJH 421 w, ocean. HE J«CS LAJSE singles a doutleL «ii a UP. Fenced yd. tar children. MCI . . scnooii. bus i-cp. HO E. Pacific coast HWT. ISM LONS BEACH BLYa Darusn Modern Furniture tdms. 3 bits, on Fwy. 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ADULTS. LT.I pd. Clean UDCer daubl*. Biroy I*ark arra. FURI*. wr. »Br. eft A£Tv K« 5-tS Chestnut S-2-1BRS. Comproa. S4I crirs., draoes. ME Anrnfle Drive. t* 1S1. VtiL "· HE ITtlU SVRICLEY -- Cuest Sous*, lovely ·arden. ParBv fur*. I cerson. JTS--IncL *«S a wrter. CA 4»74i S9-UPPEP. CBLE. APT. Mr. irtar- irs a » v * « 1 » « "«"- TOOAV OKLYII SITS. BEL. HCTL HUCE 1AOO. DLX- FRONT )tt MOX WOOL W/*. CRAPES. 31M E. ro ST. CA 4sax CE ttd 2-11. WITH POOt-- J3S Wt IS704 S. OXAMGE AYE. Paramount F*: 4304*2 NOW RENTING 1411 - IMO LI. ILVO_ Mew entun. S tarn. Bets,"'··'** rms. Crpts. sVn. Gar*.. Launder ySrt" U22 L.B- Blvd. XV t PH. 638-76413i ·-- J-IEDHOOM--NiJJr^ I CHILD OX ',ffi: C*rret, eVaprs. Pise* *uhmAn. birca csAlnrn. Lower sfj gapV__ 5 r LOUISE o ta.- *L'«f mt.i NEW LARGE DaUXE ^,1 a iBR. LARSE tr E. n. rov«. nfr«- CM UK »t-- -- _ UE 4432 Just Completed-' HEW COLO KEDALLKM APTt. ·*. V..- R c t . . . tum. * ·nturK. ». uu $79JO MO.'Heart of Bellflrwer. Lge. 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Ocean vlrw. Aourtv oor*. Me pels- n« me. 43»I445- S7S-BRICHT ctwertm noer ».^ Br* redrc. cwse I* evrrvfftin*. Adutts.-2n I. am TmY nln poodl., AKC mal*. ftat- mum, id m*. StS. OA »S7ll WHITE toy poodles. "*4 · AKC wts. sioe, HE imi; ce ·* JAPANESE SPAM1ELS. "' ' " end Teys-j POODLES. wftit* A K C - CA g»S. BeeutiM E B-7VI CER.UAM Shepherd S wts. AKC San Miguel ped. HA S-nei aft. 4. i a Ke*r. TOJ-4541 SMELTH sups AKC re* *e*ufi- tul, he^tfiy. show st, CA 446AI HAMUUOMO spinet ere** WPBTK*. rvev. Mod. M m Uud monttts. «'OB Afrr 17 noon. KE H»P % p«y Cn*j for tned f^amrl »EKT TO OWN HANDS .560 «n*. .». HI 1-mi PRIVATE PARTY WAIITS TO BUY P1AHO FOR CASH. TO 74I STAR*. Studl* rt*n* wbenc*. C* _cond. SB«^Or^John»I«. HA *MI1 MARSHALL Skenortl jresVled «D- ftfif * fm fop. Peas- 43.3191 SCHILLING uprtgfD piano. · lune. Si* 6A74»»M ZtWICKL Mod. Cants* Baldwin, Ht SI » real. 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Venr Pic*. no. ;t E 4m. . , See I. w UP: CA HIM *°** W''*T LAPSE l-br. *r fji a martr Adult. *«ty US rt M11S $60--1st Fir. 129 D.'ny CALL It I4U4 ^OOOLC. aesw BI*. mm. pups 4.KC » Pn. p*y. 1X44 t. Uf-n. Artes.*. t S41 «ot. Adutrs. p* Aprs. $55 $75 HE 5-M9 31/43* ·5*7?3 -t?Jt A Uf, ft CMICi Ltfrt^K. 'tSSS . ~ « . SX AnttMnv'!. HI Sti -- BEUA. ttCTS. t-BR. ecper Atone. Mept »dutt». ITS Cauraas MXK.--0£LU« H* R*M reel. W t. ERiB. KLB l«r. AotTt e Seo . «· *n r* »t--Lwr. eery tin*!*. Adur*. vta. p«. - Tins Atlantic, o-no ^iAr^nP^EeTIs ".VW k^T^^A S3. «OTEL ATTt. frey, em. an*. ( Sttli w«- \» ta Maonpl'* c ?? r ^^,l fi ,^fi 6TH $60--845 . brkfst book, newly dec. «r. St Anaonve. utu. pa. Aon, enfv I OR 2 CHILDREN OK 2334 E.' Bdwy. Lane rooms. fiO- dow* bed*, washer. 0* bus. Md. BANNER CIRCLE AfTS. B1XBY KNOLLS AREA. laroB.I bdrm. ssua uo. wrm Jvp*. d:se^ TV antenna, w-w carpjeffr IAK6E. DELUXE 1. 1 J «JL -. HIATEO POOl-'.'^ llt.^ns. · » · orpnv afsnH. a CDrenaoo--- ~ 2 BDRM.-- Brand nrw. 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